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12:00 AM
Why is the SF election phase longer than SO and SU? Because they didn't have a primary?
And the questions already make me want to /facepalm
@MichaelMrozek I guess so...
@MichaelMrozek yep
Looks like @Sathya is in the lead for SU mod, YEY! \o/
 2     76412 [5]
 2     76559 [0]
 2     75585 [0]
 2     76492 [0]
 2     76559 [0]
 2     76559 [0]
all those reps, all those zeroes.
12:03 AM
oh common you don't want Rook?
Hmm, I need to deal with the SO town hall chat.
@RebeccaChernoff that should be a fun town hall... heh
That will be crazyness
I need to think of some good questions for that one, LOL
Spriting away http://instagr.am/p/BOSyB/
@RebeccaChernoff what no flags on SciFi to take care of ?
12:04 AM
Listen to your boss @RebeccaChernoff :-)
@badp I want zeros :(
There are 21 people that have a positive score and have not withdrawn. I think I'll just email those 21.
IDK if @Zypher is actually @RebeccaChernoff's superior, but as sysadmin I consider @Zypher everyone's superior :-D
@Josh I don't see him here. (;
Yeah, where's @MichaelMrozek?
12:06 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Jeff's right there points
@RebeccaChernoff Watch out. You may be able to hack my garbage disposal but @Zypher can hack your /(.*)/
Q: Design for the Apple StackExchange site

JinHi all. I'm Jin, and I'll be working on the designs for the Stack Exchange sites as they graduate from the beta phase. Each site will have its own unique theme that will reflect its topic. However, all sites will share quite a bit of common elements so they feel like they're part of the Stack Exc...

An error occurred while trying to approve?
How low is the threshold for approving edits these days?
12:10 AM
@badp I love it
@mootinator I think 2k, same as always
@Josh What are you doing there, you're supposed to go and sabotage the suggested edits feature through poor anon edits and some tor goodness!
@badp oh it's on right now? How do I test it?
@Josh I assume it is, given @mootinator's message
@MichaelMrozek Hmm, I went in with 1700 rep and it gave me a button to approve, but errored. But I think the error was someone had already approved the edit.
12:12 AM
@mootinator how do I find/apprive edits?
@Josh You have to stumble on them right now; there's going to be a list on /review, but it's mod-only at the moment
@Josh Be lucky enough to view....
Ah OK thanks
There are 12 in the queue. Surely you can find them out of the million + questions...
@RebeccaChernoff :(
12:13 AM
If we collect them all, do we get a prize?
I can see the queue on Unix, but I don't think the ability to suggest edits is enabled there. Brilliantly played, devs
@RebeccaChernoff LOL
@TimStone Sure, prize TBD.
I vote the prize be more stars in chat!
@RebeccaChernoff I have this strange feeling that you'll decide the prize is nothing. ;)
12:15 AM
I would not do such a thing!
I suspect it will actually be a personalized oy.
Oh brother:
Q: Java: Are chars " and \" the same?

Neil TraftGiven: char x = '"'; char y = '\"'; Are x and y equal?

is skeptical
Can I close as retarted?
Somebody who doesn't understand the definition of "real" already voted for NaRQ
12:17 AM
I am tempted to close as subjective and argumentative :-)
I am tempted to ask the top answer how they can be sure it's not comparing a reference.
<-- Troll
Aww, now there's only 11 edits...
I can't look at /review right now, it depresses me too much!
@Josh Did you see the OP's comment on the question?
I'll browse PHP questions, there's enough low quality posts there anyway, LOL
@TimStone I did
12:20 AM
Anyone need me to make a pending edit so they can rush to look at it?
cough @Josh
@MichaelMrozek Is a question "real" if the OP doesn't actually have the question, but only formulated it for the purposes of "asking" something that hadn't already been answered? :P
LOl sure @moot
@TimStone Good point
That didn't come out as "If a tree falls in the forest and no one's around"y as I had hoped, but oh well.
@TimStone like this?
Q: Spoiler: Is there a 9th Sword orb in Secret of Mana?

JoshIn the SNES game Secret of Mana, all the weapons seem to have 9 orbs, and thus 9 variations, except the Mana Sword. It doesn't seem possible to forge the Mana Sword more than 7 times, to get it to level 9. Is there a way to forge the 8th level sword, the Dragon Buster? And if so, what is the 9th ...

@Josh More of a joke point, it's NNaRQ
@TimStone Yes; that's been pretty thoroughly discussed on meta
@Jin r u lurking?
@MichaelMrozek The fact that I was joking and it was still actually discussed kind of bothers me.
@mootinator Thanks! I see no edit though, and I do know how to read a diff!
Though given what people post on Meta about, very unsurprising.
12:23 AM
is having another one of them days ... at least I got about four hours uninterrupted to churn out a bit of work that should've been done.
however everything since 2ish (4 hours now) has been a waste
I...need to remember what I was doing before I went to eat.
Sasha made a short documentary (based on a true story). Catch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgWT-ba9q0E. Stay tuned for CTF deets.
(some speech nsfw)
nvm @moot, I see now
@Josh I had a very specific comment and everything :P
I was looking for s not .!
Ooooooooh @mootinator this is now frustrating me just like I thought it would!
Your edits are incomplete!
And I cannot fix them!
ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!! DAMN YOU @waffles!!!!
12:26 AM
@badp lmao
Ok, the edits did get approved pretty quickly, was that you @TimStone?
@TimStone Send me the book and that'll solve two problems ;)
@drachenstern Actually it's 43% off..
Oh, sorry, only 43% off for me.
I fail to see the distinction between your post and mine. I didn't intend to pay you for it
@drachenstern yes, stalker.
12:28 AM
@Jin omgz how am I a stalkers?
@Josh What am I taking credit for undeservedly?
one good thing about the Apple site is that 87%+ users use css3 capable browsers
12:29 AM
@Jin I love the Apple.SE design!!!!
you're the only one I know on instagram on a regular basis, thought that other site was cool
@drachenstern i didn't know you could do that
@Jin it's apparently a new tool, I saw it in my twitterstream
that's a neat site!
what other site?
12:29 AM
i've always hated how instagram's web site can't let you browse a gallery
@Jin that's what I figured youwould say, hence I sent it to you ;)
you can browse people? how?
@Jin you might say that about Unix too :)
telllllll meeeeee
12:30 AM
damn beat me to the paste
@RebeccaChernoff he did!
@RebeccaChernoff that's the site that lets you browse your own or other people's instagram gallery. Instagram's own site doesn't let you do that.
@badp I like the Unix design a lot. But the apple design is even betterer!
Well I didn't see his message until after I had said mine. >_<
I'm not comparing, just saying that the IE problem is Windows' and Windows' only :)
@Josh thanks. i love them equally. :) style needs to fit content.
12:31 AM
@badp Oh, I see, I misread the thread
you're going to let a little thing like time-to-parse-mentally stop me from responding? bah
have I seen the new apple site? idk. I love the E.SE look
oh, no apple site, ok then
@Jin Of course you do, they're both yours!
@drachenstern i didn't design the English site. a friend of mine did.
Well actually that doesn't makse total sense
@Jin well then SHHHHHHHH
12:32 AM
our senior designer doesn't love all his work equally
@Josh what design is that?
24 mins ago, by badp
Q: Design for the Apple StackExchange site

JinHi all. I'm Jin, and I'll be working on the designs for the Stack Exchange sites as they graduate from the beta phase. Each site will have its own unique theme that will reflect its topic. However, all sites will share quite a bit of common elements so they feel like they're part of the Stack Exc...

bah, reading is for losers
i've tweaked the design some since i posted it, based on some of the feedback.
12:33 AM
also, I've been out of the room like ALL DAY
@drachenstern We didn't ask for your lame excuses.
@Josh I'm reading I'm reading
@RebeccaChernoff and yet I gave them. See how that worked out?
12:34 AM
@drachenstern LOL
@Josh screw that, heap praises and bacon on him after the site launches
wow, I keep getting sucked into more of these
@drachenstern "praises and bacon", isn't that redundant?
@drachenstern i'm pretty sure i'll be quite bacon and sleep deprived after the site launches..
I turn away for a few seconds and everything descends into chaos. shakes head
12:34 AM
@Jin then we must send you moar bacons
@Josh nah, one he can spend, the other he can eat
@TimStone this is The Tavern. It can't descend into Chaos. It is chaos
@Jin But then you can dream about all the people at the Macworld Expo checking out the site and ooooohing and aaaaahing.
Send a bacon cargo-unicorn stat!
Also, @Jin if you don't make the other sites equally as awesome now that you've demonstrated that you've been holding out, we're going to be upset :p
@Josh Oh, well....carry on then, I suppose.
12:35 AM
if anything deserves starrs @mootinator it's that
@TimStone the problem is I came in AND started talking
@RebeccaChernoff All those soulless husks marching to their assimilation..
@drachenstern Is that the procedure? :P
12:36 AM
@TimStone yes, written in jquery
Then you know it's Certified Correct™.
@TimStone speaking of, I was assigned a new designation while I was there. I'm apparently now ⌘⌘peacelilly23. I've gotta practice signing my name, cos those symbols don't look like greek OR latin ...
@drachenstern It's OK, I think they have a brand that they stamp into your finger.
12:41 AM
@drachenstern i think i'll be tweaking the Trilogy at some point this year... i'm skared
Yes!! Thundersnow!
Thundersnow, also known as a winter thunderstorm or a thunder snowstorm, is a rare kind of thunderstorm with snow falling as the primary precipitation instead of rain. It typically falls in regions of strong upward motion within the cold sector of an uheult, where the precipitation consists of ice pellets rather than snow. Formation There are usually four forms of thundersnow: * A normal thunderstorm on the leading edge of a cold front or warm front that can either form in a winter environment or one that runs into cool air and where the precipitation takes the form of snow. * A heavy ...
@DanGrossman Yeah, I got that here earlier, heheh
@TimStone they said something about a palm flower next week ... I think I'll like that too
@Jin I would be too. We're here for you. :(
@DanGrossman Yikes!
12:43 AM
> Cast your vote in the Stack Overflow 2011 community moderator primary!
I wish that were a notification bar, or at least went away after I voted
It'll go away tomorrow.
Whoa. Really?
Q: How to get elements from html source and convert them to text?

JardelI've created a demo page for you: http://cmaempreendimentos.com/test/ As you can see i have written "HeLLo 54292" by using table,tr,td, blue color and +. I'm making it with PHP. You can check out page's html source code, and see how i have written that text. Actually that's not a real text, that...

@Jin so from whom do you take cues and inspiration? Do we get to influence you beforehand or do you just sortof go meditate and then go in front of a whiteboard?
That looks pretty innocuous until you look at the test page he wants to extract the "text" from...
12:46 AM
@DanGrossman What the...
I think someone should introduce him to banner text and image manipulation programs
That's hysterical
I mean - it's clearly a put-on.
> Congratulations! You have been selected to participate in a new account security initiative in which we send a Blizzard Authenticator to you for free.
@drachenstern I do a lot of research before I start designing. Some topics I know well, gaming, cooking etc so I have an idea right away. But others, TeX, CStheory, etc I know nothing of. So I read a lot of related online sites and books on them to get an idea. also I read the Q&As on the site too.
12:51 AM
I tried to make it better...
Q: How to get some elements from html source and convert them to readable text?

JardelI have a page which displays "HeLLo 54292" in ASCII art, using + characters inside <table> tags to produce block letters. I'm generating this with PHP. You can check out page's html source code, and see how the ASCII art is constructed. I want to convert the ASCII-art letters to actual te...

Free overnight shipping too... I'll take that, free toy.
@Jin yeah but to redo the trilogy ...
@drachenstern oh you mean the trilogy. well it won't be a major redesign or anything. it'd just be some visual polish. nothing big
i'm thinking Stackoverflow may look closer to careers.stackoverflow at some point. they need to have a consistent branding.
@YiJiang ~ Nice work on the spreadsheet (when you come back that is)
@Jin hmmmm, I'll have to ponder that one with you
Damn you and your fast typing skills @DanGrossman
I was 95% done with the same answer!
12:56 AM
ok people, my hour or so in the chatroom has been most embiggening, but I'm off to the house for a little more quiet worktime and a movie and dinner ... cheerio and I'll likely be back, if anyone wants to annoy me later ;)
Take care Cole
Gracias Josh
1:08 AM
feeling very loved reading the comment section techcrunch.com/2011/01/26/…
> It tends to attract our very avid, most dedicated users.
(Jeff on chat) Go us! ;)
rut roh @jin, break's over...
@RebeccaChernoff yeah....
Do it for the bacon! Think of the bacon at the end of the tunnel!
(Sorry, @RebeccaChernoff wasn't randomly shouting so I felt I had to pick up the slack)
1:18 AM
on a serious note, i probably should have my cholesterol checked. I haven't had a physical since sophomore year in high school..
@RebeccaChernoff Also, CRUCIFY? :P
@Jin That...might be a good idea.
rchern e-mailed me! I knew she cared
moar maintenance?
@TimStone (:
@MichaelMrozek oy.
we're replacing our internal search engine on #stackoverflow so there may be a brief (5-15 minute) outage network wide
Anybody else I can reply to?
1:23 AM
I'm pretty sure the SO town hall is going to be an explosion of insanity
I look forward to it
@Jin, the graduated beta sites are still showing the sketchy offline page. I'd link you to my meta post from a few months ago, but... q:
@RebeccaChernoff yeah.. that's beyond my control for now..
maybe i'll make a generic non sketchy offline page for graduated sites.
they'll have to add an appsetting for it
bah ben's LESS script doesn't work when SE is down..
queue up a beating.
i love LESS now. a lot easier than before. less css to type.
oh! so that's why it's called "LESS"
1:28 AM
@MichaelMrozek When is the SO town hall?
@ErickRobertson @RebeccaChernoff is still scheduling it
Does someone here know what a "Star Trek couch" is?
Is it that long curvy couch in the Fog Creek offices?
Yea it is
1:30 AM
Why is that a Star Trek couch? Was it used on the set of TNG?
@drachenstern nah it isn't ... one sec
Oh, I didn't see that couch in the pictures.
@RebeccaChernoff What makes that a Star Trek couch, specifically?
@RebeccaChernoff beat me to it
@ErickRobertson Ask on scifi.stackexchange.com !
1:32 AM
@RebeccaChernoff It's down and I want instant gratification.
now with shag
@Pekka you were secretly banned
@Jin heh
The Chrome guys are so cool
Throttling clients when a site is down
1:35 AM
@Zypher - just fixed a bug.
Have you been playing towards any of the achievements?
@Zypher doh I read FogCreek as SOIS subliminally. I figured since he was asking here ... ;)
nah, got into the grove on an internal website i was working on
my lack of vision has stopped me for the night
@Zypher feel free to blast my previous comment on the matter to hell (or correct it to say "the one in the SOIS office is such a couch if that's what you mean" )
@Zypher I haven't been following. I missed something.
seems like more effort
1:37 AM
@Zypher heaven forbid, right?
@Zypher it is
leaves confused
:476741 but I don't wanna ...
@Moshe <-- replyto this
@drachenstern or did you mean this?
someone fix this for me? My remote is over there and I can't will it to me. And I just sat down!
1:39 AM
Btw was there planned maintenance? SO is down.
someone should make a site called whenstackoverflowisdown.com
@Jin for what?
@Jin it would look like this tho: http://stackoverflow.com
@Jin it's call tweet @jeff and he yells at us
1:41 AM
@Zypher have you looked at the achievements at all? I found a bug which I just fixed.
hmm i don't know. it'd probably have some games you can play while you wait for SO to go back up
@Jin or we can get work done when SO Is down.
or it could just redirect to donothingfor2minutes.com
@Moshe nah got it loaded but that's about as far as i could get today ... just getting over a headache right now soo maybe in a bit i'll poke at it
^ which i have yet to pass
1:42 AM
@jin i HATE that game
i never win
@Zypher it was designed to torture people with ADD, or internet addiction..
@Jin I was under the impression it would get to 1:55 and restart with a "fail"
since I'm on a laptop and can get by without touching anything for two minutes, and it does that everytime
@Zypher Ok. If you can, please dig around the Game center stuff and the menus. I need that stuff tested too. Feel better.
ahh reminds me of that "game" when javascript was new where you tried to click the dot it would move on a downclick evenet
@Moshe sure thing
1:44 AM
My dog now thinks she is a cat ... :\
1:56 AM
reload, reload, reload, reload, reload, reload, reload, reload,...
Still down!
I guess I should just go AFk again, LOL
`/blame @RebeccaChernoff
@Zypher don't you have more important things to do than editing my chat messages? ;-)
not really
Oh, and here I was thinking you had done that yourself, lmao
1:59 AM
oh OK :-)
@Josh ahem k no.
yea! a non quora techcruch article
... posted at 4:30am
@RebeccaChernoff then who can I blame for SO being down? I am going into withdrawwwwwwllllll hfiu 9hfifhmufnh8dh iyh8ifhdhD
Ok Since I can't answer questions on StackOverflow right now I'm going to go see what this "life" thing everyone's always telling me to go get it all about...
Catch you guys later!
@RebeccaChernoff Ahahah
night Josh
2:02 AM
See ya.
Hehe, I was starting a task right before it went down, but it kinda requires me to be able to get on to 10 of the sites. twiddles thumbs (:
So it appears that one of the developers of this framework might be a bit of an ass, and the developers of the web framework I use don't seem to see eye to eye with him, heh. This may prove to be problematic..
@RebeccaChernoff see??? I knew it was your fault!
Ok I better leave now before something bad happens to me ;-)
Twasn't my fault!
@Josh You can borrow my mop.
2:06 AM
Why would I take the sites down right when I want to be on them!
@TimStone I have some clean towels!
Your task broke them!
@TimStone what framework?
I hadn't started yet! (:
@Josh, PS this isn't "that life thing"
2:07 AM
@RebeccaChernoff so you could avoid doing work and answer questions on stac- oh, wait..
@drachenstern LOL
@drachenstern It isn't? Damn. I'd better look harder then :-)
Goodbye for real this time :-) (unless @RebeccaChernoff draws me in again ;-)
I'm taking this opportunity to create a bit of a sausage pasta
trying to decide what sauce to use (oh, it's short notice pasta, not the real deal)
however dropping food on my laptop is probably a bad idea
@drachenstern I'm not one to name names. ;) But it basically boils down to whether or not this security framework can work with this web framework, and each side seems to want to point out flaws in the other, and the security framework developer insists it should be possible to use the frameworks together without really giving insight on how that might work.
@TimStone you should name names
public shaming works best
This is why I tend to stick to a vertical stack (.NET)
people may call me lazy but I prefer to think of it as being lazy
and I think you know my stance on being lazy
2:12 AM
You get my clients to trust Microsoft like that and I'm there. :P
But in the meantime I'll try and get these two to play nice together on my own, heh.
...The technologies, I'm not interested in interfacing with the developers ;)
so I have a mild beef sausage... garlic alfredo or asiago and fontana cheeses with tomato base?
the garlic alfredo is speaking to me, but it's a red meat, not a white meat ...
and I thought I would use an egg noodle base ...
yay, the world is right again.
@drachenstern I'm thinking...food.
I'm more of a white sauce person, but also not a fan of alfredo, so the second one. :P
@RebeccaChernoff Oh thank god
2:23 AM
@TimStone Yeah yeah yeah, but it's gotta be good food
Yay, the baby is no longer in my possession.
Hmm, the way people were squee-ing about the new apple.com design I figured it would look noticeably different.
So this is like a safety thing then yeah @mootinator?
@mootinator I think parts of it really do
@drachenstern I don't have the tools necessary to stop a 1/2 hour long meltdown.
@mootinator tell me about it
It shows my lack of 1337ness I guess :P
2:34 AM
log.debug("No SecurityManager available via SecurityUtils.  Heuristics exhausted.", e);
The code before that checks for null, then calls a method and catches an exception if things go wrong, and in that catch logs that statement.
Maybe it's just me, but I feel like "heuristics" should be a little more involved to consider them exhausted. :P
That's a good line. I'll try to remember it if I ever work in retail again.
customer.OnHold = true;
Depends on what Heuristics you have available
if (shelf != null && shelf.Find(product) == null)
"Heuristics exhausted."
> "Try checking in the back."
I SAID heuristics exhausted.
2:40 AM
that's not heuristics ;)
that's heroism

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