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5:02 PM
Anyone know how the "FogBugz" features page does those image animations?
assumes jQuery, wants to know more.
...more crickets still...
is impressed by the regulars who are holding back
glares @TheRenamedException and @drachenstern and @mootinator and @EveryoneElse
generally giving us a link makes it faster to give you an answer
hey hey hey, some of us have to earn paychecks, like me n Josh
> Error: No such user: EveryoneElse
@Nyuszika7H There should be a way to ping everyone who hasn't opted out. Yay for my Facebookish thought process.
5:05 PM
@Community Can you see this?
@Moshe, view -> source and take a look.
@RebeccaChernoff Did. Couldn't find anything. Will try again.
look more (:
@Moshe CSS 3 transformations
5:06 PM
it would appear to be with jQuery yes
they apply a class on hover
@YiJiang Oh? So IE won't show them then...
I'm trying to work here :P
the class on hover does the rest of the work
@Moshe They would move, but not rotate
pffft giving him the answer after I say to look for it is no fun. ):
5:06 PM
Can anyone please point me to source?
Didn't ask...
@YiJiang @drachenstern - so jQuery does the motion and CSS3 does the rotation?
No, I said it appears to be jQuery applying a tag on hover
I didn't say it was confirmed that that was true
@Moshe CSS :hover is used to reposition and rotate
@YiJiang So why would it work, but only halfway, in IE?
5:09 PM
@RebeccaChernoff I had an idea of what the problem may be with the userscript a la Chrome, but I still have to test and see...Fingers crossed, heh.
The new class simply changes the border color of the bottom box
@YiJiang huh?
@Moshe Why won't it work? IE has no support for transform, but repositioning would still work
@YiJiang Ah, so it would jump.
They also applied some transitions, hrm...
5:11 PM
@Moshe no you don't, because you didn't try it in IE
go try it in IE
they have an IE7 specific stylesheet
I don't have IE on my Mac... It's been a while.
I should just stop being lazy and go see for myself.
goes to stop being lazy and see for himself.
@Fosco - Hi, got your email, responded. Thoughts?
@Moshe Hey, I did not have an unpleasant first experience..
@Fosco Well, I appreciate that, thank you. I misunderstood you then.
I mistook your critique, I guess.
Yeah.. I liked it, was just caught off guard not knowing about the credit union debt.
must be a bad feedback receiver...
@Fosco Fair point. It's part of the original game. I'm considering your feedback for the iPad version though.
@Fosco - Did you use Game Center? It'd be nice if you did.
5:15 PM
i have game center.. i have to launch it from there?
Your highest positive score is posted to Game Center. You need to be running 4.1 or higher, which, you said you were.
@Fosco @YiJiang - Wow. I am behind the times. Time to look up some CSS3.
@Fosco You actually need to sign out of the Game Center app and sign in through the app. It's better not to use your regular account for "sandbox" (aka beta) games, as per Apple.
ok, i'll do that and play another run through
@Fosco Thanks. Make sure to quit the game from the multitasking tray, then log out and restart. The app isn't great with multitasking and Game Center yet.
WOW. CSS3 transitions have so much potential. Poor IE...
@Moshe now you see why the industry has a general apathy towards IE (legacy) support?
@drachenstern Sure. IE has always been behind the curve, but isn't this slightly hypocritical? IE was bashed in the browser wars for things like the Marquee tag. I guess that was different, because it was HTML, not CSS.
5:24 PM
Now we can have CSS marquee instead!
No, the fact that IE is developed using a very waterfall method means that they can't really keep up the pace that the other groups can
Do you know how many iterations of iOS came out in the first year of it's lifetime?
How many iterations of Windows Phone 7 do you think we'll see in it's first year of its lifetime?
@drachenstern Honestly, no. But yes, iOS, Google Chrome Windows Phone, (et al, or "that's all", heh) do update quite often.
@TimStone Live example please?
@Moshe protip: go look it up ;)
Windows Phone 7 hasn't updated yet afaik for the core OS
the apps themselves may be updated, but that is not a function of the core team
@Moshe my score is posted, but pathetic.. lol.
@Fosco I don't see it yet. you have time to update it. ;-) (Tip: Try to buy Sushizushi for ~40M and sell for ~150M, Ask @Zypher about that one.)
5:28 PM
Lots of "Meta is offline for maintenance" time lately.
@PopularDemand indeed, I was remarking on that to Josh privately this AM
@PopularDemand Is the benevolent dictator thinking of more ways to say No?
The version history of iOS (formerly iPhone OS) began with the release of the iPhone on June 29, 2007. iOS is the operating system that runs on Apple Inc.'s mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. This operating system also runs on the Apple TV, but the user interface is different. Apple provides updates to the operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch system through iTunes, similar to the way that other iPods are updated, and touts this as an advantage compared to other mobile phones and devices. Security patches, as well as new and improved features, are ...
Lists the versions on the side.
@Moshe I wasn't asking for a history lesson
@drachenstern Oh, fine, too cool for me, huh? I see how it is.
@PopularDemand add me on skype. :p
5:30 PM
@drachenstern Heh, just pointing it out. Now, trivia, if you didn't look yet:
Which iOS version was the only one not released to the general public?
@drachenstern You're not cool enough for me to install Skype.
@GeorgeMarian ....
@PopularDemand I know I am, but I wouldn't ask you to go through that trouble.
@TheRenamedException is baack!
@Moshe only for a second
5:34 PM
@TimStone Talk about putting foot in mouth...
@TheRenamedException bye, second's up. :P
Ok, nevermind, i found the answer to my question
@GeorgeMarian I mean...It's not even unintentionally offensive. It's blatantly wrong. Companies really should stop letting interns handle things that can end up causing so much trouble for them, heh.
shakes fist in support
5:36 PM
I was just bit by this:
Q: "Vote too old to be changed"... but I haven't voted!

Leon BambrickI saw what looked like a good answer, and immediately upvoted it. Then, as a good citizen, I decided to reserve my right to vote until I'd ensured that the answer was valid. So I immediately withdrew my vote. This worked fine. At this point in time I had voted in neither direction. After follo...

Will someone please downvote this for me?
Q: Thoughts on Censorship

chibacityI recently saw a post where the OP was bemoaning the fact that it can be difficult to get a good look-in with answers in tags where there are users that are fast (FGITW), really on the button, and have high reps. Basically tags where a few users are all over them. Fair enough point for discussion...

I downvoted, withdrew thinking I should read some more, and then realized he's totally wrong
(see my answer)
@TimStone I don't buy that there are that many interns in the world. People are just screwing up and then rushing to say "oh, it was a naive intern's fault" if/when they're caught.
@Moshe I must return to work now, have 2 bugs remaining before I review this project with my boss, did you need me?
@TheRenamedException You should just get back to work. :P
@TimStone Yeah. That's just unbelievable. Both the tweet and the fact that they let whoever tweeted that do that type of work.
@TimStone you're right, what the hell was I thinking???
5:40 PM
@PopularDemand This is true.
@GeorgeMarian sighs
@GeorgeMarian Okay, I just read it, and while I never use twitter except when linked to a specific one, I'm sure there must be some more offensive tweet out there from one of the millions of twitter users.
> I know, right?!
> U.S. intelligence agencies are drawing criticism from the Oval Office and Capitol Hill that they failed to warn of revolts in Egypt and the downfall of an American ally in Tunisia.
@PopularDemand Fair enough. But, you have to admit it's pretty freaking bad.
5:48 PM
Breaking news, people who were treated like crap got tired of being treated like crap.
Never saw that one coming.
Why is the solution to a regime treating you like crap always a regime that will treat someone else like crap?
@GeorgeMarian I'm usually pretty pro-media, but in this case I think it's partially on them. They always make peaceful (and mostly peaceful) revolutions seem like big nationwide carnivals, instead of serious business.
5:51 PM
@PopularDemand Indeed.
@mootinator The boot always has to be in someone's ass, apparently.
Ah, this article is full of gems.
> "There should have been much more warning" of the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt, she said, in part because demonstrators were using the Internet and social media to organize. "Was someone looking at what was going on the Internet?" she asked.
@GeorgeMarian At least she didn't ask them to download it...just do some window shopping.
I assume this is the reaction to the criticism that they were asleep at the wheel.
"Why didn't you tell me I was supposed to pay attention to that?"
Yeah, the intelligence agencies' response was basically "Uh, we told you about this last year..." I guess they wanted the CIA et al to turn the TVs to the right channel for them, or something.
6:09 PM
shakes fist at company which shall not be named
@TimStone Chetwood Inc.?
speaking of which, 3 hours to go!
Android App #1 is in progress...
6:25 PM
@Fosco that is?
Something very simple I'm doing just to get into it.. it's lame. Ask a Question, get an answer from a real person via text message.
@Fosco ok cool
I feel like nominating on WebApps simply to force somebody else to nominate
(not really)
@badp Slightly more monopolistic. :P
@TimStone That sure narrows down the field. ;)
6:35 PM
oh hi @OctavianDamiean
@GeorgeMarian You'd know who the company is, let's put it that way, heh.
you should check this game out
unicorn attack lol
@TimStone Yah, I just couldn't resist cracking the joke.
Robot Unicorn Attack is awesome.
my unicorn keeps crashing into things :(
6:58 PM
@mootinator Yeah, I normally get somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 in a single run and then crash and burn, heh.
Im a Mortarboard!!!
Can I still see upvotes
7:04 PM
My brain is turning into liquid ... needs sleep :) Nite all
@TimPost are you the impostor moderator who inpersonates @TimStone
if thats you
good night!!
@Trufa shhhh, don't tell anyone.
Okay, I know the accepted checkmark is an "OP privilege" sort of deal, but... really?
@TimPost the secret dies with me! hehe good night!!
7:06 PM
@Reno ew hey
@PopularDemand I'm looking for a question, I think yo answered
@PopularDemand O_o
@PopularDemand concerning how downvotes also affect 10k+ users
@PopularDemand am I going cu-cu
@PopularDemand Then I guess you don't get sidechannel communications from me ;)
@Trufa copper-copper?
@drachenstern mmmm I'm confused
7:14 PM
isn't CU the symbol for copper? (Cuprum)
Copper ( ) is a chemical element with the symbol Cu () and atomic number 29. It is a ductile metal, with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Pure copper is rather soft and malleable, and a freshly exposed surface has a reddish-orange color. It is used as a thermal conductor, an electrical conductor, a building material, and a constituent of various metal alloys. Copper metal and alloys have been used for thousands of years. In the Roman era, copper was principally mined on Cyprus, hence the origin of the name of the metal as Cyprium, "metal of Cyprus", later shortened to Cu...
I think Trufa's going to enter the police academy...
it might be, but was obvious that trufa meant 'crazy'
do you mean cuckoo?
@drachenstern hahahahahahahahaha
7:16 PM
@drachenstern I ment cuckoo
protip: I knew enough to disambiguate the meaning and make a separate joke. I knew that. ;)
I spelled it like I would in spnaish
That I did not know. Run that last one by me?
@drachenstern I was going to acuse you of asperger
good catch
I actually do think I'm about 40% Aspy, to be honest. I don't think I'm as bad as Moshe ;) ... I am starting with a new therapist on Thursday of next week, so I had already wanted to followup on that and discover any new behavioral therapy.
7:20 PM
I'm reading the definition and thinking "what's so bad about this?"
@drachenstern what would be the opposite of asperger
> People with Asperger's often display intense interests, such as this boy's fascination with molecular structure.
what ever it is i have that
@Trufa I have no idea
7:20 PM
@Fosco often to the detriment of other social skills
not as bad as autism, but close
That boy clearly does not have a preoccupation or fascination with chemical structures or that would be a 3D folded model in front of him
> The lack of demonstrated empathy is possibly the most dysfunctional aspect of Asperger syndrome.[2] Individuals with AS experience difficulties in basic elements of social interaction, which may include a failure to develop friendships or to seek shared enjoyments or achievements with others (for example, showing others objects of interest), a lack of social or emotional reciprocity, and impaired nonverbal behaviors in areas such as eye contact, facial expression, posture, and gesture.
This, however, is me to a T. I have like ZERO social empathy, and don't understand this preoccupation with body language, altho I have learned to observe such situations and take them into account. I feel like a lot of the time I have to play watchman in my head to make sure I'm doing the things I should. I don't understand taboos.
@drachenstern really?
I have a hard time with language as well, communication is tricky for me. I don't show it, because I work on it, but I'm not as far Aspy as some people I know of, so I don't think it's that big of a deal.
@Trufa Know how all the great theorists say that we should be more like children, because they see and observe and say what they see and don't try to view things through a lens? That's how I work most of the time.
I get funny looks a lot.
I sometimes wonder if I'm just a hedonist and a narcissist and self centered.
@drachenstern I find that fascinating, I am the absoluto ultimate and total oppiste
I see everything as a metaphor
so to speak
Visual thinker?
@GeorgeMarian me?
7:26 PM
@GeorgeMarian well I see myself as a visual thinker too tho.
@Trufa yah
@drachenstern hmm
@GeorgeMarian absolutely and with mild case of synesthesia
Synesthesia (also spelled syn├Žsthesia or synaesthesia, plural synesthesiae or synaesthesiae), from the ancient Greek (syn), "together," and (aisth─ôsis), ","is a neurologically-based condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. People who report such experiences are known as synesthetes. In one common form of synesthesia, known as grapheme → color synesthesia or color-graphemic synesthesia, letters or numbers are perceived as inherently colored, while in ordinal linguistic perso...
because I can visualize things. When we speak of programmers juggling things I literally think of a programmer juggling a closure, and a class, and a UI design. It's all very abstract. I build images of my projects completely in my mind so that I know where to go and what to do. Then I was told that that was all completely normal, so I have no clue if I go further than most or if I really do do something unusual in my head.
Now synesthesia is NOT something I have.
Yah, I may have mild Synesthesia myself. Or something that presents itself like it. It may just be the dyslexia. Many times I select words on how they "feel."
I confuse many sensations with colors
7:29 PM
has just hit the meta rep cap for the second time ever!
@GeorgeMarian well rather I assign colors to thhe
> Lexical → gustatory synesthesia
how interesting
@drachenstern to me that happens mainly with smelling
not so much with taste
@Trufa I don't know if mine is really Synesthesia or not. But, it does seem like a crossing of sensory input.
So anyways, I need to go walk my dogs. I shall return
and then I get to start working on coding up some tables.
7:31 PM
@drachenstern c'ya
@GeorgeMarian oh I'll be ghosting
@GeorgeMarian well Synesthesia is hard to define unless its extreme
@Trufa True. And, just like dyslexia, asperger's, autsim, etc., it's a matter of degree.
@GeorgeMarian I actually had no clue I had it
7:33 PM
@TheRenamedException Grats
i though everyone say felt things like me
@GeorgeMarian then I incidentally found a video
@Fosco thanks. 100 of that came from my Town Hall Digest question
@Trufa Yah, it took me a long time to figure out I was dyslexic, though I had a suspicion since I was a teenager.
@TheRenamedException Congrats! I'm close to capping today, too.
7:34 PM
@GeorgeMarian I never took that test
I probably have it to some extent
oh, wait, /reputation says this is my third rep cap hit, I am surprised
@Trufa That sad irony is that I went to a lecture given by a dyslexic and I didn't follow through.
@GeorgeMarian hehehe
@Trufa This is what did it for me: dyslexia.com/library/symptoms.htm
@GeorgeMarian in my case i have a very hard time spotting the difference between "word" and "wrod"
7:36 PM
At a quick glance, I ticked off at least 1/3 of those.
@GeorgeMarian i'll take a look!
@Trufa I need to figure out my specific issues to work on them. Like "ou" in words give me trouble.
That said, it's interesting to note that sometimes errors stick out like sore thumbs, other times they go totally unnoticed.
Hi again! :)
@GeorgeMarian god damn!
is this article precise
I mean medically
@Trufa AFAIK it's accurate, at least from the observational perspective
7:40 PM
@GeorgeMarian I will take the test then
I felt really identified, I mean, except some points
If you want, I have several books I can suggest.
@Trufa There's a lot of variety. Dyslexia is actually an umbrella term now.
@GeorgeMarian shoot!
@GeorgeMarian ok... that makes sense
They refer to it as a "constellation" of symptoms. So, imagine a bunch of points representing specific symptoms and lines connecting specific dots.
Wife hits 60%+ of those traits
On top of that is difference in degree. So, each dot would be brighter/darker depending on the degree.
@drachenstern A LOT of people are dyslexic. Some estimate 10% of the population.
Personally, I think it's more like 1/3, bearing in mind that mild cases don't warrant a diagnosis.
7:44 PM
@GeorgeMarian much like most of this pathologies
@Trufa Yup.
One of my very good friends is dyslexic. Has amazing picture memory and visual skills.
For example, there's a good chance that many of the world's CEO's and entrepreneurs are dyslexic to some degree.
@GeorgeMarian I believe this!
@TheRenamedException Yah, dyslexics almost exclusively a visual thinkers.
7:45 PM
@GeorgeMarian yup.
Makes me wonder if it's just a difference in brain wiring that's a hold over from before language.
He's got great business sense also
@GeorgeMarian I totally believe it is just different wiring
the idea of it being from a time before language is interesting
@TheRenamedException Yah, that's my thinking on it. And, as far the reading issues, that seems to be what the medical evidence suggests. A different pathway is used in dyslexics. One that just isn't as good a symbol recognition.
@TheRenamedException me too, the visual memory part specially
@TheRenamedException I don't remember written words I remember pictures of the
as if I had scanned them
That's what I have heard
7:48 PM
@TheRenamedException It is hard to explain though, the scanning is quite accurate analogy
Shoot, i wish I hadn't erased what I was gonna write...ok, gimme a sec. lol
@GeorgeMarian hehe
I once memorized a very complicated route through NYC (one to avoid tolls on the trip upstate) just by being in the passenger's seat. When it came time for me to take the drive myself, I just did it. I only remembered 1 street name in the entire route, the rest was all visual and all just done by feel.
I still see that street sign in my mind whenever I think of this story.
It was the only street name that I used to verify the route as I was taking it.
When I was a child, my dad would make me memorize poetry to recite at church. That was a total, f@#$ing nightmare.
@GeorgeMarian I feel really very identified with this
Once or twice it went easily, almost w/o effort. I wonder if those poems were visual or why I memorized them so easily. Of course, that had made the other times feel that much worse.
7:54 PM
@GeorgeMarian I was just about to say that, I am very inconsistent
with things like poetry
@Trufa Definitely go for the test, then. I still haven't done the test, but there is little doubt in mind. That page of symptoms was an life-altering, eye-opener.
@Trufa Yah, inconsistency is a big part of dyslexia. Feeling of chaos, that type of thing.
@GeorgeMarian I have no doubt I will
Ironically, I'm a perfectionist. :)
@GeorgeMarian really, well I am inconsitent with that
VERY VERY VERY inconsistent
with most
I a mess
but with some things
That's another thing about dyslexia. It's not just about the symptoms. It's also about the reaction to them. People can take very divergent paths.
7:57 PM
I brings me to the border of a nervous breakdown if they are not perfect
@GeorgeMarian BTW thank you
@GeorgeMarian for some reason
@Trufa Yup. I feel almost OCD at times with some tthings.
I feel relieved
(I didn't see it as a problem)
but now
It's nice to be able to call it something
@Trufa You're quite welcome. After my experience with it, I've made it a mission of mine to educate people about it whenever the opportunity arises.
@GeorgeMarian no, really, thanks!
feels great
the synesthesia doest bother me
@Trufa Yes! Exactly. I got a lot of resistance about this from my dad and my brother. What they didn't realize, was that I wasn't looking for an excuse, I needed an explanation for WTF was going on in my head.
7:59 PM
but this does

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