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9:00 PM
@Moshe but that's just it. They started with Skype. They started with one of the few that ALLOW corrections.
They don't whine about the fact that they can't. They just refuse to acknowledge it
"oh, I don't like doing that"
lmao, really?
@drachenstern Right, but they didn't necessarily learn how to do so. They see other doing "*correction" so they follow.
I can understand not being aware of it, in Skype it is kind of non-obvious.
The extra time spent updating the post to be accurate is time they would rather not spend fixing the problem in the first place
@TimStone they actively refuse to use it
when I do use it, I get chastised
Eh, never used Skype chat.
9:01 PM
But just refusing to use it...that's a whole different story.
"oh don't do that, you make it too hard to figure out what you're doing
@drachenstern Chastised by who?
@Moshe non techies
why is this one so high traffic?
9:01 PM
That is funny.
@drachenstern Say wha?
@JohannesSchaublitb this room or this topic?
@TimStone I'm telling you
hey, any MSO mods here?
damn you chat rate autolimiter, I'm not typing that fast
9:02 PM
@drachenstern My grandma just says, "slow down so I can follow what you're doing."
@JohannesSchaublitb because of the regulars
@JohannesSchaublitb It's covered in a thin layer of Awesome Sauce
Super User primary is now open. Shockingly, I have enough reputation to vote. This will not end well.
ooh, the regulars
I'm looking for a previous feature request, however I'm starting to suspect Diago may have deleted it.
9:02 PM
hm chrome needs a "drag and drop should switch tabs if i drag over a tab handle" feature
Also, I should definitely finish fixing up the comment auto-complete tonight, argh.
@Moshe yes, you're a regular
@drachenstern ohh!
@Shog9 Who posted it?
20 mins ago, by Michael Mrozek
It's like how we say "her" when talking about @RebeccaChernoff when actua....never mind, that was supposed to be a secret
what does he mean?
is he kidding?
9:03 PM
Never mind. I've said too much already
@MichaelMyers Diago. And he just admitted to deleting it in a comment on the duplicate request
@JohannesSchaublitb almost an inside joke. Spend a week here, you'll get to know what's up
so... Bah.
@drachenstern I know, unfortunately for my productivity.
She'll suspend us all to keep the secret under wraps
9:04 PM
@MichaelMrozek see what you did!!!
@JohannesSchaublitb yes
@MichaelMrozek see what you did!!!
@drachenstern More specifically, Michael Mrozek is an inside joke.
thinks of voting ring, decides not to comment
the joke is a lie?
9:04 PM
Yes, like the cake.
@JohannesSchaublitb no no, the cake is a lie.
ahh i see now!
Only you can't eat the joke, so the cake issue is far more serious.
the joke is a sadness
19 hours ago, by Josh
Anyway, I can't eat StackOverflow questions so I'm off to find edible food
9:06 PM
@Moshe I starred my own post!
@Moshe I tried to write a quick response to that question, working on adding more detail.
@Josh Good for you. This is almost like a starring ring, where someone quotes you so you can star your own post.
@Moshe That's just because he hasn't learned how to synthesize knowledge into food yet.
@Josh They used to allow moderators to star their own posts, but now we can only pin ourselves.
@JohannesSchaublitb so in the beginnning there were us peons. Then one of them came to be known as a girl (which she was in fact) and being a girl in a room full of men she was held in a higher regard (as women often are) and there were allegations of collusion with higher authorities (merely accusations, of the jocular bent) and then ... lo and behold, one day she became a higher authority. So now we continue our geeklike behavior of identifying the one female in the room and assuming that she
@TimStone Neither have I, but it sounds like you have, mind sharing that info?
9:07 PM
damn you being out of characters!! Now we'll never know the end of that story!
@MichaelMyers that sounds painful
No, I'm good.
@TimStone - What are you referring to? You know, you never "reply".
BTW i know a trick
@drachenstern This is actually the only post so far today that made me laugh out loud.
9:08 PM
Wow, the primary votes are visible? I assumed that was not the case
make it three
@MichaelMyers Yatta! I win a price!
@MichaelMrozek Election votes aren't, it seems.
9:08 PM
@MichaelMyers: Aaanyway, I want to at least re-use my previous answer. If there's a chance you could look at Diago's account and dig up a link, I would be very thankful...
@Moshe I'm not sure that there was anything that my message would have made any sense in reply to other than your message.
hm too high traffic
@MichaelMrozek it's only the election that's hidden
@TimStone Ok, I thought there was.
@JohannesSchaublitb too much traffic to do what?
9:09 PM
@drachenstern The wisdom of that is pretty debatable, but ok
@Moshe actually that question is a duplicate
post three times in a row and get the block on the left to expand to show the larger avatar and your host-site score?
Q: PHP Session Security

saint_groceonWhat are some guidelines for maintaining responsible session security with PHP? There's information all over the web, so it's about time it all landed in one place!

Can we get some close votes on:
@MichaelMrozek not my call, but I like it this way
Q: How Do I Make Sessions More Secure?

sarthakI am using sessions all throughout my application. I want to make them much more secure. Currently I am using code like $username = $_SESSION['username']; and the like. How do I make my sessions more secure?

9:09 PM
@Shog9 What was the question about?
@MichaelMyers making account deletion more easy
woah, initially voting as a duplicate automatically posts a comment?
@Josh What do I know?
9:10 PM
wtf? SO!!! Nominations close in 49 minutes.
@MichaelMyers gracias!
@Josh yes it does, and you can then remove that if you like
@Josh You didn't know that? :P
I'm trying to figure out if I missed a joke somewhere
@Josh What do you have against Mallory?
9:11 PM
@MichaelMrozek the fact that you're here and not working?
@Josh Is this your first time?
@Moshe I love mallory!
@MichaelMyers I've asked the duplicate marking system to be gentle with him.
@drachenstern No, that's the cold hard reality of my life
He does all my dirty work for me
9:12 PM
@MichaelMyers I think it is his first time to be the first to ID a dupe
@MichaelMyers I guess so. I have agreed on dupes before but I guess this was my first vote to close when nobody else had
No, I don't think that's true
@Josh I do know what you mean
wow, three users shy of 30 in here
@drachenstern I swear I remember pasting a question URL in the box before. I guess I never noticed the comment
@Josh Yeah, now you know that it's not that everyone has an aversion to capital P's, just a consequence of automation.
9:13 PM
@Josh the comment you mean?
@drachenstern That's what I said... ;-)
OMG, we're a "close ring" now too!
@Moshe ringadingdong the thingadiningdong
@Moshe I read it first; I don't feel too bad
@Moshe nah, that's over in the Regulator Headquarters
9:14 PM
@MichaelMrozek I did read it too, didn't know it was a dupe.
@Moshe Meh. Used to be that all the closed questions said "Rich B, Welbog, Gortok, Pesto, TheTXI".
@MichaelMyers Sounds like a "Closing pack"
@MichaelMyers Was it the "SO Mafia" ?
Who is this "goreSplatter" anyway?
Nobody flgged my offensive answer as offensive... I guess it wasn't offensive enough...
A: Is it offensive if a competitor of a vendor calls that vendor "worst, monstrous, overpriced, useless"?

Josh First of all, the language used in the comment is very debatable. Personally, I find it rude and offensive, from any commenter. That comment was not offensive. Perhaps it could be considered rude, but I suppose you could consider vehement disagreement "rude". However an offensive comment ...

9:16 PM
@Josh - How'dya do the "spoiler" thing?
@statuscompleted That's what the people who always tried to reopen called them.
Ok folks, I really really really need to void this window for an hour or so ... @me if you need me, repeatedly if you need me very badly. I'm going /afc for a bit
Ah good, we're finally going to have that conference call..
@Moshe >!Text here
9:16 PM
@Josh Ah
Not in chat...
I like "hover over if you want to be offended". I'm going to start all my answers with "continue reading if you want to be offended", and then just go to town
Q: Add markdown support for hidden-until-you-click text (aka spoilers)

Joel CoehoornUse cases: Programming puzzles. This way the answer can be posted the same time as the question, eliminating doubt that no answer is possible for hard questions and proving that the question is not a homework exercise (since the author already has the answer) The socratic method. In your answer...

9:17 PM
@MichaelMrozek But... but... who will write your answer if you've gone to town?
@Moshe Oy
@Josh :-D
@MichaelMrozek They should make it easier on you and just position your gravatar at the top of your answers, so people have fair warning what they're getting into.
@Josh Did that "Oy" really get starred? no it did not.
I knew it, I knew that would get a star. You guys are so predictable, I love it!
9:19 PM
What star ?
I also hate E(x) and Var(x), if anyone is keeping score. And improper integrals... #grr #argh
And I knew it would get unstarred after I commented on how it got a star ;-)
A: Formatting Sandbox

Michael MrozekPREPARE FOR PAIN (Insert answer here)

I'm extremely upset that the blinking gravatar wasn't included in that onebox
...That actually works quite well.
I am too, but I clicked through anyway :P
in Chat feedback, 1 min ago, by Moshe
Feature request: "Oy"'s should cost 2 stars.
really wants to release a game, but it's not finished!
9:22 PM
@Moshe call it a "beta" :-)
@Josh On the App Store? Beta?
I also want to charge $$ for it.
#define kBetaAndPriceTag (Beta && price > 0) == false
Eh, I'm almost done anyways, I've got a lot of graphics manipulation to do now.
release a demo then
What's it like? Is it radically new?
It's almost done.
It's a Dope Wars clone.
But with Sushi
It's B&W, like the original, but a lot nicer.
Does not incorporate any violence or drugs, so it's good for kids too (and the Apple approval process).
@Zypher has been testing it, but I've heard little from him, aside from a much appreciated bug report.
@Moshe well, except for violence against fish
9:27 PM
@Josh - No, Rice.
@Moshe He's a busy guy, running the StackOverflow network and all ;-)
@Moshe Isn't sushi a drug? It's a strange, semi-natural edible substance, which is about the same thing.
is a Japanese dish consisting of cooked vinegared rice which is commonly topped with other ingredients, such as fish or other seafood, or put into rolls. Sliced raw fish by itself is called sashimi, as distinct from sushi. Sushi that is served rolled inside or around nori, dried and pressed sheets of seaweed, is makizushi. Toppings stuffed into a small pouch of fried tofu is inarizushi. A bowl of sushi rice with toppings scattered over it is called chirashizushi. History The traditional form of sushi is fermented fish and rice, preserved with salt in a process that has been traced t...
@Josh smiles
9:28 PM
I do not know why my shift key quit on me there
I dumped the concept, btw.
@Moshe Stop it. I just ate lunch and now you're making me hungry!
No rice, all B&W.
is tempted to post Wiki on Cholent to spite @Josh.
@Josh - You know the "dictionary" screensaver on OS X?
Oh, Sashimi, they don't believe me... but you won't let those iPhones eat me...
@Moshe I do not
9:30 PM
@Shog9 smiles again
Is this a 10.6 thing @Moshe?
@Josh Could be. There's some deep blue screensaver. I think that's it.
Point being, every time I go back to my MacBook, the screensaver deactivates. It looks like a BSOD.
@Moshe Please don't call your MacBook your "lappie". It disturbs me. Thank you.
@Josh Ok
9:33 PM
@Josh Edited.
But no I have no such thing on my 10.5 Mac
Call it "Bookie". That'll make everyone comfortable.
@Josh Please don't call your MacBook your "machine", it those languages which couldn't come up with an original word for "Computer"
@Shog9 Oh, for sure.
FTFY @Moshe
@Josh Thank you, much appreciated.
9:36 PM
I try :-)
Wondering if this is one of the first B&W apps.
Q: Are there any "B&W" apps for iOS?

MosheAre there any apps on the App Store that are in "Black & White"?

Just please don't go posting: "Yea... I heard... This game... (name redacted)... Coming out soon...."
@Josh - How cool would it be if I open sourced the game?
Does it make sense to OS something after a while of successful sales?
@Moshe it would be very cool
@Moshe Sure. You can of course keep charging for it
Well, let's see it pass approval first. Not that it shouldn't but a big release can make one nervous.
@MichaelMrozek Right, I heard about that.
Anyone wanna see some artwork?
9:49 PM
@Moshe Sure!
Helps distract me from estimates, which I hate
@drachenstern - When you get back, this is the compromise I came to. B&W artwork
Hey that's pretty sharp
I like it @Moshe
Thanks. @drachenstern and @Josh
Nominations over in a few minutes. Get yours in now if you have at least 12k rep!
9:54 PM
@Pollyanna WHAT?
Oh, Nominations, sorry
I was thinking voting
@Josh - This guy has some neat software:
> Little eyes sit on the menu bar and follow your movements. Requires camera equipped mac.
I had that like 20 years ago, LOL
except it followed my mouse
Times change
@Josh That's a pretty big exception
It works
9:55 PM
I had "computer follows my every thought" 20 years ago, except it followed my typed commands instead of my thoughts
@MichaelMrozek same concept, different input device
I dunno, he's comparing himself to a mouse.
@MichaelMrozek actually what I had before was almost exactly a menubar version of xeyes
This is great for bugging people who want to borrow my ... pause, glares @Josh ...MacBook.
ah, now that's clever, I see what you did there... you said "@Josh" to not only @ notify me but indicate I was the target of your glare, that is, "glares at Josh". Clever.
9:58 PM
> Nominations close in 1 minute.
Well there goes a perfect opportunity to annoy Jeff with a pluralization bug
Thanks, SO devs :(
Quick! Someone upvote all my answers and questions, many, many, many times!
@Josh Done
@MichaelMrozek Please don't. I think he'll kill you a horrible death, and this room would not be nearly as fun without your... unique commentary!

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