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11:04 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: UNKNOWN WESTERN on movies.stackexchange.com
@Frank I'm lucky to not have fallen behind!
@Unihedron :D
@ShadowWizard re: community list. must be a regression. back in March, it wasn't a thing. Slow connections could cause it not to update properly... but I've never seen it on my end until today. I'll look into it.
11:33 PM
@AnnaLear thanks, from what I've seen the server simply fails to send the updated list back. But of course, it might not be related.
@ShadowWizard it should be sending the list back. or whatever I did to make it "go" last time. I forget. Point being, it's definitely a bug if I can repro it from NYC. :)
> Due to an underlying implementation detail, you should not return values greater than 2009.
... wut?
@AnnaLear cheers, mental notice added to remind you in 6-8 days :D
Q: UITableViewCell with really long text

GianPacI would like to create a blog part of an app using a UITableView. The table should have two sections and a grouped style. The first section is the blog and the second section of the table, comments. Blogs can be any size. When entering large amount of text, and by this I mean 10K words or more, w...

this? ^
yeah :P
I'm trying to figure out where 2009 could have come from
@Undo Y2(9)K?
11:51 PM
@Undo don't think it's possible to guess, maybe try asking in apple's forums?
I'm not that curious yet
I don't have a reason to set it beyond 2009
^ sitting around for two weeks
I've started a topic challenge on GL.
Q: Weekly topic challenge

J. MusserJon Ericson has come up with a wonderful way to boost the amount of questions on the site, and promote activity in topics that may otherwise receive only minimal attention. And it will be a lot of fun. Here's how it works: Suggest topics in the answers below. Next monday, I (or a volunteer) wil...

@Unihedron needs some review queue suspension...
@Braiam Huh? Me?
11:58 PM
@Braiam But he's not a new user, doubt it got thrown in review.
@Unihedron no... I'm sure it triggered the auto flag
@hichris123 ^
@Braiam Maybe.

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