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There are really yummy things in that room!
Oh, no, // @include http://meta.askubuntu.com/*
@TimStone except that it is in there.
7:01 PM
lolwut o_O
Alright, lemme join and see if I can reproduce it.
Oh my god the notification bars.
Oh wow, what the hell?
@Nyuszika7H bzzzt, belongs in "Visual representations of nutricious materials"
7:04 PM
@PopularDemand You think a cat is yummy?
@PopularDemand Anyway, shouldn't it be nutritious?
@Nyuszika7H The older ones get all stringy.
1 hour ago, by balpha
also plays his ESL card
I made a typo. Fixed now.
@RebeccaChernoff /blames Jin
7:06 PM
Man, I thought at least Mrozek would star something promoting eating kittens. I'm pretty sure that's his standard breakfast.
@TimStone blaming Mrozek is more fun, but I guess I can work with that.
@RebeccaChernoff Got ya covered!
@rchern Can I link to an older revision of a chat message?
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah, lemme figure out how to fix that. Is this the only place you've noticed it?
@rebeccaChernoff have you seen the update? It works in Firefox now too. I've also taken care of a lot of styling issues. (This actually requires an uninstall of the old script, which may interfere with the update.)
7:09 PM
@Moshe I haven't. I've thought of more features though. I got tired of looking for bugs! q:
@TimStone yeah
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah, who designed this site? Was it Jin, or was it someone else?
@TimStone Which site, AU?
Oh, damn, right. I guess we can't really blame Jin.
@Rebecca what features?
7:11 PM
Q: Design Ideas for the final site

Jorge CastroHi everyone, At the beginning of the beta I linked up Mat Tomaszewski from the Canonical Design Team to work with Jin Yang from SO on the design for the final site. I am posting the design here on his behalf since he doesn't have the rep (yet!) Home page: Question Page Error Page (a litt...

Jin in collaboration with Mat Tomaszewski.
Ah, thanks.
We can blame them both then.
@Moshe having it assume you want the true site design by default and moving the link to the user's profile page (prefs tab) and letting them choose either the clean theme or another site's theme.
Someone put a position:relative on .container just because they couldn't figure out how to make the footer work better, which unsurprisingly messes up my position:absolute. Maybe I can relatively position it, meh
Well if someone installs te script, don't they want te clean theme?
7:14 PM
user image
@MichaelMrozek That's an awful lot of secret meta SO reps
@badp I get a lot of respect there. Unlike some metas which shall remain nameless. I suppose I should've given myself a diamond
@MichaelMrozek A+ for effort. Have a star.
@Moshe Perhaps not on every single site, maybe just one. Which is why I think defaulting to not overriding is important.
7:16 PM
@MichaelMrozek Given the amount of time and votes, I think they simply waived the one voter per user condition
@MichaelMrozek >_<
so Jeff downvoted you 40 times on his own before agreeing with you.
Makes sense.
Ah. But then it needs per site settings.
@badp The downvotes represent the strong objection to even considering inviting @balpha
7:17 PM
No knocking on @balpha - dude writes code that blows my mind!
@RebeccaChernoff E-mail it to me so I can judge
yeah...no. (:
7:19 PM
balpha revolution 2: now with 4D unicorns!
Rumor has it that Libyan Leader is giving away free money.
also, dammit @balpha - I have that song stuck in my head again now. ):
7:22 PM
@Shog9 do I even want to know how you went from devolution to deviled eggs? |:
Mmmmm... deviled eggs...
I am going to eat donuts now, while thinking of eggs. But first, LOOK AT MY EYES!
Anyone know how/if it's possible to track an ip address to a street?
@Moshe just walk behind it and don't lose it
Step #1: Subpoena ISP records
7:26 PM
Heh. Seriously.
@shog9 that might just happen
I'm serious though, unless you can trace the IP to an owner company with a fixed location (unlikely), you can track it to their ISP and perhaps city, but getting the street would mean getting the actual subscriber.
@RebeccaChernoff Should be fixed now.
There's also no problem with it on MAU, so I can only assume you're crazy. ;)
but that's the exact post it didn't work on!
7:33 PM
Ah, user bug. :P
@TimStone Um, shouldn't the suggestions pop down below the comment box, instead of covering what you're replying to?
@RebeccaChernoff The author of the post always gets notified of comments, so they aren't added to the list of names unless they also commented on the post (since then you might do it as clarification)
well blah
-1 >_<
Is this a real bug, or is it just my browser?
@TimStone Autocomplete doesn't seem to work in Chrome
7:36 PM
@badp Well, it only does it so long as you type the name, I thought it wasn't that big of a deal.
Putting at the bottom feels awkward.
@Nyuszika7H Eh, works for me? Do you get an error or anything?
@mootinator Oh, we've seen that before...it's not you.
@mootinator Looks right here
@mootinator Weird! I'm viewing your MSO profile now, and I see avatars everywhere except UI.
@TimStone nope
@mootinator avatars depicting faces aren't allowed on webapps.SE. Facebook has a monopoly on the combination "Face"/"WebApp"
@TimStone Ah, kay.
7:37 PM
oh wait, that's webmasters
joke's on me :\
@mootinator Everyone will go view your profile and see different things, and then it will eventually be right for everyone. :P
Okay, now we just need to merge the two views.
7:39 PM
@Nyuszika7H Do you have a specific example of where it isn't working?
@TimStone comments
@PopularDemand You link me as though I wasn't the person who up voted already. ;) But yeah, I saw. :D
@Nyuszika7H Do you have the latest version?
@TimStone yep
@TimStone Aha! Now I know who to hate: everyone else. Especially Grace Note, who commented and didn't upvote.
@Nyuszika7H The one I just pushed out a few minutes ago? Maybe you have another script that's breaking things?
@PopularDemand Hahah, yeah! I don't disagree with Grace Note's comment, but that doesn't suddenly make me non-curious, so.
@RebeccaChernoff I can always change it so it lets you @-notify the author of the post too, by the way. I just didn't want people to think it was necessary.
Playing the @emailgame saved me 5m 6s and got 11 emails out of my Inbox. I scored 800 points! Can you do better? http://emailga.me
Q: Coding on drugs - what can you recommend?

codecraftCan anyone tell me what the effect of various drugs are on coding style, and if coding on drugs can be more productive, or more fun? Are some types of drugs better suited to certain tasks and phases of software development? And which programming languages are best suited to coding on drugs? It ...

Like my answer?
7:54 PM
@ircmaxell ah yes... perfect :)
I was going to take a small list of programming languages and assign to them a drug... but it's closed now.
I should yell since that guy is using a similar avatar to me
My first post on programmers.se got me a badge and 100 rep. Not bad for a start :-D
It's kind of the theme of that site
"It'll get closed, but you'll get plenty of rep before it does, so keep doing it"
7:57 PM
@ircmaxell Just one badge? That should be Teacher and Nice Answer at a minimum. Go for Disciplined!
Well, it's also This isn't really so material, so just move it to programmers and let them deal with it (which is a real problem)
I could *swear* that's a dup
Good point, got Teacher as well
@MichaelMrozek So Programmers isn't as delete happy as SO? If it is, recalcs on that site should be super fun.
Just got a recalc on meta and lost 30 rep
8:01 PM
@ircmaxell I lost 633 and fell off the first page, so you get no pity from me :)
@MichaelMrozek ah, so you've discovered our true motivation?
I lost 815. Jeff lost 1.5k.
इफ यू कैन रीड थिस, थें यू अरे प्रोबब्ल्य अ चेअटर, बेकाउसे इ'म सुरे ठाट नोबोडी स्पेअक्स हिंदी इन थिस चाट रूम.
@RebeccaChernoff I'll get back, just you wait. Your recalcs are powerless against me now
Is the editor preview working for everyone else on SO?
8:03 PM
only has like 531 on Meta. Haven't been active till recently
@PopularDemand Yep, works for me.
@PopularDemand try hard F5, we made some changes today
@MichaelMrozek This looks like "Hey @RebeccaChernoff, please delete a lot of questions that I have high-scoring answers on! PS you smell" to me.
(also closed)
8:06 PM
@PopularDemand it does, doesn't it?
DRUUUUUGS! (yes, of course it's closed)
I just spent the past 10 minutes writing a well thought out answer to the answering questions in comments post, just to get it closed
That's proof right there why not to write well thought out answers that take time...
Not drugs. and, naturally, open. (Though of course, the proper answer is DRUGS!)
No warning either. Just got the Answers are no longer accepted notification. No window where I could save my progress... That's time I won't get back
That'll teach you to answer questions I've already answered.
8:10 PM
And now the post is lost since I copied something else...
@Shog9 Clearly I need to get 3000 rep by asking drug related questions so I can vote to reopen some of those.
I'll start with [Green Tea] does it really help you focus [on programming, specifically]?
And work my way up to [Heroin] will it make the pain [of looking at my terrible codebase, specifically] go away?
post links here, and I'll be sure to down-vote all the OT answers ranting about exercise and sane schedules.
8:16 PM
Q: See close votes as they come in (possibly as a notification)

ircmaxellI was just writing a nice and long post to a question on meta. Just as I was finishing up, I saw the dreaded No more answers will be accepted banner appear. It was closed. So all that time was wasted drafting the answer due to the closure. So I would suggest a notification when in the answe...

My new question on the topic
ok, now someone needs to start writing an answer to that while I go hunt up the question it duplicates.
(BTW, @ircmaxell: you realize your suggestion wouldn't have helped you anyway, given that it was moderator-closed?)
I lied, I guess that's not the same thing.
Well, I can see Jeff closing as a duplicate of that, but :P
@TimStone: It's quite close
@TimStone, naw, that's the feature that led to @irc's dilemma...
8:22 PM
The difference is I'm talking about notification before it's actually closed
night :)
I reread and realized, heh.
afternoon :)
8:25 PM
Q: Display notification when the question you are answering is voted as dupe

MehrdadIt'll be nice if a notification is displayed when you're writing an answer to a question and someone else votes it as a dupe. Today, I answered a question and when I submitted, I noticed that it's being voted as an exact duplicate. It was indeed a duplicate so I deleted my answer and voted as a d...

This is probably related, but also not the same thing (or for the same purpose):
Q: Add an alert when answering a question that has at least a close vote as duplicate

Juan ManuelI have one feature-request with the objective of having duplicate questions with no answers: To (try to) avoid people answering duplicate questions, add an alert that says the question has a probable duplicate if it has a close vote as Exact duplicate, asking the answerer to go to the original ...

@TimStone Excellent!
The site search is such a pain in the ass sometimes, heh.
Yeah, there are dups as I can see now
@MichaelMrozek I love the secret meta. ROFLOL.
8:29 PM
Also the rep recalc hit me, I have lost a lot of MSO rep. I am so sad now. I think I may go into depression
@TheRenamedException I was surprised he took the time to mock that up given how reluctant he was to put effort into sending @RebeccaChernoff his schedule for the Town Hall. :P
That reminds me @TimStone, next town hall is Apple's, 9pm EST on Wed
Yep, I've made a mental note, heheh :P
Q: How do you kill unwanted feelings that stops you from learning?

GomaSometimes I find myself want to learn PHP and sometimes I say no no I should learn ASP.NET and C#. This is my situation since a year maybe and I did not learn that much! I like to focus on one thing and love it and give it most of my time. However, as you can see I keep asking questions about t...

ah, wretched feelings, how I do hate thee
8:35 PM
@Shog9 I thought you didn't have feelings anymore.
(needs [vulcan] tag)
<-- there you go
@PopularDemand now I know I have feelings, because you just hurt them.
@Shog9 Not exactly up to your usual convincing standard.
I'll write this one off as you still being injured.
(Which, of course, you know about only through visual evidence, as you can feel no pain.)
sheds dead skin in @PopularDemand's direction
oooh, speaking of which (which we weren't) - got myself a nice shiny staple-puller now. Apparently they only use them once, so it's mine now.
Tried using a needle-nose pliers before giving up and going in; damn things are ring-shaped and don't come out unless bent
8:39 PM
@Shog9 I really hope you're banned from the premises of the hospital. ("Which hospital?" "All of them.")
that'd be bad... Hospitals are my main supply for good packing boxes
sorry @Shog9, but that staple-puller story reeeeaaallly deserves the #firstworldproblems hashtag
@Shog9 I'm fine with you skulking around by the loading dock. I'm afraid you're going to go into post-surgery recovery rooms and start yanking staples out.
@Shog9 I hear they have good coolers too.
@balpha yet again, I fail to understand hashtags
8:42 PM
is not liking the wallpaper used in the Mac OS X Lion Preview
@PopularDemand bah, used staples aren't very useful. Used IV tubing is much more fun!
@Shog9 @someoneImReplyingTo, this is a message! Words! More words! Lorem ipsum. #theTopicOfThePrecedingMessage
(I think.)
needs some decent music
@Moshe ohweemaweck-oweemawek...
Oh, nevermind, found it. I was searching an iTunes Playlist, not a my Library
Thankfully the pain in my hands doesn't seem to be carpel tunnel, but rather muscle cramps, which can be massaged.
8:53 PM
@Moshe another good, potentially-drug-related question for P.SE...
(no, not really)
I'm going to propose a migration path from Programmers to Skeptics Exchange for does drug X really help programming?
Would anyone happen to know the reasoning for not displaying user's deleted posts in their question/answer list?

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