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9:01 AM
Whispers to self, thank god Pham's add term system doesn't record whoever added the term, cuz I added a lot
@Unihedron you are the slim culprit!
@rene now you and cVplZ are both blur, everyone in the Tavern had to wear glasses because of you!
@InfiniteRecursion not me :P
I don't have to wear glasses
9:11 AM
s/wear glasses/wear @bart/
fun fact: I have glasses integrated into my owl mask
...where is @Bart?
any Haskell guy here? Do I read correctly that map ($) is just a type-restricted version of id?
@Jan, no comment on the pic @inf uploaded of you earlier?
3 hours ago, by Infinite Recursion
user image
9:17 AM
so... apparently @Inf is a dick bitch again
lols ^
Owls (Strigiformes)

Proposed Q&A site for owl (Strigiformes) enthusiasts and experts

Currently in definition.

@cVplZ Can't cv, not enuf rep on area51 :(
@cVplZ That was a random pic
who is an owl enthusiast :/
9:19 AM
@JanDvorak you are always a meanie, go fix this ↓↓↓↓
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO MEMORIZE QURAN on islam.stackexchange.com
Why are you no longer happy about the fact that you consider me to be a meanie? :-)
oh, and the edit comment smells like a spam?
@cVplZ ohhh
@cVplZ isn't it covered in puzzle?
@DroidDev There are very few Rubik's Cube questions on Puzzling.
yea, not sure how many questions about rubix cube there could be
I followed it.
We'll see whether it actually becomes a thing.
9:27 AM
@cVplZ exactly, I mean what one could wonder about a rubik cube to have a whole question answer website about it
@DroidDev yes, they are so easy to solve, who would make a site for them
@JanDvorak you have an account there?
There's a handful of ways to solve a cube. Doesn't make sense to create an entire site around it.
@cVplZ I added a proposed question.
@Unihedron you join every proposal!
Believe it or not, I'm actually a rubiks' cube fan, I don't have one though. :(
9:29 AM
@InfiniteRecursion yup, all you have to do is repaint/remove and readjust them in right order :P
that 20 moves...
@InfiniteRecursion But I like every proposal!
@Stijn Who says it should only be about solving a cube? I don't think the site would only cover "how do I solve the cube?" questions.
@InfiniteRecursion account here and account there, I've got an account everywhere
@ProgramFOX what else is there to talk about then?
9:30 AM
@Stijn There is much math behind the cube.
The question is: would that be on-topic on Math.SE?
@InfiniteRecursion I think on initiation day of becoming an SE employee, you spend half the day signing up for an account on each site.
@Unihedron I find that very extraordinary, and amusing
Math, patterns, different solving methods, different size (2x2x2, 4x4x4)... umm, what else?
@JanDvorak Good, let every community deal with the meanie
@InfiniteRecursion :)
9:32 AM
@cVplZ do they give a cookie, if person is fast in accounts creation and finishes the work in half of time given?
@InfiniteRecursion Stack Exchange sites are very sophisticated and well designed. I learn a lot!
@DroidDev beats me
@AndrewT. Those topics are quite broad, so there could be enough question shaped from them.
@cVplZ I agree. It must be a time consuming task.
then they should definitely offer a cookie
9:34 AM
@Unihedron Books, read books. School days are for reading books and having fun.
Favourite question in a while:
Q: Hacking the universe

celtschkImagine the whole universe is a simulation. This should include also the people living in the universe (so more Simulacron than Matrix). And now imagine there's a group of hackers who knows (or suspects) that they live in/are part of a simulation, and want to hack it from the inside. So they try ...

Aww, it's closed.
I found it confusing and annoying.
now I looked through the site, the entire site consists of similar questions like this one :/
Yeah, it's pretty imaginary and theoretical.
Heya @Sam @Sil!
9:37 AM
hiya \o/
I don't say hiya anymore, people attack me :(
9:38 AM
glares at Jan
glares at Jan
@inf specs like MIB
what's that?
Man In Black. movie
@InfiniteRecursion Message In Bottle? You fished them in Ultima online if your skill was high enough
9:39 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Men in Black
@SilentKiller These are a gift from Shadow Wizard, check my profile
Oct 22 at 8:38, by DroidDev
@InfiniteRecursion your glasses are kind of Mafia ones, but they are cool :)
hereby, I declare @InfiniteRecursion is Mafia Duck
@DroidDev Mafia ones.. now may be some one will say its like Matrix. ;)
Nice Gift. @Shadow.
9:42 AM
@SilentKiller well...the way she is looking at you right now with those glasses on, it kind of gives her the mafia look
Mafia Duck I am toooooo innocent
Mafia Duck
glares at meanie
@DroidDev SU won't be happy to get that post, they might reject the migration
9:48 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Skin Care Maybe on meta.stackexchange.com
@InfiniteRecursion that's why I said, blatantly off-topic. No need to send these king of questions wandering off to other sites on network :)
@SmokeDetector true
@cVplZ Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@cVplZ enjoying your boolean privileges <^>
9:50 AM
@InfiniteRecursion I unblur myself...
@rene i'm not really blurred
@cVplZ yes, you are an artistic mistake
hey @Bart
@InfiniteRecursion nobody knows
@Bart yet here you are...
@SilentKiller gift? where? /me puzzled
@InfiniteRecursion am I though? Am I really?
@Stijn flagged as offensive, it's a death threat
@Stijn I missed the free flag :(
@SilentKiller oh, @Inf glasses.... yeah, it was fun to make them! :D
9:54 AM
Wow! This is really get out of hand!
@ShadowWizard yup. :)
sometimes, I am stuck in ultimate loop of confusion, whether to answer this kind of questions or not, where everything is in front of asker, but, they didn't put some extra effort and thought it would be easy to just ask someone else. Huh...
@Bart depends, you are so transparent, it's hard to tell
and then I see very high rep users answering same question and start thinking, all hope is lost now :(
@Unihedron 3 of them actually :)
9:56 AM
@DroidDev make it as habit. :/
Well, I shouldn't mind it really, no point to hording flags :)
Yay, look at the star wall ---->>>
all stars related to inf only.
Bart, don't look, wear a hat <^>
No worries, I already live off of the interest I get for my previous stars.
9:59 AM
@PatrickHofman that is .... disturbing...
@DroidDev make a habit of this most of the user on SO are here to increase repo nothing else.
@SilentKiller I couldn't agree more
@rene Yeah. Threatening to kill me, okay. I can take that, but don't touch the kids.
@rene looks like a really, but really, pissed off rage quitter
10:01 AM
5 hours ago, by cVplZ
@bart will buy your pond @Inf, and then kick you out
Well, I'm starting to only answer if it really challenges myself. For the simpler one, I usually just comment... hence the stagnancy of the rep :|
Low Quality Q (100%): I have re submitted this, by user380226, on apple.stackexchange.com.
@cVplZ you are trying to make everyone my enemy...conspiracy!
@ShadowWizard @PatrickHofman the two OP's seem to be related, if not the same.
10:03 AM
lol, just mild teasing
@cVplZ conspiracy!
@PatrickHofman It's very sad :(
> What wrong with this guy!!!!!please ban this guy
Don't think same guy unless he's really dumb :/
That has never happened before @ShadowWizard :p
@rene I think you are right. What should we do? Flag him too?
10:08 AM
@PatrickHofman well, if I flag Other I want to have a clear case for the mod. In this case I'm only speculating, there is not enough evidence for me yet...An IP traffic investigation would be needed.... I rather keep an eye on those accounts and dv/cv/flag each an every single case.
Or ask on meta?
@PatrickHofman flag it out, it's a serious issue and needs immediate attention
yes, meta is the best option
Ask what on Meta?
@InfiniteRecursion that is an invalid edit! stackoverflow.com/revisions/26584270/2
@Bart This is the case - screenshot - how to proceed
10:11 AM
There's already a post on Meta: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/275403/…
Simple. Flag and let a mod handle it, if there is anything to handle.
ok, then it's fine.
Just saying, he's in Southeast Asia, very unlikely to kill Pat
@AndrewT. Lol :)
@PatrickHofman, your meta post indicates it's a first time for you. This happens once in a while, I have been on SO for almost a year now, saw a couple of death threats, including being the recipient of one. It's very disturbing the first time around. After that, one gets used to it.
it's just a very angry person rage-quitting
10:15 AM
@inf, stay away from @Cerbrus , he looks hungry
@Cerbrus, please eat @Bart
@InfiniteRecursion "This is about the worst I have ever seen on SO." I have seen things like this, but not this bad.
@PatrickHofman I agree.
@InfiniteRecursion Glasses don't digest well
10:16 AM
Hang around @PatrickHofman. There have been instances far worse than this.
Holy ninja .... sneaking up on us like that ...
@rene I am not concerned about Cerbrus's digestion ;)
@PatrickHofman: just sayin: I have seen worse that that comment.
@PatrickHofman Correct form is "This. Is. The. Worst. Thing. Ever."
10:18 AM
That particular user is well known enough here to be nuked on sight.
I edited out the user from the meta post; user will be dealt with, mob can go home now.
With Martijn showing up the drama is over :(
someone eat Bart first...before leaving...
Aaaaand ... the user is gone
@MartijnPieters While you're here, can you eat Bart?
Account gone.
I feel more like sushi.
I could fillet him, perhaps.
10:23 AM
I like your ninja avatar, it's very cute
If you eat Bart what will happen? Grow a thick skin? Develop a Dutch sense of humor? Become sarcastic? Gain smiting stick throwing skills?
@InfiniteRecursion I found a picture of you on deviantart.
user image
@rene Only one way to find out!
@SPArchaeologist lol, the one at the far right?
It is not my lunch time yet...
10:25 AM
@SPArchaeologist hard to identify, fhrc please
@cVplZ @InfiniteRecursion seems the one with the sharper beak.
@rene get the pond
@Bart Thx guy's will think about coming here first next time.
> hydroquinone
10:27 AM
@cVplZ why do you think the duckling fell? Barycentre is to far ahead.
@Lankymart In such cases, you shouldn't come here first. Flag it first, then come here to seek help in flagging.
I can't keep up with the Tavern today, too much talking :(
@PatrickHofman no, he should always be here, and never leave
blah blah blah
10:29 AM
9 hours ago, by cVplZ
too much chat in chat lately, more pics please
finds archive of random gifs
inb4 self-destructing gifs
@Stijn ok, I'll leave then to lessen the chatters.
@cVplZ Bit like Hotel California? ;)
10:30 AM
@rene I'm already Dutch, so I'll pass.
@cVplZ reduce the clouds, that will help :P
@MartijnPieters You can go double Dutch ... wait ...
Is everybody a dutch in here? rene, bart, martijn
@InfiniteRecursion Me too
10:31 AM
I'm kind of Dutch
@PatrickHofman Yeah sorry I meant flag it then come here, flag is always my first approach.
@InfiniteRecursion Thanks; I picked it after someone gave me a 2 sentence LinkedIn review; my tagline is the first sentence of that review.
MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS and Dutch users!
@Stijn Yeah, you guys wanted to belong to us, right :)
All your stars are belong 2 us!
10:33 AM
@Stijn Kind-of like Oded? On your aunties side twice removed?
@MartijnPieters kind-of meaning I speak Dutch :)
@cVplZ: wut? Hungry, me?
Bart -> clear glasses
Others -> sunglasses
@Shog9 -> sunglasses
@MartijnPieters how did you end up in the UK if I may be so curious?
10:35 AM
so they are followers of the great floating head, not of Bart.
@Stijn I married a Scot and she was keen to get back to the UK for a while.
@Stijn you call that Dutch? .... :p
@SPArchaeologist Why do you poke Shog every time you visit the Tavern?
@SPArchaeologist useless ping detected
10:35 AM
After having lived in The Netherlands, the US and Norway I felt that perhaps I should give in for a while. :-)
17 secs ago, by Infinite Recursion
^ahh, meanie attack
@Stijn Don't make me pull out the jokes now.. :-P (I'm sure you'll have plenty to hurl back)
@Bart imho Belgian Dutch > Netherlands Dutch
@MartijnPieters Yeah, you definitely don't want a Dutch sense of humor....
but West Flemish > all Dutch!
10:37 AM
@InfiniteRecursion fanboy. I cannot have a message from Skeet, cannot have Jeff either. Next one is Shog
@InfiniteRecursion also... every time?
@MartijnPieters there must be hundreds of jokes about the Dutch being cheapasses :)
@InfiniteRecursion I also annoy Bart, you, Tim, Uni.... not just Shog.
@rene: I speak from experience. A dutch sense of humor is no fun at all.
Source: trying to be funny.
@Stijn It's funny seeing the level of rivalry between closely related countries pop up in degenerating jokes.
You see the same thing between Norway and Sweden.
Spam Q (50%): Because our hopes all I use skin cream, by Elsie Potter, on drupal.stackexchange.com.
10:40 AM
And at a slightly lower level, between the rest of the Scandinavian countries.
@SPArchaeologist A true fan like you, lucky Shog!
@SPArchaeologist not everytime, I stand corrected, sometimes
@SPArchaeologist Ohh, my name with all the greats!! shies away
@PatrickHofman gone
How much skin cream are they going to sell today? :/
hi hichris123
@JanDvorak gone
10:46 AM
@SilentKiller good to know, thanks
@JanDvorak nuked
@JanDvorak I read that as "chin cheese"
@JanDvorak how polite!
@Stijn cheese xD
meanie didn't thank me
10:50 AM
may be busy with another SPAM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Skin Care For Meta Use on meta.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 99.9276: Skin Care For Meta Use on meta.stackexchange.com
today is skin care day
I might even take a shower today...
10:52 AM
5 hours ago, by Infinite Recursion
user image
^needs a shower
@inf i thought its @Droid
@hichris123 gone
@JanDvorak lols.. shower done soon
@Jan after shower will you need any skin cream ? :D

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