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10:07 AM
.new-blog-post {

.new-blog-post + a {
  -moz-border-radius: 10px;
  -webkit-border-radius: 10px;
  border-radius: 10px;
  background-color: #E23535;
  color: white;
  font-family: Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;
  font-size: 10px;
  margin: 0;
  padding: 0 5px 1px;
@radp Hmmmm?
removes the "omfg new!" red bit from the sidebar and brings its style to the "blog" link instead.
A: home-automation x10 with a linux based nas

wizztjhi am using CM15 pro also , there is any driver for linux? I dont think so , you better buy a CM11A Fire cracker and use HEYU. NAS as the storage thing? Why use that????

Slightly less offensive.
Why would 500+ rep users produce this sort of junk?
10:14 AM
man, I haven't been checking the envelope pages much since the MegaDropdown has been added.
@radp 1500+ virtual meta rep! Congrats! :P
@YiJiang 100 of which went in the StackExchangeâ„¢ CommunistCommunity AwesomeLimiterâ„¢
(you'll have noticed my Gaming is slightly more pixelated.)
I don't even know how the site is supposed to look really.
@radp I'm not sure why, but the @font-face font isn't loading in Firefox
I can't quite put my hand on where the problem is
That's standard uppercase Arial
/blame @balpha
although it does work on Chromium.
Yes, I just checked, which is why it's odd
10:25 AM
see, that's wrong too. Firefox is rendering that "Firefox!" ad all wrong.
it's called "art"
let me check Failfox nightly
@balpha wow, that must be a cool CSS3 extension! rendering: artsy; rendering-artsy-type: freehanded;
Yeah, the page loads just fine for me @YiJiang. Maybe it's your cache?
@radp You're right, strange. I'm not sure how caching for those font files work, but yes, those headings are pixelated once again
dances the "blame successfully repelled" dance
10:33 AM
> I think there's something wrong with one of the dwarves in that picture, but I just can't put my finger on it. - Raven Dreamer
I don't know why, but whenever someone says repelled nowadays I always think of this:
"interest" as a transitive verb?
sounds like microspeak.
goes inform hisself on the take-away learns
oh, duh. I probably just never seen it used like that.
@radp It's sales-speak :)
10:51 AM
@Benjol Shhh, I'm planning the evolution of my corporate identity.
er, yeah backs up slowly looking for escape routes
11:10 AM
I got disconnected right after I posted that. I guess it's the universe telling me to stop.
@radp No, it's telling you to use a richer black - I can still see the circle there
abandons rebranding plans
1 hour later…
12:26 PM
@moshe @TheNeedsMoarJQueryException 'ello :)
@Sathya, I think they done gawn.
@Benjol yeah, so I figure
it's like .. 6:30 EST ?
hello to you @Benjol
12:55 PM
Hi @Sathya, sorry, I was away
Yeah, if you look at the histogram for this room, this is the dead zone. one side of america gone to bed, the other side not up yet. And radp is probably actually working for once :)
dunno about @balpha and @Marc, eating or something :)
I'm here
So am I
Really? People are awake?
It is 4:30 in the frickin morning...
anyway, this is the GMT+1 afternoon doldrums, welcome all you lurkers. Lurk away, don't mind me (I'm supposed to be working anyway :)
@TylerChacha holds up a giant flashing GMT+8 sign :|
1:02 PM
Ah, Tyler, getting your makeup on? :)
@Benjol well I'm on GMT +5:30
Hometime soon then? :)
@Benjol well actually I'm on vacation so it's alltime home time through this week :D
Sounds good to me!
@Benjol resume normal drudgery on Monday
1:13 PM
When working in PHP sometimes I wished it had the simplicity of JavaScript's core language features
@Sathya, so I'm guessing if you're in here, the weather must be really bad out, right? :)
Oh, the weather outside is frightful
but the fire is soooooo delightful
and if we've no place to go...
let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
@Benjol would you consider 30 deg C as "nice" :P
I'm actually waiting for my sis & brother-in-law, will be heading out soon
@TylerChacha It is indeed! I mean, the temperature just fell below 25 deg C! In Singapore! How could it be so cold here? Frightening!
@Sathya, uh, yes. Compared to 5C and raining. (And that's the hottest it's been in a while!)
1:20 PM
@YiJiang 5C. Uh. never seen those temps here o_0
temperature perception is a funny thing. Given just a couple of days of sub-zero temperatures, +5 feels sort of 'warm' :)
@Benjol a week ago I was in a place where single digit temps were the norm.
stepping out from the aircraft onto the airport was a like a big, bad bucket of heat wave thrown at me =.=
@Benjol I also find sun + snow => feels warmer than it should be => feels warm
but maybe that's just me
it never snows where i live, so i haven't experienced it much
Yay for tropical and sub-tropical folks! (Hi-5!)
'm stepping out, catchya all later :)
1:24 PM
@marcog, Hot down there right now, I believe?
@Sathya, bye
@Benjol 35
@marcog, never fear, at this time of day, you can celsius all you like. The farenheight crew are all tucked up in their beds, except for the ones getting ready to be on TV :)
heh, true
@Benjol Ha! @drachenstern ya ready to be on TV? :P
Nah, we just don't dirty up the Internet yet
Give us another hour, well be here
1:27 PM
@YiJiang, I was referring to this:
I been playing too much on DBA.se
6 hours ago, by Tyler Chacha
There is a News segment being shot at our school and they need a lot of people to be there
Tosh, viva la metrics system, saiz the French! We'll cut off the head of anyone still using imperial system.
@Benjol Hey, I'm a Farenheit-er. (But I'm also smart enough to roughly convert between C and F, so go ahead and use whatever.)
I kinda envy the Fahrenheit system tbh. While it makes no sense at all, it's wider around the areas common humans care about.
1:30 PM
@radp Not entirely sure how making no sense at all helps make the system enviable.
here "below zero" means "damn, it's cold!"; "below thirty"... not so much.
1:45 PM
Does anyone know when and or why the hot tab was renamed to faq? I'm trying to find a link but can't find one.
How is everyone doing this fine morning
@TylerChacha Looking at timezones in the Gaming room
I'm sitting drinking free hot chocolate...
debating reading last nights transcripts, nothing looks to be of note as I scan up the page, even tho you guys were a little more chatty than we over the night.
@TimStone it's an easy counter by way of the traffic logs ;) ... filter for that particular HTTP request and you know EVERY visitor :p mwahahahahaha
Why do I keep having an inroom bubble notification? grrr
@Barry where?
@drachenstern What, you mean like this?
1:50 PM
I think I'm on Camera right now..
@drachenstern On the front page of all the sites. "hot" tab is now "faq"
@Barry It's not, erm...?
@YiJiang face palm I'm looking at "site/questions"
@YiJiang glad we got that straightened out, I was about to start posting screenshots
@YiJiang no when I left and came back
Q: Has the hot tab been renamed to faq?

bernd_kI first saw it on the dba beta. But it seems to be in all sites?

2:09 PM
@PopularDemand Looks like a new item for your changelog.
@radp I didn't realize it was "my" changelog, but yeah, I guess it should be added.
@PopularDemand Well, the one you do contribute to.
I guess I used "your" plurally.
2:22 PM
Good morning, how is everyone today?
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Hello, still alive.
@PopularDemand Very glad to hear that, the alternative is not good at all!
first few days of 2011 keeping you as busy as they're keeping me @PopularDemand?
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Not likely. It'll come eventually, though, I'm sure.
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException I showed up
Welcome @drachenstern
2:31 PM
bah, I've been here since before you this morning :p
I need to go find ice for my drink ... and a pastry.
that would be a good thing
Q: Use a ModalPopupExtender to display a table and then pass the selected record to the form

MikeI have a search screen on my website which has various parameters. It is possible that many records could be returned, yet the user will only want to see the details of one record. In the case where many records are returned I want to display a modal popwindow with a data grid which will display ...

was that a bad edit on my part?
Ok... how can you explain to a user that 'NULL' !== NULL ..?
Q: a problem with heredocs syntax?

getawayI have a problem with the syntax for a heredoc. Let me show the code first: function format($user_id,$user_note,$image,$dt){ //this is the problem if($image=='NULL'){ //don't display image } else { echo '<img src="userpics/$image" width="480" height="480"&...

Q: Loose response from the server in AJAX

hidurai have this code that make 3 requests to a server, the code works fine with the request but when i receive the response the code fails, take avoid the first response and give me the third. phone.open("POST", '/', true); phone.setRequestHeader("Content-type", elmnt.getAttribute('ctype')); phone.s...

@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException that a string is not a construct of the compiler?
^ lulz
2:42 PM
@drachenstern LOL. I think that would go over his head :-p
NULL is a keyword, just like: print, echo, if, for. Meanwhile,'NULL' (note the quotes) is a string, just like if you had typed 'if' (note the quotes, again) it would be a string, not the beginning of an if statement.
Hmm...too many ifs in that sentence? That may just serve to confuse 'em further... ;)
@GeorgeMarian Thanks, that's a great explanation. You should post it there
oh nvm
he accepted my answer, I hope he understands what his error was, LOL
Heh, probably not. lol
@drachenstern you were quick to jump on him, he did accept my answer ;-)
he has a 99% accept rate too
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException ya don't get to a 1krep and put "thanks I got it"
that's just DUMB
2:48 PM
Good morning.
I still never went for a pastry. Going now. Promise.
I got to 3k and I thank people... ;-)
@drachenstern Enjoy it!
@drachenstern Eclairs! Donuts!
I had a donut for breakfast.
2:49 PM
All I got was a lousy bowl of cold cereal
Today is Rosh Chodesh.
@The well, treat yourself, Rosh Chodesh is the first day do the new month. It's worthy of a special breakfast, at least.
There's a great radio documentary on BBC World Service about how cereal companies produce cornflakes with ridiculous markup from dirt cheap corns
@Moshe This is true! Forgive my poor, failing Jewish knowledge, was Rosh Chodesh today or when is it?
@The, it is today indeed
Which means, among other things, that grace after meals is a bit longer.
Maybe I'll do a nice dinner instead, since I messed up breakfast already :-)
2:52 PM
@The - go for it. :-)
Since there are already enough confused programmers out there, I did my part to try to help him. :)
@Moshe Oh and Tov Rosh Chodesh bitu!
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException not the way he did it tho ... maybe I'm just an asshole ... that's likely.
Hey Josh aren't you supposed to be working? same as me? (meaning I should be too!)
@GeorgeMarian Awesome, good explanation
Thank you, @The. U2 (although I'm not sure what bitu means)
2:53 PM
@drachenstern He commented on my answer and said I was a genius, so, I'm happy with him :-D
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException I didn't spend 2 1/2 years teaching for nothing. :)
@drachenstern Oh, right, work, I knew there was something I was supposed to be doing now!
Not trying to be nasty or burst your bubble, but it should be "Chodesh Tov" (As in, "Have a good Month")
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException and I retracted my comment. Figured five minutes was enough ;)
@drach got your pastry yet? ;-)
2:54 PM
@GeorgeMarian I miss teaching. Not that I did it professionally, just as my senior year independent studies CS project and as a TA, and computer classes at the local library
@Moshe yes but no ice
need to do that
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException I like teaching, though I like programming more. Someday, i may just tech programming. Maybe once it's time to put me out to pasture.
@Moshe Don't worry, I have no Hebrew bubble. Even when I was studying Hebrew I was terrible at it, not having read more than basic prayers in 10 years means I am far, far beyond rusty :-)
@GeorgeMarian Awesome. What do you teach, if not programming?
@Fosco Hey there
How goes?
2:56 PM
Hi @Fosco
@The Ok, so long as I'm not offending anyone.
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException I thought IT stuff. Started with computer basics. "This is a mouse. This a keyboard." Then moved on through much of the curriculum, which was a bit of networking and a bunch of Microsoft stuff.
I wonder if it's possible to run a user script by pasting it into the address bar of Safari Mobile? ...
I'm not easily offended ;-)
I did teach a Linux class, which is kinda scary. lol
@GeorgeMarian Cool. I volunteered my time and taught basics like that for a while at a local library
2:58 PM
...waits for some troll to insult @The...
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException I should do something like that. I have plenty of time on my hands.
I haven't done it recently due to lack of time. Also, SO fills the void a bit
I enjoy helping others on SO, reminds me a lot of teaching
@Geo want to make me an app engine app on a volunteer basis? :P
@Moshe Google app engine, right?
3:01 PM
@drachenstern yes
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException That's where my innate teaching skills comes from: helping people figure stuff out.
OK, enough fun for this morning. Now time for real work, sadly...
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Have fun storming the castle.
@Geo yes
@Geo I need to make a web backed for an app that is intended to run on multiple platforms.
3:06 PM
What's the correct thing to do when a user solves his own problem, puts it in an edit and leaves? Currently 0 answers and title tagged [SOLVED].
Q: SOLVED: Can't set video mode for SDL screen on embedded device

GenTiradentesI've been hacking away on an ARM based device (Freescale i.MX27 ADS) with a built-in screen for the past few days. The device is running a modified, minimal GNU/Linux system, with no window management or graphical server. By default, the device is only supposed to run the one application that cam...

@Geo, I meant back end, not backed
@marcog le sigh And the user has over 200 rep...WTF?
@GeorgeMarian Indeed. :(
He posted a solution in an edit at the end though
Just wondering if that should be re-posted as an answer
I was about to suggest that.
@Moshe I may be interested. I just started picking up Python. That could be a good exercise. How involved is it?
3:09 PM
@marcog Doesn't the UI sort of encourage that?
@mootinator Encourage what, re-posting?
Well, I didnt start python yet. I want to have an app engine app that allows the org to upload text to a db and the app allows people to study the texts daily.
@marcog No, if you try to post an answer on your own question, it suggests editing the question instead.
@mootinator Oh, does it? It's been a while since I posted a question.
Yeah, I can't remember what the exact message is...
3:11 PM
Are you sure you want to answer your own question?

If you're responding to answers left on your question, enter comments under each answer.

If you need to add details to your question, use the edit link under your question.
that's the text
@Geo basically, the admin user would need a login ui and the end user needs an API for the app to access
And the admin uploads texts for the user to study daily.
@marcog Seems clear enough I guess.
@marcog Might be worth asking this on MSO proper for when -- not if -- this comes up in the future.
@Moshe What kind of time-frame are you looking at for completing this?
(You know, after your recent question, I keep thinking "Marco Gravell" every time I see your username.)
3:14 PM
@PopularDemand k, will do
@PopularDemand lol!
@Geo, not sure, a few weeks? It's essentially a web service and a back end ui.
@Moshe Yeah, it should be pretty straight-forward. Thing is, I haven't done much more than some tutorials in Python so far and I've never messed with Google app engine.
And, right now, my brain is fried, as I haven't gotten any shut eye yet.
@PopularDemand posted
Q: What to do when OP answers his/her own question in an edit?

marcogReference question: SOLVED: Can't set video mode for SDL screen on embedded device Sometimes users solve their own questions, which is great. Sometimes they say they've solved it and move on, which is not so great. The above question is middle-ground: the user posted an answer to his own questio...

@marcog Awesome.
@mootinator huh?
3:26 PM
@drachenstern Yes, I remember the post you found 5 hours ago and have forgotten about already :P
@mootinator well why didn't you say so?
Additionally, it looks like the guys on dba.SE might just know what it is !!
Apparently, the cat wants my attention...
He's scratching up the carpet by the door...
@drachenstern I was sure it was a horrible hackish report definition of some sort.
3:30 PM
@Geo, ok, we can talk later, I gtg now.
I don't know if that's accurate, barely saw the answer and no time to study it
reckon this is the start of the end of ATT's hold and lock on the iPhone?
Or is it just the further commoditization of the smartphone market?
@Moshe Sounds good.
@drachenstern Nah.
@namespace url(w3.org/1999/xhtml);

@-moz-document domain("blog.stackoverflow.com") {
#wrap {
  width: 920px !important; /* F***ing morons */
@mootinator I know, but there was an immediate response over no response ;) :p
3:34 PM
Sigh... this is a fix for my second bug report
I mean, why the *!@# would you want to mix px and em units like that? It just doesn't make sense! It's one of the single most stupid piece of CSS I've seen for a very very long time
Damn shame it has to be on the Stack Overflow blog...
Do you know about the tables used for layout?
@GeorgeMarian Yes. I build userscripts for SO - I know practically all of Stack Overflow's dirty HTML secrets
If you want, I can list them, but then I will get depressed and probably won't talk for the next two hours
That bad, eh?
3:39 PM
@GeorgeMarian Very. You'll be surprised at how SO do some of it's magic
I've been bitten by the chat.se authentication issues. I'm well aware there's plenty of PFM in there. :)
That table thing makes me sad because I'd be ridiculed if I provided a code sample using tables for layout.
@GeorgeMarian It's even lower level than that, sigh... take a simple example - the list of recent badges on the homepage is actually a single column table. I've actually wrote a small script that will replace it with a ul list, and nothing changes
shakes head slowly
yawns Damn, look at all those [status-completed] tags, nice job @balpha :D
@YiJiang I wrote some JS to sort the Badges in to Gold, Silver, bronze because it annoys the hell out of me...
3:50 PM
@Barry Not a bad idea.
How interesting. I'm registered with corp-corp.com, which is a contracting site. It's been relatively quiet recently. Or so I thought. I had sent in my resume for a contract, but before I did that I had to make some minro changes to the profile. Now, I'm getting spammed with contracts from all over the country.
However, since I didn't make any material change to the profile, I'm wondering WTF? Why was it so quiet for months?
Maybe they thought you were inactive and didn't feel like bothering to send you something. :P
Though I'm inclined to suspect some sort of programming mistake, heh.
@GeorgeMarian Maybe just a coincidence, or that the start of the year is the hiring season? I don't know...
@TimStone Yah. i did receive the occasional email in the past few months. I just figured there was a lull in activity for my skill set on the site. The thing is, lots of the contracts are crap. Lots of the recruiters are low-balling. I've seen the same contract offered by different recruiters at substantially different rates. =/

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