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5:00 AM
@drachenstern and @mootinator: I have a question which is related to carrier, can i shoot to you
@YiJiang lmao, wtf?
define: carrier
also, ask anytime
@SankarGanesh Sure...?
@TimStone Imao,wtf means, i am not able to get that
5:01 AM
@SankarGanesh Sorry, I replied to the wrong person by mistake.
sighs I am really messed up this evening.
@TimStone Well, I was thinking about what @RebeccaChernoff has to do with English Meta
She speaks English
I had years of 1 .6 years of exp in java and now 7 months exp in android, now my present company saw my performance in android, i launched two projects , in a successful manner, so they promoted me as a senior developer, so guys , pls tell me, what are the actions a senior developer must do and what are the actions he should not do
@SankarGanesh You should show up for work on time. You should not murder your coworkers.
5:03 AM
@TimStone It;s Ok, No problem, pls pls avoid the word sorry and thanks to me, i never like that formal words
@RebeccaChernoff @YiJiang is hypothesizing why you randomly showed up on that page, apparently being unsatisfied that you won't any more.
@SankarGanesh that's between you and your boss. we can't come up with a job description for you...
@DanGrossman another question will senior developer and team leader designations are same , i hope both of these have some difference, am i right
@TimStone I didn't randomly show up there. It's just left-overs from stuff and me never logging out of the sites lol.
@SankarGanesh Depends on the company.
5:05 AM
@RebeccaChernoff yes, you are right, but you i want to do if you are in the place of SankarGanesh, that's it, i want to share your views, so that i can get more and more ideas
@RebeccaChernoff We can make it random though! Just spin the WoM and have it move your flair to a random site everyday!
@RebeccaChernoff This just confuses me more, I give up. :P
@DanGrossman tell me , in general, will both of these designations are same
Bah, fine, to make a short story long. (;
@TimStone She never logs out of those sites, therefore her flair shows up as one of the mods. goes off to never log out of SO for one year and hopes that his flair shows up in the mod list
5:08 AM
@RebeccaChernoff We're always interested in story time.
@YiJiang It's the perfect plan!
@TimStone pls share your views on my question too, haha, lol
On the sites, I changed my open id, and it didn't sync with the child meta. So the child meta still has my old id and doesn't recognize me as an employee. This has since been fixed, so I just need to log out and log back in to have the sync done. I just haven't gone through and done that to each site.
@SankarGanesh Hm, I honestly don't know. I've never worked in that kind of setting before, so I have very little experience with those kinds of job roles.
So @Jin as I come across some of those multiple CSS ID selectors want me to MSO them for you or just keep a list or what?
@RebeccaChernoff Ah haaaaaaa. ;)
5:11 AM
@drachenstern why don't you keep a list. and send it to jin@stackoverflow.com when completed
@TimStone May i know about your job profile??
@RebeccaChernoff Short story long, huh ;)
K, I'll do that
i believe all the launched sites don't have multiple css IDs since they all use LESS?
So when @YiJiang mentioned that, I immediately went and logged out/in and claimed that he is crazy. q:
5:12 AM
I don't know for sure, I need to look into it, that'll be something for next week
I wish I had a CSS intern
wife is going out of town for two weeks so if I come home and get on the computer I don't get frowns for three hours
so i can point the blamez!
@Jin haha!
@SankarGanesh I'm the CTO of a (non-huge) company.
@RebeccaChernoff Ah, but you were foiled by the server caches no propagating immediately. Makes sense.
5:13 AM
I just wish my boss would learn the box model and widths and quit reorg-ing my pages without attention to the fact that the CSS is specified
@TimStone ):
You successfully confused us for a while, I'm sure that counts for something. :p
man, a cig after bacon and coffee gives me some sort of brain orgasm. sorry, had to share that piece of info.
:534231 In the right hand side pls see the pages, i had wrote 5 things about android
@Jin That's not an orgasm, it's a stroke, which smokers are at increased risk of
5:14 AM
@TimStone Heck, I'm half way through my automated keep me logged in script :P
@YiJiang I know, you were so hopeful too.
@DanGrossman what's the difference?
:534241 so what you're saying is I need to get a tonido?
I require to the sleep.
5:16 AM
I love 'em :)
@mootinator G'night
@DanGrossman did you my pages in my blog
Adios mes amis!
@SankarGanesh Yes I see now
@mootinator Good Night, have a Sweet Dreams with your loved ones, haha, lol
5:17 AM
Oy, my backup script on it isn't deleting old backups right
almost filled the external hard drive
Night Kev
@DanGrossman do you have twitter or facebook accounts, give me that, i will follow you there
@TimStone it;s nice to hear that you are a CTO, hmm
@TimStone you would be proud of the dinner I just had. @RebeccaChernoff you would not.
minecraft is such a great game.
hints: Hormel, spices.
5:18 AM
@Jin It is
@drachenstern \o/
...Just had, hm, that's worse than me. ;)
@Jin I must've misunderstood, I thought you said Minecraft is such a great timesuck.
was it from a can? ):
@drachenstern Did you remember the chocolate?
@RebeccaChernoff does "Hormel" mean anything to you woman? :p
@DanGrossman that would've likely ruined the canned taste.
@drachenstern oh it is and highly addictive. that's why i'm not playing :) I bought it for my sons
5:20 AM
Feb 17 at 1:47, by Rebecca Chernoff
it's funny to see them digging a hole so deep they can't get out
What's a Hormel?
how old are your kids?
@drachenstern 4,6,8
I thought they were like knee high
oh, I was close then
5:20 AM
I seemed to recall you having one girl
@Jin ao you have three Kids, am i right
all three boys?
@drachenstern it does, that's why I was ):ing
@SankarGanesh he ... just said that
5:21 AM
@DanGrossman Goes on everything lol
@RebeccaChernoff :p I know, that's why I said you would not be proud of me ;)
@Jin shhhhh
in my expert opinion, Hormel makes the best bacon.
@SankarGanesh yes
@drachenstern lol
@drachenstern yeah. all boys... i still want my lil princess one day
5:21 AM
Now I'm hungry again. And I want to play Minecraft. You know, because I wasn't having a hard enough time focusing before. shakes fist
y'all are making me hungry, but eating now with my migraine would not be a good thing.
another migraine?
@Jin hmm, you want to another child after having three child haha lol
that's ... not healthy.
@RebeccaChernoff @TimStone Lunchtime for me, see ya! (HA!)
5:22 AM
Are they chronic?
@YiJiang Damn you, damn you.
walking me mutts
be back
I m thinking of buy it, for my cousin and gave it to me, and me going to wait for buying MacBookPro
Ahhhhhh good ole CQ60 series
@SankarGanesh i'm not too impressed by the new MBPs
@SankarGanesh if it's going to be a secondary computer, i'd rather to wait for next MBA update
5:27 AM
He needs to save anyways
@Jin oh , pls tell MBA means
@drachenstern this is lap, is not for me , my cousin who is studying engineering
i just want a better monitor now. the 27" ACD is so tempting, but it's so $
@Jin ok
is a masochist.
whoa. huge finder's fee here: careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/10371/…
5:32 AM
@mootinator why you come back, again instead going for sleep
@SankarGanesh I just explained that.
@mootinator goto bed kev
@Jin yeah, that's crazy
@mootinator ok
I might also be procrastinating about taking the dog out in the -35.
Does one procrastinate about or from something?
5:34 AM
sigh i'll never finish this blog post i started back in december..
@Jin I have the same problem ;)
@mootinator about I believe
@Jin what kinds of things you post in your blog
@Jin don't make me de-bacon-ify your house until it is done hands on hips + stern look
@SankarGanesh I'm gonna guess kids and programming ;)
@SankarGanesh random stuff mostly... 8164.org
5:36 AM
who has a great big collection of emoticons that are no larger than 20x20 pixels?
Help me, how to add unique visitors numbers in my blog sankarganesh-info-exchange.blogspot.com
@RebeccaChernoff i only blogged before because I had a mind-numbing boring job. now i barely have time for anything else besides work.
@drachenstern I want to say Ubuntu :P
@SankarGanesh First you have to write some blog posts so it doesn't say "No posts" when someone looks
@SankarGanesh google: google analytics
5:37 AM
@Jin The problem is that you aren't illegitimately delegating your work to the newer hires.
@DanGrossman Sure
@mootinator I don't think the software distribution group has a lot of emoticons, can we narrow it down at all?
@drachenstern ok ,cool
Ahhhhh, well er.
@drachenstern google: w3counter!
5:38 AM
@TimStone hmmm @RebeccaChernoff should fix my css, and take the blames
Stupid Google, buying Urchin, making it free and calling it "Google Analytics".
@Jin Exactly, now you're thinking.
hey, I'm hardly the new employee anymore!
@DanGrossman I would say that you want a certain audience? Hey look, I'm all google-fanboi, I don't refer people to non-google properties normally, and anyways, that's not going to give him a counter, just give him stats. Or do they offer a counter? I don't know. But usually a person wants stats not counters. Counters are soooo 1994
@drachenstern I will design you emoticons for $5000. I have no portfolio, because I'm not a designer.
5:40 AM
@RebeccaChernoff You just have to be newer, so it's OK ;)
@mootinator for that, I will have to ask you for a donation of $5000 to support my userscript processes
4 people have been hired since me!
I'll act as the middle man, you can each give me $5000.
ok, so I'm getting the evil eye that I'm not ready to lay down at 11:30 ... I'm gonna go try and lay down with her, even tho I'm not even remotely tired, so that I quit getting the evil eye.
I don't know why non-devs think 11:30 is always a time to be asleep by, it's so not
ok all , see you after some time, i m going to miss you all for couple of hours
5:42 AM
@drachenstern Tell her that we're shaking our fists at you too, in support. G'bye. :P
Bye @SankarGanesh
@SankarGanesh probably more hours than that. Have a good afternoon ;)
@mootinator: when i come back, after 2 hours, i hope at that time you must reach your dreams, bye
@TimStone psh, I'm not giving her any support here. I would rather be up till 2am
@SankarGanesh whoa. i just look at your gravatar photo.. you look exactly like a former coworker, whose name is also Sankar.
@Jin whose former coworker, hmm, your from which place
5:45 AM
@SankarGanesh from my last job, at the FCC
@Jin FFC means, do you have any twitter account or facebook, so that i can follow you there
@SankarGanesh no FCC(Federal Communications Commission) where I used to work. My twitter is twitter.com/#!/jzy
You used to work at the FCC too? What else have you done? :p
@Jin: hmm, Very happy to hear that a guy who is similar to me and his name also similar to mine, :)
don't judge on me www.fcc.gov ....
that site hasn't been updated since.. 2001
i made their new one though, before i left: reboot.fcc.gov
5:48 AM
@Jin oh, disappointed, when hearing that site was not updated after 10 years
@drachenstern W3Counter isn't a counter... it has 31 web stats reports, all updating in realtime instead of in batch like GA, and you don't have to show a counter on your website to use it.
@Jin Ah, nice.
@TimStoneand @DanGrossman: and @Jin: Guys, can you pls share about freelancer, how can i yield a project and work myself,earn for my needs, can i work as part time freelancer, how to bid the projects
@SankarGanesh I thought you were just promoted to a senior position at your company...
@SankarGanesh are you a programmer or designer?
@SankarGanesh you should read the articles on freelanceswitch.com
5:52 AM
@DanGrossman yes, they promoted as senior position, but this message is very useful for me, after sometime
@DanGrossman: Will it be a worng to do part time freelancer
@Jin I am andorid , java , strut , ejb3 programmer
Grrrr, I'm pissed. Another person opening a PayPal "item not received" dispute, for a payment that wasn't for an item, because "I don't have enough money anymore and I need a refund".
Disputes are not undeserved refund requests!
Hrm, that's annoying.
I hope they get some negative life karma for that
@DanGrossman will it a wrong to think of freelancer as a part time one
I don't know, depends on your employment contract?
5:58 AM
@DanGrossman Employment contract in the sense
I don't know about India, but employment contracts around here typically have noncompete clauses and define ownership of intellectual property produced by the employee, even outside of work sometimes.
oh ok, thanks for sharing your views
@DanGrossman: give your twitter link
No thanks
I'm in a foul mood. People suck.
@DanGrossman I am not able to get this message: I'm in a foul mood. People suck.
And Dane Cook is on TV. This night just keeps getting worse!
6:08 AM
@DanGrossman what's the time in USA
Here 11:40 AM
ok bye all
6:42 AM
Unsure what to do with this edit suggestion. Approving makes it lose context—rejecting proves a point. Anyone want to make a decision on it?
@waiwai933 Heh, nice.
I honestly can't decide either, bah.
7:29 AM
Huh? Thought it took 2 votes to reject an edit.
@Kragen Only on SO, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore either
8:28 AM
:preempts the dreaded 1 hour later... marker:
9:10 AM
Hi! :)
Q: Is Java better than HTML

user634884I want to make a program. I was thinking of using either Java or HTML. All I want it to do is play videos,download music, and keep track of book prices. Which one is better?

@YiJiang LOL! I was going to flag it as *not a real question*… but I see it's already closed :)
reaches 500 rep on SO soon
9:35 AM
It's just a touch spooky to have a Google search result tell me that one of my contacts shared a particular link using Twitter.
10:21 AM
@GeorgeMarian I need some tips from you
@Nyuszika7H hi
@Nyuszika7H Oh, a link, I'll just click-- WAIT A MINUTE!
@LoïcWolff :@Nyuszika: If some one said explain what are the projects you had did using SDLC Waterfall model, then what are things we have to focus , pls give me some tips
10:37 AM
@SankarGanesh Sorry, I have no idea what are you talking about.
@Nyuszika7H if you are going to explain a project what you had did in a metting, then what you do, give me some tips, i want to use SDL life cycle method
2 hours later…
12:54 PM
Anyone there?
yes, iam there
1:24 PM
Q: How To write a voting bot

sherifhi I need to try and program a bot to do lots of voting on something with NO need to enter captcha or anything I want also to to try and use proxy or change the ip to be able to do lots of votes where should I begin

Should've migrated it to Meta for maximum hilarity
In our LUG's mailing list: "O'Reilly also publishes in the .mobi format."
All I could think was, "O'Really"
2 hours later…
3:31 PM
Hey @Sathya is here!
:) @TheRenamedException
say your Meta post decided to drop by and say hello.
Hello @TheRenamedException :P
3:46 PM
@Sathya sorry got a call :-)
How are you?
I'm good @TheRenamedException
Glad to hear it
Hi! :)
Hey @Nyuszika7H
how are you?
@TheRenamedException fine, thanks :)
503 rep on SO! :)
3:55 PM
@TheRenamedException what does that smiley mean? :)
@Nyuszika7H LOL, it's a person cheering! What did you think it was? ;-)
@TheRenamedException oh, right :P
@Nyuszika7H don't blame me. /blame rchern!
4:00 PM
Does rchern notify you like @RebeccaChernoff does or something?
@TheRenamedException come into SO's Sandbox !!!
@RebeccaChernoff I didn't even see you in here (:
But I learned \o/ from you
@Nyuszika7H SO or MSO's?
@TheRenamedException SO's
I've been here for a few minutes, just hadn't said anything. That seemed like a good time. q:
4:03 PM
@Nyuszika7H bah, you're going to make me go all the way over there? :-)
@RebeccaChernoff lol
Is this the place they call crazy?
oh look it's the RTL smileys lady ;) @RebeccaChernoff
@Sathya where?!
Where what?
4:06 PM
@Pekka Yup, it's the place where @RebeccaChernoff declared us all nuts
@YiJiang that's nothing new :)
Probably wasn't the last time either....
@Pekka ummmmmm
How goes Mr @Pekka?
4:10 PM
@TheRenamedException that was meant in a totally innocent way, just as a 180° mirror of Rebecca's smiley above
@TheRenamedException busy busy
Closing down nine years' self-employment is a lot of work
@Pekka suuuurrre. And I don't have a dirty mind. No, not at all. ;-)
user image
@Pekka I'll bet :-(
4:12 PM
@TheRenamedException yeah, it's hard at times! But it also means leaving with a clean plate when it's done, which is totally worth it :)
@TheRenamedException that is somebody bending down and touching the ground with both arms
in Sandbox on Stack Overflow Chat, 12 secs ago, by Coding Kitten
It's Yi Jiangs fault!
@Pekka Of course! Silly me.
Where's that super duper chat userscript thingadongdong?
The unicornscript?
out for dinner. later folks, have a great day!
@Sathya Bon appétit!
1 hour later…
5:48 PM
> It's an unusual charge in this case, offense against intellectual property, but it carries a stiff penalty of up to 15 years in prison.
6:08 PM
I don't even want to know
6:47 PM
Someone was kind enough to link to my article chacha102.com/code-reuse-and-recycle in the first comment of a Net Tut post
Hi! :)
hey, long time
I have made some changes to my personal website
would some of you be willing to give me some feedback?
7:07 PM
You'll find all these buggers are a little too hung over from last night's happy hour..
And I'm out of coffee. Oh, my poor head...
Anything interesting we could talk about?
7:23 PM
I have a busy day today so I will be in and out...
Check my status for updates (yey for semi-working userscript!)
I hope to improve the status script later today.
@TheRenamedException Heh, my goal is to finish up SE Modifications and then finish the Town Hall userscript...fingers crossed.
Apple's hasn't been announced yet so we're OK there
How are you doing Tim?
My brain feels fuzzy. Otherwise not too bad.
LOL I can relate there
How about you, were you able to tame some of your work-related issues?
7:32 PM
I want to get the status script reading from LocalStorage today, that way it will work in multiple rooms
@TimStone Yes, I was thanks. Rolled out some updates today, seemed to smooth things over a bit
3 hours ago, by Pekka
@TheRenamedException that is somebody bending down and touching the ground with both arms
Hahah (also another hahah at me typing "Hahah" into the userscript by mistake)
function Hahah() {
    if (window.Audio) {
        new Audio('http://example.com/sounds/laugh.wav').play();
    } else {
8:13 PM
/ \
1 hour later…
9:13 PM
@Nyuszika7H /hahah?
/ \
ChatExtension.define('stickman', function() {
    $('#input').val('     o \n    -|-\n    / \\');
I'm going to make some ASCII art commands… like message boxes.
Status: Away – back in 10 mins
/ \
@Nyuszika7H I LOVE IT
I dare you to make a /dance command. I was going to, but I have /status command to finish first
9:29 PM
Isn't it the same number of characters to type that command as it is to make the stickman yourself? :P
@TimStone but /stickman is easier to remember, I often have trouble formatting ascii art
besides what I like about it is how close to the dance command it is
well okay so it really isn't
pay no attention to me ;-)
@TheRenamedException show me a sample
@TimStone No, the commend is actually 1 character longer. :P
Status: Available
| Sample ASCII Art Dialog          [X] |
| This is a sample dialog. It wasn't   |
| made with the command, it's just a   |
| template.                            |
9:50 PM
Ah, excellent, the auto-complete lives again! (minus a few more minor issues that I'm killing now)
Why are so many of the homes for rent just scams? :-(
I need a comment from someone with funny letters in their name now, hmm.
One person responded with "Sure, I'm available to show you the home. But first fill out this credit report:" and linked to some website that the homepage just said "coming soon", registered to some guy in the carribean.
Something is not exactly correct with Chrome's userscript handling. jQuery.scrollTo shows up on all pages.

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