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6:00 PM
here, give me your email and I'll email you about your undefined variable error... :P
Irrelevant because before I would have committed such code NetBeans would have flagged those lines as warnings :-)
@TylerChacha Don't forget who you're talking to. I am an undefined variable error!
no .. you are an exception that no buddy has cared to try to catch.. :P
Actually an undefined variable error is just one of my many children. I send them off into the world, go forth and make programmers miserable!
Sounds like the creator of Java...
6:02 PM
@TheUnhandledException Hahah. ;) Yeah, I figured that I'd mention it before you started getting yourself in too deep, since XSLT can get kind of lengthy... (though to be fair that's actually a "compiled" Schematron file which is used to validate another XML file, but nevertheless)
@TimStone Thanks. XLST wasn't a requirement, just a brainstorm. The requirement is making the client happy within her (probably miniscule) budget ;-)
why can't clients have gigantic budgets?
@PopularDemand Syntatically valid html isn't synthacilly valid XML under any circumstance. XHTML works by treating html as invalid.
I think that file is 8800+ lines the way it's formatted, heh. Oh those clients.. ;)
@TylerChacha Tell me about it
6:05 PM
Yeah XSLT can be very verbose.
Anyway since this place only serves bar food I'm off to find some real food. probably from my kitchen since I have no vehicle =b I'll catch you guys later
@Tyler you might want to hire a chef for this tavern ;-)
Hahah, see ya.
@TheUnhandledException We have a chef?
@TylerChacha That explains the poor quality of the food! I reccomend cooking.SE as a good place to look ;-)
6:07 PM
apparently virtual icecream and everything
@Wes Okay... so?
Sorry missed the begining of that. Just signed in and read back a bit. Seemed to be implying it was.
I'll be back this afternoon. Anyone with ideas feel free to contact me off-list so to speak. josh.gitlin.name
@Wes Ah. Sorry if I was unclear/misleading.
I was actually trying to make the point that it wasn't creating HTML in the way you might otherwise think of "creating HTML."
Back to work....
@GeorgeStocker @GeorgeStocker I made this just for you: oitotheworld.net/misc/img/jimmy_wales_looks_like_a_hobo_1.jpg
6:12 PM
@PopularDemand yeah read more now got a better grasp.
Someone needs to write a greasemonkey script that adds a giant picture of Wales to every website
there's a google chrome extension that does exactly that
@TheUnhandledException Hi. I am now, was in meetings.
@calavera Nice
Oh. I tried to tell people on IRC about it only to discover apparently they already told me like a week ago. That went full circle
@TheUnhandledException I know your gone at the moment. I'm pretty sure that this should be pretty trivial in java if you want me to take a shot if @TimStone is too busy
6:27 PM
@TimStone @TimStone @TimStone!!
@RebeccaChernoff @RebeccaChernoff @RebeccaChernoff!!
Yes? :P
@RebeccaChernoff @Rebecca @Chernoff @rchern?
@TimStone so this special vendor...
gets popcorn
This should be a good story. ;)
@RebeccaChernoff Good afternoon.
6:29 PM
I get a call from our support desk, asking if I can send a ' in the sso string and he mentions a John O'Irish name. So, I try the sso as this dude and guess what I see...
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'

[Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-01756: quoted string not properly terminated
injection city
Hahahah, no way.
/set display_name Michael Mrozek'; DROP TABLE EVERYTHING_RCHERN_CARES_ABOUT; --
6:31 PM
@Wes Just paste the xkcd link directly
@Wes Yeah, I already gave that link to the support desk guy that I talked to
@RebeccaChernoff Just a few more weeks, right? ;)
@MichaelMrozek thanks I didn't know that
is there special cases written for xkcd
6:32 PM
@TimStone Haha. I told the support desk guy that if I wanted to I could probably completely screw up their databases. He said "hey don't get any ideas just because you're leaving..."
A: What links and sites are handled specially in chat?

Juha SyrjäläThe current list of integrated (we call this onebox, or oneboxing, ala search engines) sites is: Stack Exchange Questions Stack Exchange Answers Stack Exchange Users Stack Exchange Chat Messages Stack Exchange Chat Rooms (though not really pretty yet) Amazon Twitter Wikipedia XKCD YouTube Githu...

@RebeccaChernoff Heheh, nice
I thought you would enjoy that little story. (;
@MichaelMrozek okay thanks for the education. I guess I should go through the meta questions tagged chat
@RebeccaChernoff I did, I did. Although it's a shame really. Had you known that there were such gaping holes in their system, you could have just exploited them and made the changes necessary to avoid that whole headache to begin with. ;)
6:37 PM
@Wes The faq explains most of it too
6:50 PM
@rchern on the plus site: If they want you to write down everything you know, it might be enough to just scrape the 829 xkcd tooltips
Heh. This is a 3rd party vendor that has done this. Not my company that needs someone else to be me. (;
Also, I am not @rchern! hides
sorry about that, @rchern
hows it going @rchern?
6:54 PM
err. How's it going @RebeccaChernoff
@RebeccaChernoff At least you aren't getting ping-spam ;)
@balpha you need to make it so that both @rchern and @RebeccaChernoff ping rchern
Feature Request!
blah, meeting time. ):
@balpha you need to make it so that any activity whatsoever pings rchern.
7:09 PM
shells out another up vote to @PopularDemand
@TimStone I thought we decided not to upvote him anymore
@MichaelMrozek I know, but someone needs to start asking his MSO questions for him so that can become a reality.
New plan -- you repost verbatim everything @PopularDemand says on MSO, and I'll upvote your post and downvote his
That....doesn't sound like a bad idea. ;)
@MichaelMrozek Imagine how evil you could be if you really disliked someone.
7:14 PM
@MichaelMrozek Don't forget to close my questions as dupes of Tim's.
And then delete them after two days oh wait you can't
Actually that might be useful to be able to get pinged when someone mentions an arbitary word like star
if you were into stars
Ahh timeouts again. I sense a support call coming on.
@Wes Timeouts?
Chat-related? SE-related?
my broswer times out. Says retry
But more worringly my employers main client is on the same isp
@Wes @Fosco @Tim I was shafted, we're not doing this project at all
Chat yup but everything else too
7:19 PM
Thanks anyway guys!
@TheUnhandledException do you ever catch a break?
@TheUnhandledException Well, is that a bad thing? :P
Feck it I've only one week left.
@TheUnhandledException What project?
@TheUnhandledException - what project? Btw, check out that php project we were discussing. The login logout has NOT been done, but Im almost done with the insanely cool footer.
7:22 PM
@Wes No, I don't! =b
Powered by jquery!
@Moshe We would have shunned you right out of the room if it wasn't.
@PopularDemand Low blow
@TimStone Nah, I was told that if she wants this done a much more efficient use of her time would be to hire an intern to enter the data for her, and she was told that before and she said she didn't have any money, so she was playing with me potentially, trying to get me to agree to build it for free
@Fosco and @Moshe a customer wanted to import CSv data into our system, we only have XML import
@MichaelMrozek Hey, I only thought "what would Michael Mrozek say if he were in my shoes?" and went with it.
7:24 PM
Ah yeah, I figured it might have been something like that then. One less thing to worry about, at any rate. :)
1 hour ago, by The Unhandled Exception
Anyone here know anything about XLST, and might be interested in a small job? It's not definite, I haven't approved the project with my boss nor have we even approached the client with it, but I know nothing about XLST and want to present a plan to our CEO, to see if he's interested in offering it to the client.
@TheUnhandledException piece of cake.. but it's cancelled now?
That was the start of it
@Moshe I don't see a footer
7:24 PM
↑ ?
@TheUnhandledException I think I've seen that house already, what is it..?
@Fosco well it was never official, I was hoping to present a plan to our CEO but he said we're not taking that on right now.
@radp Let me think. I know that place
Hang on
@Wes sorry wrong link
@radp Gibson House?
Even though I have no idea what that means.
7:26 PM
@radp reminds me of Forrest Gump
@PopularDemand Yeah, I think that's it :-)
@TheUnhandledException What's its significance?
I am mistaken, I do not know that place, LOL
All I could find was the name, with no context.
@PopularDemand Is this quiz Josh day? ;-)
7:28 PM
@TheUnhandledException What is the capital of Mauritius?
@PopularDemand Is this an open-book test? :-)
No, and it's timed.
@radp Why were you asking about that house?
Yeah @radp? And why does it remind me of some place here in North Carolina that I can't remember...?
Okay, got sick of waiting, went to Wikipedia:
The Gibson Mansion (also known as the Yolo County Historical Museum and the Gibson Museum) is a historic mansion that now serves as a museum in Woodland, California. In several styles, including Georgian Revival and Neoclassical, it is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. History William Byas Gibson moved from Virginia to Yolo County (at this point, just outside of Woodland) in 1850 and began to farm and raise livestock. In 1857, he purchased of land south of Woodland with a small home on the property, which would later be the center of his estate. As his family grew and...
7:32 PM
@Wes bitachon.org/new has the footer. A work in progress it is.
Its primary claim to fame seems to be that it's on the National Register of Historic Places. Not sure how it got on the register in the first place.
@PopularDemand That was it, thank you.
@PopularDemand By claiming to be all historic
I am still unsure of it's significance / relevance?
It's from 1850?
And happened to be big enough to put other stuff from 1850 in, museum-style.
I think that's about it. :P
@TheUnhabdledException my dad wrote a SAS program for my Camp CD project to convert an Excel spreadsheet from CSV to XML.
Took ten minutes
7:38 PM
A specific XML format or did he make one up?
I made it up.
@radp I've seen this house before... what is it?
Flash took it in about four lines
7:39 PM
Okay, gotta go shopping. Good shabbos.
@Moshe Thanks to you, Shalom!
@TheUnhandledException Biltmore House.
14 mins ago, by Popular Demand
@radp Gibson House?
@PopularDemand Sure is. It's amazing, ever been there?
7:41 PM
back for more
@TheUnhandledException No, but it was really confusing the first time I heard of it, because I had just been talking to someone about Baltimore.
why is Wikileaks so slow to release a lot of this stuff, particularly when there is so much increased pressure to take assange and wikileaks down
@user152426 So they can squeeze donations out of people, heh.
I really hope that Assange gets arrested and I never have to hear about him again. I don't disagree with the principle of Wikileaks itself, but I'm thoroughly unconvinced that Assange himself is anything more than a complete tool..
7:51 PM
^^ dislike.
@user152426 I do wish they'd release quicker.. only 700 of 250k cables are out..
if they take assange out, everything's going to get released immediately.
Quick shopping trip, that was. Anyhoo.
@Wes, you there?
I was on my iPhone.iPad, with a poor connection.
@TheUnhandledException - What PHP method do I use to sanitize form input?
I'm running a simple AJAX call.
@PopularDemand - Seriously. I am using jQuery though...
How would that work? I could theoretically do it there too...
Q: Java Heap Space Exception, with big ammount of data, any solution ??

ErVeYHello guys I've a litle big problem with java heap memory I'm trying to migrate from oracle database 11g to access file 2007 This is not a problem below 65.000 records, now from there... The aplication is throwing java heap exception, the memory consumption is raising over 600m and the CPU usag...

> ...I'm trying to migrate from oracle database 11g to access file 2007
Say wha?
Seems like the OP is out of breath.
8:04 PM
@Moshe I'll respond in a moment, fixing an urgent issue
@TheUnhandledException - Thanks.
@Moshe sorry I've been timedout since the picture of the house
@Wes - s'all good. I gave you the wrong URL. It should be: bitachon.org/new
@Moshe can use a few things... one being mysql_real_escape_string()
Pinging google.com [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=113ms TTL=54
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
8:10 PM
@Fosco - Can I rely on that method for name and address?
Well, I guess theoretically, the user doesn't care what the boxes are labelled if they want to inject something. They are just going straight into a mail function.
@Moshe I do. (for database entry)
@Fosco - Thanks then.
@Moshe pretty cool.
@Wes - thanks.
I plan on changing it up, and the mail thing hasn't been implemented yet.
But, thank you.
Looks like @Wes timed out again.
Time to get a USB internet stick from a local phone company...
Okay, next problem.
@Fosco - one more quick question:
The following code is returning a string with empty placeholder strings, instead of the actual variables.
<?php if(isset($_POST['name']) && isset($_POST['street']) && isset($_POST['city']) && isset($_POST['state']) && isset($_POST['zip'])){

$name = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['name']);
$street = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['street']);
$city = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['city']);
$state = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['state']);
$zip = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['zip']);

//send the email
echo "Your request has been sent. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery to: <br />" . $name . ", at: <br />" . $street ." <br />" . $city . ", " . $state . " " . $zip."";
so you're getting the echo from the first part of the if ?
8:20 PM
It's returning the string with empty values for $name, $street etc...
A: Can't vote, view total votes, star and accept anymore

Rejoice rejoice kbd is backCtrl + F5 shall fix it. Did I mention <kbd> is back?

@Fosco - yep.
@Moshe interesting... do you use mysql? just wondering if the extension is installed.
Yes, it is installed.
can you var_dump($_POST) and see the values?
8:22 PM
lemme see.
Odd, i got this, when submitting a blank form:
array(5) { ["name"]=> string(0) "" ["street"]=> string(0) "" ["city"]=> string(0) "" ["state"]=> string(0) "" ["zip"]=> string(0) "" }
It's in the first if block, after the commented-out echo
(well, the echo which I commented out.)
see, they are set, just empty.
oh, so I have to make sure that they're not empty...
you want to use isset($_POST['name']) && $_POST['name'] != ''
How so?
For all of them. Okay, let me try.
if you do that a lot and for a lot of fields, you can make a function to simplify.
8:26 PM
I have a bunch of fields.
so i assume I should look through the post array and check each one, yes?
function checkReq($name) { if (isset($_POST[$name]) && $_POST[$name] != '') return true; return false; }
then you can just checkReq('name');
ah, okay
if(checkReq($_POST['name'] && ) && checkReq($_POST['street'])){ echo"thanks..."}
like that?
if (checkReq('name') && checkReq('street')) {
since the $_POST stuff was in the function
(and it would cause the unset warning if you didn't)
8:30 PM
Thanks, @Fosco
I am not sure if that fixes the sanitization thing, but let's see...
sorry @Moshe, I need to fix this issue, does @Fosco have you covered?
finally back
@TheUnhandledException - Yea, I think so. Thanks. Good luck.
good man @Fosco :-) I'll be back when I can break free
@Fosco - The mysql function seems to be breaking it...
Not sure why.
var_dump($_POST); at the start of the script shows the information I entered.
After the sanitization, var_dump($_POST); shows those empty variables.
I need a different sanitizer, i think.
@Fosco - phpinfo() confirms MySQL 5.0x is installed.
@Fosco - Got it, I had a mistake in my original code.
Was passing $_POST['name'] to checkReq, instead of 'name'.
The mysql_real_escape_string() breaks things, but I'm using htmlspecialchars for now. Have a great weekend all.
8:56 PM
...I don't believe it. I really don't believe it. Things really do just keep getting worse for me! I swear I must be cursed or something, lol
One of our new customers just got an order placed on her new site using our eCommerce system and somehow the system lost all the items. WTF? Why? Why???
We have a lot of other customers, nobody's reported such issues. I swear the rates of these strange happenings is making me suspect some foul presence =b
Of course, I cannot reproduce the issue

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