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12:00 AM
@TimStone @DanGrossman @drac (CPU killing javascript fixed)
cool 8)
Ok, time to go find food, bbl maybe
12:17 AM
Holy Cr@p! Going 255 mpg, it takes almost 1/2 mile to panic stop!
Anyone with experience working with encoding/unicode/gibberish tell me the reasons why this might happen? github.com/BonsaiDen/JavaScript-Garden/issues/23
That's really fuel efficient!
UCS2 that was encoded as if it was latin1?
@ircmaxell Eh, what does that mean?
The browser encoding didn't match the content encoding, probably
12:20 AM
UCS2 == UTF16 (MS Version)
a 2 byte encoding
@DanGrossman First thing I thought of, but come on, its Paul Irish, surely not going to trip up over something that trivial
if it's being rendered with a latin-1 type (ASCII) you may get some weird stuff like that
surprisingly not
@ircmaxell Well, the site is developed on Linux, does that help?
changed my encoding to iso-8859-1 and the page still renders fine, the characters are all in the overlapping range
12:21 AM
is he saying that page is rending like that for him?
@ircmaxell Yes, I believe so
Maybe he's looking at raw gzip data that wasn't unzipped
@DanGrossman Interesting, but which browser nowadays doesn't support gzip?
You're not declaring the charset properly
12:23 AM
A glitch?
@ircmaxell Where?
First, there's no Content-Type header (wait, there isn't? Wtf?)
He can't exactly do anything about that, it's hosted on github
@ircmaxell Uh, Content-Type text/html
secondly, <meta charset="utf-8"> should be `<META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">``
12:24 AM
Not showing up that way in my chrome dev console
Date:Sat, 26 Feb 2011 00:22:32 GMT
Expires:Sun, 27 Feb 2011 00:22:32 GMT
Last-Modified:Tue, 22 Feb 2011 20:58:01 GMT
chrome dev console doesnt show everything
[root@li235-156 admin]# telnet bonsaiden.github.com 80
Connected to bonsaiden.github.com.
Escape character is '^]'.
GET /JavaScript-Garden/ HTTP/1.1
Host: bonsaiden.github.com

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: nginx/0.7.67
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 00:25:17 GMT
Content-Type: text/html
Content-Length: 76280
Last-Modified: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 20:58:01 GMT
Connection: keep-alive
Expires: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 00:25:17 GMT
Cache-Control: max-age=86400
Accept-Ranges: bytes
hrm, dunno
I don't see a reason, Paul is just crazy.
Tell him to stop playing with the character sets of his browser
12:30 AM
:resumes working on a two month old project, brings up a screen where every link points to "/notdone", gets discouraged:
I can break the site by setting the encoding to UTF-16
Doesn't look anything like his text though...
Yeah, but, uh, god knows if the gibberish will be served okay over teh intertubez
why would any browser randomly set its encoding to UTF-16?
BOM sniffing dogs?
12:41 AM
@Shog9 I know what is the BOM, but what are BOM sniffing dogs?
A detection dog or sniffer dog is a dog that is trained to and works at using its senses (almost always the sense of smell) to detect substances such as explosives, illegal drugs, or blood. Hunting dogs that search for game and search dogs that search for missing humans are generally not considered detection dogs. There is some overlap, as in the case of human remains detection dogs (sometimes called cadaver dogs), trained to detect human remains. They are also used for drug raids to find where the drugs are. In the state of California, dogs are trained to detect the Quagga Mussel on boat...
The pun, or paronomasia, is a form of word play which suggests two or more meanings, by exploiting multiple meanings of words, or of similar-sounding words, for an intended humorous or rhetorical effect. These ambiguities can arise from the intentional use and abuse of homophonic, homographic, metonymic, or metaphorical language. A pun differs from a malapropism in that, in a malapropism one uses an incorrect expression that alludes to another (usually correct) expression, but in a pun one uses a correct expression that alludes to another (sometimes correct but more often absurdly humorou...
@DanGrossman Un no, definitely not that I think
@DanGrossman >_< Okay, but what is BOM sniffing?
trying to detect encoding by looking for a BOM / bomb sniffing dogs
which reminds me of "joke_explainer" on Reddit, so now I must waste 5 minutes reading reddit
If I actually enforced the plan limits on my w3roi.com users, some of those $24/mo users would owe over $2000 in overage fees.
F**kers should be happy I'm letting 'em slide until the subscriber base grows. ;)
1:01 AM
I have returned
5 hours of my workday GONE :(
@TheRenamedException ~ Congrats
So is @Moshe aboot?(no) Should I ping him?(maybe) ~ I really don't want to trace all the transcript, I followed it till about 3pm Central. I know that Jeff issued a bit of a challenge about a userscript for destyling the pages. Has that been accomplished?
@drachenstern I don't know how complete it is, but was working on it during the day.
1:16 AM
It would make a great foundation (I think) to my userscript, and I would like to see some of the diffs, so if he doesn't make it or gives up on it I wanna give it a miss. Who else was gonna work on it with him?
@GeorgeMarian Indeed, heh..
@drachenstern No idea. Today has been a bit of a blur, on account of allergies kicking my butt.
Yeah, I saw that loofah comment earlier. :P
1:53 AM
It's gonna take me a day just to load this database schema into my head again so I can write the queries against it.
@DanGrossman eep
I should write it on the whiteboard again
:erases the freehand circles:
yesterday, by Dan Grossman
user image
byebye roundtable
hello useful whiteboard usefulness
That reminds me, I haven't been making much use of my whiteboard. The downside of a magnetic one, is that it may end up being used as a corkboard. :)
2:15 AM
Yay I worked around a very stupid Enterprise Library bug.
Only took me till 8:15pm :/
I'm curious if that deserves a Yatta!
		    foreach(var p in cmd.Parameters.OfType<SqlParameter>())
                        if (p.SqlDbType == SqlDbType.Structured)
		            p.TypeName = p.TypeName.Replace("DatabaseName.", "");
2:20 AM
@DanGrossman please don't do that :p
@DanGrossman o_o
Could be less ugly.
@mootinator why the facepalm?
But Ima go celebrate by feeding myself anyhow.
speaking of facepalms ... I just realized I'm doing this in my code:
if ( a.property == a_value ) {
   if ( b.property == b_value ) {
now to refactor my code to do what I actually wanted it to do
2:28 AM
> I'm on this new diet. I don't eat anything, and if I'm on the virge of fainting I eat a cube of cheese. I'm one stomach virus from my target weight!
2:40 AM
Mmm noms.
can someone give me a notification on the site? (mso would be a good target I think ~ we can delete comments or something later)
@drachenstern Done
@YiJiang thanks
Hello rate limiter:
> There are an unusual number of requests coming from this IP address.
3:00 AM
@drachenstern Hmmm? Where?
@YiJiang I spawned about 30 new tabs at once
I need to check my userscript on as many of them as I can, so went down the list at stackexchange clicking links
@drachenstern lol... a human can actually trigger the error by pressing fast enough, rather than some sort of automated system
so far it doesn't work quite right on gaming, photos, askubu, cooking, U&L, wordpress, and a few others, but it works great on the sketchy sites and the trilogy ... I think I've about got the trick worked out from playing with photos, need to check a few other details and try again.
worked fine on physics tho out of the box
So whatcha doing?
right this second? trying each of the non-sketchy sites on main and meta to see what's broken and what's not
3:06 AM
No, I mean what does the userscript you're writing do
Oh, this is the one to give a static header bar for the user information across the top of the screen
cstheory.stackexchange.com <-- does that banner go straight across on your screen? I know, I could always open firefox, but I'm being lazy
@drachenstern Yes
I'm fundamentally missing something on my site setup tho. I've got it working just fine on some of them, and on others, not at all.
Lemme look at the code?
sure, I've got the basics up on stackapps
I've made some changes to toy around with photo, if you get that I'll tell you what lines I changed
or gmail me at this nick and I'll send you the current userscript
3:10 AM
Q: A way to keep the "user bar" on the top of the site stuck there ~ StickyBar

drachenstern Screenshot / Code Snippet About Since people keep asking for a way to stick the userbar at the top of the screen, I'm working on a userscript to do so. Because of the way each site is fashioned and themed, various elements are in different places. So there are some parts that don't work ...

Is this the one?
It doesn't really work, in the sense that the top bar does not appear to travel
say what?
which site are you on?
I presume you're using firefox?
Not all of the top bars are position: fixed, sometimes there are no top bar. The words always stay fixed though
on chrome it works just fine on the trilogy, does exactly what I want
@YiJiang yeah, that's my point
I'm trying to get it worked out so that it will tho, have a bar behind each one, that's themed from the site, instead of me defining some arbitrary information.
3:16 AM
@drachenstern You probably will have to do that, no other way to do this
alternately, I could just redefine the header and override what's on the page and have it be consistent across all the sites.
@YiJiang I might. But so far I've got about half the sites working from that one script, so ...
until it turns into spaghetti I'm gonna keep up like this
And sketchy sites does not work. (Well, you might have updated your script, but the hosted version on StackApps does not work yet)
yeah, the one on there doesn't totally work, I made some fixes that I have to upload
3:26 AM
Badge whoring: 20% complete.
@mootinator nice
Badge whoring sounds like fun
7% accept rate, 22 questions with most having downvotes, writes like a 13 year old texting
@DanGrossman Not blocked yet?
Just downvote a few more of the posts then :P
3:36 AM
Then the system will just ignore all the votes for the suspicious pattern
Q: how i can make tree network by php and jquery

user553786how i can make tree network by php and jquery i want it divided to right and left than branches each branches divid to right and left like quest net.com

Q: i need help for php regex

user553786hello allll thats me code which valid you enter only english letter preg_match('#^[a-zA-Z]$#i', $text) how i can write " or ' between [] thats meaning i need to make regex empowering user enter " or '

another question about programming:
@DanGrossman Meh, one or two shouldn't trigger it
I am pleased to make of your acquaintance.
GAH! There's no reason for this is madness is there? webapps.stackexchange.com has the following CSS rule ...
Please to be helping me with a php error. Thanks in advance, --me
3:38 AM
 background: #FCFCFC url('img/bg-header.jpg') repeat-x center -27px;
why would you set a color and a full-size background?
It's !important
@drachenstern I'd do it so that if the background takes awhile loading, the change is less noticeable.
Especially important when you have white text, which is invisible until its background loads, if you don't specify a color
Ok, that's fair enough. I just don't work with slow-as-hell connections that often.
however, in this case, the text is dark
Yeah, #FCFCFC is close enough to white to be almost irrelevant.
@YiJiang, have you seen this?
3:47 AM
@RebeccaChernoff o_o How did I miss a 27+ score 24 answers question
God damn timezones!
Heh. Your first line made me think it needed to be wrapped in <sarcasm></sarcasm> (;
cos they did it while you were sleeping
4:01 AM
@drachenstern i normally set a bg color even though i'm using a tiled bg image. so the browser shows a color before the image loads. of course in this case it's not important since the bg is close to white anyway.
@Jin yes, so I was informed. And you don't always do that ya know
but it would explain why my userscript wasn't working on more sites, I was doing a double exclusion check
@drachenstern if i didn't then it wasn't intentional... which sites did i miss?
I can let you know when I revisit them and make a few more notes
I'm thinking about ignoring those checks and redoing the bar anyways, need to give it a bit more checking
@drachenstern I probably didn't do the CSS consistently for some older sites.
@drachenstern but please let me know where you see the CSS can be improved. I think some sites' css could definitely be improved...
@Jin I will as I play with it more, I've decided i need to take a different tack so I'm going to work on it next week. (this weekend I've got other things going on)
I imagine that what I see and what you see won't quite match up tho, on account of ya'll's LESSing the CSS
4:07 AM
@drachenstern LESS is more!
@Jin so I've heard. However it means we see two slightly different things ;)
@drachenstern I'm pretty sure my firebug sees the same as you.
assuming you're testing in FF of course..
chrome but close enough on the differences
4:09 AM
if Chrome had the same Firebug tool, I'd never use FF again.
Tell me about it
I can't stand Chrome Inspector
They both suck, but Chrome Inspector sucks more.
My conspiracy theory: Mozzila's paying crap load of $ to Joe Hewitt so he won't make the chrome version of firebug.
They should pay him to fix all of the problems in Firebug. ;)
4:11 AM
My theory: the two models are 100% different so it would mean a twice over complete rewrite, and he's clued to the FX model
The Chrome tools are good enough, IMO
@DanGrossman all i want is easily add new attribute/values when inspecting an element. as of now, i have to manually type key:value in an existing field then hit enter. no intellisnse.
or am i doing it wrong?
darn upload bug...
:refreshes chat to fix:
yeah, if you're wanting to add to css rules, do it in the right panel like @DanGrossman shows
$('#header .cbt').before( $('div').attr('id','topbar-replacement') );
why does this break the DOM?
4:19 AM
You change the ID of every div element on the page to topbar-replacement? Or am I reading it wrong?
@RebeccaChernoff ok that's where i do it in. i guess you have to double click on the white space to add a new value... but it only has intellisense of the attribute, but not values?
I only use the tools, in either browser, for debugging, not for injecting new code. I'll just do that in the real page with a real editor.
You can click on an existing key/value and hit tab to get a new one also
@Jin yes, that sounds like my experiences with it
@Jin It has it for some values.
4:21 AM
@TimStone how do you auto complete the attribute name? if i hit tab it erases it
If I hit tab it completes it o:
Yeah, completes for me too.
This could be a case of dev > stable (;
not for me... of course i'm on OSX, if that makes any difference. but back to my original point. Firebug > Chrome Inspector
But Chrome > FF
Oh, no doubt. I still hate them both. :P
4:23 AM
I wish Chrome would not have a new major version number every week, though. Pain for me and W3Counter!
@Jin, what about Firebug Lite in Chrome?
Chrome Inspector gets like -1000 though for the Inspector basically being unable to handle page refreshes.
@TimStone Hm?
@RebeccaChernoff it's a joke. it's like the original firebug1.0 for FF
4:24 AM
\o/ New registration rate on w3counter is much higher this week with its new design.
@RebeccaChernoff It either closes, or it stays open, but the console is for the old page, and doesn't update for anything that happens after refreshing.
I don't believe I've ever noticed this.
that dun sound right
Ooo... we've got iPhone users
@YiJiang whatsat?
4:25 AM
Happens all the time. Firebug has similar issues.
Usually made worse by having more than one window open.
I refresh with the inspector open all the time
@drachenstern Here. Then I can ask you guys nicely to test Garden's mobile JavaScript and CSS
@YiJiang yeah, sure. Hit me with a link
@drachenstern Well, I have to figure out how to use jade correctly to give me this HTML first
@YiJiang haha
4:27 AM
@YiJiang i'm looking into that physics flair thing..
@RebeccaChernoff And you're sure it works 100% correctly? :P
@Jin Sure thing
@TimStone it hasn't ever closed on me...
@RebeccaChernoff It usually only closes if you Ctrl + F5
It doesn't necessarily happen every single time, but fairly regularly.
@YiJiang it's pretty odd though. i wonder how the flair images are generated... i didn't think it uses site's css setting
4:28 AM
I ctrl+r and ctrl+shift+r only
@TimStone [status-you're-imagining-things]
Nice title. Flash in Chrome just crashed.
@Jin The colors look like the site's font color for nav elements
@Jin I should only be getting one css per site, right? called "all.css"... and no inline styles that aren't on the elements, right?
Well, some of them.
4:28 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Lies!
meaning <style></style> blocks
@YiJiang appears to be. but i didn't think the flair used them..
o: flair
@drachenstern right... somewhat. some pages still have inline css on them.... :(
I've been considering opening up a bug, I'm having problem getting @font-face fonts on Firefox
It looks like it might be a caching problem, I'm not sure. It's weird
4:29 AM
@Jin is that a particular page? Would it affect the header on those pages?
@Jin, did @YiJiang break flair? Is a beating in order?
Oh good, they did fix a UI bug.
Q: Flair font color unreadable

Yi Jiang The default and clean theme for user flairs have unreadable font colors.

Uh... great, another bug
Serious onebox fail.
Q: Why is cold fusion considered bogus?

SklivvzCold fusion is being mentioned a lot lately because of some new setup that apparently works. This is an unverified claim. See for example: http://hardware.slashdot.org/story/11/01/24/1550205/Italian-Scientists-Demonstrate-Cold-Fusion http://www.physorg.com/news/2011-01-italian-scientists-cold-...

Yup, same for the main site
Q: Weekly Featured Image: Feb 28, '11

Rowland ShawThis is the place to submit and vote on photos for the week of Feb 28 to be featured on the main site. Rules: Limit one photo per person per week. A specific photo may be submitted at most two weeks in a row, and not more than four times a year. Keep all images appropriate, we want this site to...

at least that works (;
@RebeccaChernoff Photo's main site still uses a light color scheme
4:32 AM
Well that's why I linked a meta question >_<
I think the meta site uses the same color scheme as the parent site
@Jin ^ Physics
@drachenstern it won't affect the header
\o/ My flag weight has increased.
4:36 AM
flag something - I can fix that for you (;
I'm here to help!
@RebeccaChernoff rchern(help) = !help
Two oddities; one, why is Cedric's flair not exhibiting the bug, and two, Dori is definitely not a Physics mod
@RebeccaChernoff Ah, so that's what you're calling it.
Odd, Dori shows up in English's list too, while @RebeccaChernoff shows up on Meta English's list
4:45 AM
22 questions, 0 accepted answers... the site needs to just say "No, you can't ask any more questions."
As for Dori showing, that'll be fixed next publish.
@YiJiang I beg to differ.
@RebeccaChernoff rchern(differ) = agree
4:48 AM
@YiJiang She's managed to disagree with reality. I take that as a sign of madness.
@TimStone: Hi
@mootinator: Hi, Are you here
@SankarGanesh Yup
@Jin you still here?
4:49 AM
@drachenstern yes sir.
Why doesn't this rule match even tho it's in the unix stylesheet?
No, really.
 #sidebar,#system-message,#header,#nav,#tabs,#footer,#hmenus,#hlinks,#bounty-link,.comments-link,.post-menu,.post-comments,.notify,form,h2.bottom-notice,div.vote,td.votecell {
  display: none;
@mootinator Sorry yesterday i went for sleep, that's why i am not able to see you
@RebeccaChernoff You and your Photoshop.
4:50 AM
Y'all aren't very good at playing along. Hit F5. >_<
I did, it's still there. :P
hard refresh o:
I was searching for #header and I get a few hits, but that one seems to get ignored by Chrome
@RebeccaChernoff Still there
4:51 AM
I don't know, is there a really hard refresh? :P
@drachenstern Some jerk put a div.#header rule in just to score higher :P
@YiJiang it involves throwing your computer against the wall and buying a new one
Apparently we need (dare I say it) a Diamond Refresh.
@mootinator errr, no
or if so, I can't seem to match it in my file :\
4:52 AM
@drachenstern, are you looking in the dev tools? they'll tell you what's been matched but overridden by other rules and such
@drachenstern what are you working on exactly? a theme switcher script?
@RebeccaChernoff yes that's where I'm looking
Q: A way to keep the "user bar" on the top of the site stuck there ~ StickyBar

drachenstern Screenshot / Code Snippet About Since people keep asking for a way to stick the userbar at the top of the screen, I'm working on a userscript to do so. Because of the way each site is fashioned and themed, various elements are in different places. So there are some parts that don't work ...

@TimStone Given how hard diamonds are, might work well here :P
Darn Windows 7.
4:53 AM
@RebeccaChernoff that's why I'm curious why it doesn't match (that and I'm curious why that particular rule is there to begin with)
ah, you're saying it totally isn't matching, not just being overridden, misunderstood sorry
Randomly changing my keyboard layout just because my locale is Canada.
@drachenstern i think it'd be a lot easier if that user bar was wrapped in one div in the html..
@mootinator go dvorak or go home.
@mootinator That's just silly.
4:54 AM
@Jin so you're going to change all the sites on SE2.0 for that one script? Nice!
@RebeccaChernoff I tried that once, even bought labels for my keys.
While you're editing every site, can you throw in a few hidden links to my sites? :slips a benjamin under the table:
@drachenstern Not likely, but we can all dream, aye? :)
well, you can just do
#topbar { position: fixed; top: 0 } for now..
The problem is the theming isn't consistent. I want to try and use the theming. Sometimes it's #header #topbar (which means the CSS has to be migrated manually or rewritten by rules, and not all broswers (blah blah blah)
@Jin but that doesn't do the notification superdropdownmulticollider
4:55 AM
@Jin It would be if you cloned the header and removed hlogo and hmenus (;
and it doesn't carry background information with it
@RebeccaChernoff I considered that too
@drachenstern well, it should be #topbar only, not #header #topbar. if you see #header #topbar then it's just bad css on my part
except for nested id css selectors :\
@Jin yeah, so I'm gonna take those notes for you
@drachenstern ah
but also when the bg of the header is attached to body vs header vs container
and since I want to use the theme of the site existing I want to use the bg-image or bg-color of the theme
4:56 AM
@drachenstern yeah.. well i take the blame for that.. i had to hack the css to implement some of the designs..
alternately I could just make my own style that overrode on every site and to hell with that
anyways, as for me and meta.english, just wait a bit and look later shrugs
@Jin oh I knew why after I saw what happened, but it's hard to pull consistency ;)
@RebeccaChernoff huh?
@RebeccaChernoff Hmm, what about @RebeccaChernoff and Meta.English. thinks hard
@drachenstern I think I've died, and got lost in CSS Zen Limbo for the past 6 months.
4:58 AM
@drachenstern showing as a mod on the about page that @YiJiang was whining about (;
@Jin, aren't you excited, we're gonna add a couple more betas next week!!! parties
and you'd think I should be able to launch a css bug free theme by now... sigh i suck.
@Jin lol, I know the feeling
@Jin nah, you're doing what I do daily, pulling off miracles without a net ;)

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