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6:00 AM
"before" and "after" is already presented below
repeating it above makes no sense
we don't put the tags above and below
Doesn't seem to make much sense in context there though.
@waffles I would like to see a rev that puts the tag and title edits on each side the same as the body edits, but that's just me.
Well for starters we could be using ins and del here instead
@RebeccaChernoff Yes, it's not immediately obvious to me why an anonymous edit should need less rep to approve...
6:02 AM
nor to me @Benjol
@YiJiang yeah I may change that ... its my manual diff algorithm
oops, I know. Sockpuppets
I guess because there's nobody to game the rep.
But it still seems soooo backwards.
@rebecca Great minds ;)
@waffles I just noticed that all of SO's revision history uses that >_<
6:03 AM
I keep saying that rep for edits is a bad idea, but no one listens sniff
@YiJiang I'm gonna guess there's a tool in use there ;)
Heh, maybe its easier for an anonymous user to get an edit approved than it is for a registered user
@RebeccaChernoff so assign the rep to Community ;)
/facepalm I learn something new about SO's abuse of HTML every day
@Benjol its going to be very limited ... you will never be able to get rich from editing, just bootstrap a bit
6:04 AM
within a week Community will be in the top x% of the site hehehehe
@Kragen that's the effect it has, which seems to be punishing our own users that have taken the time to register.
checked in less sucky approve reject buttons :)
Doesn't feel like a good message. ):