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Ah ... that was a link
I'd VTC the question as too broad, but out of votes
@Vallentin Honestly, my question IS very open ended and generalized, but I needed help and SO is normally very helpful with stuff like this. I DID over-react though so my bad. — Nathan Wride Jan 9 '14 at 21:51
Not to be cruel but "I need help" isn't a "leave open" reason... I can't judge the breadth of the question, though.
it's a wee bit dodgy that there's a bullet list of questions in the question
9:16 PM
That's not usually a good sign.
not necessarily a show-stopper, but... Also may explain why no one has tried to answer in 4 years
Well... it's also in a pile of 15 million questions... so...
(save two answers that only reference articles / papers)
The answers become obsolete in 24 hours.... that's some pace of development.
9:17 PM
@Shog9 I love how he went straight to a conspiracy.
the lizard people hate off-site links
Does that make you the ruler of the lizard people, since you wrote that Meta post... or merely their mouthpiece?
It's basically us all, Shog above that, and lizards all the way up
Ah, so an intermediary?
A stack overflow user deletes an answer and goes to meta
9:22 PM
Escher :D Making those in school was always so fun.
@Shog9 I <3 MCE!!!
Automatic dupe-comments require 50 rep (one can't close-flag-as-dupe with less): true? Help Center didn't clarify. There's a post by Wrz about this, but it looks like Help Center was edited since.
Anyway, @Shog9 and @AdamLear my goal wasn't to complain about lack of action. I know that there are a variety of priorities and they have to be triaged and not everything will get done... or at least not any time soon. I have problems I'm trying to deal with and I get excited when I hear people talking about them... so it hurts to realize that a lot of it's just talk.
@Catija FWIW, it has recently been agreed internally that addressing culture problems is a priority. There is no specific plan at the moment because we haven't had a chance to come up with one yet, but the data team and the DAG/CoGro teams are gearing up for that.
I'm not super up on the specifics, but I know there's data gathering/analysis happening already.
9:37 PM
Hopefully the plan will somehow address the various forms of "We are not X" and "Stack Overflow is not X" comments.
@AdamLear I've heard, actually :) I'm looking forward to seeing it.
Let's just start one of those "Type in 'Stack Overflow is' and let predictive text finish the sentence" memes and adopt whatever comes out :P
@Adam "There is no specific plan at the moment because we haven't had a chance to come up with one yet" Here's probably one example:
> https://german.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/1362/is-this-question-understandable
Read everything in depth, and try to capture the whole background please.
Formatting doesn't work in multi-line messages :P
9:40 PM
@AdamLear Yeah... the top Google autocomplete right now is "Stack Overflow is toxic"... followed by "Stack Overflow is down".
ah yes, the two genders
I seem to have hit the "shitpost in chat" part of my day. Usually I reserve it for internal rooms, but hey... :)
A more clear definition what should be concerned as rude or offensive would be a probably good 1st step. But that really seems to be a cultural issue as far I've noticed so far.
There's definitely a cultural component to it.
@LangLangC "and so highly relative to differing cultural norms and practices as to be almost dangerously meaningless." I have to agree to some point with that, yes. For my experience especially asian people would feel awkwardly insulted, if someone critiques or even only asks for more clarification. Doing such in an honest and direct way is considered "rude" in their culture. Such things might become a frequent source of misunderstandings. At least I feel myself being a bit of offended since the OP did link my account here, just like putting me at a pillory. — πάντα ῥεῖ Apr 19 at 21:29
Loosing face
ughm morning
9:49 PM
> Fails to meet the Be Nice Policy
Well, we're still before 0:00 am at this timezone ;-)
@JourneymanGeek You have a cold?
sore thoat, night shift,and lots of terrible singing along
Did you figure out speakers?
oh there;s a pair in my laptop
they warble with the cruxshadows...
and sound tinny with TS....
9:52 PM
My neighbors didn't like the speakers, especially when I did karaoke
@bro AFAIK, we dropped that when we added the restriction on editing comments for 15-49 rep users
there's no one on the floor
@Catija Or just needs to be broad enough to get everyone into the boat.
@rene Admit it you're doing Heavy Metal karaoke ;)
@πάνταῥεῖ I don't really see how we can prohibit asking direct questions that encourage a user to improve their post... and I don't really see how it's appropriate to validate r/a flags on such comments.
@AdamLear as a smaller site mod... is it just SO?
(I mean, SU isn't perfect but we don't have the same scaling issues)
9:55 PM
SO has 66 megacomments, SU has 1.3. data.stackexchange.com
@πάνταῥεῖ only Schlagers
@JourneymanGeek I think similar problems exist on many sites (in part because a lot of our sites are effectively "X for programmers" by virtue of how the network was created), but SO is the most prominent due to scale and other factors (as in, tech is an industry with its own set of issues whereas something like "computer users" just isn't a thing in the same way)
@rene Ugh, that's probably worse
@πάνταῥεῖ Rosamunde
The dutch revenge ...
One notable thing is that SO scales differently for different programming language tags like , vs or . And behavior and tolerance of the frequent members is quite different also.
As joel stated there once was the comp.lang.c usenet group, and that was kinda different thing.
10:19 PM
Q: Left nav, responsive design, and theming next steps

Joe FriendIn the post entitled Ch-ch-ch-changes: Left nav, responsive design, & themes, I described a number of changes that are coming with the introduction of the left navigation bar. In addition to the navigation changes, we will be introducing responsive design and new theming across the Stack Exchange...

@PrincessLuna oh my... pun was tutali meesed
(maybe use more common words.. ?) :)
Hm. Standard voting arrows, I somehow missed that. I like Sharepoint voting arrows, it's the best thing about the site. GIS probably has the ugliest.
But, hey... custom badges. I think they're fun but I don't know that I understand how amazing they are.
Custom badges are kind of weird when you get notified of one while on another site. I would not miss them becoming round dots.
@bro here is the new standard upvote arrow:
Everyone must Like it.
10:30 PM
Good post by Joe.
@ShadowWizard Not a fist bump?
Yeah, I know, gender based, etc.
Fist bumps are gendered?
Hand is cross gender, and so is thumb. :)
But it's white, so can be seen as racist.
"Only white people can vote!" etc. :D
the icon is blue on my screen?
10:41 PM
The outline is blue but the surface of the hand is shades of grey.
still looks blue to me. Maybe optical illusion?
oh wait... image might be transparent, @Shog. You have blue theme or something?
10:51 PM
Not transparent... still looks grey.
it's a subtly blue gray
Those numbers are almost identical between the three... :P
Particularly the green-blue.
green-blue swapped
That's much more green.
red-blue swapped
10:55 PM
What do you guys think of my request to enable the feature for <5 rep users to ask about their own post on per-site metas on SO? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/366373
y'all just need to calibrate your monitors
Almost beige-y.
@Catija Empirically, I never saw women greet each other with a fist bump. Not that they can't or shouldn't....
@SonicWizard seems reasonable
@SonicWizard Go for it. :)
10:56 PM
@bro I don't generally see anyone greet other people with fist bumps... outside of jokes or people who prefer the fact it's more sanitary than actual handshakes.
Fist bumps should be reserved for greeting Howie Mandel and Barack Obama
But my MIL tries to get Bennett to fist bump her from time to time but he's not really figured out how to make a fist.
Isn't that already under TM of facebook?
@πάνταῥεῖ We're not using it to demean Facebook
10:59 PM
@SonicWizard I think the original (joke) was that it should be used instead of the voting arrows.
Is that relevant if they hold the TM?
@Catija It's actually advertised as such in the university clinic...I saw a poster about it in the exam room
> A registered trademark confers a bundle of exclusive rights upon the registered owner, including the right to exclusive use of the mark in relation to the products or services for which it is registered.
> The law in most jurisdictions also allows the owner of a registered trademark to prevent unauthorized use of the mark in relation to products or services which are identical or "colourfully" similar to the "registered" products or services, and in certain cases, prevent use in relation to entirely dissimilar products or services.
@SonicWizard Yep. That's probably where I saw it... a while back.
11:02 PM
@Shog9 Can you please implement it and slap a on it, then?
Help prevent the spread of germs: when greeting, refrain from shaking hands; instead, turn your head and cough into your elbow.
@SonicWizard probably not today, got too many things happening to keep an eye on it.
But, I'll ask around & see if anyone has objections
Spitting on the floor is another option.
@Shog9 Would be great if you responded with data as to how the feature is being used on other sites
@bro That's utterly rude behavior! At least in sight of the facility keeping personnel.
there's a rabbit outside my window. It's really fat.
11:06 PM
what should I eat for supper?
that does sound good
Or, the thing that that rabbit ate to become that fat.
I had grass for lunch
11:07 PM
Do I need any more that in that sentence?
could've said that thing
Grass for lunch?
Eaten or smoked?
hey, lettuce isn't safe these days, gotta make do
it rained / snowed over the weekend; the yard is full of fresh greenery
11:10 PM
grass yes, but also chives, onions, garlic, dandelions, rhubarb... Don't eat rhubarb leaves, it will give you kidney stones or something nasty like that. But the rest is good.
gallstones maybe?
I forget.
I thought rhubarb was for pie.
not the leaves
they have... something in them. I forget what. Whatever it is, same stuff in Barkeeper's Friend. So, don't eat that either. Also try to avoid excessive skin contact.
Oxalic acid.
@Shog9 If it's weed germs, they'll need about 6-8 weeks to start flowering and another 6-8 weeks to finish the buds ;-)
yeah, that's the stuff
11:12 PM
Kidney failure.
I was right the first time then.
@πάνταῥεῖ that's just what they tell you to keep you feeding them while they take their sweet time developing.
The amount in rhubarb leaves/100 g is the same as in carrots... so just don't eat 5 kg and you'll be fine.
@Shog9 I've overtaken that phrase for my job. But really, the typical flowering phase of weed is 6-8 weeks :-D
@Catija huh, that's good to know
Though... I guess that the point there is, if it's poisonous, it's not because of the oxalic acid... the general recommendation I'm seeing is still "don't eat the leaves".
11:17 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ yeah, if you measure from when buds first appear
@Catija well, they also don't taste very good
Seems like reason enough to just eat the stems, then.
The stems also should be cooked before consumption.
@Catija caveat on that... They're looking at the lethal dose.
Kidney stones may not kill you, but they ain't fun either
11:19 PM
Heavy pains as I've heard so far :-(
Especially if they'll escape the kidney.
Yeah. There's some indication there may also be some unidentified poison present.
Spinach has 0.97% oxalic acid, versus 0.52 for rhubarb leaves. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxalic_acid#Content_in_food_items
I like spinach. :( (and carrots with 0.50%)
Popeye :)
And you know about that miss of the mythical spinach power?
A simple math failure
Parsley is 1.7%... but I don't think people eat much of it in one go unless they really like tabbouli.
11:25 PM
he always ate canned spinach. Maybe the steel cans weren't lined?
Isn't oxalic acid used in cosmetics (skin applied)? I'm not sure to remember well about that.
I don't know about mythical powers. But spinach, carrots, radishes, broccoli, .... are things I like, and now I see there's oxalic acid everywhere.
Gotta eat more burgers to compensate, throwing out the lettuce leaf.
@bro It's typical for most vegetables
11:26 PM
Just enjoy peeing without pain now, while you can
Only if it's from arizona.
Appreciate the little things, yes.
I'm sort of surprised that kale is so low, considering how dark green and leafy it is... though, I think kale is really high in heavy metals.
I'd be happy if it returned to being decoration for salad bars at some point in the future... rather than being an ingredient :P
@Shog9 I've got different problemz regarding that. But that's "normal" at my age :-/
@Catija there are better reasons not to eat kale
11:28 PM
It tastes bad?
also has a terrible texture and smells lousy
You'll fart alot
but speaking of kale... Why aren't more people eating mustard greens? If you like weird-looking strongly-flavored veggies, mustard plants are cheap, easy to grow and damn good in a sandwich
You can kick me now :-D
@Shog9 Well, rucola is very trendy here. But I don't like it that much.
I've never liked the taste of mustard greens but I can't say I've given them a chance.
11:31 PM
we used to have to gather rocket up by the wagon load and throw them into the brush to keep them from spreading into the grain fields. Prior to flowering, the leaves are tender and just a little spicy
I like horse raddish more
Same kind
both is good
Rocket's a good salad green.
rye bread, horseradish, mustard greens, and thin-sliced roast beef... Man, that's a great sandwich right there.
THX for the english translation, didn't know yet.
@Shog9 Yummy!
11:33 PM
I've been really enjoying a rye/pumpernickel swirl loaf right now.
Used it for egg sandwiches Saturday morning.
Cress goes well with eggs and bread (and butter)
I'm not sure I've ever eaten cress
Something fresh would probably have made a nice contrast... this was sausage, scrambled egg, extra sharp cheddar and the rye/pumpernickel bread, toasted. Didn't even butter the toast.
Also called pepperweed and easy to grow.
11:37 PM
Probably a good microgreen to grow in your basement.
Still all about these mustard aromes
11:55 PM
@Shog9 What do you think of this?
Q: Warn new users who ran into a question ban on other sites before they post here on Meta

Sonic WizardI propose that new users who recently ran into a ban from asking questions anywhere else on the network be shown a warning before asking a question here on Meta Stack Exchange. A huge portion of those questions are either users asking about their ban (who should ask on their per-site meta instea...

@SonicWizard animuson seems pretty certain that it's impossible...
@Catija The post has been edited since he made that comment. See the bottom update.
while comment from @animuson about "incredible difficulty" is technically correct, it is also very easy to address if you edit the proposal and replace warning criteria of "banned from asking" with very similar but much more practical "who recently bumped into question block". Information about cases when user actually hit the block is kept in the system and is rather easy to obtain, as evidenced eg by answers to this statistics request at SE.SE meta. As a side note you can request similar stats for MSE — gnat Apr 20 at 13:16

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