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12:03 AM
Head to skool, bai!
@Unihedron cya!
He needs one upvote.
12:08 AM
@AstroCB obsolete
12:42 AM
wow, 2 days old posts in AU's FP review queue
12:53 AM
@Braiam Wow, 103 first posts.
@AstroCB the upside down 666?
@AstroCB Good news everyone! I've got access to the 10k tools now!
@JonEricson You're welcome, Jon.
@JonEricson claps Go use your delete... binding votes for good!
Did I sound evil enough in my last message?
Or should I have made it worse? :D
1:06 AM
@Frank Thanks. My next goal is a gold tag badge so I can close as duplicate. ;-)
Woo I got a voter complaint today. Apparently I deeply offended this guy because I wouldn't tell him my last name.
@JonEricson Nice! Are you close yet?
@Frank Thanks for starting up a challenge on Gardening. I'm looking forward to seeing some results.
Ooh, not very close.
@JonEricson Im interested to see who participates and how this goes. Hopefully it will be awesome.
@animuson That's weird. I'm offended you didn't tell me your first name. ;)
@Frank I'd actually have to pick a language and, you know, do some work.
1:09 AM
Well he was threatening to call several news stations because he waited too long and is now not an eligible voter. So I opted that giving out my last name was probably not a great idea.
@JonEricson Does it count if I do it all myself? ;)
@JonEricson Closing with one vote would be a useful tool on GL. Too bad we only get 3.1 q/day.
@animuson Waited too long for what?
@hichris123 To register to vote.
Like the guy who emailed us today asking if he could be sent a ballot to the UK. It's like uhhhh do you really think it's gonna get to the UK and back here in 7 days?
1:14 AM
@animuson If you mailed it via UPS next day air, maybe?
Does UPS offer that service for international shipping?
You can't fax ballots. ;P
@animuson Looks like no.
No, that's to the US.
I can't imagine how much that costs.
Oh, well it'd only be return. There's no way Douglas County would pay any additional postage at all to get something to someone faster.
1:18 AM
We don't offer express ballot services.
People try to do that when they fax in requests. They'll call shortly after to ask if we got it, then ask if we can process it it right now. Like... no... It'll get processed whenever someone gets to it. >_>
@animuson To the UK would be $58 - $61.
ffs, meta effect strikes again the death threat answers I raised this morning has ended up with the original question being closed. I wouldn't mind put I put effort into my answer which was upvoted!
1:21 AM
There are way too many Douglas Counties in the States. The one in Kansas snatched the douglas-county.com domain. Yep, dotcom.
@WeaponofChoice Haha we know. We get requests for Georgia and Nevada all the time.
It's because you did not include Douglas's last name.
whoever that was.
Our website is votedouglascounty.com - but our county's normal site is douglascounty-ne.gov so I'm not sure why they didn't keep the "-ne" scheme going.
Bah, douglascounty-ne.gov is boring. Compare to Nevada: douglascountynv.gov
1:25 AM
You have not met our terrible IT department.
@Lankymart /me hands Lankymart a get well soon card
... or Colorado: douglas.co.us . My sympathies.
@animuson Set the Comms Room loose on them.
The LQP Queue has been cleared?
@Frank I'd rather they just let me improve the question then close it!
1:28 AM
yea, it gets cleared all the time
@animuson can do unlimited reviews in the LQP, and it's his fav queue
@Lankymart We used to have a whining room for you, but I think it is frozen. :(
@Lankymart Which question?
I'm getting hit with lots of audits today.
@Lankymart if you think the q and a would be helpful for others down the road, then just start a new question and self answer it
1:31 AM
I'm craving marshmallows.
@cVplZ The question along with the answer are gone.
@Lankymart They were removed for a reason. What was the close reason?
It was on hold, but it wasn't on hold very long think the reason was not enough information to reproduce.
@Lankymart try this If doesn't show up in neither, you can always ask a 10k user to give you a screenshot of it
@Lankymart Probably this reason:
1:35 AM
But then its all due to the meta efftect, I thought the fact I had an upvoted answer would go in my favor...
> The problem described here can no longer be reproduced. Changes to the system or to the circumstances affecting the asker have rendered it obsolete. If you encounter a similar problem, please post a new question.
Well that bs, I could write something and reproduce it in seconds...
@Lankymart Then maybe you should post a self-answered question, as cVplZ recommended.
Are there any 10k users who could send me the markdown or a copy it to pastebin or something?
2:01 AM
@Lankymart Yes, but I'm not one of them (I have 101 rep on SO)
@JanDvorak nah
Q: Could you please help me by voting done this post?

VOTE DOWNI want to hold the world record for the most votes down ever! Please make this possible! Let's do it! Please do not close it.

what is it trying to ask then?
@cVplZ I want to upvote...
@JanDvorak Absolutely nothing. Like 100% of all crappy questions.
2:19 AM
@JanDvorak ???
@JanDvorak might as well be. Looks like he wants to buy patents. (not sure that's really possible anyways) Just like if someone posted a question saying that if you have a cheap car for sale, to call this number.
3:05 AM
I miss over a hundred messages here every day reading and annotating Great Expectations.
@bjb568 I miss more, cause I sleep, eat, and work, as well as be with the fam.
What's a fam?
Not Pham.
3:10 AM
Congratulations @Jon! Well deserved 10k tools!
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: POWER PLUS QUESTIONS on math.stackexchange.com
Congrats @ProgramFOX, well deserved 3k :)
Night! 5 hours of pain on the first 9 chapters so far. Supposed to be up to -6 chapters. No math HW has been done.
3:21 AM
@bjb568 @WeaponofChoice was waiting to do your maths homework in the Tavern, he is disappointed :P
Good night
3:53 AM
Jason C is baaack!
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 85.0684: Mom Losing Her Mobility Because of her Weight Gain on fitness.stackexchange.com
@hichris123 fp. Can Fitness be excluded from weight-related detector?
My cats suck at catching mice. I just caught one on my own. The cats just watched me wondering what the hell the stupid human was doing.
Dumb cats
4:10 AM
You are lucky, atleast your cat doesn't bring back live/dead mice as a gift for you, thinking you need help feeding yourself :D
A: How can I keep my cat from bringing mice into the house?

littlekellileeThe reason that she does this is she considers you to be part of her pack and is bringing you food as a gift. I read somewhere that it's because she thinks you need help feeding yourself, so she's trying to help you. Though it's a valid concern, it's actually your cat showing you that she loves ...

@InfiniteRecursion I had a cat that did that. I preferred the dead ones to the half eaten ones. They were less messy
That would be a good question for Pets.SE: can a cat learn to catch mice by watching a human do that?
@WeaponofChoice Anecdotally...no. I get a few mice a year as it starts to get colder. These two haven't caught any
The mouse is so scared in the photo :/
Is that cat hair on the carpet?
4:19 AM
@WeaponofChoice Yes. I saw that too. Apparently, I need to schedule the roomba to run more often.
@Andy so you're plan is to suffocate it?
@cVplZ No. I took it to the back of the woods and let it go.
@Andy that's good. S/he looked like a innocent mouse who just got lost in the wrong neighborhood.
So is this spamish-lite question just going to sit there forever?
Ask Patents has moderation issues, as all of us are already aware, so it may hang around for some more time
the only other alternative is that we go and nuke it
I like the alternative. The thing should be deleted. I don't care that much how it's deleted.
4:30 AM
flagged as spam.
ok, I will create account and flag, @cVplZ are you joining us?
no, sorry, just wanted to make it aware
nuke your account once you are done, hardly takes a few minutes
why is patents not in area51?
flagged as spam
4:35 AM
Joel Spolsky on September 20, 2012

We’ve all heard the stories of seemingly trivial patents being used to mug technology companies. There was the patent on the “Interactive Web” which a troll named Eolas used to extract $521 million from Microsoft–until a jury in East Texas threw out the patents. There are the four patents Lodsys is using to send threatening letters to software developers everywhere–trivial patents that Google says never should have been granted, in fact, Google and Oracle have submitted mountains of prior art to show that the patents should be invalid. …

oh, thanks @andy, just found this too
A: How is this experiment going?

Robert CartainoThe slowdown experienced after a gala launch isn't all that unusual and certainly not unexpected. We launched this site outside our normal process of assuring we have critical mass of users prior to launch. But this is a "special project" with a staff committed to building this project from the ...

@cVplZ go flag the spam :/
So, why doesn't SE just appoint a mod or two for that site? I'd appoint @jan. Just so at least there's someone to do garbage cleanup.
@cVplZ I agree
4:50 AM
@Unihedron @ProgramFOX ^Smokey missed Weight Losss, please add to the regex
@InfiniteRecursion Of course
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: weight loss new method on meta.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 96.0700: weight loss new method on meta.stackexchange.com
4:56 AM
@SmokeDetector true
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
Spam day!
Q: Would you be interested in Moderating this site?

Robert CartainoGreeting all! It's time to see if we can get some Moderators for this site! Most Stack Exchange sites (like Ask Patents) are generally self-moderated by the community. The combination of voting, wiki-style editing, and control over your content makes this all possible. But when something happens...

5:03 AM
^^ not sure if dancing or volunteering to moderate Ask Patents.
@WeaponofChoice we are neither dancing nor volunteering to be mods, we are greeting each other
5:06 AM
waving our hands in joy on seeing each other
What's Ask Patents? I haven't heard or seen anything about it except that one time there were spam there.
Is it about patents?
42 mins ago, by cVplZ
So is this spamish-lite question just going to sit there forever?
Image not found
@uni, go flag it
5:08 AM
something I just noticed, I don't need to read flagging reasons anymore, while flagging a post. I just know how much I have to move my mouse to get to a specific one
Yeah flags!
Lol @Droid, be careful about that, the order changes once in a while
Recently all the CV options got jumbled and suggested edit review reasons were changed, that makes us read all the options again
34 mins ago, by Andy
Joel Spolsky on September 20, 2012

We’ve all heard the stories of seemingly trivial patents being used to mug technology companies. There was the patent on the “Interactive Web” which a troll named Eolas used to extract $521 million from Microsoft–until a jury in East Texas threw out the patents. There are the four patents Lodsys is using to send threatening letters to software developers everywhere–trivial patents that Google says never should have been granted, in fact, Google and Oracle have submitted mountains of prior art to show that the patents should be invalid. …

@Unihedron ya, that's when I get really confused and have to read and then click(after pausing songs) ;)
@Unihedron what? we're not supposed to use the Wheel of Flag Reason?
5:11 AM
Wow, really great blog, changing patented overpoweredness singlehandedly :)
ya @Uni, what's the wheel of blame there for? :P
2 years passed since that blog was written
For when you feel upset or mean or feeling like posting a rant on meta.*, @Droid. It's better to spin the wheel, accept the answer and move on.
I'm going to improve the fuzziness of the regex for offensive posts so it doesn't miss stuff like that, when I'm home. cc @inf @pro
Thanks @uni :)
@Unihedron It's a great but underused site. I was on a rampage supporting that site for a hot minute but then had to travel for a few months and didn't follow through like I wanted to.
A: What's wrong with Ask Patents' moderation?

Jason CThis isn't really an answer, but adding some info; one of the issues is there aren't really a lot of people with moderation privileges: Privilege Rep Count PastMonth PastWeek protect 3500 1 1 1 mod tools 2000 2 1 1 acces...

5:18 AM
@JasonC You have an account, please flag this spam
@InfiniteRecursion Done and done.
@InfiniteRecursion why is it locked by community?
@DroidDev It's deleted from spam votes; maybe you caught it right as it was going away and saw something weird.
@DroidDev it doesn't show locked for me, it's gone now
I see it as Page Not Found. Caching.
5:20 AM
@JasonC ya, that might be the reason, its gone for me too now :/
Spam-deleted posts are both locked and deleted by Community; apparently, in this order.
@InfiniteRecursion I need to think for a while to make sure I can commit, but thanks for pointing that out. I may be a bit on the late side there but it looks like they haven't picked anybody. I would love to help out there.
But right now, the bed calls. \o
@JasonC Night!
5:28 AM
Wait... Morning!
ya, Morning!
I love that ^
5:31 AM
in Tag Burnination on Stack Overflow Chat, yesterday, by ProgramFOX
@Unihedron Saturday + Sunday + Cloudday
^ Fox invented clouddays, the third weekend in a week!
@InfiniteRecursion s/participated/spammed
@Unihedron how many tabs are opened in your browser right now?
And... still no outspoken badge on SO :(
On mobile, so just two
5:36 AM
Actually I gotta go back to classes, lunch break is over.
@Unihedron have fun
What's fun?
no, they are not, until you don't stop studying
5:45 AM
Skeet is so consistent. An exact diagonal is 100% consistency. stackexchange.com/users/11683/jon-skeet?tab=reputation
lol, for me, I see 800, where skeet will see 800 k
As you can tell if you look at mine, or @inf's or other people's, it's nothing like that. Is their a user that anyone can find that is more consistent than Skeet?
@DroidDev your's is more like a hill
@cVplZ ya, that's what I was thinking, there is a land in start, then a sharp cliff, and then top of hill, which is again plane
@nicael's isn't as jumpy as I thought it'd be. But still pretty zig zaggy. Make sure to show all sites not just top 5.
< ^ > night
@cVplZ nicael's is the funniest, he gains rep and then donates rep periodically on every site
6:04 AM
I love blatantly off-topic reason :D
@DroidDev you will miss it once you hit 3K
After 3K, you need to type a custom reason if it's blatantly off-topic :/
@InfiniteRecursion well, given my pace of answering on SO, I won't reach it for another 98234568915643918376549187364918734 61345867893 years :P
@DroidDev I don't answer much either, I had 2K in my first month on SO, now in my 11th month, I am still at 3K, thanks to my legacy rep and a few bounties
@InfiniteRecursion Actually, I just don't like to hand over code to people, (until they are my friends;)) and that's what people in Android mostly want. They just want code and nothing else.
Ok, in my case, I get very less time, so I access chat, flag and cv stuff from my mobile, which is very convenient. But writing an answer means sitting on my computers and typing, for which I am too lazy :/
I write meta posts more frequently, because there is no code, I can type it using my mobile :D
6:20 AM
@cVplZ take a look at my SO graph :)
How much rep do I have?
you are lucky that you still have an account :P
@nicael -272
@InfiniteRecursion that is my real rep.
@JanDvorak nuked
6:25 AM
@nicael why do you keep donating rep?
@DroidDev the concept is similar to manipulating test data in test accounts
for testing different stuff, he needs a different rep value each time
@InfiniteRecursion I wonder what he is testing...
Stack Exchange
@DroidDev what is the rep for if not donating?
The SE devs have got a user who tests their sites and finds all the weird issues, whether they like it or not :D
He is a dev's nightmare :D
6:30 AM
@nicael You get better privileges on site, but I think, like me, you don't care about it. Then again, I am still thinking, do you make sure, that the rep you donate goes to right person?
nobody in den, no one in Sugarcube corner, new question arrival rate in pretty slow. Today is really cloudy...
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 50.3474: SKIN AGING PART 1: Causes Of Skin Aging on meta.stackexchange.com
inb4 part 2 never comes
@hichris123 true
> These free radicals are missing a simple electron and are in search of another molecule that they can combine with to become €whole.€ In their quest, they damage other cells and structures around them. This, in turn, causes the rust.
6:45 AM
give me teh codez with bounty, DV DV DV!!!
... rust?
...I want to see part 2
@DroidDev no, it's an answer
smells more like a comment to me
6:58 AM
It's not a comment on another post, it is an answer which adds/provides a useful addition to the entire post. Comments are for requesting clarification. Important information should be posted as an answer, because comments are temporary and answers are permanent.
If one has new information, which is not present in existing answers, they should post that as a new answer if it adds value to the post
does it answer the question?
that's not a criterion of deciding naa
it definitely is
also, *criterion
@InfiniteRecursion How to keep a jar file external but still use its classes in my Android project? That answer doesn't answers the question
@DroidDev I am looking for the MSE post where it's documented
7:03 AM
@InfiniteRecursion hint: answered-by:shog9
@InfiniteRecursion hmm... good thing I asked it here then :)
7:08 AM
@InfiniteRecursion it's not the same situation!!!
It is good info, it should be an answer, and not a comment
@InfiniteRecursion where do you read that from the linked post?
2 mins ago, by Jan Dvorak
@InfiniteRecursion it's not the same situation!!!
Ask on meta if anyone has doubts :)
I shared my understanding of naa, that post is not an naa
@InfiniteRecursion comment from another user on same post
This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique or request clarification from an author, leave a comment below their post. — Kurt Du Bois 4 mins ago
@InfiniteRecursion it's a dupe...
7:15 AM
@JanDvorak dupe of?
oh well... I'll look it up for you, black-eyed duck
Q: Your answer is in another castle: when is an answer not an answer?

Shog9I think we can all agree, this sucks: If you've been around a little while, you've probably encountered hundreds of answers like this in various forums, some of them even marked as "The Answer" by well-meaning1 forum admins looking to close a thread. We could try to enumerate the commonly-obse...

ok, I have flagged it as naa, I personally don't think it is an answer and have very strong opinion about it being a comment. Lets see what happens
A: Your answer is in another castle: when is an answer not an answer?

Patrick HofmanI don't totally agree on your statement that a single sentence with a link to another resource is an answer in most cases. When the questions are lacking any effort I agree this could be a decent answer, but probably it is better to close the question anyway. In my opinion an answer must qualify...

good morning @Sam. Your bot has overslept again.
Good morning. pokes Pham
Q: Should good information be posted as an answer or comment?

Infinite RecursionThis was posted as an answer Take in consideration that is not something really safe to put jar's in your assets. The above is: a good piece of information that adds value to the post not a commentary on any other post adds value to the post as a whole, because this information is not pre...

"black-eyed duck" !! @JAN !!!!!
7:30 AM
@InfiniteRecursion you know, when you downvote the first answer you get, doesn't it kinda defeat the point of asking a questioon?
7:46 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Weight Loss Based on drupal.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 87.9502: Weight Loss Based on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector true
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@InfiniteRecursion Thanks! :)
@InfiniteRecursion Removing the word boundaries should work here, not sure why they were initially added as for the current words, they don't serve a purpose and if it would be necessary, we can always make the word boundaries per-word.
There it is:
@Unihedron Cool, thanks!
Got to go for 1-2 hours, see you!
8:06 AM
@JanDvorak What?
@ProgramFOX Thanks
@InfiniteRecursion please don't tell me the downvote isn't yours
@JanDvorak I also thought its hers
@JanDvorak it isn't, saw it now, I never vote on any answer I ever get on Meta
8:09 AM
I think OP is never the correct person to vote on answers, if one knows the solution, why would they ask :/
and when they get the solution, IMO OP is the worst judge of answers
as OP, I use my accept mark :D
I upvote all the questions I answer in general..
I will comment and ask for clarification on that answer now :D
8:22 AM
Uni just crossed 1,000 repz
Because of me :D
Why is this in the "First Post" review queue: stackoverflow.com/review/first-posts/6095157
... it's not the first post by either the asker or the answerer...
@GreenAsJade: Lol, that is a good review audit :)
Stijn's post is the second most downvoted post on MSO front page with -3, I hold the first place with -5 :)
@InfiniteRecursion look again ;)
@Stijn Ohh no, you are catching up with my score!
8:31 AM
I edited that question, I didn't ask it :p
@Stijn oh, my bad
Ok, so I rule with -5 then
Anyway, I don't see why your question is being downvoted. Meta is a strange place.
@InfiniteRecursion yup, (mafia) duck rules
Yay someone upvoted my post!
8:34 AM
whistles unsuspiciously
@Stijn yes, it's strange, I asked a simple question should it be an answer or a comment
@Stijn :)
I didn't understand the conversation between remyabel and @JanDvorak, I read it twice....weird people
Thanks @nicael!! :D
I didn't understand your comment though.
Yay I can view vote counts and... create chat rooms!
If anyone can enlighten me in which language the word register is a reserved keyword, it will be very helpful.
@Unihedron c
@Unihedron C/C++, I believe
Thanks so much! @inf @jan
8:41 AM
it suggests a variable be stored in a CPU register
@Unihedron or you can post an answer for this amazing MSO post or join remyabel and Jan in their hypocritical conversation
I'm being sarcastic, not hypocritical
@InfiniteRecursion Challenge accepted, but I gotta go through a few things first :)
@InfiniteRecursion umm... amazing...?? are you sure...?? :/ :P
8:44 AM
I couldn't understand the conversation, it's way above my intellectual level
@Unihedron :D
@DroidDev you doubt me?
@InfiniteRecursion please don't give me that mafia look.... I don't doubt you....please....please.....
@JanDvorak flagged gone
@InfiniteRecursion now -1
glares at DroidDev
@TGMCians Yay!
Wow, quite a disputed post:
8:48 AM
@InfiniteRecursion shivers in fear
@Unihedron The -1 score post above your answer looks more downvoteworthy
I see a familiar name posted a lot of comments on your post, similar to my mso post, spammer!
sings the spammer everywhere song
@Patrick Try telling him to add the config as a code block in his question instead of an image. Maybe he'll understand then :)
joins uni in the song
8:54 AM
@Stijn Good point. Updated my comment.

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