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2:00 PM
wow -5 vs +10
A: Spelling and Grammar Flag?

Jeff Atwoodyou can just use the moderator flag for this -- there's a place where you enter the reason.

Jeff said what?
But I think I see why, Tim Post makes a great point re: the tag:

would caution against this tag, as someone could ignore it, thus shutting out any question that might not be worded perfectly. And while the 'rules' may say that only the OP can apply that tag, in practice, anyone can and will apply it. Similar to 'homework'. Additionally, as ccomet points out in comments, tags should describe the content and topic of a question, not the quality.
@PopularDemand WTF?
Oh, hang on, that was one and a half years ago
Anyways, there are more, but I don't think anyone will benefit from more links being posted here in chat.
The second one you posted is closer to @marcog 's idea. I see now why my suggestion of a tag could lead to problems
2:02 PM
original question (with fail english) has gone up to +2 :)
Wait she rolled it back?
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException No ?
I don't think I've seen this before
So the edited question (with corrected english) is at +2 ;-)
@YiJiang I just saw the new icon this morning
But, the blog isn't that new. I guess just the link is new?
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException The 'new' button should be? I'm not sure
2:07 PM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Yup
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException The Nick Craver post is newish. As in, it wasn't there yesterday afternoon.
Oh so the "new" icon means there's a new post in the blog. cool.
I thought it meant the blog itself was new, which it isn't
I wonder if that indicator will be dynamic; SO already has a login system, after all.
I don't know why I failed to see that
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Hover over it and you'll see a '8 hours ago' tooltip
2:11 PM
@YiJiang Ah. nice
OK well I am off to prepare for and then attend a meeting. I'll catch you all later!
2:35 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Hello.
@RebeccaChernoff Morning. So far, no planes has crashed on your airport. Yet.
@YiJiang She could do something about airport taxes, though. Those are ridiculously high
@YiJiang planes crashing ?
2:36 PM
he's playing some game. and named cities in said game after people in chat.
@Zypher I renamed a city in the OpenTTD game I'm playing to rchern
err actually that's a bit creepy
@Zypher let's go with the second reaction there, shall we?
@Zypher yeah. There already was a plane crash at Jeff Atwood
2:38 PM
@Zypher Not really. I think I can remember her name on stations better than those generated by the game
@Pekka Two, actually. A giant S fell out of the sky and squashed them or something.
> :427413
How do you quote older messages in here?
just paste the link to the message
@Pekka You need the url
Or if you're using the userscript use the /quote command
4 hours ago, by Yi Jiang
user image
@RebeccaChernoff Cheers
oh god ... i wish i didn't know about that game
i see many more wasted hours in my future
2:56 PM
Good morning @Rebecca
Keeping @YiJiang 's valuables safe?
(Damn, I closed that screenshot where it showed a trains called Rebecca Chernoff and Tim Stone North)
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Nick Craver's, actually. I just set up a plane service between the two.
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException A train heading to Rebecca Chernoff, actually. I don't think you can rename individual trains
One of the two was conspicuously missing in the blog post announcement )-:
@YiJiang Oh, that makes sense
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Yeah, I was wondering about that too. Is she going to get her own blog post?
I hope so, you deserve it @Rebecca!
Chuburg Springs is such an aweful name. What should I rename it to, hmmmm?
3:00 PM
@YiJiang Exception Springs?
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Got it renamed as 'Unhandled Exceptions'. The Unhandled Exception was one char too long
haha, sweet
OK, diving into work. I'lkl check in periodically. Very busy day today, important meeting coming up soon!
(Reschuelded from last week)
Reschuelded meetings are the worst
this one may be the start of a good partnership for my company so rescheduled is better than canceled!
Ah, the realistic acceleration patch is very very good
3:07 PM
Who is this rchern character?
Some random twitter user.
3:32 PM
yawns 'Ello
@RebeccaChernoff You should just change your display name and gravatar simultaneously and see how long it takes for people to realize who you are
(You'll want to avoid things like "(:" and "oy")
@MichaelMrozek We'll just make every newcomer smile before they start talking
> Apparently Nick’s membership to Stack Overflow predates even Jon Skeet’s, but he didn’t get serious about participation until he dropped his World of Warcraft habit.
Hahah, nice
I gave in and bought the Jon Skeet C# bible.
3:47 PM
Same here.. it was on sale.
Good ol' Manning
Speaking of which, today is the 4th, I better have won that iPad.
Gah, I made a pretty horrible mistake
Uh oh
As long as it doesn't involve my city, I'm sure it's OK.
I built a intercontinental airport outside Marc, but the problem is that it wasn't a city - about a quarter of the game's towns are designated 'cities', so they have three times other town's growth rate
3:51 PM
I created a feeder system to feed the airport traffic, since it doesn't have enough of it's own from Marc city
I'm not sure I want to hear about you 'landing' at Marc's 'airport'...
The problem is that one of the feeder towns turned out to be a city, so now it's even bigger than Marc
Is it odd that the #1 thing I'm looking forward to going home for is my coffee maker?
And the feeder system is jamming up. (I called that city balpha)
@mootinator Nah..is it a good coffee maker?
3:53 PM
balpha has twice the population of Marc now
@TimStone It's a great coffee maker.
Working out that this is a conversation about a game was tricky
Marc better play catch-up.
@MichaelMrozek I hope I didn't help.
@MichaelMrozek Yeah, this has already led in interesting directions.
@mootinator Well, in that case it's perfectly reasonable.
3:56 PM
You know, it's possible to move goods in circles in this game and not create negative profits - on paper at least.
What game is this?
@MichaelMrozek OpenTTD
Hm, my throat is really sore today...just in time for a conference call! \o/ I better not be getting sick...meh.
@YiJiang Wait so this means you can now /blame balpha ?!?
@TimStone Ug, I hope you feel better. Iwas feeling less-than-great last week, but am doing better this week
Thanks! I'm not hacking up a lung or anything, so hopefully it'll just pass.
4:03 PM
Bah I hate oversleeping
Woah, wait, I woke up before you? :P
Just kidding. But yeah, that's uncool. :/
@YiJiang You have actually just learned the truth of city planning
@TimStone No, I had to walk the dogs, shower, and come to the office. I don't turn on my laptop in the mornings or I kill too much time
@drachenstern I learned that a long long time ago while playing Sim City 4
4:06 PM
That seems pretty sensible. I stumble out of bed any immediately am in chat. Perhaps there's a slight problem in my routine, heh.
@YiJiang Well I rather meant the city-to-city aspect, but yeah, SC4 was kind of brutal
@YiJiang \o/
@drachenstern That it doesn't work?
@TimStone if it weren't for my meds ... :p
4:06 PM
18 secs ago, by mootinator
@drachenstern That it doesn't work?
@YiJiang Thanks Yi, I didn't need to work for a while this morning anyways ;)
@drachenstern I thought Google was going downhill before @JeffAtwood made it cool. #hipster
Waitasec, I'm not on Twitter here.
2theadvocate.com/news/112843019.html <-- Ok, I'm starting to get really nervous now
is a paranoid nutjob anyways
4:14 PM
Ah yeah, the shocked-to-death birds?
That must have been creepy as hell for people to wake up to.
This is more birds from a different species quite a ways away but still close
HAARP in action...
Yeah. It's creepy to hear on the news, let alone have to see firsthand
@Fosco I think so
4:15 PM
Where's my tin-foil?
They are experimenting on birds before using it on the Republican Congress.
4:18 PM
Bush did it.
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException I'm taking suggestions for new, funny sayings to put as the Tavern description
@TylerChacha Cool. I'll be thinking of some
13 hours ago, by drachenstern
"The Tavern: If nobody else is working the tap, then you probably should be" ...
"The Tavern: Feel free to talk shop or talk personal, just join in and talk" ...
"The Tavern: Welcome one and all, to the greatest show on Earth" ... <-- no
"The Tavern: If it aint worth sharing ... ahh who are we kidding, come on in" ...
@TylerChacha (:
room topic changed to The Tavern (General): A little better than watching Gilligan's Island reruns...
4:22 PM
or, ya know, that.
Still no blue name in chat though
4:23 PM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Chat only syncs like hourly
Ironically, if she were a chat mod she could force it to sync now
wow you guys are on here like forever
Our last hour of freedom. Get jokes about @RebeccaChernoff in now while you can
@MichaelMrozek hides She has the power now!
@Reno Its like watching Gilligan's Island reruns ... just better
@Reno Yes. yes we are :-)
4:24 PM
@TylerChacha Not much better
what we need is a youtube video box thingy
@MichaelMrozek Note the description only says "a little better"
@Reno A onebox? There is one
somewhere on this page
@MichaelMrozek hit f5?
4:25 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Oh. That was a short hour
i mean one that is fixed , not floating
there used to be this thing called youtube streams
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException I'm about 40% sure she always had the powers
Oh noes!
4:25 PM
Logging back out/in seems to trigger it.
Oy, were you all in denial or something?
Ah, interesting
I never really cared..
@RebeccaChernoff You've known I knew you had the power ever since that unfortunate plumbing incident months ago...
I'm not afraid of @RebeccaChernoff :)
@RebeccaChernoff I'm always in denial >_>
4:27 PM
OK. The time is here. Wish me good fortune!
heads to a meeting
This seems like an opportune moment to kick @TheNeedsMoarJqueryException
@RebeccaChernoff Of course we are! You have no powerrr... gags stttopp forrrccceee chhookkin' mmee... slumps onto the ground
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Good luck :P
Leaving for your meetings... shakes head and listens to teleconference on speaker phone
@YiJiang the force seems strong in this one o_o
The Tavern: Because programmers aren't social, but still need beer.
The Tavern: Where every 50th message gets a star, no matter what it's about.
4:35 PM
All hail the blue ;)
Oh dear
Rebecca Chernoff ♦, St. Louis, MO
101 1
The Tavern: The longest running community wiki question ever.
@MichaelMrozek The end is near...for you.
@TylerChacha That's actually pretty good
yesterday, by Yi Jiang
@MichaelMrozek MOD FIGHT!!!
4:38 PM
@YiJiang is that like the scene near the end of Matrix3?
The Tavern: Talk about Talking about StackOverflow.
@drachenstern It certainly includes the epic music, yes.
err .. thats a bad one..
@drachenstern Hmmmm... although I don't think @RebeccaChernoff is going to assimilate @MichaelMrozek anytime soon
@YiJiang "yesterday"? Please.
Oct 18 '10 at 17:59, by Popular Demand
Mod fight! Mod fight!
4:39 PM
I'm not sure if @RebeccaChernoff and @MichaelMrozek can fly, but...
I think you're all confused about the hierarchy; she's a dev, not a mod. She's got scary powers I don't want to know about
Unless they're directed at @PopularDemand. Then I'm fine with them
@MichaelMrozek I was just thinking about commenting on how she's not blue for me, and I'll just have to never log out starting now.
But I figured she'd just kick me.
@MichaelMrozek nah, we're not confused
She's probably staring at the "erase moderator" button on my profile right now, moving her mouse on it, then off it, then on it again
The Tavern: Beating dead memes over ... and over... and over again.
4:42 PM
@MichaelMrozek It's a good thing they have "permaban this user" button, or she wouldn't have any reason to move her mouse off of it.
The Tavern: You can get as many beers as you'd like, but you can never leave.
I'm about four seconds away from just ignoring Chacha completely
Just hope she doesn't find the "Reduce user's credit score by 50 points" button.
@MichaelMrozek Four seconds before, or four seconds after?
@PopularDemand I've been curious if there's a built-in dev way to modify rep arbitrarily. I've never seen it done
@MichaelMrozek Would you like me to stop trying to be funny?
4:43 PM
@TylerChacha You're saying random Tavern catchphrases, as far as I can tell
I was starting to wonder if you were confusing your browser with a notepad window
14 mins ago, by drachenstern
http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2011/01/03/vs-2010-sp1-beta-and-iis-developer-express.aspx <-- anybody else using this?
now that the tavern has slowed down a notch
I wasn't sure what you meant by "this". VS2010? 2010 SP1? IIS express?
both, SP1 and IIS Express
how's it work compared to "standard VS2010"
I'm thinking to install it on my dev laptop
5:11 PM
So I either just wrote the method that I was wasting hours not doing last night in a few minutes, or this will go horribly wrong.
tries to throw a marshmallow into Tim Stone's mouth while he's yawning
Free food! \o/
@TimStone By the way, you should never rule out the possibility of both.
Yeah, that sentence was definitely not constructed entirely how I meant it.
5:15 PM
I imagine that the trick was you slept on it overnight
That usually works out very well for me
@drachenstern Well, that or I stopped procrastinating.
You should remember Cole's First Rule of Programming** "Be lazy." and the Corollary: "Be just a little more lazy". **(for those who have learned enough to become decent programmers)
@TimStone nah, I prefer the explanation that your subconscious figured it out while you slept.
I have laziness down to an art form.
As do I. I wonder how I don't get fired, except I turn out excellent code on schedule and I have fewer programming bugs than some of the others on my team
5:17 PM
@drachenstern I actually had it figured out before in a vague way and just didn't write it down in code. I mean, it's like ten lines. :P
Now the business logic rules ...
@drachenstern That's all that really matters. :D
@drachenstern :p I'm still not sure why my explanation doesn't count ;)
@TimStone yeah but I feel silly when I log 1k messages in chat here a week and increase my SO rep
@TimStone Not until you can convince a reputable university to offer a Laziness History major.
imagine if I were able to just focus on code ...
@PopularDemand bah, historians can't be lazy, there's no art to history
There's an art to writing about history, but not to actual history
5:18 PM
@drachenstern I haven't increased my SO rep...although I did get an up vote for my Markdown debugging on Meta a bit ago, hooray.
and if you're going to get a degree in writing, it should be a lit degree ;)
@PopularDemand Hm, that may be tricky
@TimStone I was considering trying to raise my meta rep, but so far it's all been by-the-way rep, any intentional attempt usually results in my getting downmodded
I'm considering instantiating @Pollyanna's method of rep-raise ... :p
@drachenstern Talk to radp?
@PopularDemand did you see what Pollyan suggested?
> However, if you need to be able to access the higher functions of the site, it is astonishingly easy to get rep here. If you still have problems, flag posts and ask for help from moderators until you have the rep.
I've not found it "astonishingly easy" to get rep on MSO
5:23 PM
@drachenstern If the right questions come along, it isn't hard.
@drachenstern I don't get it. Flagging doesn't cause rep gain.
However, there's a caveat that I'm not really trying ...
@drachenstern Then you're doing it wrong..
@PopularDemand I do believe Pollyanna meant that the reps could upvote you
There are some things that you can easily predict people will be on board with.
5:23 PM
@TylerChacha of course
@TimStone like not raping women and not burning houses down while people are inside them?
Not uh...where I was going to go with that, but yes.
(I could've been more graphic there but figured that was good enough :p )
@TimStone :p
Oh look, that's my cue for three more weeks of hibernation.
@drachenstern Pollyanna is very smart and very funny. And he's got a girl's name.
5:24 PM
@PopularDemand You're back?
Dang it..
If you answer joke questions or post questions about simple features you'll get rep on meta pretty fast
@MichaelMyers yes I know, makes it trickier to decide to say "he" for the underlying user or "she" for the av...
@MichaelMrozek see :427911
@MichaelMrozek My profile is a testament to that
Q: Naming the Tavern

Tyler ChachaI think Popular Demand put it best: It's a well-known fact that all the best taverns follow a specific naming convention. "The Brass Lantern," "The Prancing Pony," "The Drunken Clam," "The Mended Drum,"... they're all "The [Descriptor] [Noun]." Unfortunately, the tavern we're in isn't so bles...

Q: What is a bad feature of Stack Overflow?

Tyler ChachaI know that lots of people get help from the site everyday, and in general it is a great site. I love answering questions and getting answers for other knowledgeable programmers. But..... There is probably one feature, one thing about Stack Overflow (or related sites) that gets me annoyed. That...

Q: The Offical Stack Overflow Bunny

Tyler ChachaDear Messrs. and Mesdames, I, Chacha, would like to ask the community of Stack Overflow to acknowledge the following bunny as the official Stack Overflow bunny. This bunny has been responsible for many funny threads, and has been involved in countless efforts to bring laughter to the programmi...

@TylerChacha And mine. With a little common sense thrown in here and there, but not in large doses.
There are two people named Michael in here... this is confusing..
Both of you have similarly colored avatars too..
5:27 PM
@TylerChacha that's where reply-to-line makes it so much easier to follow ;)
Wait for Michael Petrotta to show up. He was here yesterday.
@MichaelMyers let's summon him ;)
Jin always calls me Michael Mrozek.
@MichaelPetrotta you have been summoned to chat ...
Luckily, I'm the only person who has a blue avatar..
5:28 PM
@MichaelMyers I can only imagine what sort of long-term damage this has caused.
@TylerChacha I think I'm the only one with a predominantly orange one too
@drachenstern @waffles has one that is very orange
It isn't necessarily orange, but it is a similar shade
oh well it's less orange than mine
5:32 PM
Oh no I just pulled out a freakishly long arm hair without considering the nurturing it in order to get a weird world record potential.
What was I doing?
Ah, right..
@mootinator lmao
That's rather unfortunate, yes..
Who here does PHP regularly?
What's the PHP to check the referer of a request?
Preferably even enough to satisfy "this page was requested by somebody on this site"
I know @DanGrossman would know but I don't see him active atm
tim's right
Q: Determining Referer in PHP

UnkwntechWhat is the most reliable and secure way to determine what page either sent, or called (via AJAX), the current page. I don't want to use the $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], because of the (lack of) reliability, and I need the page being called to only come from requests originating on my site. Edit: ...

5:42 PM
danke schoen
if (empty($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) || strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], 'yourdomain.com') !== false) { echo 'probably from your own site (edited)'; }
@DanGrossman cool
Does anyone else get a twitch when they see "referer" and realize that they can't correct it?
Nah, that twitch faded away over the course of 11 years with the language.
5:47 PM
@drachenstern I am intrigued by what Markdown does with ********* (13 stars)
@MichaelMyers hahaha
It's different here, naturally.
naturlich <-- has rusty German. Don't poke for fear of tetanus
@DanGrossman easy points for you by chance? (since you're the only dev here I know that regularly does PHP) stackoverflow.com/questions/3998528/…
I love PHP, but that question is no fun.
@Fosco can't he just post the data across?

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