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6:01 AM
ok, that's midnight
I'll see some of you in the AM ... Tim, pretend to get some sleep. @RebeccaChernoff do so if you're not still too excited about your new job ;) ... ciao ya'll .. @TylerChacha good luck on finding that shovel tonight ;)
6:14 AM
@YiJiang I have Train stations ... How do I tell the trains to get the ore?
@TylerChacha You have two stations, right? One which supplies and one that accepts
You need to pop open the orders panel, the one with the arrow
Yes, I have one at a mine and one at a refinery
Pop open the order panel with the button that looks like '->' then press go to, click the station, then the other one, and press start
Both panels say :Accepts Nothing
the one by the mine ways waiting nothing, accepts nothing
@TylerChacha Eh... the one at the refinery is too far from it
6:17 AM
You mean at the mines
@TylerChacha The mine should say waiting nothing, since it won't start supplying until the first train visits
The refinery has 'Accepts: Coal'
@TylerChacha Good enough, have you given the train it's orders?
I have it Go to Mines (Full load any cargo) and Go to Refinery
@TylerChacha Okay, sounds about right. Click on the bottom bar, then the train will start
6:19 AM
it goes back and forth
@TylerChacha Between?
But the mine still says '0% transported"
Between the two stations
@TylerChacha Wait till the end of the month, and check that the train is picking up the cargo
right now it says all 5 cars are empty
and it just left the mine
@TylerChacha The very first run will always be empty
6:21 AM
ah, k
so we will see what it does now
You can fast forward it a bit
second run., stil empty
@TylerChacha Okay, is there any cargo at the mine station?
I'm not sure. It still says nothing is waiting
Maybe you'd want to read the tutorial on the Wiki instead: wiki.openttd.org/Tutorial/Trains
6:25 AM
I did exactly that..
@YiJiang I was just wondering about something like that.
Both stations are right next to each other..
Followed everything exactly
Erm... I'm not sure. Maybe drop a screenshot here?
@TylerChacha That's an Iron ore mine, which you've connected to a power station
6:30 AM
Somethings wrong, because after around a year of sitting at the station it is still at 0%
You're looking for a coal mine
^ This is a coal mine
@TylerChacha The right most button on the main bar will let you get info on any tile. It's a great way to figure WTF things are.
@GeorgeMarian Right clicking on any button will give you a tooltip
6:36 AM
@YiJiang Good to know, I was wondering why there weren't any tooltips.
there we go..
So many places to put in timesheet information, argh.
@TimStone I so dislike time tracking.
I don't mind it for the actual programming stuff...
But this administrative stuff is making me pull my hair out.
We have to break up meetings and stuff and assign time accordingly, and it's hard to keep track of it all.
@TimStone Wait. You have to subdivide time spent in meetings?
6:42 AM
Oh, man...
I just copy whatever everyone else puts. :P
I'm only interested in how long the programming takes, heh.
So let them decide how to divide up the rest, I figure.
That seems like more trouble that it's worth.
6:48 AM
If it helps them, I guess it's all good. Also, to be fair, our meetings tend to go on huge tangents...so I guess they're more like separate meetings.
sounds like you just need some better meeting discipline
Perhaps...There is a lot to cover though.
I once worked at a place where we had these huge meetings with the whole dev team for every new thing we were doing
Ouch, that seems a bit unnecessary
well, we were developing version 2.0, so everybody wanted to make sure we didn't have the limitations of 1.0, plus have all the features everybody ever wanted
classic "second system" syndrome
6:59 AM
Ah ha. :P
7:52 AM
@Benjol Ah, beat me to the link by a few seconds :P
@TimStone, I knew it was there somewhere because I've already gone to try and request the feature several times :)
Do you at least have the userscript to tide you over, if you use a userscript-friendly browser? :)
@TimStone, not yet, I admit. I've got the chat userscript loaded, never got round to trying the other one yet. Guess I should. (Thinks: Does working on userscripts fast-track you for valued associate status?)
Nah, I think @RebeccaChernoff is just good like that, heheh ;)
I was just curious, since I added auto-complete to it and no one has complained about any issues yet (which I'm sure there are plenty, especially since it doesn't alias accented characters to their non-accepted equivalents), heh.
up votes @MarcGravell for his prompt response, not his blame-taking (just so we're clear :P)
8:21 AM
what did I do now?
Well, you deleted the answer now. ;)
ah, yes. When I went to fix it I was like "huh? this should only show questions!"
I was just clarifying that the up vote was for your going to fix it, and not for the fact that it was your fault. :p
view the repo - Jarrod fixed it 7 hours ago
Oh, by the way...the whole "desktop notification of mentions in another room" bit isn't too kind to those of us with multiple tabs open. I found a way to quash it and set a timeout on the notifications with the userscript though, so it's all good for the moment.
Though I'd also imagine that my having a tab for each room isn't the intended usage either >_>
Q: Inconsistent handling of not-encoded URL in preview

Peter LangIn the preview, the link below is displayed correctly (but is incomplete). After posting, it does not work any more. The brackets need to be encoded. [Link][1] This is related to Hyperlink is shown incorrectly in SO post. My question is: Why is this incorrect URL handled different by the previ...

8:34 AM
@TimStone It has to be very prevalent.
I think this actually is a bug in the server-side markdown parser.
* Square brackets containing the link identifier (optionally indented from the left margin using up to three spaces);
* followed by a colon;
* followed by one or more spaces (or tabs);
* followed by the URL for the link;
* optionally followed by a title attribute for the link, enclosed in double or single quotes, or enclosed in parentheses.
It never says that there has to be a space after the link before the parenthesis-enclosed title.
goes off to look at that code now
@TimStone Yes, I've seen that - I need to fix it; note that it is turn-off-and-on-able now, though
Yeah, nice addition :)
Actually caught me off guard too, because I thought my script wasn't working, heh. Turned out I had to enable the notifications.
@I'm missing a chapter, what's the desktop notification thing?
Chat now has built-in notification support for @-mentions.
8:39 AM
uh, didn't it already? with the turquoise circle and the * ?
I'm not sure how they look in non-notification API supporting browsers (some HTML toast it looked like maybe?), but in Chrome you get notification toasts on your primary desktop.
@Benjol You get a little thingadongdong with the message.
If you @-notify me I'll grab a screenshot
@TimStone, I'm on firefox, so probably explains why I don't see any difference
really must get round to giving chrome some serious time. I like my forecast fox too much :)
(with Chrome)
And windows7?
I'm firefox on xp (here)...
You have to enable it in the sidebar first, using the "enable desktop notification" link.
8:41 AM
me goes there...
It'll work with Chrome on any OS, I believe.
leaving in firefox...
@TimStone I added a user-preference to persist that option; it needs to be enabled once by the user
(previously it was automatic: if the browser let you show it, it got shown)
No good, I just get aspx errors in chrome for some reason :(
8:44 AM
what errors?
Server Error in '/' Application.
I hadn't noticed until I went to add in the auto-timeout, presumably because I didn't reload chat until then. :P
@Benjol huh? now I'm confuddled
checking error log
@MarcGravell, well we've got proxy here blocking stuff, so possibly browser is sending you funny stuff
either that or it's the effect of trying to log in to chat from two different browsers?
error log is clean
8:46 AM
if you happen to have any more info on that I'd love to see it
@MarcGravell, I can connect to meta, but any chat.meta link gives me the 'yellow screen of death'
so... how are you here now?
with firefox
are you a zombie?
8:48 AM
Someone ping me.
@GeorgeMarian 'Ello
@GeorgeMarian, why? :)
@GeorgeMarian and a reply
@MarcGravell, I'll just check that proxy settings are same on both browsers (for starters)
Sweet, I wanted to checkout the desktop notifcations.
I may just start using Chrome for chat again.
8:48 AM
That's what I'm doing right now, heheh.
Firefox and it's 1.5 GB of RAM... shakes head
I wonder if I can/should do something like Chromed Bird does so the toast only lasts a while - thoughts?
It would also make it easier to distinguish the windows when I end up w/ soooo man windows that the titles just show elipses. lol
@MarcGravell Yah, that would be good. Ideally, with a configurable time.
@MarcGravell I went to these lengths to force that to happen, so my answer (and the answer of everyone else in here who uses Chrome and has the notifications enabled) is a resounding "Yes!" ;)
Oh, goodness. I sure need to dust my humindor.
Though honestly I feel like it's just a huge fault of the notification API that there's not an optional parameter for the timeout :/
8:52 AM
what do we reckon... 30 seconds? after that just use the blue disk?
Yah, that should probably work well.
I have it at 8 there, but as a compromise 15 might be comfortable. I generally only want to see the toast if I'm doing something else on my main screen and not looking at chat. Otherwise, I'll just come back and check the notifications using the disk later.
(switches csproj)
@TimStone I'm hedging that at some point one other browser will have toast, so I've wrapped it - there'll be a timeout option on my wrapper ;p
notifier.desktop({ title: title, text: text, icon: icon, timeout: 15000 });
@MarcGravell, FWIW, I can get to chat.SO and chat.SE
but chat.meta is #fail... odd; very odd
8:58 AM
@MarcGravell I'd imagine so, toast is delicious. Heheh, that's because you write awesome code, not whatever the notification API is suppose to be. ;)
any chance of a http dump? (obviously redact cookies) - I should be able to tell if it is some middle infrastructure...
Could it be the fact that I'm already connected via FFx? I could try connecting to the other chats in ffx as well, if you think that's even worth trying
@Benjol no; every client is independent
we don't do per-user state; that leads to things like messages that only get delivered to one client
@MarcGravell, urhm, I'll try :)
@Benjol I've been connected from three devices simultaneously, so it should be cool. >_> isn't a chat addict or anything
Ah, nifty.
dammit! made the mistake of editing the combined script rather than the individual file. Guess what my build script did to my change?
having self-vanishing toast also makes the duplication issue less severe
worth fixing, but less urgent
It's more motivation for people to use our userscript, so that's fine by me. ;)
But yeah, definitely. Before it was horrible, I had to clear 30+ notifications...
9:03 AM
(deliberate in chat) hg commit -m "Toast: now you see it, now you don't"
No, Kiln, I don't want to update at this point! thx for asking me. Again.
I feel slightly stupid, but why do you guys keep calling the notifications 'toasts'?
In software engineering, a toast is a small, informational window displayed by certain kinds of software, especially instant messaging clients such as AOL Instant Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, XFire(with the latest update) and Trillian. Toasts notify users of various kinds of events, such as reception of new e-mail, a change in a peer's availability, or a change in network connectivity. A Google employee, formerly a Microsoft Employee, is credited with coining the term during the development of MSN Messenger, since Messenger's small notification windows slide upward into view, like...
> The Desktop Notifications API allows script to request a small toast to appear on the desktop of the user.
9:05 AM
Probably, 'cause they pop-up, like toast... =/
I had a rant the other day about how calling it a toast was silly, but apparently the Chromium developers disagree. :P
build server reports success
test @Marc
@MarcGravell, I'm sorry, I'm sitting here looking at WireShark's zillion options and absolutely no idea how to filter out the bits that might be useful to you :(
Nor me; every time I try wireshark I give up and go back to Fiddler. Fiddler hugs me.
9:11 AM
@MarcGravell, ok, fiddler it is..
(wonders how many of you checked for my cookies...)
of course, Tim and Abby could get back my cookies in under 2 minutes
@MarcGravell We know you know better ;)
chat tycoon
Wow, Marc has a ton of valuables :P
9:17 AM
@TimStone Backlog, actually, after the plane that was running the very lucrative route crashed on takeoff from that airport
Oh, whoops.
a crash? must have been hardware related...
That is the busiest airport I have, actually, so we're going to see a lot of planes crashing at Marc Gravell Airport
9:19 AM
@MarcGravell Well, one happened at Jeff Atwood a few hours ago, so...
3 hours ago, by Yi Jiang
user image
@MarcGravell, ok, I've got.. something, what would you like? ;)
@MarcGravell Can you clear my star from @YiJiang's post at the top of the list over there? That sentence is still hilarious, but it does come across as a little inappropriate and I feel bad having it pinned up there. :p
@YiJiang Got any room left on the grid for Nick et al?
@YiJiang I forsee this game, in all its pixelated glory, taking up a lot of my free time.
@GeorgeMarian I'm resisting the temptation to start. I only have one more method to write, argh!
9:23 AM
@Benjol For the 501, the response pane (bottom right), Raw tab, after clicking the yellow button to remove compression (if there), and removing any cookie sets/
But right now I'm investigating Markdown for some reason. :P
@TimStone hehe
@MarcGravell, looks like I'm getting a 302, of all things...
HTTP/1.1 302 Found
Cache-Control: private
Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
Location: /error?aspxerrorpath=/
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2011 09:18:43 GMT
Content-Length: 139
Proxy-Connection: Keep-Alive
Connection: Keep-Alive
Age: 0

<html><head><title>Object moved</title></head><body>
<h2>Object moved to <a href="/error?aspxerrorpath=/">here</a>.</h2>
proxy cache?
9:25 AM
let me manually check the servers
I have you
"The null value cannot be assigned to a member with type System.DateTime which is a non-nullable value type."
stop being null, @Benjol ;p
I blame an iPhone alarm not going off to wake the server up so it could let poor @Benjol in.
@MarcGravell Good stuff
nearly built...
right; try now
hehehe, I's in :)
Thanks @Marc, now where's the toaster? :)
9:50 AM
@Benjol Toast!
@TimStone, sorry, had to reboot my machine, I missed that one :(
@Benjol No problem :)
no joy, I guess I have to enable something in chrome? (Sorry, definitely not a power user)
You'll need to click the link below the star list on the right if you haven't yet, and then there should be a notification asking you to grant the site permission to display notifications if it hasn't been granted already.
haha, I see, that link kind of didn't stand out for me, you know?
more toast please ;)
9:59 AM
@Benjol pop!
@Benjol With butter or jam? :P
nice nice nice, I'm rolling in the stuff
@TimStone, Marmite, what else? :)
@MarcGravell, so, do I get a 'found exotic bug' badge? Or a 'stupid user' badge? :)
In this case, I think the only badge on offer is "stupid developer" aka me
10:09 AM
@MarcGravell, oh, ok, but you already had that, I guess :)
A bridge to nowhere. :)
Hah! I was just about to write that exact same message.
Great minds, and all that...
@GeorgeMarian Happens a lot
On my 512x512 map, I think I can give you a dozen at least. The game's own road building algo isn't that good.
Although there's an option to use an 'improved' algo, it doesn't seem to do much
@YiJiang So, how often do you run the risk that by the time you've built something to take advantage of a subsidy, the resource has gone away?
10:17 AM
@GeorgeMarian I don't usually take subsidies - but you should be able to see a list of subsidies from one of the top bar menu
@YiJiang I just built a railroad to take advantage of a subsidy and forest closed up shop soon just about when it came time for me to give orders to the trains. =/
@GeorgeMarian Yeah, sucks when that happens
Alright, judging by that last sentence, I think it's time for bed.
g'night folks
Night George
10:25 AM
Oh boy, it happened again
Wow, Jeff is ruthless.
Apparently all plane crashes result in 100% fatalities. :P
@TimStone Also, the planes have 2 pilots - the plane reports 400 passenger capacity
Apparently neither the pilot nor the copilot were very good at their jobs.
I get the feeling you guys aren't talking about stack overflow
@TimStone They were just unlucky at the PRNG - 0.7% chance is the default here
That's what chacha looks like. Hmmm...
10:32 AM
@GregHewgill Heheh
@YiJiang Ouch, that seems rather high
OK, my brain has turned to mush now. Think it's time to rest a bit before tackling the rest of this code..
10:53 AM
Morning everyone
What's this showing Sim City screenshots all about?
Railroad tycoon, surely
@Pekka OpenTTD, actually. And I'm naming the in-game cities after chat regulars here
or transport tycoon
@MarcGravell Open source version of the classical, yes
@YiJiang Ah, very nice!
Next up: Riots against the employment Policy in Umbrella Factory in @Marc Gravell
Suburban transport down in @Jin City
10:58 AM
@Pekka I haven't installed the Urban Monorail package yet, unfortunately
2 hours later…
1:14 PM
I suppose it's inevitable that each of the dev team will have some plane crashing in their airports
I've downloaded OpenTTD, but can't really get into it... too much scrolling around wondering what to do... Maybe I should RTFM :)
@Benjol Start with this: wiki.openttd.org/Tutorial/Buses Right click on any button for tooltip
@TylerChacha YEY! The old saying! Thanks :-)
"I should not change s[7] to s[6]. If we set s[6] as 'A' then we will get the desired output.."
"@user so you're saying you don't want the desired output? O_o"
A: Difference between strncpy and memcpy?

marcogYou need to add a null-terminator to the end of the string (also note you have the wrong index, as arrays start from index 0): char s[10] = "qwerty"; s[6] = 'A'; s[7] = 0;

Some people just don't get it :-)
@YiJiang your trains amuse me:
Rebecca Chernoff: Accepts: Passengers,Goods,Mail, Valuables
Tim Stone North: Accepts: Nothing
You trust @RebeccaChernoff with your valuables? =o
1:40 PM
Q: Java regex problem

JaneNYHow to with regex in Java I split boolean expression ? I have for example a_1 & b_2 | (!c_3) nad I need to get in String [] ={"a_1","&","b_2","|","(","!","c_3",")"} Name od variables can contain alphanumeric characters and '_' . Help now ?

Oh geez, that needs a lot of cleanup
Sometimes, I just need to facepalm about clue level.
Yeah, I don't think the OP's English is very good.
But one of the answerers actually gave me this advice: favor simplicity over common sense if possible
Check out what @marcog shared with us just above =b
It almost made milk come out of my nose.
That's too funny
1:43 PM

Skynet will be built with sentient regexs

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Bookmarked 6 secs ago by Yi Jiang

Wow, that guy's a real piece of work too.
Bah, did you edit @ErickRobertson?
no, @marcog did
I was just saving!
@The It needed fixing!
I know, I was just saving my fixed-up version when it told me you had posted yours ;-)
I shouldn't edit questions posted to chat, must be fast
oh, i see :/
1:49 PM
Your edits were great @marcog -- almost excatly the same as mine, save for the last line which I think she meant to be my way
"Name of variables" vs "Name and variables"
yeah, you're right
because she had "od", which I assume was a typo
Is it sad that I earned the copy editor badge before fanatic?
copy editor is the gold one?
I am mistaken again
@marcog Yeah
1:51 PM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Ha! You actually setup a cron job to do that?
i only recently started really jumping in with the edits
(self confessed compulsive obsessive editor here)
@YiJiang I did. But I was mistaken, it only got me the Fanatic badge on MSO and SU
I love editing
I guess I'm crazy
That attribute doesn't generally mix well with the ridiculously low quality [css], [html] and [jquery] posts
But cleaning up a messy post like this one and seeing downvotes turn around makes me feel oddly satisfied somehow
1:53 PM
Editing is a great way of adding to the site.
@YiJiang FWIW, I did, too. (On Meta, of course.)
Hey @PopularDemand, I haven't seen you lately! Happy new year to you
You know what would be useful: a way for a user who knows his english is poor to submit his question to a "edit me, then publish" queue.
or something like that
Though I have been questioning my editing lately.
I like that idea @marcog
1:54 PM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Hello, you too!
Or maybe a tag, [please-edit]
@marcog This has been suggested; searching.
You could also pass it through google translate to see if it picks up the post as english
I have a feeling it would fail to detect a bad post as english
1:56 PM
@marcog I think post mostly made out of code will fail
@marcog I like this idea @marcog
@YiJiang you could strip code blocks before submitting to translate
@marcog Most new users don't know of the fraking {} button
which would serve an added purpose of making sure code is correctly formatted
@YiJiang hence send them to an edit-first queue
@YiJiang "Google has detected this to be written in the C++ language; would you like us to translate it to [English]?"
1:58 PM
i'm not sure how well it might work in practice
Q: fix-my-english-please tag

Tobias KienzlerI suggest a (special?) tag every non-native English speaker may use to encourage native speakers to fix the spelling and grammar errors one made² ²) as long as it's relevant to understanding the questions meaning and does not consist of UK<->US conversion

@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Ha!
@PopularDemand lol, -5
@marcog Well, that had to do with it being a meta-tag.
true, only read it after seeing the score
1:59 PM
@PopularDemand Reading, pondering...
Q: I think we need a flag for non-English speakers

TechZenIt would help everyone if we provided a mechanism that people could use to flag their post if english is language they are not comfortably fluent in. A lot of non-english speakers have to go to english forums for tech support and find it embarrassing to ask questions in broken speech. Worse, pe...


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