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4:00 PM
@YiJiang The ones coming in are recent posts, so that's a good possibility.
Ah, I see. Well, that's unfortunately unsurprising. What kinds of jobs are we talking about here? Also, as far as what @YiJiang is saying, I know that our clients basically shut down towards the end of the year, though I don't know how common that is in other industries.
They're mostly PHP and/or perl.
And a bunch are the same contract through different recruiters. =/
@GeorgeMarian They are not particularly elegant scripts but you can find them on my blog shameless plug One for the main Badges page bdgr.co/eyDl0A and one for Badges on the User page bdgr.co/hYai3H
@GeorgeMarian Ah, the middlemen, heh.
@Barry Cool. I'm gonna have to check 'em out, when I have the head for it. :)
4:04 PM
@Barry Chain your methods, dammit! :P
@YiJiang just work 'em into your userscripts, dammit! :p
@drachenstern Meh, although if I have some time later I'll probably rewrite them
@YiJiang I'll be off now.... :-D
@TimStone It drives me nuts. Especially seeing the difference in the quality of the posts. I don't think I could ever do that kind of work. Recruiting, sure. Pushing paper around. Not my style.
@YiJiang i I quit messing around with dba.SE I'll start working on USs and join use guys
4:06 PM
@Barry Heheh :P
> Experience of MySQL or any other database which works with CMS.
@YiJiang You are more than welcome to rewrite them. Then I can see how it should be done :-p
@GeorgeMarian I find that recruiting gets pretty old quick too, heh. But yeah, I know what you mean...I've seen so much stuff that's just "WTF?", and you have to wonder why people aren't more concerned.
@Barry if he feels about it the way I feel about mine, it's not likely to show you that :p
@Barry I don't claim to be an expert, but there are some really basic mistakes in there, which aren't that hard to fix
4:10 PM
I once had a "technical" recruiter ask if the shell was my preferred flavor of Linux. =/
@GeorgeMarian Should've told him you liked KDE Linux better.
@GeorgeMarian Apparently there are databases that refuse to work with any CMS on principal.
@PopularDemand lol
@TimStone So, I guess I shouldn't talk about my experience with Access then, eh?
@GeorgeMarian Why not? They'll probably applaud your willingness to help the handicapped.
Ah, it's good to have you back @PopularDemand :P
Minor irritating thing of the day: http://www.irs.gov/ works fine, but http://irs.gov hangs forever.
Indeed it does...Hm
Well, it's not an infinite redirect.
4:17 PM
@drachenstern Oh good, glad to see they're being productive.
@TimStone lol, I know right? grrrr
Ah, it's a DNS issue.
It was that way last year, too.
`Non-authoritative answer:
www.irs.gov canonical name = www.edgeredirector.irs.akadns.net.
www.edgeredirector.irs.akadns.net canonical name = a321.g.akamai.net.
Name: a321.g.akamai.net
Name: a321.g.akamai.net
Non-authoritative answer:
Name: irs.gov
@drachenstern What is this? Are they taking turns reading the rules?
4:19 PM
BTW, what's the markdown for a block of code?
@GeorgeMarian Er, four-space indent?
Indent four spaces on each line
@GeorgeMarian Four spaces, though it'll be a lot easier if you use the fixed font button that appears when you have a multiline message
@PopularDemand yes
You can't just have one line of markdown for "everything that follows is a code block" that I know of.
4:20 PM
@YiJiang I wouldn't argue with that.... I just need to learn a bit more :)
@drachenstern Well, at least they can read?
@drachenstern ...why?
@YiJiang Ah, yes. That would be much easier.
Also, I'm a little worried that I can see fire burning through that door on the left, even though it's almost certainly supposed to be there.
@PopularDemand presumably to prove they can read? ( :434512 )
4:23 PM
Oh, ha, it says "Constitution read aloud on House floor" right there on the side. Uh, that is, I mean, I knew that all along.
Seriously, WTF? Don't they have anything better to do? I guess you can say it's a reminder of why they're there, but still. WTF?!?
@GeorgeMarian Apparently it's a nod to the Tea Party.
Practice in yielding the floor?
@GeorgeMarian I think that's the funniest part.
@TimStone It makes it seem even more ridiculous. Like a total dog-and-pony show.
4:25 PM
"Everyone was too lazy to read the whole thing, so we're just going to randomly interject and switch speakers"
Probably the same reason most of us -- I mean, uh, you -- are in here: beats doin' real work.
Are they each reading one sentence?
The only reason the Constitution was read in the House today was so the Replicans could remember which parts of it they want to ignore.
@GeorgeMarian one selection. There's 500+ of 'em to read it ya know :p
@drachenstern Fair enough.
4:27 PM
@GeorgeMarian presumably so they don't entirely forget the reason they were elected?
@drachenstern How long will that last?
@TylerChacha Hey, hey.
I personally would like to see a portion of it read each morning in its entirety before they begin work. I know that some religious groups do that with their sacred texts (such as Southern Baptists reading a scripture before a sermon, then having a sermon and other services after the reading)
@GeorgeMarian about two minutes ago from now, for all instances of now.
@drachenstern The symbolism isn't lost on me, but it's such good fodder for jokes.
@GeorgeMarian oh I know
@drachenstern lol
4:30 PM
In theory I like to hope they've all read it already
I'd like to see word counts for this session. On top of list, of course, will be: I now yield to the gentleman/gentlewoman from :D
@MichaelMrozek What do you like to hope in practice?
The stat I heard the other day is that this last session of congress spent more than the last 100 sessions combined.
@PopularDemand In practice I have no hope
@MichaelMrozek Yeah, back in grade school...
4:32 PM
@MichaelMrozek In practice they're all like "Whoooo! I get to make any law I want! Constitution? What's a constitution?"
@LanceRoberts The last session was #111. Seems odd to me that they would've spent more than the last 100 but not all previous Congresses combined, considering things like inflation.
@LanceRoberts on what?
LOL...apparently the jokes have taken over the gallery.
@GeorgeMarian apparently so
4:34 PM
> It was as if he'd studied up on the art of serial murder. ... And yet, for all his efforts, he got only one short blurb in the New York Times when he was sentenced last month.
Such a weird way to end the opening paragraph.
@PopularDemand Yep, they probably spent more than them all, but I don't have that stat.
Q: Why were restrictions introduced for Community Wiki?

Ladislav MrnkaCan I ask why the current rules/restrictions for community wiki were introduced? Based on my previous question it looks like there used to be different rules. Community wikis were also used for capturing knowledge. Examples: What's the strangest corner case you've seen in C# or .NET? What's t...

I challenge somebody to find one of the approximately 400 "put CW back the way it was" posts that does not mention "CW posts have so many upvotes, which means they're awesome"
@drachenstern mostly on the usual stuff that government wastes our money on.
@TimStone Is that about the guy who killed with a crossbow and taunted the CCTV cameras in his building?
@LanceRoberts So who did you vote for in the last election? And who did you convince your family to vote for? ;)
@GeorgeMarian it is
4:36 PM
@GeorgeMarian Yeah. The article is basically talking about how serial killing isn't for the cool kids anymore. :P
@drachenstern Ok. I was wondering WTF Dahmer's picture was doing in the article. I thought he had been killed in prison.
@TimStone Lovely.
@drachenstern I always vote for the most conservative candidates I can.
I thought this was cute
@drachenstern lmao
@drachenstern LOL
4:38 PM
On a related note:
6 hours ago, by Tim Stone
user image
I guess you do miss some good stuff occasionally by having JavaScript turned off or running AdBlock.
@TimStone wow she went from Oprah to JLo huh?
@drachenstern Apparently she just melted.
@drachenstern Those circles aren't freehand. No star for you!
@mootinator lol
I didn't really think it deserved that much effort
it was only barely funny
4:42 PM
I don't know what ad person decided "weird" was a good way to promote that spam, but I see it all the time now
"Hey guys, you know what's better than tips? Weird old tips"
"Obscure things always work, didn't you know? Even better when they're aged."
@TimStone Like colloidal silver!
@mootinator lol
He'd make a great dwarf.
4:47 PM
@LanceRoberts [citation needed]
@Shog9 yeah I think that was established ;)
uh oh, I think they're almost done!
I was really kinda hoping there was one though :-/
@drachenstern Oh, noes. How are they gonna twiddle their thumbs now? ;)
@drachenstern After this I think they're going to read out the list of what they want from McDonalds for lunch.
4:53 PM
@TimStone nonsense, they get it catered in after all this hard work ;)
"Freedom fries, damn it. They're called Freedom fries."
can you imagine being the stenographer to the HoR?
She has had to record EVERY step of this, AND "I now yield the floor to" <-- I bet that's on a macro
@Shog9 I'm tracking it down now...
@drachenstern "Can you read that back to us?" "You son of a..."
4:55 PM
@TimStone I wonder if there's two stenographers if the second one has to record the first one's reading it
@LanceRoberts I did google it, but it's a bit of an echo chamber... Lots of hand-wavy references to the national debt and little else.
I guess we know what they're doing next ... amendmnets
After that?
@Shog9 OK, this story (which is very informative, especially the Gallup link) links to the original story on CNSnews: blog.heritage.org/2010/12/31/…
@Shog9, and that links to the US Treasury numbers used.
So it looks like the actual 100 sessions is the first 100 sessions.
Yeah, reading it now... Looks like there's no accounting for inflation
5:00 PM
Goodness. I just noticed that this FLV player is pegging a CPU.
@GeorgeMarian You know you aren't surprised by that :P
@TimStone Nope. Not particularly. I'm only surprised that I didn't notice right away.
<3 4x cores
This was fun.
A: Markdown formatting bug with code blocks in lists

balphaThe culprit was this tiny line in the Markdown specification: If list items are separated by blank lines, Markdown will wrap the items in <p> tags in the HTML output. Besides the fact that this is actually ambigous (Which item is wrapped in <p> tags? The one before the blank lin...

Man, If i get a callback I sure hope it isn't today. Though, I have done some amazing things on no sleep.
5:08 PM
BOOOOOOOOOOOO! Chrome sync only syncs full extensions, not userscripts.
@balpha Very nice! :D
You're on a roll today. :P
@RebeccaChernoff This implies that you're no longer desktop bound :o
@RebeccaChernoff rolleyes whaddya expect? Userscripts aren't first class citizens
@GeorgeMarian Hey, that's my gig, you should be resting up!
@balpha How huge is the flowchart?
oooh ooooh I should be in the HoR ... I know what they can do NEXT. They can read all the amendments and laws that refocus or refine the Constitution!!!
5:10 PM
@YiJiang ):
@TimStone I was heading to bed just after 2 AM, but I was hungry. Watching a few clips on Hulu turned into catching up on my Top Gear episodes. That turned into a hankering for some Starbucks...
Ah. While that sounds like fun actually, whoops
@balpha For that mess of possibilities with Markdown lists.
it just took a whole lot of staring at code, but it's not really that much logic
5:12 PM
I'd like to stay up all day and just go to sleep early tonight, so I can get back on a normal schedule.
so -- no flowchart :)
Alas, I'm now hoping I can make it until I need to take my antibiotics. lol
@balpha Then I blame the lack of sleep. My eyes glazed over trying to read that.
Like a lib arts major with a math book. ;)
@GeorgeMarian Yes, yes, we've all been to xkcd.com.
@LanceRoberts Here's an interesting table...
Economic commentators have noted a pattern between changes in US national debt and US presidential terms over the last few decades. These commentators observe that changes in US national debt have been correlated with the party-affiliation of the US president. Gross federal debt This table lists the gross U.S. federal debt as a percentage of GDP by Presidential term since World War II. The current gross federal debt as a percentage of GDP (83.4% at the end of 2009) is currently the highest it has been since the late 1940s. The deficit briefly reached over 100% of GDP in the aftermath of W...
Oh, heh. Was that an xkcd reference? See the amazing things I can do w/ no sleep?
5:15 PM
Not linked to congresses, unfortunately
however, does provide inflation adjustment
@GeorgeMarian "Warning: this comic occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)."
@PopularDemand Oh, yeah.
@Shog9 That is very interesting.
One thing that jumped out at me immediately was the disconnect between spending and debt
Gotta love the random memory of a dyslexic. I'm great at parties. ;)
5:18 PM
There are a fair number of years where the (inflation-adjusted) spending increase was low or negative, but debt increased mightily
So the part that I love is how the president is the one assigned blame/success on debt changes, when he's obviously the one that's responsible for devising the budgets in the first place
it's all just handwaving anyways :p
@drachenstern hold on, I need to link to penny arcade now
I think they really are reading all the changes to the freaking constitution and the amendments ... holy crap
@RebeccaChernoff Fix that with an extension!
Although extension settings actually aren't synced.
It seems like a Chrome/Firefox extension that just loads from a common JS file can't be hard
5:30 PM
> Assange was eventually calmed by the promise of a short delay to allow him to brief French and Spanish newspapers that the release was imminent, plus "a great deal of coffee followed by a great deal of wine".
@MichaelMrozek I was thinking about an extension that loaded userscripts, not the other way round.
Well I guess they're done?
@radp I think that's what he said :P
@TimStone okay, it's my parser that's broken then.
/blame @badp
hoorah hoorah! The others on dba.SE are finally helping to close questions!! I think we're up to 8 or so, but still, that means that people are paying attention and trying to make an impact! Huzzah!
grrr six more hours to more votes :(
5:39 PM
@drachenstern and in 5 days you'll be back to square one
@radp wait what?
oh from having a huge influx of new people?
@Shog9 sigh ;)
@mootinator lol
This is my laptop. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
ok that's all the CSPAN I can stand :(
5:41 PM
@drachenstern wait, can you please doublecheck this table?
Q: Reputation requirements compared

radpYes, there are questions here! Some you can even answer! Scroll down. NEW: see reputation tables for SO, SF, SU, Public beta, MSO, MSF, MSU, Public beta meta. Main sites Private Public Golden Critical ...

the private beta column.
for vote to close you mean?
All, tbh
they should be all at 1 rep except for a precious few.
So global edit in a private beta is still 2k?!
Anyone else playing "Game Dev Story"?.. I just shipped a Chess game named Chessticle.
5:44 PM
Ring. Ring. "Hello?" "Congratulations from Royal Caribbean..." click
@radp Indeed:
Q: Lower reputation limit for editing on SE betas

Michael MrozekI think the reputation required to edit questions on SE betas should be massively lowered. Right now it almost seems like it's been overlooked; retagging and close voting were both dropped to 1, while editing remains at 2000 for private beta, 1000 for public beta It's going to take users a minim...

@GeorgeMarian They hung up on you? How rude...
@TylerChacha lol I won't repeat what I said as I hung-up.
@radp gimme an email address
@radp, Flag = 15, Vote counts = 100, Reduced ads = 200, Edit = 500, Delete + Mod tools = 1000.
5:46 PM
@RebeccaChernoff that's for private betas? I'll update the post then.
edit tag wiki is 1500
hang tight for a source dump
It is what the FAQ says.
that was two z?
wait, your profile is linked right?
yay for notifications that don't fade away!
I'll use the google profile :p
5:49 PM
Post updated.
I don't see edit tag wiki
did you get my email?
also, there's a chat, I'm in it right now
it's on chat.SE
@drachenstern thanks
I figure a straight rip tells you for sure what's being used, in case the docs are wrong
@radp did I by chance just highlight you on the supercollider?
@drachenstern no.
@radp didn't think so

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