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12:02 AM
Q: Newbie to C, Pointers giving error ('p1' undeclared first use in this function)

George OthenHello O knowledgeable ones, I have before the for thine guidance. I apologise already for requesting this help but despite there being threads on this the code in these threds is far beyond my primitive knowledge so only further adds to my confusion I've just started pointers, I have the simpl...

> Hello O knowledgeable ones,

I have before the for thine guidance.

I apologise already for requesting this help but despite there being threads on this the code in these threds is far beyond my primitive knowledge so only further adds to my confusion
Posts like that make me want to have a buzzfeed-style separate vote count just for "funny".
sometimes I wish we'd found some way of making the "minimal understanding" close reason work
Would "cute" be for ASCII art?
I was reviewing close votes and I realized that I'd been doing it for much longer than usual.
12:10 AM
@AstroCB The election is rubbing off on you.
I thought maybe I'd found some exploit, but then I realized that it was UTC midnight, so review counts were set back to zero.
So I did ~70 in a row.
@Ixrec Yeah, or adorable code, like tiny little Perl scripts and stuff.
@JasonC Maybe they should grant mod powers in advance to all of the candidates to see how we use them.
I exhausted all 100 of my comment flags yesterday. It was kind of a strange feeling.
remembers when he would do that nearly every day
Ah, good times
12:13 AM
@JasonC PPCG would love that
We're up to 27 candidates, but the last two to be nominated have less rep than me, so that doesn't really concern me.
Kick list (I won't bother pinging anymore):
1. Ty221
2. Wobbuffet
3. Me
4. bjb568
5. hichris123
6. Unihedro
7. Undo
8. AlexisKing
9. Mooseman
^ @Frank You're famous on Google.
That's actually great.
I know, right.
12:23 AM
Say, what’s the URL for that spiffy election recommendation pamphlet from the League of Woman Voters that always arrives in the post before any serious election? :)
Also, why don’t the editing badges include Illuminator? :(
@tchrist Hmm; well there's lwvc.org/ballot-recommendations
(That’s a half-joke.)
@tchrist Because it's too rare.
@pizza Not much of an excuse though is it? :)
12:29 AM
@tchrist Is it the top, bottom, left, right, front, back, inside, or outside half?
@pizza To that point, I’m not utterly convinced of the need to make secret badges for certain far-beyond-gold things (say, 10x Copy Editor or whatnot) when they’re willing to make golds that are so rare.
@tchrist If you're interested in the genesis of the score: the discussion began here and Illuminator was included at early stages... then dropped, because it seemed that the users who are busy moderating typically won't have enough answers-edits to earn it.
I wouldn’t have minded an edit count, though.
It isn’t completely a moderation activity, but it is interesting.
Too many people stop at Copy Editor.
^ closed
12:44 AM
I got three upvotes on my top answers yesterday, and they weren't reversed by the serial voting script.
Not that I'm complaining.
I truly will never understand why, out of all of my posts, this one is #2.
It's just a GIF of a scrolling window...
Ooh nice animation. upvoted
Alright, who's doing that?
@AstroCB I thought it was static, then BOOM, scrolled! Upvoted for the plot twist.
Now that's my top post...
12:47 AM
My top posts are also super weird. One is an annoying Java vs. C++ debate, the other one is basically me relaying Google results, and gets like 1 steady upvote per week. It very slowly rose to #2.
> Would the down clickers please explain your reasoning?
Heh. "down clickers"
@AstroCB Upvoted your other top answer so it's top again
@Ixrec Don't feel obligated, but thanks.
@AstroCB "if you have a new question please use the ask question..."
12:48 AM
It's amusing =)
Tomorrow: the Tavern is deleted for voting fraud.
@JasonC I haven't been here that long so my top answers are all on questions that ended up in the HNQ sidebar sometime after I posted them; they were all "softball" questions but at least my answers are actually decent
@Roombatron5000 Wow that's getting weird, lol. That guy keeps posting those answers (3 now) and the downvote rate is the fastest I've ever seen.
@AstroCB Ya know, I might not be touting a top post that hasn’t even been garlanded with more than one wan silver yet if I were you. :)
@Ixrec programmers.stackexchange.com/a/270882/121251 Nice; they are good answers. There's a lot of value in the softball answers. I still haven't hit any goldmines yet. One of these days.
12:52 AM
And even that just a cosmic moment ago.
bizarrely the two big ones happened very early in my experience
This site is based on getting free labor in exchange for being allowed to implement mob rule. — Travis Banger 1 min ago
so my rep has been growing very, very slowly after I (accidentally) rushed the initial 2k
@JeremyBanks I think I've got another supporting constituent here for my rebel platform. ^
For posterity:
12:54 AM
@AstroCB that link rotted fast
Only strange attractors are destined to be treble digit posts, usually due to cosmic rays mutating the zombie mob.
@AstroCB Post?
A: Anybody interested in creating an independent group of Stack Overflow users?

Travis BangerWould the down clickers please explain your reasoning?

Yah, had found it.
I guess it’s Rooma-proof.
This site is based on getting free labor in exchange for being allowed to implement mob rule. — Travis Banger 5 mins ago
I can't stop laughing at "down clickers"
12:56 AM
^ @JasonC That's your new campaign slogan.
i need to hang out here more
that post is entertaining to me
Orca pod.
[ SmokeDetector ] Nested quote blocks in answer: Using GDAL inside MATLAB in Ubuntu by Fabio Delogu on gis.stackexchange.com
> –7 Okay, but note that much more severe abuse is being inflicted on YOUR SOURCE OF INCOME than this minor reply. – Travis Banger 46 secs ago
Source of income? Huh?
12:58 AM
@SmokeDetector fp
@tchrist exactly.
I don't think he understands how SO works
I guess a lot of you have 10k since all these links 404 for me
@tchrist Well, you know, I've always wanted to know why modern Perl avoids UTF-8 by default.
@rlemon Your perspicacity is showing.
!find bjb
@AstroCB Tell me more, tell me more!
@tchrist I'm not just another pretty face
Q: "put on hold as unclear what you're asking"

Travis BangerWhat part of "Anybody interested in creating an independent group of Stack Overflow users?" Should I type r.e.a.l s.l.o.w?

Yeah, just found that.
is it mean that I voted close as unclear?
1:00 AM
the comment it just got might be going too far
everything else about this is funny
I am dead serious, don't be surprised if this site faces a Class Action Lawsuit. — Travis Banger 23 secs ago
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: About Oscilloscope Probing Philosophy by alex on electronics.stackexchange.com
I've seen this a few times on meta now
1:03 AM
@rlemon Class-action lawsuit from one person?
More than one idiot?
how often do people threaten to sue SO?
Say it isn’t true.
@SmokeDetector ignore
@pizza Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
1:03 AM
I doubt that sponsors such as Microsoft and Google know what is going on here... — Travis Banger 16 secs ago
Didn't know they were sponsoring us
lol I love this guy
he's great
Does he want a users' union?
That's the only sense I could make of those posts.
he's gone far enough that I no longer feel tempted to point out that chat is the right place to ask that question
whatever he meant by it
1:04 AM
The loons are gaining on us.
@JeremyBanks Maybe he wants some drinking buddies.
@tchrist They passed us long ago
@tchrist hey now
@Undo Google does sponsor a lot of tags, and Microsoft also has in the past. (I don't see any right now.)
when people say loons I instantly think Canadians
been awhile since there's drama on MSO. grabs popcorn
1:06 AM
/me waits for third follow-up question
/me scared, I was the first to downvote and to vote unclear, I'll likely be named first in the lawsuit
yup, you're boned.
we're probably all complicit in the "abuse"
I understand that this guy is well, something unprintable, but one should be cautious about obliviating metaposts so quickly. It does not look good.
Q: "Please stop, this is ridiculous and not constructive for anybody. "

Travis Banger"Please stop, this is ridiculous and not constructive for anybody. " Freedom of Lawful Assembly is ridiculous? Suppression of dissent is constructive?

well these are not posts
these are just someone not using the forum correctly.
1:08 AM
What forum? :)_
it's not a forum, it's a meta!
@tchrist ? It was unclear what he was wanting in his original question.. and instead of editing and explaining what the heck he was wanting , he chose to rant
TIL that SE is run by the United States Government.
> Freedom of Unlawful Assembly is ridiculous?

FINE! ignore that any message-post medium is a forum on the internet :P JUST THROW LOGIC TO THE WIND!
:flips table:
1:09 AM
but in all seriousness
why are they all getting deleted rather than closed as "wtf are you asking"?
They are getting closed
But then they're also getting deleted
I can see the first one staying open?
err, not deleted
rest are just noise
I was in the middle of typing a comment asking him to clean up his question and clarify when it was deleted
1:10 AM
the first one was deleted for me before the second one appeared...
maybe I clicked the wrong link
He's off the deep end now though :|
yea a mini meltdown
nope, it's deleted
I have a bad feeling about this.
He's suspended now.
1:11 AM
he needs to cool down
Told you.
I did actually want to know what he was asking...
All those down-clickers.
it does seem like the original question should have been closed and not deleted
1:11 AM
I agree
I voted to undelete, FWIW.
however the answers needed to go
@meagar Me too. Mine would have been better. Vote for me.
interestingly, AstroCB's screenshot shows up in the transcript even though it was broken for me when he/she/it originally posted it
1:13 AM
Astro is a boy!??
Astro is a boy-machine
not a real boy, but modeled after one. with badass rocket boots.
I was just talking about gippettoing this morning, too.
@Ixrec Github profile, linked from Astro's SO profile.
1:14 AM
My cats are wondering what the heck I'm laughing at.
my cats just bite me and walk away :(
I'd settle for that. I've got one that's 16 lbs of mostly muscle who really likes jumping on my keyboard when my laptop's in my lap, and he's not very graceful. It's intense.
I hope bjb's not too bummed out, he had a rough online day.
Send him mousies.
1:22 AM
in CoGro Musings, 23 hours ago, by jmac
Documentation: when you need it, it doesn't exist. When you're best equipped to create it, you don't have time to. When you do have time to create it, you've already forgotten what should be in it.
If we cropdust a 10 square mile area of Cincinnati around the Children's Hospital with mice, we should be able to get him.
@pizza It appears we've moved from stalk bjb time to stalk Astro time.
Unfortunately, you can't really exploit xkcdBot.
But I guess that's mostly because it's not currently functional.
@pizza Pretty much.
But I guess that's mostly because it's not currently functional.
1:25 AM
@AstroCB Middle name J?
Apartment 5?
@Qantas94Heavy Morning
Man I was trying to go to bed like an hour ago. Night all.
Ah, awake from nap.
2 answers need another downvote for roomba here stackoverflow.com/questions/68720/…
@JasonC was asleep
1:40 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: How would stoning of an adulterer actually be carried out under the Law of Moses? by Lucy on hermeneutics.stackexchange.com
@JasonC Nope.
@pizza I know of one well-meaning user caught by that sting.
@SmokeDetector fp whore
@JanDvorak Registered answer as false positive.
1:42 AM
@bjb568 I wanted to make sure you knew something: I don’t think zeal and passion are bad things. Not at all.
They're not bad, but they're often accompanied by criticism-blindness, where you see every piece of information not in accordance with your belief as a personal attack on you.
@SmokeDetector fp Don't know what triggered that
@SmokeDetector What keyword? Is the site blacklisted?
@AstroCB Registered answer as false positive.
@AstroCB Nothing somebody says before but counts.
1:46 AM
@AstroCB I think it may be spam, actually.
@pizza Unlikely; it appears to be relevant to the question.
That wasn't an fp.
@AstroCB No. bit.ly/1JmmS1Z
Totally a spam bot.
@AstroCB so is much spam
Hmm...clever spam.
spam apple.stackexchange.com/a/179960 (formal announcement) :)
1:48 AM
Athena take them all.
Huh? I was pinged in deleted post?
!whois bjb
@bjb568 Yeah I tried manually replying to smokey's removed post but typed your post id instead.
The keyword that triggered that was "Brorsoft", btw.
1:49 AM
@JasonC It wouldn't do anything. (a) Smokey wouldn't be notified; (b) It parses the message to see what it should do; if there is no message...
spam gone, meanwhile.
@pizza Yeah well, I parsed ur mom last night, twice.
The cleverest spam I've seen recently was the experts exchange seed + answer with links replaced, linking to a spam post on a legit forum.
!find Jason C
1:52 AM
@bjb568 Spam.
!se knob
1:52 AM
@JasonC expertsexchange
!se AstroCB
!se James
!se doorknob
1:52 AM
Cap's !!mustache command is the best.
I think we broke it. :(
!se James
!se bjb
oh @bjb568 we meant to ask, what is the timeout on your 'Morning!' bot?
1:53 AM
in Sandbox on Stack Overflow Chat, 3 hours ago, by Jason C
!!/mustache Jon Ericson
because we had a very very long discussion and test yesterday
It's broken
Or turned off
@James It's complicated.
On my way to Pita Pit; keep an eye on this in case it's a seed.
1:58 AM
Looks very sus
Dammit, computer crashed, where was I
Oh yeah:
user image
We need that bot in here all the time.
I like how the baby's moustache is bigger than his
I know, right
!se BJB
2:07 AM
!se bjb
!se bjb568
!se Jason C
Oh I'll stop crying
Ok, it was a rate limiting issue.
!se bjb
2:08 AM
@James I believe you mean, "wat"
@JasonC I have no idea what you are talking about
It works brilliantly
@James Apparently ok; answered by an established user.
@pizza good to know
2:21 AM
@pizza SU said that was spam.
@hichris123 Yes, Jason C confirmed this post as tp with google search.
Identical messages were left around the web by that bot.
Let's try this again: reopen votes please: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/111493/…
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website, Blacklisted user: World Of Warcraft Tokens Price And Release Date Revealed by user263838 on gamedev.stackexchange.com
@hichris123 Why?
2:27 AM
@TimPost Looks like this is fixed if you onebox a SE post with HTTPS, but XKCD oneboxes still break. Could you add [status-completed] to this question and reopen meta.stackexchange.com/questions/111493/…;? Thanks! — hichris123 Mar 29 at 22:26
The question I want reopened is broader than the question it's duped to -- the dupe only mentions SE posts, but the one I want reopened mentions XKCD & others.
@hichris123 Should we try to reopen meta.stackexchange.com/questions/210585/… too and get it marked as a dupe of meta.stackexchange.com/questions/111493/…?
(Or possibly the other way around, actually, since the one we're trying to reopen seems to just use xkcd as an incidental example, but the one I just mentioned explicitly mentions xkcd.)
@JasonC shrug do as you see fit.
I just ended up doing as you saw fit, because I'm confused and it seems to make sense.
I put a reopen vote on the one you mentioned and linked to the XKCD one in a comment there. The universe can handle it from here.
you all know you can use /1-5 to produce different mustaches right?
> You have already voted to reopen this question; you may recast your vote in 10 days
2:33 AM
I won't be satisfied until I see mustache #6.
#3 is my favorite
@JasonC you'll have to settle for 1+5
@Doorknob I'm a fan of #1 myself
how can I be so foolish to think it is 1 based :(
2:36 AM
@JasonC Pro tip: stick a ! in front of the URL to force onebox an image.
or add #.png but that is a neat tip[ @Doorknob
The elusive mustache #0!
@Doorknob Oh word.
@Braiam Wow.
someone rejected it... dunno in what basis
2:38 AM
People..... the robo reviewers...... just wow
I don't want to follow that link at work, but I'm just imagining that it's a spam site
just a file directory
Yeah I looked at it it's just some weird file directory.
@James I think it's a little joke on editor's part.
or is using windows
Well, IMO he should not be at all surprised if the edit gets rejected as spam
2:41 AM
@Braiam What's up with that URL he added though... was that part of the intent of your answer?
its his first edit too
@JasonC its the repository
if you read the context, you will notice
Oh I see, he actually left an answer at unix.stackexchange.com/a/137849/49422, then edited his answer into yours.
That seems maybe reasonable, although he didn't actually know why his answer worked.
Oh ok, but I still think that leaving such a stupid edit comment is grounds for flagging
2:46 AM
blacklist kandidate bestcelebritiesvideo.com
blacklist kandidate: Kardashian
(of course, so far we don't know if this will be a thing)
@pizza blacklisted
Also, are you going bjb on us?
not directed at you (not your fault), but "you can't" is never an acceptable answer for all algorithms in P. — Michael 2 hours ago
translations please?
what the heck is "P"?
@Braiam He means all algorithms in pizza.
2:49 AM
P vs NP? Not working on there.
@JasonC lets ask @pizza then
algorithms with polynomial-time?
Algorithms are my second least favorite topping besides pineapples.
(arbitrary guess)
2:51 AM
uhh, it's a failed attempt at joke?
@Michael I'm not sure what you are trying to convey. — Braiam 8 secs ago
Wait, that comment makes zero sense in the context of your post
@Braiam More seriously, yes, he means P class problems, and my interpretation is that it was a (poorly executed) joking way to say "You can if you try hard enough."
But you also said "unless you want to modify the sources", which defeats his attempt, assuming my interpretation of his comment is correct.
@JasonC well, you know what? NOT GONNA HAPPEN!
I think, really, it was just a bad joke. But he tried.
2:54 AM
it would be an bad UX design
F1 is hammered in the users/devs/cows that it means "help!?!?!?"
I'm not sure if vim and "UX" belong on the same page together. Yeah, I went there.
@hichris123 c->k replacement is associated with that name... late evening attempt at humor.
Also Pita Pit was closed due to some emergency. :(
@JasonC oh well...
@pizza Aw. I can relate. My favorite french fry shop was destroyed in a gas explosion a few weeks ago.
2:57 AM
@JasonC that's a very big BBQ
For serious

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