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6:00 AM
@RebeccaChernoff I do pity you, with your 38 ♦s
I should probably check out the other SE userscripts; I've only ever used the chat one
Auto-completing comments sounds rather nice
@MichaelMrozek What are you doing suggesting that the user with the association issues flag for moderator attention? He should harass @RebeccaChernoff directly!
@TimStone Well, she's a mod everywhere, so it works out. Well, almost everywhere
@MichaelMrozek, you should merge your tools userscript in. (:
That 39th ♦ is always the hardest
@RebeccaChernoff I have a userscript?
(that's your scirpt, right?)
hrm. guess not.
6:01 AM
Well, I have like 20 userscripts; I have a public userscript?
The flag indicator?
The 10K tools userscript @YiJiang did?
@RebeccaChernoff, just read the blog post: hope your new role is clearer to you than it is to me! :) [Congrats, by the way.]
I had one that added the flag to the toolbar, if that's what you mean; I forgot I posted that
SO Flags in Toolbar
6:02 AM
I just checked my home directory for so*.user.js and found "so-unrchern.user.js". I don't remember what this is, but it sounds amusing
I'm suddenly sorry I mentioned anything.
Oh yeah, I tried to write one that automatically flipped smilies, but my livequery-ineptness got the best of me
Oh right, thanks for indirectly reminding me of something I wanted to look into..
And I got most of the way through a script that let you mark certain people "friends" and then specially-tinted their posts. I should really learn focus, I forget about projects and never finish them
6:06 AM
@MichaelMrozek don't we all?
> You have 5 votes left for today
is now sad
Given all of the stuff it won't let me play... >_>
Thoughts on making the search box 165px instead of 200px? I'm getting wrapping. ):
@TimStone I think it took pity on me
@RebeccaChernoff Wha?
@drachenstern Hah
(in SEModifications)
6:08 AM
@RebeccaChernoff wrapping on what exactly? Is this a permanent change or userscript? Why not have the searchbox hide and popup in a div on clicking a div?
think how the chrome window does search
@RebeccaChernoff, what you're still allowed to do them? :)
@TimStone it's the only thing that makes sense
@drachenstern userscript.
> Is it time to use MariaDB instead of MySQL? Why?
Hmm, I have four active games right now...wonder if I can stay ahead in all of them, heh.
6:09 AM
@RebeccaChernoff I deduced that after asking.
@RebeccaChernoff You got to be the test friend. Congratulations
I still suggest to do like chrome does
@RebeccaChernoff Oh, you mean the top bar is wrapping because you have access to too many things? :P
Yeah, I should just resign on my next play
6:11 AM
@TimStone It's my diamond + mod flag indicator + flag indicator + (audit)
rchern it's your turn!
I've got two letters left, heh.
lol, I have six :(
@drachenstern I'm trying to come up with a move in @TimStone's game. >_<
You should see what it's like with all the secret menus they don't tell @RebeccaChernoff about. My top bar is three lines long
6:12 AM
@RebeccaChernoff ignore him, he's beating me. As are you
I need my iPhone to beep every time I open Drop7 and automatically switch to WwF.
@RebeccaChernoff Hm...can I think on it? :p
This is what you get for making fun of me playing NFS, you know?
> Oops! Google Chrome could not find so.mrozekma.com
6:13 AM
@TimStone Tell Google Chrome to fail less
do you use the search box often?
torn between curiosity about what it is you're playing, and fear of yet another time sink
What does audit do? I don't have that userscript
It doesn't seem super-useful (I'm assuming it goes to /reputation)
@MichaelMrozek It does
It certainly doesn't warrant that much space then
If anything I'd rewrite the rep link to go there instead of /privileges
6:14 AM
@MichaelMrozek, SEModifications.user.js, same as the comment autocomplete
@MichaelMrozek decent idea.
But even taking that out I think it still wraps.
That kind of sounds like a general issue then..
@RebeccaChernoff Maybe you should just let Jeff know you can't handle the diamond
If I delete the audit node and the flags indicator from @MichaelMrozek's userscript it all fits.
Ah ha
6:17 AM
have it shorten your name instead to me
you know who you are
@RebeccaChernoff Can you shrink the search box but expand it when you focus it? Some sites do that
@drachenstern are you sure about that? |:
@RebeccaChernoff four days out of 9 each week yes
Ah well in that case. (:
and if that doesn't make you grimace I can't ;)
6:19 AM
@drachenstern She gets confused when she uses secret dev powers to login as anyone
Otherwise known as "the excuse I will use any time I say something mean"
@MichaelMrozek if the site offered that I would believe it ...
Pfft I showed you the header I see.
What do people think about @drachenstern's suggestion?
3 mins ago, by drachenstern
have it shorten your name instead to me
maybe not "me", but something...?
I prefer seeing the actual name there, but that's just me
But how will @YiJiang know when he's been mistaken for someone else?
I was fine with shortening the search box
6:21 AM
@RebeccaChernoff, well, you could shorten it to 'Profile', but that wouldn't shorten it for me :)
@RebeccaChernoff I thought this was for you specifically :|
I didn't know it was going into a general userscript
I'm fine with shortening the search box too, just didn't know if it would annoy anyone who uses the script.
I personally don't mind at all, because I know who I am
but I've always thought that link was kind of silly
user would be fine
@drachenstern Eh, I'd prefer not to have to modify the script each time there's an update.
@RebeccaChernoff I see the logic there of course
6:22 AM
But if there's not a decent suggestion then I'll just set up another userscript I guess.
@RebeccaChernoff That's the magic of a local branch (;
I was thinking it was gonna be just on your computer in a separate userscript
Clearly the log out, chat, about, and faq links are all unnecessary. I mean, we never leave, and we already know everything.
I honestly never use those; I type the URLs for all those when I want to go there
So my vote actually is changed to "user" in place of [current username]
6:23 AM
I suspect most people don't do that though
@MichaelMrozek or at least the parent/meta eh?
Actually, thinking about it, it wouldn't be an issue. I was thinking there'd be a conflict in not being able to guarantee which userscript ran first. Only the audit link would be the conflict, but depending on the other stuff I do, there's room for the audit link.
@RebeccaChernoff Anyway, I think you should just shorten the search box a little, and maybe we can move the audit link to the profile page. It's not like you need it 99.9% of the time anyway, IMO. Or swap it for the privs link.
I wonder how Chrome executes the scripts. Alphabetically?
@TimStone audi link on profile page sounds like a good idea
6:26 AM
> Daily limit is reached. Come back in 17 hours.
Ok people, I've burnt out all my usefulness on dba.se, and I've played a bit on SO and MSO tonight, and I've gotten even further in my goal of being the #4 non SOIS chatter on MSO. So since it's after midnight** I'm out for the night.
** being the actual reason
I was going to go to sleep a while ago. And then I started reading the backlog in here ):
G'night @drachenstern
and you sir, goto bed! :p
night @drachenstern
@MichaelMrozek I've found it's best to just not leave the chatroom
6:29 AM
@drachenstern But...sleep ):
Then you only have to catch up on 6 hours during the slow part of the room
> Stack Overflow is currently offline for maintenance
even more reason to sleep
Who pinged me?
@MichaelMrozek I had to double-check the edit history to make sure that you were the one to make that change.
@YiJiang Uh....one of them! points
You weren't being asked anything, just mentioned. :P
@TimStone Little blue mod missus? :P
6:31 AM
@TimStone I've been doing it all day; Diago suggested reversing smilies today to celebrate @RebeccaChernoff's new job, but I never remember until after I've posted
@YiJiang ......Yes.
So... uh does anyone actually want me to stick the 10k stuff into the repo?
10k stuff?
@RebeccaChernoff 10k tools modification I've been building
Actually so far it only has one feature
It adds the number of flags in the flag button in posts, much like close buttons
A: Thanks a lot for this post ... and other first time user curiosities

wafflesLots of progress has been made in this front: We implemented a new "how-to-answer" eula it will show up if our basic heuristic picks up that your post is of low quality. (Eg. short, low entropy, thank you and so on) This eula only shows up for new users (less than 15 rep) - This a success rate...

I hadn't noticed the quick-flag thing. Nice
And then I went to /review. And started editing things. I miss my bed ):
6:42 AM
WTF? 10k views for this question!?
Q: Login into Facebook with PHP script, but let me logged in the browser after the end of this script

neonPlease, I am solving this problem.. I need to login into Facebook or Twitter or any other website from my PHP script running on my server. I am normaly doing that with CURL, saving cookies to some predefined file. But now I need something new.. I need to stay logged in with my browser, even when ...

Bad Google. Bad bad Google
Jelly and jam really stay good indefinitely without refrigeration? smuckers.com/faq/product/pg3.aspx#2
@YiJiang And now you just gave it a few more (:
@MichaelMrozek Only so you guys can downvote it into oblivion :P
@DanGrossman I can believe that, as long as it's unopened
There's no "refrigerate after opening" note on this jelly
6:45 AM
@MarcGravell That post there has gathered 4 non-answer answers - might want to clean it up
ah, timeless (requires 10k): stackoverflow.com/questions/798785/…
@YiJiang I notice that Eula doesn't say anything about 'thanks' answers...
@Benjol Yeah, it's weird - it tells you how to answer, but not what should I use the answer thing for
Which may need to be made more explicit for those 'answers'
6:49 AM
He's being paid to solve the problem he needs help with, and has a 14% accept rate... no :(
Especially as that is what the whole of that question was about anyway
Q: Can I kill everybody?

ManaIn Deus-Ex, I'm trying to play a run wherein the main character is a cruel, merciless cyborg who cannot distinguish between friend and foe. Basically, everybody dies. Things seemed to be going well in the first mission, where one of my comrades greeted me after I annihilated the enemy's leader a...

Oh Gaming, what would we do without your question titles?
@TimStone Oh yes, these questions for open world games happen a lot
Just search for 'kill everybody' or 'kill all npc' I think
Who wants to fix my concurrency bug for me? ;)
we already did, but it got overwritten due to the bug
@Benjol Jeff says: "it does, if you enter a thanks answer"
6:53 AM
Ah, damn!
second rented DVD of 'Salt' that none of my DVD playing devices want to play
A: How do I kill giant enemy crabs?

alexanderpasYou must attack its weak point for massive damage! To expose the weakpoint on the Giant Masho Crab, you first want to destroy its pincers and afterwards his 'skull-face', revealing its Mashogane crystal, for heavy damage. Also, you can use Benkei's fully charged R1+Triangle to knock the crab ove...

@MarcGravell, ah, AI :)
this double layer semi-transparent stamping is bad stuff
The first line is classical
6:54 AM
@waffles just tweeted this review filter: stackoverflow.com/review/…
It's like the SO question list from hell
It was made with LOVE I tell you
frum waffuls wid luv kthnx <3
@waffles, it would really help me if the list showed whether posts have already been flagged - given that I have a limited number of flags to give away :)
@TimStone I tried to do something like that in my twitter reply, but I'm fairly incapable of faking txt-speak
Q: is there any real work on internet that get money?

alaais there any real work on internet that get money? someone told me pls thanx

6:56 AM
@Benjol It would really help if we could vote to delete insanely bad posts :)
Look at 01's comment. Why can't we have a downvote comment button?
Q: Allow faster deleting of obviously bad questions

Michael Mrozek10k users can't vote to delete questions until they've been closed for two days, to give 3k users a chance to reopen. This is useful for most posts, but for obviously terrible posts that get closed in seconds and downvoted into the ground it just gets in the way. Usually people spam flag those so...

@Benjol hmmm I am not sure if we want to expose that info to the general public ... it does however remove stuff from the list as soon as you flag it
@waffles, ok, that's good enough for me. Do you mean it removes it from my list, or everyone's list?
try clicking on flag for removal ... it is the most awesome thing I made today
it only removes it from your list
6:58 AM
I already did that on dozens of @RebeccaChernoff's posts
@YiJiang I want to implement Jeff's punching of Opera users through the internet in a more generic, link-based form.
@waffles, yup that's some awesome. but I still feel like I might be 'wasting' my flags...
yeah ... but you have SO many
That page is sufficiently accurate that non-mods going through it seems pointless -- 100% of the posts on that page should be deleted
@TimStone punchQuery!
6:59 AM
The good thing about the EULA is that I no longer feel obliged to add a comment before flagging. Makes things a bit faster
@waffles Woosh! Gone.
It'd be faster if we could go through it and flag for not-removal
@waffles, yeah, but there are also SOOOOO many posts to flag :)
@YiJiang Exactly, that's what I'm talkin' about!
@MichaelMrozek did what? |:
7:00 AM
@Benjol Your pity makes you weak
@RebeccaChernoff Flagged your posts for removal. It's not my fault, @waffles made the feature too much fun
/blame @waffles
@waffles It'll be a hundred times better if clicking on 'show full answer' didn't remove the 'flag for removal' button too
@YiJiang You need to see the whole answer to know if you want to flag these?
@MichaelMrozek Some are so short I suspect the page is cutting them off, but apparently not
7:01 AM
@YiJiang hmmm ... Ill see what I can do ... its tricky
be sure to post that on meta
I wonder what the SO mods think during review-drives like this; the mod indicator must jump from 15 to 500 in like 30 seconds
I want more people aware of this anyway
I flagged about half the posts on the first page, so when I refreshed the first page had the half I didn't flag, and half new posts. If I'd gone to page two would I have skipped over that second half?
So many of these have "this should've been a comment" comments; if only these people had just flagged in the first place
Why do deleted posts show up? Is there caching going on?
I see one Jeff just killed a minute ago, but it's still on the list, even if I refresh
yeah caching
I can remove it I guess ...
the page 2 problem is a problem ... I don't know how to solve it though
start everyone on the last page (:
7:09 AM
The caching doesn't matter, I was just curious. And the page 2 thing isn't a big deal either; if I miss reviewing a dozen posts somebody else will get them the next time through
I've always wondered why SO doesn't implement infinite scrolling for stuff like this
I don't know if it's that much of a problem, the most important thing is to get as many naff posts in front of many eyes as possible - not get all of them in front of one person. I suggested (somewhere), a random sort order for that
@Benjol Random sort is a good idea
There really aren't that many posts though, it only takes a few minutes to review all of them
Otherwise we all use up all our flags on the first few pages
What is the mod flag limit?
It can't be 30, I think I would've hit it by now
7:11 AM
you get more per 1000 rep
Oh, that's right
@MichaelMrozek, it's something like 15 + rep/1000
Er. Wait, I just tried to flag something using a normal flag link, and got:
> You can only flag for moderator attention 10 times per day
But "flag for removal" is still working; are they going through or just silently failing?
If it's the latter I'm pretty sure like 60 flags were lost
@MichaelMrozek Those flags aren't normal mod flags I think
@MichaelMrozek, they're actually just using your clicks to generate electricity :)
7:15 AM
@YiJiang The meta post about them described it as "a very quick way to flag posts from moderator attention with a canned message", so I assume they are. They might not be limited though, that's what I'm curious about
InformModeratorVotesMaxPerDay { get { return Get("Reputation.InformModeratorVotesMaxPerDay", 100); } }
InformModeratorVotesRepScaling { get { return Get("Reputation.InformModeratorVotesRepScaling", 1000); } }
there are 2 types of flags ... inform moderator and spam/offensive
inform moderator has a different counter
Aren't "flag for moderator attention" and "flag for removal" both "inform moderator" flags?
yeah ...
there may be a bug on the standard flag page from what you are describing
I've been using "flag for removal", with no errors. I tried to use "flag for moderator attention" via the "flag" menu on a post, and got the error about being limited to 10 mod flags per day, but "flag for removal" continues to work
Weird... I see a 'Margaret' on my autocomplete list for 'M', yet I don't recalling anyone called that appearing in here recently
7:22 AM
@waffles, think I've spotted a bug, if you change the time scale, you stay on the same page, so if you're on page 10 and you switch to 'day' (for example), you get a count of 1, but don't see anything...
...I just went to the rooms list and it popped up the thing about "Welcome to meta chat! You need 20 rep to talk here". I'm still logged in and everything, I guess it just wanted to remind me
@MichaelMrozek Yeah, I've had that happen a few times too..
yeah ... good point @Benjol ... I need to call it a day ... crying baby downstairs :)
@MichaelMrozek Same here. Weird when that happens - I usually check if chat logged me out or something
@waffles, yup, babies take precedence, will you remember or do you want me to post on meta?
7:24 AM
post on meta is good
I want more people to know about this page ... that way we get free publicity for /review
thanks all
Good work @waffles, see ya later. :)
58 mins ago, by Michael Mrozek
I was going to go to sleep a while ago. And then I started reading the backlog in here ):
That was an hour ago
I'm leaving
Hahah, g'night @MichaelMrozek
@waffles, done:
Q: /review page doesn't reset page number when changing date span

BenjolOn the new '/review' page. For example: I went looking at 'thanx' answers for the year, got to page 10, and then tried 'day', I saw a count of 1, but nothing in the list.

7:42 AM
23 mins ago, by Michael Mrozek
I've been using "flag for removal", with no errors. I tried to use "flag for moderator attention" via the "flag" menu on a post, and got the error about being limited to 10 mod flags per day, but "flag for removal" continues to work
@MichaelMrozek this was an issue with the error message displaying the default number of flags a user starts with, instead of the actual number scaled by rep
a fix has been checked in and should be pushed tonight
1 hour later…
8:49 AM
Grrr... always nice waking up from afternoon naps with winds howling and rain pouring through the window
You could always shut the window before your nap :)
@Benjol Too much trouble... and who's going to sleep in a stuffy room with all windows closed?
But maybe I should. Rains in Singapore at this time of the year is pretty predictable
If you had a vertical opening window, that would be less of a problem
9:18 AM
Chat is horribly quiet at this time of day :(
@Benjol I know!
We should make enough noise to wake our new blue mod girl :P
Have you seen this question? Might be the right time to prod again for special treatment :)
Q: Getting Marc's chat notifications

marcogUnfortunately, the first name of a popular individual here is also a prefix of my username. As a result, I get his chat notifications whenever someone refers to him by just his first name. Is there a way to improve this? Besides my initial proposal that he find a new name. :) Perhaps take into a...

Anyway, it's 9am in London, so it should get more interesting in a while
@Benjol Yeah, I've seen that one, heh
That time I got the 'toast' before the chat updated.. interesting
10:05 AM
@Benjol man, I used to (...and still do, but not as much) receive beeps whenever my clan, "sf", and my shorter still nick, "bp" was mentioned on IRC.
"profile succesSFully tranSFerred" "1.00 eur = 1.28 gBP" "i have a 4 mBPs link"
@radp Hopefully nobody starts a discussion about Science Fiction or San Francisco
@radp, so things could be worse? :)
@Benjol Yeah, at least here at signs are required :)
I imagine @CRoss would be crossed if he got beeped at every mention of a cross.
Would be funny if I get notified everytime someone mentions the Yii framework
@YiJiang, would be funny if you got notified everytime someone mentioned @Yi :)
10:27 AM
@Benjol He wants that.
@radp, yeah, I know :)
Oct 6 '10 at 6:05, by Yi Jiang
@Benjol too late, I already was knee deep in the starred heap looking for that.
@YiJiang, :) Here, have another star :)
Morning @Marc, or should I say @MarcGravell? :P
So if I'm touching teh codez, do we think that @Yi should work?
(prods @YiJiang on the above)
@MarcGravell Ouch, what?
10:42 AM
@MarcGravell, I think you should give it a try, it's only fair :)
Yeah, but don't do it retroactively, else I'll suddenly get 100+ notifications in my inbox
thinks: you're going to have to rename your sock puppet to test this one :)
A Blue Unicorn :P
Or maybe My Blue Unicorn
10:54 AM
Gosh, it started raining again, and quite heavily this time
@MarcGravell kind of pointless, given that due to the notification system nicknames must have 3 letters :|
@radp I was assuming that he would fix that too, no?
Anyway, did anyone see Evan trolling on meta.physics?
A: Questions about suppliers for basic mechanical parts off limits?

Evan CarrollSeems as if with no better place to ask it, and with it being directly related to physics, it should be permissible. Why not just permit two new tags [manufacturer], or [supplier] for questions of those sort. [supplier] Where can I get a tapered bearing that can withstand 25,000 lbs? [manufact...

@YiJiang that is the notification system....
he does appear to be a successful user on some sites though :)
@MarcGravell Erm.. hang on, let me get this straight, you're going to allow things like @yi or @ma or @ra in comments and chat, right? Or is something else on your mind?
@radp That's the atheism beta. I'm talking physics here:
10:59 AM
...well, almost.
A: How to deal with US centricity?

Evan CarrollAll components of the internet are understood to be specific to the United States unless expressly noted otherwise. Everything is fine here, move along...

no, I didn't say that
@MarcGravell Oh. feels slightly let down
The current idea is to look for things in order:
@MarcGravell randomsort didn't work out too well for you I see.
1: most recent user with an exact full match
2: most recent user with an exact whole-word match
3: most recent user with a starts-with match
so @YiJiang is scenario "1"
@Yi is scenario "2"
11:02 AM
I fail at life, did I mention that?
if there are "Marc Gravell", Marco and Marcus in a room, then @Marc goes to Marc Gravell, but not Marco or Marcus, as Marc is scenario 2
get it?
(where-as @Marc is scenario 3 for Marco/Marcus)
How to detect if JavaScript is disabled using JavaScript:
Q: How to detect that JavaScript and/or Cookies are disabled ?

sword101Greetings all I want to make a script that checks if the JavaScript or Cookies are disabled in the user's browser and notify him any help ?

@MarcGravell Define recent
ok, ok; the user in the room who has spoken/joined most recently
:) Seriously, to my mind, presence in the room takes precedence over having posted in the last two days
11:06 AM
see "/joined"
I could check "polled" I suppose
@MarcGravell @RebeccaChernoff always polls chat 24-7, yet she isn't active for that amount of time
the problem is; if "Marc A" and "Marc B" are both in the room, @Marc should probably go to the most recent chatee/joinee
@Marc, no, in that case I must admit I kind of agree with @balpha that at some point, if it is truly ambiguous, I prefer pinging both/all matches, but narrowing those cases down is also a good thing
so everyone matching a tier gets notify?
so all full matches get notified, or if none all whole-word matches get notified, else all starts-with matches get notified (respecting the existing time cutoff rules for partial matches)
@MarcGravell, erhm, not sure of the exact point at which I'd do a 'broadcast', needs more thought :)
(Thinking out loud): I'd agree with your tiers, but I'd rewrite 'most recent' to 'anyone present in room, if no-one present then most recent poster'
I'll let you digest that, I've got a steak & chips to attend to ;)
11:17 AM
that sounds like a nice tweak
11:53 AM
(groan, too much steak and chips:)
@Benjol Hehehe. 40 mins for Steak and Chips, eh?
@MarcGravell, of course 'present in room' might need it's own sub-definition. permanent ghostly lurkers don't count. I'd hesitate between 'not yet greyed-out' and 'last message hasn't scrolled out of view yet'
@YiJiang, yup, now 3 hours to digest it whilst trying to work and not fall asleep. There's a reason I only use the work canteen occasionaly!
@Benjol Your work canteen serves steak and chips? :D
@YiJiang, today, yes
My school canteen serves food that's almost, but not entirely unlike food
12:13 PM
12:36 PM
2 hours ago, by radp
I imagine @CRoss would be crossed if he got beeped at every mention of a cross.
12:47 PM
ehrum, here comes @marcog, if I say @Marc, and MarcGravell is greyed out, and @marcog hasn't said anything yet, what do we expect to happen?
nothing special yet - I'm still working on somet' else. That is next on my list
But when I've done my change I would expect that to go to me... not really sure about the greyed out thing - @Marc still kinda feels more "me" than "marcog"
@MarcGravell, you may have a slight bias on that :)
@MarcGravell agreed
So that's tier2 :)
I can only recall one time when someone's referred to me as @marc
12:50 PM
I have to figure out whether I'm meant to respond to @Mark <g>
has anyone considered taking case into account here?
@Marcus Gravellius, I salute you!
as a weak identifier
e.g. @marc is slightly more likely to refer to me than @Marc
@Pekka All hail the developeratis in command!
I don't think we can rely on case much... IMO
12:54 PM
I notice you have been talking about Evan
And downvoting rings... Again :)
Speaking of mass voting, the voting on this question is just bizarre.
Q: My server's been hacked EMERGENCY

I'm on my way into work at 9.30 pm on a Sunday because our server has been compromised somehow and was resulting in a DOS attack on our provider. The servers access to the Internet has been shut down which means over 5-600 of our clients sites are now down. Now this could be an FTP hack, or some ...

But I guess it's a good thing: A sign that SF is getting lots of traffic
just shows how many sysadmins are in trouble and land there first :)
@Benjol yeah, probably :)
some nice answers there too
And marcog got 100 votes on his comment :)

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