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12:12 AM
Horribad questions tend to have formatting problems and language problems. Edits, in particular suggested ones, tend to fix those. Which doesn't make the case for reopening.
So... If the editor has less than 3k, don't assume they fixed the core issue
And if they have that, they can vote to reopen
3 hours later…
2:51 AM
3:08 AM
The short URL actually points to Google... What kind of a game is that?
posting things on a public chat on the internet is the best way to keep a secret, not sms, not email, not phone call
Telkitty's theorem of internet secrets - internet secrets are best kept on the internet, unless you want to lose or forget a secret, then you want to keep it private
it's all about statistics
3 hours later…
6:08 AM
11 messages moved to Chimney
20K evaluating meta.stackexchange.com/questions/300107/… /cc @bart @sha @tra
@rene done! But you didn't cast your own vote... ??
@ShaWizDowArd oh, I did now ...
@Sha did you watched the movie?
6:22 AM
@Telkitty interesting. How many secrets did you share here? Or is that for us to find out?
@i-- nope
no time
@rene obviously, each and every message from her is a secret
you're to busy nowadays
@i-- true
When will you reach 0? @i--
6:24 AM
in 6-8 weeks
What's your stop condition?
for (var i = 10; i > 0; @i--) {
i = 10;
goto a;
@Sha ^^^
calling @Inf
who's @Inf ?
@i-- the duck with sharp teeth
Who's @i--?
No really. Everyone keeps changing names so often I don't even bother to ask.
@M.A.R. The green dog with sharp teeth
Not that they're gonna give accurate info
@M.A.R. says Rubisco ...
@rene does that include the secrets that I shared but forgot?
6:56 AM
@Telkitty yes, please.
greater than 10010 (message encrypted, please decode at your leisure)
@Bhargav, is this an answer converted to comment?
Sorry cannot add a new comment. This post link may help you. — Phani Kumar M 16 mins ago
Because the user have only 44 rep
@rene 1) I always followed a common theme, so it was easy finding out. 2) I haven't changed names since, since like cavemen times! 3) my name changes were better than changing "rene" to "rene"
and I spend some time on the page and never saw a 1 answer notification
4) . . .
7:00 AM
@M.A.R. you get a star for noticing my name change ... ;)
@i-- nope autoconversion
link only answer with less than x chars? Ok. so that's why I didn't saw a 1 Answer label
internal-link only answer.
Am I the only dog here?
Where are other dogs?
Kitty is safe now
irrelevant edit got approved stackoverflow.com/revisions/45854964/2
marching to Den
7:15 AM
got it, needs @Bart
Or @Trav
@sha you can dupe hammer this meta.stackexchange.com/q/300111/228134
target is already added by rene
7:37 AM
What is the magic link for mse?
not [mse]
not [m.se]
7:59 AM
@rene also last statement was encrypted in ... binary ~_~ ... the number part
@Shog9 you can always undelete Shog's House of Fried Potatoes and invite @Bart in there... then he can safely share all his secrets. :D
hmm.. will it onebox?
@ShaWizDowArd 404
But saw a photo of Shog there
with a cap
This is the best Shog:
8:05 AM
I remember I thought it was caramel or something.
Alyssa Mazzina on August 23, 2017

There are countless programming languages, each with its own personality and quirks, benefits, and drawbacks. The same way a painter needs a variety of brushes, an archaeologist needs shovels and chisels of different shapes and sizes, a coder needs an arsenal of programming languages at their disposal.

Ruby is a unique language in that it’s both beginner-friendly and advanced in its capabilities. Ruby was actually designed to be fun—and to build games. It reads like English, which makes it accessible to brand-new coders, and it handles most of the complex details behind the scenes, making it comparatively simple to build something from scratch with fewer lines of code. …

I think the 4 sites paid SO to list their link
@i-- how much they "payed"?
a typo occurred when changing pay to paid
8:10 AM
so !!/cappuccino will return the last spam post
@ShaWizDowArd Thank you for that comment.
Hold on a second. Clem is carnivorous? @ShaWiz
@ShaWizDowArd I think this is the best Shog
Nah, his floating head is the best Shog
Shog's this post got a spam comment
Josh Heyer on April 08, 2014

Protected status is an often-overlooked feature of Stack Exchange. It’s based loosely on Wikipedia’s semi-protection, and like that tool is meant to be a reaction to persistent abuse from anonymous or unproven participants: when a page attracts a lot of noise or vandalism from outside the community, Protecting it reduces the amount of clean-up needed later on.

Protected questions are not answerable by folks who haven’t earned at least 10 reputation from activity on the site where the question resides. This effectively means you need to have posted an answer somewhere else that’s attracted an up-vote or a question that’s earned two. …

So neat.
8:17 AM
Sep 3 '14 at 14:33, by SPArchaeologist
@bjb568 Just boot up an emulator and set it to play castlevania. Every time someone plays castlevania and enter a room with the flying medusa heads, @Shog9 is bound to be there, floating amongst them.
Apr 21 '15 at 11:29, by SPArchaeologist
user image
@M.A.R. nah. this shog is better
from Seasoned Advice
Poor Shog
TIL autocorrect corrects "Shog" to "Shot"
digging into Shog's profile
I would like to kill the person who placed the ' quote near the the enter key
this one is too bad
his dp in SE.SE is blank
@i-- not on my keyboard ...
@rene are you sure? FYI it's not backtick. it's ' in italic
8:35 AM
@i-- SE.SE is a new site?
@ShaWizDowArd Software Engineering
Who is buying? ;)
@i-- too serious
@M.A.R. of course he is
8:52 AM
@ShaWizDowArd need minimum 200$
I tried to make an offer for 1$ but system not accepting it :(
Someone bought it long ago and now just wait for the money to flow...
Bought it for $10 or so, and will sell it for at least $200 - easy money.
There are people doing millions from this business.
9:21 AM
@ShaWizDowArd yes. I read a news that someone bought a domain with the name of max chan (Mark's daughter) and then sold it to Mark later
someone stole my domain name (telkitty.com) and tries to sell it back to me for $350
@ShaWizDowArd I think one guy got pizza.com early and sold it for a ridiculous amount
what is #?
new currency?
@Telkitty cheap! But how did he steal it to begin with?
@i-- #1 = $1000000
I owned and paid for the domain for 10 years, first 8 under my name. Then the services provider for my domain decided to register under his name. A week ago, I received an email asking me whether I would be interested to buy it back for $350
9:30 AM
8 messages moved to Chimney
9:42 AM
@rene you can move my CV requests as well. It is noise after the post is closed
10:30 AM
20K answer meta.stackexchange.com/a/300121/228134 /Cc @Sha @rene @Bart
@ShaWizDowArd It's Sha Wiz Dow Ard's fault.
perfect Smokey
in Shadow's Den, 1 min ago, by KennyBOT
@ShaWizDowArd blames @ShaWiz Dow Ard for everything
looks like the bots are interacting with each other in some other manner.
Judgement day ?? O_O
10:40 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer: Site Redirecting to wp-signup.php by cheng987654 on wordpress.SE

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