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8:00 AM
@Tinkeringbell smart boy.... :)
Well there's also context
@ShadowWizard Don't tell him please ;) Or he'll never listen to me again.
@Tinkeringbell clearly r/a in my opinion
"Bad things will happen if your actions cause harm to someone I care about" is a bit more acceptable than ... calling someone an idiot.
or actually suggesting threatening them
> then that she will have a complicated life if the dogs happen to look at my children. And by complicated I mean hell complicated. Like afraid to leave her apartment complicated.
That is advocating a direct and in most jurisdictions illegal threat of violence
8:04 AM
erm, its worded a bit...
Well, I suppose its implied violence
or IDK, constantly calling the cops?
@Magisch Yeah, but then we have that IPS meta... interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/1251/…
@ShadowWizard Reductio ad rediculus? Again? Do you really think that "gender pronouns people use " is equal to someone who writes "I think all women are stupid and should never work in programming"?
I said it before and will say it again. We have people that advocate racism on the chat and in answer. We have people that post content that is gender discriminating, advocates illegal behaviors, is homophobic (at the very least) and so on. Yet very often we lose our minds on "minor" thing like "Why user A said 'he' when speaking about user B? A assumed B is male! Discrimination! Burn him!!!"
This "Be nice witch hunt" so far has done little to remove some of the bigger issues
but has created a nice "fear" climate on the chat
which has already scared away some users
@JourneymanGeek "afraid to leave her apartment complicated.". That ix plain threat of violence. You are not "afraid to leave your apartment" because... cops.
@Derpy well depends on the corps
@Derpy Well.. I actually feel that a certain degree of respect for others is essential on chat. But but... if someone crosses the line you're free to speak up
or flag
or meta
By framing this as a "be nice witch hunt" you're kinda feeding the narrative that there's some kind of big conflict.
Personally? If someone isn't going to respect the folks around them, and can't be part of civil society, there's nothing wrong with suggesting they go elsewhere. I don't agree with aspects of SE's approach, but be nice, and civil has been a cornerstone of SE's policies on how we interact.
@Derpy I haven't been around for that long, but I've seen that attitude before the whole 'be nice' push started. And I honestly think that push should go both ways, and handle that kind of behaviour as well....
Back to that IPS answer
8:16 AM
Okay :)
I think it's actually not something stack should allow on its network
I think it's about as direct of a threat of violence as you can do without outright saying it
So, I've been thinking of either putting it on MSE, or IPS Meta... and you're suggesting MSE might actually be the better place for it?
It's dangerous and unsound advice that could get OP thrown in jail
(Because I basically want to override the advice given on IPS meta, bad mod).
I would think MSE would be appropriate
I would flag this r/a regardless of which site it was on
advocating violence in the "fighting back" kinda way is miles away from this. This is so far over the line, the line isn't visible anymore
8:18 AM
Maybe I'll just make two posts.
@Tinkeringbell I'd lean towards IPS meta
and maybe if you guys have an CM who is more familiar with you - lots of the beta sites do/did, let them know you need help
Its kinda unique IMO to IPS and maybe WP. There's less ambiguity when dealing with computers
@JourneymanGeek No. I mean that there are people that probably could have changed their ways that have instead taken the road of self-removal. While the repeated offenders are still here
But yep, I get your point, sorry for the fuss.
@JourneymanGeek just run rm -rf / --no-preserve-root it will solve all your problems
@Tinkeringbell lol... how old is he?
@Mithrandir do that to a person though.... ;p
8:24 AM
@Derpy oh, missed "pronouns". No, referring to someone as "he" when they might a "she" isn't big issue IMO and never cause for flagging.
@Mithrandir Windows too?
@Mithrandir I THINK there's a SU question where someone did this on purpose...
on a running system...
@ShadowWizard misconfigured correctly, maybe
@ShadowWizard He's seventeen now ;) Old enough to stop paying attention :)
> 'rm' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
Lucky me!
@Mithrandir I'm half certain some distros even stopped you from doing that
8:27 AM
@Tinkeringbell Nice!
@Tinkeringbell older then mith
point is age doesn't really signify much these days
Of course
@Magisch it does not
You can be immature at any age
8:27 AM
And mature at any age (almost)
@Mithrandir that one's a hoax
I know 30+ year old coworkers with professional degrees and sometimes doctorates who act like children the second things dont go their way
So yea
@JourneymanGeek yes, i know, i read the whole backstory. was merged with a legit one, no?
@Magisch starting to break random things?
8:28 AM
twas kinda amusing cause ...
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, that's true too (and probably why I couldn't find anything on violent answers on here) :)
I didn't actually care about the lost rep ;p
@ShadowWizard pouting and crossing their arms more like
(I'm specifically mentioned in the meta post for some reason)
@Magisch hehe, well, that's kind of OK, no?
8:30 AM
@ShadowWizard which reminds me, I need to take apart a tape recorder tommorrow ;p
@JourneymanGeek linky?
Q: What to do with the "rm -rf" hoax question

SvenIt turns out the the recent question regarding the misuse of rm -rf in Ansible was actually just a hoax (English) in some kind of viral marketing effort. It become quite famous on various media and gathered a large number of views. Since I don't think we should allow ServerFault to be abused in...

@JourneymanGeek lol why?
well, that's disturbing:
Google indexed your login, somehow... @Journeyman o_O
@ShadowWizard I tried to fix it and it runs too fast cause the belts were gone and I switched them
@JourneymanGeek oh... sad!
8:35 AM
@ShadowWizard naw, its a 5 minute job for someone with smaller hands
not as bad as the speaker I swapped a drone battery into...
and stopped working after a bit cause... probably... dad.
oops lol
submitting feature request to Google: have Chrome remember keyboard language setting for each session and restore it when switching
(just emailed a client in other session)
yucky indeed
That... probably made no sense to anyone besides @Sha
@ShadowWizard that ... seems odd
8:55 AM
@ShadowWizard /me wonders what Yaki means...
Is this worth flagging? meta.stackexchange.com/a/311981
@Magisch I'd rather see it downvoted TBH
@Magisch ah, that one...
@JourneymanGeek Same ish here. But I wonder if it does need deleted somehow
8:59 AM
@rene יקי
since it's a lot of insults and passive agressive language and a bunch of off topic political ranting
On one hand. ugh.
On the other hand, it feels more effective to show people disagree than to sweep that under the rug
Poor rug. All the bad things are always swept under it. Anyone ever stopped to think how the rug feels about it??? :D
it must be a very lumpy rug
@Magisch depends for what but if you think that is rude/abusive I disagree.
9:02 AM
@rene was thinking more along the lines of NAA
I hardly ever cast an NAA flag on MSE. It is just opinions which most often answer a question ...
It's basicly ignoring the posed questions (What about that comment rule enforcement) and is like "We should have no standards and this is all because of liberalism and this is how trump won and we shouldn't expect civility at all anywhere"
Only being mildly reductive
@rene agreed. Supporting being rude isn't rude by itself, there's no direct insult or rudeness in that answer.
@Magisch and/or is a critique of the overall culture that's resuting in these initiatives
@JourneymanGeek I guess you can infer it that way
9:04 AM
@Magisch Having the position that no standards should apply is a valid answer to should rules be enforced. I give you that I hope it will not become a popular position ...
But it reads to me like a general rant at SE's rules
And that is allowed
The question is is that on topic
but it feels like a valid, if disagreeable point of view
I guess I'll stick with the downvote for now
9:07 AM
@Magisch I think a downvote is good enough for that ;). Especially after 'questions? thoughts? have at it.'
These are thoughts :P
a downvote for your thoughts
oh, charcoal-se.org/people.html should be updated, there's no "zaq" anymore. @Andy @ArtOfCode
doesn't he change his name weekly?
not anymore... I assume he'll now stick with the SO user ID for good.
9:16 AM
@Magisch he deleted his MSE account, and it's the first time ever I see him using such a "name", looks like he... gave up or something.
Probably putting "Normal Human" on that Charcoal People page will be best, that's how most of us know him.
@ShadowWizard do you know why?
@Magisch nope. Though it's strange he did it almost in same time as @Telkitty, who also deleted only her MSE account. Maybe those two are related somehow.. no idea.
More likely it's the dark cloud hovering over SE though.
@ShadowWizard Let's not talk about dark clouds on this sunny day.
Which is waay to hot btw.
I guess I missed quite a lot of interesting Tavern convo just now...
While I was monitoring a rollback war between 1-rep new user and a site's mod...
9:28 AM
@JohnDvorak you should have linked something from Owl City, like Gold or Wings to The Sky. :P
@ShadowWizard That is the cloud I was talking about before.
There's a unique opportunity to see Rene's family being happy for once, though
@JohnDvorak already told you....
@Magisch it's a mystery. I thought he was just fooling around by deleting and recreating his account just like usual, but... no. He didn't come back to MSE anymore.
^ this is @rene family. He is the one on the left with the green shirt
a spoiler is fine too
9:32 AM
@SomewhatMemorableName who won? ;)
@Derpy not sure... it consists of many small clouds.
@JohnDvorak who is Rene?
Brother of Balpha?
@SomewhatMemorableName To be fair, to understand one probably already has to know ^_^'
@SomewhatMemorableName no, this time I'm afraid it's final.
@ShadowWizard (apparently not a site's mod, but a CM actually :)
9:36 AM
@ShadowWizard "Let's moderate grammar instead of moderating meaning" still must be somewhere in the middle ^_^'. Which obviously is a really wise decision, especially if the userbase isn't exactly 100% English mother-language in the first place
err, as a bonus, the user got a 7-day break to cool down...
@SomewhatMemorableName If those breaks really cool people down, I could use one! :D It's still hot.
10:33 AM
@Tinkeringbell dont say that too loud a cm might take you up on that :p
(I jest)
It's projected to not go below 29C for the next two weeks here
@SomewhatMemorableName oh. Hope the CM is OK...
@SomewhatMemorableName so it wasn't Shog... he would have given at least a year. ;)
Better not make Shog angry!
@Tinkeringbell in Israel we got a relatively "cool" day today, only 28 degrees. (celcius)
Average is around 30, previous years had 35-40 in beginning of July...
@Magisch how can a centimeter do that? :P
10:55 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in body: How to resolve epson printer ERROR CODE 0XF1? by Padol Panthong on askubuntu.com
@Magisch 29:( That's bad in a country that builds long, thin greenhouses with open ends, runs rails through them and calls them an 'S-Bahn station' instead of 'passenger-cooker'.
@Magisch I haven't seen long term predictions and if they're that depressing I don't want too :P
@ShadowWizard I'm guessing 28 over there might be a lot better than 28 over here? What's the humidity like?
Here it's easy: June to September is "Hot", "Very Hot", and "Really Really Hot".
This week we have 5 days of Hot, then 2 days are expected to be "Very Hot".
(tomorrow and the next day)
@Tinkeringbell around 60%, so the "feels like" is around 30
Nothing under 20 here the next two weeks (and only a day or two under 25). So, too much of really, really hot
11:01 AM
Weird, thought it's always cold/cool in Europe.
I probably angered the weather gods in some way.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in link text in body, pattern-matching website in body, blacklisted user: How toconnect my epson printer with my laptop? by Padol Panthong on askubuntu.com
@ShadowWizard It's cool/warm on a large island, like here, with gulf stream etc. Germany seems to be Sahara/Siberia whenever I'm there.
@Tinkeringbell They predict at least 95 days of >25C summer days with at least 8 hours of sunshine this year
It's gonna suck in august and september
wtb climate change in the opposite direction
I'm all for a small ice age! :)
11:04 AM
I dont ask for much
Just not consistently over 28C with pure sun
I want to hunt a mammoth.
that's annoying and bad for the plants
Have you read about the size of those? At that rate, the mammoth is hunting you
@Magisch Houston called, it said you an keep it's weather
11:05 AM
@Magisch Why? If primitive man could hunt mammoths, so can I!
I'll also settle for a sabre-toothed squirrel as a pet.
You could get a lot of BBQ off a mammoth.
@Mgetz Houston can keep its houston
I wanna move to coastal scotland
@MartinJames Yep. Although an ice age doesn't really make for good BBQ weather?
@Magisch so the problem is houston has tropical jungle weather right now... so it can't do much about your issues ;p
11:08 AM
@Magisch You mean 'where the distilleries are'?
Do I miss the sarcasm here or are they serious? In case of the latter are they more replying to Animuson then anything else?
@Tinkeringbell The ice ages thaw out - I saw it in a movie:)
@MartinJames Hmmm.. question for Seasoned Advice then? How to keep a mammoth fresh until the end of the ice age.
@rene I'm only seeing nonsense... but then again, I'm the third Dutch person :P
@Tinkeringbell Well, it's an ice age - refrigeration shouldn't be a big problem.
@MartinJames True... but once it starts thawing... you'll probably have a period of days where it's above zero but not warm enough for a bbq?
11:21 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Media Creation Tool and Windows 10 Education Edition by lucyjohn987 on superuser.com
@Tinkeringbell Wrap up warm - mammoth fur should do it. There will be plenty lying around.
Too practical :P I don't want a solution that's that easy!
OK, you will look like Cousin Itt, but... mammoth burgers:)
How many burgers do you think you could get from 1 mammoth?
@Tinkeringbell I guess it depends on size. The quarter-tonners, not so many.
11:25 AM
This needs some exact math, I don't want to run out! There's 50 people on the guest list :)
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad NS for domain in answer, blacklisted website in answer: custom comment_form fields not displaying by Sophia Adams on wordpress.SE
@Tinkeringbell The bread is going to be the bigger problem:(
@MartinJames We'll do keto burgers then ;)
..and the barrels of mustard and trucks of onion.
@Tinkeringbell yeah, let's not make the mistake that being Dutch becomes the new norm on SE ... bad things will happen ;)
11:28 AM
Meat bun with meat and extra meet and diced meat sauce and spreadable meat instead of cheese
The buns would be the luxury item.
@MartinJames Maybe we can mass produce the buns and refrigerate them before the ice age fully starts?
@Tinkeringbell Maybe. Shove 'em in containers and cycle them through a glacier. As the bun-containers and mammoth carcasses emerge during the thaw, keep up with the receeding glacier, Maybe with a gas BBQ on wheels.
> one day... one day yer old friend Deborah Kurata will discover powerpoint presentations can have other background colors and not just eye-burning white. Until then, may the FLux gods be on your side.
Imma going to have to design a Worldbuilding Q. about mammoth BBQ now.
11:34 AM
Yay. We're now prepared for an ice age.
@MartinJames Lemme know once it's posted! I want to make the first smart answer/comment there XD
dang Deborah, why all you pluralsight courses require sunglasses?
11:47 AM
because they are so brilliant?
12:32 PM
Maybe the suggested edit needs a reject?
1:20 PM
@rene what edit? You linked to some off topic MSE question...
ugh... I surely didn't miss this user... (crappy answer here)... :/
Looks like they're posting bad contents on purpose, really and honestly can't explain it otherwise.
@ShadowWizard there had been a suggested edit on that question
1:39 PM
oh... what a waste of time.
@rene Dutch Overflow?
@ShadowWizard oh, that user. Surprisingly some of their questions got into HNQ.
@SomewhatMemorableName heh...
please flag comment as "not needed": meta.stackexchange.com/questions/312030/…
It's just confusing the OP and making them think such questions are on topic.
I'm starting to get really annoyed at users who are clueless about MSE and only cause damage.
So... there are some users who have MSE as the highest rep, as in... more than 10x the highest rep on other site...
1:57 PM
@SomewhatMemorableName for me only 2x
oh you mean that user with weird unicode name... yeah. The avatar is familiar, but can't remember their previous, non weird, name.
but fact is, they do not know how MSE works.
oh, apparently only 5x, but I'm thinking of this user
because of accidental browsing on Meta IPS
Random topic change: I think there really should be a board game with Stack Exchange theme
Q: Would you play a Stack Overflow board game?

Jon SkeetI've just been alerted to a company which produces board games - you design the game, artwork 'n all, and upload the assets to them. They produce the game and sell it in their store, taking half the profits. I'm a big board game fan (1), and would love to help design a board game around Stack Ov...

2:26 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in body: Im Looking for 2D Artist Remote Job by Dmitry Veseliy on gamedev.SE
@JohnDvorak because white.
she only knows white
3 hours ago, by Derpy
> one day... one day yer old friend Deborah Kurata will discover powerpoint presentations can have other background colors and not just eye-burning white. Until then, may the FLux gods be on your side.
be honest, post a reply that will cause a lot of hurt (at least to me, since free downvotes!) or let it be and have fun watching?
Who are lemur, penguin, and python? Who am I???
@SomewhatMemorableName LOL... Google assigns it in random
Ok, now an armadillo just came in, and gone... replaced by jackalope
and Chris Jaeger is there too!
3:31 PM
> Expulsion from Stack Overflow
I'm curious how they will enforce that, like... IP ban? Account merge to /dev/null?
:( will have to reign in the curiosity for a long while: mobile won't open docs
@SomewhatMemorableName maybe just suspend for a very long time?
3:47 PM
@SomewhatMemorableName I'm wondering if that simply means account deletion.
3:59 PM
> Address it directly. If you’re comfortable addressing the person who instigated it, let them know how this behavior affects you or others.
that... seems really counterproductive to me
For a 1-rep user... I dunno.
i mean.. sure... but i can't see it having a positive result even for those comfortable with it
We have seen that happened many times here... done by our heroes, the ROs...
@KevinB I'd expect comments addressing the conduct of other users who chose to comment to be off topic for what comments are supposed to be
So Idk what this would achieve besides creating more work for mods to delete - maybe I'm overthinking it
and frankly... i'd find it offensive if someone did that to me. If my comment is against coc i'd expect it to be deleted, and enough of them result in a mod contact or a warning in my inbox.
4:13 PM
Well, what if the mods who write the CoC reminder instead, just like the usual "please Be Nice" comments?
i don't comprehend
I've seen some high-rep regulars or even site mods reminding a user to Be Nice through comments. I guess that won't change with soon-to-be CoC.
As I said, maybe I'm simply overthinking it, but it sounds like it'll be more work for mods to clean up after the fact
That is assuming some people don't completly lose their temper when called out on being somewhat mean (which will happen with no prior warning)
assuming people actually do it
it's one of those wait and see. If it results in the kind of flag war we ended up with in js chat...
Based on my experience of how mental people get over single downvotes, I don't want to know what a person with a short fuse and some retrograde beliefs will do if I tell them to cut comment insults
I can imagine this getting extra shitshow in chat where people have more tribal mentality
Maybe a general "Just flag" would be better
And then somehow removing the stigma from flags
4:23 PM
Well, dunno. The suggestion ends with
> If the behavior escalates, disengage immediately -- staff or moderators will take action.
You know how it is, people read the part they want to "but they said its ok to call this out in comments"
Also just because you then disengaged after someone got really hurtful in response to a polite pointer doesn't un-insult you or restore hurt feelings
I faced that few hours ago, when a 1-rep new user rolled back my edit and badmouthing the community. I only commented once then backed off.
Coincidentally, a CM came just in time even without any flagging.
That user got suspended. I moved on.
there will always be edge cases
As for recommending stack overflow to my friends, I'm not sure (but not because of this). This site has incredibly high standards for people who stick around but not really for fire and forget askers. "Expect to be held to the highest standard of behavior while the people you're interacting with aren't" is a tough sell on my friends, who already distrust stack overflow in general due to recent events. Mind you, I've gotten quite a bit of flak both on here and offline for even being involved in certain stack communities that are percieved as too concerned about niceness. Idk — Magisch 6 mins ago
I have trouble parsing this thought into constructive feedback, any ideas?
TBH, I never recommend SO to my friends. I only recommended once to a friend, but he was just lazy to write the question (no other reasons), so I did that instead (the only question I posted on SO).
5:19 PM
@Magisch so, the flak you're getting... Is it because those people feel the internet is allowed to be harsh, or because they think you're too soft for being in a place that tries to be nicer?
Bit of that and a bit of that they see this as a politicised move and think the politics behind it are responsible for most social woes of today
And see my not quitting as tacit endorsement of that
Hmmm. And the fire and forget part? Are the fire and forget people actually less nice, or is it more the long term commitment part that requires more patience?
It is that the fire and forget people dont have to be nice - they dont care
They dont have to care because they're not invested in the community
@Magisch That's probably a problem no policy will ever solve... But it may be eased by having nice people around you that focus on compliments and small successes ;)
So, you're basically trying to say that the new coc won't increase the chances of you recommending SO to your friends, but that's because of your friends? ;)
I'm not entirely sure
that answer is mostly unfocused thoughts
5:28 PM
I'll be right back to help.. I'm getting a chance to use a burner and burn some ants first... Maniacal laughing
I think your answer as is, is fine.
Do your friends tie into any of the things you've said there?
Did you phrase certain things the way you did because of what they told you?
(I seem to get that that first change you're suggesting might be related to the whole 'fire and forget' users?)
I lost contact with some acquaintances because the whole debate brought out really ugly sides in them
And I'm just generally exhausted justifying my participation here to friends in the context of the whole "You're supporting this culture of hypersensitivity" kind of thing
The fire and forget users more relate to a flaw in my argument as to why it's worth spending time here
Like I said, it seems like new users (because stack has no influence on them) don't really have to consistently adhere to the CoC. But you have to. It's a tough sell.
5:44 PM
@Magisch The IPS answer to that one is 'set a boundary'. In this case, very unhelpful.
I must admit I don't have people in my environment that a) know what SE is and b) hold the opinion that stuff is getting hypersensitive.
@Magisch New users are under the exact same obligations as established users. The difference is simply that new users don't know what's expected of them when they first arrive (or, in some cases, just refuse). This results in established users knowing the rules, and on the whole abiding by them, while new users don't know the rules, and so break them, and then they are informed of the rules.
@Mithrandir Which lends itself to the perception that rules are only for established users and new users are free to ignore them (because they are. Unless the misstep is egregious a warning is all they'll get and gleefully ignore in many cases)
@Mithrandir And point of Magisch's story: after they are informed of the rules they still don't care or you never see them adhere to it, since they're one-time askers
The only positive I can see is 'you never see them adhere to it because they're gone'... I get that isn't very satisfying because there might always be a new horde storming the gates...

But in a way, it's like the ants I just burned... They're gone, won't be coming back, because they realised their attitude isn't welcome?
I fully admit I don't have the emotional energy or coherence to make that argument properly to my friends
The point is I would need to make it lately so I've avoided the stack issue entirely
I actually hate arguing about feelings with people because it's always so nebulous
Yeah, you need really good friends who have a whole lot of empathy to even get close to having a conversation about it :/
5:50 PM
TBH, I don't expose myself to my friends if I'm active on SE...
@SomewhatMemorableName So you do if you're offline? :P
And out of everyone who I know in real-life, I only knew 1 colleague (who sits beside me) who asked on SO rarely, and he went so-so (no negative scored posts at the moment)... so....
I'd probably never recommend SE to my friends... but that's mainly because my best friends right now have totally different interests and don't speak English that well
(So they aren't interested in reading anything in English)
yeah, that's understandable.
That said, where do I find smarter friends, any recommendations? :)
5:59 PM
On knowledge-sharing sites! Like Yahoo! Answers...

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