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12:03 AM
If it's not a problem I'm going to just grab the CSS and inject it statically
unless you do fetch it anew on every load
12:15 AM
lots of fun reading through this list data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/q/94213
"Is Perl worth it?" shakes head
Some very popular subjective questions we have.
@waffles, I'd down vote you for mistaking the -1 reputation cost for the down voter for the -2 reputation cost for the down votee, but I don't want to lose my precious reps! ;)
true @TimStone so true
fixed, thanks for that
12:25 AM
Heheh, aye. :) Also, poor Tim Post. ;)
stupid tab key :)
AWESOME CHAT feature request, always auto complete the closest person first
You can always blame balpha
@badp I do fetch it anew on every load.
so if you tab on Tim and it should show TimStone first IF you were the last Tim to post in the room @balpha
I actually have no idea how the auto-complete is ordered now, as it doesn't appear to be alphabetical?
12:27 AM
@badp The script loads the latest CSS every time it's run, which is on every page load. So you don't need to update the script to see the latest pages.
Or at least the Michael P.s come before Michael Mzorek in my list, which seems backward.
Ah, I bet it's by user ID..
Maybe current group attendance is factored in? I'm here, Mzorek is not.
Indeed, that's silly.
Nah, it appears to be by user ID exclusively, heh.
yeah user id is wrong on many levels
I guess it keeps @JeffAtwood happy being 1 on all sites :P
@waffles Hmm, I should consider that sort order for the comment auto-complete.
Actually it's even easier there, since I can just walk the comment list backward.
shakes fist at PostgreSQL
12:33 AM
@TimStone shakes fist at @TimStone then ducks
@Moshe What did the ducks ever do to you?
@waffles Hahah, indeed. :P
@mootinator Well they aren't in my stylesheet... yet.
Question, if Jin is the SE graphic designer, how did a vanilla site turn into a "fan-based" userscript? (Not complaining, just asking.)
Q: Smarter ordering for chat @ auto complete

wafflesFor the gazzilionth time I mis targeted somebody in chat. I was talking to TimStone. So I typed in @Tim tab and kablamo @TimPost got another misdirected message in his inbox. I think a quick fix that orders the @User replies by the time last active in the room would do wonders to improve targ...

12:35 AM
I'd really appreciate some feedback. At this point, I'm messing with margins and color values.
@waffles By the way, I've decided that /review = pure awesome. I can now burn through flags and votes :)
@Jin - When you can, I need some input!
@waffles My sockpuppets and I have upvoted this.
@mootinator all 1 of you
@Tim, indeed. I powered all the way up from 300 to max flag weight with a few minutes in /review.
12:36 AM
@Moshe Jin has more important things to do, but Jeff wanted to appease the people who made the request anyway, so he decided to come to the place where people who like to stick their nose the most in SE's code tend to hang out.
@Moshe Yup.
@TimStone thanks! hoping to replace unanswered with it soon
@waffles Nice, I have Benjol's userscript doing that for me right now. He added in a notification thingadongdong for when you make the switch, heheh.
@TimStone Okay, I've got a decent starting point going. I don't want to drop the ball. I also have other things to do.
isn't especially good at flagging.
12:38 AM
is disturbingly good at it
I just don't "get" other humans I guess :P
There's enough things that are clearly not answers on /review that you can use all of your flags just on them, heh.
and is a little bothered by the name of the badge I got for flagging
Can anyone give me some feedback? All I've heard was a few points about broken margins and unfinished color changes.
12:38 AM
"I had this problem too, any ideas?" "[Complete unrelated, new question]" "Thanks"
Lookit, cute little Deputy Mike...
@Moshe: Tomorrow morning I'll take a peak
@ircmaxell Thank you. Any other takers?
whoops, too much coding.
Aardvark just asked me this:
(From Jam F./16/M/Calgary,Canada -- sent via iPhone)
What are some good and comfortable in ear headphones under $100? I would rather have comfort than amazing sound
I'm not into earphones, thoughts?
12:41 AM
no clue
Okay, off to newegg...
I'm pretty sure all in-ear headphones are uncomfortable
would have to agree
@waffles Oh, earlier I saw something on /review and opted to flag it as spam instead of flagging for attention. Since the spam flag isn't a moderator flag I guess, the answer resurfaced later on. Jeff said that right now it won't show you things with moderator flags, would it make sense for you not to see things that you've flagged with non-moderator flags just for yourself too, or is that not practical?
(under the assumption that if I flagged it as spam, I won't randomly decide later to flag it again for attention)
@TimStone: FWIW, spam flags show up in the 10k tools.
12:43 AM
@TimStone probably, but it would be a fairly tricky change
Which removes a lot of eyes, I know.
Hmmm, now who might this be... ;)
@waffles Ah, OK. Not that important then. :)
@YiJiang Every time I see that I'm like "how have I never heard of...oh, Neil". And then I feel sad inside
nods and goes to eat
12:44 AM
@waffles, quick question, if we decide as a site to invert the direction of one (or many) tag synonyms (if, we haven't discussed this still), would the admin/create-tag-synonym page let me do that?
(I'd have to bypass some sanity checks like "is the master more common than the synonym")
That check doesn't exist for mods, but it won't work if you've already merged them; you can't make a synonym to a tag that doesn't exist
@badp, nope the same sanity checks are run for admins
Well that's the opposite of what I just said :(
because right now we have rpg ← role-playing-game and first-person-shooter ← fps, it doesn't really make sense
nuke / recreate / approve
sucky process
I know
12:46 AM
@waffles what happens to tagged questions after the nuke bit?
also be sure to post a meta request for a process that makes sense
yeah, but on recreation I'll be told that the master doesn't exist and the synonym has however many questions
... nuke the synonym
not the tag
@waffles oh, ok
(redacted - I'm an idiot)
mods can't nuke tags anyway
(not any more than regular users)
12:48 AM
@badp ... the process for reversing would actually be ... nuke synonym ... rename/merge ... add synonym ... approve
so it wouldn't stop me with sanity checks on the 'add synonym' step, unlike you told me?
well there would be no synonym when you do the merge ...
Wow, I just gained more rep on Meta than I ever got in a day anywhere.
oh, the merge has been done ages ago
12:49 AM
A: Redesigning the /users page

MosheI'd like be able to see just users who've answered my question and/or users whose questions I have answered.

the synonyms were made in like July.
yikes! (at myself)
I've complained about it back then but nothing happened
now I have a diamond tho :)
@badp [status-bydesign] :P
@badp ... just delete the crappy synonym from /tag-synonyms page
12:50 AM
Wait, you got 26 upvotes for that? That seems...not useful
well, I'll check back with you if (when) we'll have a plan defined.
thats where it all starts
@MichaelMrozek It is useful. It helps build the community. I see who answered my questions and then I reciprocate. I learn to recognize other users.
@Moshe yeah ... I am not sure this helps build a community
@Moshe Too social-y for SO
12:51 AM
seems like exactly what we don't want to encourage
it helps build community splinters
You "reciprocate" by poking through questions and answering them; you don't need to explicitly target people that've helped you in the past
I disagree, but whatever, it seems I'm not alone.
@MichaelMrozek Okay, but sometimes you answer a question and can't find it, but you know the user because they had that strange bright green avatar.
I disagree with the first three answers, the fourth is suggesting something the question said is already going to happen, and the fifth is Nick's. I'm not sure I want to read further
So I go to the users page -> "people I've interacted with" and I see a bright green avatar.
It's another reference point.
12:52 AM
also a huge issue I have with this idea @moshe ... is that for like 95% of our users with rep 15 or less, this page is kind of useless
@Moshe I don't think that's ever happened to me, but that's certainly too much of a niche requirement to be the principle design behind /users
Well, look at it like this:
Wether you like it or not, people do like to keep mental records of which users they recognize, who is the troll, etc. People draw a mental picture of SO which connects them to it.
This reinforces that mental map.
I'm pretty sure SO is against that mental map existing
Ah well, like I said, it exists. I dare say it's as much a fact of life as Jon Skeet is.
That doesn't mean the site needs to help you out with it...revenge downvoting exists, but there isn't a page to help you track people who've wronged you in the past
12:56 AM
@MichaelMrozek What about people who helped you? Not everyone is on a warpath. (:-P)
Didn't we start with that?
They'll always be in your heart.
4 mins ago, by Michael Mrozek
You "reciprocate" by poking through questions and answering them; you don't need to explicitly target people that've helped you in the past
I send them flowers.
Feeding the hamsters and watering the unicorns.
Keeping the reps fountain springing happiness for everybody involved.
The more votes the stronger the fountain the thinner the reps the more beautiful the rainbow they generate.
12:58 AM
I may not be great at explaining things, but I am not the only one who agrees - 26 upvotes. Even @TheRenamedException doesn't have that many sockpuppets.
Stop. I'm gonna cry.
"AND LIVE IN HARMONY HARMONY (OH LOVE /* Did we ever figure this out? */)"
@MichaelPetrotta There's an app for that, you know. ducks
I'm going to assume "AND LIVE IN HARMONY HARMONY, OY OY"
12:59 AM
To make me cry? That's most of the appstore, I think.
Especially the "social apps" section.
@badp Lots of Jewish music has "oy oy oy oy" in it.
wasn't "Jewish" derogatory anyway, with the politically correct term being "Hebrew"?
@MichaelPetrotta Yea.
@badp Huh?
Maybe I'm just making up stuff
@badp I'm willing to accept this.
1:00 AM
@badp: really not.
That's why I'm asing
Oh, well, I could see why, but that's not the case.
I know it's not the case
"Jew" sometimes is, but shouldn't be.
See, "Jewish" music refers to music derived from the bible, psalms, famous religious quotes etc.
"Hebrew" music can be any song composed in the state of Israel in the last 60 years.
1:02 AM
I see.
...er, wait, wouldn't that be "Israeli"
@badp Yes. But it's still Hebrew.
Yeah, I'm not familiar with that usage of the word "Hebrew" either. But I don't live in Israel.
@MichaelPetrotta As we've established, neither do I.
@Moshe: didn't say you did.
Feel free to ask on English for me
1:05 AM
I've certainly been exposed to the fight for what's considered "truly Jewish/Hebrew".
waits for the sun to go down so he can go to sleep Beds = awesome Minecraft addition.
@MichaelPetrotta Generally though, you are correct, most people refer to Jewish music as "Jewish music" and everything else as "Secular music" or "English music", but it depends on what kind of music you listen to, I guess.
The Italian wikipedia has a section about "hebrew" vs "jew" vs "Israeli"
The English wikipedia doesn't
@MichaelPetrotta Interesting.
@MichaelPetrotta I know, I'm referring to an old convo... eh.
American vs. Israeli Jews, is what I know (a little) about
1:06 AM
@MichaelPetrotta What is your perspective?
@Moshe Raised by a secular Jewish mother, with a mostly secular side of that family.
hebrew is the people and the language they speak; jew is the follower of Judaism; Israeli is for the country.
or so I understand
Traveled to Israel (just for a few weeks) and asked a lot of people
@badp Yep, that't right. The only thing to note is that early Jews were referred to by their language, as "Hebrews"
So you could be a hebrew speaking jew with an isreali passport.
And we'd be happy. I guess.
1:08 AM
@badp Yea. I believe the term "Jew" comes from "Judah", one of the twelve tribes of Israel, AKA, Jacob's sons.
Israel is another name for Jacob, which the nation of Jews took on as the national name of the nation. er, that was too wordy.
In Hebrew, Israel is "Yisra'el".
@MichaelPetrotta I may go for the first time this summer. How was?
@Moshe: amazing, fantastic.
Love the people.
Trying to go there for a while for work, maybe.
Beware the summers, or so I've been told. I went there in November, and got nice 80degree days.
@MichaelPetrotta Oh, Israel has a neat tech industry. It's my understanding that they invented the Pentium III there.
@Moshe: yep. And Core.
Not, that that's the only thing, but it's what sticks out in my memory
Intel keeps plants there.
They do indeed, in Haifa, on the coast.
1:14 AM
(deleted - got it)
1:40 AM
> flag weight 160
Apparently flagging obvious non answers from /review doesn't help me.
@mootinator That low? :P
Everything I flag gets disagreed with. I have a special talent.
O wait, I thought you started closer to the middle...duh...
needs to pay attention in SO class.
2:10 AM
I kinda want to close this as a duplicate of mine but that'd probably be mean, eh?
@RebeccaChernoff They aren't the same thing are they?
Oh, did I misunderstand? goes to read
Yeah, SLaks' post is about the fact that you get a generic, broken-looking offline page.
It's not even the Sketchy one.
I've just woken up from a nap because I felt exhausted for no apparent reason, hands off the mod controls.
ah, right, never mind!
Heh, I feel like that all the time, I know how it goes.
2:13 AM
I managed to not sleep until 4pm yesterday, for the first Saturday in a long time, so I compensated by falling asleep for 4 hours during the afternoon
Ya know what you should do since you're awake now @MichaelMrozek?
My homework? (Answer: no)
reply to my email (;
I'm procrastinating on that too
At peak efficiency I'm able to simultaneously avoid doing 8-10 tasks
You people and your emails. shakes head
2:24 AM
So...you want to make sure I don't make a liar out of you and there really will be a Unix THC - but you won't reply so that I can schedule one?
@TimStone Are you sure you didn't mean to type "shakes fist at head"?
I already have a UL THC on my calendar, actually. Apparently I made up the date and time
I am absolutely positive.
I'm going to wait and see if you schedule it at that exact time
@MichaelMrozek ...
2:26 AM
@MichaelMrozek Hm, you went from procrastinating to being impossibly proactive. Interesting turnaround.
I apparently felt the need to put "primaries" on there, which is hopelessly optimistic
I'm amazed we're even having the election phase
The next step is to get everyone to download and use the SE Modifications userscript. Then commit the code that automatically up votes you/selects you as the first choice.
@RebeccaChernoff You can use that image; if you can avoid spots that already have rectangles that'd be awesome. Even better, feel free to make it Thursday at 1400 EST so I don't even have to move it
If I miss it I'll just add my answers later
erm, email it to me so I don't have to pick through that please? |:
2:30 AM
...and don't just email me the picture. >_<
@RebeccaChernoff - I take it you're ignoring my updates until I say I'm completely done?
48 mins ago, by Moshe
@RebeccaChernoff http://stackapps.com/questions/2143/minimaloverflow-a-themescript-for-stackexchange
Uh, no I haven't gotten around to looking at it right this second yet. (;
On the one hand, I'm happy to not be seeing ads for Nippon every 10 seconds anymore
On the other hand...
2:33 AM
@RebeccaChernoff ok
@MichaelMrozek What? I could make a userscript for that...
Heh, I should've embedded Nippon ads in the script.. meh.
@MichaelMrozek I hope i haven't disappointed you. More ads are on the way, just wait until the update is ready.
I must learn to stop being such a nudge
ok, so if I go through and take a look with this, it is going to be perfect? (:
@RebeccaChernoff Never. But it is pretty good. I've fixed the issues with the wiki popups, the zero answer count etc.
hehe, on meta I see the normal css, but the link in the header says "all css"
@RebeccaChernoff ouch, bug.
When you see a bug, click it. (And hope it doesn't crawl on you.)
moderator and required tags have no visual differences between regular tags
2:40 AM
waits for the rest of the wrath to come pouring in
@RebeccaChernoff If you've decided you hate color and want it gone from SE sites, you're probably ok with that
On a user page:
@MichaelMrozek there should still be some indication, bolding, border, ?
Nippon: Game of the year edition.
margin bug on three character counts, now noted
@mootinator Hey, is this going the become the joke here? Me and B&W graphics design and bugs in Nippon?
2:41 AM
footer styling?
is the dark on the badges staying?
@RebeccaChernoff I didn't touch the footer. We need to grayscale the graphics, IMHO
@Moshe Only if that gets pinned.
@mootinator so star it.
@RebeccaChernoff I don't think so.
@Moshe then why do I see it? (;
@RebeccaChernoff er, um, cuz, I... nervously glances at the wheel of blame
@mootinator You know, I should rename the game to that...
2:45 AM
@RebeccaChernoff whoa?! Where is that?
Q: Please Add Means of Converting Reputation to Actual Beer

Craig StuntzWhen I help someone solve a programming problem, they often express their gratitude for the solution (yay!). Generally, this takes the form of one of the following: "Think you!" Sometimes, people offer to hire me for further work. (Generally, stay away from these folks; they've been hiding thei...

(To add insult to injury, Jon Skeet is mentioned in that screenshot)
Better question: Browser? OS?
maybe nix the yellow sidebar on the ask page?
chrome dev win7
Stop breaking everything!
2:46 AM
@RebeccaChernoff dev, unsupported q:
@RebeccaChernoff Right, will do.
I suppose it would probably be mean of me to venture into the mod tools, eh?
@RebeccaChernoff @TimPost is using this, send me screenshots.
@RebeccaChernoff ?
that supposed to be bigger or just bold but same size?
2:48 AM
@RebeccaChernoff I think it's fine, I could shrink it though, yea makes sense.
the bar on top feels a little funky
@RebeccaChernoff you are here
What do you prefer?
I know what it means, it just feels weird.
Maybe reverse the effects on those?
@RebeccaChernoff I wanted to save underline for hover.
2:50 AM
It's definitely too close to the text at any rate.
Well, there's border-bottom
how's that, border-bottom for "you are here"?
any reason the favorites have a background color vs not?
@RebeccaChernoff Uh, I tried something with favorite and didn't undo it yet?
I see you hate delphi and actionscript.
wow that's a lot of server side hate... ruby, php, django, flex q:
2:52 AM
Heh, I need to just clear those out, I started filling them in but it's just a half-baked effort at this point.
Did I already mention that badges aren't clean-styled?
Okay, time to get back to work then. btw, unless I need to do any more DOM manipulation, the changes should auto-propagate as I push to GitHub.
Feel free to create Issues on GitHub, but I'm using this chat as a frame of reference for now.
Is the font smaller across the board?
@RebeccaChernoff yes, a little. I have to see about adding some line spacing and weight.
I used 70% instead of the original 80%, IIRC.
numbers are larger than the rest of the text as well, ie, tag counts, badge counts, rep
@RebeccaChernoff noted. I'm not sure how to approach that, in terms of style. Smaller? Remove weight...
2:57 AM
I'd say same size over smaller, since I think the font may be a bit small there.
@RebeccaChernoff Let's see what enlarged text looks like first, then deal with the numbers if needed.
As far as the squished sidebar is concerned, can you check in a "supported" browser?
I don't recall touching anything that should cause that, but I'll go over it again, if it's an issue in non-beta browsers.

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