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4:01 AM
It turns out SO interprets a series of punctuation marks as rambling; this post got an abysmal score in the review page:
A: Regex for name problem

What is the Question/([a-zA-Z_]+)\.([a-zA-Z_]*)/ ?

@TimStone Bravo
(last game with Jin)
You two are way better than me and this guy
I'm pumped about "below", "alone" and "adopt"
five whole letters
It's not the size of the word, it's how you play it...or something.
Somehow Fireworks is intercepting my key events in Chrome..
4:08 AM
@TimStone That... shouldn't happen
Right? It was really weird.
I noticed because something kept flashing in Fireworks; was the properties inspector switching because I had pressed the space bar
@TimStone I do remember it happening at least once before though. Very weird
Then Ctrl + S in Chrome saved the file in Fireworks at the same time..
RSS is Dead - Can we put Google on death row too? chacha102.com/shares/rss-is-dead
4:32 AM
@YiJiang u still here?
doesn't one of your US's allow the displaying of close votes next to the question in some form? Does that only work on 10k tools?
@MichaelMrozek Yay Wordfeud... wait, oh god, of course.. you're complaining about it. perfect.
@drachenstern You get to see close votes automatically when you have the required rep
The one I worked on is for flags
well I have 3k on SO, and on dba it's private beta so I see them
but where do I see them? on the question list? on the question proper?
@drachenstern In the close button
you mean you didn't do a US for them
I thought you did :(
I can see I'm just gonna have to install all the USs for in the future huh?
4:38 AM
No, of course not. Why would I want to emulate a feature which SE already has?
The one I did displays the number of flags in the flag button like the close votes
@YiJiang to put it in another place?
Somehow SE doesn't do this already, even though it's pretty easy for 10kers to look it up
@drachenstern Well, where?
in the question list
any question list
Possibly, but the information is only available if you're a 10k'er, if not you're going to have to do an API lookup for every question on every list
Yeah that's what I figured you were gonna say
I don't wanna put that sort of "strain" on the system without asking someone like MarcG or someone. I could always cache it into localStorage to keep from asking for it every single time, but they may still not appreciate that.
4:42 AM
@drachenstern I already do that with the flags thingadongdong
and what's their concensus? ok? not ok? not too many people please?
Have not asked - mine polls every 5 minute on refresh
That is, it polls only on refresh and when it has not polled in the last 5 min. I thought it's reasonable
Yeah, before I start I'm gonna ask
I think that they said anything over a minute is generally OK..
I'm not that interested in it
@TimStone but can I group those requests together?
4:44 AM
The API has pretty good performance - the same query every min is fine
I'm not sure, I'm only half-following the conversation. :P
The 10k tools, on the other hand, may not be. So I'm going with 5 min
@TimStone me too ;)
And anyway, I don't think the API exposes close votes, so...
It's basically prefetching every single SO question you have on the list pages, which is definitely not acceptable
@YiJiang yeah, exactly
4:48 AM
5 VtC left on my dba.SE :(
@drachenstern Wow, that fast? I think I've only seen 2 closed question of Graphic design so far
@YiJiang I'm trying to help build a good site, ya know? ;)
I'm sure I'll find more tomorrow
Actually, I'll take that back
we've only closed one question so far, as a dupe
4:52 AM
4 more were closed when I'm asleep
Let's see... Graphics Design has 73 questions, slightly less than 100 tags, 120 or so users
we've 106 questions, 180 users, idk how many tags ....
@Fosco It's not the game's fault, the guy I'm playing with just left apparently
A51 tells me that DBA launched slightly earlier than graphics design, so maybe that's why
perhaps so
Okay, but A51 does say that DBA has a higher question per day (even if it's only two or three days)
5:00 AM
I'm trying to help keep those on track >_< and it's tricky
I opened a <whine> back in September; I've seen no reason to close it yet
can we quote you on that?
The annoyance I have is that graphicdesign is longer than any of the other new SE sites I think
If you're asking if I'll whine about it, the answer is yes
@YiJiang That's the subdomain? That is pretty bad
Are there any aliases?
@MichaelMrozek Yeah, but I don't think there are any good ones
gd is certainly not good, and neither is gfxdesign (shudder)
5:03 AM
ewww I have four oracle tags ... get 'em off, get 'EM OFFF!!!!
future twitter fodder for atwood dba.stackexchange.com/questions/252/…
@drachenstern now taking bets of course ;)
Hmmm... does oneboxes appear for private beta questions?
Q: Is there a performance gain by handling data with stored procedures versus feeding it into functions after retrieval?

KajiTitle sums it up. I'm reasonably well off with PHP, and comfortable getting it to do what I need it to with values pulled from MySQL, however in the interest of expanding my knowledge I've been wondering if perhaps it would be a more efficient technique in the long run. Are they equivalent (due...

I see it. Do you?
Yup. :P
Does everyone?
It's always been that way; you can use the API to see everything
5:11 AM
Of course, there's no guarantee that chat uses the API so they may have some checks in place
It does, although they might have secret routes for chat-only purposes
You people need to stop with the chatterboxing
@GregHewgill Erm... mooooooooooooooooo...?
la la
:433537 Sharing your IRC passwords with us? :P
5:24 AM
@TimStone I'll never tell you mine is Hunter2
@TimStone Ha!
password changed. ]:8)
@mootinator do you remember that question (I think it was you that was looking at it with me) of the code that nobody could identify the source code variety?
scratches head
5:31 AM
It was some sort of database question
Oh, I see what you were saying.
Yes, I find that using the pencil works well ;)
I remember this happening, vaguely.
It was something like :pa|sd /SomeOffice/SomeCity/SomeRegion#SomeWord for like 6 lines at the top of the file
on SO
Q: What programming language is this?

Sean Cannon:#PCA=Campaign//CampId//CampDesc//CampBusId = 2 :#PE=PubEdition//EdId//EdCode//EdCampId = :#PCA :#PCT=ContactType//ContTypeCd//ContTypeDesc//ContTypeUsrId in (21, 25) :#PCC=Country//CtryId//CtryName//CtryId in (1,2) :#lS=Status//StatCd//StatDesc//StatUsrId = 21 :#PT=TelecomKind//TeleKindCd//TeleK...

Oh, he actually answered it too :P
5:36 AM
Ciao ya'll. Tim, have we got a WwF going? Time for counting holes in my eyelids, after I walk the dogs ...
Wow it never goes totally quiet in here huh?
@drachenstern Have a good one
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException, it does, around noon gmt there's just me and @Yi kicking around :)
@Benjol Maybe someday I'll stay up and keep you two company :-)
I'm on now because I have to reboot a server which is being troublesome
pesky servers
@drachenstern See ya. And yeah, I think it's my turn.
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException shakes fist at them
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException, sorry for you. And as for staying up, don't bother: that is the time of day when I am actually supposed to be working, so I shouldn't complain about it being quiet :)
5:47 AM
Ah ha, I see :-)
I can use the reboot time to check out the new /review feature. Very cool
Yeah, @Tim (if you're still there), I'm feeling the need for a link to /review, instead of audit, maybe :)
I never leave. ;)
Hmm, that's a good point.
there was talk yesterday about adding a link to audit from the profile page, or something like that...
Yar, I should actually take a look at that either tonight or tomorrow.
@TimStone Yeah, when do you sleep? ;)
5:55 AM
I don't know, anymore. :(
I think I slept earlier or something, though.
It's been that kinda week for me. =/
@TimStone, too much caffeine?
Nah, work stuff.
@GeorgeMarian Yeah, it's rough...I'm feeling a less on edge now that I have mostly all the code in the repository though.
> commit -m "Engine overhaul..." (61 paths specified)
>_> coughs
@TimStone Well, that's good.
Dang, that's a large checkin.
It should be a lot less of a pain in the ass to change things in the future though, at least.
Oh the messes I create for myself.
5:58 AM
Better than dealing with someone else's messes, at least.
Yeah, that's what I've moved on to now. ;)
Actually this isn't the programmer's fault, the Apache POI library is just...messy.
Though I'm inclined to believe that that's Excel's fault..so.
Oh, man. The plot thickens. Initial reports only stated that he'd worked for 3 administrations and that he was involved in legal dispute with a neighbor.
I'm impressed, these new users have very high quality posts (so far)
@GeorgeMarian I know! What the hell man, that's some weird stuff going on right there.
Though -1 to the Register for the closing sentence
> The FBI has offered “technical assistance” to the Delaware police, and judging from the facts as they are so far know, they're going to need it
shakes head at typos
Yeah, that drives me nuts. So many typos in their articles.
6:08 AM
> 'Twilight' is People's Choice for favorite movie
That doesn't inspire much confidence in me of people..
Makes me think of a thousand monkeys with typewriters.
@TimStone Agreed.
@TimStone I'm with you there
I lost my faith in people a long whole ago, LOL
I just watched The Lovely Bones, a tear was shed.
A tear-jerker, huh?
6:10 AM
@DanGrossman This seems like a huge deviation from Tron Legacy.
That would've required going out, while I had The Lovely Bones on the table in its Netflix envelope.
I do still want to see Tron again
Ah, makes sense.
> Police also say that Wheeler’s car was parked in an Amtrak parking garage since Dec. 13th. They don’t think it moved since he parked it there that day though it wasn’t unusual for him to do this when he travelled.
I dunno, I'd have moved it first thing...that's an expensive parking garage.
OK, the server seems stable and I am tired, so I'm off to bed. Have a good night everyone!
g'night @TheNeedsMoarJqueryException
6:14 AM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException g'night
@TimStone That whole thing about him wandering around, confused and what not, makes me think of some TV series plot.
@GeorgeMarian I was thinking the Bourne Identity, heh.
I believe I'm thinking of a Law & Order episode where people were being killed with heroin overdoses or something like that.
But, yah. Basically that kind of thing.
Argh, why am I still up editing questions!?!? LOL
Q: php syntax question

PushanWhat's the difference between single quote ' and double quote " in php? My idea is when one uses a single quote, there is some core value in it that needs to be used in the program, in case of double quote its just a string. Am I correct?

(if anyone wants to close as dup feel free)
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException How's that song? "I just can't get enough..."
Here's another good read, complete with The Register's straining of the English language.
> Wired reports that Meir Dagan, the intelligence officer who revived the use by Israel of hit squads, was sacked as head of Mossad in the wake of the operation
"revived the use by Israel of hit squads" WTF? Aren't these guys British? Shouldn't they have better command of English?
6:30 AM
Hahah, it seems not. :P
OK I'm really leaving this time :-)
Something beautiful happens in this world..
and you just gotta sing...
looks for his earplugs
its an SNL clip...
Ah. Obviously, I the reference was lost on me. :)
6:39 AM
I have to find something to write for my blog
My last article was on Code Reuse
That's one of the reasons I've held back on launching my own.
Yeah. I agree that you really need something to focus on...
However, I also think that it is a good idea to keep writing, publishing, and getting feedback
I'm trying to think of ways to embrace my many, many interests and still have a coherent blog.
I developed tylercarter.org
There are many blogs, for many interests
Once I have regular content going to chacha102.com (Programming), I'll probably start another on something else
Somehow I need to get chacha102.com/shares to be a part of my network
Shares is basically all of the content I find interesting
But I need to make it stand out more..
I like your homepage
I need to update my blog a lot more often
6:46 AM
@TylerChacha That's another thing I need to do. Put up a site to hopefully bring in some work.
Yeah. I'm not focused on work, due to being a student. However, I imagine refining that part of my site will be useful when I actually do start looking for work
@TylerChacha Did you code your own blog?
@GeorgeMarian It runs on Wordpress, but everything else is mine
> <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 3.0.1" />
Ah. I have concerns about Wordpress.
6:48 AM
you're vulnerable!
/shares/ is a custom post type
@DanGrossman How?
you're 3 security releases behind
There was a recent update for a vuln.
known vulnerabilities
Bah... I'll update it tomorrow
6:49 AM
On the other hand, rolling my own blog software is full of its own issues.
As far as freelancing, working with WordPress is more valuable than rolling your own
I taught someone how to make their own blogging software
They came to the same conclusion..
there's some 30 million WordPress bloggers that could hire you for theme/plugin/customization work
@DanGrossman A good point, though I shudder at the thought of that kind of work. Of course, there are worse ways to make money.
@GeorgeMarian Not many..
6:51 AM
It's not bad
I made over $270,000 related to WordPress plugin sales from 2008-2010
I should get back into that, but working on other sites of mine atm
Dayum! Not bad.
There is something to be said about starting a business as a teen and whatever
I say to hell with em. I'm gonna enjoy stuff as a teen and leave the work till I'm 20..
@TylerChacha Absolutely! I wish I had been more entrepreneurial at that age.
6:54 AM
@GeorgeMarian You really should have waited for the second message on that...
In the time between now and when you're 20, how are you going to make money, then?
True. You don't want to short-change your developmental years.
Is McDonalds preferable to your own business?
@DanGrossman I have a few people I do work for...
So yes, technically I have my own company
Good :)
6:55 AM
My policy is have fun. I'm going to have fun if it kills me...
Gah, so many typos. Sorry about the 2nd notification. I forgot that was a reply. heh
Yes, there are times to hanker down and get work done. But if in the end you aren't having fun 70% of the time, why the heck are you doing it?
@TylerChacha As long as you're not giving up on good opportunities. I worked my tail off during my teenage years. I wish I could've spent some of that time socializing.
@GeorgeMarian That is what I'm beginning to realize. Luckily I still have a half a year to go. At this point I'm trying to socialize as often as possible
You'll be surprised how useful interpersonal skills are, even to a techy.
6:59 AM
Well I'm going to bed
I have to get up at 4:30 tomorrow to socialize..
There is a News segment being shot at our school and they need a lot of people to be there
@TylerChacha Eh? Who's gonna be awake to socialize with you at that hour? ;)
Well, have fun and g'night.
Ah, yes. I saw something about that on El Reg.
Read some comments on that when the case was filed months ago... sounded like some government department decided they wanted Microsoft e-mail, but they have to put an RFP out for procedural reasons, so they worded one where only Microsoft's product could possibly match the requirements.
Google cries and sues.
7:04 AM
Yeah, I was wondering what the RFP looked like. If that was the case then it makes more sense.
Oh, man. A little more on that Dubai assassination (scroll down to the tweet): nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2011/01/05/…
Oh Twitter.. shakes head
Also, with regard to that murder...I wouldn't be too surprised if it turns out that his neighbour had him killed.
@TimStone Yeah, sometimes being able to instantly tell the world what you're thinking is a bad thing...
Well really, what the hell does the Embassy need a Twitter for? :P
@TimStone Agreed. It was a rather shody job. I mean, who dumps a corpse in a dumpster these days? ;)
7:10 AM
They should probably start going through the traffic cameras to see who hopped over from Jersey, heh.
Yah, I was definitely thinking that's so old school mob MO.
Roughed him up and then came back to seal the deal later on..
7:48 AM
@DanGrossman Huh?
starting mockup for homepage redesign
My circa-2007 "web stats 2.0" headline is so web 2.0 retro now, needs to go
G'morning Marc
@TimStone, looks like he hasn't implemented replies without @ yet :)
8:03 AM
I figured there was no point in harassing him this early ;)
:looks for a nice little jquery carousel plugin:
:gets distracted by Microsoft Surface 2:
gimme some links :)
On an unrelated note, I've just run across my first site that breaks google's image lightbox thingie.
8:12 AM
and what is gorilla glass?!
it's the stuff that makes our modern smartphones possible
thin, light, ultra-durable, scratch resistant glass with a pristine surface
ah, ok, I'm afraid I wouldn't know :)
Have a shiny new HDTV perhaps?
Gorilla Glass is in the nice ones recently :) I bought some shares in the parent company.
> "Make up some feelings and tell her you have them." "Is desire to mate a feeling?"
Ah, Futurama. :P
@TimStone I love that show.
8:20 AM
@DanGrossman Sorry, no, still CRT, I'm a luddite programmer :)
my personal organiser looks like this:
Actually, it was a Christmas present, I haven't quite worked out how I'm going to use it. SQL queries aren't easy ;)
DVD collection. :D
@TimStone Nice!
8:23 AM
I'm still holding out for the roll-up screen that I saw dreamed up by a Philips 'bluesky brain stormer' 15+ years ago
They say it's 'on the way'...
It was almost 50% off on Amazon a while back, and I couldn't resist.
I raise your notebook with a whiteboard in my living room :x
in your living room? You're not married, right? :)
No, haha.
Think the whiteboard might be why? :)
I need moar whiteboard, but my "office" is cramped as it is.
8:27 AM
Yeah, my whiteboard behind me there is pretty tiny too.
shakes head
> Thanks for all the feedbacks, we had enough info and details to fix the issue and new releases will be done shortly.
> This bug has been fixed in SVN.
@TimStone I think I have the same kind. The biggest one they had at Walmart.
hi @balpha
They sent an email warning people to upgrade Zend Server because it's an instant DOS attack on 32-bit PHP installations, heh.
8:33 AM
10 hours ago, by balpha
I have to agree with jeff that it looks like a really weird IE8 bug
Q: User page is displaying "funny"

BitOffI've seen the below on the users page a few times in the last day. If I'm remembering correctly it was consistantly the top 3 or four users in the third column. It looks like the top 3 display over the next bottom 3. Although that is not consistant. I've also seen it where just one of the users w...

note the tag
beat ya, IE!
Heheh :P
You show 'em what-for.
@balpha Any idea what this is? <script src="/users/ivc/146482/97ab" type="text/javascript"></script> It shows up on user profiles, but there's no script that lives there...
I think it's the view counter
I'm pretty sure it used to be an image, maybe it got changed to a script
it's an empty request either way
Ah ha
I was trying to guess what ivc stood for, that makes sense. :P
8:37 AM
@TimStone God, I hate you for making me look into SO's HTML source. Again.
Thanks :)
@YiJiang DON'T DO IT!
Re flexible displays, this is the kind of thing I'm waiting for: ("don't expect flexible display devices in the short or even medium term")
No big flexible displays yet, but now you can hang a huge multi-hand multi-touch Microsoft Surface 2 computer on a wall. The original Surface was like 1.5 feet deep, new one's 4".
@DanGrossman Is it me or that Senior Results Analyst is moving like a clown?
Wonder how they're doing that? With multiple cameras, or they've abandoned cameras completely?
8:42 AM
The video says that they've turned the pixels into infrared sensors or something so that the surface "sees" stuff, I think.
definitely not your standard tablet-style touch sensors, but I don't know what it is
it still needs vision or they'd have to give up all the "domino tagging" stuff they made for Surface, where you stick labels on objects and when you put them on the table the label is read so it knows what kind of object it's interacting with
1 hour later…
9:47 AM
@TimStone is there an exploit that works through the URL, though? I can get PHP to hang if I assign the magic number internally, but not if I pass it in a GET variable (presumably because it's treated as a string)
One would have to find a piece of code where a GET parameter gets converted to a float, I think
@Pekka That seems likely, yeah
The email just reads:
> Due to the way the PHP runtime handles internal conversion of floating point numbers, it is possible for a remote attacker to bring down a web application simply by adding a specific parameter to a query string in their web browser
@Tim yeah, I got the mail too. That means there must be some generic way to pass it in the query string
Oh what fun that would be.
Anyway, for any PHP based chat scrapers, take this and DIE! 2.2250738585072011e-308
Hahah ;)
I wonder if those PHPKode people take numeric arguments in their query strings..
@TimStone I just had exactly the same thought
9:53 AM
@YiJiang hehe!
It looks like she's melting
@TimStone Global warming!
@TimStone The tip is probably "fart."
Hah :P
watches flag counter build up, up and away!

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