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12:20 AM
exactly what is "Happy Hour"?
@Kev I have no idea, but I signed up for it anyway
me too and nothing seemed to have happened :/
@Kev Well, this is a tavern...
@TimStone - true, true...this is a fact that hasn't passed me by...
@Kev I would buy that book
12:34 AM
@drachenstern - yes it reminds of some chemically assisted weekends between 1993 and 1997 *_*
@TheRenamedException awwww, have a good evenin Josh
@Kev so are you still confused then?
@drachenstern - I'm all good now :)
In retrospect, I didn't see the link till just a moment ago
Q: List formatting issues

CraigAny ventures on why this list will show in all browsers except Fx 3.5 + ? It worked fine until an update of the member base, effectively doubling the list. Fx cuts it off @ 194 users, about half of the old list, which previously displayed with no problems. PS. User 194's name is lost as well. I ...

Look ma, I found HTML that's even worse than SO's! cringes
@YiJiang That page offended Chrome so much that it locked up this tab and made me reopen it before I could reply and tell you how horrendous that was.
12:52 AM
Wow, that was a horrendous tab
Q: Simple Shopping Cart Using Session Variables Now Using AJAX

JasonI know there are a million questions out there on how to implement a shopping cart in your site. However, I think my problem may be somewhat different. I currently have a working shopping cart that I wrote back in the 1.1 days that uses ASP.NET session variables to keep track of everything. This ...

how can I improve my answer without writing him sample code?
I'm not sure.. I don't like that kind of question (no sample code, too general)
Yeah, but sometimes you don't know what the problem is to provide code to narrow it down
I just like answering questions for people with twice my rep ;)
(and being right when I do)
Hm, someone complained about that user once, but I don't remember why.
his 74% accept rate?
Could be.
1:03 AM
Answer or Accept?
bah, details
Heh, I actually read it as accept.
I knew I should've changed that before someone got pedantic on me
ASP.NET makes me want to stab my eyes out.
I knew that everyone in this room would know what it meant
1:04 AM
There is nothing wrong with a 75% accept rate in my opinion.
@Fosco that's ok, Java makes me want to stab my eyes out. And yours
I don't look at accept rates when I answer questions..
@RebeccaChernoff there is to me when the questions have acceptable answers that answer the proposed question without complaint.
@Fosco I only do if it's noticeable. Especially when they have really low reps.
@RebeccaChernoff I think it might have been lower before, but even then it wasn't bad.
60%-90% I think is perfectly fine to generalize it out.
1:05 AM
I've slacked off on answering lately... I'm content
People are afeared of percentages that would get them a C in school. :(
mods should be able to mark an answer accepted, after a certain time period has expired.
Already feature requested somewhere, I think?
Probably [status-declined] too, but less sure on that.
Q: Would it be possible to have a "community accepted" feature?

George IVRecently, I have answered a few questions that were upvoted by factors more than the accepted answer, but not accepted. This one, at the time of my writing, has an accepted answer that the asker said was not what he wanted. I don't know why. In the future, when people view this, people might only...

status declined quite often
1:10 AM
(which a question about letting moderators do it was marked as a duplicate of)
IE8? Seriously? There must be a partnership there.
1:38 AM
A: Is there a performance degradation when we ALWAYS use nullable value types instead of value types?

drachensternAs Mitch Wheat pointed about above, no, you should not worry about this. I'm going to give you the short answer reason now, and later I'm going to help you discover more about what you're asking: Write your code to be correct. Profile after writing so that you find the points that are causing...

should I remove "aka I should've used google first"?
@Kev I like that it's the fourth edition of the book...
@drachenstern It's probably not necessary to have it there. :P
in b4 5 minutes :D
Can we just add it to the top of the site: "Make your code correct. Then optimize or ask here."
> I want to write bad code, can you tell me why I shouldn't?
Hello Tyler!
2:06 AM
Anybody here have experience with EPorts for Dell laptops?
What's that, a port replicator? (My answer is clearly no, but :P)
I have no idea. I would presume so
Oh, heh
I wonder if I can use the internal monitor and both externals together, doubt it
> Cons - Know the limitations of this item. One of the applications we purchased this for was to run two external 22" monitors via the DVI connectors in addition to the laptop screen. Although there is expansion for this a single video card won't handle it. If you want to run three monitors you will need a second video card. We found a good external USB 2.0 DVI option for this but did not expect to need it.
2:11 AM
I wonder what sort of "second video card" I need
in the laptop or in the dock?
Either or
Ok, so how do you suppose I order an additional video card for the dock?
Well, you can't. You have to get a separate device, heh.
I have... (looking)
I am number 8 in the queue to talk to someone
I bought one of those a while back so I could have another external monitor on my laptop.
2:14 AM
Yeah, that's sorta what I'm thinking of doing if I can't get what I want
It works pretty well, provided you don't try to make it do too much.
So for work purposes it was fine.
I want three screens operating on my desk to show me images
I figure if I have a laptop then that will work as one
Yeah, with my laptop I can have 2 monitors, be they both external or 1 external + laptop display.
What dock do you have?
If I plug in 2 to the docking station and have the laptop display on, it just doesn't display anything on the secondary external (;
a thinkpad dock
2:19 AM
Oh, you got it working? :P
Yeah. Their support line was useless. I kinda found it randomly.
What was the issue?
Lappy has switchable graphics, and it was in power saving mode. Externals only work through the dock when it is in high performance mode.
2:21 AM
shakes head And of course, it doesn't know to switch because it's plugged into the dock.
Actually, I did have my power plan set up to use high perf when plugged in and energy saving when on battery. But it was silently failing to switch.
I tried switching manually and it complained about Chrome and Skype being open.
@YiJiang "I knew that"
Luckily I found an option to override the blocking programs.
@drachenstern Hehe
@RebeccaChernoff O_o
2:22 AM
@YiJiang Ya know? ;)
So far it hasn't seemed to crash the programs, heh.
Everything about that seems far sillier than it should have been.
At least it's working, I suppose
So only two video display potential regardless. But if I get the 430-3114 I can at least run two monitors externally (and two 23" HD monitors is good by me, and I can get an external third if I wanted like we discussed Tim)
but two use two monitors period and use the dock I need that dock.
Ok, I think I'm gonna go spend some time with the wife for a bit. I may or may not be back. I hope I get back tonight, I have some dba.SE stuff I want to do.
Also, @RebeccaChernoff did you guys ever move forward on that?
2:46 AM
See ya, enjoy
I wasn't planning on it
I just thought it would be cute to say thanks that way, that was all
ok, leaving for reals
or at least, pressing hibernate :p
2:48 AM
Once one status tag gets used in here, they have an odd way of being used a lot in a row.
@RebeccaChernoff s/status tag/anything/
Now that's just going too far.
2:52 AM
If only it worked with all characters, heh. I wanted [status-(ノ-_-)ノ ==┻━┻ (x_x\ )]
....lmao, I had forgotten that I had the Sandbox open in a tab to diagnose that Chrome userscript issue..
27131 recorded exceptions.
Man, I just tried turning on the Google Instant thingadongdong. On my connection speed it's so slow it's almost useless :|
I'm going to start using thingadongdong in html element ids.
I used thingadongdong in a test case I think.
@RebeccaChernoff Be sure to do the same in #stackoverflow. Daeken will <3 you 4eva.
(Daeken's favourite word is "dongs".)
3:02 AM
lol, oy
@RebeccaChernoff I think an entire class of almost useless random HTML elements can benefit from that name
@YiJiang I vote that she renames that div that's used to pick the selected highlight language #thingadongdong.
@RebeccaChernoff I think @TimStone is referring to prettify.js. (Of course, I have been wrong before, so take it with a grain of salt.)
3:06 AM
@TimStone Meh, if I have write access to SO's HTML templates I'll add that class to every element that I feel requires a rewrite. Then I can simply tell people to do $('.thingadongdong').css('background-color': 'orange') and look at the horror that is SO's HTML
(Hint, the whole thing will probably be bright bright orange...)
@RebeccaChernoff You know how there were changes to the syntax highlighting so that it sometimes chooses the highlight language based on the tags? The selected language gets spit out to the page in a hidden div, and .text() is called on it to get the value into the JavaScript code.
@TimStone Major WTF there, yeah. >_<
Here's an idea, send some of SO's source code to TDWTF. Won't make it, probably, because other submissions are much 'better', but hrm...
@TimStone goes to look
Of course, I can't find an example now, someone probably changed it :p
Oh, no, I lied.
Q: What's the best way to set a single pixel in an HTML5 canvas?

AlnitakThe HTML5 Canvas has no method for explicitly setting a single pixel. It might be possible to set a pixel using a very short line, but then antialising and line caps might interfere. Another way might be to create a small ImageData object and using: context.putImageData(data, x, y) to put it...

Holy crap, they finally, with the rewrite of the dialog stuff, dropped tables for the close question dialog
3:18 AM
We need to go on a table-slaying crusade. I can see why it seems like a time-waster from their side, but it'd make me so happy, heh. :P
@TimStone Meh, I've already killed some of the table for them. Remember the single column list of badges table on the homepage? It's still there, yeah...
hands @YiJiang his giant <table> tag
Nice save, heh.
3:27 AM
@RebeccaChernoff What needed to be done, just what needed to be done.
@RebeccaChernoff Cleans up the blood trail, whistles innocently
3:44 AM
4:04 AM
Supermario on SNES emulator for android just ... doesn't make me nostalge enough
@DanGrossman It's an hour till Caturday, in my timezone. ;-)
I always worry when fellow staffers stop communicating and my inbox starts filling with Google Analytics mail
Buildbot is quiet, No new bugs .... eeery
Do you want me to go in and just start typing in random crap to break the build?
4:16 AM
@TimStone - na you are OK on that one
Alright, just makin' sure ;)
@GeorgeMarian - Oh god, that looks grim
Check out the youtube video.
4:18 AM
Doesn't bubble==window here?
I mean, do people not have 4 monitors these days coding anyway
@GeorgeMarian O_O
@AidenBell Yes, in a way.
X11 + Tiling window manager = code bubbles + support for all other apps
I kept thinking that it looks slick, but once the workspace gets large it would be a pain. Then he started talking about the panning bar, naming areas of the workspace and keyboard shortcuts.
I just think it looks weak
Grasping at UX straws me thinks
4:21 AM
I dunno, I could see this lessening my anger...
Vim, a good window manager and some good scripts ... job done
Also, they picked the guy with a slight lisp for the video eh?
@AidenBell That's what I was thinking until the half-way point.
@TimStone - youtube.com/watch?v=uKfKtXYLG78 that's some amazing geek footage
4:22 AM
@TimStone Yeah, don't get me started on the production values of too many videos on the internet. :)
@GeorgeMarian - I skipped through, raged and closed the tab
Hello Joe
Hello Mike
It looks like an interesting idea. I don't expect it to change the programming world, but maybe it'll serve as inspiration for some other IDEs.
I might have to try this out. So many frameworks have documentation that fails to address what I want to do with them and I have to go digging through the code...this might make that a little less painful, heh.
That said, I spend most of my time with Vim in front me.
@GeorgeMarian - yea, maybe I will rip off some of the functionality for my concept:
It's an IDE that is connected to all the devices in the house, your phone, your car. These "code bubbles" are network soluble and can be on any device ... this way, I can code while driving, while cooking dinner (via binary input on the microwave) ... its a revolution I call "multi-device programming efficiency paradigm"
It's the future
4:26 AM
I am often surprised by the greatness of some youtube comments
@GeorgeMarian This panning around makes me think of what it would be like if my Kinect could integrate with that. I could throw bubbles around and pan with my hands...then I could give the finger to really bad pieces of code and they'd just disappear.
@TimStone LOL
I like that idea.
4:39 AM
@TimStone - nice. If your head is in your hands does it run blame?
So many possibilities.
@AidenBell But of course.
Hacking++. Friend IMed me asking for help running an old DOS game. She wasn't understanding anything about using the command prompt. I told her to install VNC, grabbed her IP, connected to her router's remote administration, logged in with the default username/password, punched a hole in the firewall for myself, VNC'd in and installed the game.
\o/ would be "I'm finished, deploy this shit."
@TimStone - why did I just think of coding-via-guitar-hero-controller?
4:41 AM
@DanGrossman Hooray! Why was remote administration enabled on the router? Heh
@AidenBell ...Hahah
No idea, but I hit port 8080 and it was there!
Maybe whoever set it up for her figured he/she would be getting a call in the future...
Good call on their part, I suppose. :P
@TimStone - @DanGrossman 's story actually ends:
"Unfortunately, this was a honeypot by [copyright authority here] catching anyone involved in aiding pirating of copyrighted content and I was sent a fine"
@AidenBell Gogo honeypots. ;-)
5:24 AM
Seriously!!? shakes head
A: timing/waiting in jQuery

Letseatlunchone way to add a delay is to do a for loop through ajax calls, i do this all the time, i have a specail php script that returns a json'd set objects with dead baby jokes. it totally slows down the whole browser because its laughing so hard, but secretly i know its crying inside... thats right ie ...

Tell me, how did this answer get +5?
5:41 AM
@YiJiang Apparently some people are enthused by dead baby + IE jokes.
@waffles Right I think the data explorer changes are ready - I've made a post on meta.
ooooh, looks nice @Kragen
goes to take a gander
5:51 AM
Thanks :-)
That's pretty cool.
I got tens of thousands of unique hits to a question and didn't earn that badge for sending 1000... :/
I submitted an SO question to Hacker News, it was front page all day, got over 30000 hits.
You didn't use the link with your id?
5:59 AM
I did. The question eventually got moved to programmers.SE, but it got over 10k hits while on each site, and I didn't get a badge on either
I'm sure it resulted in some new signups and traffic to programmers at least, given they had to lock the question
I'd say wait 24 hours, I'd not think it is more often than daily? shrugs
I wish on occasion I would see an SO question on Reddit or HN that didn't end up getting moved to programmers
Oh, I submitted it to reddit too, and apparently it made the top of /r/programming with 948 upvotes and 1000 comments. reddit.com/r/programming/comments/ff5i6/…
interesting discussions on both sites
If I keep earning ~300 rep a day I can get to 10k in a week :D
6:18 AM
Dan, you may get lucky .. someone might try to parse html with LISP tomorrow.
I haven't been getting notified about comments on questions I've commented on consistently :/
Moot now that Yahoo! doesn't run its own search engine :(
6:22 AM
Oh, nice
Well, I must say at least Yahoo's bot is true to it's name. ;)
Jeff posted the actual stats on his blog some time ago, Slurp (was) a vicious little bot
Yah, that's pretty nasty.
@DanGrossman lol
6:31 AM
Now I wish I had VS2010, I only have 2008
I assume they've worked out the issues w/ VS2010 by now, right? :)
@GeorgeMarian I think I am buying a copy soon lets hope SP1 so not big
@GeorgeMarian Is the "issue" the part where they shove that MSDN subscription down your throat? :P
@TimStone lol
That article isn't very spectacular, but I couldn't resist posting that sub-headline.
Though, one thing concerns me about their policy:
> links to such material.
> The judgment also points out that the employee was a member of the department’s IT sub-committee, which in the judge’s mind ruled out the idea that the dismissal might be unfair if the employee didn’t know or understand the extent of the logging.
6:37 AM
What if it just happens to be returned by some innocent search or something?
@GeorgeMarian It says deliberate though, so you have to deliberately look for a page that links to porn.
@DanGrossman With regard to this situation, certainly.
If you search for something that isn't innocent. What if one was looking for a door knocker? :)
That's kind of a toss up. On the one hand, he should fully understand the extent of the logging. On the other, he's clearly retarded for doing it despite that, and that might impact his ability to understand.
On the third hand, why is there someone in IT whose job it is to look through employee logs for searches for "knockers", and why did that guy care enough about finding such a search, outside of work hours, to report the guy to HR :/
@TimStone Yup. I was always on my best behavior on the company laptop. Beside, I have all the pr9n I need on my own machine. ;)
6:41 AM
I keep some, on an external hard drive, in an encrypted file system, in a hidden encrypted partition. You need two strong passwords to view then decode it.
@DanGrossman You know Australians and their issues with the interwebs...
@DanGrossman Yah, it doesn't sound like a seriously egregious abuse.
I sometimes daydream of being accused of some cybercrime, having my computers confiscated by the FBI, and a judge ordering me to turn over the passwords to the hidden file system they found, assuming it contains evidence of a crime. Despite EFF motions urging the judge not to require me to turn over my password, I eventually have to. They decrypt it and just find porn.
6:43 AM
Oh, boy. I hear drunkards outside.
Singing "God Bless America" Priceless!
Oh man, they're really going at it!
I must say, it doesn't sound half bad. lol
Oh, boy. I hear fireworks. I wonder if sirens will be next.
> Many years ago, when I worked in Sydney, there was a shop called 'knobs and knockers' - it sold door furniture for both domestic and Industrial.
Q: Best php programming

Silla MahnotTil now i am using dreamveaver and eclipse for php programmig can anyone tell me is there any other best IDE available for php programming. may be i have no idea about the best use of eclipse. Help should should be happily.

"Help should be happily"? Is he telling us what mood we should be in when responding?
"You will provide me the codes and you will like it."
Q: m-Reachability in graphs

ripper234Suppose you have an NxN maze with a Knight, Princess and Exit. There is also an evil witch that is planning to block M squares (set them on fire). Given the map to the maze, and M, can you calculate in O(N^2) whether the Knight will be able to reach the princess, and then the exit?

This is exactly what would've been on the CS Homework SE I proposed! "Not a real proposal" :(
6:56 AM
Good point.
7:09 AM
7:24 AM
1 hour later…
8:29 AM
We're down to a single line of people in here? What madness is this?!
8:52 AM
@TimStone Oh noes!
9:26 AM
This is one of the weirder questions I've answered
A: How can I make a "number" with string in PHP?

Dan GrossmanHere's a program that produces the next value in your base-3 alphabetic number system: function nextval($input) { $map = array(0 => 'A', 1 => 'B', 2 => 'C'); //convert letters to numbers $num = ''; for ($i = 0; $i < strlen($input); $i++) { ...

9:41 AM
Now he says "now add the rest of the letters until Z"... uhm... then ACA doesn't come after ABC in that number system... wtf.
Holy crap, I knew the SO developers were lazy, but this has to top the cake...
They just updated the 10k tools page, so now the close vote page has a new interface
You can sort by close reason or number of close votes
What actually happens is that they load both the list ordered by close votes, and the list ordered by close reasons, and they hide one when the other option is selected
not true
@balpha Tell me how it works then
9:50 AM
one list is loaded from the server
the client does the duplicating
whew (Not as retarded as I thought it might have been)
since the two are different lists (if you sort by reason, the same question can appear more than once), it would be a pain to switch between the two dynamically
so I decided to just create both of them, and just go with CSS to swapping the visible one
the by reason -> by count switch is simple, but the other way around is a pain (I did that in my first version)
so I decided to just keep the original data -- but then, I might as well keep it in the DOM
It's funny because the update arrived about 2 mins after I finished updating my userstyle, and it broke everything
Hey, you already got your two-letter reply. We can't support everything you do :)
what does the userstyle do?
@balpha A lot... of small stuff
9:57 AM
I mean on that page, specifically
It adds some space between each item to make it easier on the eyes
Originally anyway

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