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9:03 PM
@Felix yes. That's preferred.
@MichaelMrozek I'm sending them an email going "you present yourselves as spammy so therefore you just lost a lot of public opinion" but in more words and more well presentered so that it don't look so dumber
@drachenstern: Ok thanks. I just had the feeling that the moderators might already have enough to do anyway....
The perils of s**tty programming. Years ago I didn't enforce any form validation on signups, now I have 90 users I can't contact because they have no names or e-mail addresses.
@Felix better you to flag to your hearts content. They may have enough to do, but if they do, and they're staying overworked, then SOIS will nominate more mods
What a dick. Is asking dupes when a question isn't answered to his satisfaction, and complains about not getting answers but ignores all requests for clarification.
Q: php safe mode in server

David19801Hello, If this returns true, does it mean safe mode is on or off? if( !ini_get('safe_mode') ){ echo 'TRUE'; } else { echo 'FALSE'; }

Just had someone contact me via my blog asking for help with a programming issue (university assignment). They said they found me through Stack Overflow. What was odd that they wanted help with Android and Eclipse - but I don't think I've answered any questions on those recently. Anyway I told them to post on SO as long as they were very clear it was an assignment they wanted help with.
9:11 PM
Ahhh I feel better. @MichaelMrozek I sent that email :p
I probably shouldn't have of course
@ChrisF they found you through stackoverflow but couldn't be arsed to figure out that you answer such questions on on stackoverflow? oO
@ChrisF What's it like, being famous?
@PopularDemand Odd. It's not the first contact I've had that's mentioned SO
why does that keep happening
I click the upload button, and it links the last thing I uploaded before I even pick a file
@DanGrossman That happened to me once too!
But then I couldn't repro.
@ChrisF Perhaps someone is using your name, contact info and photo on a knockoff site called Shack Oberflow?
9:16 PM
And @balpha yelled at me for using a beta browser.
Refresh and it should go away.
That's what I did, yeah
@PopularDemand Ha! I just wish it was someone offering me some work I could do at the weekends.
stupid markdown ok I give up
9:18 PM
@drachenstern just try the obvious
I did that once before
oh ffs it does it this time
yeah, it works since yesterday
@TimStone IT WAS?
@balpha THANKS!!!
ok, I'll stop now
if ( row.next('.accContent').length == 0 ) row.append( $('div').addClass('accContent') );
9:19 PM
@PopularDemand His boss might frown on that too.
why do you blow up my DOM jQuery?
Hmm... is this sufficiently significant to warrant mention in the list of feature changes?
@PopularDemand I would think so, but I'm not a mod or a SOIS emp so :\
... or am I? :p
@PopularDemand Sure, you can mention it along with the auto-updating timestamps in the stars list.
Wow. I was actually leaning towards "not significant enough," for once.
9:22 PM
I dunno, I'm on a conference call, I'm not really focused.
I'm just saying stuff.
@TimStone Out loud, I hope.
Yeah, no, I already started an argument over how much AJAX was too much AJAX.
@TimStone the part that demands using XML, otherwise is there such a thing? Write the whole client side in jQuery
I don't care if YUI or something would make more sense either :p
Hi! :)
9:33 PM
Why do we have nothing pinned?
@TylerChacha You've been away recently?
@TylerChacha because they weren't useful?
Also, see stackapps.com
Q: SE Chat Modifications

Tim Stone Screenshot Use /command shortcuts to perform common chat tasks: See message history inline: Easily preview replied-to messages: And much, much more... About Legends tell of a prolific Meta Stack Overflow chatter who despised using their mouse above all things. In an effort to keep t...

I can't view the images..
stupid school internet
Downvoting a bad answer actually worked for once!
I've got some careers 2.0 invites if anyone wants/needs one
9:48 PM
I'd like to see it..
Although, I'm probably not going to use it to get a job soon..
Careers 2.0 invites will be scarce over the next few weeks as we fix some tiny things. Need a job now? DM me your email address
The US law precludes me for doing that..
@ChrisF doesn't that require him following you? How many people does he follow?
> 128
@drachenstern Indeed it does - well spotted.
probably would have been better to say to email him..
and then, he already has your eail address
o wait..
If I already had a profile, do I need an invite?
9:55 PM
@TylerChacha You shouldn't. I seem to have been "upgraded"
Yeah, I think I already ave it
I'm going to take a nap. Someone let me know if anything interesting is said in my teleconference.
@TimStone You're Fired!
10:13 PM
None of you exist
And... we're back
Hi again! :)
Blames @balpha and @MarcGravell, pokes with very large Stick of Blame
And we're back
Obviously it was @TimStone's fault. Somebody poke him with a large stick
10:14 PM
@balpha It didn't work, Tyler came back. Shut it down again
MY fault?
quit abusing the updates
@TimStone Sure, the wheel said so ;)
Dammit @TimStone
10:15 PM
Buy-one-get-one-free Chipotle burrito or bowl coupon if you watch this video
@YiJiang Lies!
@RebeccaChernoff What?! :o
It isn't me .. for once..
I weep at the poetic beauty of the official freehanded circle
10:16 PM
@TimStone for breaking chat
the wheel chose me; I deny it, but nobody listens
user image
@MarcGravell BURN HIM!!!!
@MarcGravell we already decided the WoB picked @TimStone we don't need to actually spin it anymore :p
@RebeccaChernoff I already blamed you.
10:16 PM
@MarcGravell You do not question the Wheel!!!
All I need to know is that neither wheel said it was my fault.
sigh... but... but... but... I didn't touch it... oh well.
@drachenstern I kept spinning until chat came up; as a result everybody here is blamed at least twice
I was totally busy with this conference call!
10:18 PM
@TimStone No you're not, didn't you hear, you're totally fired.
Hm, I better start looking for a new job then.
this is ice
sighs I suppose I should argue less about trivial things.
Otherwise @YiJiang might not be too far off ;)
I get this all the time. Everyone seems to assume there's a hidden subscription in every purchase now.
10:24 PM
@DanGrossman welcome to the age of Visa and internet purchases le sigh
night :)
@DanGrossman Unbelievable.
@PopularDemand I see what you did there
That's true, isn't it?
@drachenstern Huh?
10:28 PM
@DanGrossman It is
@PopularDemand that everyone seems to think its unbelievable (I guess you didn't see what you did there?)
@DanGrossman No. You need to install large amounts of spyware on your users' machines, and then you will be able to implement this feature.
@DanGrossman no, I don't think that's true, but for the average user it should be
@drachenstern Eh.
Hey, they implemented Deputy. I would like to take this opportunity to announce my candidacy for Stack Overflow moderator....
10:39 PM
The MSO roundtable!
congrats lord torgamus
@PopularDemand Oh, nice.
I can't believe how not close to that I am; I flag constantly
Apparently my valid/invalid votes largely cancel out
Agh, it's nearly dinnertime. I'd better go eat lunch.
So far it seems like a fair number of us often miss meals. Is there a poll on that anywhere? Do we have a site for polls?
10:43 PM
I'm starving :(
Use those free Chipotle coupons I just handed out.
I'm not sure where the closest Chipotle is.
If this were 1991, we'd both sigh and be all 'oh well'. But this is 2011! We have internets!
If I don't already know, chances are there's not one close by. :P
checks There is not.
Anonymous hacked the Westboro Baptist Church website and network while on a live talkshow with them.
10:53 PM
The quote at 2m30s is priceless
Oh man today is sucking sooooo muuuuuuuch
@TheRenamedException :(
@DanGrossman Ahh, crazy people.
@DanGrossman "I have a surprise for you" Hahahah :D
My personal statement is deeply personal
11:16 PM
I'm getting an error page trying to access my profile on careers. Any idea?
@ircmaxell Same. File a , gain rep, ???, profit
i just realized DMs only work if you're following someone. If you need an early invite to Careers 2.0, email joel@joelonsoftware.com
Ok, not just me
Re this;
1 hour ago, by drachenstern
@ChrisF doesn't that require him following you? How many people does he follow?
My personal statement is so personal it's hidden from everyone
is it still down?
fixed now
@ChrisF it's tricky stuff that logic and thinking ;) :p
Sigh... more plagiarisers.
11:49 PM
Had a blast at the Apple Store!

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