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3:00 AM
gah, hang on I gotta greasemonkey
@RebeccaChernoff ok
working on changes, you may already notice some...
Gah. User accounts aren't automatically created on child metas, huh?
I don't even get a link to switch the css in Firefox
@RebeccaChernoff No?
Er, is that a beta too?
@RebeccaChernoff Hm...It doesn't happen for me.
3:04 AM
No. 3.6.13
@TimStone - You do or do not get the link to switch?
Lemme restart Firefox I guess. It isn't picking up SEMod either.
@RebeccaChernoff Oh, yea, GreaseMonkey might require a restart.
...I don't have your userscript installed, so I don't get the link.
greasemonkey restarted when it installed.
3:07 AM
@TimStone oh ok.
Hang on, checking FF.
@RebeccaChernoff Is the Monkey on in the corner? :p
Loading FF...
3:09 AM
I don't think it is you @Moshe since SEMod isn't activated either.
@RebeccaChernoff in the meantime, I've fixed the subtabs.
Testing. I just noticed how generic my commit messages are
@RebeccaChernoff Not installed correctly?
@GeorgeMarian had install issues last night
@RebeccaChernoff one sec... Installing in FF
3:12 AM
I find that a little hard to believe.
Looks like he broke it good. ;)
I got the same issue.
1 sec.
bbiab mom needs some assistance w something.
@MichaelMrozek if you see any of the candidates in chat, pester them to reply to my email. (;
3:16 AM
Wait, so I'm the only one? I only replied because I got the impression I was delaying things :)
You were reply #2 q:
Is it onclick, onClick or click?
Hm, guess I forgot to check SE Modifications in Firefox.
What an incompetent browser.
@YiJiang We need to go find the person who wrote Mozilla's .toString() method and punch them in the face.
@TimStone What am I missing?
Firefox is error-ing out on SE Modifications because it's retarded.
3:29 AM
@TimStone Right, but it doesn't like my code either. I am not sure why.
I was asking for a specific reason that FF was bugging out.
Hmm, I thought I tested in Firefox initially. Am I imagining doing that?
Or is this something new?
@Moshe I haven't looked at why there might be an issue for you, but you don't have the problem I do.
That being said..
var translationTable = {\xDE: "th", \xDF: "ss", \xE0\xE5\xE1\xE2\xE4\xE3\xE5\u0105: "a" ... != var translationTable = { 'Þ': 'th', 'ß': 'ss
Since, you know, the browser can't parse the first one.
But by all means, return that as part of .toString()
Since broken code is equivalent to non-broken code.
@Moshe, I'll look at your code once I fix this.
Thank you. I'm trying to convert element.atrribute = value; to element.setAttribute('attribute', 'value');
3:38 AM
@Moshe, are you ok if I add a comment here linking to stackapps indicating it is in progress and feedback wanted?
@RebeccaChernoff Yes, thank you.
@TimStone - does function order matter in JS files?
Not if you've done function name()
Can I call a function if it's not defined until later?
I have... Strange, now the script runs in Chrome, but not FF and neither browser gets the toggler link.
function injectSwitcherIntoPage(){

//create the switcher link
var themeSwitcher = document.createElement("a");
var themeSwitcherDivider = document.createElement("span");

//set up the divider
themeSwitcherDivider.setAttribute("class", "lsep");
themeSwitcherDivider.setAttribute("innerText", "| ");

//Set up the toggler
themeSwitcher.setAttribute("innerText", "all css");
themeSwitcher.addEventListener("click", toggleAndApplyStylesheet);

//Add the divider and the toggler in the navbar
The problem is you can't access localStorage from within the userscript sandbox.
@TimStone Oh... so now what? I need to detect Firefox and use cookies there?
3:53 AM
I think it's something else, because changing the script breaks it halfway in Chrome, the stylesheet is applied, but the switcher is not.
You're welcome to think whatever you want, the problem in Firefox is because you're trying to access localStorage within the Greasemonkey sandbox. :P
@TimStone ok
So how do I fix that?
Give me a few minutes and I'll let you know.
Ok, thanks. I've found this:
3:56 AM
Right, I wanted to make sure that would work first.
Okay, will it break the others?
Just do var localStorage = localStorage || unsafeWindow.localStorage at the top, it seems to work I guess.
Chrome takes it well, testing FF
hmm... ff still not liking it...
@TimStone See, please.
Eh, is there an error in the console?
unexpected token, line 7
progress... FF shows the new theme now, sans switcher
4:07 AM
Does it still get angry if you add in the semicolons that you're missing?
You're missing semicolons at the end of the first and fourth var statements.
runs in chrome but produces the same error.
It produces the error in Firefox right?
not anymore :/
Just doesn't show the toggler
chrome displays the toggler
@drachenstern - hey
4:13 AM
@Moshe eh?
has a nasty migraine trying to kick in
@drachenstern Oh, gnite then. Feel better.
@Moshe thanks. You can still hit me with your Q
@drachenstern Wasn't a Q, but I'm debugging MinimalOverflow.
@Moshe The link is there, it's just offended that you used .innerText to try and put text in it.
(now hosted on GitHub)
4:15 AM
@drachenstern I'm having this issue with inserting a toggler in the page.
@TimStone - So how do I fix that?
Now: The question. See how that progressed?
@drachenstern Yes.
@TimStone So should I use something else?
innerHTML, innerjQuery, innerSanctum?
I got the question the first time. But yes, try .innerHTML or .childNodes[0].nodeValue, Firefox is stupid.
Ah, someone write to try "textContent"
4:18 AM
or use $(selector).text() and be done with it. Really, the jQuery will be there on every SO page
@drachenstern (The script is doing everything in the userscript sandbox, so it doesn't have access to jQuery in this case)
how is it not being injected as the others? Oh I give up :p
It's too late, my migraine and two other pending tasks keep me from focusing on this topic as I should
Ask me tomorrow to inject snide or snark commentary, mkay? :p
@TimStone innerHTML works, but now the click handler is broken. And I haven't tested chrome.
hrm, click handler is prolly what's broken.
What should that be again?
Clicking the toggler is useless in both chrome and FF now...
Or .addEventListener('click', function)
4:27 AM
Okay, Chrome working, but reporting: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
and ff not loading script...
@TimStone - If you figure it out, great. I'll look for a while longer here.
Hrm, doesn't seem to be my script actually.
At least not in chrome...
Okay, yea, it seems to be an old version of the script which has been trashed.
still broken in FF, no idea why atm
added the unsafeWindow bit
5:18 AM
If anyone cares to take a peek: github.com/MosheBerman/MinimalOverflow/issues/10
5:37 AM
mmm nice. Severe thunderstorms blowing through. Tornadoes somewhat near by me and my power has flickered on/off several times in the past few minutes. Luckily the longest was about 90 seconds. >_<
Boo, that doesn't sound fun.
Yeah, power failure and computer geeks don't mix.
Oh, you folks are awake.
@TimStone I am confused. I feel like I shouldn't ask, but I'm stuck here. I think I broke something. The click handler was breaking FF again.
@GeorgeMarian No siree.
"breaking FF again" needs qualification in the form of an error message or something.. :)
@GeorgeMarian Hehe. Internet came back up but tv feed is dead. I held my breath when I saw the tv feed was dead, thank goodness the internet came back q:
5:43 AM
@TimStone Script isn't applied in FF when the clickhandler is applied. Commenting it out, allows the script to run, but the toggler doesn't work
@TimStone Error: "component not available"
I commented out the toggler for now, but I'd like to get it working.
@RebeccaChernoff We recently lost power during a storm. It sucked. Especially since it happened at around 5 PM.
I tried going to sleep early, but that only lasted for so long. lol
@GeorgeMarian Wanna help debug my themescript?
@Moshe It's possible that the other localStorage variable is out of scope, I guess.
If you click the link below the error it should show you what line the problem is on.
@Moshe Not exactly. I'm not in the greatest of moods. I had a stressful day. What are you having problems with?
@GeorgeMarian Depends if you ask me or @TimStone. I think it's a click handler, but what do I know?
@TimStone Line 153
5:49 AM
themeSwitcher.onclick = toggleAndApplyStylesheet;
Can Chrome handle unsafeWindow?
perhaps that is the answer...
No, unsafeWindow is a Greasemonkey construct.
In your GitHub, line 153 is themeSwitcher.innerText = "all css";
That has the .innerText issue, but it shouldn't generate that error.
it's the following line after textContent
in my local script, it's the click handler
Er..where you assign the click handler?
@TimStone yes
themeSwitcher.onclick = toggleAndApplyStylesheet;
Error: Component not Available
5:57 AM
I dunno then.
@TimStone is there an alternate way to assign click events in Firefox?
1 hour ago, by Tim Stone
Or .addEventListener('click', function)
@Moshe either exclude or handle A51
@RebeccaChernoff Oh, I'm dealing with something now.
@RebeccaChernoff handle as in write CSS for it?
Wait! I'm an idiot. There's a website for questions like mine.
I'm going to post a question.
6:04 AM
Either add it as an exclusion, or make it not look like that.
@RebeccaChernoff exclude for now, fix later
@RebeccaChernoff try now.
Be sure to uninstall the old script, as the name has changed
1 hour later…
7:22 AM
Ah, Tim Post will be so relieved. Nice work @balpha ;)
@TimStone IT WORKS
all kudos go to @balpha for the awesome fast fix
Yeah, that was quite speedy. :D
[morning]. Thanks Tim :)
7:31 AM
'Ello @Benjol
I think you're right about using something else for showing help.
I'm not a very good ui designer though :(
I think I might just create another method, and let someone else put the pretties in ;)
Well, if you have a general idea I'm sure we can work something out. I just figured that given what you wanted to do with it, it might work out a bit better if it was presented in a more controlled way. :)
Heheh, that works. :P
@TimStone, I also wonder what the best way of inserting markup into the code is. My idea was to add a paramter 'description' to the define function, so that each command describes itself. But that could get a bit ugly. Do you have a better idea?
Hm, I suppose it's probably the best way. I'm not sure that there'd necessarily be any cleaner approach given what we're limited to as a userscript.
> Folks, please - this horse has been beaten to death. There was a global re-calculation. Some people went up, most of us went down. And then tomorrow happened. – Tim Post♦ ↵ 5 hours ago
I love this comment
7:37 AM
I don't think most people realize that rep is denormalized. Global recalc is greek to them.
Ok, I have a challenge! The winner gets nothing! q:
Actually hmm
That sounds like my kind of game.
7:40 AM
I see it this way: If the rep display changed every time a user/post gets deleted etc., we'd have about a thousand more "where'd my rep go" questions everyday.
@balpha that's what I've been saying all day.
in the current way, we have a bunch today, and then silence for a year
@RebeccaChernoff ....!
found what she was looking for. (:
7:41 AM
I thought the request for a notification was kind of amusing, given the false assumption that people would suddenly be OK with it just because there was a reason.
I went up one rep, so. shrugs :P
The people losing 500+ rep I can understand.
But whining about 4 rep? Seriously?
@RebeccaChernoff Ah, well I guess we can live with that.
@TimStone, the worse thing is, I don't even know if I went up or down :) Then, I did do my own recalc fairly recently, so maybe it didn't change at all.
@RebeccaChernoff Well, the only gripe I have about that kind of change is when it's the fallout of a non-offending user deletion, since it really does seem kind of unfair in that case. Otherwise, questions are generally not deleted, and migrated questions aren't reps lost, just transfered.
The comment streams on that question are surreal - almost Matrix-like. "I don't want to know my real rep, just give me the old number back!"
7:49 AM
Now everybody over the pond that wasn't on today (for me) is waking up - watching twitter is fun.
@RebeccaChernoff, you're finishing off Sunday over there, right?
Well, it's 2am on Monday technically.
Technically, I should be asleep.
I've given up trying on that one, heh.
It isn't my fault if this is when my brain kicks in to high gear. >_<
7:52 AM
Ironically, I was rather tired at 4 in the afternoon.
@RebeccaChernoff Mine too, though I've been pretty useless today (and tonight) regardless..meh.
Any ideas on how I could make the texts here editable? (from a usability point of view)
Like changing the message texts? I suppose you could double-click to edit.
@TimStone, then in-place Span-to-Textarea?
8:06 AM
@TimStone, good, that's what I started on, though having some difficulty with my understanding of jquery commands :) And what about save/cancel? simple text links, or something smarter?
Hm, I'm thinking text links are the best way to go, if only because I can't think of anything else, heh. :P
@TimStone, ok, great minds :)
but first, a bit of real work. Y'all go get some sleep, I'll still be here when you wake up, probably :)
Hahah, if only, if only...though hopefully sooner than later. sighs
9:08 AM
@TimStone. er... sleeping?
9:18 AM
The Tolkien Estate is censoring Tolkien? WTF?
If I ever become a prolific writer and stand a shot at decaying into popular culture for a century to come and my estate does that, I hope someone punches my estate in the throat.
9:35 AM
@TimPost :)
@AnyoneWhoCanBeBothered, I've dynamically inserting a <textarea> into a <label>, but that means that everytime I click in the textarea, the input pinches my focus. Any ideas? (evil ones included)
@Benjol Use an image of a text area and screw the <textarea> ?
@TimPost, well, it has to be editable :)
(you did say evil ones included)
I did indeed ;)
@Benjol Not a problem, make it an image link to an on-line image editor.
Can you tell I'm not a web developer?
But what I just described is considered good practice in kernel development :)
9:47 AM
@Benjol Bad idea, why are you doing that in the first place?
@TimPost, I used to be, now I'm just playing with userscripts 'for fun'
I think only input s are allowed in label s
1 hour ago, by Benjol
Any ideas on how I could make the texts here editable? (from a usability point of view)
Also, no luck installing Windows 7 SP1, third time already
In all seriousness, why not just close the label first?
@YiJiang You see, that's a sign.
9:48 AM
@Benjol If you feel like it, contenteditable with all HTML striped out
@YiJiang, wossat? (googles)
hmm... letmeseenow
Be vewwwy, vewwy qwiet. I'm huntin spammers
Just for fun I'm going to start logging when they become 'active' and graph it
That's what I'm aiming for..
Four today just since I've been here. They seem to come in waves
10:06 AM
@Benjol Just hide the label, plop the textarea after it, and hide the textarea and show the label when ya done
Of course with contenteditable and a bit of CSS that should also work
Oh gosh, SP1 failed to install again
> This site can harm your computer
Yeah, and yet you still placed it in front of the actual, legitimate Microsoft documents. Well done Google...
@YiJiang evil has prevailed... : label.attr('for', 'borken'); :)
@Benjol Oh for goodness sake, what's wrong with either of the methods I just described to you?
@YiJiang, method 1 involved lots of fiddling to get the same look as a textarea, I got bored after the 5th .css('', ''). For method 2, not easy because there are two spans (title and body) inside the label.
@Benjol Just... uh, pass a map to css
And given that I'm inside a userscript, hacking stuff dynamically anyway, my standards are even lower than usual :)
10:14 AM
There's no need to call css repeatedly
And I'd have been hacking the value of contentEditable dynamically anyway...
@Benjol But that isn't 'wrong', compared to what you're doing
And anyways, god knows if using for like that will always work
@YiJiang bing doesn't even list microsoft's website on it's first page
Q: Using direct HTML tags instead of div.class

David ThorissonI have some special tags on my blogsite which need to be as simple as possible so that my colleges who don't know anything about HTML can use it. For example <question>...</question> and <answer>...</answer> and then these are styled in CSS. It's far easier for HTML-...

@Yi, ok, I've modified my code:
//Could have done something clever with contentEditable, but this is evil, and it annoys Yi :P
10:19 AM
@Benjol Takes out giant <table> tag
@YiJiang, at least I haven't got any of those :)
1 hour later…
11:47 AM
Back to Ubuntu again, rage quitting Windows, sigh...
5 tries at installing SP1 = 3 hours wasted
Does anybody know some obvious, embarrassing duplicate for this that I'm overlooking?
Q: Questions linking to external web sites instead of showing code

PekkaI notice a steady stream of "element x on my web site doesn't work, here's the link, what's wrong?" questions in the HTML and CSS tags. Case in point from a few minutes ago: Menu not visible in IE9 These questions are obviously harmful to the question base, as they almost certainly lose all the...

12:03 PM
@YiJiang, if you're feeling charitable... jsfiddle.net/QmjJg
@Pekka I'm not aware of any dupes, and it's a good question.
@Benjol Well, if you will excuse me (goes outside and pukes) yes, what seems to be the problem? ;)
@YiJiang, well I don't have a problem with that at all, but I did here some people casting aspersions... :)
Is it suppose to not work? Because it isn't for me on Firefox 4
oops, not up to date, sorry
jsfiddle.net/QmjJg/1 - double click on title or text to 'edit'
1:01 PM
A: Pro-forma comments for review [educating users before flagging]

BenjolFuture ideas: use HTML5 storage to allow users to create/modify their own messages. status-completed double click on a title or description to modify save/cancel 'reset' link at bottom of popup (not shown above) resets all custom messages to default Important The 'Welcome to SiteName!' ...

1:52 PM
I'm looking to find a home for a question that'll likely be voted off topic.
Q: Free Worpress portfolio theme

MaylisHi! Excuse my poor english, so I'm french! I'm looking for a free WP theme to a friend's portfolio. It musts be fancy, with a slider in home page. Colors : white, gray, bright green. I have seen a perfect premium theme : Ebiz. I want a nearly similar one for free. Does anyone have an idea? T...

Any ideas?
Hi! :)
Yeah, that's what I'd say too. It may get nuked there too, but at least it's the right place to get nuked :)
Ahh, thanks!
@Pearsonartphoto, my commiserations, too..
LOL. It's not my problem anymore;-)
I'm sure it'll get nuked, but I bet it'll at least get someone pointing them in the right direction.
1:56 PM
@Pearsonartphoto It was migrated to WP :)
heh, never saw an "untagged" question before
@LoïcWolff neither me
@Nyuszika7H there's actually quite a few on WP.SE
The question was tagged "website-design". My guess is, that's a banned tag on WP.
@Pearsonartphoto I thought migrations with no matching tags are auto-closed on the original instead
1:58 PM
@Pearsonartphoto I think they don't migrate non-existing tag on new sites
Sigh. I always hate migrating questions to other sites, I feel like I'm feeding them to the wolves...
That could be it. I'm new enough to migrating questions that I wouldn't really know...
@Pearsonartphoto Or the toilet bowl. Or the trash bin. Or (more recently) the chocolate bar burial facility
I really need to learn to do that stuff before I migrate it... Sigh.
Yeah, all those analogies have been drawn on Meta before
@Pearsonartphoto never mind I was confused :P I thought you asked that
2:00 PM
The last time I migrated a question, it was to SO... At least there, I have the reputation to get it edited.
Or did you?
Hey there @Nyuszika7H, I see you're busy improving my status script :-)
@TheRenamedException yep :)
Q: Make it easier to use Code Review as a chocolate bar burial facility

Andrew GrimmFor questions that are off-topic for Stack Overflow, 3K users can vote to close them as belonging on several Stack Exchanges, but not to the Code Review one. Can this be made a possibility? Knowing that a question won't be going to Silicon Heaven, but instead will undergo silicon reincarnation, ...

Man I love the title
@Nyuszika7H what are you adding/changing? I was going to work on it today also.
2:01 PM
@TheRenamedException First, I change the syntax a bit :P I don't like yours :P
LOL, what do you prefer?
@Nyuszika7H that's the reason why they invented fork in the first place, no?
@LoïcWolff what?
@Nyuszika7H nothing, it was a joke about open-source project getting sometimes forked about trivial reasons
Anyways, off to work for me, thanks again for the help!
2:07 PM
> <irony>The sarcasm tag is deprecated as of Humor Templating Markup Language 5.0 ... please change it.</irony>
Proposed HTML 5 tag: <sarcasm>. To help clear up some online misunderstandings. (@w3c am I right?)
@gf3, <sarcasm>you are right</sarcasm>
@LoïcWolff <sarcasm>but... it's so semantic!</sarcasm>
2:43 PM
Hey @Zypher, sup? How'd the upgrade go?
@YiJiang - I need a bit of help if you din't mind.
Firefox is choking on my script for some reason.
@Moshe Sure, although it's getting a little late here
@YiJiang Ah, just got back from Synagogue, and starting my day. Different time zones, apparently.
@YiJiang - Anyway, if you don't mind, I've posted my userscript on GitHub and on StackApps, link in a second.
Q: MinimalOverflow - A themescript for StackExchange

Moshe Screenshot / Code Snippet About MinimalOverflow was written to deal with a request which Jeff Atwood put forward in the MSO Tavern on Friday, February 25, 2011. Someone on Physics.SE asked if it would be possible to get the theme changed to black on white, an inverse of the current white...

Not enough arguments [nsIDOMNSEventTarget.addEventListener]
document.getElementById('id_toggler_l..."onclick", toggleAndApplyStylesheet);
So, @YiJiang - I'm having issues with the click event (and according to @TimStone, the localStorage and Firefox
@YiJiang Where is that message coming from?
@Moshe The localStorage problem can be fixed with unsafewindow
@Moshe JavaScript console, Firefox 4 beta 13
2:48 PM
@YiJiang Right, so I've added var localStorage = localStorage || unsafeWindow.localStorage to the top
I'm supposed to add a third argument (a boolean) to the event handler?
@Moshe Yes, the phase you're capturing the event in
@YiJiang Uh, ok. And that won't break other browsers?
@Moshe No, definitely not
Ok, going to try in a sec, collecting breakfast bit by bit...
Thank you.
OK, I'm outta here. later...

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