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2:00 PM
I prefer to teach them NOT to repost their questions.
It'll just lead to bans.
on math, I expected this or a decline
@J.Steen You know that guy listened to every single request that was made of him, right? Seems like a model new user to me, even if his question isn't great. He probably just didn't realize closed questions could be reopened. The new one was an exact duplicate of the post-closed edited version of the original.
The whole debate on "should we be lenient towards new users" is something I'll not get into. The question was a duplicate when it was posted - I marked it as such. Then it got deleted. I don't know why you're making an issue of it.
maybe a comment cleanup will help him to get a good start here?
This has nothing to do with being lenient to new users.
2:05 PM
So why mention it?
@J.Steen I'm making precisely the same amount of issue of it as you did. One comment about it from each of us.
Why mention what? Being lenient to new users in general? I mentioned nothing like that.
Mine was autogenerated. I merely changed "possible" to "exact".
Good point. Since yours was auto-generated, that's about the same as it not existing. Sorry.
I'm not saying it doesn't exist. I marked the question as a duplicate. It generates a comment.
2:08 PM
(well, it doesn't exist now, since it's not a dupe anymore)
So, what's the issue? Why get confrontational about it in your own comment? The old question had barely been deleted when you posted that.
Mine's removed too.
I am, like all of us, just trying to keep the site clean.
@J.Steen I didn't intend to be overly confrontational about it at all. That was a perception on your end.
Aye. The last sentence could easily be perceived as that, so. =)
All removed now!
If "I don't see an issue here" is generally perceived as confrontational, this site's in a lot of trouble.
2:10 PM
Let's hope the user doesn't dig themselves into a question ban.
I don't see an issue here.
@JasonC It implies you think I'm making an issue of it. That's confrontational.
@JanDvorak Stop arguing with me.
I hate you all, I'm going to my room.
2:10 PM
@JasonC I'm not arguing with you
@JanDvorak Then I don't see an issue here.
@JasonC Well. Confrontational to me, anyway. Not an issue any more.
dona nobis pacem
@J.Steen Are you saying you don't see an issue here?
2:11 PM
I'll argue as much as I want! This is the internet!
Could we have some delvotes on this? It's apparently no longer an issue since the user decided to fix their screwed up design: stackoverflow.com/questions/29514315/…
Correct me if I'm wrong but are you asking for a challlennnngee??
@JasonC Being here is a challenge.
2:14 PM
Man, now I need to plug in my headphones.
It's not worth it, lol.
And that is an issue.
Yeah, not worth it.
Who of you is going to be a Mod?
BJB nominated himself
All of us.
2:16 PM
I'm going to be a backseat mod.
Then you should be a role model (correct term?)
@bummi yes
@SmokeDetector tpu
2:19 PM
Yup, that's the right term @bummi.
@ʎǝʞuoɯɹǝqʎɔ Blacklisted user.
nope that was the other post of her
@cky Can I brother you for a second? Got a question about the chat working that came to mind while speaking about a chat bot features.
He only wants to be your brother for a second, though.
2:20 PM
chest bump
@SPArchaeologist But what does that have to do with me?!
cv-pls stackoverflow.com/questions/29517238/… before it results in an answer
@cky "core developer at Stack Exchange" - I assumed you know how chat works too
@J.Steen Boom
2:22 PM
@SPArchaeologist This is my 3rd week at Stack Exchange, I don't know how much of anything works yet. :-P
@cky aaaaaaah ok :P sorry then.
How do magnets work?
I'm on the fence. Should I answer questions that are answerable by reading the documentation just briefly?
What's our mission on SO, anyway? To replace documentation?
@JanDvorak magnetism
2:23 PM
@J.Steen to replace brains
@JanDvorak Well, noone's using theirs anyway.
@cky Slacker.
@J.Steen I don't know. Usually when I see those I downvote (lack of research) regardless, then either close if it's unclear, or search for a dupe first then answer if it's still a decently specific question.
> @bjb568 If you have evidence of wrongdoing by some party, or better yet evidence that your behavior has improved, please cite it. I want to hear your counterargument. But if the behavior in this thread is any indication, I wouldn't feel comfortable on a site moderated using ad hominem and claims of change. (disclosure: I've frequented the JS room lately, but showed up after any drama) – ssube 5 mins ago
2:24 PM
It's decently specified.
@Andy Oh, btw. Did you get the SO CV room's FR about Zephyr?
@J.Steen Personally, I would have downvoted it then answered with an answer like in your comment. But that's just a preference.
@Sam Maybe? It doesn't sound familiar, so if I did, I haven't done anything with it.
@bjb568 He's right. Why are you quoting it?
@Andy K, well they were just asking if Z could post in there too, rather then just the HQ.
2:26 PM
@jonericson oh god what should I do? Debating the issue won't get anywhere, the information is invisible to me (deleted) anyway. If I try to argue, the thread will spiral into chaos and not I g good will come of it. I don't want to continue the conflict. Can the comments be purged?
Should I move it?
@JanDvorak it's just not something that can be discussed properly, especially in a nom theead
@J.Steen gets tons of questions that are answerable in the Javadocs, but for whatever reason people don't read / comprehend. Usually I take the approach of both answering the question and adding a little blurb about where it is in the documentation and how to find things in the docs in general. The idea being to make a friendly suggestion to read the docs and hope that it sticks.
@JasonC I have chosen to answer, just because... well. It doesn't deserve to be closed. Just downvoted.
It will turn into a flame war.
2:27 PM
Deal with it gracefully, bjb.
I can't.
You totally can.
grabs popcorn
2:28 PM
what should I say?
What you say isn't important, how you say it matters.
"Uh… Actually you're right I was a douche and won't ever be one again. I admit that I was like evil and abusive toward Uh… Everybody. Pls vote. Pls"
I can't do that.
> how you say it matters.
@bjb568 In any situation, it's always more honourable to tell the truth.
2:30 PM
I've tried discussing it ith them. Hell, I tried discussing javascript with them and they spun it into "bjb is a troll and his opinions are invalid"
@Sam Zephyr has no rep on SO. It can't post in that room.
@Sam I have
@JanDvorak please share some...
@bjb568 citation needed
2:31 PM
Search JS room transcript
@Andy Can we get a mod to add write access for Z on SO?
@Andy so you are Zephyr?
@JanDvorak also see example of serial downvoting provided
I've been wondering who has been perma lurking like 6 rooms on SO for the past however many months
@Andy pop in the so room with the bot
2:32 PM
@rlemon Zephyr is a bot that listens for CV requests. Andy built it.
But what does it doooooo?
@Unihedro I've never seen it interact on SO :P but it just so happens to lurk in all of the rooms the swastika troll was targeting.
I have my reservations about the account :D
@J.Steen It announces CV requests in the HQ (along with spam & review requests).
2:33 PM
glad to know it is just a bot for good purposes
@Sam Oh. Okay.
It listens for cv-pls requests from all rooms and reports it in a single place

Low Quality Posts HQ

Home of bots for catching low quality posts (and sometimes spa...
^ Home of a few quality control projects
2:34 PM
neat, TIL
@rlemon because bad intentions are assumed?
@Unihedro * That are still in beta.
@bjb568 perma lurking accounts that never log out for periods of months that join in the same time period as a known troll and in the same rooms... yea I had my suspicions
I'm in mind of building a bot that automatically submits suggested edits to posts that are deemed low quality, but I have a few side projects atm. :p
cough avoid disputes cough
2:35 PM
Whoa, step away for 2 minutes and get 3 pings.
lol @Andy
@rlemon Yes. Zephyr is mine. He's friendly.
@Unihedro Side projects, like breathing.
supports @Andy's claim, Zephyr is friendly
2:35 PM
Wb @Andy
@J.Steen And procrastinating.
@rene It should be in there already. If it's not, that listener crashed. I'll have to restart it when I get back home. I can't SSH out from the office
@Andy get him some rep :P
@rlemon It's all part of Andy's plan to infiltrate every room with a lurker, gain trust, then launch a massive coordinated troll attack.
@JasonC I KNEW IT!
@JasonC Hey, that was my plan with Pham/Gham/Yam.
AHHH none of my extensions are setup for chat.meta.se
@Andy It is not there yet, find a better employer that does allow SSH. You could try to use putty and tunnel out over 443?
@Pham Free NAA flags for everyone!
2:37 PM
Its spam
I meant the Pham one.
@Andy but I can wait till you get home as well...
@bummi Nookd.
@rlemon That's a rather unfortunate coincidence on my part. I added Zephyr to rooms that seemed to get a lot of cv-pls comments.
2:38 PM
Go home @Andy!
@Andy yea it is nice to know now :)
I hate chrome extensions. local copy works fine... publish to the store... "invalid manifest"
@InfiniteRecursion "Hi. Boss person...some random person on the internet said I can go home. So, I'm going home. Bye!"
@Andy You call your boss Boss person?
Say you are stuck in an Infinite Recursion....
2:40 PM
@rene Awwkwaard
@J.Steen Depends on how high the sarcasm meter is for the morning
@rene, just to confirm, you're looking for it to post here, right:

 SO Close Vote Reviewers

This room is for support and discussion about reviewing and co...
@Andy yes
I like how the election chat room is completely devoid of election discussion, and full of Tavern trains instead.
2:42 PM
It's the orange chat room we've all been secretly hoping to get back to.
@JasonC no
I don't like it
There are serious peoples.
goes to read the election room transcript
Someone's serious on the internet?
Can't see deleted messages... me no gusta :P
2:44 PM
The Tavern is one of the most serious places on the internet @J.Steen.
@InfiniteRecursion Then we're doomed.
@J.Steen NotASeriousQuestionVotedToCloseAlsoIHaveNoIdeaWhyISpeakInPascalCase
2:45 PM
@Unihedro I really was expecting more, like, nominee questioning in that room. It's been bumming me out.
@J.Steen No, I kick them frequently to restore peace in here :/
@J.Steen he does neither. Unclear!
@JasonC Close call.
@Unihedro BecauseIt'sBetterThanCamelCase.
The things fingers will do.
2:46 PM
@Sam huh? Looks like upper camel case, what's the difference?
@bjb568 IWasSpeakingInPascal.
^Best thing about SO2015: We find out that bjb knows English
My god, it's like every other message comes with a star in here
New users could ping John Skeet and get a badge out of it lol
2:50 PM
*Jon Skeet
@SterlingArcher Until bjb runs out of stars, that's how it goes.
wow, I just noticed the squared messages... that is nice
@J.Steen Not part of the official desc tho.
2:50 PM
@JanDvorak The acronym is still GIF. =/
Why is it getting so many upvotes. What the hell.
I point out someone fails to read documentation, I get one upvote. :p
Ohyeah. Anyone fly through Houston on a semi-regular basis, or have experience about that airport (IAH)?
My dad used to, does that help?
Not unless you can answer how long it takes to transfer from terminal C to terminal B.
I'm, like, European. I know sod-all about IAH.
2:58 PM
@Unihedro Yay for the 2015 Stack Overflow Moderator Election! Primaries begin in 5 days, 5 hours, 1 minute and 49 seconds.
I can't wait! :)
I can.
@J.Steen It's a pretty good question; I like it anyways. It's clear, a potentially common misconception, with a good answer. Might even be a mini gold mine.
@JasonC It is, for Patrick. =D Granted, he does give helpful answers, he deserves it. But still!
2:59 PM
50 views in 10 minutes, too.
@Bart I had done the googling on the internet, but hadn't finded that. Thanks in advantage.
@J.Steen I think I can hear Jan exploding a little
I live to please.
3:02 PM
> As your reputation is <10k, I assume you are not aware about what I meant by close votes. So if my assumption is true then FYI this section comes in moderator tools. [Mod nomination - stackoverflow.com/election/6#post-29508583]
> I spend >1 hour daily.
.... facedesk
I feel somewhat insulted.
@J.Steen me too
And existing mods should, too.
The lack of comment and post links on the election page is infuriating.
3:04 PM
@JasonC each and every election again
It's like they want to hide something.
@JasonC You need an election campaign. 5 stars on messages for each comment we add or something.
Is nicael involved?
@Unihedro Haha, brilliant.
I'd rather not know.
3:05 PM
So that's why nicael's been hiding.
Someone covered up nicael.
Vote for me in the primaries, I'll upvote 3 of your answers for free!
rofl that's OTT xD
@JasonC mhhhmmm missing smily
3:06 PM
See @bummi I am totally a role model.
The stars! They're blinking! <3
@J.Steen What have you done.
starry night!
@JasonC can I pull the "ill vote for you but sike I just wanted precious rep"?
starry, starry night
3:08 PM
Wow. We are really bored.
me too :(
This is almost as good as that one crazy question on meta that everybody kept toggling votes on.
Game rec plz
Every time @J.Steen votes for typo, the question gets like 1000 upvotes.
3:10 PM
$('.img.vote').each(function() {
function blink() {
  this.style.opacity = Math.round(Math.random());
  setTimeout(blink.bind(this), Math.random()*500+1000);
@J.Steen I am, that is for sure
I am become death, bringer of stars...
aww, I forgot about new stars
Don't tell me when I can perform this action again. You're not my dad!
No wonder I see fewer mods talking here lol
3:13 PM
ty Jan
@Sam Don't be confusing. It's not polite.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title: 50% off. Nike Air Max TN Cushioning Mens by Tags on drupal.stackexchange.com
Already gone.
@J.Steen But, "confusing" is my middle name.
3:15 PM
More people are here! So go reopen meta.stackexchange.com/questions/111493/…!
@hichris123 voted
I do not have the rep!
no repz to!
@Undo plz send teh coffee
3:17 PM
I'm givvin her all it's got, but I ain't got anymoor POUUWAH!!
dammit jim I'm a doctor not a moderator!
Stereotyping. That popular internet sport.
@rlemon ugh, that sounds so familiar. What's it from?
They're firing downvotes captain!
3:19 PM
star trek
@Undo Star Wars.
trek wars
@Undo Battle Trek Gate 1
3:19 PM
The Second Coming?
@J.Steen that's pretty impressive for most men
Why is William Shatner not wearing a shirt?
The real question is why are you questioning that
It's clearly against regulations.
3:22 PM
Damnit, someone's serious again.
One last before I go home.
Who's removing all the stars?! =(
@J.Steen Sounds like an excel question we can close with ot-software
Utterly unclear to me. And with that, adieu.
3:45 PM
yay! dark theme now works on chat.meta.se
my eyes were getting sore from all of the white
@rlemon YAY!
... Do I have to update?
permissions changed
justgetflux.com <-- good stuff, that Flux is
3:48 PM
... At last, no more orange!
in Stack Overflow 2015 Moderator Election Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 6 mins ago, by Benjamin Gruenbaum
I really hope he'll just say something like "Oh yeah, that was years ago and I've learned a lot since about talking to users - while I'm still an advocate of deleting bad content and keeping the site clean - I'd never write to a user using that tone or rhetoric again. All about learning" - or something like that. Since he hasn't - I think it's relevant.
@Unihedro and.. and.. and.. look! #ff0000
in Stack Overflow 2015 Moderator Election Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 3 mins ago, by Benjamin Gruenbaum
@JasonC Yes, definitely, 100%. If he literally copy-pastes that right now as a comment I'll drop it with a "Thanks, that's very comforting to hear - good luck!" right then and there.
@bjb You wanted to know what to say to end this. ^
also webm and gifv links onebox now
3:49 PM
@rlemon ooooooh
Say, what do these bars along the top of posts mean?
@Undo Pretty colors!
@Undo helps follow users in a heated discussion
click on the user menus to change them
they are auto generated to start
That is cool
3:51 PM
@rlemon AWESOME
much joy wow
oooh it works on network chat too
should work on chat.se chat.so and meta.chat.se
github.com/rlemon/se-chat-dark-theme <- repo if you're interested
Did you even adjust for the private-room red-box-around-the-text-box?
'cause it sure looks better
also, yay Subtle Patterns
@Undo the whatnow?
Private rooms have a red border around the text box
Only thing I don't like is that it's harder to see at a glance whether I'm in c.meta or c.se or c.so
3:54 PM
Ooh, nice @rlemon
@Undo "private rooms" ??
such things exist?
That they do
You weren't supposed to tell him @Undo
3:56 PM
private rooms
is this a meta thing?
@rlemon Only if the full moon is present and you're on the ocean.
@rlemon Nah, private rooms exist everywhere. They're just... private.
I requested access. LET IN PLOX!
you can boot me as soon as I see these styles
hehe, no can do.
3:57 PM
Just nominate yourself @rlemon
But the only difference I can see is .moderator-room on the body
body.moderator-room #input {
  border: 3px solid rgba(255, 0, 0, 0.5);
okay I'll patch that up then
but if it doesn't work....
Ohhhh it's translucent, that's why it looks different
what would you prefer?
sky is the limit
Myeah, that is it indeed @Undo

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