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2:43 AM
@Sha just got a badge for answering your LH q: lifehacks.stackexchange.com/questions/2578/…
my answer is best; accept that.
2 hours later…
4:30 AM
GM all :)
4:57 AM
morning :)
wish something sweet for me :3
made a tandoori @DroidDev from @DroidDev
eats tandoori @DroidDev
Wait... I'm veg ._>
I guess that was creepy :|
@berserk complexies
@ShadowWizard I don't want to be uncouth :D
5:16 AM
@berserk that's the only useful invention ever
@ShadowWizard princess
5:43 AM
Q: Android Development - XML or Java?

htmlappsAt first, I thought "Oh! Android development! Must be Java." I just installed android studio and found an xml file called main_activity.xml and one of the most basic programs- Hello World displayed a hello world string from xml! Where is the java in this? Is there ANY java involved?

5:55 AM
yo maven
@DroidDev complexies?
Yo :3
@berserk jalebies
yesterday, by malviň
jalebi :D
6:06 AM
@DroidDev >>alive
caught @berserk and killed again
17 hours ago, by malviň
did he died already :3
6:16 AM
@SweetWisherヅ I need some complexies :3
6:32 AM
2 hours later…
8:32 AM
Totally in punjabi and urdu shayari and qwaali
throws superman punch on @berserk
@DroidDev flame ;)
@MysticMagicϡ thrower :P
@DroidDev catch
@MysticMagicϡ @malviň (because we usually keep throwing him :P)
@DroidDev maven (his old name)
@SPA :)
@Sha @Sha
8:42 AM
sorry, bit busy, trying to integrate twitter in iOS swift
@berserk isn't that a little too early for 1 April? did they put the site live 2 month earlier by mistake???
12 hours ago, by berserk
I just used it, and its cool.
@DroidDev so it is Hakovisions , but no one ever believed it could replace something like the Oculus Rift :P
@SPArchaeologist A friend of a friend have it.
I'm gonna buy it. But for that, I also have to buy a good phone too coz my curent phone is trash.
@DroidDev lol
@SPArchaeologist For google to develop something like Oculus Rift, they will first port every game in world to their own servers and then create executables in their own format and then force people to install it and its only then that they will release that head gear
8:53 AM
@DroidDev transforms into ssj and ur hand is a pile of broken bones now
curious what Oculus Rift is
@MysticMagicϡ Hmm
@malviň lol derping around
@berserk stop it man **
@berserk Derpy?
Is oculus rift similar to google cardboard?
@SPArchaeologist yup :P
8:54 AM
@berserk its more like headgear in Sword Art Online
He just going here and there for no reason.
Its nervegear.
@berserk you will never get a second chance
@berserk well...not nervegear....it looks like that and provides 3D experience of game
its (of-course) not a full dive system
in Java and Android era on Stack Overflow Chat, Jan 30 at 11:03, by malviň
I still remember that summer night
8:56 AM
lol mavin
mavin :O
You seemed to be nice guy with that dog picture as your avatar, but now you are evil. :|
malvin or maven
@berserk oculus Rift is a full "VR" headgear. Google Cardboar is more like Gear-VR
which is still powered by rift
@berserk :xD
@DroidDev wasn't the primary reason for Oculus Rift development to make Ponyville VR possible?
Rs. 12,000
@MysticMagicϡ apart from @ber saying @mal is evil, I kind of understand rest of things
8:59 AM
Pony ._.
devil baby attack
@SPArchaeologist pictures tell me otherwise(like action games or something) but you can use it for according to your satisfaction(I guess) :P
@SPArchaeologist So, is it like nervegear, or close to it?
If yes, I 'm gonna buy it right now!
@berserk I think its for converting mobile games into something else, but yes, until you have spare money, its totally ok
eat @berserk
9:01 AM
@DroidDev Think so? try to search that name on youtube... :P
got eaten by @mavin
@SPArchaeologist well...MLP fans are everywhere
9:26 AM
@DroidDev good for u :P
@Frank see? I knew something good will come out of that question... :D
@malviň but you already are.... too late to be something else! ;)
@MysticMagicϡ @Mys @Mys :P
@ShadowWizard :D
shifting and arrangements done?
@MysticMagicϡ kind of, still some stuff left to unpack but it can wait :)
mostly clothes and kitchen stuff not in daily use
@MysticMagicϡ heaven
@ShadowWizard hmm :) kewl
@ShadowWizard angel
@MysticMagicϡ bunny
9:36 AM
@SPArchaeologist rabbit :)
9:53 AM
@MysticMagicϡ leg
@ShadowWizard hand
@MysticMagicϡ master
@SPArchaeologist expert
@MysticMagicϡ exchange (thunders and lightings in the background)
@SPArchaeologist currency
10:06 AM
@ShadowWizard Iknow ..... and already got punished too :(
@berserk man... you are tasteless :xD
poke @berserk back
^ wondering... do someone ever noticed how the FiM staff decided to use bits as a currency in the show?
new multiline bug?
let me try again....
This is a test

ok, by design won't fix
A: Answers in chat without the nickname of the user of the original entry

balphaAnything that is not a normal single-line message – Wikipedia oneboxes, YouTube videos, and, well, multi-line pastes – has no pretend-mention, since that wouldn't really make sense. The point of even allowing multiline messages is copy&pasting a text from somewhere, and adding a user name to the ...

@SPArchaeologist byte
@MysticMagicϡ storage
@SPArchaeologist memory
10:26 AM
@berserk out of curiosity... what is that magnet in the google cardboard for?
do they control the device with a magnet???
@MysticMagicϡ Crystal
@ShadowWizard what :/
@ShadowWizard pony
@malviň Mistake, blame mobile device ;)
@SPArchaeologist Dash
10:28 AM
@ShadowWizard bdw I was on system and was late by 1 minute that day.
Why are you awake?
@ShadowWizard Rainbow
@MysticMagicϡ somewhat, depends on how much work is pending
@SPArchaeologist test
10:31 AM
@DroidDev take rest during weekends :)
@MysticMagicϡ dispossible
@DroidDev huh true @SilentKiller 's friend
@DroidDev this is a test
@DroidDev a test is this
@MysticMagicϡ this is a test
this is another test
:3101829 so is this one
10:32 AM
@SPArchaeologist that was single ping, if you wanted to know that
@DroidDev actually I was trying to see if multireply is possible :P
:3101829 456
10:47 AM
@SPArchaeologist gotcha
@malviň whose OC would this be?
Luna puppet with recolor and Celestia mark?
@SPArchaeologist dunno
@malviň What do you mean? Late for what? :(
@ShadowWizard late for deleting it :XD
11:08 AM
@SPArchaeologist Nope, not possible :/
@MysticMagicϡ Colorful
@ShadowWizard colors
11:25 AM
@malviň channel :P
struggling to understand how imports work in xCode
xCode :O
x was written by mistake ?
working on iOS swift and android both
11:39 AM
I might even kill myself afterwards
Intelligent help for errors in xCode is awesome. I haven't seen one yet
@ShadowWizard lel
:D chweet
scaredy cat
and this @Frank
scaredy scary cat
scaredy cat
.......sleepy friday........
lazy friday
silly friday
sleepy friday
apathetic friday
stupid friday
slothful friday
uncaring friday
12:01 PM
let me add one too!
opsssssssssss <3
what? it is just a cat
a normal cat
you may say her colour scheme is strange or reminds you somepony else, but it is just a cat
totally just a cat
I agree @spa
it resemble alot with a pony
why? where? you should really post the pony you had in mind... it won't be used against you or anything... at least not too soon
you are mad (wo)man
12:12 PM
@SPArchaeologist that's a nice trap. Nice trap!
@DroidDev hehehehee
12:29 PM
@DroidDev Trap? I don't get what you are implying...
@SPArchaeologist ya, I know you didn't get it, just like it won't be used against you or anything :P
12:55 PM
@MysticMagicϡ TV
1:06 PM
Q: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


@SPArchaeologist which magnet?
@malviň flagged as other
@malviň self inflicted question edit vandalism?
original text was fine
@berserk on the side, it has two magnet... they call it the Cardboard slider/finger trigger
not really digging putting a MAGNET near my smartphone...
Well, don't know. My friend just asked me to put on the cardboard and he started the app.
1:36 PM
cya @malviň evil <.<
@berserk how I m evil :/
You scummed to cannibalism and ate me :/
@berserk That was for the sake of fun :3
1:47 PM
Evil maven was also part of fun xD
cannibalism ^^
man again you ruined the fun :3
@ShadowWizard DVD
1:52 PM
one day or the other, I should start replying to those emotes with ponies ones.
Maybe we can play EAG (Emoticon Association Game)
@SPArchaeologist :D
the last option under the "user action" menu.... that is the one I am tempted to use now....
1:55 PM
not even the uncouth picture is enough.
retires to nap in the Sugarcube
dat description
What's wrong with him/her? -.-
not here.
and in the meantime, on anime they are discussing again about one piece, asking themselves what one piece actually is.
Treasure or what else
I still bet it is that straw hat that Luffy has from the start
2:39 PM
@SPArchaeologist kick-mute?
@SPArchaeologist Blue Ray
@ShadowWizard print
@ShadowWizard ignore this user (everywhere)
@DroidDev Ironman (see here)
@SPArchaeologist show-off
@DroidDev Cocky
@SPArchaeologist Oh, lol
3:35 PM
BTW, @Sha and I are always searching for some idea for other chat based games, so fell free to leave suggestions.
All ideas that I had would require too much time and effort from players
4:18 PM
Bot started with waiting time set to 5 seconds.
Bot started with waiting time set to 5 seconds.
my internet connection broke, restarted the bot
4:36 PM
@ProgramFOX sorry Fox, can't really play today
no problem
see you
@ShadowWizard dicky
@DroidDev studio
@FOX9000 coke
4:47 PM
@DroidDev warren
5:43 PM
@FOX9000 buffet
@Andy wave
@FOX9000 water
@Andy basin
@FOX9000 sink
@Andy deep
5:44 PM
@FOX9000 thought
@Andy process
@FOX9000 policy
@Andy democratic
@FOX9000 government
@Andy arbitration
5:46 PM
@FOX9000 lawyer
@Andy dormer
@FOX9000 college
@Andy fellow
@FOX9000 man
@Andy equality
5:48 PM
@FOX9000 equilibrium
@Andy evolution
@FOX9000 darwin
@Andy pole
@FOX9000 dance
@Andy gnat
5:49 PM
@FOX9000 mosquito
@Andy pest
@FOX9000 siblings
@Andy child
@FOX9000 school
@Andy rudiment
5:51 PM
@FOX9000 low
@Andy swoop
@FOX9000 dive
@Andy below
@FOX9000 shallow
@Andy gouge
5:56 PM
@FOX9000 scratch
@Andy puncture
@FOX9000 penetrate
@Andy thick
@FOX9000 skull
@Andy bony
5:57 PM
@FOX9000 spine
@Andy lettering
@FOX9000 handwritting
No associated word found for handwritting.
because your word has a typo :p
6:50 PM
hiya @Pro @And
@Andy handwriting
@ProgramFOX ink
@FOX9000 drink
@DroidDev nectar
@DroidDev I hope that doesn't mean you drink ink... :p
got to go now
6:59 PM
@ProgramFOX Bot terminated.
>>stop is soooo boring
You should use >>diebot or something...
7:30 PM
@ProgramFOX haha, that actually depends on how drunk I am :P
7:44 PM
user image
8:16 PM
Long time no WAG @Andy, welcome back! :D
@FOX9000 Ambrosia
8:43 PM
If you think why I am awake at 2:12 am, I just have two words for you. FRIDAY NIGHT!!!
or maybe saturday morning
but word count remains same
almost 4 pm here
Friday afternoon
9:39 PM
time to sleep!
Nighty night
or maybe good morning :/

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