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4:00 AM
I see that.
@Moshe but it's not DopeWars, and you're not exactly going to be able to fit cops, guns and dead drug addicts on the subway into this game
I know, I've got that worked out ;-)
ok ...
No cops. A mob of fans chases you instead, wanting your Sushi.
I'll wait to see the game before I pass judgement. But I like the color. Take advantage of it.
And I don't need a copy gratis, I'll wait till it's actually in the store ;)
4:01 AM
Which device(s) do you have?
@room don't you hate when your boss gives you a vague sort of "just make this work" requirement and leaves you to your imagination? ... only to know that he's going to twist things up thirty times between now and release ... /facepalm
@Moshe 3GS only atm
Would you say that it's not worth releasing in B&W?
All the other Dope War clones are overdone, graphically, IMHO.
@drachenstern has no boss yet. Can usually get a spec from clients, but understands the point
53 mins ago, by Erick Robertson
Who's developing this app?
54 mins ago, by Moshe
@ErickRobertson - Me.
I think I want to do a B&W version and then a color version, but the iPad is an issue. There is no point in doing B&W on the iPad.
@JeffAtwood - Hello. Never been here at the same time before...
So long as it doesn't say "Devleopment staff: @Moshe, @Drachenstern, @ErickRobertson, @TimStone, @............" then I don't see what it matters. Do what you think is fair
It's going to represent @Moshe in the field in the future
it's going to be your portfolio
4:06 AM
@drachenstern I'm not putting anyone's name on it w/o their permission.
@drachenstern true, good point.
@JeffAtwood again thanks for joining in the show of support ;) major letdown afterall, just a little bowel obstruction ...
says like it's just a nothing to have one of those serious enough to have a doctor screaming at you on the phone to get your ass back to the hospital
> Mark Windham I'm so happy I could shit a puppy.
A buddy of mine always posts the most insane shit on FB
Thank you for the advice, @drachenstern. Be well.
goes to pretty things up.
@Moshe absolutely my good sir. That's why I come here, to be the guiding light and devil's advocate all in one go
Just remember that it's your app. I'll give my input as tho it were my app, but I'm not the dev, it's not my product. However, I will also counsel you to do the things that must be done before asking the questions about fancy
4:16 AM
You know people just keep telling me to pin things..
I thought ya'll were against a lot of pins..
@TylerChacha no - to pin things.
@drachenstern - Brainstorm. What if the user was able to decide if color should show?
star != pin.
@RebeccaChernoff @TylerChacha - Quickly pin that!
4:18 AM
@RebeccaChernoff refuses to star
Ok, someone pick a message to be unpinned
@TylerChacha the one by Pollyanna
all of them?
Why is someone imitating my star-everything habit?
It maximizes the number of people that can earn the talkative badge :)
4:26 AM
Sorry, was /afk
Q: How to choose an index

LanCan anyone explain and answer the following questions to me? I am having trouble understanding them. Really appreciate for your help Choose an index for each of the following SELECT statements. Specify whether your choice is clustered or unclustered and whether it is a hash index or a B+ tree. ...

I nominate all non election pins to be unpinned
@Moshe then that would require you to write a lot of overhead code, but does that fit with your general game model?
@drachenstern yes.
@Moshe then yes
4:31 AM
My best friend says make em both color.
Ah, the Zynga argument...
Ok, @drachenstern - Color by default, perhaps a B&W switch in the Settings app.
And now... to completely enlarge the download size with game images!
Hence vector graphics ;)
On the bright side, I have a fairly solid game engine.
Not sure iOS handles those with UIKit elements, but I'm only supplying 3 versions of the graphics.
iPad, Retina and iPhone/iPod
I thought Retina downscaled automagically to iPhone
I wonder if it could work like that, but generally, Apple says to include image.png and [email protected] for Retina.
digs up older version of the source code
shouldn't it be 4x?
4:39 AM
4x the number of pixels, double dimensions
yes, that's what I said
4x4=16 becomes 8x8=64
But the dimensions are only double
and 16 x 4 = 64
so it's called @2x
I didn't make it up.
it's funny how x * x = y => (x*2) * (x*2) = y * 4 ... damn those maths
4:40 AM
2 dimensional maths :O
@Moshe I don't know why
Drat, Question #301.
does the documentation really want it called [email protected]?
@Moshe fire
4:42 AM
deleted #301, hoping nobody notices.
@drachenstern - No, I asked it on SO.
oh, well foo
I wanted to even out my question/answer ratio first.
I require more minerals.
@drachenstern Ah well, yes, Apple does ask for foo.png to become [email protected]
4:43 AM
I recommend gold.
@drachenstern Welcome back to the land of people who never sleep, btw.
@mootinator danke danke
@mootinator Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
I gotta get my postcount back up so I can re-unseat @YiJiang ya know ;)
@drachenstern Why d'ya think I am so talkative,
4:44 AM
Seems like a worthy goal.
@drachenstern ?
Any way we can run Yi's election statistics page thingy against ourselves? :-)
50 points up on him isn't enough to unseat him ... then I gotta work on @TimStone ... I figure that'll take about two months
@drachenstern - Are those stats per room?
@Moshe notice that almost every single one of my posts is a contained thought, not an extraneous bit of punctuation
4:44 AM
You know, for us mere mortals
@Moshe per site
@drachenstern Indeed.
@Kragen yes, visit the page, load the noncached version
I need to try to hit 2k+ so I can worry about being edit-blocked.
Perhaps a refactoring of that question is in order there @Kragen
@Moshe quit stealing mah lines ;)
@mootinator ehwut?
4:46 AM
@drachenstern Well then, a simple userscript in the sandbox should unseat anyone on MSO.
@Moshe which would get caught and have you reprimanded
Eh, the subject was beaten to death over the last two days.
I .... Am ... unseating .... @TimStone .... I ... am ... unseating ... @TimStone ....
@drachenstern indeed.
I really must go implement my decision before I'm undecided again.
@mootinator oh thanks :p ... I goto the hospital and ya'll have an epic convo .. figures :p
@drachenstern So what? Everyone says "indeed".
epic fail with them stars'n'quotes.
4:49 AM
I'm 70/301 ... that's like 1/4
Ah. ok.
Like @SomeoneElse and Oy.
idk, gotta find something to brag about around here ;)
lol, indeed
@drachenstern There you go again. Oy.
I do that from time to time
just like where I'm about to goto the house, and probably find my pillow
either that or laundry
I'll decide when I get there
Ah, ok. I'm moving up on the page, right behind Joel now.
Was the last one earlier, now, #4 from being bumped to the second page.
4:51 AM
@Moshe congrats then ;)
ok, that's it, for the next twenty
We're talking about activity, right?
@drachenstern ciao
@drachenstern Not an epic convo so much as much ado about nothing: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/76113/…
Wow, I'm well above average and wasting time here. Gotta get work done!
Q: Why is RAID 0 called RAID 0?

MehrdadIf RAID 0 isn't redundant, why is it called RAID in the first place?

From a 5k rep user, heh
5:06 AM
It should be AID-1
starts a petition
click edit(1) ... must have more that 2k SO rep
Q: Facebook BigPipe and PHP

Web DeveloperBig Pipe is a method to load pages in chunks. It's what facebook uses. Do look at this link and post your thoughts on this topic. http://www.facebook.com/notes/facebook-engineering/bigpipe-pipelining-web-pages-for-high-performance/389414033919 I am already using ajax on most of the site would ...

@waffles Horizontal scrolling, omg.
It is entirely unclear what to do with that popup. approve/reject need to be buttons, larger, and colored... not gray text I can barely discern from the background
yeah I need to shift that box to the right
there's also no indication of which side is the edit and which is the original
yeah I agree those buttons are a tiny bit hard to get used to
5:10 AM
I assumed the left was the edit at first because of the highlighted tag on that side
they're not buttons at all, they're light gray text, not even any indicator they're clickable
everything else in the same size and color is not clickable
yeah I will turn them into buttons ... its a good point
Something like "Proposed edit" in bold black text above the right column would clarify things a lot to me
thoughts on the 5 flavors of diff ? which works best for you
yes I follow will add that
@waffles There should be a way of seeing the post as rendered after without the diff markup (the strikethroughs and green text).
I like the one that looks like revisions look, if I had to choose
side-by-side is useful but I don't like it as a default because it's big and confusing :x
5:13 AM
@kragen yeah side-by-side html gives you that, target without the markers is problamatic imho
Yeah, that would be my favourite too
Also could the side by side ones have the option to turn the diff markup on? (so the left side highlights deleted text and the right side highlights added text)
@Dan I think you can pry the side-by-side html by default out of @Jeff's cold dead hands :) Marc suggested that we store the default as a user pref
Its just the way I'm used to looking at diffs
@Dan ... I agree we need some before/after text so you can tell what you are looking at
5:15 AM
@waffles User pref? blasphemous!
not settable in user prefs ... just have it remember what you did last
those are the best kinds of prefs
the ones I don't have to know about setting
What happens if someone else suggest another edit?
can not ... its blocked
editing is blocked till this is handeled
no point discussing more about that, just go to yesterday's chat transcript
5:18 AM
@Dan yeah I was here, just wondered if it was possible for the edit(1) to turn into an edit(2)
Probably for the best that it cant :-)
@waffles, 2 of the current queued edits don't contain body edits...but it isn't immediately obvious that that is why there's no diff buttons.
Diff options are definitely getting nicer. I feel like the one I prefer changes based on the kind of edits that were made.
Is there a way of seeing all pending edits?
is an idiot. Performance is why I wanted to go with b&w
I think it is only on for mods.
5:37 AM
@RebeccaChernoff, morning ;)
@RebeccaChernoff goto...
@RebeccaChernoff, your activity graph is cosine, mine is sine. Explains why we don't chat much, I guess :)
@Benjol I don't see negative amount of activities anywhere :P
5:42 AM
@YiJiang, ok, you can stick a +1 in there if you want :)
@waffles, borders aren't apparently the 'done thing' round here, but the bits inside that edit review dialogue do seem a bit 'floaty around'.
@Benjol I tend to agree, it feels like we need a bit more of a gutter there
@RebeccaChernoff feel free to approve any that make sense as you see them ... look for patterns
[Nitpicking] and if you're not going to load the 5 tabs directly, could you at least keep them cached once they've been fetched?
@waffles, And as I said yesterday the 'after' isn't really an 'after'; it's a html with diffs (and the markdown after is 'markdown with diffs')
@waffles is it too late to add input?
@Benjol ... sure will do ... makes sense
And why did Yasir apparently ADD the Thanks on the end???
5:50 AM
@drachenstern If only you had asked 15 seconds earlier... |:
Yeah, can you edit the edit? :-p
@drachenstern not too late ... Im about to run soon though
@Kragen not till it's been approved
will all five buttons remain on the left or are those for hallway testing?
I like having all five
ooh - I hope at least the two side-by-side ones stay!
5:51 AM
I like the layout the way it is without needing "original" at the top, that'll cause too many issues
What about title edits? Where do they show?
If you push "approve|reject" below the avatars that'll be more obvious what they are ... below boxmodel wise
@drachenstern, and bottom right as opposed to bottom left, maybe?
no bottom left is the right placement
I'm curious as to why you think 'original' will create 'issues?'
consistent with all other nav/mod stuff
Q: Why are (X)HTML 5 and XHTML 2 separate standards?

Tim WardleIs there a reason why these two standards are being developed separately? They seem to be solving the same problem but what are the differences and, if they are to remain separate, what roles are they expected to take in web development in the future?

(^^ pending title edit)
5:53 AM
@Benjol because after Yasir edits it (and it gets approved), it won't be "original" and do I need to quote "beat you with a giant S"?
@RebeccaChernoff thanks
re: title edit: oooooh nooooo do not like
can't it resemble the others, and have pre on the left and post on the right?
Just one man's opinion after all, but I feel like it presents two models
@RebeccaChernoff are you by chance good enough to drag up one that has BOTH edits simultaneously?
Oh god... I just took a peek into the dialog box's HTML. I don't think I will sleep well tonight
@drachenstern I don't get that at all. once it's approved, you won't even be able to see the dialogue anymore... Do you prefer before and after?
@YiJiang :p I thought you had learned by now not to do that on SOIS beta software (aka everything here ;) )
@YiJiang, you purist, you :)
@Benjol but it says that at the bottom so why present it again at the top?
5:56 AM
@drachenstern both a body edit and title edit? There isn't one in the queue now.
we always look at the bottom for everything as is so why look at the top?
@RebeccaChernoff durn
@drachenstern uh, I don't see that?
1 click approve for 20k is to be deployed soon ... 1 click approve/reject on anon contributions as well
@Benjol "asked 5 hours ago borku"
@Benjol "proposed 44 mins ago Yasir Arsanukaev"
5:57 AM
Yeah, that's about as visible as the accept/reject buttons...
@YiJiang ahhh ... did I commit a horrible crime ... been simplifying it ... but there is much work to be done
it's pretty evident what the order of time was there
@Benjol I understand what you're saying, but I'm just saying it'll introduce another "Giant S" situation
one post two post blue post red post
1-click reject and approve is given to users with 20k rep and up.
1-click reject and approve is given to all editors on anonymously contributed content.
I don't get the distinction. Don't those contradict each other?
@drachenstern What's for pluralising with 'before' and 'after'?
@RebeccaChernoff, there's a difference between anonymous editors and low rep editors, I guess
@Benjol not pluralising ... I'm not making my point right here

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