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4:00 AM
BTW, that reminds me of a great ADD joke.
...wait for it...
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException - Really? Slow?
it was, yeah. Maybe it was my network. IDK
4:03 AM
Self-fulfilling prophecy.
@mootinator - saw a cool article on that.
@Moshe v-v
A bunny!!!
hang on
...wait for it...
/me waits patiently
@RebeccaChernoff: Hey... congrats on the job.
/you waits for what?
4:09 AM
For it.
Hey there @GeorgeEdison, how goes?
Not too bad.
Hard at work on JetServer now.
@GeorgeEdison thanks (:
As in, Solaris?
Oh boy, my DNS changes I was waiting on last week just went through O_o.
4:13 AM
Q: Solaris JumpStart JET server

ramesh.mimitHello, I have configured the Jump Start installation on Solaris-10u9 which is running fine except one problem. i.e the registration page that is been included in new releases and I am unable to avoid it because of the solaris bug. But I have heard that Solaris Jump Start with JET package can be ...

@RebeccaChernoff: So do you work from home, then?
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException: No, this JetServer.
@GeorgeEdison indeed.
@GeorgeEdison oh, sweet!
@RebeccaChernoff You should move; Missouri is no fun. Now Indiana is like a non-stop party
Sorry, coding problem, brb
4:15 AM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException: I also wrote an FTP and HTTP server :)
makes a note to switch away from Subversion ASAP
JetHTTP and JetFTP respectively.
You know this place is in trouble when people with coding problems leave
Eh, if there's anywhere to be in Missouri, it is in St. Louis. Or KC, but I'm from there, so it automatically isn't as fun.
4:15 AM
No, friend quizzing me on AIM chat
I, stupidly agreed.
@GeorgeEdison This sounds like a nice learning experienced and something I never, ever, ever want to do ;-)
It's not that bad with Qt.
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah, but limiting yourself to Missouri is like saying "of all the rooms on chat.meta, the tavern is the best" -- accurate, but limited sample size
All of the threading issues and socket issues are taken care of.
And Indiana is your shining example?
4:17 AM
^---- The JavaScript GUI that connects to JetServer's API.
(running on port 1025.)
@RebeccaChernoff Well, I live in Indiana. So it's pretty fantastic. If I were to leave there'd be some problems
Aside from the fact that a certain Mrozek is in Indiana, I can't imagine it being that much more epic.
I think you're underestimating how epic it is when you're around me. Missouri is close enough that you all probably feel some of the effect
Or something like that at least...
4:19 AM
I should really be catching up on the work I failed to accomplish during the day
Hi all, in Australia we have a discussion forum where people ask lots of localized questions e.g. I live in blah and I want to install solar panels.
Is there a Jeff post anywhere where he discusses why these sorts of questions don't fit in well with SE sites?
@xiaohouzi79 Does the installation of solar panels vary depending on where you live?
I'm thinking there may be some topics on area 51 where localized questions may be helpful, but I'm interested in finding more on the current thinking
@MichaelMrozek Yes, in Aus we have rebates depending on which city and state you live in
@MichaelMrozek Some people ask like - I live in this city how much sun will I expect to get per day
@RebeccaChernoff I did hear about all the tress in MO leaning in the direction of IN
My Meta rep. is exceeding my Area51 rep.!! Aaaaaah! Noooooo!!!
4:21 AM
@xiaohouzi79 it's called localization
@GeorgeEdison My meta rep is getting close to my SO rep -- it'll be pretty depressing if/when it passes
Going to blog.SO to search and seeing a giant picture of @RebeccaChernoff is a bit startling
That happened to me months ago.
@MichaelMrozek - Yes, Jeff usually provides some quality posts on the theory behind whatever he does, I did a search in meta and on the blog and I couldn't find anything particularly lengthy
@MichaelMrozek: You're telling me :)
Er,... I mean (:
4:22 AM
@xiaohouzi79 There's this one:
Jeff Atwood

Over the last 2.5 years, we’ve identified a few problematic classes of questions that tend to get asked on our sites. Many of these are documented in our standard set of close reasons: exact duplicate, off-topic, subjective and argumentative, not a real question, and too localized.

However, as we launched the great Super User experiment, a new, previously unknown class of problematic questions emerged — the shopping recommendation.

That is, on Super User we began encountering questions like: …

chooses to take that as a compliment.
@RebeccaChernoff I take everything as a compliment, no matter how obviously unflattering it is
(or as @TheNeedsMoarJqueryException would say, a complement)
Here's one for you Windows lovers out there...
Q: How to verify user's name and password in Windows?

George EdisonGiven a user's name and password, is there a way to check if the name is a valid user account on the system and if the supplied password matches the password for that user's account?

4:23 AM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException (it's spelled "you")
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException (it's spelled "yo")
@MichaelMrozek Yo, I can't be doings teh spells good, dawg!
Mispelings are annoying
Misspellings == Yahoo! Answers.
(Sorry, but I'm scarred for life from that place.)
@MichaelMrozek I agree and I correct them when I see them. That being said, spelling is a very weak area for me.
Whoops, that DNS transfer isn't going so smoothly.
@RebeccaChernoff I love it
I'll be back, I need to go kill the Subclipse and/or Eclipse developers.
@MichaelMrozek - I've read that one before, I guess that explains the current thinking. I was just pondering the benefits of SE for this particular site, but almost all of the questions are highly localized.
4:27 AM
Eclipse is ugly!
I've used it too... I know.
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Yes. They allowed my apparent stupidity to make me lose code.
So I went from having everything done, to...not having everything done.
@TimStone will you tag one or two of mine while you're at it?
That's what svn is supposed to save us from!
so long as you didn't loose the code you're ok
4:28 AM
I did.
oh damn. I hate when I loose things
Tie them tighter then
I'm still working on ONE question on DBA.SE /facepalm
Why are you using SVN? You need a distributed VCS.
...like Bazaar!
Heh :P
4:29 AM
Bah. I <3 svn
I actually tried Bazaar for a bit. ;)
/me waits for Git-lovers to reply with hate...
someone's not using the userscript...
@RebeccaChernoff Ban him for his blasphemy!
4:30 AM
For shame, for shame.
How can I force a block of text to not be quite so tall? hmmm
@GeorgeEdison you should really drop that and use the userscript
Anyway, shame on me for being an idiot.
What userscript???
But shame on Subclipse for having Update to HEAD run svn update --force
4:31 AM
> I've written (with help), several userscripts for SE sites and chats. They add additional features and keyboard shortcuts to SE sites and SE chats. Userscripts aren't just for Firefox. Chrome, Opera, Safari, and even Internet Explorer support them also.
(so sayeth my profile)
Oh, wait!
Never saw any of that before.
@TimStone It's OK. We've all been there:
Dec 10 '10 at 20:36, by The Unhandled Exception
I tried to unlock my laptop's screen, using synercg (a keyboard screen sharing keyboard program) from my iMac. I guess it didn't take and instead, half my password ended up inside a code file in my IDE
I lied, I didn't lose code. :D
4:32 AM
Long live Synergy!
I love that app.
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException ...that was then checked in to the repo...
Yes. Yes it was...
Oh, or maybe I did...shit.
@GeorgeEdison So do I. I need to hack the mac version to fix mouse scrolling issues
I have git set up so it won't let me commit if I have //NO anywhere, so I can leave comments like // What the hell is wrong with the person who wrote this? One day I will have my vengeance //NO without fear of committing it
4:34 AM
@MichaelMrozek Really? Can this be done with subversion? :-)
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException With a server-side hook you could; I don't think svn has client-side hooks
Hmm. Someone really should've added SEKeyboardShortcuts to the readme file when she checked in that userscript.
@RebeccaChernoff tsk tsk :P
@RebeccaChernoff Unforgivable
@MichaelMrozek True, actually, I could do that
4:36 AM
Hooray, another act of stupidity has probably saved me! \o/
Still surprised that didn't get any attention when I posted it on Meta.
@RebeccaChernoff: Whoa... it's showing up as a Chrome extension... how'd you pull that off?
Chrome natively treats userscripts as extensions.
Wait, I mean, I am just that good.
4:37 AM
Well, we'll see what happens...
What does it do?
I installed it.
Refresh chat.
(assuming you installed the chat one)
ctrl f5 for goodness
ctrl f4 for leaving
@GeorgeEdison try /me now
Also, the readme file in the repo is pretty thorough.
tries the command.
4:38 AM
@TimStone, @YiJiang, the readme file is still up-to-date?
minus, ya know, the file I didn't add to it. >_<
What else does that script do?
I think so, yeah.
I see IDs on the side.
...and a clipboard button.
Anything else?
@GeorgeEdison There are a massive number of features, you should probably just read the readme
@GeorgeEdison, hit ctrl+up, then hit up a few times, then hit 's' (to star)
4:39 AM
Ctrl+up and miscellaneous hotkeys are my favorite part
Hmm... cool!
@GeorgeEdison there's a readme
Right to edit/reply, left to see the referenced post, and s to star are probably the most useful
The ids being there are somewhat of an older feature that could probably be taken out. @TimStone's keyboard navigation is awesome.
No wonder they hired you!
4:40 AM
hit ctrlup then up then R then start typing
Is there a way to change Ctl+up to something else?
@drachenstern: Where?
d to delete
@GeorgeEdison on github
e to edit
@RebeccaChernoff Heheh, thanks, I appreciate all compliments from SO employees! :)
4:41 AM
@drachenstern You apparently use totally different hotkeys from me :)
I think f to follow? I forget, I think she did something with that for following linked comments up
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException I was trying to get it to work with Command+Up too, but Tyler said that it wasn't working, and I don't have a Mac handy..
sorry, f is flag
@MichaelMrozek apparently, but they work, I think ~ Actually I'm not sure if I know what I'm doing, I trust my fingers more than my head
@drachenstern p for parent message
@TimStone Oh, no, my issue is Control-arrow keys move me to different virtual desktops :-)
4:42 AM
Oh, J jumps to the replied-to message if it's in the window, P previews the replied-to message.
So I'd love to remap from Control to... something else
Oh! Nevermind
Control+Shift works
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException that sounds like a bug sadly
If @RebeccaChernoff would just add options we could avoid problems like that (:
4:43 AM
Gonna try something...
@GeorgeEdison /ob support is only for vimeo videos at the moment
Ok. It's late for me. I'm outta here guys. Catch you all later!
It's hard emulating oneboxes, ya know
Oh, I misread that part.
but you could fork the repo and add it (;
4:44 AM
Cool... I've done a fair amount of JS work.
Maybe something can be done...
I've never used Git though :P
Night Josh
The problem with your own oneboxes is that it's really hard to come up with something elegant when you're options are so limited
Wife is playing home videos.
I got pinged in this room during one.
Now I'm here.
I can't get the favicon script to work... I hard refreshed the page, but still nothing.
4:47 AM
...on Ubuntu.
hmmm.. I think I'm going to write some JavaScript that produces a graph using colored tables
@GeorgeEdison Tested on Chrome in Ubuntu, should work. Hmmm... they've merged my rewrite of that script already right?
Oh, it's working now.
@DanGrossman howso? I'm considering taking on a community project re: graphing/charting so curious what others are using/considering
Graphs in JS?
4:50 AM
I was thinking of creating an area chart by lining up thousands of 1-pixel-wide elements with color of various heights
I have only ever used flot, but it's pretty good.
@GeorgeEdison Definitely has been done before, though with HTML5 <canvas> it should be much much more fun
@Dan: Whaaaa.....?
@DanGrossman You're going to kill IE right there and then
Really? heh
it's been a while since I've even tested something in IE
4:52 AM
check this link
HTML 5 but replicates what google relies on flash for
Damn you unexplained 500 error!
I'm thinking of working with that as a starting point and extending it for our purposes
see how in the middle they have a pseudo-area chart using bars? i was gonna do something like that
@drachenstern <canvas>, mmmhmmm...
I know right
4:55 AM
can't remember how to get SSI working on random shared hosting plans.
@mootinator: cPanel?
:hasn't seen SSI since the 90s:
@GeorgeEdison Yep
@DanGrossman It's an UUUUUGLY 90s looking site too!
I found an article I wrote in 1999 that mentions SSI.
I could rewrite it to use straight php
But that would involve work.
Hahah, WTF?
@TimStone after playing QAT I still have VDVDWNT
@drachenstern I'm still recovering from that code scare, heh.
So did you find your code?
Yeah, I had a copy of the whole thing on another machine.
But even after I replaced the files that Subversion updated (and I don't remember checking in changes, but whatever), it was still giving me weird results.
Turns out it's a concurrency bug, because one of the settings files had been reverted to enable multi-threading.
5:06 AM
So a blessing in disguise I guess that I was able to spot it.
Hm, wonder what the issue is though..
@drachenstern: I just saw your note and edited my question.
Hmm, apparently the only reason my other sites worked at all is that they're CakePHP applications.
You should see this amazing site:
5:15 AM
Wow. Nice colors.
@GeorgeEdison k, in a moment
@mootinator welcome to 1994!!!
I've tried to fix it, but they like what's there.
@GeorgeEdison are you using .NET?
And since they pay me to leave it that way, who am I to complain? :P
Nope. C++.
5:19 AM
Are you validating against a remote domain or the same domain?
(Qt actually.)
what APIs are you using?
I'm willing to use anything in the Windows API.
Ok, you have one answer that may be helpful. I don't do C++
...and I'm validating against a remote TCP connection :)
Ah, that answer is perfect!
5:34 AM
Ok, my math is flaky and all but ...
shouldn't I have more than 100 points?
101 -1 -1 +10 = 109 no?
Hang on.... I'll find out for you.
@drachenstern You don't get points for up-votes on the meta sites
wait, doesn't meta reps count on the parent site?
oy, seriously?
ffs :(
well then that explains that
5:36 AM
Oh.... the screenshot's Meta... ya, @Shog9's right.
is that true for all SE2.0 sites?
@GeorgeEdison yeah I tried to make that prominent without the FHCs
only The Meta gets its own rep
@Shog9 damn
well I guess there's something to that
It would be nice if they did boost the stats ...
5:37 AM
Morning all, I see rchern got blue :)
well, you can get badges and such
morning? it's nearly midnight!
It's 9:37 PM!!
so it's not like you're completely deprived of meaningless numbers
Wait... the earth isn't flat?
5:38 AM
in places
GMT+1 rules :)
@Benjol The earth is flat there?
Nebraska is pretty flat
I've heard there are no stones still on the surface unless put there on purpose in most of NE
I know some guys from NE who work with clusters .. apparently there's not much to do there but farm or play with computers
I guess technically the earth could be wedge-shaped and everyone still have the same time zone :)
5:40 AM
They built a little arch over the highway mid-state, just to keep drivers from going mad and driving off through the corn
@drachenstern, I guess working with clusters is both farming and computers then? :)
@Shog9 indeed sir
Are there several different greasemonkey's for chrome?
this one is telling me I have to run it, and not chrome.. mychromeaddons.com/…
5:42 AM
are there any greasemonkeys for Chrome?
@Benjol Chrome has built-in userscript support.
@Benjol oh, yeah... That's old
@Benjol That post is about a year and a half old. Probably before Chrome supported it natively would be my guess.
ya... Just click on the script & it'll bitch at you and such
/me goes to try :)
5:44 AM
refresh chat after you install
/em thinks we should get into a /me vs /em discussion even though this chat supports neither.
'course, if the script is actually written for Greasemonkey, full of GM_* calls and nativewindow... It'll prolly not do so well
haz success?
<em style="font-size:1em">me\/em</em>
5:45 AM
@Shog9 my repo has only 1 rule
If it doesn't work in Chrome, it ain't going in the repo!
@RebeccaChernoff We have several rules. Some people forget to follow them, but, you know..
We forgive them and stuff.
I'm quite certain I don't know what you mean.
Yeah, yeah. ;)
It is on my todo list. Does that get me any points?
@TimStone, after our chat yesterday, I went and installed the SEModifications, subsequently realised that I already had. Autocomplete doesn't seem to work for me (on Ffx at least)
5:47 AM
Now that I got my code safely checked into the repository, I'm feeling generous, so sure.
@Benjol Oh? You might want to uninstall what you have and then install it again. I know it works at least decently in Firefox, since that's the only browser I've used it seriously in. :P
@TimStone, just to be sure, it should autocomplete on anyone else who has posted a comment on that post, right?
Commenting autocomplete is awesome.
@RebeccaChernoff It needs non-ASCII mappings though...I actually saw that object in chat, so I'll just steal it and plug it in.
@Benjol Yeah, and the last person who edited.
5:50 AM
@Benjol type @ and then the first letter of someone who has commented
I am liking the idea of being in on a virgin private beta :D
@TimStone Oh? Editors don't get notified.
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah huh.
Shame there's nobody else around that could surreptitiously upvote me from our little voting ring ;)
5:51 AM
A: How do comment @replies work?

You can use @name syntax anywhere in your comment to reply to a specific user. This will notify that user in their recent replies and global inbox. In short: The first author of the question or answer will always be notified of any new comment. You can explicitly notify one other user, by u...

Since when?
> Notifications apply to the author, commenters, and editors of the question or answer that you are commenting on—users not in that list cannot be notified.
damnit tim I resign this game
my brain is not working and fate/RND does not like me
@RebeccaChernoff May 7th
I've been lied to. ):
5:52 AM
I can't work with only vowels, as I hear that VWVWDNT is not a word
A: Allow post editor to see @comments directed at him

Jeff Atwoodedit: this is now implemented. We do a simple reverse chronological walk of the latest "action" by any user with a valid displayname in the post -- where "action" is defined by any sort of edit or comment. So you can now @reply to editors of a post even if they haven't commented. (and just as ...

I was told it didn't. Oh well.
@drachenstern Honestly, this is a terrible game letter-wise. :/
So you're going to resign?
Oh, no, I can still play. :P
5:56 AM
@TimStone no joy, I've reinstalled, got my (audit) and (timeline) links to prove it, but the @ not playing
hohum, I can live without for the moment
Nah, I'll look into it right now, sec.
hang on, let me turn on firebug for starters :)
Last time I looked at that SO blog post rchern's StackFlair image said ♦19; now it's up to ♦38. She's out of control
5:59 AM
38, not 39? Hrmph.
@MichaelMrozek she joined every site

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