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11:01 PM
If it were a programming joke it should be, "then you goto a fully graduated site"
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException pedantics ... bah
yes sorry. I'm tired and burnt out, jokes may be lame ;-)
jQuery question.
hi tavern folk
I fixed the major bugs, I rolled back the non-working feature. I may just break for the day
Hey there @Dan, how goes?
11:03 PM
why would .val() return Undefined on a textbox with a matching ID?
someone typed "Undefined" into it
@Moshe Sorry... I use $F()
(because I need more jQuery)
$F() is the prototype.js equiv
11:06 PM
Test your assumptions, Moshe: verify that it's finding the element with that ID first off
$("#mytextbox").length > 0
I was going to suggest that, I swear
Also, use firebug :-)
(Or KHTML console)
then verify it's actually a textbox:
this chat is sure error-ful according to chrome's javascript console
ok ride leaves now
11:07 PM
@Moshe have a good one
@DanGrossman /blame @balpha
hum - firefox crashed on me
back, in Chrome
$("#mytextbox")[0].tagName === "input"
then verify that you can pull the value directly from the element
then file a bug report
coming along...
11:12 PM
It's the end-times: crabs lying down with birds and sleeping with the fishes
it is near
alien jesus will soon return from space to take the chosen ones with him
the rest shall die in the apocalypse
@DanGrossman I wonder if the ancients got lazy or knew something we didn't
see also the missing book of Nostradamus (or lost text or something)
@drachenstern can't it be both?
^ the lord's space ark
Hey! That's my electric razor!
11:15 PM
@Shog9 seems to be a contradiction in terms. I believe I'm all for that one. Sure
hi there
do you have a chance to play with the changes to the /review path on SO
@drachenstern I mean, I calculated the exact date of the apocalypse like three years ago, but d'ya think I've gotten around to publishing that article on it yet? Ha!
Is ATTs LTE the same as Verizons LTE?
I tried to find a good javascript class for date/time formatting today, didn't find anything, stackoverflow suggestions were buggy or nonexistant, had to write my own
@waffles link and I shalt click
11:17 PM
@DanGrossman aw man!!!
I have a great one!
Why didn't you ask in here? :-(
@DanGrossman there really isn't a good one is there? ;)
I didn't, what's yours?
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException go make a post and answer it young one
@drachenstern do you mean, "based on the same technologies" or "hardware compatible"?
@DanGrossman Sec, lemme finish this update and I'll look it up
@waffles I will in about three hours, does that help at all?
try the flag for removal button ... it is AWESOME
@Shog9 hardware compat
@waffles Cool, one post in there is mine.
11:18 PM
its just the list of shortest posts
it needs a better filter for max hilarity
@Shog9 from reading WP it seems that it's hardware compat between the two revs
@waffles What's the difference between the posts that have "flag for removal" and posts that don't?
@radp has to be score 0 or lower
@drachenstern Wait, who you calling "young one"?, LOL
don't want to make it easy to flag good stuff for removal
11:19 PM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException I'm pretty sure you're under 30
@drachenstern yeah, I think it's possible... But whether either company will bother allowing cross-platform hardware is... debatable.
@drachenstern By less than 365 days
@Shog9 well of course but that's what I meant :p
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException then I'm roughly two years older than you, thus making you "young one" from here :p
11:20 PM
Feature request: acknowledge the "new" bit next to the blog.
I'll flip 2^5 in July
@drachenstern LOL, I thought young was a relative measure rather than an absolute one ;-)
"LOL Piligrim ... yes, I'm a girl =) ... and nop... I'm venezuelan... !!!"
amazing answer there !!!
11:21 PM
lol, perhaps it is so still
> lol george stop skipping my lectures
I would love to believe there's a story behind that one
All I know is I'm gonna try and sneak out.
I need this for me for later and I'm too lazy to do it another way, so you guys benefit from my laziness (probably not) blog.hirelite.com/technical-job-post-tips-for-the-desperate :p
sneaking out now ;) [there's exactly two of us here]
ok @Dan, looking up date lib now
11:27 PM
@radp poof gone
@waffles man I didn't even have the time to flag for mod attention.
@DanGrossman It was by Baron Schwartz, looking for the download url / homepage...
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Thanks I'll check it out
A: Should you administer IQ tests to programmers during the interview process?

rich bichlol u guys are fools i use one in my interview process and i have the most amazing talented team ever they have made me wildly wealthy

11:30 PM
lovely username too
Bah, I made it to page 2 without finishing my mod flags.
I suck at this.
A: Glassfish, railo and coldbox - messed up links?

Jamie Lyn KirchnerI have 2 openings for a ColdFusion/Coldbox Developer. Check out www.mojointeractive.com to apply. This is an amazing opportunity, spread the word. Thanks, Jamie Lyn Kirchner

Thanks for spreading the word
> You can only flag for moderator attention 12 times per day
now I wonder if I should do the same on Gaming.
@waffles that review link is amazing!!! Thanks!!!
the SU chat is soo inactive
11:45 PM
It misses Sathya
Where is @Sathya?
I think he's with family right now
Not sure, haven't talked to him in a few days. I should check and see how he is!
so, I have a problem.
My friend has an HP laptop and he did some stuff to it and it bwoke
seriously though.
I hear Ubuntu is good...
you should totally tell him to try that
@Shog9 - windows is acting crazy and I doubt Ubuntu would work well with his machine
11:49 PM
@Shog9 and become his support slave for life?
No, that's the beauty of Ubuntu! It has its own SE site...
He updated an intel chipset driver and then the machine has been "blue screen" ing and whatnot
system restore
hit F8 while booting
@Moshe Ubuntu works great on machines Windows rejects
and select "last known good"
11:50 PM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException - Windows didn't, Intel did.
it'll probably restore the vìrus you cleared up for him a few weeks ago and break a couple apps too.
@Shog9 I believe it was tried already.
but yeah, giving him ubuntu and pointing him at Ubuntu.SE sounds like a great way to kill two birds with one stone: he gets a working OS, and you get rid of support duty
I used to "be a PC".
@Moshe Intel driver for Windows, no?
11:51 PM
now you're a mac PC, I guess?
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException - yes
@Moshe does it boot in safe mode?
@Shog9 - yes
It does
then boot in safe mode and delete the intel driver
I just backed up, cleared the windows event logs
@Shog9 - delete?!
It was an update.
11:52 PM
roll it back
I think they rollled it back too.
or uninstall
failing that, uninstall and then manually delete the actual files that comprise the driver
@Shog9 - those files would make a difference?
if uninstalling didn't work, yes
the event log is really weird.
Lots of strange drivers being referenced in the event logs.
Why would an Intel driver be non-essential to the system?
11:54 PM
I really think Ubuntu is the answer to this problem :-)
@Moshe An Intel what driver?
An Intel sound card driver is nonessential
Because without it Windows reverts to the built-in drivers and works again (though perhaps sub-optimally)
Well, unless you want sound...
Intel friend doesn't know chipset driver, I guess graphics
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException If you really want sound, you don't want Intel sound hardware
ditto for graphics
Gray or white background?
11:55 PM
@Shog9 Yes, I know this :-)
@DanGrossman #eee
doesn't look as good, but saves on ink
See, we can get to login in not safe mode
now it loaded...
11:56 PM
@Moshe sounds like a startup program error then maybe?
(I debug windows machines far less than linux or mac)
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException - Yes, it does
y'know, Windows will produce a crash dump on bluescreen if you let it
you can actually look at whatever is failing
@Shog9 - Where can I find the said log?
I knew about that btw, just never bothered reading it.
depends on the OS version
And there seems to be a slew of issues
7 (the version where the name looks like the corner of the flag)
11:59 PM
try c:\windows\minidump
iastor.sys is one of the bluescreen stuff
@Shog9 - What is in the dump? Am I using notepad to read it?

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