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5:00 PM
Comprendo un poco de espanol
por que ?
There's a Colombian in the JavaScript room, and I can't understand for the life of me what he's trying to say
@YiJiang SO Javascript room ?
@statuscompleted Yup
I this this may be the proudest I've been of my new city yet. Its tourism bureau's website says "This page is best viewed on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome."
5:15 PM
Oh look, it's raining again. How many times have I said that today?
@YiJiang I would love to have rain and warm weather here :p
I should show you the temperature we had this weekend, it was freezing
Precipitation for this week
I'm beginning to hate RIA Services. You can't call a method "Update...." as it thinks it's a method for updating the data. GRRR.
Average temperature yesterday : -21.7C
I would swap to where you live @YiJiang any day :p
Some places even reached peak of -40,7C, that's damm cold
Our average temperature is about there, except positive
5:26 PM
You and your equator..pssh.
The relative humidity never falls below 50~60% :P
@YiJiang It's often humid here too, so when it's -20C it fells like -30C
We had 28 days striaght of -25 or lower 2 years ago here.
The weather forecasters here have it real easy - 25 - 30 degree Celsius, thunderstorm in the afternoon, every single freaking day
5:38 PM
Now that I park next to my office instead of 6 blocks away it's been quite nice.
5:58 PM
Q: How to fix this java code?

Robosonimport java.util.Scanner; public class Question6 { public static void main(String[] args) { String sentence; Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in); System.out.println("Enter a line of text. No punctuation please."); sentence = input.nextLine(); System.out.println("I have rephrased ...

Check out that fancy interrogation point.
If I want my question closed but do not have enough rep to close it myself ... can I flag for a mod to close it ?
@phwd Yes.
cool ^,^
There's no rep-unlocked ability to close questions; no matter how high you get, you only get one close vote.
@RebeccaChernoff Sorry, I was AFK in a meeting. But I will try my best to be there!
I think it's a great idea
Are you organizing Town Halls for SuperUser and StackOverflow elections also @Rebecca?
6:03 PM
@PopularDemand Yeah I realized what I said now -.-
(going afk again but I will check for replies when I return)
Q: Help with image processing in an iPhone app.

gamzeI'm working with an image processing tool in Matlab. How can I convert Matlab code to Objective-C? Here are some of the tasks I want to do: I want to rotate an oblique line to normal. I have algorıthm that converts an colored image to black & white. (How can I access pixel color values in ...

Please se edit history, I'm unsure of my edits. I'm concerned with the last part.
6 more commiter and Code Golf & Programming Puzzle is ready to launch !
@statuscompleted 5 more but I am not very good at golf.
6:11 PM
Q: 2011 Moderator Elections - Town Hall Chat

Rebecca ChernoffIn connection with the moderator elections, we will be holding a Town Hall Chat session with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic of moderation. Participation is completely voluntary. I am working with the can...

@phwd Well that's only 50% of the definition, it's also Programming Puzzle
@statuscompleted How do you detect problems guised as a puzzles ?
@phwd Programming Puzzle are often very thoerical and broad, while problem are specific to a particular case.
@statuscompleted oh ok cool well I look forward to private beta
6:16 PM
so much shit to do today ... ARAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
@phwd me too, that should be a fun proposal
Can someone move this to MSO
Q: stackoverflow search box dead now?

c2h2Hi the search box returns the tag is not found after you do a query while it is actually set? Is it something wrong? Or I using it wrongly?

love the tags
@Jin afternoon time.is/Quebec
@phwd well, we're in the same timezone
6:21 PM
so the question du jour is this: What is the stance on user settings being maintained in localstorage ala the login information? IE: I choose a style of edit-review, I want to stay in that style of edit-review in the future. Note: I'm not indicating that I want to have a facebook style page of checkboxes, but just little UI tweaks. Does this become a MSO question?
made you look tho didn't I?
A: What can we learn from Quora?

David HAustMy guess on why Quora is 'on every VC's radar in the Q&A field'... Have a look at the Quora About page and then have a look at the SO About page and see what's missing. Notice anything? Can you say 'chock full o' marketing goodness'? SO is targeted at people (uh, programmers) who ...

upvote this
@Jin where are you ?
@phwd he's right there mate
@phwd Washington DC area
@Jin cool stuff
@phwd just smack him...you've got my permission. (;
6:31 PM
@RebeccaChernoff awesome thanks!
@RebeccaChernoff naw I would not do that ... you people are too cool for smacking
@Jin - would you know how to draw rice grains?
@Moshe Even I can draw rice grains! | / | \\ | /| See?
No. In photoshop.
honestly, I would pay a buck (or whatever your currency is) for a pound of rice, spill it on a white (or whatever) surface, and just take a photo of it
6:36 PM
Just popping in to say hello and...
@Benjol can I please have the two minutes of my life back I spent on dragging those sliders around?
(off for more...)
I did not expect that to link to a web site for kids...
Does anybody want to know what @Fosco was expecting?
@Moshe you should use illustrator for that
@balpha I'm going to go with "Probably not" :p
6:46 PM
@Jin I don't know Illustrator.
@balpha Actually, good idea. heads to wikimedia commons
Wikimedia Commons is now a grocery store?
@TimStone Yes, all you have to pay is attributions.
@TimStone Yes, and they allow you take shoplift them, as long as you tell everyone that you did, and you allow other people to steal it from you as well.
(my "out of stars" star)
rice.psd was added to your Dropbox.
-1 for plastic imitation star
3 hours left in the SO nominations to displace Joshua Nozzi!
(Just mentioning he's the one who'd pop if somebody coughed up courage now.)
Is there any reason why the nomination posts show a "history" button instead of a normal "last edited" .author box?
6:59 PM
Am I the only one who finds @Pollyanna's "I like my moderators well rounded" on every nomination annoying?
@balpha No
@balpha This is what well rounded looks like:
Hm, loss of 40 reps. shakes fist at the rep gods
@TimPost rep recalc ?
One person randomly moved the accepted checkmark from my answer to their answer, even though we both posted the answers back in July, then another user got deleted for some reason. :P
7:11 PM
@balpha Yes, but I figured I'd avoid arguing since I'm one of the "non-well-rounded" ones
@balpha I guess it was an attempt to do this by hand.
Heh... "well-rounded"... All the Generalist badge means is that you're slavishly devoted to the most popular tags.
I think I disagree with more than half of the "noteworthy badges" on that page, but there wasn't time to have an all-out debate
You really kind of have the upper hand for Generalist if you're a web person..
[javascript], [jquery], [html], [ajax], [css] are all in the top tags..then throw in the web-scripting languages and the database tags, heh.
Sportmanship really isn't required of a mod, is it?
...or pundit
7:16 PM
Most of the metrics for evaluating "mod-ness" of a non-mod seem insufficient; you don't do the same things when you're a mod, by definition. People that like editing and like the 10k tools will probably be good mods, but that's mostly because they're the same types of activities. Answering lots of questions is pretty much useless, other than that it means you're on the site a lot. Chat I think is even more useless; I'm not sure how that made it on the list at all
@MichaelMrozek chat means you have even more time to waste :p
Anyone that doesn't have the Legendary badge is no mod in my book!
I'm not sure how chat made it on the list, but 'Fanatic' didn't since they're both an edge case metric of your availability :P
@TimStone Heh... Just being a dedicated MS shop will get you more than half-way there: [c#], [.net], [asp.net], [sql-server], [wpf], [asp.net-mvc], [windows], [vb.net], [visual-studio], [winforms], [silverlight], [wcf], [linq]
That's true, too. :P
7:18 PM
@mootinator Fanatic probably makes more sense than the chat badges, since it's certainly more important that you be on the site a lot than that you be on chat a lot. Probably if you're on chat you're on the site though
@MichaelMrozek Chat helps you keep up with news about mods, helping avoid this or this
I also think it lets you have a better feel of your avid community.
@badp That seems like more of a heads up for the voters than the mods. >_>
Then, it's just my opinion.
@TimStone I thought we were talking about "stats that distinguish good mods from awesome mods that voters can use when electing?"
I was just remarking about the two things you linked, in a way that was probably unrelated to what you were suggesting about chat being something important for a mod.
@badp I can't click the second link in your post because mousing over it brings up the star/flag/reply menu. To Meta!
7:25 PM
Frankly, there are only two stats I care much about: questions closed, and questions re-opened. Any candidate who doesn't have a number in both should just pack it up; any candidate who doesn't have a triple-digit number in the former should be looked at with suspicion.
@PopularDemand I can't see an easy solution for that.
@badp I suppose, but (e.g.) Bill is very rarely on chat, and he's a great SO mod
@badp I'm not actually going to post, for exactly that reason. It just seemed like the right thing to yell.
@MichaelMrozek Who?
@PopularDemand That's what you get for not having the userscript.
7:26 PM
Why is everyone taking me seriously today?
@PopularDemand On my notepad next to your name it says "a bit slow in the head", so I just assumed
@MichaelMrozek "slow in the head"? You're the one using Notepad.
Also, have a star because I actually really like Bill's mod track record.
I'm losing this argument rapidly
@PopularDemand Not just Notepad, Notepad for Wine
I need @RebeccaChernoff to pop in with "oy" and distract everyone so I can fade into the background
@badp Now I need to try that
7:30 PM
@MichaelMrozek one-up him: go with EDLIN for DOSBOX!
@MichaelMrozek It takes just a little over half a minute to launch.
@MichaelMrozek Don't mind me, I'm just nomming popcorn watching dig yourself deeper into a hole. q:
The tags mouseover on on SO - is that a userscript feature or SO feature?
SO feature
@Shog9 Personally I'd go with edit.com and watch the whippersnappers getting confused
7:31 PM
@badp EDIT.COM was actually pretty good though. Like... Better than Notepad.
@Shog9 Yeah, just look at it
I don't care. That's still better than notepad.
@Shog9 It is.
sips weak tea. Which, incidentally, is also better than notepad
7:34 PM
@Shog9 I think we should get that instead of the "title" hover for questions.
@MichaelMrozek I wonder if that's considered a crime against humanity.
@MichaelMrozek Actually, at least on Ubuntu, Notepad comes shipped with Wine.
@TimStone When I first switched to Linux I used to wine mspaint because gimp confused me
@Moshe Why? That would be annoying.
@MichaelMrozek I feel like these are details that you're required to put in your moderator application.
7:35 PM
@Shog9 Why?
@TimStone I feel like these are details I should've kept under wraps for two more hours
@Moshe Because title tips stay out of the way. They're non-interactive - you move your cursor, and they go away.
...which is ideal for a text preview.
When I first tried Linux, I used to pop in the live cd at 10AM, go through all the settings in amazement, get bored and go back to Windows.
Stupid KDE.
@Shog9 I hear you.
@badp I used Slackware starting out. Going through all the settings took hours...
7:37 PM
You can picture my initial disappointment when I first tried a Fedora live cd.
Getting bored wasn't a problem. Dropping from exhaustion was a problem.
@MichaelMrozek Just because @RebeccaChernoff is on her way to make the edits for you doesn't mean you should start regretting sharing that with us.
"Five minutes and I'm done? Really?!"
Finally thanks to package managers I figured out that computers are there to be used, not configured, and I made the jump (to dualbooting).
@badp I used to be that way. And then I switched to Gentoo, and discovered just how much of one's life can be dedicated to editing configuration files
7:39 PM
@Shog9 I know!
@MichaelMrozek Yeah, at times I wish that the entire stack of Linux was written in Python (or something interpreted), so that there'd be no difference between configuring an app and changing it. Get in, edit the line, get out.
I'll start using Linux more when I can figure out how to connect to the Internet with a Linux box. The problems aren't Linux's fault; there just aren't drivers for the apparently out-in-left-field wireless card I had.
I switched completely when the harddrive Windows was on died. Spent probably a week configuring everything... and then it pretty much just worked for the next couple years. I was sooo irritated when I had to start using Windows again.
Linux's little timesaver I love the most is how GNOME loves the scrollbar. Every time I am on Window and I try to change tabs with my scrollwheel I want to reboot.
oh, and the Italian extended keyboard layout ( omg, now I can type a tilde! ), going back was frustrating enough that I had to print Ubuntu's one out, take the keymap editor and recreate it.
Woo-hoo! I've been looking for something to down-vote for a while now, and suddenly Pekka bumps a suggestion!
(my rep was an odd number. I hate that.)
Also it starts to hurt if you go a while without downvoting somebody
7:46 PM
Yeah. If you aren't careful, you black out for a bit, and wake up on Chat with a bunch of starred posts in front of you.
YAY! <-- now possible to port existing cell phone numbers to Google Voice
color me unimpressed
@badp I'm not sure that's in my box of Crayolas.
it'll be 2015 before that stuff comes here anyway.
(yes, I'm writing this for the only purpose of being proven wrong. If all goes to hell, at least I'll be correct.)
@badp Italians have phones?
7:52 PM
Wonder if I'm actually going to have this call sometime today... taps foot
Real line from our codebase:
> return (&**this);
Only in C++ do things like this occur
@MichaelMrozek Eh, I've seen this in Java. &**this, however....
@MichaelMrozek Naw. All sorts of languages allow superfluous parentheses.
8:12 PM
Yay, I'm 99 edit away from Strunk & White badge !
how do you know that @status? The data export?
@ircmaxell since the badge is for (IIRC) 100 edits, then he has done his first content edit
Ya, I finally reached 2k yesterday on SO
@statuscompleted notice you have to edit the title or the body, not the tags, to get that badge. I just barely got S&W
8:20 PM
But that also means I won't be able to test the new feature of proposing edit
@statuscompleted coingrats
@statuscompleted sockpuppet...
I wish there was a information display regarding edits like there are questions, answers, votes, etc in your profile
@drachenstern congrats <-- is how my brain parsed that a moment ago ... hehehe
ok, that really can't be done can it? :\
8:22 PM
@ircmaxell Well you can see them in the activity tab
Ahh, I thought that was just your own edits (edits for your questions/answers)
@Shog9 psssh, don't tell me secret to success :p
Well, I have 9 pages of edits, at 30 per page. And I still don't have strunk & White...
I think retag and edit on your own post don't count
fair enough
8:25 PM
otherwise I would be well on my way to Strunk & White
Not a big surprise to see Ivo at #1, everytime I go check the Javascript room, he's there talking.
I'm surprised I'm #3 tho :\
and that young lady Tina has some issues :\ ... language, concepts, training ...
I feel bad for her, and want to help her, but :(
In 28 minutes it'll be time to click up and down arrows.
8:33 PM
It's always time to click down arrows
@MichaelMrozek Yes, but in 25 minutes you'll be able to downvote people
how rad is that!
oh, and thanks for stepping up on the plate of the downclickables.
Also -- in 24 minutes comments will be closed.
@drachenstern Wow, you're #3!
@badp More importantly in 25 minutes you'll be able to downvote @MichaelMrozek.
8:36 PM
@Josh somehow >.> <.< considering I am hardly ever there :|
@drachenstern Protip: If you see someone named Tina asking for coding help in very bad English, you're probably not dealing with someone named Tina.
I am staying in the #2 position, just behind @JeffAtwood on meta chat
@Josh More importantly, you are over @RebeccaChernoff
8:38 PM
@statuscompleted And I worked damn hard to get to the #2 spot, too!
@MichaelMyers protip: if the only name you've ever heard for me is "drachenstern" then you're probably going to try and help me as "drachenstern" and not "cole"
Actually she's been chatting less since being hired bu SOIS, LOL
@Josh I'm so glad that doesn't count in chat.SE too
@Josh Rather, she's chatting on bonfire too ;)
@Josh Which you've successfully used to your advantage.
@drachenstern Yeah. But you referred to "Tina" as "young lady". I somehow don't think that's the case. ;)
8:39 PM
@TimStone of course!
\o/ Mission accomplished
I estimate she's spun the Wheel of Blame an average of one every 41.4 seconds since she had access.
There's also a "Rachel" around who's really an Iranian man, if I remember right.
(yeah, the novelty must be dropping off, but not too fast.)
In more seriousness, time.is says my computer clock is 1.9 seconds ahead
What was the name of that internet time protocol thing?
@MichaelMyers well yeah, but the name in English is that of a lady ;)
8:42 PM
@badp what the network time protocol? :p
drew some nice B&W artwork in Photoshop, sans rice, after all the ado.
It's like how we say "her" when talking about @RebeccaChernoff when actua....never mind, that was supposed to be a secret
It's like how we say "him" when talking about @MichaelMrozek...
@MichaelMrozek We're just trying to respect their feelings about themselves.
8:43 PM
@MichaelMrozek Again 3 stars in like 6 seconds
@Shog9 I'm mistaken for a girl on IRC often enough that I'm starting to question it myself. Apparently I sound feminine
@drachenstern Probably in hopes that more people will help a female. And it works.
@MichaelMrozek It's your soft hands. IRCers love soft hands...
@MichaelMyers probably. But I tend to yell at that particular person so I don't help them as much
@Josh He has a script, would_they_star.pl, he uses it to grep messages to send on chat.
8:44 PM
"please can you show me the code to do that, I have a full project but I do not have the code"
@MichaelMyers It works UNBELIEVABLY well in World of Warcraft.
@MichaelMrozek Change your name to Grace Note. Then nobody will be able to tell what you are.
one day, the script will break, always return 1 and we'll be flooded
@MichaelMrozek You base the most fundamental parts of your identity based on what people think about you on IRC? I think you may want to rethink that...
It goes like this:
Me: I'm a hot blood elf. Give me stuff.
8:45 PM
@badp return msg./(oy)|(lol)|(rchern)|(@Rebecca)/g?
Random Guy: OKAY
Me: By the way I'm a dude IRL.
@Josh it's perl. Nobody knows.
Random Guy: (reeenacts crying game)
@badp bonfire?
@mootinator Hahahah
8:46 PM
has nothing to say and is quickly falling in the active users list.
@Josh He probably wrote a random generator of at signs, parentheses, slashes and question marks and picked the first one that Perl would sneeze on.
@badp I've always wanted to take badly written essays and see if they'd compile into Perl.
I'm really starting to hate the gamma distribution...
@drachenstern Their Campfire replacement, you know ;)
@badp campsite?
feels so lost
@TimStone I think that would be an excellent site
8:47 PM
@badp Do you mean BaseCamp?
basecamp and campfire?
@drachenstern Collaboration tools.
@drachenstern 37signals.com
(removed) @TimStone beat me to it.
For when "It does almost everything, but not quite" is good enough.
8:49 PM
@TimStone I was considering building competing tools, but it's a large job.
@TimStone ok, fair enough, but bonfire and campsite don't quite ... relate
@Pollyanna He's not here!
Well, actually, I built a small sandbox for clients, that could be enhanced and expanded upon.
Just a PHP script that listed files in a directory, but was slightly smart about it.
@Moshe did you give them little plastic shovels and buckets to play with?
@Josh No, but that's a great idea!
8:51 PM
@Josh The metaphor could be used, theoretically.
dig up a file, drop a file into a bucket.
@Moshe Class Bucket implements ArrayAccess, Countable, Iterator?
@drachenstern Yeah, but they're just names :P
Kids love sandboxes! So do cats.
8:53 PM
@Josh DirectoryIterator, actually, but yea.
@Pollyanna Hopefully you give your kids a different sandbox from your cats...
@TimStone names shmames ... you're right Jon, I totally agree.
@drachenstern That's Frank you're talking to
Frank Pebble
@Josh what Greg?
@Josh You mean Fred Flintstone?
Note to self: Stop correcting people in chat. SO questions - still okay.
8:55 PM
how about a SO chat feature s,OldText,NewText,
@Zypher - ?
@JohannesSchaublitb saywhat? regex replacement for whatnow?
@JohannesSchaublitb ?
"On Facebook, a niche can be 30 million users."--CrowdStar's Peter Relan @ Inside Social Apps. #isa2011
And if you say "@user s,oldText,newText," that means "hey i think you have a typo there!".and if the user fixes the typo your message automatically is removed again
8:55 PM
@JohannesSchaublitb meaning I can type arbitrary regexes and apply them to others' messages? Yes! Sign me upppp!!! :-D
Better idea: just let us edit each other's comments, Wave-style!
@JohannesSchaublitb - Chat Feedback room.
Better idea. Let it die a thousand flaming deaths because that's horribly complicated
I see what you're after, but I think in a world of fast paced chat, nobody cares about small misspellings or misnames ...
@Josh -
Q: How Do I Make Sessions More Secure?

sarthakI am using sessions all throughout my application. I want to make them much more secure. Currently I am only using $username = $_SESSION['username']; and others. How do I do that. thanks. any tips or idea appreciated.

The real trick is to watch non-programmers
8:58 PM
PHP question for ya'
I watch my wife and her friends in chat, and while they could go back and correct the messages (this is on skype) they just correct on the next line after they realize it and go on
they never edit an old message once they've submitted it
So you're talking about a core piece of architecture for about 0.02% of the population.
@drachenstern That's habit. AIM and others don't allow for that.
Not really a key benefit
@Moshe no, these people never used AIM
but I'm aware of what you're referring to
it's just not a habit
@Moshe That's a long answer, LOL
They just don't care
8:59 PM
@drachenstern No, but in general, many Chat services don't allow for corrections. It's habit that we use the "*correction" convention. People pick it up from others.

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