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12:00 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog I'm unsure why you're reporting this to SD? What is offensive and can't be easily edited out? I see that "sexy" might be offensive, which A) I don't really see it used in an offensive manner (inappropriate, yes, but I wouldn't go all the way to offensive, but that's a personal assessment); and B) it could trivially be edited out (making it FP for SD & we generally only report to SD posts which are TP).
@Makyen I saw a link, and thought it was a spam link.
I know people don't usually look at manual reporting reasons, so I specified the reason "offensive language" just in case that happened to be a non-spam link.
@canon naw
I actually think that's worth addressing
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog OK. If the post is clearly red-flagable, then, yes, people generally just click on the feedback w/o looking at the reported reason. However, when what feedback should be given isn't clear, the comment for the report certainly helps us understand why it was reported. I appreciate your adding a reason. As to the link, another time, please hover the link to see what the URL is (your browser should show the URL upon hover). In this instance, it's an image of code in SE's imgur repository.
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1:12 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ yes?
1:57 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ ... dude, that's not cool, especially if you're directing it at a female mod cause she's female.
Just flag appropriately and move on. Mod stuff should mostly stay on the correct channels
actually, looking through it...
@πάνταῥεῖ that feels deeply inappropriate on the whole. Reading through that kinda makes me feel uncomfortable and skeevy. Sadly all I can do is kick. I'll be moving that whole thread out, and if you do it again, I'll be seeing what else we can do.
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2:13 AM
@AdamLear LIES!!!
close enough?
2:30 AM
@Catija Hahahah damn. Fair enough, curse my memory :)
It happens to all of us.
I want to say some stuff may have been deleted since, but I don’t realistically think it actually would make that much of a difference.
and if its meta, its probably not that old
I usually have rep drops within a day or so of posting an answer to a slightly more ill adviced question ;p
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog I have very little interest in refuting your claim.
@JourneymanGeek MSO became MSE, so it might be.
2:32 AM
I'm willing to discuss it, but not every single time MSE's rep system is discussed.
And... To be perfectly honest, I'm not going to be willing to discuss it again for a good long while.
A: What if MSE used a different rep model for privileges?

Shog9Let's start with some goals1 for a reputation system on this site. IMHO, a network-wide meta site should... ...allow all sufficiently-engaged2 members of any site to vote indicating their agreement or disagreement on proposed feature changes to the software. ...allow the site to be self-moderat...

That's what I did this evening instead of watering my garden. So I'm going to go do that now, before the light is completely gone.
I don’t think I ever posted anything highly upvoted that’d be likely to be deleted later.
oohm mid credit footnotes ;)
@AdamLear for certain values of that lol
@JourneymanGeek Naturally :)
I think I've seen... er -80?
But erm
I stopped caring about the numbers so... ;p
@Shog9 What’s goal #4? I’m on mobile, so not sure if I just missed it, but it looks like you outlined just 3.
2:44 AM
@AdamLear I renumbered and forgot to edit that
Of course, now I'm on mobile too
@Shog9 maaan, how do you type so much on a phone 0_0
@Shog9 I didn't ask you to refute it, just to point out where you did, should you have done so. No problem, you didn't.
Three answers on that muting question and none of them said anything about mods being able to see it.
@JourneymanGeek left-handed, too
That's only impressive if you're right-hand dominant.
2:53 AM
@Catija because that's asking for trouble
@Catija I wasn't sure if I wanted to/should mention it
I'm sure it's mentioned somewhere... ?
@Catija one-handed could come off wrong
true but then folks would nag us if they're muted
2:54 AM
To do what? They can nag us about all sorts of things... doesn't mean we take any action.
The context is a question asking "how can I..." Suggesting you can amounts to volunteering
> In theory a moderator could see this, but there's no real reason to, and lets face it, its just an invitation to more drama. Please don't ask a moderator to check, since the correct answer to that is always no
might work
I don't see the point
heh, nice answer shog ;p
3:21 AM
@Shog9 Is there a way of seeing how many people have exactly two answer downvotes and 99 rep? Seems like a way to see if the problem canon's talking about is actually a problem?
I'm not sure you actually say how many people can upvote only on MSE in that status quo section.
which problem?
> If all you ever do is comment and vote on MSE, you can easily run yourself out of rep... thereby losing your voting voice in matters that affect your site.
And I'll bet the number of people who have downvoted themselves below the upvote limit after having the association bonus is zero.
@Catija it's about 1400 that fall into that bucket
Your criteria are rather more precise though
I'm not sure what you mean?
3:30 AM
@Catija I don't think can can meta effectively without committing
@Catija There are 139 users on MSE who've earned the association bonus as their only rep on the site, and now sit at 99 due to downvoting answers
(but that's a different problem)
Seems like making a major change for 139 people is... overkill.
Even for 1400
3:32 AM
Especially since, well... There's a really easy work-around
delete your account?
@πάνταῥεῖ Yvette's not a mod on CR
@Shog9 I made the same mistake.
@Catija or retract your votes, or suggest edits or post useful opinions
@JourneymanGeek what?
thinking he pinged Yvette cause she was a mod on that site
I mean, the rest of it's still the same
(that that was deeply inappropriate)
3:37 AM
Oh, I see it now
Yes, inappropriate.
@JourneymanGeek he knows I'm not a mod on that site. he's playing games. Let's make that clear.
It started a long time ago. My foolishness is ever giving him chances to change
@Shog9 erm, so... I kinda think as an RO, something a little more serious than a kick is in order here.
it started way back here
3:40 AM
Q: Set a benchmark on acceptable behaviour

Yvette ColombI answered a question on SO meta today, where the female OP is expressing being upset about some gender issues, only to go back into chat and find a comment about something missing "tits". I flag this comment. A discussion then ensues over the fact there is a flag: Someone flagging stuff i...

@JourneymanGeek hence the flag-delete
are we all talking about the same thing?
Yes. I missed a huge chunk of the conversation, so just catching up now.
3:42 AM
@Catija @JourneymanGeek I went for community manager, as it's been going on for some years and it's actually getting to me. As now I know it will never change.
sorry about the move
@Shog9 if you go from that question ^^ it's been a long time and started in socvr
@YvetteColomb ah, yeah. We were trying to deal with the immediate issue - we weren't aware it was that bad
he's like that with women he finds attractive
@JourneymanGeek yeh, that's why I'm paying you both the courtesy as ROs, to understand why I went that route
3:43 AM
how do we see our chat flag history? (I'm a terrible mod)
can't see it here I think
or even the other server
Flags cast?
votes are cast, flags are raised
chat flag visibilty is a bit.. ;p
I know its not very useful, except when it is but....
Raise it up the flag pole and see who salutes?
3:49 AM
pretty much
(anyway, I'm of the opinion flags ought to be fire and forget anyway...)
agree, unless the flag points to a longer term prob in which case mods or cms need to review
man... This is gonna be a rough 4th in this room, what with all the flag desecration going on
@YvetteColomb well, I guess
@Shog9 ?
3:51 AM
I guess we have other ways to deal with that as a workaround tho
joking about flag terminology
@JourneymanGeek depends whether flagging an instance or a pattern :)
Our last problem chat user tried changing his name
@Shog9 oh 4th July.. got it
we recognised him without magic mod tools lol
3:52 AM
too funny
@YvetteColomb well, I've always talked of chat moderation as a process
you have a good outlook. Yours does require a lot of time and effort. lol
(so lazy)
3:53 AM
If you think about it, if folks are working with you, its less work
You're not doing it alone and the folks in the room are going to be on your side
yes.. I mean the developing of relationships with people in a chat room
Well, I spent... oh close to 5 years as an accidental RO
yes agree. so I don't moderate chat rooms now, unless it's severe
lol accidental
and I grew up on chat, its natural
@YvetteColomb was automatic - based on me being on chat a lot, and the previous RO not
3:56 AM
I have to go bbl
also, I get the difficulty in moderating chat, especially compared to the rest of the platform
see ya
(Its not unique to SE anyway, IRC had a lot of the same problems, and actually slightly worse tooling)
@Catija Taken care of.
@YvetteColomb Latest update on the farm?
May 4 at 10:47, by Sonic the Inclusive Hedgehog
I lack the ability to make, understand, or appreciate jokes that objectify women in particular. Even though I'm a guy, I feel personally offended by such jokes.
@Catija Small clarification here... I did say how many users have earned the upvote privilege (but not downvote) on MSE in my answer: 2,253. However, that ignores users who, by virtue of the association bonus, could've voted on MSE but lost the downvote privilege (not yet the upvote privilege) after joining the site (by downvoted, by being downvoted, by posting spam, etc. etc.) - that's the 1400 number I threw out earlier.
if that sounds confusing... There's a reason I didn't try to drill down too far into this in my answer. ;-)
Then maybe the wording is a bit confusing? "2,253 users have earned up-vote privileges on MSE, without having earned the association bonus on any other site" this doesn't read as "upvote only"... it just reads to me that there are ~2K users who have +15 rep on MSE without earning 200 rep elsewhere.
So, there are ~2K users who have earned 15 rep but not 100.
4:11 AM
I'd hoped that'd be clearer from the context
(the following line gives the total for up- and down-vote privileges)
You use "upvoteonly" in the other two examples. But maybe I'm just being a dim bulb tonight. :)
no worries. I'm thinking we've all thought too hard about this
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog errrm. Does that help anyone any @SonictheInclusiveHedgehog?
I just watched someone explode in a movie for eating cake... I'm not really thinking very hard about anything right now.
was it a lot of cake?
4:15 AM
The biggest win for a network-rep MSE would be, regardless of specific numbers, the complete domination of the site by SO voters. This would also be its biggest disadvantage. All other effects would be tears in the ocean by comparison.
@Catija Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle?
or was the baking soda a little too fresh?
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Yup.
@JourneymanGeek In that case, it was because the character had a weakness to cake.
4:16 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog see the latter, is a joke.
One I suspect @Catija might get, since she bakes. ;p
I don't think there was enough acid in it to set off baking soda. :P
(I kinda bake? But mostly beating yeasty things into yummy submission)
It's pound cake.
also, that scene was totally all over the trailers
@Shog9 This is a win?
4:17 AM
and I kinda like Karen Gilliam so... ;p
She's great.
I assume she dosen't have the accent tho :(
Nah, she's "Americanized".
@Catija depends on your perspective. If your only site is SO, and you only care about anything on MSE insofar as it affects SO... Then yes. Otherwise, likely no.
How am I supposed to get to 100k swag somewhere if I can't do it here... since I'm assuming that getting 100k here would be swag-less if it used cumulative rep.
4:23 AM
@Shog9 though in theory, wouldn't those folks be pushing for things more on MSO?
@Catija I'm not actually sure there's 100k swag here, but it'll be fun finding out ;p
Ask Mad Scientist?
hah, I'll probably forget in the IDK, 6-8 years it'll take ;)
It's apparently only happened three times that non-staff have gotten to 100k... so ... not many people to ask.
4:26 AM
Shadow's close.
I've not been active on main meta for that long :(
I blame figuring I wanted to get 10k to see deleted posts lol...
amusingly, I could see the specific deleted post cause I answered it before I hit 10k
10 and 20 were big draws.
Mor... I think I lost the current conversation
past 30k is wierd ;p
in the gamification sense... there's no more leveling up, only high scores ;p
or just casually wandering through the landscape
4:30 AM
@TheMattbat999 Hello, welcome to the Tavern! Feel free to hang around :)
@JourneymanGeek I'm not saying any of this makes sense.
Very emphatically not saying that.
@Shog9 Not at all, no
@Shog9 on the other hand, I've complained about some announcements being MSO first so... I can actually see that happening
@SomewhatMemorableName thanks!
(also, my occational rant-sers about the smaller sites sometimes feeing forgotten - would get DVed more. But hey, I actually feel like its getting a little better)
4:49 AM
@JourneymanGeek I'm going to have to add that term to my writing toolkit. And my spellcheckers.
rant-sers? ;p
I am glad to expandinate the vocabulistics of the england language.
I thought you're writing in American language
4:50 AM
It is "English"...
@Catija roughly everything in that sentence that isn't right is wrong.
I'm not sure about the rest
@JourneymanGeek I'm all for expanding the language when it's my turn in Scrabble or Bananagrams.
Don't both of those require actual words?
or sufficent bribery of the adjudicating body.
4:52 AM
@Catija If you insist on playing by the rules, yes. I prefer the lexical equivalent of Calvinball.
(In all seriousness, I do not cheat.)
You'd like one of the boardgames I got through Kickstarter... "Unspeakable Words"... youtube.com/watch?v=DU9FzW5QyEg
Smokey is catching comments in a strange way...
@Catija Did you get Exploding Kittens?
Yup. Both versions.
5:07 AM
Original and NSFW?
I have the Party version, I like its cards
e.g. "Alter the Future": not only see the top three cards, but also change their order.
I first heard about it through Microsoft's chat bot Zo.
@Catija Do you have the type of box that plays a jingle every time you open it?
... I mean... it meows...
Yeah, it seems they removed it from the regular version, but it's there to stay in the Party version.
That's not really a "jingle".
Oh, no the Kickstarter version just meows... pretty sure... dunno... we don't go to game nights much any more, so I haven't actually pulled it out in... a year or two.
@Catija I found that the cards started to get worn after all that repeated shuffling (at least twice per game, plus "Shuffle" cards), so I purchased a card shuffler.
I'd probably just sleeve them.
that's probably a good idea
maaan, is magic still a thing?
5:25 AM
More difficult to shuffle.
B&CG seems to think so.
And to fit in the box; I read a reviewer who had to modify their box to fit sleeved cards.
(not been around gaming since my early 20s :( )
Some companies intentionally size boxes so that sleeved decks fit. They're awesome.
@Catija In the case of Exploding Kittens Party Pack, if you want to modify the card box to accept sleeved cards, you have to remove the music box circuitry.
5:58 AM
@JourneymanGeek nowadays, everything's virtual... no worn out cards, no human-interpretation rule mistake, everything's (almost) automatic...
but you lose the physical feeling of holding and throwing/slamming those cards though :(
and Detroit: Become Human is... interesting
@SomewhatMemorableName heh, that's part of the fun
and zee bluffing
and some would say the rules lawyering
6:39 AM
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7:04 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, username similar to website in answer: Answered vs Unanswered results inconsistent when searching for tags by Akila News on meta.SE (@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog @ShadowWizard)
@SmokeDetector tpu-
Marshal earner
@Tinkeringbell is Exploding Kittens (the card game) out in NL?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer: Paytm Linked Contacts not able to make phone call by Angela Smith on android.SE
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog No clue... we only play Keezspel lately.
What happened yesterday that I missed?
Do I even want to know?
7:12 AM
@Magisch Me unsuccessfully trying to explain to Shog my stance on using downvotes to indicate disagreement on MSE and the resulting rep loss
@Magisch You probably already know.
(new record of flights in the air around the world)
Everyone are going... somewhere. :D
that was fast...
@ShadowWizard we are going to hell with this planet ... so much pollution ... and exhaustion of fossil resources
Fly to the center of the earth?
@rene Aviation has gotten much more efficient than it was in the past
I now have 19 flights in my personal flight log, and am slated to have the 20th in August. I started it in October.
@rene I think flights are pretty minor in the overall pollution though.
7:24 AM
The cruising industry is not only less efficient, but also more damaging to ocean waters
Most is the industry, and the ever growing market for meat.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Fun? Kinda hard to explain ;)
Looks like Ludo, maybe Luuuudo
I was just trying to make a general point, not meant to discuss whether aviation by itself contributes much. It contributes, which is what counts if you care. If not, take your flight, eat your meat.
7:27 AM
@ShadowWizard If just a tiny proportion of the developed world become vegetarian, it would allow feeding more people.
@rene eating meat while watching flowers on a flight
@ShadowWizard cursing myself for opting for the cheapest fare
@Shadow Well, neither of us really need aviation, since we're the fastest things in the world
@SomewhatMemorableName It has pretty different rules though, that's why I didn't mention Ludo ;) And it makes it a little harder to explain
7:37 AM
Last board game I played was.... ugh... years ago.... (with friends, not kids)
But I did play Exploding Kittens once with friends, about a year ago. Fun!
oh.. more than year ago.. and twice.
Jan 5 '17 at 15:55, by Shadow Wizard
@Derpy heh, reminds me of Exploding Kittens game. lol
I did play exploding kittens once but the neighbors didn't like I used their kittens ...
Awww, poor kittens!
On a side note though, our neighbors have a bunch of chickens and a rooster you're welcome to play some exploding with.
@Tinkeringbell you live next to @Telkitty or @Yve?? ;)
And now that we're talking violence... I found meta.stackexchange.com/questions/281862/… that seems to suggest you can flag r/a if a question is 'promoting violence'? Is there anything on answers doing that though?
@ShadowWizard I don't think so ;) I know my neighbors and neither of them speak enough English to be on SE ;)
7:42 AM
@Tinkeringbell hmm
Well, as a mod, I've always felt the point of flagging is for someone to take a look at it
(as a mod though, I'm now having to take a look at it XD)
if its rude or abusive, well, flag it as appropriate, the option's there for a reason.
cause people post some vile stuff as answers
@rene :,(
(and cough at least on our site, we can give it the good old " No moral ambiguity, no hopeless battle against ancient and overwhelming forces! They were the bad guys, as you say, and we were the good guys. And they made a very satisfying thump when they hit the floor")
@Tinkeringbell What's the answer in case?
7:45 AM
Even for you though, its a simple matter of "does it belong here?"
or as importantly "does it do any good?"
or "are we better off with it gone?"
@JourneymanGeek I guess it should stick around then, IPS has a meta on answers advocating violence and consensus seems to be to not delete them. It just kinda makes no sense to me after having read that thing on questions, because I can surely see how suggesting violence as an answer to the situation might be rude or abusive against people not on SE.
@Tinkeringbell Is it on IPS?
@JourneymanGeek There might be less flags? :P
Well, sometimes you gotta use your discresion I suppose
@Magisch Where else would it be?
7:47 AM
@Tinkeringbell Can you linky?
Well, if a good chunk of people are flagging it, it can be a warning sign
I see other issues
tbh, the only really unreasonable bit to me is calling her an idiot lady
While the threats are a little much for some, they're almost reasonable in context
and part of the problem here is, well, its a deeply emotive issue
@Tinkeringbell heh... where are you from?
7:51 AM
@ShadowWizard The Netherlands ;)
oh, "Netherlands" yeah it's in the profile
@Tinkeringbell yay. Accepted answer that suggest personal attacks! But yep, that's fine. Let's worry about gender pronouns people use on the chat instead!
So you know anyone IRL (not neighbours ;)) who is also on SE? @Tinkeringbell
rene perhaps?
@Derpy The worst excuse I've seen a person use: "my 's' key was stuck" when there were several words containing the letter S
in the same message
@ShadowWizard My brother has an account. Tried his hand at a few homework questions on Math and Physics IIRC. When they got closed, came to me with ' I thought you said that site was usefull'
7:54 AM
@Derpy these are... totally unrelated issues.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog well, sometimes a random key isn't working which is as worse...
Mar 2 '17 at 16:27, by Jason C
Dammit. There has been a piece of cat litter rolling around in my keyboard for like a week that I've been too lazy to clean out. Every day a different key doesn't work.
@JourneymanGeek That was an elegant way to say "let's worry about "minor" issues and forget the bigger offenses"
One can use On-Screen Keyboard, or copy the letter from elsewhere and paste it as needed.
@Derpy it wasn't really
@Tinkeringbell hehe... poor brother...
7:56 AM
@Derpy Didn't exactly feel like that to me, either...
and there's nothing minor, IMO about misgendering someone.
@ShadowWizard He'll survive ;) He passed his exams without SE help just fine XD
The correct pronoun in almost every case is the one that they're comfortable with, even if I'm a little iffy about those newfangled ones starting with X
@Derpy didn't read, but if someone writes "I advise you to go and harm someone", it's less a problem than someone who writes "I think all women are stupid and should never work in programming". First isn't any direct offense, just silly advise that nobody will take seriously. The second is rude and a direct offense.

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