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@Dan, sorry, I am still trying to fix bugs with this software rollout I did this morning, I haven't been able to get you usage info on that JS library yet :-/
Don't worry about it, I can read the source :)
My boss approved my plan to fix the remaining bugs tomorrow, but then kept IMing me new things to do, LOL
@Moshe disc controller. That would explain the BSOD on startup...
@DanGrossman cool. I think it's something like date.format('Y-m-d') and it does really neat closure stuff
12:01 AM
@Shog9 - Well, it happens after or during login.
@Shog9 - The event viewer does show a bunch of atapi errors and some disk errors.
disk errors are bad
That, I have sadly learned the hard way
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException - I know, but hopefully it's the driver.
disk errors coupled with flaky drivers are even worse
12:03 AM
You'd better copy stuff off that drive right now while the computer's running
@Moshe Hopefully you have backups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm gonna suggest Ubuntu again. Or really, any good LiveCD
Wait, that needs more !s
Last time I lost a disk after weird errors like that, I could never get it to read again, even after freezing and boiling and all the other tricks... lost the data forever
boot from CD, backup, test the hardware, and then deal with the software
12:04 AM
There, better.
@Shog9 I second this suggestion. Again.
when I'm working with something like this, I'll save a complete disk image first, so that if something goes wrong I can at least get back to where I started
Oh, and @Moshe, did I mention to make backups????. Now :-)
ping.windowsdream.com <-- my preferred disk image making thing
(but there are lots of different options - if nothing else, dd is on pretty much any Linux distro)
dd <-- my preferred disk image making thing ;-)
12:05 AM
@Shog9 Damn, you beat me to it
Oh, did I mention:
"Macs are just toys."
As you said it's just one option, rsync is another excellent choice
@Moshe Is this because they make doing real work fun?
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException - dunno, ask him.
12:07 AM
Use your Mac to fix his PC. Then ask him what other toys he has which can do that.
Well, that's what I'm doing now, aren't I? ;-)
> Then ask him what other toys he has which can do that.
I'm done with this.
He's going to BestBuy and the Geek Squad.
12:15 AM
Good call
@radp -nite
Good night @radp!
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException - Well, I explained the situation.
@Moshe Better yet, have him go to the Apple Store ;-)
I also began saying "This wouldn't" --- "Don't tell me that this wouldn't happen on Apple, there;s no way one has the power to be perfect over the other".
12:16 AM
He can send me his laptop. I'll put Ubuntu on it, I could use an upgrade XD
@Moshe Not worth explaining to him :-)
I did.
Microsoft writes Windows and gives it to the manufacturers.
The same things people criticize Apple for are the same things which prevent these issues, I.E. standardized hardware
They have to make it work with their hardware
vs Apple's unique hardware.
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException yep
Oh but Macs are so expensive! I'm just going to get a cheap Windows machine!
Now can you please fix these poorly written Intel drivers?
So go for it and "Thank you for calling Rajesh, my name is Microsoft Support, what may do you for today sir?"
12:18 AM
Of course I say, "Sure I can, here: ubuntu.com/";
He won't listen.
@Moshe Hey. Rajesh is my friend, don't dis him!
He gives teh best supports evar!
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException - I once spoke to a certain "Daniel" at Adobe and he confirmed "No sir, we are not allowed to use psuedonames".
I'm not racist, despite the facts that my comments might seem as such.
I think like many IT people here, I have spoken to some support technicians who are clearly not using their real names. Hello sir, my name is John, how can I help you? in the thickest foreign accent ever. John my left mouse button! Oy.
I used to find it frustrating that American companies put customers on the phone with support agents who are poorly trained and talking over hundreds of miles of "static"y phone lines.
Now I use a Mac.
Problem solved.
12:22 AM
I Like AppleCare
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException - I've been mistaken for "Marsha" over the phone, heh.
I'd like to call up:
Them: "Hello sir, my name is Robert, how may I help you today sir"
Me: "MA'AM!"
Anyhoo, if he goes to Best Buy, I'd love to go, I need a whiteboard.
12:28 AM
From Best Buy?
I'd go to Staples or /Office .*/
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException - Not sure, was that a regex?
Yes. Office Mac / Office Depot
Also, the chap just noticed a folder called "Keylogger" on his desktop in safemode.
Another lame attempt at humor from Joshua
@Moshe LOL. This may be a bad sign :-)
Then again, "Keylogger" might be a good name for a folder used to hide your p0rn
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException - Let them people deal with it.
12:33 AM
Again, a good call.
OK. almost done with the bugs, finally
Well, minus the code I completely removed, heh
Heh, good luck!
trying to write in a file with a minified copy of jquery at top is KILLING my editor
it's crawling like a 286
Oh. Ouch
Which editor?
12:36 AM
aptana studio
That explains it :-)
what do you use?
NetBeans, but, it might have the same issue with this
Some editors do not like really long lines
Coda for OS X is one
Great editor. Chokes on lines > 4096 characters
I'd use BBEdit for this task @Dan, but, that's a Mac program
I just re-saved the file with a .txt extension to disable all the syntax magic
I won't get any highlighting but at least a return won't take 5 seconds to process
OK, this code is passable for the night. Back at it tomorrow. For now I think I need a drink :-p
Catch you later @Moshe and @Dan!
12:42 AM
cya @TheNeedsMoarJqueryException, enjoy
Ya might think more people would ask me why I say $0.05 but I guess everyone makes the same two assumptions eh?
What's $0.05?
As opposed to $0.02
Why do $(window).click, .mousemove, .keydown all fire in firefox and chrome but not IE8 :(
Because it's not implemented? What does quirksmode say about it?
12:54 AM
incomprehensible things
jQuery is supposed to do everything!
@MichaelMrozek I think your response re: questions and emails on the avatar question is wrong meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/74020/…
@DanGrossman it can only do so much :p
I get roughly 10% of my traffic from chat.meta.stackoverflow.com
$('body').click, .mousemove and .keydown seem to work in IE
12:56 AM
@TylerChacha interesting metrics
I guess that's good enough
@DanGrossman but those are not $(window) ....
I just want to detect all interaction, regardless of where it is
why not $("*").click()
12:58 AM
that sounds dangerous
I would go for body
because the head won't display (duh) and the window is roughly equivalent to the body for click events, no?
what's the difference between $(document) and $('body') anyway
Why not $(document)
as far as events , at least
document includes the head
12:59 AM
doesn't matter does it?
document and body are visibly synonymous
and window is the visible part of body
but the three do indicate different things
like you can insert a DOM node on the head, which is part of the document
but it won't show, and being in the HEAD won't show on the BODY or WINDOW
parts of the document/body can be outside the window
I'm sure I'm becoming repetitious ;)
Can I use javascript's Date object without instantiating it?
Date.getTime() to get the current timestamp, rather than new Date().getTime()
>>> Date.getTime()
TypeError: Date.getTime is not a function
guess not ;o thanks
If I create a new date object on every pixel of mouse movement and every key press, that could be bad for memory
but how else can I keep a 'last action time' updated
@DanGrossman you can always use new Date().getTime();
1:05 AM
that's what I'm doing, but it's still gonna create hundreds or thousands of objects until the next GC
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

	var last_scroll = 0;
	var last_click = 0;
	var last_key = 0;
	var last_move = 0;

	$(window).scroll(function() {
		last_scroll = new Date().getTime();

	$(document).click(function() {
		last_click = new Date().getTime();

	$(document).keydown(function() {
		last_key = new Date().getTime();

	$(document).mousemove(function() {
		last_move = new Date().getTime();

I should imagine that gets mildly optimized by the jitter
Meh, it should be okay
Can you tell the GC to run?
I wouldn't worry about that until you can show that it's a heavy resource hog
Normally I'd recommend throttling, but that would require you creating a new Date object anyway
1:09 AM
He's always going to have to go back to the engine and create a new Date object to get the latest time, so I don't see where he can really get rid of it ... idk, I'm gonna stick by my "profile the operation" ;)
0.7kb debouncing/throttling plugin, not bad
@DanGrossman gray
heh, thanks
@DanGrossman You should just use the .timeStamp property of the event that's passed to your handler functions :P
1:22 AM
@TimStone you assume that that will get passed :p
@DanGrossman Sorry but I would definitely say white. It's a lot cleaner that way
@YiJiang Now I'm torn again!
@drachenstern It's sometimes not?
@drachenstern This is jQuery, it's guaranteed. :P
@DanGrossman idk, check $(window).click()
@DanGrossman I know, I'm sorry.
1:23 AM
@TimStone oh the jQuery event, what was I thinking? (no seriously, I forgot that)
What are we colouring?
my webpage
follow my link
Ah, I see now.
I'm going to second @YiJiang on this one, I think.
well then, white it is
as it has been for the past 4 years
1:29 AM
@MichaelMrozek grrr, you could've settled that here in like five seconds :p
@drachenstern I'm exactly the opposite, I don't know why people ping me in chat about something we're discussing on a post
Whatever the answer is, I want it there, not here
@MichaelMrozek I concede that point, just feel like it took way longer to get there :p
I misunderstood what you were saying
then I got it ...
I typically only follow up on comments in chat when whatever I'm saying would otherwise just be noise on the post.
I've never actually used that send e-mail form, so for all I know it does change your profile e-mail, but that would be really stupid if it did
@TimStone I happen to feel that my comments were noise
1:32 AM
@drachenstern Well, I'm still not sure which form the OP filled out; if he was talking about that one then you were right, it just couldn't have caused his problem
@MichaelMrozek Yeah, I agree on that point. I'm also not sure which he filled out. Took me about 20 minutes to catch up to you on that
damnit, I coulda been a contenda on that "Too much overlap in SE" (I answered anyways) cos I know shib (and that makes me feel special) :p
Oh yeah, I was going to read that and then I got distracted by the gravatar question
Seriously, it's always an Ubuntu question. Every time
"How many ways can I make change for a dollar?" "Ask on Ubuntu."
Only because nobody really uses Shibboleth on NT
But it is fairly a SF question because it's about domain design/infrastructure
@TimStone 293, now go away kid, you bother me
I like my answer better than yours, but if I could work in "get off my lawn" I would
Now to get the status data back to the server... script injection for cross-site ajax? Sounds good.
1:46 AM
crap, I forget what you call the brackets in a C# value (like an array) is it the accessor?
myArray [ 4 ]
...wait for it...
I think we're still waiting from earlier.
Array access operator or something like that I think
there is is!
is it called the indexer?
1:48 AM
@Moshe An epic fail of the HTML5 specification.
@Moshe it's nothing to do with Windows
Q: The image uploader shows "fakepath" as path when using Chrome

Peter AjtaiI'm using Chrome on Windows. FF works fine. This is on both SO and Meta. It worked just a few days ago. It's been reproduced by a few other people on Chrome in chat. So, I can browse through my files, but no matter which file I select in which directory, the uploader shows it as if it's from the...

@TimStone Agreed
Okay, well, nothing else to wait for, keep moving.
Anyone following CES?
My twitter blew up, does that count?
Wish I was there. I heard there will be a Windows 8 demo.
1:58 AM
what? on a platform that's still 18 months away?
oy, I can see I'm not gonna have time for regular SO and MSO if I'm gonna invest in dba.SE ...
You could be a top dba.SE user though, that'd be pretty cool.
I know, I'm hoping so
I do like my databases
One of my credit cards broke in half. Split itself horizontally at the magnetic swipe. I think its expiration date was too optimistic.
I am trying to help a user on chat.SO and I think he misunderstands how this system works, that we're here to do things, not sit around ... I think we're going on ten minutes since he returned for help
@DanGrossman ouch and lol
I just remembered to request a replacement on the website
2:04 AM
@DanGrossman Wow, hahah
It finally gave out using it in a Blockbuster Express kiosk to get a free DVD rental (one per credit card, since they only identify you by credit card!)
@DanGrossman oh geez, sorry to hear that
On a related note, CreditKarma.com says my credit score dropped 50 points this year.
By paying off an old student loan, I decreased the maximum age of an open credit line by 2 years, which is, apparently, bad.
oh no! Yeah, that'll do it
My wife doesn't understand off-by-one errors
I have a RedBox code to use by tomorrow night. I said "I need to use it by tomorrow". She said "so go get it now" and I'm all, no I'll do it tomorrow.
She's "it'll be gone tomorrow" ... uh no, I can use it tomorrow
Say "by the end of tomorrow"
2:09 AM
@TimStone is this that known issue? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/74025/…
@DanGrossman yeah, I got it through to her
Marc is catching up! Marc 3, Jeff 4
> There are only two hard problems in Computer Science: cache invalidation, naming things and off-by-one errors
@drachenstern Maybe...I'm sure it's because those inputs have ridiculous fonts specified.
But I don't know why the ServerFault one is OK.
2:10 AM
@DanGrossman yep, that's why I said it ;) :p
@YiJiang where?
I was going to look into it later. :P
@TimStone I knew you had looked into it :p
@drachenstern Plane crashes :P
@drachenstern Plane crashes
@TimStone ah
@YiJiang redundant :p
2:12 AM
Great, the AI I set loose just bankrupt itself without building even a single vehicle
lmao, I told you that was recipe for disaster. Look how it builds roads!
:pictures Clu from Tron:
I really want to see Tron Legacy again now..
I should stop being so lazy and see it a first time.
2:15 AM
It's playing at 10... do I? Hmm
@TimStone They use Linux in it; that's the important part
Q: Unix in Tron Legacy

xenoterracideThey use a Unix system in Tron Legacy. I don't know which one. but I remember bin/history, whoami, ps | grep, and login commands.

What's the question?
@MichaelMrozek Should have used the spoiler functionality on his whole <del>question</del> statement.
I remember that too :) He kills a process using actual unix commands, rather than some CSI fake-screen thingy.
@TimStone :D I forgot that even existed
@DanGrossman It's real later too, when he checks the history of another computer to see what the last command was
I was impressed
2:17 AM
Hmmm... the second AI just started a maglev shuttle service between balpha and another nearby down
I should apparently try this game
@MichaelMrozek It would have been better if he had forgotten something and then had to jump on unix.SE to ask a question, but you can only have so much.
Should I be evil and steal customers from him?
@TimStone I've got some deals going with Hollywood, don't worry
Ah, very good then.
@YiJiang Of course.
2:19 AM
I can be totally evil and buy exclusive rights to both towns, then he wouldn't have business to do for an entire year
Hm...I suppose it's time to dive into this report code.
I'll assume that it's Excel's fault, but POI-HSSF code is so convoluted.
'Ello @Fosco, how goes it?
Good, thanks, and you?.. just had a nice work session after getting home from the gym.
Ah, very nice. I'm alright, trying to shake this sickness, and see what I can do about fixing up this report.
2:25 AM
hope you feel better soon..
Thanks, I figure it'll pass soon enough.
Hm, on another note...it's somehow 9:30 and I haven't had dinner. I see a problem here..
tsk tsk, I had dinner almost an hour ago
go eat something!
It's "Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever."
Hahah, true. I'm still debating what I want to have/feel like taking the effort to make.
you need moar soup
2:30 AM
Actually I do. Normally I have a lot of soup, but the prices always go up in the summer and I stop buying it for a while.
makes mental note to go to store sometime
Kroger's and the like have been doing 10/10 deals
Good stuff, I need to get on that.
I make a Sausage & Pepper soup that's effin' awesome, if I may say so myself..
Hahah, sounds pretty good at least. :P
What's the community concensus on 7k SO users with a 74% accept rate on over 100 questions?
Jason, San Francisco, CA
7k 16 43
2:37 AM
@drachenstern That he's better than the 4k user with a 70% accept rate on over 1000 questions?
@YiJiang yeah yeah, but should I say "brosef, like click the checkmark more or revise the questions dood"?
@drachenstern Meh
One would think that anyone with the power to close would be responsible enough to maintain an over 90% accept rate ... ok, over 85% at least!
I thought 70% was generally considered good
Nah, 74% really isn't bad.
2:39 AM
I don't say anything unless it's like < 20%
In this particular user's case, I'm not sure why he didn't accept answers on a few of the questions, but eh.
@TimStone that's what I'm thinking in this case :(
Great, the second and third AI both bankrupt themselves at around the same time
2:44 AM
How does a room get an owner on a private beta site?
Meaning, the first room
it doesn't show any room owner below it on the room detail box
Is that a Meta question?
@drachenstern Generally once the site gets pro-tem mods they'll take ownership
Ah, gotcha
@DanGrossman you know MySQL pretty well right?
yeah whats up
> According to the restrictions on stored routines and triggers, dynamic sql cannot be used (restriction lifted for stored procedures in version 5.0.13 and later). Why is this limitation in place? And why lift it for procedures, but not functions or triggers?
I was hoping to steal a cup of knowledge for the rep ;)
Ah, I have no idea, probably implementation details only Sun/Oracle know well
I've had dynamic SQL in a stored procedure for some years, 5.0.13 is like 6 years old
2:55 AM
yeah, I have it pulled up atm, but I'm trying to do a spot of cooking and have two mutts begging for attention
@DanGrossman yeah, but not in triggers yeah?
No idea, I don't write any complex triggers
putting huge amounts of code into a database == not my style, I hated it at microsoft
There you go
Android 3.0 demo video -- engadget.com/2011/01/05/…
> AT&T Inc. flipped a switch and turned on its 4G wireless network Wednesday. The switch, however, was in the company's marketing department. By relabeling its existing 3G network, the country's second-largest wireless carrier joined the noisy fray over so-called fourth-generation wireless technology, which promises mobile Internet speeds so fast that huge files can be downloaded in minutes and streaming video can be watched without the interruptions of earlier-generation technologies.
> T-Mobile USA, a unit of Deutsche Telekom AG, which uses the same HSPA-plus technology as AT&T, late last year rebranded its technology and began claiming the country's largest 4G network in ads that mocked AT&T's network as overloaded.
So that's what happened, huh.
I'll stick with my wimax, thanks.
3:02 AM
That was the reason for my questions earlier about ATT LTE VS Verizon LTE
sprint and verizon have the only real 4G networks in the US, AFAIK
verizon LTE, and sprint's 4G is wimax
clear 4G = sprint 4G = comcast 4G, they share technology and towers
Yes, but as far as I know LTE is LTE is LTE is LTE
just like a duck is a duck is a duck is a duck
we're not comparing walk, talk, quack, water, feathers or the like
the article suggests there is no AT&T LTE until 2012-2013...
Hello @Hello71
Hello @drachenstern
3:06 AM
Hey @TimStone I caught up with you on MSO. Time for you to get more busy :p
I've held stock in Clearwire for a few years, since before any major wimax/4G rollouts... it's worth less now than then... hope it takes off or at least their spectrum holdings grow in value
damnit down to 8 VtC so far ... :(
3:23 AM
Also, I've decided that having three third-places is going to frustrate me :(
will somebody please @ me in about ten seconds?
@drachenstern ?
danke schoen. Hoping I would get two or three but that didn't happen. Room is rather quiet tonight. More quiet than normal.
3:41 AM
@drachenstern <cricket> <tumbleweed rolls through>
@Hello71 Why are you suggesting that users won't be able to benefit from a Greasemonkey script if they have JavaScript tuned off? Isn't that erm... very obvious?
@drachenstern Your idea sucks...
ok thanks guys
what idea?
3:43 AM
Q: Can private beta meta rep earned contribute towards parent profiles?

drachensternI don't mean the rep has to always add to the parent site, but during the private beta as a bit of a reward for helping out getting things going, up to the daily rep-cap. Yes, I'm being whiny since I'm helping in a private beta. It doesn't have to be retroactive, but it could be going forward to...

I don't think they'll accept it just because it adds more complexity..
it makes sense tho
the biggest problem is that they want to minimize change and confusion. Adding this drastic of a change in is going to make people confused..
Yes, I understand that, but they have a lot more betas they want to launch, so I thought, ask now
see what happens in the future
@YiJiang: Ah... I really should think my comments through before posting them...
@Hello71 False. Just say random nonsense like the rest of us
@MichaelMrozek Unicorns. Because unicorns are acceptable everywhere. Like here.
@MichaelMrozek But is random nonsense complete nonsense?
3:54 AM
@Hello71 Ideally
Who suggested Wordfeud to me? I can't remember, but I hate you now. I've been waiting for this guy to play for like 30 minutes
@MichaelMrozek Like that chatbot whose voice I gave to
@MichaelMrozek @Fosco?
Sounds right
I've got my next play picked out, and the alternate play for if it gets blocked
Maybe I'll go take a nap while I wait
Last round he broke out "is", which apparently tired him out
@MichaelMrozek was it Fosco? Pekka?
@Hello71 4
@drachenstern I think it was Fosco
@MichaelMrozek Hehe I read "ls" at first...
3:59 AM
I had "oy" at one point and badly wanted to play it

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