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9:02 PM
On a less serious note, did I miss anything good in the scroll back? ;) I barely sorta maybe skimmed it.
@PopularDemand Message. #SomethingTangentiallyRelated
OMG THERE'S WEATHER OUTSIDE! #localairportcode
@GeorgeMarian Depends on how far your scrollback goes. There were some grade-D Mrozek Moments in there. Maybe something from balpha, too.
@GeorgeMarian Deviled. Eggs.
I'm in the second grade! #justinbieber
@PopularDemand Well, it doesn't go very far now. :)
mmm...eggs...i should probably eat something
9:06 PM
@GeorgeMarian Oh, did you mean "everything in my 'load to my last message' list"?
A: Show all of my question/answers to me even if they are deleted

Jeff AtwoodGenerally when things get deleted, it's for a good reason, and we don't want users to be undeleting them -- there's a reason we require 10k rep to "see" deleted items at all, and only moderators can see deletions in a user's profile.

Ah, no. I rarely leave the room.
@GeorgeMarian You're right. All the highlights got moved to chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/366/…
@Shog9 Ah, thanks.
An interesting contrast to the P.SE migration problem:
Q: Allow a moderator migration to strip off the community wiki flag

Chris Jester-YoungPeople have on occasion asked whether golf questions on SO should be migrated to Code Golf Stack Exchange. Notwithstanding whether this should or shouldn't be done, I think we should fix one big hurdle for doing such migrations: Golf questions on SO are community wiki. Golf questions on CGSE are...

9:09 PM
> We have a strict policy of no more than three characters for variable names (for performance reasons)
balpha said it, it must be true.
Am I off base with this answer/comment train? Or are the commenters crazy (as I feel):
A: Securely Run Cron Jobs with Zend Framework

ircmaxellOne way is to set an environmental variable. So in your crontab SCRIPT_RUN_ENV=cron * * * * * foo.php // Whatever your line is Then, in the application, just check that: if (get_env('SCRIPT_RUN_ENV') != 'cron') { echo "Program cannot be run manually\n"; exit(1); } Now, anyone can s...

@ircmaxell the commenters are crazy
Woo Hoo! I'm not crazy (well, for that reason at least, I know I am off my rocker for other reasons)
I was just about to say that...
9:14 PM
Or maybe I'm just as crazy as you?
Or maybe everyone is crazy, and the crazy ones are really sane...
You're all crazy. Including the OP on that question.
stoner voice: Woah, you just blew my mind man...
9:14 PM
I don't know why they think anyone can set an environment variable for a php script your server.
Is this an http protocol thing I'm not aware of?
@mootinator Because they don't know how *nix works. Or HTTP.
In otherwords, Blame PHP
of course
@mootinator Hey, you didn't write their secret admin page where you can exec any input in a textbox.
Ugh. Just read the bit where he wants a remote cron to be able to run this thing via wget. Yes, definitely all insane.
> PHP and crontab are independent environments and good coder always keeps his area-of-work separate

What does the second half of that sentence even mean?
9:19 PM
@KlausByskovHoffmann It means I think I know everything about one area, so anything else must be evil and avoided at all costs :-D
@KlausByskovHoffmann LeftHand(RightHand()); // CODE SMELL!
@KlausByskovHoffmann That's like saying unix and C are independent environments and a good coder always keeps his area-of-work separate. Therefore command line arguments are bad.
Well, Apache and PHP are independent environments and a good coder always keeps his area-of-work separate. Therefore HTTP is bad
Haha, you guys crack me up :-D
Hmm, " Not by some anonymous user and not by someone that has to log in?" gives me an idea.
9:22 PM
Damn, where does that leave ActiveX ???
Or taken to the logical extreme: Well, Instructions and Memory are independent environments and a good coder always keeps his area-of-work separate. Therefore you should never have both in the CPU at the same time...
awaits his downvotes
3 of them, ideally, there's a badge I'm missing.
@mootinator Hm? Where would you like them?
A: Securely Run Cron Jobs with Zend Framework

mootinator Not by some anonymous user and not by someone that has to log in? Use an x.509 client certificate.

Sockpuppets, attaaaaaaaaaaaack!
9:25 PM
Well played moo
@mootinator well, you got a +1 from me, so you need 4 now :-P
It might be a good idea but you have to admit, not really an answer.
So there you go... 2 more needed
I <strike>almost</strike> upvoted just to annoy @moot
I don't get why he wants to have a remote cron job invoke the script over HTTP.
9:28 PM
@Tim: I think it's a case of fixation.
@TimStone maybe he doesn't have ssh access?
When someone focuses so hard on implementing a solution that they forget about the problem all together and don't realize that there are other solutions...
@Fosco I am moving to PA now
Otherwise known as being a gynecologist (having tunnel-vision)
9:29 PM
@KlausByskovHoffmann He seems to be running the job locally right now, so I dunno. :P
@TheRenamedException Haha, all part of my evil plot to earn 24 rep from a zero score post.
@mootinator rats, I was foiled again!
Hm, your download is a bit better than mine @Fosco :P
this is going to be sad
9:30 PM
@TimStone FIOS?
@Fosco Yeah
should really decipher this e-mail thread and figure out what he should be working on.
Anything of note going on in the world today ya'll?
@TheRenamedException draws a 50 mile circle around Philadelphia
9:32 PM
@TheRenamedException Who says that's his?
You've fallen for his trap.
And, I'm paying for that????
@TimStone /me colors in areas where VZ offers FTTH ...
1.4 mbit each direction
(won't let me post the link for some reason)
9:33 PM
@TimStone Popular Demand's sockpuppet army can sniff you out within a 50 mile radius without any difficulty! Quick, buy some tide and an iron!
@TheRenamedException Uh oh. runs
@drachenstern programming drugs, pictures of food, people being crazy... Something about @MichaelMrozek No not really.
@mootinator wait, we can program drugs now? .. hmmm
@mootinator also, that's as I expected
sum1 send me teh codez
plz... want to program drugs asap
@KlausByskovHoffmann Anyone who wants to call themselves a programmer should be able to program a simple drug in assembly.
9:35 PM
@drachenstern Hahah :P
I hate Time Warner
@mootinator yeah but I want the LoLCode source... only programming language that I ever learned
I get about 20Mb/s down when nobody else is using it. But upstream kills me
@TheRenamedException I can see you sitting there waiting for commits now.
@TimStone How do you think I got to be the #1 chat user? ;-)
9:37 PM
@ircmaxell that last comment there is pretty harsh... wtf
Maybe i can make you smile a bit and feel better about that
too bad you can't downvote comments
@edorian thank you. I do feel better now :-)
9:39 PM
@edorian is that on 3g?
@KlausByskovHoffmann carrier pigeon
in The SO Tavern (General) on Stack Overflow Chat, Nov 18 '10 at 9:41, by Quinn1000
i say, if we can't even program a simple Malaysian Tiger down to the nTh degree of accuracy, then what are even claiming to be progammers for?
@KlausByskovHoffmann There is no 3G anywhere around here :) Thats plain old DSL
That particular message stays with me, because I really believe it's true.
@edorian sorry to hear that man
9:40 PM
where DSL stands for Damn Slow Link
In computer networking, IP over Avian Carriers (IPoAC) is a humorously-intended proposal to carry Internet Protocol (IP) traffic by birds such as homing pigeons. IP over Avian Carriers was initially described in RFC 1149, a Request for Comments (RFC) issued by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) written by D. Waitzman and released on 1 April 1990 (April Fools' Day). It is one of several April Fools' Day RFCs. Waitzman described an improvement of his protocol in RFC 2549, IP over Avian Carriers with Quality of Service (1 April 1999). IPoAC has been successfully implemented, but fo...
DSL was great for me...when I lived a block away from the CO.
> IPoAC has been successfully implemented, but for only nine packets of data, with a packet loss ratio of 55% (due to user error[1]), and a response time ranging from 3000 seconds(~54 minutes) to over 6000 seconds(~1.77 hours). Thus, this technology suffers from poor latency. Nevertheless, for large transfers avian carriers are capable of high average throughput when carrying flash memory devices
That's hysterical
9:42 PM
ok, I'm gone again
@drachenstern Like a gust of wind...
DSL was good for me years ago. These days there are so many customers connected to the DSLAM that I loose my connection completely several times a day. Not pleasant when working from home over VPN
@TheRenamedException that is hysterical :-)
I have the choice between 1.5Mbps DSL 1.5Mbps terrestrial wireless and satellite where I live.
Sorry, @edorian.
I think the satellite is also 1.5Mbps. It has significantly more latency though.
9:45 PM
@mootinator live on one of the poles, do you? :-P
Part of my concern about moving to the NC mountains is reliable internet; I am considering satellite as a backup...
BRB, polar bear attack.
I somehow beat you all at upload. Hm.
9:46 PM
@mootinator, nah, I know... if you did you'd have gigabit access through a military base :-P
@jjnguy I envy you in a nerdy kind of way
@KlausByskovHoffmann Thanks!
Too bad I'm at work :(
9:47 PM
@jjnguy cheater
This isn't really me.
That's cheating. :P
you have a job? Now I envy you even more :-P
I'm happy with my connection since it's almost exactly what I pay for. I think there's a tier or two above me, but.
@KlausByskovHoffmann Haha, inded
@GeorgeMarian I know. At least I came clean.
9:48 PM
@TimStone yeah well my connection is often what I pay for. Doesn't mean I am happy with it :-p
I'm annoyed that noone offers to sell me a fiber line
@TheRenamedException They actually advertise that terrible upload? :P
(for less than 10k$ a month that is)
@TimStone they do!
9:49 PM
Speaking of jobs....when's this lady gonna call me back? I couldn't pick up the phone when she first called. I was at the vet's office talking to the vet when she called last week. =/
That test is a lie, I have torrents going :P
@GeorgeMarian If you can't be bothered to sacrifice your pet's life for a job opportunity....
torrents? is that slang for YouPorn?
Heh...I blame the iPhone. Such a crappy cellphone. It doesn't display Caller ID. =/
9:51 PM
It's slang for wife wanted to watch a movie we can't find anywhere else.
This makes me want to set up a VM at my datacenter and install Ubuntu Desktop just to run a speedtest from there :-)
@TheRenamedException My company hosts a popular website. I have almost unlimited bandwidth.
@jjnguy Sigh. I've been banned from Pandora/Slacker/&c. while my company upgrades for IPv6, or something. (It's been several months, I don't remember their official reason anymore.) Supposedly we'll get it back late this year....
@PopularDemand That sucks. I live by pandora.
@PopularDemand I even pay for it!
9:54 PM
@jjnguy You should talk to @TheRenamedException about that.
Where's that ALL CAPS room? ;-)
@PopularDemand Oh, Whay?
10:06 PM
> What use is a phone call when you cannot . . . speak?
Can anyone recommend a good strategy for obtaining the gold badge in the [status-norepro] tag?
@KlausByskovHoffmann LOL
@KlausByskovHoffmann Step 1: click . Step 2: click on the first result. Step 3: add an answer reading "I cannot repro this." Step 4: repeat steps 2 and 3 for all results.
@PopularDemand yeah, I'd prefer a strategy that involved me being the OP though
You only get the tag badges for votes on answers
10:16 PM
Darn it... I was hoping to spend the next many months posting long descriptions of non-reproducible bugs :-P
The stackoverflow chatrooms are (almost) completely dead. Has the SO team acknowledged this or commented on it in any way? I mean was it worth the investment? I don't know how much time has been put into the development, but it can't have been just a few hours.
@PopularDemand - I've Requested permission to speak in the Tavern Hallway.
@KlausByskovHoffmann It's just a quiet time of the day
And anyway, they've already said that it was initially for internal use anyway, so...
Really? From a European point of view the chat is usually very quiet
Anyone know how to vertically center a "select" element?
@YiJiang, oh ok. Didn't know that.
10:23 PM
@Moshe wut?
@Moshe nobody requests permission to speak in the secret tavern rooms. They purchase permission ;-)
@TheRenamedException Erm, I sacrificed a weekend to make a userscript for the benefit of the community, mkay? :P
@KlausByskovHoffmann because you can't see our hands?
@Shog9 I've got a dropdown element, I want to make it centered vertically in the line which contains it.
Say, line-height: 60px;
I want that select to be centered.
Speaking of which, @RebeccaChernoff: <whine>When do I get my t-shirt? @JeffAtwood promised </whine>
@PopularDemand - Can you add me to the talk list please?
10:28 PM
@Moshe have you tried vertical-align?
@Shog9 Yea, er, hang on
  vertical-align: center;
@Moshe When you start each day by posting a shirtless photo here, with "Stack Overflows" scrawled on your gut
vertical-align uses middle, not center
@KlausByskovHoffmann ooooh
@KlausByskovHoffmann Boom!
10:30 PM
@Shog9 are you trying to get him a shirt or get him banned? :-)
@KlausByskovHoffmann No, I think you are wrong.
@TheRenamedException I'm not picky
Feb 25 at 17:55, by Jeff Atwood
I would be more than happy to t-shirt and sticker anyone who feels like taking it on.. I don't think it'd be that hard
@Moshe I think not:

Value: baseline | sub | super | top | text-top | middle | bottom | text-bottom | <percentage> | <length> | inherit
@Moshe I did link to the documentation...
10:32 PM
@KlausByskovHoffmann Well Safari seems to agree with me...
So, should I make a userscript which turns integers in my e-mails to links to fogbugz, or put up with two whole extra clicks and make a context menu item which creates a fogbugz url from the selected text?
@Moshe well, safari is the boss of w3.org, so...
At any rate, I'm supposed to have this page up for our school's auction and I'm fighting with CSS. I've been doing CSS and JavaScript all weekend and then some...
@Moshe you can only vertically center elements witha defined height
Ok, @Moshe, I gotta ask: what are you trying to align your element relative to
10:33 PM
@Moshe yeah, it's frustrating I know...
@Shog9 The div it's in
well, there's your problem
@Shog9 er? I made the line-height the same as the div's height
Do you have any other text in the div with that select element?
10:35 PM
@Shog9 Yes, I do
@Moshe and how does that appear within the box?
centered, when I use "center", not when I use "middle"
@Moshe "I would be more than happy to t-shirt and sticker anyone", I think maybe you misunderstood. Jeff means he's going to put stickers all over you and then create a T-shirt with a picture of you covered in stickers with the text "OMG WTF STICKRZ!" on it. He's going to wear that shirt himself...
@TheRenamedException Heh, at least I'll get to wear the stickers...
@Moshe I know, I DO WANT stickrz!
10:38 PM
I stand corrected.
vertical-align: middle
is correct
"There's nothing like knowing what you're doing" - John Gosling, Google Tech Talks, 2009
"I feel like everything has happened naturally." - Ryan Gosling
> You've earned the "Popular Question" badge for How valid is the proposed P=NP solution for the 3-SAT problem?. See your profile
and like the wind I go "whoosh
@Moshe: played around in Chrome a bit, vertical-align seems to work just fine... Not sure what you're seeing, but I'm tempted to put it down to a Safari bug.
10:54 PM
@Shog9 Okay, I am cleaning up my CSS now and trying again.
@Moshe try chrome or ff to compare...
@KlausByskovHoffmann Hang on
it often makes it easier to find the offending style. Also, remember that firebug can help you a lot... it will allow you to fiddle with the styles directly so you don't need to change the source constantly (and worry about caching and having forgotten to save)
@Moshe don't worry lol, dang
@RebeccaChernoff I'm not worried.
puts on serious face
10:58 PM
I need to take another look at it and see what you've done last night / today

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