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12:26 AM
@Shog9 Thanks for explaining, I now understand it better. :)
12:55 AM
So... the homework is to get NumLock on by default? What kind of class is that?
@WeaponofChoice one that teach people how to write IT interview questions
1:14 AM
any idea where I should go to get help salvaging an answer that was received poorly?
@tepples it's essentially wrong or just bad paraphrased?
I don't know if I'm right or not. meta.stackoverflow.com/a/275378/2738262
@tepples the title is wrong... we've seen >100k rep users being banned
I'm just saying that limits on low rep users can limit how effective a user can be at asking and answering.
and nope, reputation doesn't measure that
1:17 AM
Perhaps the key difference I'm trying is <50 vs. >49
Is "Reputation over 50 may help the quality of a user's posts" any better?
I'm just worried because it's my first post on MSO, and I'm afraid that if I accumulate two more negative scored posts I might end up answer banned
Downvotes signify that other users disagree with the answer, and do not find it helpful or accurate. For example, I find it misguided in several ways. There is no need to ask clarification of question in comments: if a question is unclear, don't answer it, period.
@tepples Probably not.
Per-site metas do not have automatic bans as far as I know, so you are not in danger.
@Braiam No, I want something on our site we can easily link to, vote on, edit, etc. I originally thought we could use it as a dupe target too, but you pointed out why that wasn't a good idea and after some though I agreed with you. I thought my last comment made that clear?
If asking for clarification in comments is a bad practice, then how else is an asker supposed to know how best to edit a question to make it clear?
1:26 AM
hmm, I see my comment wasn't as conclusive as I thought. Odd, I remember writing a much clearer one, sorry. Either way, you are right, using it as a dupe target is not a good idea.
I still want the question though.
@tepples Salvaging unclear questions is a noble thing, but this is not what new users should be concerned with. Just answer the questions that do not require salvaging. Or ask them...
@ɥʇǝS you didn't saw my comment, right? the one after you posted yours?
I did, but that particular question has other issues, which I'd like to work out with you when I have a bit more time (so we can reopen it).
Otherwise it might do, although it seems to be missing a lot of information the U&L one has?
too much chat in chat lately, more pics please
@Weapon My early experience on SO was that if a question didn't require improvement, then the fastest gun in the west would probably have already answered it by the time you make a complete answer with code.
1:29 AM
@ɥʇǝS no, is the wording of the question, the AU one asks "why", meanwhile the UL one ask "what"
@WeaponofChoice I disagree with this.
If you need to ask for clarification, ask for it.
Possibly with a close vote for unclear, too.
I'm talking about sub-50 users
Welp, maybe I shouldn't walk into conversations like this. :P
@tepples I recommend you to delete your answer, you seemly have certain misconceptions about what the question is asking and exactly how the system works
there's already several answers, check them out so you can know what yours is missing
@Braiam I see.. I haven't finished reading your latest meta answer, but I think a what would more useful, no?
1:34 AM
I do have plenty of misconceptions, even after having read the FAQ, but I'm not sure where I can go to get them corrected
Read more meta, and keep participating on it. Even recently I still had some misconceptions on SE moderation.
@tepples just keep participating, reading meta and asking here, you'll get it eventually (it isn't as hard as it sounds either!) :)
Is the concept of "tread lightly to avoid getting banned in the first place" misguided?
It isn't so much "tread lightly" as much as "be respectful and do your research". I've done both and never had a single asking problem anywhere on the network.
@ɥʇǝS well, depends on what objective you are trying to achieve
1:40 AM
If you a) make it as easy as possible for answers to answer your question (take the time to write it well, respond to comments asap, do your research, etc) then you'll usually be fine.
either of them, asks the same information
so if new users should just go to the next question, there's still the 2 link limit to contend with
@tepples normally, you don't need more than two links
and if you do, then you are taking the wrong approach
two links to Wikipedia to explain concepts and one link to a fiddle to show the solution in action are already over the limit
just don't link to wikipedia, if someone doesn't understand the concept they will search it themselves
1:45 AM
No need to link to Wikipedia. Instead, you can use blockquote to quote the content directly.
also, why jfiddle? you can include your own working code on the post itself without relying to external services
@tepples And now we have Stack Snippets, so you don't need JSFiddle.
@rene If you're interested.
Is there a reason I keep getting "must log in" messages?
@tepples because you aren't logged in
each site has its own login account
1:50 AM
I mean I posted a message to this chat, and then I tried to post another message, and it told me I wasn't logged in
refresh the chatroom
we aren't seeing this issue
it might happen because of the HTTPS Everywhere extension
probably the same reason I can't log in to most meta sites (other than SO SU SE and AU) without turning off the extension: fourth level domains
Yeah, HTTPS is still borked on SE
So anyway, I don't remember whether it was MSO or MSE, but someone was complaining about downvotes on his question because it didn't have an image, and he lacked enough rep to post one
I've been asked to delete a negatively scored answer on MSO. If I keep participating in MSO and keep ending up making negatively scored posts due to my misconceptions, don't I risk losing the privilege to participate?
2:02 AM
As per comment on your MSO answer, votes don't really affect on child-meta. You won't lose any privilege, unless you're really trolling (and I see that you're not), so don't worry and keep participating.
@tepples Doubtful. I'm betting answer & question bans are harder to reach on meta, since voting (on feature-requests) also indicates disagreement. And, you're probably not always going to be wrong.
compared to MSE, which is a main site (there is no child-meta of "SE")
and I've read that MSE already has looser thresholds for automatic banning
So I gather that new users should skip questions whose answer requires more rep. That's fine for answering. But asking what's on and off topic, so that one's first question on a main site doesn't get DV'd, closed, and deleted, still requires 5 rep. How should a brand new user earn that safely without running the risk of getting a deleted negative score question on his permanent record? Two accepted suggested edits?
Understandable, since votes on Meta can be wild, especially for feature-requests.
Or is it "you have to answer before you should try asking"?
2:13 AM
Yes, 2 suggested edits should be relatively safe, provided they know how to edit. If not, they are risking edit-ban too.
@tepples In theory, almost all resources are already there for new user to ask a question that's on-topic, clear, answerable from the get-go, not downvoted/closed.
In practice, though... who wants to read help because it's URGENT PLZ
Or if the help involves making a judgment call. For example, SF-nal elements tend to make a series on-topic on scifi SE, but kids' shows also tend to be off-topic, so how clear do the SF-nal elements in a kids' show have to be to outweigh the fact that it's a kids' show?
2:36 AM
@tepples That one, I can't answer because I don't participate there, but it might be found on their meta... sorry, I don't have conclusive answer on that one.
@AndrewT. Thanks for digging that up. If MLP:FIM is on topic I can extrapolate.
3:17 AM
@cVplZ I agree, to much chat in chat lately, here's the most awesome picture on the network for you:
I thought taverns were a hang out thing.
@cVplZ Closed all three
@Unihedron no
Sep 10 at 18:57, by J. Musser
This room is where excuses happen, and edge cases get resolved.
3:38 AM
... and spam gets killed. Or maybe not anymore? I haven't seen any spam here for a while, either from JD or from SD.
@AndrewT. kinda sorta
@WeaponofChoice ...on some weekends, spam is low
A: Why do people care about reputation points?

Technik EmpireGet points, save the day, get the girl, profit. Isn't it obvious? I've got more rep than @Coffee, so I'm obviously cooler and smarter. William has a bit more rep than me, but I can catch up. Oded has more rep than I'll collect in a lifetime, so I'll either kiss his *** so I'm in the cool crowd or...

joke answer
3:53 AM
A mildly trollish answer from a useful contributor. Some people get in the mood for something like that once in a while.
Like Shog9 himself, when he explained the difference between JavaScript and Java.
A: What's the difference between JavaScript and Java?

Shog9One is essentially a toy, designed for writing small pieces of code, and traditionally used and abused by inexperienced programmers. The other is a scripting language for web browsers.

@WeaponofChoice Shog isn't wearing a pink wig, it helps us identify that he isn't a troll
@InfiniteRecursion thnx
3:56 AM
> Besides being the best tree there is, I have strong allergies to certain cats, ducks, glasses, socks, dogs, owlhead/dodo, peeping eyes, and other items I find myself liable to stumble across.
@Ooker let me guess, you are not a programmer (unlike Infinite Recursion:) — gnat yesterday
Is it possible in SEDE to pick the posts that contain the most images. For example, the posts that have a count of text containing imgur.com > 5 or something? Or is that not really possible in just SEDE with sql?
4:10 AM
@cVplZ I don't know of a way to sort by the number of images. But you can pick the posts with at least 5 images:
where Body like '%imgur.com%imgur.com%imgur.com%imgur.com%imgur.com%'
ok, thanks, will give it a try
4:25 AM
@cVplZ Based on my very-inefficient, expensive, and cancelled query, this question has at least 100 images
@AndrewT. nice find :)
@AndrewT. nice find. What is going on with that post? Looks like his markup was just he same as the image markup, and caused all those to hpyerlink?
Yes, they should be code-blocked I think...
@AndrewT. ok, now there's only 3
4:39 AM
@AndrewT. can i have the link to that query?
@cVplZ wait for a moment please...
but it's very expensive and I have to cancel it to get the result
Ok, Thanks! I'll see if I can improve it at all.
Np, and also, wrong [Magic Link] lol
@AndrewT. that's really weird how that query doesn't show up in the recent queries list. I thought they all showed up there..
@SPArchaeologist guess who's back :D
@DroidDev welcome back, go flag this spam :P drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/134956/…
@InfiniteRecursion don't have an account on Drupal :P
@ShadowWizard Diwali vacation, you should really read old messages in Den :P
5:06 AM
@DroidDev :( you said you couldn't flag b.c you had work, but now you on vacation! lol oh nm, I remembered incorrectly lolll
Oct 22 at 6:00, by DroidDev
@cVplZ actually, right now, I have an app to deliver and because of Diwali here, I won't be coming for rest of the week so, gotta finish work. Therefore, I might be slow on flagging today, but thanks for help. I'll see what I can do :)
@InfiniteRecursion plane crashes are sooo much more rare than incorrect audits, bad comparison
@InfiniteRecursion maybe it could be edited to car crashes
@cVplZ don't try to correct a mod, they see more volume of data :P
chances are, his estimates are more accurate than ours
5:11 AM
@cVplZ actually, last week there were only three working days and I had to complete work of holidays, because client is foreigner and don't care about our vacations here in India and you know client is client. That's why last wednesday, I was slow on flagging and then there were holidays :)
look at that star wall --->>>
Oct 20 at 0:35, by lostsock
@bart doesn't complain, he gets even
@bart will buy your pond @Inf, and then kick you out
@InfiniteRecursion you made a ha-trick_(wondering if I spelled hat-trick correctly)_.
People must have starred your messages because of that mafia look, points at @InfiniteRecursion's mafia glasses
@cVplZ no, he won't
5:14 AM
@InfiniteRecursion maybe he'll let the dogs loose though, that wouldn't be good
@DroidDev bjb and Frank got glasses too, while you were enjoying your vacation
@InfiniteRecursion wrong, Frank got a bra
@cVplZ let's see
@cVplZ lol, that's what I was kind of wondering. Truth has been spoken :D
@cVplZ He is a tree, standing in the sun all day long. Those are glasses!
5:16 AM
I thought it was a double monacle.
@InfiniteRecursion you didn't see, It's cloudy today, noones needs sun glasses today :P
@DroidDev @cVplZ, remove those clouds - now!
Oct 23 at 20:13, by Bart
WHAT IS THAT?!? --->
Oct 23 at 20:14, by Bart
I know @InfiniteRecursion is wearing glasses now, but that's not acceptable.
@InfiniteRecursion but queue is still not empty, how could he :(
@DroidDev then he can never ever change his avatar again, because the queue will never be empty
@InfiniteRecursion that's all the motivation I needed to start the work today, Thank you :P lol
5:24 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Skin Care For All Boys And Girls on meta.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector true
@cVplZ Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
^ you're welcome
^hats before winter
5:25 AM
^ CvPlz wants hats!
i only like sombraros
he will wear a sombrero on a cloudy avatar
5:28 AM
5:29 AM
Go to the den!
Over there!
Back to skool bai
5:30 AM
@meagar I got this message on my blog. "On stackoverflow please stop removing 'java' tags. The tag is broad and for all java questions - even questions that aren't java ee. If you continue to remove tags, you will lose your editing privileges and face suspension". I think it is not a good idea to rollback or do anything about java tag. I do not know who post this comment on my blog. If this post is come from stackoverflow admin, I think it not a good idea to rollback. — wittakarn yesterday
@DroidDev bye
@InfiniteRecursion oh! I am still learning chatting slangs here
give me teh VLQs
5:49 AM
cv-plz give me teh codez stackoverflow.com/q/26581801/2389078
> That Matt Mac lipsticks smell like phenomenal
^meh, ecco bella is the best
@InfiniteRecursion considering HR will be there too, that leaves most anything interesting off the table
@cVplZ yes, also considering his English, he should take Jan along with him to the lunch / lauch
needs editing -> I had report police
a future micro-manager , just what the world needs, yay!
So it is "lunch"... I thought it was "launch" and then got confused.
> And the architect of my department will invite me to have a lauch lunch with him and a HR.
@InfiniteRecursion yeah, that word didn't pop-up in my mind... maybe need coffee
Have it, else you will become like this:
6:14 AM
@AndrewT. no, i thought it was launch based on the title @inf linked at first too
@InfiniteRecursion thanks! :)
that owl seems so familiar...
@InfiniteRecursion omg, is that Jan before coffee?
39 secs ago, by Andrew T.
that owl seems so familiar...
@InfiniteRecursion that is almost me in morning
@AndrewT. I finally got that dang imgur img srch to work effectively, here it is, it's cached now data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/238957/…
6:17 AM
@cVplZ nice :D
we were getting lots of false images, had to use src= instead of just imgur
@cVplZ nice!
Lol, but you did the hard part :), have a sombrero hat as a token of my thnks
put sombrero on my head
@Uni i dumped 500 repz - you'll be given this bounty tomorrow.
6:23 AM
@nicael nice, that will double his rep! answer
@nicael dumped sounds very elegant :P
@InfiniteRecursion @nicael wipes his ass with rep
@InfiniteRecursion ok, so now they are unique, thanks
I already gave you one that you haven't worn yet :p
I am already wearing the cool glasses Shadow wizard gave me, how many accessories can I wear? Look at my size!
^ spam
6:36 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CAN BUS PROTOCOL EXAMPLE on electronics.stackexchange.com
plse join woodworking
@SmokeDetector true
@cVplZ Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
6:45 AM
@JanDvorak where are you? spam attack, need backup
@nicael ^backup
so, now Nike invading WordPress...
yes, 3/4 still alive
6:52 AM
spam (repost)
http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/166570/nike-free-5-0-v4-womens-usa-today-8-unsolved-mysteries-of-the-world-the-daily at -6
http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/166568/free-3-0-v5-womens-sale-11-under-par at -6
http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/166566/lebron-james-10-for-sale-super-channel at -5
we need backup :(
first one gone
thinking of creating an account of wordpress for flagging purposes
any advice?
@DroidDev I did, just now
and probably most of us here.
@DroidDev you can delete it after flagging using the delete button on your profile. It takes a second to delete the profile, just make sure you don't do anything other than flagging, don't comment or upvote or make suggested edits
@InfiniteRecursion initiates account creation procedures
looks like, it wasn't needed after all. Spams were all gone, when I created an account :(
7:03 AM
@DroidDev more will come, don't be disappointed...
@InfiniteRecursion I'll wait... :)
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: The quality is that they are a identify Xtreme Antler on drupal.stackexchange.com
A: Someone who "eats like a ..." is someone who eats a lot or has a huge appetite

JophineIn India we call it as elephant appetite. It is because ancient Indians dealt with lot of elephants. They even had it as pets.

^flag the drupal spam
7:15 AM
@DroidDev oh, the Den is so vast that it's hard to see that far away ;)
@Inf I see you're back to your chick/duck self, kudos!
@ShadowWizard true and welcome back to tavern btw. Guess you don't have much work today :D
@ShadowWizard yes, I couldn't say no to hichris123
all spam gone
@DroidDev have much work but got early to the office.... preparing my fingers for the coding ahead :P
7:18 AM
@InfiniteRecursion no.. just a... typical question on there
@ShadowWizard oh! you are warming up :P
@AndrewT. thanks
@ShadowWizard to warm up, go close meta.stackexchange.com/questions/242631/…
@InfiniteRecursion fp
7:22 AM
@InfiniteRecursion no spam, but most likely trolling
@ShadowWizard Thanks, I didn't open it, saw it in the realtime tab, and it looked like they might be selling stuff
@InfiniteRecursion did it loooong ago already :D
@InfiniteRecursion lol, no it's just someone asking if Islam religion allows a man to wear panties.
-8 and counting. Someone doesn't know how to flag :-/
@JanDvorak not me!
@ShadowWizard ok :/
@ShadowWizard OP reposted on SO stackoverflow.com/questions/26582612/…
@JanDvorak gone
7:28 AM
@InfiniteRecursion yup, that's a good thing.... still messed up but at least somewhat on topic
It's fall break, no school this week :D
20 Gs!! I doubt any Android device or anything else in regular production will be able to withstand that much force. Wonders what the app is for...DroidDev 20 secs ago
@PatrickHofman minimum rep of 5 to be able to participate in meta, also, if possible linking to the dupe itself
Ohh, lots of spam
@SmokeDetector wut
@SmokeDetector flagged as belongs to the meta site
8:07 AM
@Mauley Rep here is not skill so maybe you are a far better programmer that I will ever be - this site and the rep-system here is just a game for big (sometimes not so big) boys/girls - don't give to much to it (nor to some random downvotes - sadly those happens often in C#) - BTW: if you want to farm Rep just ask/answer LINQ Questions :P — Carsten König 46 secs ago
in this post, OP sated, that he will post code if asked, but he didn't even after being asked in comments. Should I flag it as ot?
@DroidDev well, the real question is, is it answerable without the code? if no, then flag it.
8:26 AM
@AndrewT. OP edited, it's a car crash detector
@DroidDev uhh... ok...
@DroidDev I want to test the code that I have written in my if(gForce>20) condition. — Manojit Ghosh 4 mins ago
now I am so much tempted to downvote and close for some reason....
The guys don't have any suggestions, maybe the girls do... — rene 17 secs ago
@rene I use guys all the time to refer to everyone. It's rather common in the US.
8:52 AM
in Low Quality Posts HQ, 2 mins ago, by Jan Dvorak
it's not slim, it's muslim, you idiot
Do you people , just sounds awkward and kind of rude.
@cVplZ you woke up very early today
@JanDvorak Who is the idiot? Patrick or Pham :D
@cVplZ Do whatever you feel comfortable with. I like to tease now and then, specially due to the confusion about my gender ;)
That OP took it very well by the way....
@InfiniteRecursion whoever wrote the regex

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