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10:00 PM
> Primary closes in 4 days.
0 again
@MichaelMrozek awesome now to nominate myself in 1 second!
@drachenstern Damn, too late
10:00 PM
@Josh If you can pull that one off, you're definitely awesome enough to be a mod.
Chat destroyed my plans again
Now, where was that pesky spreadsheet again? :p
Ok, so do downvotes on nominations show up on your downvote counter on your userpage?
@Pollyanna I would hope neither vote affects your vote counts/rep/etc.
@Pollyanna excellent question
@balpha !!!!!
10:01 PM
@Pollyanna Let's find out downvotes @MichaelMrozek
@RebeccaChernoff !!!!!!!!
I didn't check my SU account before voting
(because !'s cause them to get notified faster)
once everyone is screaming for mods @Zypher - How's the testing going?
@Moshe tread gently. You wouldn't want your name changed would you?
@Mos- I mean, @Impatient, how goes today?
10:02 PM
@Moshe good, had it crash on me at around day 21 but couldn't repo will try again on my way home
@Josh Well, I want my app to be released already.
@Josh i would never do that
@Zypher Day 21? How random.
@Zypher Oh, ok, I must be mixing you up with Kyle Brandt :-)
Apparently I'm not allowed to downvote myself. Who came up with that rule?
10:03 PM
@Josh yep
I did send you the Sushizushi fix, right?
How many people are glad that comments are not shown here?
@Moshe yea not sure on the exact day
> There is no commenting in this phase, only one up or down vote per candidate.
@Pollyanna I'm totally confused by that
10:03 PM
@Moshe yep didn't get to the point of being able to afford that again yet :)
so we get ~ 30 votes, and can vote up or down for each ... nice
@drachenstern There's no commenting, but the comments that were left should be visible
Ok, I'm almost ready to release. I want to polish the UI a bit and then finsih up testing.
@Zypher - TIP: On day 1, go to the Credit Union and max out your loan. Buy Sushizushi. Although it works on any day.
At least you can still get to them on the nomination tab
@MichaelMrozek they are if you change to the nom tab
10:04 PM
sounds good, i'll try and repo that crash on the way home tonight
haha nice @moshe
@drachenstern That's not exactly the greatest from a usability interface
I've got three windows open right now: the primaries tab, the nomination tab, and @YiJiang's stats site
@Zypher - Oh, one more thing - make that two -
@MichaelMrozek me too :\
@Pollyanna Yes the votes do count as "normal" up and down votes in your profile
10:05 PM
@Zypher - Should I add a "Max" button in the financial view?
@MichaelMrozek Wait, are you trying to make informed votes? Weirdo.
Should I add two more Random Events: "Lost Money" and some items "unavailable"?
@ChrisF Thanks for checking! Guess it's only upvoting for me then.
also just realized there's a slight UI bug on @YiJiang's page ...
Ok, well now I don't feel bad saying it -- I was quite worried that Rook would somehow win the election, as I'm pretty sure he would be the worst mod of all time. Now that he's at -11, I'm less worried
10:05 PM
@Pollyanna Why?
hmmm, maybe not lost money, but i've yet to have the mob catch me ... maybe have them upped in the win % and take some part of your money then
@ChrisF - stackoverflow.com/users/2915/adam-davis Look at votes. I can't break the streak now...
@Zypher Ah, cuz now if they catch you, it's game over. "They ate your sushi and took apart your cart and sold the parts online."
What causes voting to be locked for a candidate?
unavailable meh not liking it that
10:07 PM
@Zypher - And the "max" button?
@Moshe oh god yea change that mob wins event
@Pollyanna Ah - I should have guessed. Not even a critic badge to tempt you?
@MichaelMrozek only has 22 upvotes? c'mon people!!!
Hmmm ... lemmie think on it never paid too much attention to the financial screen just looked to see the stats real quick
@Pollyanna hahahahahahaha yes you CANNNNNN
10:08 PM
@ChrisF Funny thing about badges... They are monotonic, and you can cancel a downvote.
@drachenstern The only thing that's important (if you're a supporter) is that he's in the top 10 - absolute score is not so important at this stage
@Zypher Max button makes it easier to repay all debt or withdraw all cash etc. Some of the Palm OS versions of the game had it.
ohh yea i rmemeber those now ... yea go for it
@Zypher How much longer are you in the office?
umm prob be here till bout 7
with the sf town hall going on tonight
10:09 PM
OK I have downvoted every SO election candidate who does not particpate in MSO
@Zypher same here (EST)
@Josh requires pin or star
@Josh wants to edit so it read 'OK I have downvoted every SO election candidate"
@Zypher Let me see if I can get you an update with those changes.
I can't believe how many of these have significant numbers of downvotes...
ok cool
10:11 PM
Thank You @Zypher
@MichaelMrozek +27 / -1 for you, good job!
handshake and leaves
@MichaelMrozek for moderator!
@Josh Must have withdrawn. I remember reading somewhere that the candidates can do so at any time.
@ChrisF that's what I'm thinking also
10:12 PM
I'm pretty sure that's it. The comments on the nomination page don't suggest anything untoward.
@Josh The 1 has already been taken care of. He won't be a problem anymore
This is hard. On SU it was fairly clear cut whether I thought someone deserved and up vote or a down vote. On SO I think there's going to be a fair few I don't vote for at all.
vote numbers are public? come on.
Alright, now it's time to take my 5 thousand sockpuppets out and take control of this election.
10:13 PM
See @MichaelMrozek will be a fair moderator because he didn't even star my saying "@MichaelMrozek for moderator!"
@Pollyanna ROFLOL
@badp - just for the primary. The final vote will be secret
@badp This is only the primary phase. The top 10 go through the the final vote which is secret
@Pollyanna until after the election, right?
@Pollyanna If somebody does have a secret army of sockpuppets, now would be the ideal time to break them out
@Pollyanna They shouldn't have been public at all. Definitely not before I put in my number.
10:14 PM
@badp Meh. Make a post on meta about it and see if the community agrees. I think this is the perfect time to allow a little popularism.
I think the idea is to shake out the list so there's a consensus as to who the top 10 are.
How can I look at a -1 and a +26 candidate in the same way
@badp I think the point is you're not supposed to :-)
The same way you'd look at at -1 and +26 (well +1) question or answer?
Like, un @ChrisF just said. Ok. I'll be quiet now ;-)
10:15 PM
Honestly, it really does look like the voting very closely follows their nomination post.
@ChrisF So there are the same problems of sympathy upvotes etc.? :)
why would voting be locked for a candidate?
@drachenstern He withdrew
4 mins ago, by ChrisF
@Josh Must have withdrawn. I remember reading somewhere that the candidates can do so at any time.
@badp Possibly, but then that's fair enough if you're after a consensus (I think).
10:16 PM
@ChrisF Ahhhhh
Hey @ChrisF it tells me that voting is locked for one candidate, any idea why that would be...?
at any rate I can get peace of mind thanks to jQuery, obviously.
Also appears to be following reputation pretty closely.
I'm certainly voting against the trend on a couple of candidates
10:17 PM
we need a scorecard that just shows how they're doing overall ... hmmm, brb
@ChrisF likewise
8 mins ago, by Josh
OK I have downvoted every SO election candidate who does not particpate in MSO
that's handy
@Josh that's roughly what I did :(
@drachenstern Even better:
Moderator roulette!
10:19 PM
Where's the Wheel of Moderation?
Wow @LasseVKarlsen you're doing great!
Deservedly so, I might add
@LasseVKarlsen ... I think you're in the running ;) Congrats
10 mins ago, by Josh
@MichaelMrozek +27 / -1 for you, good job!
Now +52 / -3
That's really impressive
Ok, I voted. Now away from SO I go
things to attend to
10:38 PM
I wish the primaries allowed for commenting
So the downvoters couid explain themselves
@JacobRelkin People might be able to influence voting that way though, which would be bad.
You're unable to change anything in your application now anyway, right? So..
@JacobRelkin Hello there
@JacobRelkin I was one downvote, due to your lack of Meta participation
33 mins ago, by Josh
OK I have downvoted every SO election candidate who does not particpate in MSO
@Josh Hi
10:43 PM
Please don't take it personally @JacobRelkin :-D
I don't
I don't really participate as much as I'd like to
but I browse daily
I guess that doesn't count for anything
Well, it does
But in my opinion, someone like @MichaelMrozek or @LasseVKarlsen has a great sense of what the community is because of their excellent participation in meta. Not that you don't, but they so clearly do
@Josh I agree...
34,690 rep in a year is very impressive @JacobRelkin!
Two people already bailed?
10:46 PM
So please don't be offended :-D
@Josh Thank you
@Josh I'm not.
I would expect some of the other 12 were of the same mentality
Q: Do not show the score for users during primaries.

badpI believe that showing the post score for nomination posts during primaries is a bad idea. When I loaded the primaries page during the election, the first thing I saw was a post voted -1. This immediately colored my impression of the post. Reading his post didn't indeed make me wish he was a mod...

Jan 22 at 12:15, by Dan Grossman
@badp Bah, you know (OK, you have no reason to, but) I agree :P
10:48 PM
That above was created to better guage participation, @Jacob
Because some like @YiJiang wanted to see meta participation more clearly
I see
That's really really cool
Oh well
I guess next year then?
@badp -1, sorry :-(
@JacobRelkin don't give up!
Just campaign harder :-)
@Josh it's okay, I expect this request to be controversial
I hope I've busted my ass on this site enough for me to be noticed
10:52 PM
I just don't think -1 is the first thing I want to know about @JacobRelkin
@badp so far everyone else disagrees with me :-)
@JacobRelkin you sure have!
@Josh @Pollyanna agrees with you :)
ok, whew, I'm not alone :-)
All I really care about, when it all boils down to it, is writing code
That's why I'm here
@Josh Why is the voting information useful to you? :P
It has purpose on the rest of the site which would be hindered by any attempts at not showing the vote count, but here it doesn't, really, except as an end result.
10:57 PM
@TimStone ok, let me think of a way to explain it...
@TimStone nice :)
Heheh, thanks, although I think the phrase "stack the vote" might be a little...off. ;)
Here's an example scenario
@JacobRelkin I'm was surprised that it's not a closed ballot.
not that I'm complaining
Theoretically, let's say @RebeccaChernoff holds a one hour open discussion with SU candidates in the next few days
What are the chances that the discussion will focus on the score and not on the people?
"Oh yeah you're the guy with the -24 nomination! Aww!"
11:00 PM
@Tim I am editing my answer
Woot off!
Ride leaves now.
@Kev The final round is.
@Zypher - I modified the mob behavior, will try to get to max button soon.
@ChrisF gotcha
I bet those F5 buttons are getting a serious thrashing
@Kev Or Command+R's
11:04 PM
How many current moderator candidates are here now trying to grub up votes?
All of them? :-)
@MichaelMrozekleft, so...
Vote Early, vote often.
@MichaelMyers I just popped in to watch the gossip
@MichaelMyers Me.
@MichaelMyers LOL
I think Michael Mrozek probably has the chat vote sewn up already. That's not a bad strategy, actually; I sneaked in by getting out the Meta vote.
(The "sewn up" comment is based on the sheer number of starred Michael Mrozek posts over there on the right.)
11:06 PM
@moshe cool
@Josh Hey, I'm here; just inactive at the moment
@Tim, I am delayed
I wonder how long it'll take to have a page that just shows the candidates and the votes on that election page.
@Zypher - Brainstorm! I call it "house rules" AKA: The ability to toggle random events in the settings panel.
I just discovered votes are locked in like on regular posts, which is strange
11:07 PM
The ServerFault Town hall is now starting!!
@Josh link?
There's just one trilogy site I wouldn't mind moderating, it's the only one that won't have elections :(
@MichaelMyers yeah.
@badp meta?
11:07 PM
(removed) read link
EndangeredMassa left. Maybe you can weasel your way into his spot.
Whatever happened tohim?
Although you already can't swing a Welbog without hitting a moderator there.
@MichaelMyers He never really was active anyway :)
@badp What would you consider "active"?
11:11 PM
@JacobRelkin not this
@badp He was a holdover from UserVoice, yeah. I was never involved on Uservoice so I don't know what went on there.
@badp Not what?
maybe teamspeak would have been good for the Townhall stuff
@badp I was about to say "his last answer was 15 days ago; that's not bad". Then I realized it was a year and 15 days ago :)
@Kev -1, not enough mumble
11:15 PM
@badp "mumble...jump to gate and hold..mumble"
Mumble is a free, open-source, cross-platform voice over IP application. Its primary users are gamers, and it is similar to programs such as TeamSpeak and Ventrilo. It uses a client–server architecture where users who want to talk connect to the same server. Mumble has a very simple administrative interface and most of the engineering effort is put into sound quality and low latency. As of version 1.1, all communication is encrypted to ensure user privacy. As of version 1.1.7 Mumble has native support for Logitech G15 keyboard LCD display. Channel hierarchy A Mumble server (called Mur...
FOSS; low latency; excellent quality. Inbuilt recording for versions 1.2.3+ (currently only an rc2 is out)
@badp ah! (lightbulb)
@Josh I went to wash dishes anyway :P
@TimStone and @badp I edited my answer, sorry it was very rushed through, trying to read the very fast SF Town hall at the same time
@Josh It's okay
11:18 PM
it's still very rough, I will improve later
I'm in no rush ;)
I've got a phone interview tonight
Anyone have any suggestions/comments?
@JacobRelkin act natural. Don't get nervous. Go pee beforehand. Don't drink a lot of anything. No cough drops
Speak positively about your previous job, try and express thoughts clearly and concisely.
And whatever you do, don't sound cocky.
I got this job from a phone interview (well, a followup in person interview)
11:21 PM
I immediately get annoyed by people like that in phone interviews. :P
@Jacob Don't use the computer to cheat :) They can tell from the keyboard noises!
Use a silent keyboard!
Be humble and polite.
if you do, don't smoke...you can hear that a mile away
Don't hit the bong either.
11:23 PM
@all Thank you
in Server Fault Election: Town Hall Chat on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 2 mins ago, by Jeff Atwood
one thing I want to warn candidates about is burnout -- we have seen, often due to OUR mistakes as "park rangers" in not spreading the moderation load equitably -- moderators who get overwhelmed and no longer view participating as enjoyable. How would you avoid this, and help identify it so we can avoid it for your fellow mods?
in Server Fault Election: Town Hall Chat on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by sysadmin1138
Avoiding burnout is assisted by my spouse. Also, there are some things that can be done as 10K users and as we get more of those it's easier to rally the troops as it were.
"Avoiding burnout is assisted by my spouse." -- LOL
Oh yes, brush up on your fundamentals. Phone interviews are used as weed out because they are easy to perform and usually only involves one person instead of three of four. They don't have to use a lot of company resources either.
"Are you on that website again?"
@vivin Thank you! I'll take it to heart
So make sure you can explain stuff like interfaces, abstract classes, inheritance, data structures, etc.
11:24 PM
@MichaelMyers I get that at work, from people who probably feel I should be working
(They are, of course, correct)
@vivin I don't have an expert knowledge on algorithm runtime... i may have to brush up on that right now
@MichaelMrozek s/correct/incorrect/g
@JacobRelkin The basics should be good. For example, runtime for a binary search, searching for an element in a binary tree, looking up an item in a map, etc. Just demonstrate that you are aware of the fundamentals
Slaks		112
Michael Mrozek	108
Robert Harvey	102
LasseVKarlsen	102
Jjinguy		99
Tim Post	77
Kev		55
George Stocker	48
Brad Larson	47
Paul Dixon	41
Karim79		30
Dave Delong	30
Jacob Relkin	25
bmargulies	12
Martin York	10
Gordon		10
CasperOne	10
ChrisJesterYoung	6
Lennart Regebro	2
Mitchel Sellers	0
codaddict	-2
Matt Ball	-10
Peter Lawrey	-12
David Thomas	-23
DeadMG		-35
Rook		-61
leaderboard as of my last page reload
I am so far down the list.... :(
11:27 PM
Only gotta be in the top 10
There's still three more WHOLE days of voting
But isn't the primary sort of indicative of how the election will go?
but the rumor is that it's likely to be Slaks and Michael Mrozek :p ;) (sorry to be mean)
@JacobRelkin it's ok. Just campaign! :-)
@GeorgeStocker largely, yes, hence my desire to scope it out within the first two hours
11:28 PM
@Jacob hint: stay in this room all the time :-)
What is the leaderboard for?
@drachenstern Looks like that, yeah
@Josh Yeah I think I will. :)
@drachenstern Hm..
@TimStone you disagree? ... I'll put ... 50rep on it ;)
No, I'm not saying anything. :P
11:29 PM
Or did you mean the source of my rumor? Shhhh, I'll never tell about the voices in my head
@vivin SO moderator primary vote counts
Also note those were a snapshot when I took mine in particular
It may have changed in the interim
@Jacob: Warning, staying in this room can have negative influences on your sanity. Avoid this room if you have an allergic reaction to Oy messages or issues with low self esteem. SOIS Internet Services takes no responsibility for loss of productivity due to time spent in The Tavern. You have been warned...
Ah yes
@drachenstern Well, I led the primary last time and finished fifth overall (third after Jason Cohen withdrew). But that was when the primary was on Meta, so the sample size was a lot smaller.
11:32 PM
@JacobRelkin I voted for you. Impressive that you have been here a little over a year and you are almost at 35k. That shows a lot of involvement :)
@Josh I undertand these rights. :)
@vivin Thank you!
I just broke 10k :p
You people are too motivated :p
@vivin CONGRATS!!! \o/
Q: how can I get in touch with a stackoverflow member privately?

user156302I can not find a single contact method on a user's profile

Has to be dupe surely - but I can't it
11:34 PM
Really? Nobody starred my disclaimer? It even had Oy in it! I don't know you people anymore!
@Josh I was busy starring your post in the other room :P
@Josh Thanks :)
@TimStone oh, ok, you are forgiven :-)
@Josh Do you have to have a minimum amount of rep to vote by the way? 'Cause I may definitely have to do that for SF. >_>; cough
@TimStone sorry, what?
to vote for a candidate?
I don't know...
11:40 PM
@TimStone 150 (it's in the box on the right)
@MichaelMrozek Ah, duh. :P
Whew, very good then.
Q: How do I contact a stack overflow user?

DLauerHi, I want to contact a Stack Overflow user - is there anyway to send them a message or request access to there contact details? The reason is a particular user has a lot of experience in a field in which we are looking to hire someone so we would like to contact them initially to see if they w...

@vivin Now you can view the venerable post #1 stackoverflow.com/questions/1
@vivin Try not to be too disappointed.
@phwd There's also the standard:
11:43 PM
@phwd That'll do
Q: Any way to send a personal message to another user?

a_m0dThere has been quite a few times that I wished I could send a message to another user on SO - not ask a question for everyone to see, but just a short message informing them of something or requesting them to do something. Are there any plans to allow this to happen in the future?

@Pollyanna oh you tempt me so!!!
I am now damn curious as to what it is!
@Pollyanna :D I've actually never read that until now
@MichaelMrozek Oh well it's got two possible dupes now ;)
@Josh We need to band together and reach 10K!
11:44 PM
@TimStone One of you offer to merge your account into the other's
@MichaelMrozek We'd still come up short :(
@TimStone Ouch. Well, merge @RebeccaChernoff's account too
Myabe I should be doing a 10k SO challenge instead of a 10K SF chellenge!
@TimStone on my half, not yours!
That works. Since I have the most SO reps out of all three of us, I guess that makes me the winner.
11:48 PM
@TimStone That doesn't compute.
> That works. [...] that makes me the winner.
@vivin More importantly you can view the now closed and deleted, but ever popular, programming joke and programming cartoon questions.
Surely those "That"s aren't pointing to the same reference!
@TimStone is that a challange?
@badp No, of course not. I was just saying that they'll have to merge their accounts into mine, and with @RebeccaChernoff's account we'll have enough to for me to reach 10K :P
@Josh ....No, not at all. SO is boring, don't go there.
@TimStone I guess that means they need to be able to login as you, then.
I imagine you'll be sending them all your passwords.
11:51 PM
I was thinking I'd just assimilate their profiles.
@Pollyanna thanks for the link :)
@Pollyanna I was not aware of this special privilege :D
@TimStone I flagged this as offensive
@Josh Causing trouble over there :P
@TimStone HAHAHAHA you saw that huh?
I am upset!
@Tim Isn't using "josh" and "trouble" in the same sentence redundant?
11:57 PM
Of course, hahah.
A: Why are users with edit privileges being blocked by users without edit privileges?

Jeff AtwoodThis feature is still experimental and under development; it's too early to have this conversation. I am closing this as too localized for now.

Slaks		135
Michael Mrozek	129
Robert Harvey	118
Jjinguy		114
LasseVKarlsen	113
Tim Post	90
Kev		66
Brad Larson	57
George Stocker	56
Paul Dixon	46
Dave Delong	42
Jacob Relkin	34
Karim79		31
Gordon		14
Martin York	13
CasperOne	13
ChrisJesterYoung	9
bmargulies	8
Lennart Regebro	4
codaddict	2
Mitchel Sellers	0
Peter Lawrey	-15
Matt Ball	-16
David Thomas	-28
DeadMG		-42
Rook		-68
@vivin No problem! It rarely comes in handy, so it's more a perk than anything, but it's a nice one!
@Pollyanna True, silly me.
in Server Fault Election: Town Hall Chat on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 4 mins ago, by Jeff Atwood
(and, we try to make the tools great and continue to improve them, so you have more time for the enjoyable stuff.. we also want your input on that any time)
in Server Fault Election: Town Hall Chat on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 3 mins ago, by Josh
@JeffAtwood (unless it's on a feature still in development... oh wait, sorry, that's off topic here ;-)
I mean, it is a contradiction!
@JeffAtwood deserved my criticism. I shall not recant! :-)
11:59 PM
@Josh Jeff has contradicted himself? Whoever heard of such a thing!
If anyone else feels like keeping that up they're welcome to, I'll revisit tomorrow night
@drachenstern wat
wat wat?
@Josh Well, not quite...but ;)

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