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12:01 AM
well comments won't be deleted as rude, unless they're rude
It becomes a little exhausting after a while, as you should well and truly know by now what will get you into trouble and what will not. You know the rules, if a mod has confirmed that the problem is not you, then don't worry.
My comments have disappeared a few times, they are not rude, they are just ... gone, it's almost like there is a stalker behind me stealing my comments :x
@TelKitty gasp comment theft!
@SmokeDetector That's the actual name of a library...
I politely asked about a clarification, and OP's reaction immediately was "Don't be rude ..."
And probably flagged so.
12:05 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ yeh - but that kind of stuff happens continuously
@πάνταῥεῖ so?
@YvetteColomb for you
if it's not rude the flag will not be validated
There was a lot of stuff deleted partly by mods, partly by myself.
@TelKitty :)
12:08 AM
@bro exactly - I don't understand the point of this discussion.
And at least that OP started to blame me at this meta post (you should take a look at the edit history)
I am also human only, and my patience is limited to some point.
12:23 AM
If you're out of patience why not step back and let someone else deal with it?
@JourneymanGeek I did of course :-P
@TelKitty Seems I'm an official member in the troll community now :3
on some sites, you either get "harsh" comment, or no comment at all (but a closed banner)
I'm preferring the latter meanwhile.
@πάνταῥεῖ community is for lowly trolls, 1337 trolls form syndicate
just saying ... :x
12:36 AM
Does that mean I have to be fluent with 1337 speech?
But not all close banners provide suggestions for improvement to the OP, leaving them confused and well... think the site is rude :)
"the site"... hmm... it's like saying "the internet is rude"!
Nope not really,
I tend to post comments there
also sigh. I have no idea how to deal with people who don't get SE works nothing like a forum
Similar case today:
> https://codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/192668/abridgment-vb-net-code
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49959881/abridgment-vb-net-code
I politely made the OP aware not to cross-post (please)
Mentioned earlier in todays transcript as well
Also with comments
personally I wish we could have comment suspensions
it would solve so many problems.
I agree, but there seem to be edge cases. That's all of my point.
12:41 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ not automatically ;p
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, such kinda stuff might disappear as soon my suspension is lifted.
@πάνταῥεῖ didn't you get suspended more than once? ;p
@JourneymanGeek Yes, I've learned the lesson well I think.
and wouldn't it be preferable to not to be able to comment to not to post at all? ;p
(also cough chat suspensions)
That might auto throttle heatenings, yes
1:04 AM
@userunknown Eine harte Nuss Du bist. Ja.
Wenn das mal nicht rüde oder gar unverschämt war!
1:19 AM
@Journey To enlighten you:
@userunknown "Du bist aber auch eine harte Nuss!" vs. Yoda: "Eine harte Nuss Du bist." :-D — πάντα ῥεῖ 30 mins ago
The good thing about having your own business is that you can play strategy more with your opponents. Opponent is a rather an abstract term. It can be a specific person, the authority, or the mass.
I mean gaming websites can be fun, but playing strategy in real life is great in its own way - you win in real terms.
Good point!
Playing the SE game at least has a significant influence for my social and professional behavior.
So yes, there's an overall gain I believe.
1:46 AM
Rainy morning ._.
sun baked chickens are not baked at all :x
@TelKitty Hard to tell you and @bro apart :)
It's way overrated yes
Put those SE site links with a few bits of trivia => blog post Moderatorship connections between Stack Exchange sites
1:51 AM
@SonicWizard I am probably the only one here not running a sock or bot aside
@πάνταῥεῖ Well, I'm not either (yet)
I don't use bot or sock on this site either ... unless I am scraping, but I have only scraped once in the past.
^ That's nice
yeah, also the spaceship in that movie is awesome
2:04 AM
I'll take that to my dreams with me. Good night all you owls ...
My dog heard this, he's now a wolf.
need dogs to volunteer for the experiment
aditya is persistent like a cookie
2:28 AM
21,520 votes up, 0 down. Like there are no bad questions in [r] tag...
Instead of data, query returned bobcat. Would not run again.
2:43 AM
bo~b cat
I have to admit I didn't gone to bed, yes :-P
3:39 AM
got my swag
3:57 AM
I almost typed "8:00 UTF", confusing UTF-8 and UTC, and decided to use GMT instead ._.
@JourneymanGeek Sent last Friday?!!
You live in Wallaby?
4:13 AM
| != \
4:23 AM
They do send it over courier. It's fast
Hello, I have a small question, if I put a bounty on this feature-request - meta.stackexchange.com/q/193061 - what are the chances it will be implemented by SE staff?
Exactly the same as if you didn't
4:40 AM
The point of bounties on meta... Kinda lost on me.
Just means you have rep to burn and want to get attention. Dosen't help your chances in any way.
Me? I think I'll help people and rack up a high score
The point of bounties on meta... is to increase reputation to the OP :/
oh well :/
@HTTPS "reputation" as in fame and not as in points?
point, literally :(
Also, at this point, no pun intended...
Its going to be very hard to get "fundamental" features like that in without a really good business arguement
I mean, say right now, SO Corp's focus is on Enterprise (and channels teams) in terms of development, and I assume making SO less toxic in terms of "soft" issues
Any FR outside that that dosen't directly impact SO corp's bottomline or reputation probably won't be a high priority.
4:47 AM
SO Teams is the answer to the inclusivity problem: prepare for "SO for Beginners" Teams
One of the biggest problems with something that tweaks site mechanics is that Its worked fine so far
and increase ads by 500% on that team.
but really, how much time does that take to get that done? i mean, even if a developer sets aside two hours per week, they could get four such FRs done in a month, or more than thirty in an year
or maybe an hour per week, and two FRs per month
@GaurangTandon that's a good question, as as an outsider I have no idea
@JourneymanGeek well, right. nevermind, i guess this is the reason
4:51 AM
Lets also consider - SE is looking for the next thing
Docs sucked up a lot of CM and dev time and was a failure...
and basically teams needs to succeed in some fashion at this point
Last time someone pointed this answer
A: Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

Sonic Wizard February 2018 2018-02-14: Post owners can no longer delete their own question if at least one of the answers has earned a bounty. 2018-02-13: Bounty owners no longer get their bounties refunded on question deletion if the bounty awardee would get to keep it. January 2018 2018-01-11: The n...

ah yes I was looking for that
wondered why there's no continuation after that...
Oh yes, top bar redesign.
I think the current big, behind the scenes project, for example is the new "unified" site designs
(Which falls under the "most folks benefit, but ugh, I hope we do not lose some of the awesome distinctive aspects of current designs")
@HTTPS oh, feb 2018 :-O
4:53 AM
also this
Q: 2017 TeamDAG project updates

Adam Lear Who is TeamDAG? What is the TeamDAG working on? Why are you working on that and not [insert favorite feature request here]. These are some of the questions that we hear regularly on meta.so and meta.se. In an attempt to answer them, we are kicking off regular updates from the DAG team. Thes...

waiting for 2018 version oops, there is
and heh
Also, its worth remembering that Q&A didn't really have a proper PM for ages
and for quite a bit, it was literally 3 devs hacking whatever was needed, including a founder/C level person ;p
@GaurangTandon I've been here a while
there was a point where Jeff Atwood would probably literally go "this looks like a good idea" and do it ;p
but the network was a lot smaller then
Q: Have an option to watch a question without posting

Journeyman GeekI'd like to be able to keep track of a post that interests me, while not actually posting (since I have the same question, and nothing useful to actually add.) Since I can get email notification of my questions and answers, would it be possible to add a 'watch this topic' option somewhere?

@JourneymanGeek :P
Even then, it took a while
4:59 AM
@JourneymanGeek hmm, interesting
Software development ain't like dusting crops, boy....
That was literally my first MSE question ;p
Also dosen't help that a good many of my FRs are for chat.
5:30 AM
How come M sized stackoverflow women's t-shirt is tiny but L sized stackexchange unisex t-shirt is gigantic??
should I start a meta question on this??
Definitely. The timing is perfect.
Perfect for what? Question ban?
For suggesting implicit bias on the part of SO employees, manifested in their swag choices.
Seeing as they are reeling in white male guilt already, they'll probably send you more swag in compensation.
5:45 AM
I don't need more swags
but it bothers me to assume woman are supposed to be slim and man are not
also I don't know why they would feel the guilt if they have not done anything wrong, very suspicious ...
emotional instability is drawback
speaking of which I have a friend who I suspect to have mental issues
she suspect that her house to be sneaked into and her stuff to be stolen and people are stalking her in real life but I and her other friends have never seen any concrete evidence ...
she would look at others with those weird looks and those people would return weird looks and she probably thought they were after her because people return weird looks
sometimes it's not the world, just you becoming hypersensitive ...
6:11 AM
@bro there comes a point where a joke's somewhat overdone...
it's true though
and it really feels like it.
I mean, yeah, this whole being accused of being toxic stings but ... arn't we just resembling that by constantly bringing that up?
I thought stackoverflow is big enough to not have to do self promotion like that
@TelKitty I think they do it cause the community seems to love it
who are community?
6:14 AM
and I'd like to think under all that fuss about making money, and enterprise and such...
@TelKitty you designed a silly hat to get a package of random branded items from a website...
I think you're community?
and I can't imagine google or facebook sending a user swag ;p
@JourneymanGeek We frequently obtain such swag directly from company reps at recruiting events at my university
But I don't want to become a part of community, I only want to be a part of syndicate </trollololo>
@SonicWizard sending
like individually
I'd point out, at this point outside new site swag (which seems to have stopped), most folks who'd get swag are already heavily invested in the sites. Its less advertising and more a certain degree of.. what's that word
In fact, me and a lot of my friends here have made it a habit to stockpile company T-shirts
@JourneymanGeek Belt-tightening at work?
@JourneymanGeek Google does, and more than some stickers or t-shirts: topcontributor.withgoogle.com/?hl=en-US
6:19 AM
@SonicWizard actually, partially site deisgned have stopped
hm, ok
Yeah, that is neat, and I guess I stand corrected?
@JourneymanGeek How was your 20th birthday like?
@bro imagine you are a patient, and I am your psychiatrist, let's talk about your issues
I don't quite remember
Was in the military. I think I had a ton of beer poured on my head.
Legal drinking age is 21 here in the U.S., I imagine it's lower in SG?
I have scrapped google and facebook recently, I am only an amateur though ... and I have more important things to do so ...
6:22 AM
I didn't drink any
I'm teetotal.
I'm likely to become one
@SonicWizard you don't go over to mexico to get drunk?
@TelKitty Haha no
I think Telkitty could get more swags by sending her SE-themed chooks...
let's start a conversation on how I am bullied on this site ...
Until last Thursday, I was the ONLY one on this chat that should but have not received a swag, and I was suspended on chat for NO reasons.
1 hour later…
7:56 AM
@TelKitty you were suspended? 0_0
I'd say whoever did that clearly needs a stern talking to.
(or a pat on the back. depending)
8:21 AM
I have clarified the question, now it should be clear enough to be reopened. — Shadow Wizard 26 secs ago
/cc @Sonic ^
@JourneymanGeek she got chat ban tons of times in the past, sure.
Think most after posting message like "pussy" out of context, then claiming she meant her cats and playing innocent.
ah ok
26 mins ago, by Journeyman Geek
(or a pat on the back. depending)
That's how she earned her Troll title...
8:38 AM
Once I posted a cat picture and it was deleted ... they deleted a cat picture, I don't know what to think ...
@TelKitty maybe they were chicken? :)
@TelKitty the horror! Next they'll burn books!
@YvetteColomb rofl!
@YvetteColomb that's... Dad joke level. And cunning linguistics.
@ShadowWizard reminder:
There have been some minor UI adjustment in the meantime, but the button is still there, waiting.
8:58 AM
@Shadow You look too similar to Rouge :) (cc @PrincessLuna)
@JNat another cross site spammer... sure spam here, looks like they spammed SO too according to their badges. Thanks!
@SonicWizard huh! Didn't think of that... but name is different enough. ;)
Dragon is also temporary, better than the drink, especially when we're having a cool weather so far this week. :)
(22-25 degrees)
wait. @Derpy has a userscript to tell people they are Uncouth?
@SonicWizard Hm?
@Derpy XD
@JourneymanGeek whoa, you didn't notice yet?? He gloats about it many times.... :P
@JourneymanGeek incoming "you're so uncouth"
9:03 AM
I need that userscript :D
It was used in Den tons of times when he was active there, but in the past few years he used it here in Tavern too.
@SonicWizard Again, ?
By the way, it's time for another username change...this time no survey link, just freeform suggestions (but they must begin with Sonic ).
9:06 AM
huh, 34 times! /cc @Derpy
um, tf
@PrincessLuna Check @Shadow's avatar (on MSE, hasn't synced to chat yet).
yup ^
@SonicWizard Sonic Shadow?
9:07 AM
@ShadowWizard oh wat, it loaded. nvm ^^' Aww, thought the userscript did more :D
I thought you have a good internet filter to... uncouth thingy...
@PrincessLuna something on your side is blocking something
Probably some fancy userscript you installed...
@HTTPS who have?
oh, @Pri?
@PrincessLuna like what? Auto flag? ;)
I'm using tor. Tor is slow AF.
9:09 AM
@HTTPS Quick, now that Norm's out, which username are you going to use?
@PrincessLuna nah, better auto invite the user to the Sugarcube Corner for a forced re-education course. :P
@Derpy your Corner is about to freeze soon, you know.
@SonicWizard gone
@SonicWizard I already have an idea, but forgot to do it last week...
@ShadowWizard or a userscript to change all i.sstatic.net/ePLTw.png to i.sstatic.net/v0yRJ.png
@HTTPS "sis"?
@HTTPS nah, that one is for me. ;)
9:17 AM
no, too risky
@HTTPS Who was that intended for?
@ShadowWizard rip
@HTTPS you can use Jeff. i.sstatic.net/eTB4n.jpg (bit NSFW language used ;))
Admit it, you always wanted to be named Jeff, now you have an excuse! :D
no, too risky
9:20 AM
@ShadowWizard all gone!
@JNat thanks!
@ShadowWizard no, too crispy
@JNat how you made the network profile itself to be gone?
@ShadowWizard I deleted it
@JNat oh, so there's actual button to delete it? Nice...
@HTTPS beef!
9:21 AM
@ShadowWizard I don't think new users have actual SE profiles, but older accounts do, and those can be deleted
on newer ones, I believe we just need to let the system sync, and if there are no other per-site profiles, there is no network profile
I could be wrong, obviously: it has happened before
Welp, I changed my username and avatar
... only to realize that bro has changed his avatar again to avoid the similarity to Telkitty's -_-
huh, already updated!?
hey, look at that
Guess there's no more https for the tavern. Guess it's back to http :<
(yeah, I know your username isn't http, but since there's no https it falls back to http)
@hey yeah it can be few seconds to one hour, never figured the exact logic
@PrincessLuna no, there is probably onebox to non-https image
9:25 AM
ssh, don't ruin my already crappy joke :p
@Pri this chat message cause the https to "fail" on modern browsers.
1 message moved from Shadow's Den
nvm :3
@PrincessLuna Tor
problem solved on refresh
@PrincessLuna hehe, but it's not joke...
Q: Don't allow embedded images from HTTP sources in chat

Mad ScientistQuite often I see a mixed content warning when looking at an SE chat room: This is typically caused by images linked in chat hosted on an HTTP source, not an HTTPS one like the SE Imgur account. Sometimes it is also caused by oneboxing of external content (this particular example is from a one...

9:27 AM
HttpsEverywhere ftw
But apparently not working with @hey :p
You should use HeyEverywhere
aw, it's not firefox compatible :c
If I'd be part of the game, I'd totally change now to "You". :D
or just... "everyone"
9:36 AM
@eve... hmm...
oh, maybe "hmm". :D
^ me and mods @ShadowWizard @YvetteColomb
Everyone, Nagpur, India
101 2
@TelKitty civciv to you too!
> I just hate the downvoters on SO so much, that I open an account just to upvote every question they downvote arbiturarily. -- from a user on SO who doesn't have enough rep to upvote
@TelKitty related videos are good too
@Derpy 'nuther princess is gonna join soon :3
9:45 AM
@JourneymanGeek yes, I have. I was tired of having to find the picture url 6-8 times a day (thanks to @ShadowWizard&friends) so I automated the process. And since I was at it, I also throw in a Rarity-themed UI.
@SonicWizard Sonic... Screwdriver.
Arg, I hate the chat update delay >.>
@Alisha Big Mac?
She's slightly broken 'til the username update hits btw
@TelKitty lol so accurate... I miss you!!!

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