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2:03 PM
@Kragen I was amazed, actually
I guess most people signed up within the first day or so - if you want to be a moderator then you are going to be pretty active and there is no point in hanging about
I do hope that I win, but if I don't , well at least those of us with less than 20k who will (likely) get past the nomination stage are something to point at to say 'it can be done' :)
If nothing else, I seem to have found a few friends that I didn't realize I had.
Will someone with the minimum rep needed to enter actually get elected? Probably not, but it's no excuse for not trying.
I cant see any reason why low rep users can't be brilliant moderators, but plenty of people are bound to vote purely based on rep alone :-(
@Kragen, I think it comes down to tag popularity AND rep
I could have 50k rep while mostly being hidden in an obscure tag, nobody is familiar with me, hence less support
2:10 PM
Jonathan Leffler, who works his butt off in some of the most obscure tags we have did not run.
It depends on how many people vote because they want to support a specific moderator, and how many vote because they saw the banner about elections and want to involve themselves in some way (without knowing anything about any of the candidates)
However, (though I've yet to see how the next two phases work) I think the information will be presented
Without a 'sort' option
Yep - if I remember that's how it worked last time, which does help a little bit.
which makes most of us angry .. ok, back to editing to tell how I'll rock against the establishment
> All candidates are displayed in random order.
2:14 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Yes?
@YiJiang helpful contribution is helpful!
I hope better than time(NULL); :)
can someone link me to the election? there's no site wide banner anymore like during nomination phase...
2:15 PM
stackoverflow.com/election I think
@RebeccaChernoff Erhm... blue mod girl is really blue! (I have no idea what are you trying to say here)
ah, that's convenient, thx.
oh damn, still nominations.. i wanna vote!
Nice and easy to remember
@Fosco a few more hours (:
2:16 PM
@Fosco There will be a brief banner when primary elections start, I think 47.9998 hours
There's a few people I'd like to vote for... Tim included. Is there a vote limit?
@Fosco Check the primary tab on the election page for information on how it all works
You get 1 up vote and 1 down vote per candidate, so you can vote for everyone if you want!
Well - I'm supposed to be working from home as I've got car trouble, but I've been kicked off my work machine and can't get back in
Thanks Kragen.
@ChrisF Bonus!.. I took today off.
Don't know if it's the right place to ask. I spotted a spammer on apple.SE, is it ok for me to remove the links on his posts?
2:25 PM
@ChrisF I remember when I used to work in the UK remotely on machines in the US - aside from the horrible lag the machines would sometimes hang on reboot on the bios screen, so if you accidentally rebooted in the morning you had to wait until 3-4pm until someone woke up and rebooted your machine for you
@LoïcWolff Yes and flag all his posts as spam and one of them for moderator attention.
@Kragen Ouch
I think there might be some serious connectivity issues at work. I've not had a reply to an e-mail and my colleagues have gone offline on Skype. I think I need to ring up to see what the score is
Oh and automatic updates were set to run at 4am US time, i.e. 9am UK time.
People coming back online and an reply to my e-mail - but still no link to log back in
@LoïcWolff Thats what I usually do on StackOverflow when its blatant spamming (which it seems to be in this case) - I just replace the spam links with [link removed] or similar.
Q: CSS blogspot background positioning help

CraysHi guys, i'm trying my hands on coding a skin for blogspot.com i basically got everything else done except for one issue which is a part of my design. Beside the title of the blog, i've design it such that there will be an image floating right next to the title of the blog. That would be easy i...

2:29 PM
I wish I had a diamond there - I'd go and kick it ;p Sorry - no can do today.
Oh god, blogspot skins... the last time I read through one I was traumatized more than reading SO's HTML source
and we're back.
@ChrisF @Kragen Thanks. Just did that.
@MarcGravell Er... wha?
spam posts on apple
2:32 PM
Why can't you get a diamond there?
Yes, I meant what @YiJiang said.
Oh, I can - I just haven't.
Mmhmmm... stuck on DropQuest step 15.
Simply need to find an awake colleague to click a button.
yawns G'morning all.
2:37 PM
Kyle's on it already it looks like.
@MarcGravell Interesting, I was under the impression -- not sure why -- that dev accounts were flagged for automatic diamonds on all sites.
It is conceivable that 4chan made good on it's threat
It was a few months ago
What threat?
But we had the troll from hell on several sites today named "Anonymous" who made a deliberate pun of "_yes, I'm creating 4chan with registration_!!!"
It was a comment on Jeff's blog
I can't find the specific mention
Jeff (should) recall it
Good morning, how is everyone today?
2:50 PM
Those of you with 10k on MSO kindly browse deleted questions
@Josh Tired. :P You?
@Josh Good morning sir... All good here, took a sick day just for the hell of it.
@TimStone I'm doing well thanks, ready to have a productive day since yesterday was sucked up with unnecessary crap :-p
Good, good :D
@Fosco those are always fun :-)
2:51 PM
Oh son of a bit...
yeah figured I could update my resume online and make some contacts..
My 10:00 teleconference has been moved to 1:00, I could have kept sleeping.
Ug :-(
...I guess I probably shouldn't be complaining about not getting up until 9:30, eh? :P
2:55 PM
@TimStone An angry mob, a pallet of pitchforks and a case of torches have been dispatched to your location.
@TimPost Any particular ones? The recently deleted list isn't especially funny.
@PopularDemand LOL
@PopularDemand Shouldn't the mob be at work?
You know, I know that 16 hour days are the sign of a 'death march', but they are also a sign of people who treat programs like kids :)
2:56 PM
@TimStone They are! They're mobbing, that's their chosen profession!
@PopularDemand Look for user:Anonymous
Or title "Was I banned from Stack Overflow?"
@Josh Oh damn, I'm dealing with professionals? This doesn't bode well from me.
4chan is like Yahoo Answers for douchebags.
(i love jeff's starred post)
2:58 PM
@TimStone Only the best for @PopularDemand!
4chan can send a million douche bags on breaching experiment missions
This particular troll was special
@TimPost Hmm, searching for deleted posts is hard.
@PopularDemand so was he. It should be easy
Look at recently deleted posts.
@TimPost Found it with The Google. Thanks though.
His last post should have zero answers
Can't stop replaying some of the stuff he said (and did) and thinking about that alluded 'threat'
The major clue was the comment (something to the order of) "So I'll start my own 4chan where users have to register!"
I can't conceive someone being that articulate yet equally clueless.
And this isn't the first time I've had to deal with 4chan.
That usually happens right about the time the routers get hot enough to cook eggs and a managed client is wondering why their site is slow or inaccessible.
3:06 PM
I can't see them attacking SE...
I don't think attack in the general sense
I'm thinking troll infestation
  / |    ||
 *  /\---/\
    ~~   ~~
Do I get paid first @CashCow? ;-)
3:08 PM
@TimPost That would be bad.
  / |$$$$||
 *  /\---/\
    ~~   ~~
@YiJiang FTFY
@Josh But of course!
Trolls, eloquent enough to garner sufficient reputation would indeed be a ... problem ...
@CashCow I was totally joking, I didn't mean to frighten you off. :-)
3:09 PM
@TimPost How is babby formed?
saw Splice last night... that was a weird movie, kinda funny towards the end.
Babby is difficult
First you need to collect the stool of several velociraptors (you need a diverse gene pool)
Then you need a creepy doll and a really big pair of scissors
points at sidebar Look, a flat cow is sitting on (By) Josh! monitor sizes may vary
it's been ran over by a steamroller o.O
unstars cow
Morning folks.
Hi Moshe
3:14 PM
As everyone knows that raptors crap amber with bugs that contain their blood, the rest is simple
Why is it that Jeff only speaks when I'm not here?
I'm actually kind of put off that you'd ask, it's obvious
I think I may have summoned him last night.
I was discussing an app that I'm making with Drachenstern and flagged a screenshot for removal. (It was after the delete time limit.)
@Moshe, why does that matter?
He came, removed and left.
@TimPost - Why does what matter?
3:17 PM
@Moshe - yeah, so he has supernatural birth control.
what of it?
I dunno.
What would make this day awesome is if UPS delivers early, and my last W-2 shows up.
I've never caught him in chat at the same time as the last time.
@TimPost ?
@Fosco I will paypal you $10 right now to not talk about tax forms. I'm serious
3:19 PM
@Moshe, I've yet to extract a probable chat schedule from Jeff. That's probably because he knows people are trying to extract a probable chat scheduule.
I'm pretty amused that this showed up on /review as a low-quality answer:
A: How do you start an on-line community?

Time Machinehttp://area51.stackexchange.com/

Please stand by, technical difficulties
That's just SO being well intentioned
^--> Graph shows times
There are no hidden rooms
3:24 PM
@TimPost We could have the most inane and hilarious paypal dispute over that...
@Josh there are no hidden rooms waves hand
@Zypher :-)
@Zypher - Since you are a Beta Tester, quick question:
We just have to listen for the sound of Jeff yelling in all caps at people for doing something wrong.
If Elected, I will block senseless migrations.
3:25 PM
(Although it's been asked before.)
@Zypher - Would it ruin the feel of the game to make it full color instead of B&W?
At least while I'm awake, what they do when I'm in bed I can't help
You would sleep if elected? will not vote
considers buying NuSphere PHPEd for 30% off
21 hours ago, by Tim Stone
@RebeccaChernoff Informing candidates that a prerequisite for modship is giving up sleep should help.
New rule, sorry. :(
I'm on hour 27
3:28 PM
@RebeccaChernoff SerferFault town hall is today at 6PM EST right?
@Moshe i think a sparing use of color would add a bit, but the clean black and white feel is kinda nice change of pace from the in your face color explosion everything elese has
My co worker can't seem to understand that I can't fix his bugs, and mine , at once.
@zyp - Okay... I'm also wondering about that in regards to consistency between the iPad and iPhone versions.
@TimPost You would serve if elected? Seems suspicious to me.
@PopularDemand Depends, if he means serve in the context of bringing me food, I think we could make that work.
3:31 PM
@Zypher - Also, has Game Center been working?
@PopularDemand That is quite ambiguous, can you narrow your question?
wishes he had a whiteboard here
goes off to make food
@Josh yes!
@RebeccaChernoff Why are American shirt sizes so big?
3:33 PM
@YiJiang Why are Americans so big? FTFY
@Josh On-topic at SerferFault: beating vassals; getting more productivity out of peasants; trampling the rights of peons. Not allowed: questions about political intrigue or military conquest, except in the context of obtaining your rivals' workforce for yourself.
@yi because our abdomens tend to grow exponentially.
Also, W|A is releasing a v 2.0 API, with 2000 free calls per month: products.wolframalpha.com/api
<- I'm one.
@Josh, I hope it gets good turnout...but not so much that the discussion is crazy and can't be followed.
3:34 PM
@PopularDemand what part of my nomination were you referring to?
7 PM EST is... 7 hours into the future
@TimPost Um... the whole thing? I'm not sure why you are confused. But I was making a joke, not a serious complaint against you, if that helps.
Eh... did I get the timezone conversion wrong?
@YiJiang tis 10:35am EST currently.
3:36 PM
@RebeccaChernoff 10:41am EST
? are you saying my computer clock is 6 minutes off? |:
Mine says .37
@RebeccaChernoff Nope, My mistake. 10:37am, just synced w/ Apple's servers.
@PopularDemand At this point, I kinda have to take everything seriously..
@YiJiang That's it? .37?
3:38 PM
@Moshe It's 11pm here right now, but that isn't rally relevant, isn't it?
I did seem to be about a minute behind. Just synced with time.nist.gov (:
@YiJiang No, just making fun.
You know what
I'm jus going to withdraw
3:39 PM
@RebeccaChernoff is out of stars, having starred random stuff
why would you do that?
@Fosco beat me to it, but...
These elections are harmful to our comunity
@TimPost NO!
@TimPost @Tyler, quick, pin that!
3:40 PM
What's harmful about it?..
Second item in my current sort order on stackoverflow.com/review: "Removing link to jquery helped me."
I am a bit older than most of you
@PopularDemand Blasphemy!
@TimPost That doesn't explain anything
3:41 PM
@Yi,, it will :)
You threw your hat in the ring, just sit back and see what happens. I don't think there's any reason to get offended..
@YiJiang Famous last words spoken by villain wannabes across the globe.
Man, I just blew through eight flags on the very first page of /review I saw today. We really need to up the count, 10 + rep/1000 isn't even enough to cover the low-hanging fruit, let alone the subtler bad posts.
I am, decidedly NOT offended
@Moshe I thought the usual last words would be something along the lines of 'You'll never stop me!' or 'Muhahahaha' or erhm...
3:43 PM
@YiJiang No, this is at the end of the movie, before the place blows up. "You'll never stop me" is in the beginning.
@PopularDemand I suspect that is only the start
@PopularDemand Really? I just went through review recently; most didn't seem deletion-worthy
@MichaelMrozek I'm seeing an unusually high volume of "thanks this helped" and "me too any answers?" posts today.
Ok, I'll make it clear..
@PopularDemand We're looking at different lists then
3:45 PM
I suspect that we're being targeted by people who may be wordsmiths
@MichaelMrozek Shortest first, by day.
Oh, I forgot about those sorts
eloquent, coy and appreciated. How else would you breach such a network?
A: Looping through a multidimensional array

MorganHow have you managed to make an IRC bot, but can't loop through an arrray?

In all honesty, I have no hope reaching the next level
3:48 PM
What's the harm in finding out?
We'll see :)
are you talking about 2 things at once?
Usually 4 or 5
I am extremelly worried because, well, gifted trolls cometh
@TimPost Should you decide not to withdraw, I humbly suggest rewording "Husband & Father of a five year old girl"; even though my brain knows what you mean, that gives me an unpleasant gut reaction that's difficult to completely ignore. (As strange as it sounds, I'm not joking this time.)
Anyone here good with photoshop technique?
3:55 PM
@TimPost what are you talking about re the gifted trolls? I thought I was following your train of thought, but then I lost it.
@Moshe I'm okay with it, Jin there is probably better
I've posted 2 questions on Graphics.SE, but they're really "How Do I?" questions.
1)How do I draw grains of rice?
@PopularDemand Thank you
2) How do I get that "suns rays" effect on objects in an image?
Hi! :)
3:57 PM
Wow now I feel like a member of the US congress
I'd like to think that in our world, a promise is a promise
@PopularDemand Redditors discovering SO from yesterday? :P
@Moshe Draw as in, actually draw individual grains of rice, or just the rice-like texture, or maybe stock images of rice?
@PopularDemand I don't get it tbh. Does it suggest you that he might/should be too busy looking after his daughter to care about SO?
Hi @TylerChacha
4:01 PM
@ChrisF Tim Post has postulated that 4chan could be trolling/infiltrating with well-written, eloquent posts/questions/answers
anyway, you can't explain, so I guess asking you to explain won't go anywhere.
@Fosco Is that a) really trolling and b) a problem?
@ChrisF My thoughts exactly. If the content is good enough to stay put, it's probably not trolling.
4:02 PM
@ChrisF That was my thought as well.
@ChrisF If they keep up, not a problem; if they just are trying to get 20/50/x rep to then organize hell then SO is fucked.
But to play devil's advocate... what if they were sleeper trolls.
@badp Yes - that would be a problem. But it would take them a while to get to that level & we might have converted them by then.
4:04 PM
@ChrisF 20 rep (chat) / 50 rep (comment) isn't that difficult, although life at 1 rep sucks.
@badp It looks like he's the husband of a five-year-old. Ambiguous modifiers in English are fun!
@badp But those trolls can usually be shutdown very quickly
@PopularDemand :|
@badp Sorry misread your rep totals. Thought they were much higher
@badp We can keep an eye out for the newer mid-low rep range users and have a flag for trusted users.
4:05 PM
Doing three things at once
@ChrisF No, I'm not part of Anonymous. (Yet.)
I've been all for Anonymous since the Scientology stuff.
hates being out of stars.
must stop making pin requests.
4:07 PM
@Fosco While I appreciate their efforts, I'm not going to do DOSes in their name :)
(not yet.)
@badp Me either!
(not until i decide to write and build a bot net myself.. if ever.. so probably not)
Don't tell anyone, but @badp is really just a sentient node of my botnet.
Did someone ask for another star?
Anyone ever look into NLP and writing a conversation engine?
@Tyler - Yes, but it's a habit I must break.
4:11 PM
I prefer supporting their efforts by telling people the truth about Dianetics and free stress tests, suggesting them to pretend they're psychologists if approached.
@YiJiang - Did you find my questions?
Snow! Again....
@Moshe Here too!
so quiete suddenly
Normally is if I decide to make an appearance
@Diago has shown up twice in one month! What did we do to deserve this?
4:21 PM
@Diago! 'Ello there, how goes things?
@PopularDemand You've been too inactive, so Diago has to fill in your quota
@PopularDemand I am glad you keep track :) Work keeps me busy so I don't get much free time lately.
@TimStone Crazy busy, yourself?
@badp I'm trying very hard to get off the first page of chat users.
@badp Yeah. I think @PopularDemand has a bit of an addiction thing going there
@Diago The same, up until this week. Still quite a bit to do, but now that a deadline has been completed it's a little less unnerving, heh.
4:22 PM
I have nothing to do, so erhm...
I'm down to #7 in The Tavern and #11 overall (on MSO; I'm nobody on chat.SE), but Jin's not far from pushing me to #12.
Proof - the elections page
@YiJiang Psh, you just wanted to be mentioned by name in the SO Blog.
@TimStone Well my memory upgrade for my Mac arrived, and suddenly I want to work again. So I've been tied up catching up on three projects due in the next 3 weeks.
Ah, nice. I just finished pushing out a 1.2 release which was...a few weeks...behind schedule, heh. But we got a lot of fixes/new features/performance enhancements packed in there, so I'm sure no one will complain.
4:25 PM
@TimStone Congrats. I must say I have been good, in the last 2 years I haven't missed a release deadline.
@Diago Nice, how much memory?
Q: Registration form rules.

I've read somewhere that your registration form has to have some sort of notification about the storing of their info, is this true? If so, where can i find those rules?

@YiJiang How about that "rice grain" question?
This question really shouldn't have been sent here
Q: How do I draw rice grains in photoshop?

MosheWhat techniques would you use for drawing rice grains in Photoshop?

4:26 PM
@YiJiang Odd, I could have sworn I commented on that.
@Moshe No idea, sorry. I don't usually do any sort of digital illustration
I assume @Jin is sleeping...
The migrator probably thought it was asking about the SE account registration form.
@Diago Oh wow, impressive :) I haven't quite gotten the hang of proper time estimation, so sometimes I'm a bit optimistic about setting these dates. That, and then there are some added complexities that come up later on that I didn't know about beforehand...but I'm working on that, heheh.
Also, clearify, please. The question as it is is awfully vague
4:27 PM
@Moshe 8GB. My final spec is now a MacBook Pro 15" i7, 8GB RAM, 500GB 7200 Drive. She's flying
@PopularDemand SE doesn't even have a registration form, eh...
@TimStone I will admit, my deadlines for projects are normally 2 - 3 months, and I work with a brilliant project manager who actually knows how to manage projects and timelines
@Diago Seems like everyone and their dog has a Core i7 processors nowadays. Except me. :(
@Diago Nice! I have a MacBook Core 2 Duo 2GB, I wonder how 8GB would run in this.
@YiJiang and me.
@YiJiang Core 2 Duo! Single core at work.
4:28 PM
Well, okay, fair enough.
Yeah, if it makes you feel better @YiJiang my laptop only has a Core 2 Duo :P
@Diago What does a project manager do?
@YiJiang I upgraded end of last year from my old MacBook which was a Core 2 Duo. However this is a 3 year upgrade so I took the best I could find and pushed her to her limits. 2 of them are pricey thought
@YiJiang Commented, voted to close
@Diago Macs tend to be pricey.
@YiJiang - I'm going to try the pen tool and some gradients.
4:30 PM
@Moshe Rhetorical question?
@Diago No, I want to know what the specific responsibilities are
@YiJiang Also, with my Parallels VM now sitting with a 6.1 Windows Experience Index, I can't say I am unhappy with the upgrade
I knw the general concept.
@Diago WOW. (Yes, the WOW has started, years late.)
@Moshe Project Specs/Time Management and most importantly expectation management
@Diago Haha, well a VM reporting a score higher than my desktop, ah...
4:32 PM
@Diago Meaning what? The PM communicates with the client and the developer?
@Moshe Correct
Ah, so PM is kinda like an "agent" for a pro sports player.
Judging by by the star, I take it that my assesment was correct.
+1 @mellowerDiffColorsInRevisionsScreen
Not quite the green I suggested, but we'll go with it ;)
@TimStone "suggested"?
4:41 PM
Meh, I don't like it
Also, why doesn't the diff spans span multiple words!!?
Jan 21 at 2:32, by Tim Stone
user image
It's more likely this has nothing to do with me or the edit approval process, but :P
I am glad they gave background colour to the deletes, it was hard to see them sometime.
@TimStone did you see the newer edit panel that was all the conversation around 1am your time?
As in a few hours ago? Probably not.
It's probably been around all weekend and I just found out about it :p
Oh, with the side-by-side?
4:45 PM
But anyways, the diff tools on the left hand side of that ... in conjunction with the link you just made
Do you think that metaphor would work with those sorts of edits?
I may not have seen this, actually.
actually that would be a handy view, apply side by sides on a vertical scrolling (loading each div into either the left or right view) for checking all diffs on a quick scan ...
@JeffAtwood quora.com/Quora (currently) :P (yeah, I know, meta is murder etc.)
@drachenstern As you might've noticed I scrolled a few hours ago but can see nothing about it
4:50 PM
@badp did you scroll back about 10 hours from now?
How is Quora any different than Yahoo Answers ?
Because it's shinier, and with less overall ads?
@drachenstern so, it's just gonna fail ... more slowly ?
@statuscompleted That's one man's opinion
this one?
4:52 PM
I still hope the default view compares markdown
@badp ja, something like that
It will if you clicky that button
@drachenstern Yes, except it should be the default imho.
Did he propose to remove the code block ?
I want to see independent titles (so I can see at a glance which words were changed on top) if we're not in markdown view, same for tags
4:53 PM
the fancy renderings will not highlight diffs to URLs or HTML comments
@statuscompleted no, notice the bottom of the window
asked by on the left, proposed by on the right
Oh, I get it, I tough the one editting was the guy with 1 rep
ok, phone call
I feel like pulling out my hair out here. Who here can speak Spanish?

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