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8:00 PM
I've felt different all of my life. Like seriously, different. But never knew why.
@GeorgeMarian but do you get ""better""?
@GeorgeMarian I my case I don't feel different
because it is a very specific part of my life
@Trufa It waxes and wanes. There is not cure, on coping. You learn to live with it and use it to your benefit.
So, while it can be quite challenging, overcoming it has it's rewards.
I try to understand it, to be aware of it, to make better decisions because of that awareness.
@GeorgeMarian nicely put, I like that
Quick question, do you guys know if all browsers support this? "test!".substr(-1,1) == "!"
8:02 PM
Some call it a gift. Others say, if it were a gift, they'd give it back. lol
that is, substr with a negative first argument?
@GeorgeMarian i'll gift wrap it for anyone
@TheRenamedException No idea.
@GeorgeMarian np, asking in JS room :-)
@TheRenamedException me either
8:03 PM
JS isn't my strong suit. I both love and hate it.
I love and adore it
I used to hate it until I found Prototype.js
@Trufa I must say, it feels good have truly helped someone today.
@TheRenamedException I love that it's flexibility allows things like jQuery, prototype.js, etc. I hate that it so desperately needs a library like that.
I think I've added five views to Chetwood's MSO profile by myself today.
@TheRenamedException I think so, yeah. It's just a shortcut anyway, you could always go the long way if you were feeling unsure. :P
@GeorgeMarian I hear you!
@TimStone I'll just test :-)
8:06 PM
~1 hour left. It'll be weird to not see that red stripe anymore.
This is the opposite of "don't feed the trolls"
@GeorgeMarian If you are on a mission, today, you can rest
@GeorgeMarian really, I can't stress enough how much I am thankful
@Trufa hehe No rest for the weary. I have many other missions. (Like finding gainful employment.)
@GeorgeMarian for you?
8:08 PM
@Trufa Believe, despite this only being chat, I know how you feel. It totally changed my life once I moved from suspicion to confirmation.
@Trufa Yah. This being unemployed thing is starting to get to me. :)
@GeorgeMarian I can imagine, I am reading all I can know, and it all fits, it makes so much sense!
@GeorgeMarian careers.stackoverflow.com ??? hehe
@GeorgeMarian in what industry are you looking?
@Trufa Yah, I have a profile on it, I just haven't filed it yet.
@Trufa The industry doesn't matter as long as it's nor doing something horrid.
I'm a web developer, mainly PHP and all that.
Looking for full-time work specifically?
@TheRenamedException Ideally, but at this point I'm looking for anything reasonable.
@GeorgeMarian I get it, I'm kind of good at carrer advice hehe If there is anyway I could help you!
8:15 PM
@Trufa Nice. I may just avail myself of that. I'm horrible at the job search thing. I effing hate it.
@GeorgeMarian Yeah, sorry... I would love to bring another full-time PHP developer on, but at this point we aren't there yet
@TheRenamedException If you have steady part-time work, I wouldn't turn my nose up at it. :)
We may have some jobs in the future, but you wouldn't be without competition for it when it happens :-) Send me a resume to georgemarian@josh.gitlin.name
I am hoping we will be bring some people on part-time in the near future, but, we'll see
Actually, if I could find enough steady part-time work to just make ends meet, that would allow me to work on other interests. I think I feel the entrepreneurial itch.
@GeorgeMarian it's great running your own company. Great, but scary sometimes :-)
8:17 PM
@TheRenamedException damn right!
@GeorgeMarian I'm feeling entrepreunerish too
I'm kinda used to scary. :)
This reminds me of my need for more minions..
@GeorgeMarian if you ever need a helping hand I would love to get more involed in ther programming industry (I'm in Business Administration / online marketing)
@TimStone That just reminds me of Toy Story 's "We need more monkeys!"
@PopularDemand LOL
8:21 PM
Monkeys would presumably work for bananas, that could work out favourably.
@Trufa Nice. I have an interest in learning more of the business side. Let's keep thinking/talking about this. You never know where it may lead.
@TimStone While it is technically true that enough monkeys at enough computers would eventually bang out the complete collected work of Linus Torvalds, I don't think you have that kind of time on your hands.
@PopularDemand I love that scene.
@PopularDemand Hm, this is true...I guess I'll have to go with real, qualified programmers then.
@PopularDemand Not to mention the pile of bananas it would require.
8:23 PM
@GeorgeMarian The Dole ship comes to port around here, I figured I could make it work.
@GeorgeMarian Psh. It's not like we're going to, say, run out of bananas worldwide, soon, or anything.
@TimStone lol
@PopularDemand Sure, but I was thinking of Tim's need to source that pile.
Which, apparently, he has covered.
@TheRenamedException BTW, sent.
@GeorgeMarian sorry, battery died, without a doubt
8:25 PM
@TheRenamedException Hahah
@GeorgeMarian received! I will review this afternoon
@TimStone Might be more expensive than you think ;-)
Heh :P
@TheRenamedException BTW, that's not necessarily my "best" resume. I have rearranged it a bit, but I wanted your input on that version. (The differences aren't huge, mostly order of sections and the style of the summary.)
Oy...too many windows!
@GeorgeMarian Cool, thanks for the input. I will send feedback and will only share your improved resume with my CEO and business partner :-)
Anyone ever run their mouse up and down the comment stream in here on a large monitor?
8:29 PM
(Which, BTW is the name of the blog/site I'll be lauching soon.)
@TheRenamedException hehe
@drachenstern this implies I have a large monitor :-(
ok, I guess you could zoom it out :\
actually that works just as well
@drachenstern I have now. Why?
@PopularDemand just interesting to watch all the related messages light up on hover
8:30 PM
@drachenstern you're procrastinating from work huh? ;-)
So somebody help me out here, what's the deal with Geoff Chetwood? I know the name part, and the URL is reminiscent of someone who was a troll on tdwtf forums. Is the guy a professional troll? Also, is it the same guy that was trolling on TDWTF?
@TheRenamedException just sat back down and was scrolling over the transcript and noticed it
thought I would help someone else get as much done as I am today :p
@drachenstern Hmm...professional troll, I never thought of that idea.
How much could one get paid for that?
I may be in the wrong profession...
8:33 PM
@badp Ok, that settles it. I need to get a freaking printer.
@TheRenamedException Yah, that's what I'm thinking. I find myself unintentionally trolling people all the time. :)
@drachenstern I dunno, I think I only caught like the last two weeks before his suspension when I came to Meta; maybe not even. You may know him as Rich B.
@PopularDemand that may be him from the TDWTF forums then ... If I was really shirking work I would go look
I think this settles the previous question: forums.thedailywtf.com/forums/p/11308/195155.aspx
8:49 PM
Is it true that an user can delete his/her own question when it has no answer? I think it's the case and would like to suggest it in a comment to stackoverflow.com/questions/4902657
@AlexandreJasmin I don't know the exact rule; I think it's if the question isn't upvoted and it has no upvoted answers
@MichaelMrozek That sounds right.
A: What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean?

jjnguyHow can a post be deleted? You can delete your own posts Moderators can delete any post Users with a reputation >= 10K can vote to delete a question after it has been closed for 48 hours (it takes 3 votes to delete... more if the question is popular). The system will automatically delete any po...

Q: Launching BIG site - HELP!

user156848Starting a serious site and need some help. We are bringing 100+ experts and launching to 10,000 users. We really like the stack exchange site, but looks like we'll never know if we'll get kicked off or shut down. HELP???? What site should we use? What assurances do we have with area51.stack...

8:51 PM
@MichaelMrozek I think the threshhold involves the answers getting upvotes or the question getting upvotes. I'm sure there's a .... nm, thanks Tim
@PopularDemand I've been trying to edit that, but I can't figure out how
@MichaelMrozek there is NO edit that can save that.
About half of it is sane, the part about how much control he'll have over an Area 51 site
My group and I have a site that we feel could seriously benefit from the SE2.0 infrastructure, and we feel that we could draw in at least 100 seriously avid users and a crowd of at least 10,000 contributors, but we're not sure that we can maintain the required velocity to obtain a complete site using the Area51 system.

What advice can you give me about launching this site that I haven't told you anything about, and getting it to have a successful launch velocity?

Unfortunately I'm not an avid user of the SE2.0 infrastructure and don't know enough of how it functions to know how successful
8:56 PM
That might be what he meant. I'm totally thrown by "What site should we use?"
Should I submit the edit?
screw it, I submitted it. We'll see if it gets approved by someone in the community ;)
@drachenstern Ha, it showed up in my queue. Okay then, let's see....
5 downvotes, 1 edit suggestion, 1 close vote, and 2 spam flags. This is quite the post
Eh, it's certainly an improvement. Approved.
And then balpha closed it anyway
9:07 PM
Alas, what can one do?
@drachenstern One could blame balpha's terrible, terrible iron fist.
You could always ragequit and delete all your content. That seems to be popular these days.
@PopularDemand or alternately the fact that the user didn't really give a shit?
Okay @drachenstern, you heard the mod. We'll see you on another site.
@mmyers I .. uh ... um ... that is to say ... I feel I should at least accumulate 30k rep on MSO and like 140krep on SO before then.
9:09 PM
Nah. Some 1k-er did it today.
That way there's plenty of reference to "dracenster" that nobody understands before I make it painful.
@mmyers no kidding? Hmmm
Well, he was a 2k-er this morning before Marc deleted his sockpuppets.
Well, there you go.
@mmyers Ha. MSO? SO? Other?
No, I'm not going to post the account here for gawkers.
9:13 PM
Shame that
But totally understandable
So anyways, in unrelated news: I will not be creating additional sockpuppet accounts. The one titled drachenstern is sufficient. I'm pretty sure I can have a sockpuppet without having an original account, yes?
A: Sockpuppet admission...

mmyersI used to be a sock puppet, but I have become independent now. I don't need the hand.

(There's a better one that I want to post, but that will do for now.)
whew project almost completed!
Just a few tweaks from the big guy!
@mmyers I love that as well as Poly's comment
> The suspension period ends in 37 seconds.
Thirty seconds!
Now to troll meta.stackoverflow.com/users/5640/… for a bit and see what shows up
9:20 PM
A: Suspended user creating new accounts

Ladybug KillerIt's against the rules creating sock puppets. Period! (Ok, Jeff is an exception). Flag one of his posts for moderator attention and explain your concerns. Or post a question here on Meta ;)

There we go. It was a comment, not an answer.
oh joy
Odd, still seeing 1 rep/no avatar. Cached?
idk, let's see what this does:
Crazy huh?
So anyways ...
9:34 PM
Yey, I think that might do it for this project
Do I actually get to quit early today?
LOL, I was going to say Michael I don't know you anymore!
I meant to post the link first; I failed at clipboarding
My boss' new icons were such an improvement. I really shouldn't be allowed to use Photoshop, I always create such monstrosities :-)
Okay, final review, wish me luck
9:52 PM
It's not every day I see a deleted accepted answer
That makes me happy
Also, client is busy using their system, so I can't deploy it now, so I will deploy on monday and MY WEEKEND BEGINS NOW! WOOT!!
Achem, sorry. I am excited
I'm not sure what a weekend is, but I'm happy for you anyway. ;)
@MichaelMrozek I am confused
Oh wait. That's not public information :-)
@TheRenamedException If I remember correctly, the OP posted his own answer with a screenshot that he then accepted, but has apparently deleted now.
Also, that's actually only kinda [status-completed], as I think Popular Demand found out earlier, heh.
@TimStone ah, OK
Man, I jinxed myself. Client was so excited to see the new module now they're saying they can stop work so I can deploy it. LOL
I guess I should be happy that they like our work so much LOL
10:01 PM
Whoops :P
Hahah, indeed.
@TimStone I already tapped the Newcastle keg too!
(Ok, I didn't yet, but I will be soon hopefully :-)
@TheRenamedException that sounds totally like a Yatta! to me
@TheRenamedException Heheh, nice. :)
@drachenstern Syntax Error near "Yatta!"
@TheRenamedException heroeswiki.com/Yatta! <-- I say it often enough ... one would think you'ld have seen it by now ;)
Also my favorite TV show that I'm SO bummed got cancelled and (secretly) hope that SciFi will pickup and revamp/continue. Cos it had a lot of potential. But Kring has already moved on, so I think it's gone forever.
Considering getting a tattoo of The Symbol but that may be too hokey.
10:11 PM
@drachenstern Oh, got it now
I have heard you said it but did not know it had an actual -o- reference
@TheRenamedException See how the picture kinda resembles the rchernism?
@drachenstern sure does
@TheRenamedException Where's that Skype dancer when we need him?
10:12 PM
@TimStone he's right here ;) \o/ ;)
And the changes start coming n from my boss... LOL
tweak this, move this... LOL
so much for "approved!"
Hey I guess this is why we've been told our software is "joyous to use" :-D
And these are easy tweaks
That sounds so familiar ...
Hello socks
@drachenstern from what I have heard, I think my boss is much better to work with than yours :-)
He can be picky, but he's right :-)
@TheRenamedException only some days ;)
10:21 PM
@drachenstern True!
(How do you make that one in Skype???)
@TheRenamedException (bug)
i are a haxor
10:24 PM
@PopularDemand Someone earned a badge 44m ago ... don't you have to login for the system to notify you of such a thing? meta.stackoverflow.com/users/5640/…
Woah. massive power surge, all UPSes just went crazy!
@TheRenamedException eeeeeeep
@drachenstern good imitation. more like eeeeeeep eeeeep eeeeep though :-)
@drachenstern That was when he cleared 200 rep. He'd already logged in enough to fulfill that part.
10:26 PM
@mmyers yes, but why did it trigger then ... that's what I'm getting at
@drachenstern you'll notice the "seen" points to January
Did the system spontaneously rerate him or did he log in? That was an awefully odd time on the server to trigger such a thing.
@drachenstern I guess his account became 1 year old while suspended
@badp 2011-01-28 21:32:59Z <-- yes I noticed that. That's what I'm asking about
@badp undoubtedly.
by then he had 1 rep, so he didn't qualify
10:28 PM
and he just got his rep back so it awarded the badge based on those two factors, that part I understand
But did it do so because of something he did is really what I'm after
I want to see if he comes back and starts more crap.
/me goes and pops popcorn
Again, it would've updated the "seen" field
@badp that's what I figured
10:39 PM
And I'm done!
Newcastle time!
Drinks are on me everyone!
I'll have a large jQuery
Coming right up sir
Would you like extra stars with that? :-)
Also, it looks like I won't be getting a new name
Happy Hour in 12 minutes
Is it a problem if I can't be there all time?
It's ok. It's really always Happy Hour in here!
@TheRenamedException Happy Hour really should be earlier. It's midnight there in 9 minutes. (CET, UTC+0100)
10:59 PM
It's 5:59 PM here! (EST)
@TheRenamedException good for you :/
good night :)
Time for homegoing now
11:14 PM
So, I'd like to know by people who have access to mod pages -- what's the quality of those pages' markup?
it is amazing
Q: What is this thing called?

Portman(Original title: "WTF is this thing called?") I have a couple of networking components in my rack that take giant AC adapters ("power bricks") that don't fit neatly into my rackmount PDU. I have one "thingy" that is shown below, and I need to buy a few more. But I have no idea what I'm searchi...

Stackexchange sometimes seems to have a life of its own
you have to love this guy though:
Wow. Extension cord. I would like to apologize to Planet Earth for the fact I required 12 people to tell me something that obvious. Score: Portman 0, ServerFault 92.
oh WTF
you know what
i don't care enough right now
11:38 PM
@Zypher what's this now?
the above SF question
> I would ask my 4-year-old to draw it for me because she's a better artist, but she's taking a nap.
That is... I don't even know, LOL
@Zypher And another mod passed it by with a comment, tsk. :P
@Tim dare me to edit the question title to "What is the name for this thingadingdong"?
er, what is the proper name?
@TheRenamedException Ahahaha... @Zypher already renamed you, and that was just for fun, I'd be careful ;)
11:44 PM
@TheRenamedException lol, lol, lol
search fails me right now
Alright going AFK for the balance of the night. Have a good one @Tim @Zypher and @Trufa!
See ya

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