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10:00 AM
but I did play dragon quest builders 2 demo so I know the difference between wibbles and wobbles
@user1306322 Is that where they come from? :)
@Tinkeringbell Also... could be worse. He could have learned Pay Back or Revenge
@djsmiley2kindarkness Good, thank you :)
dragon quest is the primary source of both wibbles and wobbles on the planet to date
@BlueSoul I think the move I was aiming for was 'Leer', but I forgot what it was called ;)
That actually looks kinda cute :)
if only square enix has heard about such a thing as regional pricing for their games on steam, some people would actually be able to afford them
Pfft, 60 euros for a game?!
So, who wants a tiny bit of good news?
@user1306322 if only square enix had a brain, we would have seen actual remakes of Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross wouldn't try to be a sequel, the SOM "remake" wouldn't look like a smartphone game and they would have remade a Guru Guru game in Ni No Kuni style....
Nothing there, so....
At least, the Trial of Mana remake seems decent
Seems all the insults they got for the SOM one paid off.
> Cyberpunk 2077 is being delayed to September 17th; The game was set to launch on April 16th
10:06 AM
@user1306322 FF7 delayed to April.... what a coincidence...
I hope they don't delay Half Life Alyx
avoid competition at all costs.
maybe that's the primary reason
but I don't suppose they were afraid of the 0.05% of steam users who have any VR device competing with their launch
@user1306322 I hope the "Midgard only" remake doesn't actually flop like I think it will and more importantly that it will finally clarify if the plot is the same or not.
probably wanted to wait until after Nvidia launches new 30xx gpus this summer
@Tinkeringbell and now it's time for good news :s
10:09 AM
I am really waiting to see how they managed to fill a whole game with RELEVANT content if it is supposed to be only Midgard
@user1306322 My brother has a new job. He's going into programming too :)
what kinda programming?
Java, I believe.
Same as I started out. ;)
oh nice
gonna be able to help out, that's always good
I'll just send him over to SO ;)
10:10 AM
my family all does random unrelated things so we can't ever share professional skills and hints about stuff
My dad and youngest brother also work the same job at the same company.
Mom's in nursing, but I have a first aid certificate so I can follow most of it :P
My brother is going to work for the company that I'm currently also tasked with working for ;)
I work for A and they assigned me work at B, he's going to work at B directly.
although I wouldn't know how it feels to work with relatives close by, best of luck!
@Tinkeringbell in the pizza factory?
Heh, he'll be on a completely different team, it'll be fine. We won't even be programming in the same language :P
@AndrasDeak gotta milk the baby pepperonis? >.<
10:17 AM
Hey! No making fun of my mom :(
She's a nurse ;)
Stressful job.
and all that.
13 hours ago, by Tinkeringbell
I'll send mom for one ;)
Well, part of her job is taking care of people? :P
But that's the 'mom' job, not the 'nurse' job ;)
Ah, makes sense
@Tinkeringbell I'll be waiting to tell him his code sux.
@Gimby I could pass it on right now? ;)
10:21 AM
What, the code or my opinion of it?
Your opinion. There isn't any code yet :P
Or at least... he did have an arduino.
I think there must be code for that thing somewhere.
So ... I wouldn't even be lying :P
Well then the code does not sux yet, no code is beautiful.
I just love code that makes you go 'what's this?!?'
something, something, XXXutils classes.
One or two util classes are alright, but when I see ten of them then I start to twitch :)
Especially when there are both a StringUtil and a StringUtils.
10:29 AM
@Gimby Meh.
The ones we have a horrible.
There's not 10. There's just 1, that's close to 10000 lines of code :P
that's alottautil
also @GeorgeStocker...
> If you want to try to out rules lawyer a programmer,
they tried to convince programmers that tracking code was just "fraud detection", remember? I though that one would think twice about trying to make that claim on a site full of users that WORK on those kind of stuff.
@Gimby I may have been slightly dramatic there... still... 1200 lines of codes is too much. :P
Oh, and I discovered that it's not the only 1 ;)
It's just the one I've been cutting stuff out of.
one ISO9001 audit later
nervous wreck
10:44 AM
Hang in there :)
@Tinkeringbell the audit was going very well before so I didn't want to screw it up somehow
my part was just gdpr stuff
Any feelings about how it went, either way?
no clue
the auditor is welll ... an auditor
Yeah, I can imagine.
When will you hear what the results are?
monday or tuesday
maybe this afternoon
10:50 AM
Oh good, that's not too long...
Fingers crossed ;)
@JourneymanGeek for some gamers, it is not a matter of fun. And as a disclaimer, the linked video is pretty "Meat Boy" style.
@Magisch I will tell you a secret. Sometime our customers tell us "Sharepoint is a [insert insult here]". It feels great, even if I work with it everyday and have to try to sell it.
@Jodrell Started far before that I fear. That event was just one of the latest ones. Before that there was the ads problem, for example
11:12 AM
heh yey my 3yr old is my friend again \o/
@JAD You know, that is something I had wondered - what would be the reputation impact if someone of the caliber of Skeet announced on twitter that they would stop contributing to SO.
@djsmiley2kindarkness Aww, cute :P I wouldn't let him.
Teach him a lesson about consequences ;)
@Magisch Dare I suggest that we should all vote for Evan?
Can't :D
@BlueSoul Huge
but I'm pretty sure there'll be people there who go "Who?"
12:04 PM
@CodyGray Oh what a charming thought.
12:41 PM
@Tinkeringbell nah he's been ill on and off
and for some reason that presents itself as hating daddy and not wanting to be anywhere near me
Oof, is he getting a bit better at least?
@djsmiley2kindarkness Ah, is he a mommy's boy when sick? ;)
yah he's back to normal, as of last night
Glad to hear :)
12:53 PM
@BlueSoul As a counterpoint to the "close nothing" faction, let's elect a "close everything; you're all idiots" faction?
@TRiG I was more thinking of a win/win thing.
Either they have to live with it and be annoyed every single hour or we will be free.
@BlueSoul Heh.
Evan once answered a question of mine clearly, competently, and rudely. I edited it to remove rudeness prior to accepting. And then, before I could accept, the post was deleted. Luckily, by that time another answer had arrived, so I accepted that one instead.
@TRiG Thanks a lot, now I am tortured not knowing what the answer was.
1:14 PM
@Gimby It was about why MySQL reports the size of utf8 columns three times larger than they actually are. Answer: (a) you set the size in characters, but it reports the size in bytes, (b) MySQL allocates three bytes per UTF-8 character, because its utf8 implementation is broken (if you want real UTF-8, use utf8mb4, which allocates four bytes per character).
Q: Why is mysqli_fetch_fields() giving me inaccurate results?

TRiGThe length result from mysqli_fetch_fields() is giving me inaccurate results. MySQL > DESCRIBE Notices; Field Type Null Key Default Extra Id int(10) unsigned NO PRI (NULL) auto_increment UserId int(10) unsigned NO MUL (NULL) T...

1:27 PM
the next seal was apparently broken. Ragnarok is getting closer.
> C# Winforms can now work in your browser! Wasm.Winforms is a nuget package that you can install and use your codes unchanged and run it on your browser!
1:40 PM
@TRiG thanks, but I meant the rude one ;)
@BlueSoul as I expected, a html canvas is involved and it's slow as heck :)
@Gimby I expected devils to be involved, so....
You're not far off to be honest
2:23 PM
@Gimby Presumably it's still on that page if you have permissions to see deleted posts (I don't).
@Rubiks is that comment meant to suggest I'd edit out the last paragraph?
2:45 PM
Nvm, there's a better answer now ;)
Question - anyone knows the React Templates project?
I was not aware of its existence, but naturally I am now. Thank you :) Looks like a pretty dead project, no activity in the repo for years.
Just a note that we don't discuss suspensions in public, and that answers aren't the way to protest being suspended ;)
3:01 PM
Oh, he's suspended. Didn't realize
Yeah, race conditions... :/
At least don't onebox it! Also... you're not supposed to use your powers like that, if something is deleted, you're trusted to judge for whether it's right or wrong.. not really to repost stuff for entertainment value.
@TRiG Hm, the good old "let me google that for you". Yeah there are nicer ways to instruct how one might research a problem.
@Gimby Yeah that user has a storied history
3:12 PM
@Gimby And it turns out that my memory was at fault, given that it definitely wasn't Evan. (Unless we suspect sockpuppetting, which I really don't, but it's a fun idea.)
@Tinkeringbell If you are talking about the 13 min ago deleted message... doesn't seem particularly rude compared to other ones. I assume it was deleted because of the comments below - those seem a little worse and probably more problematic
@Gimby sorry, clicked wrong reply to. Ignore the ping
@BlueSoul I'm supposed to neither confirm or deny... I think.
No worries, being confused is a natural state for me :)
@Tinkeringbell decide. You Think or you Tink?
I would suggest Think Pink
would be a great excuse to switch to a pink parrot too.
That one's staying black for a while.
3:17 PM
So no Pinkeringbell?
Ewl no!
I've been called a lot of nasty things, and that is one of them! :P
What is nasty about Pinkeringbell?
It just doesn't sound right!!!
Besides. I'm black now.
@Gimby either the parrot mind is more uncouth than Shadow's and they see double meaning I fail to... or is the sound.
If I ever change, it'll be back to being too red.
3:20 PM
aaaaaand, it was just the sound it seems.
@BlueSoul Nope, no double meaning, just the sound :)
@TRiG the shit of it is, I understand the frustration on the part of YCS. Actions aren't justified... but I get it.
@Tinkeringbell Pinky Bell?
No, just stop with the pink already.
I fulfill enough stereotypes already, pink can stay out of it.
@Tinkeringbell ?
3:22 PM
@Tinkeringbell but Pinkie Bell would clearly be a Sweetie Bell colored Pinkie.
@canon See avatar....
so you would be gray-white, not pink
Whatevs, I like pink. I cannot have enough pink t-shirts. Or shirts with fruits on them.
@canon Yup. So do I, even though it was directed at me.
3:26 PM
^ @Tinkeringbell ? Pwetty Pwease?
.... where is the cat when you need him.
@Gimby I never cared about fashion and always wore geeky T-shirts (today's says "normal people scare me"). And then I started a Deaf Studies course and had to buy plain t-shirts, no writing or patterns (too visually noisy). I suddenly developed an appreciation for jewel tones.
3:40 PM
@Gimby back to the original question, just looking for ways to avoid the cursed .tsx files from that abomination that is React
@Tinkeringbell Just to be sure, is editing in trans trigger warnings allowed?
@Machavity If you can understand how certain people may feel about it, and don't mind... yes.
Feels no different to me than someone putting something in spoiler markup, tbh.
Good evening
What's new?
@Machavity I don't get it. Madara's post is transphobic?
@BlueSoul I hear you, but to me jsx/tsx makes life easier when using React... don't hurt yourself by hating it. Otherwise you can always just use the DOM API. reactjs.org/docs/react-without-jsx.html
@It'sOver No, a deleted rant posted as an answer to Madara's post is rather ranty. I'm not sure the poster was going for transphobia, but it needed to go either way
3:44 PM
@It'sOver Mod deleted answer ;)
Still, the link is to Madara's post, so that's what it implies
@It'sOver the link is to a deleted answer
which defaults to the question if you don't have the rep to see the deleted answer
oh actually not, the link is to the question, but the text surrounding the link mentions a deleted answer
@It'sOver In Madara's announcement there was a mod-deleted answer... It doesn't imply it was Madara himself
A warning on a link to a question that has a -R/A-deleted- answer that's thransphobic?
Scratches head I think it's the revision history that's having me confused
3:47 PM
That's excessive
Either way, it's not the hill I'm dying on
I don't see the point of quoting the rude stuff from an answer deleted because of rude stuff
The fact that it's mod-deleted is warning enough.
Assuming we wouldn't discover immortality in 50 years
If we discover immortality, we're screwed as a species.
3:49 PM
I made an edit that should clear that up
@Gimby thanks, I prefer to keep my HTML in another file and avoid doing the "oh, look, we can do this" thing from the spfx samples. Wish I could just use angular- and I could , but that leaves me without all the specific SPFX controls since Microsoft only released the React version
Oh, it's about the quote below the link
It appears we're down another CM: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/342424/…
@canon We'll find more ecosystems to ruin by then
@Magisch :tips hat:
3:52 PM
Hello, fellow antennae things! We have come in peace.
@Magisch Sigh
Sadly, if you are doing SPFX related work... then SharePoint is there somewhere. Your average html is not just a div and two span. Usually you have to live with weird html structures and classes, nested in weird ways because SharePoint.
Meaning that from the little I saw, the render() method often becomes a mess.
@Magisch So, how many does SE have left?
I am looking at alternatives. As I said, I could use Angular and I already did - it works, but then you don't have access to any React component.
@Cerbrus not sure. 5?
3:56 PM
@Magisch so..... 3CM/week....
Half a user? xD
Catija, Cesar, Juan, Nikolas, Tim. I think JNat is more support but him too. So 6?
Jnat is cm team proper
Grace Note moved over to support
@Magisch what a coincidence
@Magisch ..... Update the wheel of Blame to become the "wheel of next employee who will leave".
Sadly it is far more appropriate right now
4:01 PM
It was the Wheel of Blame, wasn't it
@It'sOver you're right, fixed
Everyone knows who about the shame. We don't need a wheel for that.
Bah dum tiss
In other news, there's this THE PHANTOMMMM miniseries on TV and God, it's so full of cheese
Every time I spin it now it comes up Catja. I keep wanting to correct it, but I couldn't tell you who is a CM vs Some-Other-Team-Here
@JourneymanGeek Woof
4:08 PM
Q: Change in roles for Jon Ericson

Jon EricsonIt’s a bit surreal to be writing this post—not many people can say they left their dream job twice. Today is my last day as an employee of Stack Overflow. I’ll be joining College Confidential as their Community Product and Operations Manager doing many of the same things I’ve been doing here but ...

You're about 15 mins late there
17 mins ago, by Magisch
It appears we're down another CM: https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/342424/change-in-roles-for-jon-ericson
@Machavity Ah, it was linked, but not embedded, so I missed it in a quick scan.
We don't have enough space for three featured posts, no?
I never figured this part out: Does it mean with the new changes that only two would stick on top, or that two of three will be randomly chosen at intervals?
4:10 PM
@It'sOver Can't be done with current technology. Maybe one day, who knows. A monkey can dream...
Answer by shog on Jon's resignation post: meta.stackexchange.com/a/342430/334566
@GeorgeStocker thank you, for writing up things in a way I can understand, without making me feel I need to agree.
@Tinkeringbell Nah it was me just misusing a comment to muse aloud (and express agreement with your answer).
I just came here to ask and answer and chat. I wasn't cut out for all this emotion!
mismusing? :P
4:15 PM
It's Titanic all the way around
Don't sing that song - "My Heart Will Go On".
@It'sOver Can a boat really sink by both ends at once? :P
Something for physics.se
@curious Having watched copious amounts of 'drain the oceans' on natgeo, I think yes.
Submarines often submerge level and evenly.
4:19 PM
the pace of the earthquakes is really picking up this week innit
I'm 100% ready for this week to be over
@Rob But does that qualify as sinking? Anyways, it's not really a real question... :)
@Magisch Here, have a star
@Magisch start reading here and follow my posts. Saw this, been there.
I've read that thread before
4:22 PM
@Magisch I am pretty lucky - at least this time I am not involved in the staff any way.
I'm sorry. For every time i said something that hurt someone.
Kitten pictures will continue until morale improves. -- or wait, that's not it, is it?
it was "fun" to be a seer when that was happening.
@curious It seems fair: merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sink --- Does the Sun sink?
4:26 PM
Have a glass of cat LOL
@Rob Oh! Never heard this before (ESL here). Sounds nice though!
@GeorgeStocker so.... lets say halve the active users have some kind of legal ability
They feeling lucky? ;)
4:42 PM
@Tinkeringbell take that, I'm now pink.
oh. Unless caching blows up in my face.
@Gimby lol
Looks pink to me but maybe you intended something more pink
Yeah if you see the larger version it's clearer...
It also looks more like I might get bit :D
but sweet nonetheless!
5:14 PM
So, it has begun
Once the parrotization is complete, no one will stand in your way
I count three or four parrots
5:27 PM
@It'sOver I count many more, regarding the repeated contents :P
@Gimby sigh. Some people...
@Tinkeringbell parrotry is spreading :D
I like the dragon parrot :D
@Magisch You could say people have started parrotting.

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