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10:01 PM
@Nyuszika7H I invite my sockpuppet in here to dance for you
I pictured socks dancing by themselves and kind of freaked myself out.
@MichaelPetrotta my socks do that to people
@Nyuszika7H Basic dance:
    / \
only 2 frames
Move the legs FTW!
10:06 PM
    / >
    / \
@Nyuszika7H XD
@TheRenamedException WTF? A credit check before even showing the place? Like that would make sense.
@TheRenamedException lmao
10:08 PM
@GeorgeMarian yeah the site he linked to was clearly a scam
/ \
Apparently a lazy scam, they hadn't even gotten all of the pieces put together yet.
@TheRenamedException That's a whole other WTF on it's own there. Which reinforces the idea that they're idiots. :)
"You don't need to tell me when you have answered the report, it emails me the relevant info!" Yeah, sure. Like my SSN and other personal details, I'm sure!
@Nyuszika7H LOL!
He's going low down...
@Nyuszika7H I, guess by abusing edits the animation could run for 2 mins, huh?
10:09 PM
@GeorgeMarian yeah
is going to make an auto-editing unicornscript
@GeorgeMarian until balpha throws a fit and reduces the window ;-)
@GeorgeMarian I was thinking that, but second-guessed bringing it up ;)
Personally, I was thinking of base64 encoding a gif and injecting that...
@GeorgeMarian How would you inject base64?
10:11 PM
@Nyuszika7H I'm not 100% sure, but I've come across it on a few sites
I think I first ran into that on the new login page for Feedly. Firefox complained about an insecure item on a secure page. lol
@JoshsSocks laundry time
@RebeccaChernoff Actually you're right, it is laundry day!!
noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! I must fnish my evil pl lknclbeunffeklohnlnifofuewionkj NO CARRIER
10:15 PM
@RebeccaChernoff What did you want to do about this?
@RebeccaChernoff oy? Having clean clothes is "oy"?
How can I simulate pressing a specific key (like Enter) in a textfield?
(I know my comment says "I'll see if it makes sense", but I have a huge headache today, so I'm trying to delegate thinking :p)
@Nyuszika7H you can send messages to chat using AJAX, you don't need to use the textfield
10:16 PM
@TheRenamedException how?
Another question: how do I edit my last message with an userscript?
@Nyuszika7H one sec
@TimStone eh, I'm kinda over the audit link. I'd almost rather the rep be clickable through to /reputation rather than /privileges.
			data: {
@RebeccaChernoff Right, that's a separate problem. :P
This is more about Area 51
details schmetails
10:18 PM
And whether or not we should try and support that functionality there as well.
(currently we don't, but the exclusion list didn't factor in the Discussion site, so)
@Nyuszika7H my socks could help with that, but they're in the wash now
@TheRenamedException LOL
I guess it is /chats/id/messages/edit but I am unsure
@TheRenamedException Yeah but how do I get my last message?
@Nyuszika7H fkey() is an anti-XSRF system developed by balpha or Marc
@Nyuszika7H good question
10:20 PM
@TimStone I see no reason why it couldn't. I use the keyboard script there.
Hello, world!
@RebeccaChernoff Alright. I'll enable it and exclude Discussion from getting the audit link and I guess we'll see how it goes.
@Nyuszika7H It looks like the base64 encoded image data is simply supplied to the img tag's src attribute.
best just to think of it as a child meta
shiver ...i am cold and wet...
10:21 PM
> data:image/png;base64
@RebeccaChernoff Aye
and I blame @RebeccaChernoff!
@JoshsSocks quiet and get to work
function sendMessage(text) {
    var id = location.href.match(/\d+/)[0]
    $.post('/chats/' + id + '/messages/new', {'fkey': fkey().fkey, 'text': text});
@Nyuszika7H POSTing returns an ID
@Nyuszika7H to edit you POST to /messages/<id>
:534823 when you post a new message, the JSON returned is: {"id":534821,"time":1298758995}
10:24 PM
This was sent with an AJAX request.
you can then POST to /messages/<id> edit that message
function editMessage(id,text) {
    $.post('/messages/' + id, { 'fkey': fkey().fkey, 'text': text });
@JoshsSocks don't you need the '/chats/' + roomID?
@Nyuszika7H nope, not to edit
Thanks @JoshsSocks now get back in before the wash cycle finishes!
10:27 PM
ok :-(
10:38 PM
How do I make a function that returns a on the first call, b on the second, a on the third and so on?
With a boolean scoped outside the function, and a !?
Like this?
@RebeccaChernoff By the way, I spent some time on /review last night and, in addition to getting ++flagWeight, got Suffrage, heh. Turns out that some new posters bring some decent questions/answers to the table after all. :p
var bool = true;
function myFunct() {
    var _bool = bool;
    bool = !!bool;
    if (_bool == true) {
        return 'a';
    } else {
        return 'b';
that works
better would be:
10:44 PM
No, my first version didn't work.
var myFunc = (function(){
  var myBool = true;
  return function() {
    myBool = !myBool;
    return myBool? 'a' : 'b';
var flag = false; function() { return (flag = !flag) ? 'a' : 'b'; }
oh yeah bool = !bool not !!bool
closures FTW!
10:45 PM
Disclosure FTW!
well actually it worked
10:50 PM
I mean, "For the horde!"
is there still a way to get your stackoverflow ranking? stackusers.com appears to be out of date...
@wcoenen Well, there's always the Stack Overflow All-Time Reputation League, but I'm not sure if that's the kind of thing you're looking for.
in Sandbox, 1 min ago, by Nyuszika7H
edit test
This message has been edited 289 times (!) markup.io/v/b16qq0sbw5nb
@Tim Stone thanks, that seems to be what I was looking for
is a top 7000 developer on a self selected group on the interwebs. oooo.
10:57 PM
that was with editing every ms, but that caused many errors, so switching to 100 ms in my next test
it will reach 1000 edits
only 979 :/
Eh, if you're squeezing that many edits into that short of a timespan, the server (and by association, the devs) are going to be pretty annoyed.
@TimStone don't worry, this is my last edit test
@Nyuszika7H Please, don't eff around with the edits. People like myself really do benefit from being able to edit our typos. I'm not gonna be very happy with you if you get that taken away.
@GeorgeMarian it's chat message editing, not post editing…
11:02 PM
Any particular reason you need to edit a chat message 1000 times in 2 minutes?
@mootinator you meant 2 minutes, right?
my record is 1461
No, I mean 5.
What do you think I'm talking about, if not precisely what you are doing right now?
Hmm...I need a good set of comments to screenshot.
Take that, chat log.
11:03 PM
Heh :D
@TimStone Comments, as in?
I'm trying to take a screenshot of the SE Modification post links and the comment auto-complete in one go, but I'm having a hard time finding a question where there are only a few comments that wouldn't look bad in a screenshot. :P
Oh, I see.
@TheRenamedException @JoshsSocks dancing stickman working!!
no more :(
I'll just cheat and selectively crop instead, I think, heh.
11:11 PM
@TimStone Yah, that's probably a good idea. lol
That auto-editing works, but I'll better make an animated GIF instead.
night :)
G'night @Nyuszika7H
@Nyuszika7H sorry I was afk -- really? sweet
@Nyuszika7H Bah, and I missed you. Show me tomorrow!
if only we had a working status command! ;-)
I'll... get right on that. But not now, I'm going AFK for the balance of the night.
Is there a way to create a footnote in the an answer?
11:24 PM
Not really, I just use <sub>
Wouldn't <sup> be more appropriate? ;)
Well, I was thinking for the actual text at the bottom, but yeah, you're right. :P
I was just gonna make that text smaller. :D
Use both! (;
posts SE Modifications on StackApps :o
..Should push to main first though, whoops.
11:35 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Apparently, that is indeed correct. :)
Man, this is so abusing the tag...
I think we're gonna have to start calling these the Tim scripts at this point.
Hahah, why is that? I don't think I actually wrote that much of the code.
You've contributed much more than me lately.
@TimStone What, after you rewrote SEChatMod? ;)
I just..reorganized it. :P
11:42 PM
@TimStone You're far too modest :P
Oh, @YiJiang, what does the revision source thingadongdong do? I saw the added code in SE Modifications, but I didn't get a chance to try it out (and I'm writing up the description now)
@TimStone It simply pulls in the source of the revision using ajax instead of having to open it in a new page
Eh, I still maintain that the code that everyone else wrote is far more complex than what I did, heh.
@YiJiang Ah, OK, nice. :D
I should try change some of the stuff around
I sure am in an odd mood today. steps away from the moderating
11:43 PM
The text in the button becomes 'loading...' but does not change when it actually loads
@GeorgeMarian Uh oh, how so? :P
@TimStone I dunno. I blame the Vietnam-like, platoon leader dream I had. I'm not certainly in a bad mood, but it's kinda touch and go. The slightest things may set me off. :)
hiya all
what'd I miss?
Ah, I get like that from time to time, but I've always associated it with my insanely limited amount of sleep, heh.
Yah, it's probably related to sleep issues. I didn't sleep all that well last night, despite sleeping into the early afternoon. =/
11:49 PM
@RebeccaChernoff - Did I miss anything about that B&W challenge today?
Part of it may be this Python script. Why in the world did I add a --verbose option? It's not like I really need it and it makes this recursive function absolutely ugly.
@Moshe I haven't seen anything - are you working on completing it?
@RebeccaChernoff - Yes. I will be now, Shabbat has ended here now.
What challenge?
@GeorgeMarian Ah yeah, I realized recently that I left some print statements in Dulwich when I was trying to figure out why it errored in in some situations...so I get loads of cruft every time I use hg-git, heh.
@YiJiang Jeff wanted a generic un-style for all Stack Exchange sites, or something.
11:51 PM
@TimStone Interesting!
@TimStone Yep.
I'll have a look
But Meta is (or was) down
It's actually in chat..
meta is still down
11:52 PM
@Moshe Why not make it an userstyle?
@YiJiang Because then everything must be !important-ized.
@TimStone Hehe. That's precisely how this started. I refactored the function yesterday, despite my allergy fog. Then, I figured some of the print statements were useful, why not add a --verbose option? Now the code is sprinkled with if verbose: and print statements. :)
yesterday, by Jeff Atwood
does anyone want to take a whack at that? A generic se.com "destyle to the basics" script?
It's a major pain
@TimStone I'm not sure how basic he wanted, I started w B&W, feedback welcome
@Moshe Not if you use the right editor ;)
11:53 PM
The details are above that post somewhere (I wasn't here for the actual conversation, so I don't know the details really)
@TimStone I think it would be easier to just replace everything with SO's assets
@GeorgeMarian Whoops, heheh. I take it you're still liking Python?
@Moshe Can't that be avoided my using more specific css selectors?
@YiJiang true, but I figured out how to write a script to load the CSS anyway. Jeff provided a copy of "sketchy", but it was a bit incomplete afaik. I deminified the SO theme intead.
@YiJiang Yeah, I'm not 100% sure where the script was supposed to be going. I think there are some inconsistencies in the layouts too, but.
11:54 PM
The basic gist is a basic/clean style that could be used on any of the sites for people that don't like the custom site style.
A generic "Stack Exchange" style, I guess.
@GeorgeMarian But why the extra effort? It's a short userscript that just loads in a replacement CSS file.
@RebeccaChernoff Presumably trilogy style basic?
...Though honestly preferably not actually Stack Exchange, since, eh.. :P
@TimStone Yah. Though I'm not liking the format of their conditional expression. That said, it certainly beats trying to do this in a shell script.
11:55 PM
@YiJiang Yep. Something like that. Would you mind peeking at what I've done so far?
@Moshe Sure
@Moshe It may be considered a cleaner solution than using JavaScript to load in a different CSS file.
@GeorgeMarian Hmm, what does that look like? Hahah, indeed.
@GeorgeMarian True, but what if we want to make a stylesheet switcher?
I'm going to do that, I think.
A: Can we please change the design to black-on-white?

Jeff AtwoodWe'll put together a user script at http://stackapps.com?tab=scripts for folks who really want the white layout -- in fact, we can probably put together a de-styler that converts any Stack Exchange design to a fairly minimalistic one for those that prefer it.

11:56 PM
"Default", "Clean"
@TimStone Something like: x = true_value if condition else false_value docs.python.org/whatsnew/…
@Moshe Cross that bridge if we come to it? :)
Ahh, Perl. ;)
@GeorgeMarian It's been mentioned in the aforementioned question. I think we've come to that bridge already.
@Moshe Eh? I don't exactly read that to mean let's create a style switcher.
@GeorgeMarian Read some of the answers
Note: this answer was given by a DIFFERENT MOSHE:
A: Can we please change the design to black-on-white?

MosheI have precisely the same reaction as Jeff. Some websites have theme chooser options, maybe this is the way to go.

(I don't do physics)

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