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1:02 PM
Should I close
Q: Highlight user names on comments.

mdelolmoI have read some user requesting auto-completion when typing a user name with the @user notation, but I'm missing something simpler. It's the fact of displaying those user names in comments highlighted. I think this can be specially useful for detecting misspellings we made, which it's somethi...

As dupe of my [feature-request] 'Providing more user feedback on unsuccessful comment replies'?
in other news, yay pizza.
@YiJiang I'd say related, maybe
Hey, when you close as dupe does it auto-add a comment for you?
@Benjol It usually does, unless the link already appears in the comments, why?
@YiJiang, first time I've ever been first to close as duplicate. I edited an existing comment to add the link, then wondered if I'd had a brain-fart or something, 'cos a second comment appeared on its own ;)
Q: Can the minimum character requirement for low-rep edits be dropped?

IsziOnce in awhile, (here is an example) a post is great as-is, but does need just a few characters changed. In fixing the example post, I ran into a requirement that (as far as I know) only seems to apply to low-rep users - edits must change at least six characters. In this case, I saw nothing mor...

(Deleted it now)
@Benjol That usually doesn't happen, hmm...
1:12 PM
@YiJiang. Comment1 -> Vote to Close -> Edit Comment1 -> Refresh shows me Comment2
@Benjol Ah, you should've done the editing before voting to close ;)
@Benjol my flv-gif had failed me, can provide a mirror though.
Hi there! :)
hey, @Nyuszika7H. How'd you do that backwards comment thing?
@Benjol First, tell me your OS and browser.
1:18 PM
And my social security number? :)
@Benjol nope :)
XP, and any browser you like
˙ɥʇıʍ ʎɐʍɐ ʇǝb noʎ ʇǝן ןןıʍ xoq ʇnduı ǝɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ buızɐɯɐ s,ʇı
@Benjol Start -> Accessories -> Character Map. Tick Special view. Type 202E in the Unicode code field. Click Select, then Copy. Press a Ctrl+V there, then type your message normally. (Note: this won't work in Safari.)
@Benjol It's just the RTL unicode control character
1:20 PM
−@YiJiang, yes, but I'm totally ignorant of such things :)
@YiJiang Not the Right-to-Left Mark. It's the Right-to-Left Override.
And it didn't work here, apparently
@Benjol It should work, unless you tried that from Safari.
@Nyuszika7H Nah, can't even find it in the character map. No problem, at least I know how you did it now. The funny thing was seeing <naps/> in the code view :)
1:26 PM
@DanGrossman you need to work harder on the platform field
What did it get wrong and what is it supposed to be?
hey, you're the one with the stalkery images :P
@Benjol wait, if you're using FF and Firebug or Chrome, type in copy('\u202e') in the console.
Do you want me to start logging the hits? :p
now that's just creepy
1:28 PM
Really, if it's doing something wrong I can get it fixed for thousands of sites using the same user agent parsing patterns
@Nyuszika7H ok, gotcha :)
@DanGrossman what the?
whats that?
just an image that shows you your IP, location and browser info
Closer but still no cigar. Chrome 11, not Chrome 8. Ubuntu, not Win7. =)
well yea I figured that but why :D
1:31 PM
what does it show on yours? that was my static image
oh I see.
must not be updated for chrome 11 yet
I got "Default browser 0 (unknown)"
Yeah - I'm definitely not in liverpool :-)
ah, yeah, if there's no entry for chrome 11 it's gonna fail
and it only has chrome 1-10
1:32 PM
yeah, that's because I'm using nightlies
well for me it is 100% correct
@DanGrossman I've got Chrome 11 and it says… Chrome 1!
actually I should upgrade to today's.
I should probably write my own fuzzier patterns on top of the external pattern library I keep updated, but I'm too lazy
just kidding, I've got Chrome 10.0.648.18 dev :P
1:35 PM
I should make a graphical version of that image that puts you on a map instead of just text
@Dan that image got my OS right knot sure about IP location is slightly off.
@Dan that image got my OS right not sure about IP location is slightly off.
‮Hello, world!
now I need to think about projections and mapping latitude/longitude into x,y coordinates
@Benjol Thanks! Sorry, busy busy morning hre
It got me (close) on geolocation
1:41 PM
@TimPost Spot on for me, freaked me a bit the first time Dan posted that :)
is there something a bit wonky with the super-duper SE notification doofer?
I would love thoughts from everyone regarding Town Hall Digests!
Q: How can we improve the Town Hall Digests?

The Renamed Exception TL;DR version: If you saw my Town Hall Digests, what can be done to improve them, given Michael Mrozek's format and Yi Jiang's GM script? Should these even exist, and if so, what format should they take? Even though I've said it before, I can't emphasize it enough, so I would like to start b...

Yeah, I saw it when just glancing at the transcript and it gave me a bit of a startle
gee, the bling blings when I zoom the page in and out
starts wearing down his scrollwheel
Coding complete! Let's give it a try.
1:44 PM
@DanGrossman sweet!
That was quick
hm, idea...
imgur's location!
@DanGrossman Much less accurate.
1:44 PM
@TheRenamedException WHAT? rchern = Rebecca Chernoff?
@TheRenamedException - I think using another chat room for the digest seems like a lot of hard work for you guys. I'm guessing you can't correct entries in the timeline?
@Nyuszika7H duh
r-ebecca chern-off
@Nyuszika7H you didn't know that?
@TheRenamedException Nice :)
@TheRenamedException nope, I didn't know that
1:45 PM
maybe this formula isn't right for this projection... x = [(longitude + 180) + (imwidth / 360)], y = [((latitude * -1) + 90) * (imheight / 180)]
@Kev exactly!
@Nyuszika7H Where have you been? :)
@Kev the reason I chose it originally was because I could copy and paste permalinks which would onebox, which was much easier than copying and pasting actual text and relinking
@TimPost *˙ɥʇıʍ ʎɐʍɐ ʇǝb noʎ ʇǝןן ןıʍ xoq ʇnduı ǝɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ buızɐɯɐ s,ʇı
But, Yi Jiang created an awesome script for us!
@Kev Candidate Kev answered : @TheRenamedException - I think using another chat room for the digest seems like a lot of hard work for you guys. I'm guessing you can't correct entries in the timeline?
1:46 PM
@badp I'd like to see that with the RTL thing at the same time :)
@Benjol The RTL thing is there.
@badp That works in comments too
@TheRenamedException - how handy!...if you could insert into different parts of the timeline I think it'd be a winner
@TimPost I'm aware.
@Kev That's why @MichaelMrozek suggested a meta post instead
A meta post is now easy. before, it would have been a pain
1:49 PM
‮THIS is RTL text. @badp's text is upside down.
but with this script, I can click, copy, paste, and it becomes really nice
Is your name highlighted there? ‮@TheRenamedException
@Nyuszika7H weird, it is!!
@Nyuszika7H Can't you do both? :)
@TheRenamedException - yeah...I think the use of chat like that is maybe overloading it's purpose in life. Also a meta post would be more visible. I'm still not sure people are getting the chat thing
1:50 PM
@Benjol Maybe. Is there any Unicode control character for upside down text?
@Nyuszika7H upside down text, you mean?
@Kev so the questions now are: Are the digests useful and do we keep making them? If so, do we use a meta question? Do we answer the Town hall question or make a new question? What should the format be, one TH question per meta answer or one large answer, and what should the "template" for Yi Jiang's script look like?
@Benjol yeah :P
and of course: what else am I not thinking of? Other comments / suggetsions / etc :-)
@Nyuszika7H, nope that's another trick...
1:51 PM
‮¡pןɹoʍ 'oןןǝH
@Nyuszika7H nice nice :)
I've used Glitter Graphics's Upside Down Text Generator.
@TheRenamedException - doh
@Kev that was my magnum opus meta question :-)
‮˙sʎɐʍ ɥʇoq uı pǝsɹǝʌǝɹ 'ʇxǝʇ ɔıʇdʎɹɔ ǝɯos sı sıɥʇ pu∀
1:53 PM
@TheRenamedException - yes that's quite a post. I read the last bit :)
> ɐɹʇsʞɾı◖-- ˙ɯıʍs uɐɔ sǝuıɹɐɯqns ɹǝɥʇǝɥʍ ɟo uoıʇsǝnb ǝɥʇ ǝʞıן sı ʞuıɥʇ uɐɔ sɹǝʇndɯoɔ ɹǝɥʇǝɥʍ ɟo uoıʇsǝnb ǝɥ⊥
@Nyuszika7H And yet I can still read it with relative ease.
If you guess it, your name will be @TheRenamedException, and his name will be your name.
@Nyuszika7H nobody starred any name suggestions, so @Zypher won't be renaming me ;-)
then again, today is friday:
1:55 PM
@Nyuszika7H HAHA, good timing :-)
@TheRenamedException :P
I was hoping to see another badge awarded, but I'm running out of battery and tired... sleep time
@DanGrossman 2 minutes before I have to start working!
Quick, anyone know where I can get 4GB sticks of PC3-8500 RAM?
ok worktime!
2:18 PM
@TheRenamedException crucial.com
That's where I got my 4GB sticks of PC3-10666 RAM from. :-P
Yeah I just found it there, expensive! More than I expected
dealram.com didn't have it, I guess because it wasn't a good deal, LOL
by the way @Chris, your name has sounded familiar to me, are you on the Triangle Internetworkers or the TriLUG lists? I'm trying to remember where I might know you from other than SO
2:44 PM
So far two of us have made it in, I've heard from two more that say "nope, working from home" ... apparently people hate snow
omg, I did my taxes last night, I owe 1100 :(
@drachenstern Uggggggg that sucks
well so it would only be $50 if my wife worked instead of getting SSI. But because I make so much, all her SSI is taxable. So technically she owes 1100 :p but that's just sillyness.
I just had a dream about a SMS conversation with a girl that currently is ignoring me...
They can be especially difficult at your age @Tyler...
3:00 PM
tell me about it..
3:11 PM
By the way, in all of this anonymous edit rigmarole
we forgot the departure of our friend
it isn't. I fail forever.
SE shows both edit and retag if you are in the right rep area.
@drachenstern Did you use the jQuery tax plug-in?
@Moshe have a star
@TylerChacha you do know that if you have the need to vomit on us with your problems we'll listen cos that's what we do for each other
@Moshe no. I wish.
Okay, so retagging proposals done through the proposed edit interface go through the queue and get you reps, even if you have enough rep to retag directly.
@TheRenamedException Thank you.
3:14 PM
@drachenstern I'll come in later and do that...
@TylerChacha Oh @Tyler, there is a jQuery relationships plug-in.
jQuery.com should be oneboxed!
nah, that would be silly
@drachenstern Just in this room, you know, an easter egg.
that would make it even worse
there should be no room-specific easter eggs
You ... don't write much code do you? :p
@drachenstern might, might not. But how could anything related to jQuery make things worse?
3:17 PM
But yeah, I just had a dream about talking to this person. I think it was the happiest I've been all week...
@drachenstern Depends, but there are room specific easter eggs on SE already. Root Access has Clippy, etc.
@TylerChacha keep up with that talk and I'll declare you depressed and send you to a shrink :p
@TylerChacha I wouldn't complain, if I were you. I have dreams about coming to work. Then I wake up and get really confused about whether I'm going to be late getting to work.
@Moshe what? get out!
@drachenstern Nope. Ask @PopularDemand.
3:18 PM
@PopularDemand oy, I'm not sure if that's as bad as me dreaming of the code I should've written / code I didn't write that was giving me shit
@drachenstern I'm past depressed. Since I met this person I've lost 25 pounds just from loss of apetite..
@TylerChacha Can you work up the courage to strike up a conversation?
@TylerChacha :-(
@drachenstern Warning: Spoiler Alert:
Q: What Easter Eggs do the chat sites have?

MosheAccording to @balpha, he SE chat sites may have individual Easter eggs, depending on the site. If you find them, please post. Edit: Because it's so easy to make this stuff up, a screenshot as proof would be nice. (Although Photoshop ain't that hard either...)

@TheRenamedException Well the message I received from her is "back off plz"..
@TylerChacha oh.
3:19 PM
it is complicated..
@TylerChacha that's not depressed, that's something else. I would likely call it angst. oh, that's not a good message at all...
We had this great friendship for like 2 months, and in one 4 day weekend it all changed...
My experience says that when a girl says that that you should learn to give up on her and move on, but that's my experience, and you're not living in my shoes, so I can't tell you what's right for you
I think I liked something on her Facebook page and she got mad...
@drachenstern I can second this, and also sadd, easier said than done sometimes :-)
3:20 PM
but if she said "back off plz" ... :\
@TheRenamedException most things are easier said than done ;)
@drachenstern this is true...
@drachenstern You know what they say: "Walk a thousand miles in your friend's shoes before judging him/her. That way, they'll be a thousand miles away and without shoes!"
@drachenstern Depends who is saying and who is doing.
@Moshe ok, that deserves a star, if only because it's true and it made me crack up
@drachenstern Thank you. bows again
@Moshe HAHA, I don't believe I have ever hear anyone say that, but I think I will now start :-)
3:21 PM
@TheRenamedException oh that's old
In any case, it is really hard to get over her because I see her everyday...
and sometimes have to talk with her..
@drachenstern well, I don't get out much :-)
ok, E.SE time ... where'd that quote originate
I'm too lazy to scroll backwards and find out who "her" is, so I'll assume @RebeccaChernoff
@MichaelMrozek no, a girl that he wants to talk to but she doesn't want to talk to him
3:23 PM
@drachenstern Sounds like @RebeccaChernoff to me
@TylerChacha I know this situation well, it sucks.
@drachenstern "http://he.wiktionary.org/wiki/אל_תדין_את_חברך_עד_שתגיע_למקומו"
@TylerChacha for school projects?
@MichaelMrozek wanted to make sure you saw:
Q: How can we improve the Town Hall Digests?

The Renamed Exception TL;DR version: If you saw my Town Hall Digests, what can be done to improve them, given Michael Mrozek's format and Yi Jiang's GM script? Should these even exist, and if so, what format should they take? Even though I've said it before, I can't emphasize it enough, so I would like to start b...

@drachenstern Robotics
3:24 PM
@TylerChacha then double ouch
You can see my problem..
@TheRenamedException yeah, so what does his script do that my suggestion didn't cover? :p
@TylerChacha indeed, we all can
@drachenstern um, sorry, what's this now?
my "novel" as you so eloquently put it the other day ;)
@drachenstern Well, I have a citation from Ethics of the Fathers, although I don't have an exact timeline. I can ask.
3:28 PM
@drachenstern Oh! I totally forgot to read that!!!
yesterday, by drachenstern
What you need ... is a bit of jQuery that does the following:
But, I decided a meta question would be the best way to get everyone's advice.
It sounds like he tackled it much better than I
@drachenstern please stand by
Also, my point was a way to quickly grab messages from here and drop them into a metaQ
3:29 PM
@drachenstern Let's not get violent, now, shall we?
(and convince my boss I am working for me. k thx)
yesterday, by drachenstern
all-in-all, that sounds like too much work, so I'm not gonna do it :p
@TheRenamedException Tempted to retag this [rchern-diamonds] to reflect her current status....
That's exactly what @YiJiang did, pretty much
it's awesome!!!
@PopularDemand LOL. That might take the heat from Jeff off me :-D
@MichaelMrozek Saw that earlier today. It would have been hilarious, three months ago. Now it's just makes me think "what odd timing."
3:33 PM
bu to answer your question @drachenstern, I am looking for specifically: 1. are the town halls useful? 2. Do meta questions work better than chat? 3. If so, what should the "template" be? One question per answer? One giant answer? etc
I just want everyone's input before I do the next one
oh I knew that's what you were looking for, and I think MSO are better
or, anyone else does, if someone else would rather do it :-)
@drachenstern - Have you posted a question on E.SE?
@Moshe working on it, trying to get the wording, and someone else is asking for my time (he signs my checks ;) )
@drachenstern I agree. Just looking for specifics
3:34 PM
@TheRenamedException What is this talk of a script and the MSO transcripts?
@TheRenamedException and yet, I had it 60% scoped out when my computer crashed yesterday with a BSOD
@Moshe curl up by the fire and read my novel:
Q: How can we improve the Town Hall Digests?

The Renamed Exception TL;DR version: If you saw my Town Hall Digests, what can be done to improve them, given Michael Mrozek's format and Yi Jiang's GM script? Should these even exist, and if so, what format should they take? Even though I've said it before, I can't emphasize it enough, so I would like to start b...

@drachenstern Haha, Windows User.
@drachenstern LOL! That sucks
@Moshe hey watch your tongue. I've had plenty of kernel panics too
and I've induced a few of each manually on multiple systems
3:35 PM
@drachenstern get better hardware!
Just because I tend to stress a system to it's breaking points doesn't mean the system is at fault
@drachenstern Yes, but I spent last weekend fixing Windows Registries. Oh!
@drachenstern No, indeed. ducks
Grrr... I have a train that keeps getting lost
@YiJiang You need to train it to behave better and stay put. </badpun>
... cricket ... cricket ... ... ... ... ...
@Moshe sorry, I'm at my instantrimshot.com quota for the day
3:40 PM
@TheRenamedException Heh. What is @YiJiang's GM script?
ok, project still not getting done, you guys ae going to get me in so much (more) trouble ;-)
@TheRenamedException What OS was that lost data on btw, and did you recover it?
yesterday, by Yi Jiang
@TheRenamedException http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1722364/Stack%20Overflow/chat_formatter.user.js
What does it do?
Q: What is the best way to track down the origin of this quote and it's appropriate attribution/grammar?

drachenstern The best way to know a man is to walk a thousand miles in his shoes. That way, he's a thousand miles away and has no shoes. I'm willing to bet it's a Jack Handey quote, as it's rather in that vein of thinking, but the question came up, and since "walk a thousand miles in [his] shoes" is so ...

3:41 PM
@Moshe JoshBrain OS v29.3.1, and no, I did not recover the data
@Moshe I recommend reading the transcript around the quote
I did
I can second this reccomendation as it allows me to finish my project ;-)
Ok, will do. Go finish your project.
Will do. I'll undoubtedly be active in here later today ;-)
I will too
3:49 PM
What's with this script? It made a big box and I don't know what to do about it. goes to read earlier transcript
@Moshe pase in teh top box:
**Candidate [${user.name}](http://${user.chatProfile}) [answered](http://${permalink}) :** ${content.plain}
Ok, interesting. I see it put @YiJiang's and some stuff about @TheRenamedException info in there. What does it do though?
click "select message". click a message, it will reformat based on the template at the top, allowing easy copy of the message into a new format
you helped me with the SU digest
this would change the format, so instead of permalinks, you use this script to generate markdown top paste into a meta answer
make sense? If not, I can explain more later...
@drachenstern calm down, it takes me a second to type out the reason for my downvote.
lol, I removed it
3:55 PM
New rule: no downvoting until after you've left a comment indicating why!
Let the record show that I've started a call to a customer support line at 9:54am. cringes thinking about how frustrated this call will make me rather than helping things
@RebeccaChernoff Which company?
@RebeccaChernoff so noted
@PopularDemand I generally do that anyways :p
@RebeccaChernoff Should be pinned/starred.
@Moshe why exactly? of what merit does this deserve pinning?
3:56 PM
#include <muzak.h>
@drachenstern To note it.
Candidate The Renamed Exception answered : yesterday, by Yi Jiang @TheRenamedException dl.dropbox.com/u/1722364/…
I see...
@TheRenamedException Nope, I'm not actually in any technical networks in the Triangle yet. Shame, really.
see how much easier this would make things @Moshe? :-)
@PopularDemand New rule: no upvoting until after you've left a comment indicating why!
@YiJiang - A bit of feedback. I think that you should make that collapse button slightly more obvious and add a border to the box.
3:57 PM
now, your thoughts to a Meta answer please, so everyone can up/.down vote and we can make the next digest more awesomererer!
@ChrisJesterYoung That's rubbish. Like null-votes.
@TheRenamedException Except meta is offline
@MichaelMrozek Jeff is helping me get work done ;-)
@Moshe I was being sarcastic. I wanted to demonstrate the absurdity of requiring comments for downvotes.
@TheRenamedException Yes and no. Who uses this?
3:58 PM
@ChrisJesterYoung New rule: no posting answers until you've left a comment containing an abstract!
@ChrisJesterYoung huh, maybe I just have you confused with another Chris :-)
@ChrisJesterYoung I disagree.
Hahaha I love how companies do this.
@RebeccaChernoff Which company?
> If you are calling about <x>, press 1. presses 1 waits on hold Are you calling about <x>? yes Ok, I'll route you there.
3:59 PM
@RebeccaChernoff I assume this is still the docking station issue? :-(
I want to send them a million postcards that say "Oy, your tech support line needs some direction."
Ok. Work not getting done, Closing chat now :-) I'll catch you guys later XD
@TheRenamedException Yeah. Bye. :-P
@RebeccaChernoff I've had that before. It's kinda like an array. Support Tier 0, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, etc. They need a Tier 0.
I found out yesterday that saying things like "will shaking the hard drive help?" is a great way to get Western Digital's attention
4:01 PM
Uh @Moshe I think you've misunderstood.
@RebeccaChernoff No, I don't think so. I'm comparing that initial person to a placeholder when offsetting a zero-based array to match a one-based array.
First you call tier zero and it redirects you to tier 1.
@Moshe no, they just don't know how to build IVR menus
@drachenstern IVR? Now I've misunderstood. Is that a .NET thing?
it's designed partially to keep you in the queue longer so they can route the call / deal with callcenter delays, and partially out of ignorance
Interactive Voice Response
yay... Chat works at school!
4:06 PM
@drachenstern Ah, makes sense now.
@Moshe in the future, note: google.com/search?q=IVR
http://www.google.com/search?q={insert subject matter here} generally works
There are too many "note" posts here.
@MichaelMrozek that would also get my attention
@TylerChacha - You need to run a userscript that pins posts with the word "note" in them.
@drachenstern haha.
@Moshe Again, why exactly? of what merit does this deserve pinning?
4:07 PM
Yea, I wonder if the moon is made of cheese? ... ... .... ... note (Gaming the System)
@MichaelMrozek Typically, yes, but that really only helps with empty drives, as the ones that contain a lot of data tend to get too heavy to shake by hand.
The thought that whoever that is will soon be out of stars fills me with joy
@MichaelMrozek They asked me to star everything with the word 'note' in it..
and then someone else starred the other ones..
@drachenstern Well, if it should be noted, then it has to be noted somewhere. That'ds the idea of the sidebar. Being that stars are abused here, pinning is required to note important things. De Facto.
@TylerChacha No, I said "pin".
@TylerChacha They actually asked you to pin them, and you should probably not do what they say
4:09 PM
A: What is the best way to track down the origin and grammar of this quote?

chaosWell, I googled "never judge walk mile shoes mile away have his shoes handey" and got this, which says the quote is Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes." – Jack Ha...

pin != star
@PopularDemand This one was indeed empty; it was brand new
10 hours ago, by Michael Mrozek
Excellent -- the bag of silica gel my new hard drive was packaged with burst in transit and filled my drive with little pebbles. It sounds like a rain stick when I shake it
pin > star
@MichaelMrozek Wait, it can do that?
Ok, I have to get moving. later folks!
4:11 PM
@MichaelMrozek "Empty" and "empty except for silica gel" are not the same thing. On the plus side, it was empty of free water molecules.
Good point
So at the rate I'm going I should have 10k on three sites by the end of the year, if I don't do any work
Q: Emoticons, am I the first?

Arlen Beiler Possible Duplicate: Should smilies be turned into images in questions and answers? It just struck me that we need emoticons. So often I find myself typing ;) and then wondering how to format it so it looks right. In the edit box, it looks fine, and I guess the backstrophe has been perf...

@drachenstern And you won't have money to pay those taxes and you'll owe 10K too.
One or more of you should make one or more rchern-backwards-smiley jokes there.
4:15 PM
@PopularDemand Done
@Moshe, the point being that if I press "1" to indicate I'm calling about "<x>", don't route me to "<y>" (with a chunk of hold time) where I have to explain that I'm calling about "<x>" and then a person routes me to "<x>" (with another chunk of hold time).
@RebeccaChernoff This is a non-issue. Typically when you tell <y> that you're actually calling about <x>, you get routed to <z>.
Oh well, off the phone because I'm downloading a driver that I doubt will help.
Oh, hey, the Geoff Chetwood countdown is at four hours.
Happy Anniversary!!!
4:21 PM
@RebeccaChernoff I didn't know that you are *rchern*…

rchern revealed

2 hours ago, 3 minutes total – 24 messages, 8 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked 11 secs ago by Nyuszika7H

Who is rchern?
@TylerChacha Rebecca Chernoff
@RebeccaChernoff Nice to see you've stayed optimistic about the whole situation :)
Fogbugz is being a jerk today.
4:34 PM
just today?
Yes, actually.
Hooray, I found the attachment I wanted to look at on my hard drive.

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