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2:40 AM
More ning.
> Left nav and site themes: We will be posting the first 10 site designs for feedback early this month. Next step is to release those 10 designs including an update for all network sites with "stock" theme. Later in the month we will release an additional 10-20 designs for feedback.
If Anime.SE gets its site design within the first 30 sites, I'll probably laugh until my stomach hurts...
I'm guessing they're redoing existing site designs, not creating new ones.
Talking about the custom layout and fonts on some sites... make sense...
'custom' ;)
1 hour later…
4:01 AM
4:32 AM
And... Happy 4th of July?
@Catija That's right. We're converting existing designs (including the stock "beta" one) to the new layout first.
Some of them shouldn't be too challenging. Cooking, for example.
I know a lot of people are really worried about it and I'm sure it's going to make things less "pretty"... but the back end is going to be so much more functional and flexible, it seems.
I think the sites will still have fun, unique designs in the end, even if they're not the same.
4:48 AM
I hope so. There's definitely going to be some losses since we can't replicate some of the existing designs (like Worldbuilding) in their entirety.
tfw you wake up to 15 pings
5:31 AM
@AdamLear WB's theme will be missed.
and probably talked about for a long time in hushed tones ;p
ooh. That's a nice touch. I didn't realise the new theme (did the old one?) would show new posts over whatever the current view was if you clicked on load new posts
granted, I just spam f5 usually ;)
@JourneymanGeek Not sure what you're referring to? Like... "X new posts" notification on the home page? That's been in place for years :) (Except on SO where it's on tag-specific questions lists)
ah. I guess I missed that due to my bad habits ;)
But also, yeah, WB's design as it is now will definitely be missed. It's one of my personal favorites
But ya, complaints aside - eh, if it means sites actually getting themes, and less technical debt and other nice things, It's just one of those things we'll need to live with :(
6:26 AM
I'm curious as to how the "no discrimination based on english fluency" is supposed to work
SO very openly does and always has discriminated based on english fluency, and this is not really something that can change. A question in non english is going to get closed and deleted regardless, as is one in completly broken english.
found this on a linux group but... but can be used on SO too
user image
In my workplace that's not actually enough btw
the senior devs expect you to exhaust your other methods of finding an answer before bothering them
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 4 hours ago, by iBug
!!/report is finally merged with !!/scan. No more need to scan-then-report if the scan fails to catch a post. Just !!/report it if you're sure it's spam, it will be reported accordingly. !!/scan if you'd not report the post.
20K python meta.stackexchange.com/q/312104/158100 (and that user posted more) /cc @JourneymanGeek @ShadowWizard @Bart @TravisJ @Glorfindel
7:44 AM
I think the discrimination part of the CoC is self contradictory
At least in part
I apparently can no longer open the google doc. I'm blaming the work laptop and firewalls.
What part seems contradictory?
@Tinkeringbell works for me, and Google assigned me a unicorn!
You can't be welcoming towards lgbt people and different gender identitys and not offend religious people in the process
Someone's gonne be offended, since for some people, avoiding to offend other people in and of itself is deeply offensive, when for instance their religion mandates punishment and social stigma against a certain group.
@Magisch I don't think they mean us to post "Hello and welcome, I like the fact you're gay and think it's awesome, please feel free to ask questions here and I will answer".
more like don't post snarky comments.
No, but if someone has their identity in their profile for instance, some people are going to be offended that that's allowed
Or going to be offended that nobody calls them out on it
7:51 AM
Still seeing this whole thing as "What Not to Do".
@Magisch so they're welcome to leave.
I'm... going to try and ramble my way through this...
Yeah, but the CoC makes it sound like we're not allowed to discriminate on beliefs whatsoever, so even beliefs like that are explicitly supposed to be welcomed under the CoC
Hence the contradiction
So. Some of you may already know, but I was raised pretty strictly religious, with the whole stigma and stone-them attitude.
It took a very long time and some serious s... happening to a friend for me to realize how wrong the whole attitude actually was, and to start slowly shifting perspective. I still ask awkward questions from time to time.
Discrimination or being offended are two different things.
(Does that make sense?)
Discrimination is throwing a friend out of her parental home, because she managed to get the courage to tell her parents she's loving another girl.
Being offended is more like not being comfortable with the idea that she loves girls.
The reason im mentioning this is that I know people (that I'm no longer in contact with) that would be deeply offended and outraged to share a space of anything with someone who isn't straight and also of their religion
So to tell them to cut that would in and of itself be discriminating based on their religious belief (that only their religion should be allowed to exist and only their worldview should be tolerated)
@Magisch Yep. That's the discrimination that isn't allowed.
Can you quote me the entire paragraph on discrimination, please?
7:57 AM
> No discrimination of any kind. This includes any language likely to offend or alienate people based on (but not limited to): race, gender, gender identity or expression, English fluency, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, nationality, neurodiversity, physical appearance, body size, or religion.
@Magisch Maybe 'language' is the key here.
Same thing with some other incredibly unpleasant individuals that are offended to share a space with neurodivergent people and it is their religious belief that those people shouldn't be able to participate in society.
does anyone know if the "contact us" form allows the same kind of "markup" allowed in posts / chat messages (ex: links, bold etch)
@Derpy I believe it just sends an e-mail, so I'd guess no.
7:59 AM
@Derpy pretty sure it does not, as it's essentially just an email thing
so, anyone has the actual address it uses at hand?
The whole part of that CoC is to make clear that this is a space where all of those people can be found, and if you're not happy with it/not going to be able to co-exist, this isn't the right place for you. Whether or not I'd call that discrimination...

Like I tried to explain, there's a difference between being uncomfortable and actively discriminating.
thanks, @Mithrandir
Everyone can come here, but there's certain stuff you need to leave at the door.
8:01 AM
@Tinkeringbell exactly
@Tinkeringbell I don't disagree with the intent
I just think the specific language used is gonna be used as justification for people to bring their retrograde beliefs under the guise of "You can't discriminate against me for that, it's in your own CoC"
To give an example: on IPS I've deleted both answers calling people narrow minded small town religious zealots because those people were apparently uncomfortable with LGBT related issues, but I've also seen the stuff advocating that LGBT is sinful being deleted.
@Magisch I can't discriminate against you for holding onto whatever you believe. But I can say that if you're expressing those beliefs in such a way that it's likely to offend or alienate other people and actively discriminating others, you're on a suspension.
(general you, not going to suspend Magisch)
@Magisch I think you can't discriminate a discriminator
In a general sense you can, really. Discriminate is just a word for "take negative action against or for based on..."
From cambridge dictionary "to treat a person or group of people differently"
8:11 AM
@Magisch one should not call out someone else who discriminates a third person, instead they should just flag and go away. That's not discrimination. The moderator deleting the discriminating comment isn't discriminating the user posting it.
Deleting someone's comment because of their expressed religious belief in said comment is a form of discrimination based on religion, though. Justified, in my opinion, but still discrimination
Maybe we're thinking about different meanings for the word discrimination, which I take to be neutral context-free
@Magisch I disagree.
It's stretching the meaning of "discrimination" too far.
@Magisch I know you're talking about comments, and they often have one thing I dislike and that's the character limit that doesn't allow for much nuance... but I've wrote e.g. this answer and I wasn't discriminated against.
It wasn't deleted.
@ShadowWizard I'm going off of the cambridge dictionary definition
8:16 AM
In which case the fact that you answer me when I write here and not some other people is already positive discrimination towards me (and negative towards other people). So I'm confused about the wording, if you apply precise definitions to it, it doesn't hold up to talk in absolutes.
@Magisch things can't work by the raw/dry definition forever.
I've grown up with a definition of discrimination that was more like this:
> make an unjust or prejudicial distinction in the treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, sex, or age.
to be clear I'm not worried about our enforcement of the new coc
I'm worried we'll have to field more arguments from people that want to language lawyer the rules
Hmmm. I'm not too worried about that, since I've seen the fair share of people already shouting 'I'm being censored!'.
Traditionally we've been good at deflecting those by keeping the rules somewhat vague
8:19 AM
We've already managed those until now, it would be easy to say 'nah, you read that wrong, here's a lesson in reading and a suspension, see ya!'
@Magisch I think the whole thing on discrimination is still pretty vague, and leaves enough room?
'no discrimination of any kind' is already in be nice?
> Bigotry of any kind. Language likely to offend or alienate individuals or groups based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. will not be tolerated. At all. (Those are just a few examples; when in doubt, just don't.)
it's just rephrased a little.
I think it could be more general and helpful adopting the wording from Journeyman's answer
(I haven't reached that one yet. I'll get back to you ;) )
@Magisch reminds me of myself, I'm often worried about "What could happen" long before it can happen. But usually it resolves itself just fine when it comes to the "moment of truth".
I'm just speaking from bitter, bitter experience of dealing with language lawyers for the better part of my adulthood on various platforms
The amount of lifetime I have spent arguing with and subsequently banning people language lawyering everything staff said on my minecraft server alone
@Magisch I share some of those concerns, I wrote an entire answer on them ;)
Only that related to the 'when someone says they're uncomfortable, stop' paragraph, not the discrimination part.
8:30 AM
There is almost nothing I dislike more then people obviously trying to violate the intent of rules and trying to get away with arguing with you until you don't care anymore
@Magisch Yeah, like the continual SO metas: 'Yes, off-topic, but library recommendations are useful and so we should keep them'.
Thet go on, and on, and on,and on....
'Why was my comment deleted, it contained an useful opinion!' Ugh.
@Tinkeringbell ACK.
"My opinion is clearly always right and should be preserved in all cases"
How dare you not appreciate my wisdom in the manner in which I chose to present it?
Q: IPS' specific comment requirements & why comments can be useful

JamesSome constructive feedback and observations from my visit here. TL;DR; Information being in comments that would make good answers can be detrimental to the site Information in comments are not always worthy of being an answer, but should still be shared if it's useful information Information ...

8:38 AM
Well, for one, it wasn't backed up, you didn't say how it would work and under which circumstances, and oh yeah, is it suggesting any improvement or requesting clarification? :P
I think people are sometimes confusing suggesting improvements and requesting clarification into suggesting clarification.
@Mithrandir Did we keep count? The how manieth was that?
@Tinkeringbell Might be in the double digits now
(wrong room maybe to spam all those links ;) )
well, you asked how many :P
A reasonable response would have been a number. Not a verbatim copy of meta.IPS ....
8:45 AM
^ That :)
waters rene
ducks too slow
That reminds me - our window-boxes need attention with watering can.
I just filled the water bottle XD
8:49 AM
@rene 42
Also, I guess I should have an opinion more often. I've already almost rep capped for the second time ;)
@Tinkeringbell poor Kobi lost tons of rep due to rep cap...
@ShadowWizard Yeah, they're already at 70? I think I at most lost 10 or 20 ;)
Not even that, I got exactly 20 upvotes yesterday XD
And the contact us mail was sent. Let's see how this will end. The clock is ticking, 24 hours countdown started.
Funny trivia... I know Kobi IRL... or knew? Not in touch for years.
We learned together back in uni.
(So I always double check myself before voting for him. :))
@Derpy you.... deleted your account??
If you expect to get answer within 24 hours... I'm afraid you might get disappointed.
8:56 AM
@ShadowWizard no, I just released the community managers on that IP post from yesterday.
@Derpy so why countdown?
because "A support representative will be reviewing your request and will send you a personal response.(usually within 24 hours)"
That can still be in 6 to 8 days
so, if I am lucky in about 24 hours I will know if that things has to go and all the "I see no problem with it" was nonsense of if I am really the odd one here
@Derpy huh??? Where is this written?
8:59 AM
@ShadowWizard in the reply to the contact us mail I sent.
@Derpy that's new... there was never auto reply.
There... is one now.
I guess SE must hire at least 10 new employees to handle emails if they want to keep their word.
More likely they'll change the auto reply to "usually within a week".
At least they turned off the auto-replies for mod CM escalations ;) The SO mods' emails would've been quickly flooded.
Time for very serious question.... Ready?
in Shadow's Den, 2 mins ago, by Shadow Wizard
hmm.... does a moose taste like a cow?
Anyone? ^
9:02 AM
@ShadowWizard Depends on how much BBQ sauce you use
I would ask on Cooking.se or Outdoors.se
@rene good way to reduce my 101 rep there to 1....
@Tinkeringbell a lot!
@ShadowWizard You probably won't notice the subtle difference then ;)
Yes, I'm always happy to give valuable advice
also, if moose and cow both use their tongue to taste, they probably taste the same way
9:06 AM
@Sonic I'm not 100% sure about your edit to the "recent feature changes". Bug fix is not a new feature. Not sure enough to rollback, but still... you really think that bug fixes also fit in there?
@Tinkeringbell makes lots of sense.
@ShadowWizard IMO they should not, in case my opinion counts
@rene and even for free... so generous. :D
@rene it does.... let's see what Sonic has to say. :)
Actually, that's something worthy of meta discussion.
Maybe a bug fix with big enough impact does fit, not any bug fix.
i.e. bug fix that changes current behavior of the site.
So if someone could chat without gaining a single rep point, and now they can't due to the bug fix... it might count as "feature change".
(especially when that bug/back door existed for long years)
9:29 AM
that is an unexpected synonym: meta.stackexchange.com/tags/uploader/synonyms
@rene huh? Why? What other uploaders we have?
That is true
The only uploader is the image uploader so it makes perfect sense to have synonym.
I expected image-uploader to be the main tag
isn't there a sound uploader on Music.SE?
9:31 AM
@Mithrandir maybe, but being site specific it would be off topic for MSE anyway.
sound embedder?
@ShadowWizard it's also on MusicFans.SE, so... no
@rene people are lazy... only few will bother to look for image uploader tag, most will just go for uploader.
@Mithrandir oh. Well if it was actual uploader you got a point but looks like it's only embedding, like YouTube vids on some SE sites which get "oneboxed".
You don't upload the vid/music, you just embed it in the post by putting a link.
@Mithrandir no, there is soundcloud embedding: music.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/245/…
9:53 AM
in Shadow's Den, Jun 29 at 9:30, by KennyBOT
~ Where is everybody!?!
Would fit here too! ^
Oddly enough, RPG board are pretty empty right now too.
Why odd?
because they usually are pretty busy.
Maybe they have been subtly put down by the recent increased demand on how you word certain things
RPG? Not familiar with that chat, but assume they were always fine in that regard, otherwise @Derpy wouldn't hang out in there. No?
@Derpy ohhhh... it's the 4th in July today. Many people in the USA are busy celebrating, probably holiday too.
So, USA is 242 years old today. Happy Declaration Day!!! :D
10:06 AM
Oh right. The land of the free is obsessed with creating explosions for the rest of today.
fireworks! yeah
In Israel we have kind of unofficial competition between the cities who has more fireworks in our independence day.
Silly... but that's human nature, I guess. :D
The Israeli national flag is a firework as well, after all. And so is USA's.
@JohnDvorak huh? Afraid I lost you on this...
Anyway... anyone here from Poland? this doesn't look very good.... :/
Star = explosion, nah?
10:20 AM
@JohnDvorak oh.... well... the star in Israel's flag isn't really a star. ;)
It's a Shield.
I thought it was basically a prayer mat design?
It's two triangles forming a "star" shape.
oh.... just now realized for "formal" word for this is "hexagram". lol
> The name 'Shield of David' was used by at least the 11th century as a title of the God of Israel, independent of the use of the symbol. The phrase occurs independently as a Divine title in the Siddur, the traditional Jewish prayer book, where it poetically refers to the Divine protection of ancient King David and the anticipated restoration of his dynastic house, perhaps based on Psalm 18, which is attributed to David, and in which God is compared to a shield (v. 31 and v. 36).
The term occurs at the end of the "Samkhaynu/Gladden us" blessing, which is recited after the reading of the Haf
heh, MSE spammer getting lazy, using same avatar all the time.
odd. I though the name "Shield" of David was originated from the ancient use of the symbol as a "protective rune" in kabbala.
(See also the related Seal of Solomon)
instead it seems it was a "title" given to David. Oh, well, another thing learnt.
10:33 AM
@Derpy news to me too, though I'm not religious so don't have much knowledge about those things to begin with.... what I knew about it is that David used such a shield (with this exact shape) when fighting against Goliath.
again, wikipedia:
> The Seal of Solomon (or Ring of Solomon; Arabic: خاتم سليمان‎ Khātam Sulaymān) is the signet ring attributed to King Solomon in medieval Jewish tradition, and in Islamic and Western occultism. It was often depicted in either a pentagram or hexagram shape; the latter also known as the Star of David in Jewish tradition.

This ring variously gave Solomon the power to command demons, jinn (genie), or to speak with animals. Due to the proverbial wisdom of Solomon, his signet ring, or its supposed design, came to be seen as an amulet or talisman, or a symbol or character in medieval and Renaiss
I knew the story of the ring (it comes up very often in games, anime and such)
I always assumed it was the origin of the kabbala related belief that said hexagram/pentagrams provided a protection against demons
So, I though it was called "shield" because of that.
oh, I see.
turns out it was a more literal meaning.
10:54 AM
@rene doggoned
@JourneymanGeek did you vote on this one and this one
now I have
sigh ;p
final one here
Just gimme a list ;p
10:56 AM
I'm done ;)
ya, I had to go out XD
Not about Stack Exchange Network software how can do i secure “web API” in Laravel? - Priyank Panchal‎ - 2018-07-04 10:55:47Z /cc @Bart @ShadowWizard @Glorfindel
..... I may actually buy this one.
11:36 AM
20K last of the laravel stuff meta.stackexchange.com/questions/312097/… /cc @JourneymanGeek @Bart @ShadowWizard @Glorfindel @Catija @TravisJ , needs 1 more vote
already delved ;p
yeah, I'm going back and forth frustratingly clicking delete ....
12:30 PM
@hey don't steal my thanks!
@JNat cross site spammer, "only" two sites, but since they suddenly triggered after 11 days in MSE, they'll probably do it again... better not let them do that. :)
1:30 PM
Hello :)
huh? Smokey doesn't welcome anymore? :(
oh well, let's make you coffee!
has their mind blown by the existence of bonfire bots
Smokey is a very useful bot!
we do have some, but using internal apis... are these bots interacting via the web interface?
1:34 PM
Serious idea though.... maybe make localized versions of Smokey, e.g. Spanish, so that he can be in localized SO chat rooms? @g3rv4
ha, localization... everyone's dream job
Guess all it needs is translating the English strings... and some code changes to put proper strings... fun!
fun indeed
Well there are several of its devs here, and all the rest are in the Charcoal room.
I'm sure that if it was translated, we'd happily use it on SOes
1:37 PM
Nice... @Andy @ArtOfCode what you think? Any chance for such a thing? (Localized version of Smokey)
@rene you also admin there? Always keep forgetting...
whatever you do, please please please PLEASE don't use transifex
Guess someone can post request for translations in spanish.SO meta.
@g3rv4 hehe, why?
It works, after all...no?
smokey is quite talkative today
lol maybe mistake of Andy or Art who aren't aware they're logged in as... well.. the bot. ;)
SO MUCH PAIN... searching for strings is awful. History of what happens gets lost... that's why we built traducir.win, where we can do searches of strings using regex, we can have multi tiered approval (so that we have regular users, trusted users and reviewers) and... it's tied to the SO identity (not sure how important that is for localizing the chat, but for the SO localization, it's critical)
1:42 PM
@g3rv4 ohhhh... so this can replace Transifex?
@ShadowWizard I occasionally submit PR's but I'm not a code admin there
Must be tiresome to talk so much, so...
@ShadowWizard it just uses transifex as the API to Stack Overflow... but yeah, it's our source of truth, everything happens in the open (we have a web interface to the database and daily backups downloadable by anyone)
as it is the source of truth, it can "fix" the errors introduced by the Stack Overflow sync
let's see something...
maybe let it work only for reports?
is unused to being unable to read deleted messages
1:45 PM
(was kind of expecting "this isn't a report" message... ;))
@g3rv4 do you have access to all the source code of SO, or only the code relating to the Talent site?
@ShadowWizard all the source code and all the databases (well, except the teams databases for obvious reasons)
since day 1... which... kind of impressed me
@g3rv4 whoa... any chance to ask you sometimes to look into small bugs then? Bugs which are usually overlooked in MSE because they're not "big", but still got some impact? (used to poke Oded about such bugs in the past, but.. you know)
Totally OK if not.... but if you have the ability, the time, and the will... then why not. :)
@ShadowWizard yeah, I'm happy to help whenever I can (I've done a couple things for SOes) but as I don't work on Q&A, anything I do needs to be outside of my work hours so it may take a little while... but I have had some PRs merged with things that were bugging us at SOes
@g3rv4 awesome! Will keep that in mind. :)
Something that might be easy to fix is:
Q: Low quality question page not having same style as rest of site

The Old Man and the COn Stack Overflow, when the "questions you ask per week is limited" page is shown, the style does not match the rest of the site. It doesn't have the same heading and sidebar. The entire webpage is in the image below

prepares long list of bugs
1:55 PM
Looks like the /ask page throws error (which is caught at some level) instead of just showing it when the user is rate limited. Any chance to look into it? @g3r
(probably affects all sites, not only SO)
Pretty sure similar bug was reported for something else and fixed, can't find it now...
alright, I've favorited it... I'll take a look :) proooobably this weekend
Take your time... I'm pretty sure nobody else will "steal" your bug fix. :)
And as a token of my gratitude, here is a beer for you!
@g3rv4 ^
.....and this one wins the "Weirdest Question of the Month"! o_O
@ShadowWizard Not even enough time to pick the right flag before it got closed :(
ugh... grandchildren
2:07 PM
@Tinkeringbell lol yeah closing is usually fast, deleting takes more time...
@ShadowWizard Can't help with that yet, I need to have more opinions first :)
@SomewhatMemorableName lol... where you found it? ;)
@Tinkeringbell well, if @JourneymanGeek did it, you can do it... just takes time and patience... and writing stuff... :)
I think I can handle the writing part :P
Also. I just noticed the notifications for this room are much nicer than the KABLOING you get for pings in other rooms...
Mar 15 '16 at 3:05, by muru
@AndrewT. actually, @Zacharee1 and we were discussing how horrible the chat sound on http://chat.stackexchange.com is, compared to here.
2:11 PM
@g3rv4 ya
@SomewhatMemorableName Hah, I came years late to the party :)
Q: Chat notification sounds have become like icicles repeatedly driven through my ears

BoltClock's a Unicorn(Yes, I said "through my ears", not just "into my ears".) It looks like HTML5 <audio> elements are now used to produce notification sounds in chat. And good heavens have they become startlingly loud. Please lower the volume of these notifications — or do whatever it is that needs to be done to ...

Most them are off horribly jerryrigged web ui things, ranging from stuff running on erstaz browsers to a jerryrigged python library
@ShadowWizard I joke I leveled up on MSE
on both sites where I'm above 10k, there's a... noticeable inflection of reputation on the graph
@JourneymanGeek lol.. but you did! ;)
@ShadowWizard well being a mod helps
2:14 PM
You also did it fast, think in couple of months you jumped from like 5k to 20k on MSE, no? @Journeyman
Also, I've always argued its more about consistancy
there was a race to 20k back then...
@ShadowWizard oh, I had something I was trying to work towards to kickstart me.
(10k to see a deleted post I COULD SEE ANYWAY)
now IDK
next is race to 42.195k
Its fun? ;p
2:15 PM
Ever lasting fun.... :D
for certain values of fun lol
I don't know what a high MSE score even means ;p
I mean, sure I suppose it helps others get used to SE, and sharing knowledge is always nice
but eh, there's no fun rep milestones till 100k
@JourneymanGeek 100k? What we get at 100k?
@ShadowWizard on many sites, swag
and its...a nice number?
oh, by the way you work from home? @g3rv4
@ShadowWizard yes! from Montevideo, Uruguay
2:17 PM
@JourneymanGeek oh lol
On the other hand, I guess it lets you focus on posts and not worry about votes, but.... why worry about votes?
@g3rv4 you ever got swag from SE? (shirt, cup, etc. ;))
I always get one or two downvotes at least and on meta, you can totally post a great answer that people can validly downvote
@ShadowWizard yup yup :) there's some employee swag that's really really nice
@g3rv4 cool... pretty sure it consists of a hat... dunno what else though.
2:19 PM
Never heard of an employee hat. I heard there was a hoodie once ;).
Hats are a mod thing
hat... hoodie... sounds the same... :D
I was late to the hoodie
2:20 PM
hoards hat
@g3rv4 hah, I tend to keep an eye on that ;)
I have a SE tshirt which I treasure deeply
And a SO bottle
@Magisch .... funny thing is I have multiple SU shirts
and I kinda remember which is which despite all of them but one being black ;)
or... I can tell you :P a nice jacket and a backpack (in addition to the bottle and various shirts)
Hopefully the nalgenes and not the sippy ones?
Ahh working for SE would be a nice dream job
2:22 PM
@Magisch nice... I think I have all the swag stuff ordinary users could get: 2 shirts, mug, bottle, notebook, stickers, pen...:)
@Magisch Huh, you should treasure that stuff? :P
@Magisch well, keep an eye out and apply if something catches your eye? ;)
@g3rv4 sounds good... you got it in the meetups? Or mail?
@JourneymanGeek Tends to be for senior devs and those better then me in their fields
@Magisch well, you arn't going to know till you try ;)
And even then...
But I'm an optimist lol
2:24 PM
I think Kasra was hired with nearly no actual programming experience, no?
err. I think he did do android no?
I'm sure kasra had a lot of other good qualities then. SE is notoriously picky about its staff
@ShadowWizard when I visit the office at NYC I get a swag refill (and sometimes I get a shirt in the mail)
@g3rv4 Smokey already monitors es.SO, and your could have it post to a chatroom there (but it'd post in English). Localisation isn't an entirely impossible job with our current architecture, though - throw me a feature request on GH
2:28 PM
@JourneymanGeek not a lot at all, and he wasn't the "senior dev" @Magisch is talking about:
So there is a good chance for those with little experience as well, IMO.
(screenshot is from his public LinkedIn profile)
@ShadowWizard true but he had a specific skillset ;)
@g3rv4 awesome! How often you reach the NYC office?
a couple times a year (last time I was there for the Jon Skeet 1M celebration)
oh.. nice.
when in doubt... I'd say apply for the job
to me, it was a long-fetched dream... I didn't study in any fancy university
I never worked in a team bigger than 5 devs... just getting an interview was a success in my book
yet... I made it...
2:39 PM
:thumbs up:
oh, good luck in the game against France in two days! @g3rv4 ;)
> In World Cup matches, Uruguay are unbeaten against France (W1 D2), beating them 2-1 in 1966 and drawing 0-0 in both 2002 and 2010.
2 hours later…
4:40 PM
@Andy I can't upvote your answer :P
It would mess up those perfect 9s
4:56 PM
No...don't mess with my 4 9s!
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