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3:00 AM
Do British keyboards have a 'Z' on them?
Ah, the edit-slow-troll-technique
Yea, but mine has crumpets and a cricket pitch on it
@AidenBell - By the way, I hope I'm not offending you. This is all in jest.
@AidenBell Indeed.
Alright, that's it, Chrome must die.
@TimStone CR-48, or the browser?
The browser...although this is even weirder than before.
3:02 AM
@Moshe - na, im hard to wind up ... relax
@TimStone killall chrome
@AidenBell Ok, just checking.
(redacted) That could have made a very insensitive racial joke.
Ok, must actually go and code some in some kludgefest PHP ... dirty
@YiJiang This bug is infuriating me.
@AidenBell Ick...good luck with that.
@Moshe alias people='moshe'
3:03 AM
@TimStone What bug?
@TimStone - later Tim
Chrome lies and spits errors out to the console about something being undefined that clearly is not.
@YiJiang alias moshe='Zhang Yi Jiang' (Did I get that right?)
@TimStone Scope, my friend who is likely much more experienced than I.
@Moshe Zhang first, surnames always goes first for Chinese names - it's Zhang Yi Jiang
@YiJiang Ah, ok fixed.
3:04 AM
It's not a scope issue, it's a "The debugger clearly shows that the variable has a value at the same time it's whining it doesn't" issue, heh.
@TimStone Hmmm, when in doubt, don't trust the console
It's almost, but not exactly like the JavaScript environment your scripts will run in
@YiJiang Well, before it was actually breaking the script, so I had to believe that something was wrong...but now it seems to work despite that.
Oh right, my Chrome updated. I forgot to check the userscript.
Hrm... how does a search for 'best' turn up 'good' and 'better'? Does SQL fulltext search do this sort of transformations?
3:08 AM
@RebeccaChernoff I just updated mine, and no dice. But if you F5 really fast repeatedly it sometimes works. >_>
@TimStone Urhm... /facepalm
@YiJiang There's a file that allows you to define synonyms, at least.
Okay, idea - delay the loading of livequery till window.load instead of window.onDOMReady
@TimStone Interesting, hmmm
@YiJiang Yeah, I think I tried that, but let me try it again to see if it makes a difference.
Nope, heh.
And of course, when I step through with the debugger from the very beginning, it doesn't happen.
Heh. The error trace says it came from master-chat.js o:
3:18 AM
@RebeccaChernoff balphmarc is sabotaging us!
we can blame that! q:
@RebeccaChernoff Sidebar.relayout, or something else?
@YiJiang It makes so much sense now!
Sweet, a 9 foot tripod!
@Moshe Does it come with a ladder? :)
@GeorgeMarian I forgot to rent that. Borrowed a footstool, I have to find a taller one tomorrow.
3:24 AM
ABC interviewed Mr. Mubarak.
What's the tl;dw version?
@GeorgeMarian Mr. Mubarak is not quitting now, he's leaving at the end of his term.
And, the Vice President said that they won't use force to evacuate the square.
@GeorgeMarian I'm not sure, I got distracted by the BP apology ad talking about getting back to shrimping that mysteriously appeared at the top of the screen.
Good to see some sense prevail, maybe.
3:34 AM
President Mubarak also was asked about President Obama's support and his coaxing for him to leave early.
@TimStone LOL
@Moshe Apparently, he wasn't moved, huh? heh
He responded that Mr. Obama is a good man but he does not understand the Egyptian culture and what would happen if President Mubarak leaves now.
@Moshe The entire country would throw a kegger?
Sound's like Mr. Mubarak is right.
@GeorgeMarian The Muslim Brotherhood would take over. Which, by the way, is probably not a good thing.
@Moshe Hmm, interesting.
3:36 AM
wonders where the asteroid is...
The President and the VP of Egypt are planning on changing the constitution and election law, and then reach out to opposition.
But he was hesitant to say if he felt betrayed by President Obama.
@Moshe Oh? What'd I miss? Because he tried to persuade him to step down early?
ABC made sure to flaunt the "dangerous trek through Cairo" that Christiana Amanpour had to take to get the palace.
@GeorgeMarian Yep.
@GeorgeMarian Exactly. It would probably effect the stability of the region.
G-d Willing, Mr. Mubarak will finish his term peacefully. But like I said, G-d willing.
@GeorgeMarian - Oh, this is an interesting looking article, about the intelligence community predicting this: haaretz.com/news/international/…
@GeorgeMarian btw, "kegger"?
@Moshe Interesting. That's a typical problem with intell, figuring out the timing.
@GeorgeMarian For sure.
3:42 AM
@Moshe A party. (Specifically, one with kegs of beer, but I was using it more to mean celebration.)
@GeorgeMarian No, well, yes, but it would turn into chaos. The point is that President Mubarak is trying to hand over power to someone responsible. Not a group that will likely terrorize the country or do other similar things.
@Moshe That makes sense, but the way things were handled seems...um..curios.
@GeorgeMarian What's curious?
I know what it means, what is weird?
3:45 AM
Oh, lol.
@GeorgeMarian And you wrote the plural of Curio, btw.
Well, pulling the plug on the Internet connections for one.
@GeorgeMarian True. Again, it's likely a culture thing. What happens in my house is none of my neighbors' business unless I choose to tell them. Mr. Mubarak knows the media's position. He was trying to avoid the media from riling people up, perhaps.
@Moshe Yah, it sure looked wrong. lol
"ou" in words tends to screw me up. Or, I tend to screw them up.
@Moshe True, but if you're having an argument loud enough that your neighbors can hear and then you start drawing the shades and turning off the lights, people will wonder.
Although the internet thing was well timed. Reminds us what the US government is trying to empower themselves with.
@GeorgeMarian For sure.
switching to my iPhone
3:49 AM
@Moshe Yup. I read an article about a renewed push for the Internet kill switch on The Register a few days after.
Western culture and media have a sense of self entitlement though. Egypt has no obligation to let reporters in to report everything.
@GeorgeMarian wasn't just The Register, btw.
@GeorgeMarian There are times when I wish I had the ability to go stand before Congress, ask those people if they had any idea what they were debating, point out that they don't, and tell them to STFU, heh.
@Moshe Agreed. But, unless they want to go the hermit route, like North Korea, they're going to have to expect attention from the world when crap hits the fan.
Hah. @TimStone Well, Al Gore invented the internet. :P
@TimStone You and me, both.
I'm so glad "information superhighway" went out of use.
I think someone asked about the pricing the other day, $500.
@TimStone The horrid thing about it is that the tautology used to support the effort should be enough undo it. If having an Internet connection is so vital to the nation, why would we want to pull the plug?
Well the US built the Internet but it's very own "self entitlement" idea made it lose ownership of it. It's. Frankenstein.
@GeorgeMarian So we can save ourselves from all that cyber warfare going on, of course! When evil people are up in our tubes, we'll just shut the door. The next step will be to cover the country in a glass bubble, Simpsons-movie style.
@TimStone LOL
3:57 AM
Nite fellas.
@Moshe 'nite
@Moshe g'night
Hello @GeorgeMarian how's your pythoning going?
@AidenBell I'm getting familiar with Qt. In fact, i was hoping to get started on a quick word gathering app for my vocabulary list.
Alas, i keep getting distracted and I think I'm way too tired, but we'll see. :)
4:01 AM
@GeorgeMarian - Well stick at it, I recently discovered SL4A which is a Google labs project which puts a Python (and PHP, Perl, Javascript) interpreter on Android with APIs to make apps.
I'm also working on my blog/site, which I hope to launch soon. I think I may just have to go w/ some fee WP theme for the launch though. I have way too many projects going on.
@AidenBell nice!
@GeorgeMarian I know the feeling, I am snowed under and trying to clear some space for my projects but I have a ton of realllyyy boring horrid coding to do and I have procrastinated too long
I figure I'll be using Python for any complicated shell-scripting. Like this directory "merger" I hacked together in bash.
@GeorgeMarian I have found Python surprisingly good for web development
@AidenBell Yah, my job search is driving my nuts. Unfortunately, that doesn't help get me motivated.
4:04 AM
@GeorgeMarian well launching a blog sounds like a productive step to self promotion
@AidenBell I took a quick tour of Djano. I'm impressed. However, I don't think the host I'm planning on using provides python.
Don't forget your Stackoverflow careers upload
Yah, the blog will be mostly a tech blog. Wide ranging, as I have many intrerest (e.g. product design), but most tech.
@GeorgeMarian - I didn't like Django, preferred using mod_wsgi and splicing in middleware (like Beaker) and mixing-and-matching ... afterall Django is just a soup of standalone stuff
Ah, interesting.
4:06 AM
@GeorgeMarian - I have a long blog on my dev box, but never put it out there. I usually harp on about stuff I know little about lol
At this point, I will stick to the path of least resistance. That said, I tend to prefer more specialized/selected solutions, as well.
@AidenBell lol
Well, I usually look at big-framework type stuff and go "what is this crap" and hate it ... then roll my own with bits and bobs of libraries. But that's my C-programming head :{
Part of the motivation for my participation in programmers and money.se was to practice for the blog. Not that I'm going away once I launch it.
@GeorgeMarian you can use Google App Engine for Python hosting, btw. Now really, nite.
@AidenBell Yah, I looked at Zend Framework and said WTF? Then again, .NET is huge as well.
4:09 AM
@GeorgeMarian I hate .NET and Java too so ...
@Moshe Oh, yah. Thanks for the reminder.
@AidenBell shouldn't you be asleep at 4 am?
@GeorgeMarian what reminder?
@AidenBell I have mixed feelings about it. Some things are nice. Some things are horrid.
Q: For Python support, what company would be best to get hosting from?

Evan FosmarkI want to be able to run WSGI apps but my current hosting restricts it. Does anybody know a company that can accommodate my requirements?

@Moshe - Too much work, too little time, not enough brain power
@Moshe About Google App engine and python.
4:11 AM
Ah ok. Gnite really.
hehe g'night
Bye. closes safari mobile
Ewww safari mobile
is the rep cap
by day
or by 24 hs
4:13 AM
day = 24 hrs
Give or take. ;)
@Trufa by neptunian day
@GeorgeMarian ok, but you could see what I ent right?
@TimStone thank yo!
@AidenBell good to know!
@Trufa Yah, Tim got to it before I did. I was gonna drag it out a little, just because of the ambiguity.
4:15 AM
@GeorgeMarian ok ok my bad! did'nt think you were joking!
That's usually a good assumption, if something doesn't sound right in a serious tone. :)
@GeorgeMarian on my defense you forgot the smiley face
Fair enough.
You must never forget the simley faces
or people will shout at you
@GeorgeMarian just kidding though
I hate them
they kill sense of humor
the intelligent one at least
heh I try to cut back on my smiley faces., after I got teased by some friends for sounding girly.
4:17 AM
@GeorgeMarian on sec I got an interesting read for you
Though, in all honesty, I'm usually a very jovial guy.
So, the smiley faces were actually indicating my grins.
@GeorgeMarian I think you will like it
lol nice
4:19 AM
So, a @--^--, would be inappropriate?
@AidenBell ??
@GeorgeMarian death penalty at least
@Trufa - coding through a smelly stagnant septic tank of PHP trying to wrestle some simplicity and grace into its bracket encrusted, super-coupled claws
Dang, it. I dunno how many times I've closed this tab by mistake today, because I forgot that the window order changed.
@AidenBell nicely put! (though that sucks of course)
@GeorgeMarian what?
4:22 AM
@AidenBell I took over some code from my brother. It's pretty rancid. Granted, he didn't have the time to work on it, hence why I took over that website for him.
@Trufa I've closed this browser tab using CTRL+W, thinking I was closing the browser window I had on my main screen.
I really need to get my delicious app done already, so I don't open and close so many browser windows.
@GeorgeMarian oh, those mistakes stress the hell out of me
@Trufa Yah, it's the whole unexpected thing. One of the reasons I like computers so much is I tell them what to do. Those occurances serve as reminder that when something effs up, it's probably my fault. :)
Gah, my spelling/typing is horrid tonight. And, I'm apparently confounding the spellchecker.
It keeps looking at me with that "say what?" look on it's face.
@GeorgeMarian - I am a firm believer that the first version to include all core functionality should be scrapped ... as it is usually code-while-learning-with-changing-specs and speed-over-cleanliness to deliver the functionality. Hence, while functional, unstable for long-term development.
@GeorgeMarian hahaha
@GeorgeMarian - Actually, that was quite sweeping. Sometimes should be in there somwhere
4:29 AM
@AidenBell Yah. That's part of the reason I'm going to start on my little vocab grabber first. That will initially be just a window dumping data into a CSV for import into a flash card program.
look at my description
(I promise this is the last one)
@GeorgeMarian I reccomend you chuck L vanity cards
they are actully excelent
(most wouldnt expect it)
from a sit com writer
(sit coms which I love by the way)
just wanted to make that clear
4:32 AM
(tempted to put a smiley)
> Please keep in mind that we employ a highly-paid Hollywood professional who has years of experience with putting his life at risk. And sadly no, I'm not talking about our stunt man.
The SKY is falling ... we are now requiring 2 approvals per edit on Stack Overflow (only) ... turns out this change did not make anything any slower ... and turns out people are not super blocked all the time
I am disappointed by the lack of drama here. If the sky is falling I expect drama!
@waffles But it's so much fun to complain about things before you know if there was any issue to begin with!
4:42 AM
@TimStone true ... so true
s/Post/Stone (;
damn tab
@RebeccaChernoff What's this sky thing you speak of? I've never seen that thing ever since I'm stuck here with my computer in this basement
@RebeccaChernoff I like that I'm being mistaken for a moderator so frequently. ;)
4:45 AM
Gah. Gaming is taunting me. There were 9 candidates, so I got ready to schedule the THC assuming there won't be a primary. Now there's a 10th candidate....
So close...
Heheh, good turnout.
@TimStone where is you diamond?
I must admit I am one of those persons
I find it inevitable
Hahah :P
@Trufa careful, the ego mass is already quite dense around these parts ;P
@TimStone I wil make your campaigns for the next election, sockpuppet you until you win, that will make me not wrong ;)
4:49 AM
I may need to work on my rep a bit before then, heh. Right now this backlog of questions I've been meaning to answer is intimidating me.
@RebeccaChernoff I'm going to wait a few more days before suddenly nominating myself
Nominate yourself for WA. Pretty much a guaranteed diamond.
@RebeccaChernoff What happens if there's no third candidate there?
Jeff kicks puppies ):
...Oh. Well then.
4:52 AM
I suspect that happens either way
@SomeBody: What would be the main post that explains the difference between down-votes and close vote/flag
> Consumers urged to step up wireless security - Treat Wi-Fi like toothbrushes, urges alliance
Err, no clue. You're making it sound like they're similar and there's just one minor difference between them. They're not similar though...
@YiJiang which of the script you forced me to install (joke) would make the text of a question have a dashed outline
5:05 AM
...Crap, still haven't done that README. Tonight!...Well, apparently this morning, same thing.
@Trufa @RebeccaChernoff's keyboard navigation script
@YiJiang thank you very much!! what is this outline good for?
@RebeccaChernoff ?
@Trufa To show you the currently selected question/post
that may have sounded agresive
not the idea
Oh, Greasemonkey fixed the issue where it thought text/html was a userscript, hooray! \o/
5:08 AM
@TimStone Yay!
I'm actually curious how they managed that, I tried to hack the extension but was having trouble figuring out how the hell to get the content type at that stage of the processing due to the Firefox API..
@YiJiang oohhh j and k
got it now!!
thats so cool!
@RebeccaChernoff thank you very mcuh
going to sleep now
good luck t'll
se ya
@TimStone thanks mod!
Hahah ;)
5:14 AM
Excellent -- the bag of silica gel my new hard drive was packaged with burst in transit and filled my drive with little pebbles. It sounds like a rain stick when I shake it
O_o Wow, that sucks.
@TimStone Clearly you don't realize how awesome rain sticks are
I was just saddened by the fact that you didn't get a SSD, of course.
TheTXI, A place of lush green fields full of happy magical ponies
14.7k 2 21 64
Did he leave SO?
he was one of the most active users on meta
TheTXI, A place of lush green fields full of happy magical ponies
32.2k 5 61 169
@RebeccaChernoff that looks bad
(the badges)
5:33 AM
@RebeccaChernoff I think it was a chat bug report about the badge circles being positioned too high in the onebox..
@TimStone Interesting userscript, hrm...
Although I'm not entirely sure if it needs to be that complex, hmm...
Define "complex"? :P
Well, 213 lines is a lot for what (I would image) to be a simple search-and-replace, probably with regex
The style crap takes up half of it I think, because I have to get the site-specific styles to override the #wmd-preview a style for each tag type.
5:44 AM
@Trufa Yes, there's a question on meta somewhere which explains
Alright, that's it... I give up debugging my own time normalization function and switched to using timeago instead
Q: Mark Answer as Favorite / Star

ahsteeleThis is migrated from a suggestion I made at UserVoice. Often times I am not interested in the question so much as I am the answer. Unfortunately, the only site option for bookmarking an optimal answer is to bookmark the question. This leaves you having to remember that no the question wasn't th...

72 upvotes and @Jeff declined? No explanation?
A: Mark Answer as Favorite / Star

Jeff AtwoodIt is very, very unlikely we will ever do this.

naah im not for this feature ... he probably rejected this because its too much of a pain in the arse to implement ... ( im guessing)
@Reno Sounds like it, but then it's [status-bydesign].
5:55 AM
@PhilippeHarewood Hah, nice
He is just having a bad day perhaps :D
@Reno I don't care, I upvoted and left a comment. That's an oldie, btw. I was going to post, but found it first by searching.
It was probably rejected because starring questions is not so you can bookmark them -- that's what bookmarks are for. Starring questions is for if you see a question that isn't answered and think "hey, I want to know the answer to that"; now that it's starred you'll get notified of any answers. Starring answers doesn't have the same use case
People completely abuse/misuse the concept of favorited posts
@MichaelMrozek You raise valid points, but Jeff just declined, sans explanation.
@MichaelMrozek Indeed, but people abuse lots of SO. (Answers instead of comments, et al.)
@MichaelMrozek I know I do for some questions, mainly because I'm too lazy to organize my bookmarks, heh.
5:58 AM
answers instead of comments is because noobs dont have commenting rights ...
@Reno Right, I know.
BTW, @RebeccaChernoff - did you see this?
Yiddish Language

Proposed Q&A site for people interested in studying Yiddish, its proverbs and rich culture.

Currently in defintion.

At least he caved and lets mods convert them now. Next step: converting answers to questions
The number of people coming on SO for a quickie makes me sad :(
@Reno - I'd love to hear more about that, but I should be sleeping hours ago. Good {$time_of_day_in_your_timezone}.
g'night :)
6:09 AM
@Moshe Didn't you go to bed? :P
@TimStone Me too, thus, it is a valid use case. The user is always right, even when he's wrong :)
Heheh :)
Computer Science Homework

Proposed Q&A site for computer science students doing their homework. CSH will be a site where computer science students can ask their homework questions and receive answers.

Currently in defintion.

@RebeccaChernoff, still there?
That was an excellent proposal! It should be reopened. I also earned a badge from it.
6:18 AM
> Note from a bar: I made an agreement with the bank. They don't sell beer, I don't give Credit.
@DanGrossman Does it have a PayPal link on each question? :)
that is excellent indeed :)
That's pretty risky.
Yeah, what if it had gone into a tailspin?
There could have been massive paper cuts
6:23 AM
NewsCorp saying they are "Ready to sell MySpace" is like me saying I'm "Ready to sell my iBook G3"
To be fair, it's still the 33rd most popular site in the US, much larger than StackOverflow.
Wow, really? People still use MySpace?
Considering Facebook is being valued at $50 billion and Google is being turned down when they offer $6+ billion for little startups... maybe Newscorp can actually get their investment back.
I think myspace gets traffic from people googling classmates and stuff
6:27 AM
@waffles You broke something in the update to suggested edits
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 5 mins ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
it seems that I am unable to view questions that have pending edits
A: File Browser in android

user598406The list of files can be obtained by File("/sdcard").listFiles() which returns a list of files and directory . I came across this application code. Might be of helpL: package com.android.filebrowser; import java.io.File; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; import android.app.A...

^ An example right now (edit will probably be approved soon)
Damn that cat!
@YiJiang Probably a side effect of this:
Q: Don't show suggested edits that I can't approve

KipI'm seeing suggested edits to tag wikis on Stack Overflow which I do not have the ability to approve. Could you just not show me those?

@Benjol I know, I saw that he updated some stuff
I had a thought last night - while I was lying awake - atheism, religion, philosophy and sceptics should all be merged
@Benjol I don't think that's a particularly novel idea :)
6:34 AM
@MichaelMrozek, I think it would have the major advantage of no particular group being 'in charge'. Right now, atheism does feel a bit like a lot of backslappers asking themselves rhetorical questions.
Sigh.... I keep getting messages intended for the other George.
@GeorgeEdison I blame people on mobile devices. :)
Oh, and there is yet another George.
@GeorgeEdison Welcome to my world
Oy...what a fail.. I'm looking over the Zend Certification study guide (a beta of what's distributed w/ the new 5.3 test). It fails to mention that variable names can only start with an underscore or a letter which was one of the sample questions in the webinar about the cert and where I got the link to the document.
@GeorgeMarian Yes, about the PHP certification...heh.
6:42 AM
Too many tech certs are lame. =/
I actually took it several years ago. I failed. :( It asked a lot of stuff about PHP engine internals, which at the time I hadn't explored to the extent that makes me loathe them now, hahah.
I was a bit surprised, considering the study guide that they sold...you know, didn't mention anything about that stuff.
Oh, wow. That's really lame.
Going there for valentine's day
6:45 AM
I thought the PHP one was particularly mocked for its terribleness
@TimPost Wow, that's really cool
@GeorgeMarian Er...wha?
@TimStone Precisely my question. /headdesk
Is it "Identify which part of this sentence doesn't belong"? >_>
It's a pre-test.
@YiJiang yeah fixed it an hour ago on dev ... just trying to get a few more fixes in
6:47 AM
If you don't go WTF?, rather you just memorize it, you're screwed. :)
Yeah, I'm trying to remember what was on the test back when I took it. That was a really long time ago (Think having to ask hosts to switch you to PHP5), hopefully they've changed it a lot since then. I did well on the prep tests, just not the main event.
@waffles Always one step ahead, heheh. :P
@TimStone Yeah, it's been changed quite a bit. The 5.3 test doesn't have an questions about the differences between PHP 4 &5, for example.
Ah, nice.
"The difference between PHP 4 & 5 is I won't be using PHP 4"
Mark this day and time. There are ZERO moderator flags on SO.
They say the focus of the test is now about analysis instead of memorization.
6:51 AM
To /review!
There, I fixed that for you :P
@TimStone lol
@TimPost Nice
@GeorgeMarian Ah, that's good then. :)
Outlook web app keeps mysteriously crashing Chrome. It didn't do that a few days ago
@TimPost FTFY
6:53 AM
:needs 50 more rep to end the day:
I sure would like to cut down a bit of my belly every day. Does anyone know any weird old tips?
@DanGrossman You have zero questions?
@MichaelMrozek lol
You see, it's a vicious cycle. Children cause heavy drinking, and heavy drinking leads to pot bellies.
@Kragen I answer my own questions :p
6:57 AM
@TimPost And pot bellies lead to children...?
@YiJiang bug fix deployed

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