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12:01 AM
@TimStone no?
Oh good, @RebeccaChernoff will summarize that mess into an easy to digest format for the rest of us. :D
How does one post a link to a question so that it comes up as a pretty box? (like the question Josh just posted)
Is it just the URL?
that's called a onebox
paste just the URL to the question or the answer in reference
12:02 AM
Ah, alright.
@TimStone: "we try to make the tools great [...] we also want your input on that any time ", vs: "This feature is still experimental and under development; it's too early to have this conversation."
But only the url. Anything extra on the line and it doesn't work.
So any time, except now
@Josh Yeah, he wants feedback on the finished tools
I'm trying to participate in meta more. I was holding off because I didn't want to get sucked in :)
12:03 AM
@vivin Too late!
The edit review isn't actually a tool, it's code in progress :P
@vivin a very valid concern :-)
@TimStone ok, fine, point taken.
@ChrisF @Josh yes, it's too late :D
@TimStone But isn't that when you want feedback to iron out the wrinkles ;)
@ChrisF That's what I posted as a comment to Jeff's answer.
12:05 AM
@Pollyanna Which I have just up-voted
@ChrisF Yeah, but I think it's so up in the air at this point that they may already be going in some of the directions that people want, but the time waffles has to take to explain that on each issue might be time better spent getting it closer to completion, so they can say "Here's what we have, what should we change?"
I strongly suspect that the development cycle of features is changing significantly now that they have more valued associates, and office, and capital. It is unlikely to be as community driven as before.
@Pollyanna +1 agree
@Pollyanna This is likely true to at least some degree as well.
@Pollyanna Solution: find a smaller community! :P
12:09 AM
Hey @MarkE, how goes?
@badp You've entered the maze of a smaller community, with few members of strong opinion. You are likely to be eaten by a troll.
@Josh it goes
@Josh how are you?
@Pollyanna You forgot to mention the usernames seem all alike.
@MarkElliot I'm doing OK. My day was not as productive as I had hoped for, spent all my time on estimates and ServerFault chat :-D
@badp Yeah, that would have filled that bit pretty well.
12:16 AM
@Josh sounds about as productive as my day
who can make edit suggestions?
I haven't spent much time over at serverfault
@JohannesSchaublitb some times, anyone!
Q: Is everyone in favor of the new "everyone can edit" idea? Is this really such a good idea?

JoshAs originally requested here and described in Diff is Hard, Let's Go Shopping!: [The team is] planning to open the floodgates and allow everybody to submit content edits on posts Am I the only one who sees this undesirable? In fact, the more I think about it the more I think it has the pos...

@JohannesSchaublitb Normally though only users with >2k rep can edit
@Josh miraculously still open...
12:19 AM
Q: Why are users with edit privileges being blocked by users without edit privileges?

Mark ElliotSo it's great that our whole community is now able to provide edit suggestions, but the decision to limit one-click approval status to moderators is causing me some heartburn. Much to my surprise, today I encountered a nearly-good edit, one that I was about to make, and rather than be able to ...

@MarkElliot I know really
ah i will try logging out again an viewing +1 day olds
hm i'm on age 15 and it's still "asked 1 hour ago". weird
wow it takes 250 pages until you hit "asked yesterday"
@JohannesSchaublitb SO has a ton of traffic
so anyone have any thoughts on Amazon's SES?
12:29 AM
@Josh. You there?
@Zypher - I couldn't get the update out. Look for it in your inbox when you get home.
I will try to get it to ya later.
12:47 AM
good evening
'Ello @Jin
time to CSS!
@TimPost btw i'll have my WwF revenge..
Oh, we actually have a game open now don't we? I should pay more attention, heheh.
Also, poor Tim Post getting my messages ;)
12:56 AM
@drachenstern And the bug is...?
@YiJiang the selector at the top of the page. It should have a white background, not transparent. Or else the list should be in a box below that so that it doesn't scroll underneath. Either way.
Want me to give you a line of jQuery to fix it so you can see what I mean?
Eh, okay
Still doesn't quite understand what you're saying
Oh, I think I know what you're saying, lemme see...
Well no, that still doesn't make sense
The top bar already has a background, light gray. I made it fade out to 0.3 opacity when the mouse is not over it
@drachenstern Can you clarify?
yes, working on it, hang on ... trying to build just the right usecase
Alright, the Town Hall Chat had my attention. What are all these @lerts?
runs away
1:04 AM
@TimStone Hehehe, what were you up to now? :P
@RebeccaChernoff So that's what we call 'em now, eh? @lerts... I like it
@TimStone Hmm. You're usually denying any involvement. If you're going straight for running away it can't be good.
@YiJiang Shhh, I'm hiding! I don't remember doing anything particularly bad, but I'm not sure, so just in case.
@YiJiang At my ex-company, we had a product called <Company> Access, but since it was online, it was really <Company> @cess. I guess I stole it from that. shrugs
Hmmm... although I do need to update the elections page to pull data from the Primaries page instead of the nomination page for the sites that have gotten into that stage
SO/SU = Primary, SF = Election.
1:08 AM
@RebeccaChernoff I'm innocent (to the best of my recollection)!
Also oddly tired, hmm..
@Moshe Sorry I was AFK
Hey @RebeccaChernoff I thought the SF Town hall went well!
@RebeccaChernoff Certainly shorter and perhaps less awkward to say than @-mention
@Josh Thanks! Twas the first one, so any feedback (good or bad) is appreciated.
Can I have a look at the transcripts?
@RebeccaChernoff I'm trying to think of how to organize it better, I'm finding I need to re-read the transcript to se people's answers
@YiJiang for the town hall?
1:10 AM
@YiJiang She's supposed to summarize the key points even, if you're feeling lazy :P
@TimStone Hehe, where?
That could just be the nature of it though @RebeccaChernoff, or could be because I was doing too much at once :-)
It only ended a bit ago, I think you'll have to give her a reasonable amount of time, hahah.
@TimStone bah, I'm proofreading!
1:11 AM
And here I was giving you some leeway, my bad.
Why are there advertisements for my university on my Facebook page? What, do they expect me to go back? :P
@TimStone my boss informed me that another one of our competitors has updated their site, I am reviewing their product now. I am happy to say it doesn't work worth a damn!
Heheh, very nice.
Well it works *sometimes. Ours is so far superior it's ridiculous :-)
(IMHO of course :-)
That's kind of how we got ourselves into the position we're in now, by pushing out something that didn't work very well at all (and cost a whole lot, to boot).
o_o I just earned a Critic badge on SU by casting a downvote for the Primaries
1:14 AM
@YiJiang who are you, @Pollyanna??
@Josh Who me? is thoroughly confused
3 hours ago, by Pollyanna
Alright, now it's time to take my 5 thousand sockpuppets out and take control of this election.
@YiJiang IS ONE OF @Pollyanna's SOCKPUPPETS!
@Josh :|
Jan 11 at 0:36, by Pollyanna
@drachenstern hehehe. I only chose pollyanna for the meta site because there are a few people who think I'm harming SO because I don't ever downvote.
this guy's questions just close themselves sigh
1:16 AM
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I can get this competitor's SQL via ASP error pages!
Q: Raw to <? extends Objects>

yapkm01I am reposting this question since i didn't get a satisfactory answer. 1) List a = new ArrayList(); 2) List b = a; 3) List c = a; // with warning of course Why there is an unchecked warning at clause 3) while no unchecked warning at 2) ? I don't see the difference between (Unbounded wildca...

@Josh that's not really ethical, is it?
@MarkElliot No, I wasn't trying to!
A: 2011 Moderator Elections - Town Hall Chat

Rebecca ChernoffThank you to everyone who participated, particularly the candidates! Virtual coffee is on me! The full transcript to the Town Hall Chat can be found here. Despite being in timezones all over, all 7 candidates were able to attend! Whether you were able to attend or are just reading the transcr...

@Josh Do you want me to try to?
I was trying to understand how their URLs work, and when I modified the URL query arguments I fgot an error page with the SQL commands that failed, LOL
@TimStone LOL!
1:19 AM
@YiJiang sorry, phone call ... anyways, this is what I was referring to: $('#sort').wrap('<div>').parent().attr('style','background-color: white;height: 25px;position: fixed;left:0px;top: 0px;width: 100%;');
Go shove that into the page and scroll it up and down before and after
@drachenstern Right, you want a solid bg color so that the stuff inside the box won't be overlayed over the content of the page
Yeah, didn't I say that?
Well, I didn't quite what you were saying...
Lemme try this then
1:42 AM
Ok going to make some burgers, I'll be back to hack my competit- er, I mean work after I eat!
Hahah :P
Hmmm... should I integrate more of the election Primaries page (eg. votes) into the stats page?
SE engine developers: Does the "vote fraud" checker look for "revenge voting" or only sockpuppeting and chain-downvoting?
@Hello71 Not a dev, but the answer is probably no, unless the number is large enough
Since you can't tell a single revenge downvote from legit votes
@YiJiang yes, please
1:48 AM
Hmm.. Marc isn't here right now...
It detects a single voter serially voting on your items
it does not detect a group of voters
@YiJiang: What I meant was someone who answers the same question as you who downvotes your answer.
@drachenstern The only problem I have is that the current system is static, so I'll have to manually change the stage of each election
There is a thresh hold but it's not documented, and I think it's around 8-10 within 5 minutes
@YiJiang meaning between primary and election?
You can't find out the votes of the election until it's over. There will be no score presented during the final 10
@Hello71 No, it doesn't check for that - downvoting on competitor's answers is legit, especially if they believe your answer to be wrong
1:49 AM
@Hello71 you're just screwed
@drachenstern Between nomination and primaries
@Hello71 presumably you mean on SO?
@YiJiang there's only one visible vote that changes
@YiJiang I don't understand what you're thinking about including
I thought you wanted to include primary votes
@drachenstern Yes, but currently the page grabs the election nomination page specifically because I was afraid that the Primaries page would be significantly different in terms of the DOM
@Hello71 if you mean on MSO then that's just the way MSO works, don't count the scores on MSO as having any good weights, they don't
@YiJiang so make a separate call for just the scores and correlate them to the existing user on the nomination page
iow: leave the existing page alone
I think now that I've seen the page structure for all three stages the pages are similar enough for me to not have to specify the stage
1:54 AM
and it's not like the entry will change at this point
So @Hello71 is asking about SU according to his activity pages off each site that I bothered to check, but you've only got from what I can tell 5 downvotes in the past 24 hours
Or maybe not - I just ran the parser code on the Primaries page, and apparently it doesn't work any more, hmmmm
i love Dribbble
took me a while to get it
Okay, I've got a fix for it, hmmm...
These election nomination pages are technically posts, so I can grab the +/- votes for each of them - would it be worth it, instead of just a single combined score?
(This will of course create an additional API call)
You're doing that based on the user's available actions right?
not all users can do that
code against it if you do
I say no for now, too much stress atm
@drachenstern No, that doesn't matter - the cURL page is not logged in
2:00 AM
and you can still get the +/- for each nominee? Then yes, do so
The API can be used to obtain separate +/- votes on all posts though
gotta go walk my dogs, migrating to the house for the evening
@drachenstern :473844 : What about the (admittedly edge) case that they undo the downvote as soon as they get an upvote?
Darn... that didn't work.
@Hello71 No detection for that, the strict voting time limit was created to prevent that
@drachenstern I know that; figured that out on my first meta proposal :|
2:08 AM
Yeah only one reply linkback per reply
@drachenstern If I were to request that, it would be on meta.SO, right?
@Hello71 There's also the Chat Feedback room
Aint gonna happen tho, no benefit
@drachenstern Well, there are benefits, but the use-case is kind of small
WTF, why does the API leaks the templating engine used by SE?
Think like Jeff ;)
2:17 AM
Time to report it, then
@YiJiang is there a meta.se.awio.com/election.html?
@Jin Hahaha
i heard a rumor that on your meta, everything is [status-by-design]
2:22 AM
@Jin I have teh powah!!!! Muahahahahaha!!! Take that you puny bug reporter!!!
Every bug is just a feature designed to bring people to Meta.
@TimPost truth. i create css glitches on purpose so people would talk to me...
if i wanted, i could pull off a flawless launch easily. yeah..
@Jin Awwww, come on, surely you can, you have teh awesome CSS powerz
@YiJiang i'm not sleeping until I finish the Apple conversion... probably will be the most intense css conversion i've done so far.
cheers @Jin on
2:28 AM
found out today 0.86% of apple.se users use Opera...
0.86% too many ):
Opera, the best browser that no one uses.
@Jin Starred for Truth
2:31 AM
Q: /user/{id}/timeline results leaking template used for badge information

Yi JiangFrom my elections statistics page: I inserted in the detail field as plain text because I wasn't sure if the results would be HTML, but the $ChatUrl left in the anchor's href is surely a bug.

I am back, did everyone miss me?
@Josh Huh? Who are you and why are you talking to me???
@Shog9 I have not
2:36 AM
will the candidates give a speech of some sort?
they all should start a Facebook fan page
Remember when I tried to crash a router with JavaScript?
@Moshe Yes
@Jin Well @RebeccaChernoff organized a great Town hall debate for ServerFault!
Well it's a weird story and it's leaving me kinda upset.
@Moshe BRB have to make a call, then I am all ears!
2:38 AM
@Josh Hehe, trying to do the SU scheduling now.
@Josh Slacker!
2:57 AM
HELLO, @Tyler
@Shog9 points to ALL CAPS ROOM
If you don't know who Gortok is, then you should definitely vote for him.
'Cause, he's out there, man... Keeping the world safe for all you young'uns.
2:59 AM
Oh, yeah...
I wonder if any candidates are going to shake hands and kiss babies on reddit.
@Pollyanna GOOD FOR YOU! Have a cookie
@juanformoso are you coming on to me?
NOM NOM. .. Wait, this cookie is only two bites. I demand at least 32 bit cookies!!!
3:09 AM
@jzy "If I asked you to have sex with me, would the answer to that question be the same as the answer to this question?"
Unintentionally explicit abbreviations FTW! ahem
How teach dog program? Is very smart dog.
Need to find a hobby..
@YiJiang I'm almost afraid to ask what that actually is.
3:12 AM
@TimStone Chinese Literature
Sadly, it appears the mobile chat interface, as displayed in the iPad, doesn't have a method to star awesome posts here...
@YiJiang lmao, I see.
3:32 AM
api.stackoverflow.com/1.0/questions/4791995 there we go, election nominations are stored as questions
@Moshe looks like you left, sorry
Oh, great. I just voted on a Programmers candidate... this is... sigh I found a security hole in the election process
I am probably the only one here whose CEO wants to have a business call at 10:00 at night for almost an hour!
The joys of owning your own business :-)
I just voted on a Programmers candidate before the Primary stage have even started!
@YiJiang a good one? Like... Unlimited votes?
oh. That's boring.
3:43 AM
@Pollyanna Moshe complains of this also, can I star something for you?
Well, I also happen to only have 101 reps there, so...
@Shog9 who are you trying to convince me to vote for, now?
> Any community member with 150 reputation may vote in the primary.
@Shog9 Well, no, that would be a little hard to breach, since the elections are built around SE's post system, so doing that would be... a little hard
@YiJiang Yeah... I assume you're just submitting votes for the underlying questions, but since the score isn't displayed 'til the primaries start... and the sort order is random... it won't really matter. Apart from the rep thing, but... meh.
@YiJiang You should probably start an email at this point
directly to jeff
3:48 AM
@Shog9 Geez, calm down, there's no need to use that kind of language!
@Josh Oh, but you take this too lightly my friend... Don't you realize, a vote for GORTOK is a vote for THE FUTURE!
Would you DARE TO DAMN THE FUTURE by withholding your vote?!
I'm afraid I have NO FREAKING CLUE what you're talking about @Shog9... ;-)
It would take too long to explain then, as time is both precious and in limited supply - you'll just have trust me: Vote GORTOK!
Sounds good, I'll just trust you @Shog9 -- waitaminute, that sounds like an awful idea!
Now, if you'll all excuse me, I need to go vote for ROOK
3:53 AM
I upvoted Rook
87 other people apparently :-)
love it @MichaelPetrotta
@Josh 150 and counting...
Who are the 17 fools who downvoted @MichaelMrozek?
raises hand
Haven't they seen his flashing red-eyed avatar? They're braver than I!
More downvoting on the nominations than I would have expected.
I haven't found anyone nominated who's noxious enough to downvote, yet.
Oh, wait, no I didn't. Damn, see what happens when I get sidetracked chatting? THERE'S DOWN-VOTING TO BE DONE!
3:57 AM
5 hours ago, by Josh
OK I have downvoted every SO election candidate who does not particpate in MSO
Good man.
I encourage you all to do the same great deed..
so it seems to me that i've had a rep acceleration after surpassing 10k, this is an interesting phenomena
3:58 AM
I stopped around 11k, and I have 16k now..
@TylerChacha just from upvotes on old answers?
@TylerChacha define stopped
@TylerChacha: wait till you get more goodies at 20k. Then you'll want to level up again.
@MichaelPetrotta there's more goodies?!
3:59 AM
@Josh I post probably once to twice a month

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