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2:00 PM
For the joy of all gamers in the world. The most interactive game ever, acclaimed by vips of the level of AVGN.... here, for the first time only for you...
Desert Bus: the java version
experience all the fun of eight hours of real time driving on a straight road in the best driving simulation ever
@SPArchaeologist wtf?
Immediate controls. Only one button!
And if you are lucky enough, after only about 6 hour a flea may splat on your windscreens! What a plot twist!
@LynnCrumbling left a comment...
2:04 PM
@rene nice.
@SPArchaeologist This plug-in is not supported. Linux is THE best :P
Where do I ask a question about the (in)capability of end-users to install a client-side certificate in a Windows XP VDI that runs on vmWare?
2:07 PM
SU, perhaps?
@rene SU
but be aware, it could be "is just not possible"
@Braiam How would that be? I assume Windows XP remains Windows XP?
Even if it is virtualized?
Why do I have to support crap...
Windows XP is discontinued ay?
2:10 PM
don't you dare calling WinXP crap
Oh boy, we have a Windows ME fan...
We don't
@Unihedron yep, last year
I just don't want to spend $10 upgrading my OS
I use a Symbian phone for the same reason
2:12 PM
@JanDvorak it is :p
@ThiefMaster why?
Nothing works on it, but hey, I'm saving a few bucks!
I have a Symbian, too
.... Sigh.
2:13 PM
it used to be nice, but tell me a single thing where XP is better than 7
@ThiefMaster retro wallpaper
OMG 10 million stars
@ThiefMaster price tag :-/
@Unihedron So you were that star troll!
I got Windows 8.1 pro for free from my school so idc
that's the worst argument - few people mind paying 50€ for a game but paying 100€ for an OS they use every day? no chance!
2:15 PM
(after buying it a year earlier but we don't talk about that)
(even though i got my keys for free via MSDNAA when i was a student)
@ThiefMaster I don't pay for games either
@Unihedron Not sure I want to play that. The nerd wasn't able to, and he played that Mr Hide thing....
@ThiefMaster I also don't pay for games, after all, what are torrents there for
I wanted to crop out the colors in time, but MS Paint won't load quick enough... And the stars CSS sprite is insanely obfuscated... ;-;
2:17 PM
I pay for games, though most of the money goes to charity, because bundles
I never payed for any software, I also work on open source platforms
e+∞, sorry. Game over folks
I have 3k on SO! :D
@ProgramFOX well done! :)
@hichris123 Now you can ping me for questions that need to be closed ;)
@Stijn Thanks!
2:33 PM
@Braiam @JanDvorak here you go
@ProgramFOX Wow congrats!
in The SO Tavern (Free Snacks) on Stack Overflow Chat, 8 secs ago, by ProgramFOX
This was too easy. I just removed "too broad" from my Close Votes queue filter, and then I got a question that was flagged as too broad. And indeed, an audit.
@ProgramFOX there is a close vote event tonight... why don't you join to help close some question and lower that CVQ?
A well deserved reputation gain, amounting your network rep to a whooping...
looks up the network rep
@rene Let me look at the time.
@rene Too late for me :(
Too bad...
Aww, then review them now then ;)
Yes, please do, we are still on [asp.net]
You can always pick a tag from the query that is pinned on that starboard
I'm doing [c#] now.
2:39 PM
disclaimer for @DroidDev morality. I rigged the message "e+infinity" for fun with his help. Now, I am left wondering.... where does all this morality go when he plays the WAG game? ^_^
What's morality?
@SPArchaeologist are you gathering support?
@Unihedron come my friend and I will explain you. It all started many many years ago, when two equal sisters ruled the land.
@DroidDev who? me?
@SPArchaeologist yup, I think you just want to change me so badly :P
@DroidDev I just want some people for my room. Must work out with the users I am given.
2:44 PM
@ProgramFOX you better don't... you never reach the end of that....Try a subtag, like wcf, wpf, linq etc... those can be cleaned and closed by a couple of users, as a coincedence you cleanout c#
@SPArchaeologist lol, please don't accuse me of not behaving well in you room. I ponify myself as much as I can, when I am there
@rene Oh, indeed, LINQ is a good idea.
@DroidDev and we will ponify you even in the Den.
@SPArchaeologist we....?
@DroidDev Canterlot Voice.
2:50 PM
@rene I just saw that there is a Close Vote event on Thursday on 19:30 in my timezone. I registered :)
@ProgramFOX Yeah, great!
anybody wants to donate repz for charity....
@DroidDev What charity? Help DroidDev survive the Winter?
3:05 PM
@rene I always assumed that when the snow will start to fall @DroidDev will just crawl in one dark corner of Shadow Den and sleep until spring comes. Not the case??
@SPArchaeologist I think that is true that is why I wondered...
@rene Then I officially propose that we donate acorns instead of repz. Squirrels love them, maybe he will too.
@Braiam, thanks. That'd be the same as this+this. Given that it's been status-declined, that probably means I'll have to bud myself every time I get a gold badge. — Stéphane Chazelas 45 secs ago
@JanDvorak I just got 80% of the way through editing this for grammar, punctuation, and case.. and then abandoned it because the content sucks that much.
@JanDvorak I found myself editing it to the point point of almost changing the meaning.
@LynnCrumbling don't fix it. Closevote and downvote
@JanDvorak agreed.
@LynnCrumbling don't polish turds ;)
@Braiam hahahaha
@DroidDev i can. 500 is enough or u need mooooaaaarrrr???
why is this question still open?
a question that gets 16 answers must be POB
@vba4all nope
well that one definitely is
3:53 PM
@ProgramFOX Summer of '08
Anyone care to start a bounty on meta.stackexchange.com/questions/191540/… ? I already have 3 active bounties.
@Stijn there you go
@Braiam cheers!
@PatrickHofman too broad, actually
@Braiam: Why? Too broad is answerable, but it would take a book format. This is 'unclear what you are asking', since there is no question.
^ that's what I thought.
@PatrickHofman "How to store Articles/News/Post in Asp.net and database?"
That is not a question...
4:19 PM
anyone can see this dialog anywhere? meta.stackexchange.com/a/168763/213575
@Braiam Click on the image in the toolbar of meta.stackexchange.com/questions/ask
@PatrickHofman "(or drag-and-drop)" vs "(or paste or drag-and-drop)"
@Braiam Apparently pasting wasn't that much of a success.
4:44 PM
@Unihedron Are you sure that there will be spaces between thousands? It should be checked...
@nicael I said, it might break when the message reaches thousands, as it shows as "1000 000 000"
@Unihedron prove!
Get bart's socks at work to star that message and you'll see
@Unihedron I, of course, has a number of mine, but it will be difficult anyway to plant 1000 socks...
Yep, and 20 rep each..
It's for science!
Or, you know, we can try to mimic a DOM event with that value...
Negative, I get "undefined is not a function". I suck at this. xD
4:49 PM
wait, can't any user just star things from the transcript? does it really need the 20 rep?
@Braiam I tried on my alt account. If you don't have chat permissions, it gives "You do not have enough reputation to star this message".
@PatrickHofman needs one more.
@Unihedron from script, seems that it won't put any spaces.
@PatrickHofman closed
@nicael Well, ok. So it will indeed break when it reaches 1k stars.
4:53 PM
Q: JavaScript tutorials for Kids

ChristopheCould you recommend fun resources to teach JavaScript/jQuery to kids (10-12 yo)? I am looking for the next step after "Hello World". Thanks!

@Unihedron so lets star uni's (:D) message >1k times to break it.
I hope they ship me a box of Outspoken badges when that happens.
oh wait, i am talking to uni already...
Uni, stop star-trolling
4:58 PM
@InfiniteRecursion ok
Thanks @uni :)
Bart didn't receive his box of outspoken badges yet...so you have to wait...
Today's Listening | drumstep / electro
5:17 PM
@DwarfSlice Nice energy boost at the end of my day ;)
@DwarfSlice Your old name was better.
I know.
I changed it to match my gravatar. I'll change it back soon.
(thumbs up)
@bummi damn, it was bountied... who the hell did it?!?!
@nicael its charity, anything is good :D
5:29 PM
@DroidDev btw, do you want some repz?
say, 500 repz?
:) I hope you'll get many good answers
@nicael ya, why not
I can try
@DroidDev wait, you don't have a good non-closed answer to give a bounty... maybe you'll provide?
Isn't teaching kids javascript a form of abuse?
sings the nicael is giving rep away song
5:31 PM
@rene Um... why?
@rene It would only be abuse if you tell them that it's Java.
EEEEK my star troll bot is not yet finished!
5:32 PM
@nicael I have an answer that won bounty and another one, that I think can have bounty, but not sure about it :/
both are my highest scoring answers on SO
@DroidDev I mean on mse
@nicael well, that's an area, I don't venture much. I only want repz in SO, so that I can have closing privileges, but, mostly, I don't have time to give answer to get that rep, I even don't have time to edit posts mostly :(
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: BlAcK mAgIc SpEcIaLiSt RISHI bAba <91+9649768736> on webapps.stackexchange.com
someone tp smokey
@SmokeDetector true
5:37 PM
@ProgramFOX Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@SmokeDetector You're cheating on your phone number baba
@SmokeDetector -6, still there
Spammers always customize their avatar's name and picture, new users who actually post questions don't customize :/
5:43 PM
@InfiniteRecursion The first thing I did when joining SE, was changing my name to ProgramFOX.
@Sam Did you change your name to ProgramFOX?
You know what I meant :P
When one of trusted users posts SPAM... chat room generates sound notification for all active users. (too complicated? prone to abuse? @balpha)
Both of you have something in common with the spammers in that case :P
SPAM trusted users: JD and SD and PH and Pham
5:46 PM
@WeaponofChoice prone to abuse
Unless it's limited to certain trusted users, in which case the value of it diminishes.
@WeaponofChoice That sounds horrible. What if people don't want more notifications?
User-side script might be doable, though >:D
5:47 PM
@Andy exactly
@JanDvorak borderline, I'm assuming good faith
A: JavaScript tutorials for Kids

Pier-Alexandre BouchardThe khanacademy.org Javascript section is alwo pretty cool for kids. Courses are build to create fun drawings and animations for people who never programmed before. There is video courses, quiz and challenges. Take a look by example to the variable part.

already an answer :DDD
Abuse prone, especially from Pham, he is a comedian
@Andy Make it opt-in, like keyboard shortcuts.
@nicael why you bountied that question? :/
5:50 PM
He needs to dump his rep, and no one is taking it, what does a person do in that case ?!?
@nicael that question needs to be closed, not answered
Already closed.
bounty reversed
thanks @AnnaLear
Okay, now the FR is both abuse-prone and too complicated. And I just wanted to be informed about the latest offerings in skin care... my hands are getting dry and itchy. :(
5:53 PM
@JanDvorak Not sure if spam. It might be good faith, so I commented:
Welcome to Stack Exchange! Stack Exchange is not the place to request surveys to be filled in. Please post this on a forum where these requests are appropriate. — ProgramFOX 3 mins ago
@ProgramFOX Closed and deleted. Probably is good faith, but way misplaced regardless of intent.
@WeaponofChoice latest offering in market is hair oil for hand skin care cream :P
I need a user to accept my last answer, cause I'm ocd and it doesn't match.
^too much green, no wonder his avatar is always so green
@Frank What if we downvote it instead? With that help the ocd?
5:58 PM
@Andy Not unless you downvoted the others as well.
We have our mission!
@InfiniteRecursion Wrong; only 0.4532710280373832 of my answers have been accepted. I want at least 0.5.
I don't like seeing that much green among the latest 5 answers. It tells me they were posted a while ago, and I need to write more...
You guys need to go get rep on GL, like @Uni did.
@WeaponofChoice The 4 accepted you see there were answered yesterday.
6:03 PM
See? Yesterday. This means you posted at most one answer today. I hate being reminded like that.
The best feeling is having 0 0 0 0 0 with no acceptances among most recent answers: then I know I'm being productive.
@WeaponofChoice I would have a different feeling: "nobody looks at my answers!"
@WeaponofChoice But on a beta site with only 3.1 q/day, I think I do a decent ammount of the work.
For those of you who don't like green:
@ProgramFOX That's great! I'm typing faster than they can read!
6:05 PM
:) if only that happened every day. ^
This is why i hate #stackexchange #stackoverflow! Do the over-smartass moderators know everything about #compression? http://t.co/tQAN1Z0aFC
What does it mean when you ask people to comment if they have a different opinion (meta), and no one comments? Does it mean they all agree?
Like here:
A: Let's get critical: Oct 2014 Site Self-Evaluation

J. MusserI think people googling will be impressed by the clean, relevant atmosphere here, especially if they have been on other free gardening Q/A sites. But most people, I think, will be a little intimidated trying to participate. It seems many people are watching the activity (over 3500 visits per day ...

@WeaponofChoice Does that over-smartass guy know everything about editing?
@Frank Frank Skeet.
isn't it an attempt to edit rather than to reply?
6:12 PM
I have to mow the lawn; cy'all later!
See you!
@JanDvorak check the context stackoverflow.com/q/26565335/792066
So, she did post an answer there, after the attempt to edit stuff in was rejected. Okay then, learning process. Though now I'm not sure this is indeed an answer to what was asked.
@rene yes, it is
I'm sure there is a Meta post showing the needed reputation points for privileges on private beta sites, but I cannot find it back. Anyone knows where it is?
@rene Yep, that's it. Thanks!
@Frank "I agree with a high percentage of the answers on them (guess why ;)), and find these answers to mostly at least satisfactorily cover the question." <-- You may just have a future in politics! ;)
@InfiniteRecursion closed
6:46 PM
Thanks @Lynn
meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/251510/… how to attract attention on it?!?!
upvote it?
@nicael You can break everything, putting a bounty there shouldn't be too difficult for you ;)
7:15 PM
do you think its worth to bounty this question?
just for fun?
Clearly, with mere 20 answers it did not get enough attention.
nevermind, thought there was 2 bounties started..
7:35 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ACCESS VBA VISIBLE CONTROL FORM TO ANOTHER FORM on stackoverflow.com
@TGMCians err, did you read what was the typo
Sorry, It was a typo. corrected now — Kirk 4 mins ago
he updated something in question
7:55 PM
yes, there isn't a manifest version 22 yet, he meant 21
i see
@nicael congrats!
sees bjb568 silently hijacking my reviews
is #1 today
everyone is dead....
nobody alive
blame monday
8:06 PM
@TGMCians i mean all the users
smokey also
i doubt
@TGMCians Of course
8:26 PM
@ProgramFOX xD
@rene Wait, is it going on now?
@hichris123 /me also
you can ping me anytime ;)
;P sure.
@hichris123 No, in 30 minutes
@hichris123 Starts in 25 minutes (in your timezone, that's 2:30 on Tuesday), lasts 60 minutes.
Also, btw @rene you need to work on times. 5:00 - 4:35 != 30 minutes.
8:35 PM
@hichris123 I'll give you 5 minutes with @Bart's smiting stick....
@rene Letting me smite you? Or letting you smite me? ;P
I'll choose, Ok?
8:53 PM
user image
@LynnCrumbling meh, not me. ;)
@hichris123 starts now, if you're interested...
@WeaponofChoice /me no understand
9:07 PM
All gone. Tanks.
@Frank Aha. ocd not a problem now:
@Frank lol
Yup, all green!
9:09 PM
Mar 24 at 0:48, by Doorknob
user image
@Doorknob weird
@WeaponofChoice gj
@WeaponofChoice me too!
Positive correlation between abnormal "participation" and hanging out in the Tavern [p<0.01]
Ah, metas are easy to participate in.
The most recent SE podcast was published July 16. Come on!
When is the first DevDoodle podcast? It better be good.
9:50 PM
I recognize a lot of folks here
is it bad to dump once rep from one sock to another?
@nicael Yes.
@Frank The participation data suggests you should run for a moderator on one of those sites. Except all of them are betas, with no elections in foreseeable future...
10:00 PM
@WeaponofChoice Possibly on GL, in the unforseeable future (to coin a word)
Ooh, look. My rep is getting sllooowww. It's getting to be winter!
@Sam just close the whole question
I'm out of cvs.
10:20 PM
I'm off, cya.
Something feels wrong with having only ONE piece of popcorn in that image :P
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: DOES BELIEVING CHRIST DIED MAKES YOU SAVED on christianity.stackexchange.com
@Shog9 Amazon is really milking this "fire" stuff.
10:30 PM
@Shog9 Shows $40 for me…
@bjb568 for prime members it's $20
Oh, I'm just composite :(
10:52 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MYSQL MAKING INT TO FLOAT on stackoverflow.com

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