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9:00 PM
Q: Can jQuery perform an if statement?

songdogtechCan jQuery perform an "if" function? As in, if a class exists in one menu item, apply that class to a different menu item? This is slightly different than the usual active page menu highlighting, as I'm dealing with active dropdown menus and child pages. What I'd like to do is (the usual suspec...

Cue the jQuery basic math fake question...
Stuff like that drives Javascript purists insane; I love it
Yeah, it's funny. But to be fair, what the OP really means does fall into the scope of jQuery.
(As far as I can tell)
He's wanting to check if a CSS class exists right?
I was going to edit but I was unclear
That seems to be the case.
9:05 PM
@The I think he wants to select elements inside the specified element with one of those classes.
and I really do need to be working, as much as answering / editing questions might be preferable :-(
@Pekka so if class is applied here?
Yeah that's a jQuery question
and with my new nick I can say that with certain authority
as can I say he needs to be using more jQuery
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException I just switched to this tab and saw this statement and got blasted by its inherent truth.
Regardless of context.
I'm glad I could help you see the light
Now, could you please explain why my database upgrade script corrupts the database?
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException yeah, I still don't know if I should select it with $("light"), $(".light"), $("#light") or $.light()
Can I use jQuery in my C++ application?
9:08 PM
Clearly $('#light') as it's the light
@MichaelMyers C++ is an extension of jQuery, obviously.
@MichaelMyers The real question is, can you afford not to use jQuery in your C++ application?
What if you need conditionals?
The system should detect lots of starred posts in a row and block anyone from starring for 10 minutes
> You have fully used your vote allowance for today
that's just patently ridiculos
And I only just got back from lunch
@drachenstern Wait, is this the same line of conversation or a different one?
just make an $ class and dump everything into it, claiming the rest of the language is broken -- it probably is. From therein, reimplement C++: $("#y").val($("#math #sqrt").apply($("#x").val()))
9:11 PM
Additionally, I can see I need to ask a new question: How do I declare a variable in jQuery
@mootinator does it matter?
@drachenstern No. I suppose jQuery can sort it out.
@radp I see the $('#light')!
@mootinator what a shame I'm out of stars :(
@MichaelMyers that's redundant. Should be @radp I see $('#light')!
@drachenstern Tap the up arrow. Then you can see off the screen and maybe some stars will fall for you to collect.
@radp $('#light').see()!
@drachenstern bang your head on your desk. always gives me more stars
9:14 PM
> `$("#radp"), $("#i"), $("#can"), $("#see"), $("#light") '
@MichaelMyers I think @MarcGravell should have @balpha instruct @RebeccaChernoff to fix that for us ;)
Whew, I thought we'd have to defeat Bowser to get a star.
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException only gave me a headache, and didn't even give me any tylenols :(
@MichaelMyers $("sentiment#joy").feel()
@mootinator You're playing the wrong game then.
9:14 PM
@mootinator No no no, our Princess is in ANOTHER castle.
@mootinator Again
@MichaelMyers I see the improvement, but how do I know that .see() is applied to self in this case?
Clearly Mario could have benefited from a more competent intelligence gathering agency.
jQuery knows everything.
I'm playing "Super Marioy Bothers"
@TimStone * ahem * ... RAIN?
So @Marc - is toast fixed now?
9:16 PM
@Feeds who ARE you oh sockpuppet?
hmmm... seems to be
sup @Feeds!
Marc, I suppose.
@Feeds If so, I'll get the tea and coffee.
Anyway, while you're here discussing jQuery, which is alright, we are busy doing real community defining work.
9:16 PM
Oh no, @Rebecca has a sockpuppet!
@TimStone he was relying on the shrooms wasn't he?
for those of you that like toast, but can't eat a whole loaf in one go... reload.
@MarcGravell does this break @TimStone's fixes?
I've got at least three different versions of the toast javascript running now between the 8 chat tabs I have open
I have no idea. I can't see why it would though.
9:17 PM
k, thanks
@MichaelMrozek This sounds miserable
@MichaelMrozek quick free toast check -- if you feel like murdering me, it's the old toast js.
@RebeccaChernoff I have a suspension request
requesting self suspension? k
@MichaelMrozek I only suspend users starting with Michael and ending in Mrozek.
9:18 PM
@drachenstern Well, hopefully I can just remove that stuff now. :P
@MarcGravell I considered it shortly before New Year's....
Whew, that was a close one!
@MarcGravell Anything to make the notification beeps stop
Someone ping me so that I can see if I can ;)
9:19 PM
@MichaelMrozek em... the speaker icon?
@Tim !!!!!!!!!!! (you asked for it...)
@TimStone as if, @Tim.
edit abuse :(
@RebeccaChernoff I may have to change back to mmyers just to be on the safe side.
@TimStone Betcha can't get just one
9:20 PM
@MarcGravell Well, I like them most of the time. They're less useful when somebody edits a post 14 times in the span of a minute
@MichaelMrozek Being suspended does not stop you from receiving notifications.
@MichaelMyers Hehe, you're safe. If anything, it is the chat autocomplete that automatically gives me @MichaelPetrotta when I type @Michael and hit tab. It has never given me you though.
@radp True. Suspending you would stop you from sending them though
@MarcGravell So about that rate-limiting on notifications I mentioned...
@RebeccaChernoff Then why does Jin always call me Mrozek?
9:20 PM
53 secs ago, by Marc Gravell
@MichaelMrozek em... the speaker icon?
why don't people grok this?
@MichaelMrozek That would hardly fix the problem. You still need to suspend the rest of the people who ever beeped you, in dev++ spirit.
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException At what point does a chat message become community wiki so we can all edit it?
@MarcGravell So there's still no fix for the cross-room issue right?
@Michael - but since they self destruct it takes them much more effort. And you can just ignore them...
@TimStone meaning?
9:21 PM
@MichaelMyers because @Jin is mean. (;
I think I'm incapable of working while receiving chat notifications. I hear the sound and hit the hotkey to switch to the chat window instantly and automatically
Oh, that time it was fine...Weird.
(i.e. what cross room issue?)
Someone @-notify me once? :P
@Tim twice
9:22 PM
@TimStone why only once?
so tempting to fix that typo
That's no fun @Tim!
OK, never mind. You did make it work :)
fix away @MarcGravell
Apparently I was misled by the massive amounts of unnecessary edits in the prior test.
Very good then, I can scrap that whole part of the userscript.
There were no unnecessary edits!
@TimStone disappointing.
Nice. :P
hey @Tim if I wanted a slash-command for the userscript, would I request it or could I submit code on my own?
9:24 PM
Either. Both.
You can do it yourself if you want, but if you request it I'm sure either I or someone else will take care of it.
Next job; see why admin/history shows all zeros for today
I'm thinking a /status command which updates the "About Me:" section of my profile
I'm pretty sure /autostar $regexp is ot of the question though.
Who remembers where the post was that said roughly how many people use meta in a day compared to how many use SO?
9:25 PM
like /status AFK, BRB
or was it SO compared to the other sites?
I should go look for Laurence's posts huh?
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException why should we all be able to update your status?
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException create a diff patch
@MarcGravell step 1: blame lazy mods taking the day off.
@MarcGravell Well you guys are already great at changing it from "working" to "Chatting" ;-)
I figure just make it an official feature
9:27 PM
I do need to put more effort into figuring out exactly what it was I was doing before Christmas that was so interestning.
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Hm, I suppose we could do that.
I could do it pretty easily, it's just an AJAX request and a response to a slash command
just need to find where the slash-commands are handled
Problem is I don't think anyone else uses "About Me:" for status, and I got out of the habit because it was a pain to update
Q: Individual Status field for chat

The NeedsMoarJquery ExceptionI absolutely love chat and want to extend a huge thanks and token of appreciation, respect and awe-of-coding skill to Balpha, Marc Gravell, and the rest of the team who built it (sorry I don't know the names of everyone who was involved!!) I look forward to seeing chat launch on StackOverflow, a...

@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Never noticed it before.
I would use it if it showed on hover next to the name, and b) if it were easy to update
Lol; column of zeros is due to rounding after midday.
9:29 PM
@drachenstern Like my question asks for :-)
            select CAST(FLOOR(CAST(GETUTCDATE() as float)) as int)
--vs--      select CAST(GETUTCDATE() as int)
(hint, hint @Marc and @balpha)
Whoops :P
Notification stuff has been removed from the userscript in dev, I'll push out the changes later (probably going to tack something else on there too if I have time)
I think I need some pen and paper time.
later @mootinator!
9:33 PM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException there's some minor complication there about how we get it updated on each client...
@MarcGravell What specifically do you mean? Couldn't you push status changes out in the same JSOn feed you push room join/leaves in?
I mean I obviously haven't seen the backend code, but I have played around with the JSON feed quite a bit for XMPP
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException the script has to update after the data is received?
Are there published numbers on the number of daily uniques to SO for any day in the past 6 months?
Oh we can do it, sure - it just isn't a "add a hover with some trivially available data"
@drachenstern I was thinking it would update the title tag or "about me" popin which already exists
@MarcGravell Oh, right. It's not trivial :-)
9:39 PM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException but which loads via ajax, so is up to date...
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException I meant that they have to find each place and write code to do just that place, etc. It's more than just passing the data, is all
/me support was trivial. This is clearly a bigger request :-)
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException /me was a formatting bit
@MarcGravell Oh, right, balpha explained that to me months ago
is the title for html5 notifications customizable?
9:40 PM
I remember now when I was trying to fetch the initial user list for each room for XMPP, and it couldn't be done.
I wonder if you could sneak the room name somewhere.
easily. It couldn't be done easily
@radp sure, that might make some kind of sense
let me investigate
the problem of course is excessively long names; everything is fun until someone decides that a 90 character (no spaces) name is a great thing
@MarcGravell You people and making fun of my new name... :-(
Speaking of your name...
9:42 PM
@drachenstern - Remember that "Torah" algo I was telling you about?
Just implemented it!
of course
@Moshe does it work like you wanted?
I think so.
is it a simple array <-> comparison?
Yea, not even.
I store the value of this week and next week from an array and then release the array from memory
So by the time we get to the compare, it's comparing to two numbers pulled from a dictionary.
9:47 PM
@Moshe it's comparing two numbers from one dictionary or two numbers one from a dictionary?
You don't do a very good job explaining the code, this is the third time you've tried to explain it.
It's comparing a single number to two numbers from a dictionary.
Each parsha gets a number, representing its start.
But I thought a parsha was more than one word
It is.
and if you want to highlight all the words from one parsha
Ugh, I am terrible at this.
I have a list of words from the torah, right?
9:48 PM
then for each word you have to check that word to see if it's in the "highlight me" list right?
so you have a list of words from the parsha, and a list of words to display
A list of words from the torah with a numerical value
Everytime I hit enter I send a space-separated list of words to the server
No everytime you hit enter, the gematria of your word is calculated.
@drachenstern somehow I only just saw this:
@radp building currently
a list of words with the same value is returned
but this is more than one word, why would it calculate the gematria as one number?
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException :D
A: What sites should have hyperlinking (onebox) support in chat?

drachensternIMDB quotes: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090605/quotes?qt0424740 <div id="qt0424740" class="soda-callout-box quote-callout-box"> <div class="sodatext"> <b><a href="/name/nm0000200/">Hudson</a></b>: Let's just bug out and call it even, OK? What are we ...

@drachenstern I'm not getting your question
Say I want to know the gematria of the word "shalom" (hello, peace).
@MarcGravell nice, I didn't think one'd be allowed to set the title for those notifications.
9:50 PM
I open the program and type it in and hit enter.
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException replete with "Hi Josh + Socks" ! :P
@Moshe a parsha has n number of words, yes?
The app returns the gematria and a list of words in the torah that have that same value
@radp you can't - I had to add it at the end. I tried a few positions, but postfix seemed the least invasive
ooooooh, that's not what I thought this app did
@drachenstern Except the "s" in "socks" is cut off, I was shocked for a moment
I was like, "Josh's what!?!?! "
9:51 PM
@drachenstern - oh, well, I'm sorry. My mistake.
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException the whole word socks is supposed to be cutoff in the middle
That's what the app does.
once more, with feeling @Marc
@Moshe I thought you wanted to highlight all the words from this weeks parsha in any displayed text on the screen
so if I were looking at Deut and this weeks parsha was from Genesis, that the words in Deut that were in this weeks parsha would be highlighted
thinks he remembers the names of the books of the Torah
No, but that might be an interesting app.
9:52 PM
@drachenstern - you have those names right
@Moshe hence array <-> array
Ok! Hebrew programming questions! perks up
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException lol
@MarcGravell Nice.
9:53 PM
It occurs to me that I should probably not review offensive-flagged things while at work
@Moshe well except I purposely didn't spell out Deut because I know I'll spell it wrong
@MichaelMrozek ROFLMAO
@drachenstern - It's fine. In hebrew that's "Devarim".
@MichaelMrozek hahahahaha
@MichaelMrozek You're welcome.
9:53 PM
@Moshe I'ld still mess that up :p
@drachenstern - It's all good.
Sorry @Marc, I had to give one of your stars to @MichaelMrozek
Point is, I got the app done by the deadline, which was today.
is happy
9:54 PM
@MichaelMrozek at my last place we had filtered internets (we were an ISP to schools - dogfooding); for the worst stuff I had to plug in my USB dongle to switch to my mobile internet so I could delete it from SO
Assuming that they don't decide to ask me why the results aren't in chronological order. (Which is because I used a dictionary instead of an array.)
has nightmares about Web[Non]Sense.
If they do, I can fix it.
he can't stop himself can he?
Changed my name, should show up soon.
Actually, unedited.
realizes that it wasn't a good idea
(redacted - oy)
9:58 PM
Q: Provide indicator that another user is editing a post

Greg HewgillSomtimes (eg. this question) more than one user will simultaneously attempt to edit a post, particularly to fix poor formatting by the OP. It looks like in that case, I finished 30 seconds sooner than @marcog, but I don't know who might have clicked "edit" first. Anyway, a useful usability enhan...

@drachenstern - There's a userscript to get rid of that on wikipedia.
I'm beginning to wish I hadn't commented now,
@Moshe or I can click the X ... does the same thing
@ChrisF Sorry!
9:58 PM
@ChrisF but how would you know???
@drachenstern - true
@TimStone It's not your comment, but all the others.
@Moshe, if you really want to be suspended, you could try following a user around and leaving nonsense comments on all their posts again. :)
(referring to now-deleted joking request for suspension)
@MichaelMyers I'm waiting on hitting on female mods to become a suspendable offense :p

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