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4:02 PM
@Ramanujan probably some public key
maybe related to the key Snowden tweeted
(as in the same purpose)
Well, none of mathematicians are hunting me
@Stijn well, he changed it on SO...
I wouldn't comment on it on the main site, but I do consider it in poor taste.
Any idea about any person with least post and high reputation?
@ShadowWizard @Stijn ^
5.5k 2 6 3
4:14 PM
^ the highest-reputation user on SO without visible posts
Source: SEDE query
Why no posts visible?
@Ramanujan They're prolly deleted. If your post meets some criteria and has some votes, deletion will not remove rep gained
IIRC the criteria was a score of more than 30 and deletion being 60 days later
Welcome to the Tavern
4:16 PM
So why all his posts deleted?
One question, 28.9k rep
@M.A.R. Score at least 3. not more than 30. meta.stackexchange.com/a/7238
4:18 PM
@zaq here is one of their posts i.sstatic.net/sStzT.png
@rene How did you find that?
used the badges
I just tried and failed a quick sede query on postswithdeleted with no hits.
Ohhh nice.
@JasonC yeah, owneruserid is sanitized there
It'd be cool if access to an sede table of unsanitized deleted posts came with the view deleted posts privilege on a site.
Maybe some day in some fantasy world with saner authentication on sede.
4:22 PM
@Ramanujan who's that guy?
@Stijn Jon Skeet is a small-time internet troll, not particularly notable.
@rene Huh. That seems like a legit answer to me. (I see I upvoted it in the past.)
Sorry,wrong calculation
no worry
4:24 PM
@Ramanujan Lol that's like the math equivalent of "oops sorry, wrong window".
@JeremyBanks so undelete :)
@JeremyBanks it sure is ... maybe outdated now
That awkward moment when you accidentally assign x to something in somebody else's calculation.
@ShadowWizard I've flagged it for a moderator. :P
@JeremyBanks just not Shog, he's busy :P
4:25 PM
I am so funny in my head.
Guys stop talking about other stuff and laugh. Now. What is wrong with you people?
laughing manically
mods declines flags from Jeremy, wonders a minute later where the diamond has gone
Yes, yes, very good.
4:26 PM
Dammit. There has been a piece of cat litter rolling around in my keyboard for like a week that I've been too lazy to clean out. Every day a different key doesn't work.
Today's key-du-jour is 'End', which I realize I use surprisingly often.
@JasonC well, my right mouse key at home doesn't work since my kid switched Windows to Tablet Mode.
It looks like it's about to migrate over to page-down, which will be a tragedy.
Got it.
@ShadowWizard that is easy to resolve: Settings > Mouse > Button. Now right-click on Enable.
4:32 PM
I should've posted that as an answer on Joel's post.
I always find it incredibly impressive how clear and easy to navigate the JLS is.
Every time I have to dive into the C++ spec it's a nightmare, usually 80% of the time is spent just trying to find the latest copy.
@JasonC isn't the C++ spec behind a paywall?
Hats off to the Oracle people that remembered that humans read documents. They even cross link all the section references, it's great.
@Stijn The working drafts are free.
They're generally really close to the final spec (which you have to pay for).
But the complication is there's a lot of versions of them, so yeah, easier if you want to pay, but if not you have to hunt for the latest version. They sort of gradually evolve over time so you run into confusion occasionally when two people are referring to different drafts.
5:01 PM
Since yesterday, I see many images that don't load, and 500 errors from i.stack.imgur.com. Is it a known problem or is it just me?
never mind
A: Intermittent Failed to upload image; imgur is rejecting the request

Nick CraverIt appears that S3 has fallen over in AWS for the US-EAST1. Ironically I can't include a screenshot of the dashboard in this post, but I promise I have one. You can see the AWS status dashboard here: https://status.aws.amazon.com/ Imgur uploads should return successfully once that issue has set...

5:30 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in link text in answer, blacklisted user: Should I cover up my tattoo when visiting the Middle East? by Jenny in Dubai on travel.SE
5:59 PM
@Szabolcs Not just you.
Is the placeholder shown in Title field of Ask Question page mod-editable?
Perhaps this is not really important, since the page will be redesigned in 6-8 units of time. And hopefully the redesign will allow for more site customizations...
7:01 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer: Rules for Orange and Purple Caps in IPL by Ajay Singh on sports.SE
7:12 PM
Weird. I stumbled on this in the JLS:
> Underscores are allowed as separators between digits that denote the integer.
Making int x = 1____2_3___________45____6; totally valid. I wonder why they did that.
7:24 PM
Ah, readability, in case you want to use it for thousand's separators. I might start doing that. Kinda handy.
7:44 PM
@zaq it's editable, but not mod-editable; by default, it's based on the site's topic string, so changing that is usually preferable to changing the prompt directly (though both can be done).
1 hour later…
9:11 PM
"based" in some sense... In case of Web Apps, the topic string is "Web Applications is a question and answer site for power users of web applications" but the prompt is "What's your web applications question?" without any usage vs development distinction...
9:24 PM
A: Proposal: make the "interesting" tab the default on Math.SE homepage

bluefeetWe've been doing some thinking and we realized since the site now gets about 630 questions a day, the active tab might not be very helpful. As of today, we've given you the interesting tab as the default on the site. Your interesting tab is similar to what was announced for Stack Overflow with...

\o/ \o/
I'll celebrate by answering something...
only took 6-8 years :)
10:12 PM
Which is a lot easier to do on Math than on SO... on SO I tend to run out of downvotes before I find one question worth answering. (This just in: division in Python is broken and doesn't work. OMG!)
Did you indent the division correctly?
No, just an example of a question I came across
Ah, OK
10:33 PM
Root problem is, there are too many of them to take to a grocery store...
What was that '70s song? "I'd like to teach the world to use floating point"?
11:10 PM
@NormalHuman I am having a hard time reading that comic. All I see is garbled black lines.
Wait... wait... I see a lot of T's, possibly some words... "because", "thing", "fraction", a lot of 0's. Something about a train.
You definitely need to go out @JasonC ...
Yeah. Time to take a walk. Maybe coffee, too.
yes, please. And cooperate a bit in SOCVR if you like.
Or ask on Health about your strange vision impairment.
How is its health?
11:22 PM
Speaking of SOCVR (or rather of review in general), I am increasingly of the opinion that if someone with 50-2999 rep thinks a question should be closed... they are welcome to keep thinking that.
Closeflags -> /dev/null
Folks, could you look into this one, please? In the meantime, I've got a gut a feeling that there is an equivalent on meta.SE .
Q: Shotgun users that post mulitple low quality answers

laptop2dLets suppose I'm a new user (below 1500 Rep) and all I want to do is gain reputation so I use the shotgun approach and answer as many questions as I can. While I'm doing that I'm generating low quality one sentence answers that get flagged and deleted on a daily basis. I see a few people telling...

Bans based on heuristics is one thing, but I believe that mass-production of low quality content is also a basis for manual suspension.
@NormalHuman yeah, that is the base problem. And I don't mind people not handling the queue, but they are not using their votes at all
@NickAlexeev Fastest Gun in the West Problem seems relevant.
11:30 PM
But in general, I don't know what the actual problem of that meta user is. Do they wake up at night in horror, thinking of someone potentially earning undeserved imaginary points?
Q: What if a user did such and such bad things?
A: That would be bad. (And a more detailed answer can wait until this actually happens)
I think up to 1000 rep you're still eligible for post bans so if enough users down vote a ban should kick in
@NormalHuman The more imaginary the points the greater the horror
@rene That was you guys' fault, not mine. :P I visited the site armed with a reasonably short modern attention span.
Short attention span is like tight jeans, if I remember right.
11:34 PM
I thought sticky nav bars were tight jeans.
Under the assumption that blogs are bell-bottomed pants.
Ah right, but then the premise of sticky is that people don't pay attention to anything on the page unless you hit them in the face with it.
@JasonC yeah, I thought so. Just take it easy.
11:47 PM
@NormalHuman Unless you hit them in the face with... sticky?
How barbaric.
11:59 PM
@JasonC sticky date pudding?
Lol, oh god.
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