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12:00 AM
@Moshe The main problem is the SO logo, but otherwise not bad. I also won't agree with some of the design choices, but hrm...
@YiJiang I'm open to feedback. It's at an early stage. I'm just working with what exists now, changes to come.
I Could change the logo, I suppose....
That's still speculation, though. You see my point? You have to be careful what you justify with things that may possibly happen in the future. Especially, as a programmer. You can very easily make things much more complicated and difficult for yourself (and others).
@Moshe They're all using image replacement, right? So just remove the sprited background altogether and use the text instead
@YiJiang Just text? Okay, let me try that.
Case in point, this Python script. I will likely release it as OSS at some point and a --verbose option may be useful. But, at this point, it's just cruft killing my mood. :)
12:02 AM
I was wondering if we could try a nicer font, but I'm not sure where to get one.
@Moshe You can try loading one through @font-face
@TimStone Oh yah, I guess that is rather Perl-like.
Right, which font though?
Q: SE Modifications -- Comment autocomplete, inline revision source, and utility links

Tim Stone Screenshot About This userscript adds four main features: Various utility links on posts and in the top bar Inline viewing of post revision source Markdown on the post history page Links on comment timestamps for linking to specific comments (with enhanced "link-ability" for people wit...

@Moshe Hah, I assumed that was you.
12:05 AM
@mootinator No me, I may need to make an account there to dispel the rumors.
@Moshe I assume someone has reported the relevant design bug already? :)
A few other problems with the stylesheet too
@badp Nope, hang on, setting up a git repo
Definitely does not like black colored tags
imgur, why so slow? |:
12:07 AM
@TimStone It's not just slow, it's failing for me
shakes fist at it
Do you think that Git is better to host the CSS file than my site? (speed, reliability, et al)
@Moshe FWIW, I <3 git.
Though, you're referring to Github specifically, right?
@GeorgeMarian Yes
waits in vain for github oneboxing.
12:13 AM
Okay, I need to get the userscript working on other pages now, so I can move on to the CSS. goes to find the original userscripts with the SO sites enabled
That reminds me, I need to get serious about ordering this hosting package already.
@RebeccaChernoff - Why are the /reputation sections of the SE sites excluded from your userscript?

When badp gets moderator status

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@Moshe That page is pretty much blank, there's no purpose in running the userscripts there.
Ah, ok
12:15 AM
@Moshe I've added the rep audit helper to the repo
@YiJiang Hahahah
So we have that covered too :P
Indeed. :D
Oh look, moderators can delete all conversations, not just their own evil grin
12:19 AM
Ahh, wave of maintenance!
This is a meaning of 'sort' I wasn't previously aware of.
@badp Sort by random of course! Some SQL have this feature I believe :P
It's the new sort...dammit. :P
@badp Yah, that screen is all sorts of wonky. I see they still don't have it working correctly.
Oh, I heard MS had some trouble writing that one sort criteria
12:23 AM
@badp Then they called in the guy who did the Windows "time left" estimates.
in SE Game On! on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 11 hours ago, by badp
36 minutes ago I needed 33 more minutes
Ugh, I can't test things if SO is down. Alright, I do have some other things to do in the meantime.
Ping me when SO is back up.
@TimStone Yeah, they rebranded it 'Valve time'
@badp Well, they did mention that when Valve time merges with real time the world will end
12:25 AM
@Moshe (and @YiJiang since you seem interested), let me know when you've got something workable I can see. (:
sits this one out in favour of finishing the script for @TheRenamedException
@RebeccaChernoff I can't work if I can't test, right? I can play guessing games for now with CSS colors, but SO is under maintanence now.
Oh, wait - opportunity! I can restyle the maintenance page!
Well I didn't mean right now, just whenever, keep me in the loop. (:
@RebeccaChernoff Sure, no problem.
wonders if he really needs an SSL cert for his blog/site
12:27 AM
@RebeccaChernoff You say that like you weren't guaranteed to be @lerted. :P
Good point. |:
@TimStone (star for @lerted)
Rebecca's word, I'm just a copycat.
@TimStone Copycat of?
The word?
Why is the StackApps offline picture the movie poster from Thunderball? :P
...I actually think I've asked this before, hmm.
12:28 AM
@TimStone We could change that...
goes to make B&W images of Jimmy Wales (or Oliver Twist) appealing for some more time for maintanence
// Call prettyprint for code highlighting
function printyprint(){
@YiJiang Oh boy...where is that?
12:31 AM
@TimStone My code... partial rewrite of js garden's js
Ahhh, heheh
@RebeccaChernoff Not that it's actually important, but just as a casual reminder...WwF. ;)
Ugh, these guys want $97 for a video review of my app?
I made an app to get out of being broke, not to pay everything to reviewers.
Did you finally take your turn?
I've been waiting for ages!
@RebeccaChernoff Five days ago! ;)
Perhaps you should look again q:
12:34 AM
Erm, how does anyone else see the double post I just accidentally made?
@RebeccaChernoff guesses that @RebeccaChernoff played "ages"
Appropriately played, hah
Not quite. :P
@Moshe yeah, I had a connection glitch there also.
Ok, not just me.
@TimStone (:
Really, i should finish this client off while SO is down.
12:36 AM
Unfortunately, I can't play my 7-letter word, hmm..
hi all ... can you please beat the crap out of stackoverflow and make sure it up for you guys ?
@Zypher It's currently very slow for me
are you done yanking cables? (;
12:38 AM
@YiJiang yea you're filling the db cache for me :)
Oh :P
Much better now. :D
Maybe some nourishment will improve my mood.
goes off to eat
@RebeccaChernoff i am
... for now
started running out of time soo have some cleanup to do but that can wait till monday :)
Things look good here.
12:42 AM
Other than random poking, anything specific to look at?
nah craver is watching the logs for me
everything looking good though!
@RebeccaChernoff Somebody mentions poking? :pulls out giant Stick of Blame:
Er, apparently, I can't host a css file on github.
Okay, pointing it back at my server.
> employees will never be poked with a sharp stick
back off @YiJiang! (;
@Moshe why not?
12:48 AM
@RebeccaChernoff not working for some reason.
Mind taking a look and seeing what is wrong?
oh, could be i referenced the file in the whole GitHub UI, instead of the raw one.
Well you're not referencing raw...right.
btw, how do you get jQuery to work with userscripts?
Sweet! It works now. Folks, Minimal Overflow now is hosted on github.
goes to answer a question and then wait for the hundreds of rep to roll in.
\O/ - I broke the editor formatting buttons! er, oops.
1:00 AM
@Moshe Yup, how long did you take to realize that? :P
You've also forgot to recolor the a.youarehere styles for the global top nav
@YiJiang Just added the userscript to be sitewide, so just now. You also working on this?
@YiJiang Did not get to it yet.
And the tag border appearance is jarring
@YiJiang border appearance on mouseover?
@Moshe No, not yet. When you're finished I think I'll go in and mess with it ;)
@YiJiang Heh, ok.
1:02 AM
@Moshe -1px for all padding from the original value to stop that from happening
thinks he is supposed to feel insulted, but no worries.
@YiJiang Oh. that, yea ok.
lmao, I just sneezed so hard that the jerking motion caused the tiles to rearrange in WwF.
@TimStone lol
Deciding how to reduce colors and where to remove lines is difficult.
I could trash all the borders and see what happens...
1:28 AM
Is anyone here who has worked on the initial stylesheet?
@YiJiang - Why do tags have color: #fff !important in them?
If it's to preserve colors of visited links, what's wrong with .post-tag:visited?
@Moshe I presume it's because of specificity problems to do with the use of inline tags
@YiJiang Well, when I removed it, it makes the text on visited tags dark, since it's a link. I wonder if adding !important to the hover style will fix things.
Q: How can I filter out profanity in numeric IDs?

Alexandra DumasI want to use numeric IDs in a web application I am developing... However, as the ID is visible to users as a URL, I want to filter out profanity. Things like (I'll leave it to you to figure out what they are): page.php?id=455 page.php?id=8008135 page.php?id=69 Has anyone solved this? Is this ...

1:43 AM
Q: Mark all posts in a tag as obsolete

badpTechnology changes, games change, everything changes and information rot happens. While suggested edits can help fight this, readers who don't know better may be fed outdated information; after all, they're visiting the site to learn. I thought it would be an interesting 20ker/tag wiki editor ab...

@TimStone Tim Stone has thought about the matter since he last edited that chat message. Information in that post may now be obsolete.
I'm contemplating writing a response, we'll see. ;)
2:11 AM
Does anyone know if I must restart my browser after an extension update for the changes to appear?
Generally no, though if you're using Safari I really have no idea.
@TimStone Thanks, I'm using Chrome to test.
2:23 AM
Anyone care to look at the update? I've added a toggler button but it's broken.
@Moshe ack, I'll look at it later.
@drachenstern Ok, thanks.
I am solo as of tomorrow circa 8pm - 10pm so maybe I can start to do my own projects then
@drachenstern Huh?
zomg, and now I'm getting fussed at that I'm not rebuilding someone's laptop for free ... damnit woman, gimme some time for me
@Moshe read the transcript or just run with it.
2:31 AM
@drachenstern I choose run with it ;-)
@Moshe you have chosen wisely
Time to go install some software
2:48 AM
Yay, my userscript has gotten so complicated that I'm not sure what chrome is complaining about. Time to load up firebug!
Firebug will likely help you even less.
Doh, got it. I misspelled function.
Ok, I've got an AV client, MBAM, Foxit, Chrome, about to put Office, what else could a regular user really need installed on Windows7?
I guess I could put paint.net
Ah, whoops. I do that sometimes too, heh. Which is especially bad since it's pretty easy to see when it doesn't highlight correctly.
@drachenstern You got VLC, CCLeaner, Defragger perhaps
2:53 AM
@YiJiang for a non-techie I don't think VLC, but the Piriform's are probably a good idea
IM application perhaps? Pidgin, MSN, GTalk or whatever the person you're installing for is using
@drachenstern In that case install a codec pack or something for WMP? Not sure what video player you're installing here
Maybe Picasa, always enjoyed the photo viewer.
I'm not installing a media pack, I'm going to let them handle that. It's for a chick I don't know, so I'm not going to set her mind for her (even if it is easier). If she has a iPod that settles that. Otherwise I'm not sure who else is going to be using it. (hence my use of them)
Picasa might be a good idea too
@drachenstern AV as in antivirus?
k just checking.
Is it .length or .length()?
2:59 AM
@Moshe .length
Thought so... Hrm...
And is it .href or .href.toString()?
that would be so much easier for you than asking us
@drachenstern Not using jQuery now, I'm using vanilla JS. I know how much you enjoy linking me to the jQuery docs though.
then what?
@drachenstern Yep.
3:00 AM
@Moshe Just .href
@Moshe well wait, I'll link you to the other docs ..
If not you're just calling toString on a String
You really need to learn these two doc libraries
3:01 AM
@YiJiang I assume that .getAttr("rel") and .getAttr("rel").toString() is the same?
@drachenstern Indeed.
@drachenstern It's almost always a property .length, a function to get length is extremely rare
@YiJiang never know
@Moshe they should be
@Moshe getAttribute, not getAttr
@YiJiang ah, yea, I wrote it like that.
And getAttribute should return a string, since property values are strings
3:06 AM
It works. Folks.
I'm not done with the stylesheet, but my userscript now toggles between the default theme of any site and the minimal one.
Anyone know if it's possible/how to add persistence between pages or browser loads? (I assume cookies, just wondering if userscripts can provide UI.)
Paint.Net, the piriform pair, AV, MBAM, Foxit, Office, 7Zip, Picasa, Chrome ... I think that ought to be good enough to get them started
@drachenstern Yes.
Where is a good place to actually find blogging/resources on Code Theory?
For instance, I'm currently watching a Google Tech Talk on Clean, Testable code
@TylerChacha explain further?
Coding Horror sometimes talks about programming stuff....
I mean I have books like The Pragmatic Programmer, Design Patterns, Code Complete 2, just books that talk about things to make your code better, concepts that are useful for programming
3:13 AM
@YiJiang - I can't find how to set the ID, is that idName?
I don't see many, or any, blogs that talk about programming concepts. Generally they are focused on things like jQuery or frameworks or w/e...
Or they go off topic a lot, like Coding Horror
@Moshe No, just id
element.id? neat!
class wasn't used because class might be a reserved word, like cssFloat instead of float
Have you read CC2?
@TylerChacha that's because the bulk of your learning should be done in a structured classroom environment, and after four years of maths and theory, you can come out and start talking about off-topic or libraries a lot
3:21 AM
@drachenstern Ya
@TylerChacha cover to cover?
@drachenstern Roughly
@TylerChacha did you understand all of it?
Have you read all of the backlog of Spolsky's blog?
3:23 AM
Is it anything like Jeff's blogs?
because I go to Spolsky's blog right now and it looks way too much like Coding Horror..
All off-topic StackExchange crap..
nah, the backlog
Okay, switcher works. @YiJiang, @TimStone, feel free to look.
it's about how to code and methodology
3:24 AM
I love what they do, but honestly I don't want to hear that much about it..
@drachenstern Joel's blog is largely about business practices in the programming world, not necessarily coding.
@Moshe his older blog stuff is largely about programming
@RebeccaChernoff - Feel free to look.
Going to focus more on the styles now.
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by Feeds
RT @dalmaer: "The Big Block Framework renders pixel art, pixel fonts and particles using DOM manipulation" http://t.co/T4VUUhX
3:26 AM
and the theory stuff isn't so big if you grasp the basic concepts, but I'm saying that from the other side of knowing it all
I would say the biggest thing to try and understand is set logic and set math. Set's are like arrays or hashmaps, but not as restrictive.
It's how databases work at the fundamental layer, and why SQL works the way it does.
It's part of why Object is always the base object too.
@YiJiang sweet!
So code theory ... code theory ... what do you think "code theory" means Tyler?
@RebeccaChernoff - it seems that logos aren't much of an issue, btw, just tested on English.SE, as of now, it just replaces the english logo with the SO logo, odd, but it works.
Can server side languages read cookies generated by javascript from the same site?
@Moshe Think so
Err, so you're saying if I'm on EL&U and switch to the basic theme, I see SO's logo?
3:31 AM
@RebeccaChernoff it's helpful like that, don't you understand?
@RebeccaChernoff yes, for now. Point is that the different logos don't seem to be problematic in terms of layout.
@RebeccaChernoff my sentiment too ya know
@Moshe so you can make the EL&U logo appear on SO with no problem?
@drachenstern Yes. heh
@Moshe By "don't seem to be problematic" you seem to be saying "I'm ignoring the issue" unless I'm not understanding.
3:32 AM
@RebeccaChernoff we read the same on that one
@RebeccaChernoff I'll fix that of course. Just saying that the different logos don't break the page layout.
also, not all the logos are in the same spot
@RebeccaChernoff Hey, sounds like the SO approach to things!
I think.
@RebeccaChernoff That's what I'm saying is not a problem.
3:33 AM
@YiJiang Hahah ;)
I'm confused. |:
@TimStone don't encourage him ;)
Logo styling is handled completely by this stylesheet, so the different default positions won't be an issue.
I am too, but just nod ;)
Seeing SO's logo if I'm on EL&U isn't cool.
3:34 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Right, I know.
@drachenstern True, true...heh
@YiJiang pfft, you didn't seem interested in suggesting change when we want change. q:
@RebeccaChernoff - Adding a bug report, unless you want to.
scratches head
@RebeccaChernoff Well, you aren't changing this I want changed! (I don't really use the user page, really)
3:35 AM
@Moshe you do realize that not all the elements on each page are positioned in the same places, right?
@drachenstern Yes, I do.
@drachenstern But the "clean" stylesheet completely overwrites this since it replaces, not supersedes the existing stylesheet.
So it's not an issue. The elements themselves are consistent throught SE, just the positions and look/feel change from site to site.
@YiJiang Those were my thoughts when I saw that post too, hahah. I always know who I'm looking for when I use that page.
@YiJiang well the point is to make it useful so that maybe people will use it!
Wait, @RebeccaChernoff - Can we use a universal stackexchange logo? Does that exist? (stackexchange.com?)
3:38 AM
If I'm on EL&U, I want to see EL&U's logo (:
why would you want such a thing?
Indeed: "Oh, I found this really cool user, I wish I could message them! Better go request it on Meta and automatically assume that it's never been asked before" :p
@RebeccaChernoff But it's likely not going to fit the minimal theme.
I'm not completely sure - is this trying to make sites accessible, or "vanilla"?
If we're going for accessible, I'll go ahead and invert the EL&U logo to bright, "accessible" colors, otherwise, the site doesn't need a fancy logo - that wouldn't fit the minimal theme.
@RebeccaChernoff - which one is it?
I'm not sure I see your distinction. We want the sites to have a clean, basic theme, but it should still be that site. We don't want another logo plopped in.
People aren't posting enough crap, how am I supposed to get to Deputy now?!
3:47 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Hrm... Okay. I understand the concern over lack of a logo. Let me get a move on and see I end up with.
ok, gonna go spend time with my wife
Enjoy, see ya @drachenstern
@Zypher Hmm, are you still working on stuff, or is the SO notification meant to disappear like the Meta one did?
@TimStone Wait, leave it up for a moment, need to finish styling it!
Okay, done.
4:13 AM
@YiJiang - Any idea why the browser is looking for the editor button images in my github account instead of on the server it's directed to?
@Moshe Change the relative urls to absolute urls
I did
The urls in CSS files are always relative to the position of the CSS file
@YiJiang ? erm, I made it absolute.
@Moshe They're not if it's still looking for them on Github
4:15 AM
Do they start with http://?
@YiJiang See the yellow tooltip and compare to the URL in the inspector
I'm not sure what's happening there.
God damn you Chrome Inspector
@TimStone shakes fist at chrome inspector
Click on something and four of my tabs suddenly crash
4:18 AM
@YiJiang - Am I hallucinating or is something not right, or am I missing it?
@Moshe Maybe it's the protocol difference? I don't know
@YiJiang http s ?
I could go on without this for now, I suppose. It's not like the editor buttons are on the mobile theme. I can get this fixed later.
is confused about how the links are styled
@Moshe Eh, I think maybe it's just a UI bug in your Chrome Inspector.
The images aren't showing because you specified the wrong URL.
@TimStone What URL should that be?
Not http://sstatic.net/Img/wmd-buttons.png
4:27 AM
@TimStone oh, thanks!
All of the site images are in like 2 or 3 files, right?
I should probably make new sets to match, then.
4:47 AM
Ahem, anyone here?
@Moshe Nope
@YiJiang I'm taking a break for the night, wanna see if you can do anything listed as an issue on GitHub?
Namely, the persistence cookie?
@Moshe Sure, later
Ok, thanks. Just fork it and let me know if you got anything done in about 8-10 hours.
I'm starting to get drowsy and I don't want to mess anything up.
Also, what do you think so far?
@Moshe Interesting, not entirely finished yet I suppose
4:51 AM
@YiJiang Yep, not finished, adding some issues to the github page. Feel free to tackle them.
@TimStone, @RebeccaChernoff - Signing off for the night, feel free to input on GitHub.
Good Night!

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