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12:01 AM
@GeorgeMarian Time to get a better window manager? :-)
@ChrisJesterYoung Heh, yah maybe.
All these annoyances may just lead to me switch to Fedora. (Not that there aren't lots of annoyances in most OSes.)
Which windowing system are you using ATM?
Good question. I have no idea what Ubuntu's default window manager is.
Gnome is the desktop manager. Compiz is a composter. Metacity, I think ti may be.
I don't much like Metacity, so, I feel your pain.
I use Kubuntu on this system.
What are some of the other window manager names? Because it's small headache to navigate these waters.
12:09 AM
Enlightenment, Window Maker, Fvwm, ...
Goodness, is it a sign that I'm getting old? I really just want it to make sense, instead of having to RTFM some "hidden" manual.
lol, Window Maker. I'm familiar with the other two, in that I've heard of them.
You want more lol? Try twm for size.
The Window Manager?
Ah, Tab. heh
12:12 AM
Yay BSoD being a good reason to go home
Ah, yes. Some of these screenshots look familiar, from way back in the day. As in the first time I waded into the Linux waters in the mid-90's. lol
And yay for not being raining when I walked my dogs. Now to my belly.
@drachenstern See, if you were on Linux...
@George enlightenment was the one cmdrtaco on /. Was always posting about when /. Didn't yet have userids
Ok, food
@drachenstern Enjoy.
Oh, yah...the main menu on the mouse. I remember using window managers like that.
12:19 AM
@TimStone Is that so?
A: Does it matter the order you tag your question

jjnguyThey did not just rearrange your tags, they changed one of them slightly. And, no, the order doesn't matter. (The site will auto-order the tags for you according to tag popularity.) See the slight difference between asp.net-mvc-3 and asp.net-mvc-3-rc2.

Do the tag bubbles on those tag links load the SO content for anyone?
@TimStone They do in Chrome.
Ditto in Minefield. Though, there was some jerkiness one time.
@GeorgeMarian Well, I mean, the bubbles come up, but the content isn't wrong for you?
(hover over the tag there for comparison)
Looks good here. Let me screencap it.
@TimStone ^^^
12:27 AM
Ah, OK, it is broken for you too, I just explained poorly. ;) Thanks!
And actually, I knew I had seen this mentioned before, @badp was already several steps ahead of me:
Ok, I just have to know WTF now. :P
Q: Tag bubbles on metas point to meta tags, not parent tags.

badpSee this answer: all the "rss" and "help us edit this wiki" (and possibly the subscribe link too?) point to the meta site -- whereas a click on the link proper goes to the parent site. Reproducible on MSO: featured. The tag link points to Stack Overflow, where it's pointless, but the bubble fet...

The bubble is loading content from MSO, even though the tags point to SO.
@TimStone You're welcome
Made things confusing here:
@TimStone OIC
A: Top tags requiring a tag wiki.

badpTop tags without an excerpt For each tag wiki excerpt you add: Please remove it from the list, and Please find the next top tag without an excerpt Do not use the direct "edit tag wiki" link from the bubble hover -- it'll go to the tag wiki for this meta. Not enough upvo...

12:29 AM
@badp I had even up voted you for that post before. ;)
Hah, damn.
Where's @Pekka when we need his bounty lust?
@TimStone Ah, part of it was a misreading of "content" on my part. (I was staring at the freaking corners trying to see differences. I even leaned in close to the monitor.)
@GeorgeMarian Yeah, no, that was a total descriptive fail on my part.
Sorry abut that, heh
Is there a feature-req for a list of already completed suggested edits?
No worries. Splicing that image was actually pretty cool. Totally painless and elementary, but still cool. Geek?
@YiJiang If you need them to meta rep whore (e.g., talk about them) you know where the permalinks are
12:32 AM
@GeorgeMarian It is surprisingly smooth looking
@YiJiang To what extent? I think moderators have a list of recently approved (at least?) suggested edits, but you don't have a list of ones you've approved.
@TimStone Two full-sized screen caps, layered, cropped and sliced. I didn't even have to think about it much.
@TimStone Well, I'd like to see the full list of recently approved edits, hrm...
The biggest problems were: 1) I was on the history tab initially 2) GIMP is annoying with pasting layers. WTF is a floating selection? Paste it in a new layer and I'll move the thing around if I want to do so. :)
Ugh, that's the worst thing about GIMP.
12:38 AM
@JasonPlank It boggles the mind. What's the purpose of this floating selection? Can't I perform operations on a layer just as well? (Actually, even more operations.)
@YiJiang Webby games?
@GeorgeMarian Mozilla's HTML5 games contest
@GeorgeMarian Agreed. It's so counter-intuitive...
Today is a crazyday
In a good or bad way?
12:42 AM
in a bad way. too many distractions
I was pulled off my project to help with another project, and now am hurrying up and waiting on that one
Efficiency loss FTL!
Meanwhile, I am perusing meta, my favorite hobby
everyone here please to be upvoting this:
Q: Display onebox title in starred/pinned messages list

Brant BobbyWhen a message containing a onebox is starred or pinned, the star list displays the original URL in a hyperlink. Onebox being turned into an ugly url Instead of a URL, the text should be a descriptive label depending on what kind of onebox it was, when possible. For example: Stack Exchange ...

Already did. :P
@TimStone well make sockpuppets and upvote moar!
oh wait, I have a sockpuppet!
lol, my sockpuppet has 26 replies in the supercollider
my sockpuppet gets more love than I do! :'(
Random Gaming reps!
Oh, on an answer I need to update too, hrm..
Holy crap I've gone blind.
I just got some heart disease awareness poster from my university, and it's...
Does twitter's URL shrinker provide any stats?
@TimStone it's... it's full of STARS!?!?!?!
12:49 AM
oh god. it's worse :-)
Definitely, my god.
@TimStone Looks like their designer is a fan of Meta, creating such a clearly joke poster for Friday
@TimStone Did they contract out the desktop publishing to a Jr. High School, or something?
12:51 AM
@GeorgeMarian Maybe, I'm very confused who could have put that together and have gone "Hmm, yeah, that looks good."
@TimStone Yah, I understand the hearts. But, red lettering on a candy cane background?
@TimStone There's some white in your red.
Some black too.
@GeorgeMarian Now we'll have to link peppermint to heart disease, how problematic.
RT @sil: Waiting for someone to ask Obama whether he'll cure the lack of IPv4 addresses, at which point he'll say, yes, ICANN
When will the rolling internet brownouts begin? #IPv4 #naive
1:16 AM
shakes fist at docking station and monitor
@RebeccaChernoff prepare for a crazy town hall digest mother meta question exrtrodinare!
I am typing my longest question ever :-)
before I do, I should ask if you have any more Town Halls planned...
If you don't I will feel really retarded
1:22 AM
I feel like this should be as simple as 1) unplug monitor cable from laptop 2) plug monitor cable into docking station 3) kick back and look at display on big nice monitor |:
@RebeccaChernoff it should be!
Um yes? Ubuntu post is up and Gaming is coming tonight but I thought I'd set up the docking station first lol.
Ethernet and power are coming through docking station...
@RebeccaChernoff Eh, docking station for your laptop?
@RebeccaChernoff wait Ubuntu had a town hall and I missed it?
And gaming's town hall is tonight? WTF, how did I not know? :-(
Oh, nevermond
You asked if I have any more planned...
1:24 AM
POST is up :-)
@TheRenamedException I think she means that the Gaming post is coming too, otherwise I definitely missed something. :P
I got really scared there
must. be. smarter. than. the. docking. station.
@TimStone yeah I got it now, I was confused
I searched for Gaming's post like 5 hours ago
@TheRenamedException I was too, hahah
1:26 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Goes off to pitch his new game show idea: Are You Smarter Than Your Laptop Docking Station?
@RebeccaChernoff Did you Windows + P?
hrmph and yes >_<
It says it can't connect to a project and the monitor goes into power save mode.
I've tried display port and dvi
What kind of docking station?
thinkpad one for the model.
switches cables again
Q: How can we improve the Town Hall Digests?

The Renamed Exception TL;DR version: If you saw my Town Hall Digests, what can be done to improve them, given Michael Mrozek's format and Yi Jiang's GM script? Should these even exist, and if so, what format should they take? Even though I've said it before, I can't emphasize it enough, so I would like to start b...

I am tired now, I think I need a nap!
1:31 AM
> Rebecca "Oy!" Chernoff
Cough cough cough
@YiJiang I thought you'd like that :-)
also, tagged [rchern-rocks]
@RebeccaChernoff Google is not familiar with this model. :P Checked drivers and what not, obviously?
that's probably an abuse of the tag system but I decided F*^$ it, it's the truth! :-)
damn, Jeff didn't like that
Ok, that was a bad idea, I admit it :-)
1:37 AM
Also, typo on my edit there, ha!
Well, at least I got that in before Jeff obliterated the tag ;)
@YiJiang :-)
1:53 AM
@TimStone, page for the model says there are no drivers (;
is anyone good at stereograms? (crossing your eyes)
where is the blue part going
@RebeccaChernoff Maybe that's why it doesn't work ;) But hrm..
well, I'd expect the support page to let me know if I needed something (;
@TheRenamedException I can't believe @RebeccaChernoff or someone else hasn't went ahead and rejected that edit :D
1:55 AM
19 mins ago, by Yi Jiang
@RebeccaChernoff I think you've set your expectations too high :P
@YiJiang Whoops. >_> Also, isn't that question a duplicate?
@TimStone I believe so, but I haven't went searching yet
To Grace Note's activity history!
Q: How will Editor, Strunk & White and Copy Editor be affected by the new <2k edit mechanism?

Popular DemandHow will Editor, Strunk & White and Copy Editor be affected by the new <2k edit mechanism? Will submitting an edit as a <2k user count towards those badges? Will approving someone else's edits count? Will they be entirely unaffected, perhaps because <2k editing will count towards a s...

2:07 AM
@waffles If it takes 2 users to approve an edit, why does the suggested edit info section show only one approver?
@YiJiang Example? There was a list of one-click approve exceptions, but it seems to have been edited away...wonder if that was by mistake.
@YiJiang it does not at the moment
Of course, the primary source that just flew in is better ;)
@waffles stackoverflow.com/edit-suggestions/1936 - Chacha has > 20k reps, yet it only shows him as the single approver
but we may enable 2 votes required on SO ... nothing is lasting in the queue more than a minute at the moment ... 2 votes would still be approved really fast
2:11 AM
@waffles Oh, you mean it only takes one approver now?
@YiJiang correct ... but we are probably going to scale it to 2 ... if I manage to code this up today
then we will look at the data in 3-4 days and see if upping the number to 2 helped any
(look through all controversial approvals / rejections)
@RebeccaChernoff look at the pending edits on meta
hm? k.
...what the?
@RebeccaChernoff hides
19 mins ago, by Yi Jiang
@TheRenamedException I can't believe @RebeccaChernoff or someone else hasn't went ahead and rejected that edit :D
2:14 AM
shakes head
Ah. I'm distracted by my docking station / monitor.
shakes fist at them for you
todays SO stats ... 286 edits ... 256 approved ... Cody Gray did 23 votes today ... he must have OCD
by the time I make a decision somebody always beats me
@waffles I've always thought the edits were been approved a little too fast
yeah we need a 2 vote experiment ... but lots of js fixes to support that
2:16 AM
Hmm. Time to try the 23" monitor I suppose.
of course the owner should have a 1 vote accept
Alternatively, I was thinking of a [feature-req] for a complete list of suggested edits, approved or otherwise, so that 10k'ers or whoever can revert the changes if something bad slips through
also ... I am looking at suppressing the queue indicator if there are less than 5 items in the queue
@YiJiang we have a mod screen ... may move it to tools
@waffles That's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure how that would help
@YiJiang my concern is that I do not want to over-distract people ... 1/2s appearing and vanishing all the time are a problem
We also kicked the idea of only giving top N users in the site access to the queue
2:19 AM
@waffles Tuck it away into the tool menu then?
but 2 votes it a very important test we need to run
Crap, just clicked the flag link on /review by mistake. :/
BAD @TimStone, BAD!
@YiJiang ... showing it on the bar is good imho ... "queue is out of control - please help us"
it has been very effective
any feedback on my wonderful diff ? stackoverflow.com/edit-suggestions/1932
Jarrod did the html bit
2:24 AM
yeah Ill class that
See...just glancing at that, it isn't immediately evident what has changed. The start of the diff is buried in scroll. ):
@RebeccaChernoff click on the markdown diff
Did /review punish me for misclicking, or where did the "flag for attention" link go on the low quality posts tab? :P
@waffles, yes, but that isn't the default view (;
2:25 AM
nahh you were not punished
we should allow you to set it as default
we need a meta request to track and propose a way of doing that
@waffles since it's Markdown, shouldn't you set the font to fixed width?
note ... I am totally against adding an explicit user setting
If I ever get a display working on my monitor...and then the Gaming THC post...and then...
@YiJiang I did that ... and then Jeff's head almost exploded
@waffles Erhm...
2:27 AM
it does look pretty horrible in monospace
and I am subbing ' ' with &nbsp; anyway
so its an ok compromise
feels an uncontrollable urge to punch someone
@YiJiang @TimStone is right over there...
@RebeccaChernoff Hey, what did I do? :O
put a spell on my docking station ):
Alright, alright. I'll wave my hand at it, and we'll see if it magically works.
Did you try pressing the screen toggle button on the laptop itself? I don't see why it should make a difference, but..
2:35 AM
of course
Argh, argh, argh, argh, I lost a bunch of information my boss needs, this is bad news
Did you disconnect the docking station and blow on it original Nintendo-style?
@TheRenamedException :(
Maybe I'll have better luck in here helping @Rebecca...
I feel kinda stupid here...|:
2:38 AM
Because it's not working, or because you got it to work and it was something painfully easy that we can assume was the result of me waving my hands at it magic-like?
@RebeccaChernoff ok so to understand, you get no signal on the monitor?
@waffles I just gave it a try, and it doesn't look that bad, hrm...
Q: Developing Kernels to support Multiple CPUs

McGovernTheoryI am looking to get into operating system kernel development and figured my contribution would be to extend the SANOS operating system in order to support multiple core machines. I have been reading books on operating systems (Tannenbaum) as well as studying how BSD and Linux have tackled this ch...

that accept took a long time coming
@AidenBell Woah, no kidding.
@TimStone - lol, I got a few others too really old
2:42 AM
Long term investments ;)
@TimStone - More like only-answer ... ah the good old days when people didn't answer hard questions and you could reap
Ahem, checkedness?
aw, man, I am in hot water. :/
deservedly so
@TheRenamedException What happened to the info? :/
2:43 AM
I gotta go make things right
@YiJiang - Checkedness is valid
good luck @Rebecca!
@YiJiang as is "checkification" and "checkised"
@TimStone how's things also (@TimPost 's name is ruining my tabbage)
I'm surviving, barely. ;) No, things are pretty good at the moment, yourself?
@AidenBell Dude, I demand that you verify this on English.SE. I protest to your usage of suffixes.
2:49 AM
Q: Can we promote answers to questions?

SLaksThere are a sizable number of new users who stumble across StackOverflow from a Google search, see an answer which almost helps them, and leave another answer asking for more help. Currently, there is no good way to deal with such people. Can we have an option to promote such answers to new que...

@Moshe - No, they will get all verificationarific on my grammatified sentencage
@AidenBell A bit confusing to read, but a great point.
@Moshe - i'm trying to get more involved in meta
@AidenBell That's offensive use of English!
@AidenBell As is Mr Laks, apparently.
@Moshe as a resident of England, I reserver the right to abuse the language in the sound comfort that I am not bastardising it like ... ahem ... other nations
@AidenBell has the authority to mark his use of English as [status-bydesign]
2:51 AM
I'm a mod now, gotta make a suggestion on Meta.
@AidenBell Excuse me while I go puke in the loo.
@AidenBell Australians? Canadians? Russians?
@Moshe - lold
@Moshe - All of them, and the big-one
@AidenBell Germany? Egypt? Israel? India? That's right, you must be talking about India.
@Moshe your pedantics are but meta-trolling
2:55 AM
@AidenBell Blimey, the bloke is spewing hogwash about m'language.
Hahaha, just kidding. No offense meant.
@Moshe - you in the UK-of-A too?
@AidenBell No, the US-of-A.
But I reckon I've read enough Harry Potter to pretend for about thirty seconds.
Oh, was worrying someone else in the UK was still up at 3:00am coding
@Moshe - Harry potter sums it up pretty much, you aren't missing owt
@AidenBell Owt?
@AidenBell My friend is in Israel, coding at 6:00am. Tis the life of an iOS developer.
2:58 AM
That guy looks like the exact opposite of Mary Poppins.
owt == anything but it is regional
Male, not female, closed umbrella instead of opened, angry instead of cheerful.
Ray says behave
Ah, ok. I will.
Saw it, too slow on the edit lol
2:59 AM
@AidenBell T'was intended.

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